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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> announcer: news4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. we're following two breaking stories right now, one involving protests that turned violent at a college campus. demonstrators trying to stop a
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tonight in delaware, prisoners are still holding guards hostage inside a state prison. the hostage situation has been going on for 12 hours. chris lawrence starts us off at the live desk with new information from delaware. chris? >> jim, doreen, officials are using one of the guards' radios to negotiate with the inmates. they let two hostages go but two other corrections workers are still inside. >> we've put all the resources we have to bear to get our employees out. >> dozens of police vehicles are surrounding the prison in smyrna, delaware, 90 miles east of dc. the siege started when a corrections officer radioed for immediate assistance and sounded the alarm for a major disturbance. delaware immediately put all its prisoners in lockdown. the
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hostages, one injured and taken to the hospital. a newspaper said it received two calls from inmates, who said they started the revolt because of donald trump's policies, and asked for better education in the prison. >> the inmates want to talk about conditions, privileges, those kinds of things. yes, that dialogue can take place but none of that starts until we have the safe return of our staff. >> 27 inmates have been released back into custody. authorities didn't say if they had been held against their will. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. at uc berkeley tonight, protesters threw smoke bombs and flares at a building on campus and set at least one fire. take a look at this. they forced the cancellation of a speech by milo yiannopoulos. he is a conservative contributor to the conservative news site breitbart. and he was once banned from twitter for so-called hate speech. berkeley is considered the birthplace of the free speech
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movement. yiannopoulos said the riots show the left wing doesn't support free speech. there were also peaceful protesters. no word on any arrests yet. closer to home, the 2017 missing mammal mystery has been solved. ollie, the national zoo's beloved bobcat, has been found. >> they got her back. the zoo didn't have to go far to find her. news4's jackie bensen is live with the news that had our newsroom breaking out in cheers, jackie. >> reporter: jim, the escape captured people's imaginations. but it has come to an end. >> we have ollie the bobcat back at home at the zoo right now. >> reporter: looking far less thrilled than the national zoo staff, the bobcat in question is seen in this video released tonight. she was still inside the cage-type live trap in which she was recaptured after three days on the
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capital. >> we found her thanks to a tip from a visitor to the zoo this morning. >> reporter: zoo staff think she escaped through a gap in the enclosure's netting. that has been repaired. people living nearby were candor warned to keep an eye on small pets. officials believe that based on a sighting at massachusetts avenue northwest, ollie may have roamed as much as a mile away. >> the only effect from her adventure is a small cut on her paw. >> reporter: her escape captured dc's imagination. >> i was at work today, and it took me 30 seconds to realize we weren't talking tiger, we were talking cat. >> i was a little scared but then i found out they were only like this big. >> reporter: we've learned t
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own around here for some time. bobcats are native to this area. the greatest concern was that she might have an unfortunate encounter with a car, and very likely that did not happen. live at the national zoo, jackie bensen, news4. >> what a relief, she's okay. thank you, jackie. new at 11:00, a dump truck hit and killed a man using a walker in the parking lot of an elementary school. police say the truck was backing up tonight outside the cresthaven elementary school in silver spring when it hit and killed a man. the driver stayed on the scene. police haven't released the victim's name, but believe he was in his 60s. new pictures just in from a deadly shooting scene on the dc/maryland line tonight. this is near the corner of eastern avenue and hunt place northeast. police are still looking for the person who fired into this suv around 7:00 tonight. a man in the vehicle was killed. a woman also shot survived. we don't know yet if police know
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where a chase ended earlier tonight in aspen hill. homeland security police took the suspect into custody after a wreck at layhill and bel pre roads. the crash took out a utility pole and forced the roads to close. we're still working to find out what started this pursuit. to the white house, and another busy night for president trump. he traveled to delaware this evening to witness the final homecoming of a navy s.e.a.l.'s remains at dover air force base. william ryan owen died in a raid in yemen, the first known u.s. combat casualty since the president took office. once back at the white house, the president witnessed rex tillerson getting sworn in as the new secretary of state. the senate voted mostly along party lines to confirm the former exxonmobil ceo. virginia senator mark warner was one of only three democrats to vote for his confirmation. but the president's pick for uc
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be in danger of not being confirmed tonight. two republicans have publicly joined the 48 democrats opposing betsy devos. that would make it a 50/50 vote. if one more republican votes no, her nomination sinks. if it stays 50/50, then vice president mike pence would break the tie in her favor. republicans moved quickly today to advance the nomination of judge neil gorsuch to the u.s. supreme court. already there are signs he could face a tough path to confirmation. democrats are upset that the republican-led senate never gave judge merrick garland a hearing. he of course was president obama's nominee. now they're threatening to make trouble for gorsuch. but senator tim kaine says he will get a hearing. >> i can guarantee this. the democrats, we will have a hearing, and there will be a vote on judge gorsuch. but he's got to get to the 60-vote threshold. we allow people to be confirmed for any position, a
