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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 2, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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president trump, tough talk is creating controversy with australia's prime minister as 245i give a serious warning putting iran on notice. angry protests over an altright speaker in berkeley gets ugly. the president will beic waking up to enjoy the richest business leaders on the planet opposing his immigration plan. budweiser strikes a cord and a former president will play a key role. get ready for punxsatawney phil on this groundhog day. early today starts now. good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. we start with breaking
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delaware prisonsor lockdown due to a hostage situation in delaware. they are holding two employees captive. two others were released and receiving medical attention. state officials are working to end the standoff and activist group is planning to protest in support of the inmates. they said they were concerned over the treatment and national leadership. now to an international standoff putting iran on notice and not taking a military option off the table. the country tested an unballistic missile. the trump administration is violating a key un resolution and tweeting overnight. iran is rapidly taking over more and more of iraq after the u.s. squandered $3 trillion there. obviously
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reaction to the white house's warning? >> frances, as you mentioned, things got a lot more tense with iran. there has not been action about being put on notice and the president's tweets about taking over more of iraq. yesterday iran's minster confirmed they had a bit and said it was the country's right to test these and they had no right to interfere. the test was not a breech of the plan of action otherwise known as the iran nuclear deal or a resolution on ballistic missiles. iran's president called trump a political novice with a lot to learn about the world. clearly they see the matters very differently. powers here are waiting to see if the general's statements are going to ring hollow or be a precursor for a much more robust and aggressive policy towards iran that goes bey
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options on the table. we are waiting for the most powerful man in the country, the ayatollah, but there is a sense of forboding in the country. >> we have to watch there. thank you. back here in the united states, angry protests erupted at the university of california berkeley over breitbart. it is causing the campus to go on lockdown. hundreds gathered chanting and holding signs against the altright editor's planned speech. they grew ngry and nonviolent protests. there were some reports of smoke bombs and flairs, but it exploded on the street. police were in full riot gear and there was overnight reaction. >> particularly scary and
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troubling, on the merge college campus. student who is don't necessarily agree with me, but want to seat other side. they were prevented from doing so. the left is terrified of anyone who they think might be persuasive or anything or take people with them. >> the university was