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with 51 votes, except the supreme court justice. and as we all agreed to that because a supreme court justice should have to meet a higher standard. >> a study by three supreme court scholars places gorsuch farther to the right ideologically than the late justice antonin scalia. his confirmation hearing is set to begin in six weeks. they went fast. the national museum of african-american history and culture released timed entry passes for the month of may today. the online system had some problems again, but all 114,000 passes were gone by the afternoon. tonight the museum is commemorating its first black history month. news4's kristin wright is live for us at the museum to tell us how the museum is celebrating. hi, kristin. >> reporter: hey, jim. the museum screened the new james baldwin documentary tonight, which is very exciting for a lot of people. over the next few weeks we'll see the museum show some other great films and they'll have interesti
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the national museum of african-american history and culture tells the powerful story of the african-american experience every single day. the museum's first black history month is exciting. >> it amplifies what for many of us is an annual moment to shine a bright light on african-american history and culture. >> reporter: the museum has special programs and events planned for february, start with a screening of the oscar-nominated documentary, "i am not your negro," based on the writings of james baldwin. >> you should realize you can become the president. >> there are things he touches on in terms of race, american identity, democracy. the real principles of this country that he interrogates. >> reporter: curators say the current social climate is on the minds of visitors. >> the issues related to race that plagued us during the
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an activist, are still with us today. >> one of my tools is my typewriter, my pen. >> reporter: the number of visitors to the museum since it opened in september could hit the 1 million mark during black history month. the nice thing about the black history month events here at the museum is that they are free, jim, and they are first come, first served here at the museum. back to you. >> kristin, thanks so much. in such demand. if you haven't been able to get tickets to the national museum of african-american history, there are some other options to visit many of them on this black history month. we've posted a roundup of 14 other museums in our region. just search "black history museums" in our nbc washington app. after crunching the numbers, nestle decided arlington was the sweetest spot for its new headquarters. the candy maker is
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country, moving its u.s. headquarters from california to rosslyn. virginia governor terry mcauliffe made the announcement today. the new headquarters will be in the tallest building in the dc region, just over the key bridge from georgetown. nestle is expected to invest about $40 million in the existing building and to create 750 new high paying jobs. >> all the criteria that we had, this place hits every single mark. and i think it's going to be a great place for nestle's next 150 years. >> the company will lease 40% of the currently empty office building on north morris street. that building has been vacant since construction finished nearly four years ago. a large group of protesters tonight in the main terminal at reagan national airport. why they broug their message about refugees and immigration to an airport with no international flights. and the super bowl ad already getting a lot of clicks online. it seems to be wading into
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the company says not so. doug? temperatures still on the mild side right now. but it does get cooler as we head towards the weekend. i'm still tracking the chance of rain or snow. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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a couple hundred people turned out tonight for a rally for refugees at reagan national airport. they were protesting president trump's executive order barring new refugees and limiting immigration from predominantly muslim countries. we asked the protest organizers why reagan national, since no international flights come in or out of t
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demonstrate at the airport used most by members of congress and that racial profiling happens at all airports. super bowl li is a battle of the advertisers. as nbc's kevin tibbles reports, one company known to pull at the heart strings with its ads has plunged into political territory. >> you don't like like you're from around here. >> reporter: the fabled story of the american dream, selling that american football staple -- beer. >> go back home! >> reporter: budweiser's super bowl ad portrays the journey of the company co-founder, adolphus bush, who left germany for the united states in 1857. making his way to st. louis and meeting his future partner, everhard anheuser. this american tale struck a
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watch your commercial without crying. for others, it fell flat. this bud's no longer for me. it's activist juice. but for its part, budweiser says its ad was a year in the making, adding, we did not set out to create a piece of preliminary commentary. however we recognize you can't reference the american dream today without being a part of the conversation. >> i do not think you're going to see a lot of politics in the super bowl this year. people would like to take a break and enjoy the super bowl, enjoy some ads that they find, you know, either humorous or nostalgic. >> reporter: another brand, weather tech, will air an ad touting its made in america products, another issue in the news. but from the brewery that gave us singing frogs, puppies, and of course clydesdales, a taste of the past with a present day twist. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago.
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now to a story you saw first on news4. a mechanical problem forcing maryland state police to ground their entire fleet of helicopters. only some choppers are back in service tonight. all ten were grounded after routine inspections uncovered problems on two of them. over the past two days, calls to maryland state police for medevac services have been handled by the u.s. park police helicopters. tonight four choppers are back up and running. it is not clear when the rest of the fleet will return to service. it's happened again. nearly half a dozen times, a vehicle has slammed into one prince georges county home. 85-year-old leonard miller was there for every one of them. he says a honda slammed into the front of his house in lanham. it's the fifth time something like this has happened since he moved in back in 1971. miller's home sits on a curve
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>> when that car came in, i jumped up and said, damn, another car hit my house. i'll go out and get me one of those signs, you know, like a target, i'm going to put it on my house. >> the driver of the car went to the hospital but is going to be okay. no charges have been filed. >> i would be sleeping in a back room. way back. >> or down in the basement. >> exactly, underground. >> he's got a great attitude. doug, we've had some snow, we've had warm temperatures, sunshine, clouds. we've been all over the place, and it's only wednesday. what next? >> the same. you name it, just about everything in there that you named, we're going to have over the next couple of days here, right on into the weekend. we've got some mild temperatures, cold temperatures, a chance for a little bit of snow, a chance for rain, a couple of other things too. out there now, a nice mild night. if you're just getting back in from taking the dogs for that walk, before you had to come and check out the
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winds out of the north at nine miles per hour. that northerly wind will bring the temperatures down. so will the clearing skies. 42 in warrenton. temperatures now are still about average or even above average for this time of year for high temperatures. as far as the rain is concerned, most of this is not hitting the ground. we'll stay dry tonight. one thing i'm watching, not much going on across the country here. but we are tracking this area. you can just kind of see the flow here. what that flow is, is some cooler air that's going to try to make its way across our region. tomorrow we'll feel cooler. it will be 49 degrees, partly cloudy. cool and breezy. that breeze gusting 15 to 25 miles per hour at times. it will make it feel like windchill will be in the low 40s. it's going to be a little bit on the chilly side, especially in northwest zones. tomorrow morning, cool, 38 begs. cool in the afternoon with the 49 degree temperature, north and west a little bit cooler. down to the south maybe
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warmer, some areas might hit 50. next couple of days, 41 on friday. friday is a cold day. windchills in the 30s all day. saturday, even colder. high temperature on saturday of 38 degrees. it's still going to be rather windy on saturday, maybe 10 to 20-mile-per-hour winds. 38, sun and clouds, breezy. windchills on saturday in the 20s. they could start in the teens early saturday morning. that's going to be a cold day. that's really it. 45 is what we're going for on sunday. sunday is still a lot of questions with this forecast. one thing's for sure here. take a look at this. calling 30% chance. this is a very weak system. that's something that i know for sure, this is going to be a weak one, not going to be a big system at all. i'm thinking flurries to the north, sprinkles to the south. no road issues. i am not anticipating any road issues at all. but could we see an hour or two of snow? that's something that i'm watching here, some of our northern zones. it will still be warm enough that anything would melt on those roadways. 47 degrees on monday. look what happens next tuesday and
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potentially heavy on tuesday into wednesday. 63 degrees for high temperature wednesday. this storm system again has a lot of question marks too. does it stay on the warm side or does it bring in some colder air? we'll have to wait and see about that as well. it does look like it will be a little colder behind us. this forecast is very, very tough. i've been wracking my brain back there. it's got to continue like that. sometimes you like nice tranquil weather whethre it's easy to forecast. this one is tough. >> that's why they pay you the big bucks. >> thanks. coming up, a redskin starts campaigning for his quarterback. plus the caps keeping up with the wizards. >> sports is next. first, here''s jimmy fallon. we have music from the
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i think we've got to start giving the fans some credit. these at-home wins, we're on a roll. >> stop me if you've heard this, a dc team is winning at the verizon center. the capitals put the bruins away tonight for their eighth straight win at the verizon center. their first win since coming back from the all-star break. tonight was chinese cultural night at verizon center. a youth hockey team from china, they've been here for two weeks. they got to drop the puck. first period, scoreless. capitals force a turnover. nicholas
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pass ahead of the defense. not many people would take him on one on one. that's what happened. 19th goal of the season, caps up 1-0. a few minutes later, going for the long shot, backstrum there for the rebound. 14th of the season. capitals just out 2-0 now. second period, bruins come back to even things up at 2. the power play, alex ovechkin fires and scores from that i favorite spot, his 25th this season. capitals have two goals and 30 saves. they win it 5-3. now to college hoops. legendary virginia tech football's frank beamer on hand. unfortunately for beamer, this three pointer misses here. rebound kicks it out to london forentes. uva out to a 16-point lead. a couple of plays
11:27 pm
hall knocking it down. cavs running away with it. hokies try to come back, but 14 point jumper, virginia beat virginia tech 71-48. football and cards at the washington auto show tonight. fans lining up to see redskins tight end jordan reed. that's vernon davis making a surprise visit to say hello. reed took some time to check out some of those snazzy cars on display. he also talked only to our carol maloney about the hot topics tonight, his quarterback kirk cousins also saying he's watched all of the playoffs so far, and he's ready for the redskins to be back there next year. >> it looks like those guys are having a blast out there, living out their dream. i hope to some day be in the same position. >> i imagine
11:28 pm
conversation in the offseason. do you think about it? >> definitely think about it, it's part of my job, who's going to be throwing me the ball and things like that. i hope they bring kirk cousins back. george mason falls to st. louis 76-74 in double overtime. american loses to bucknell 80-60. back to kirk cousins, jordan reed, he had that incredible tackle at the very end. you would think with thamucht
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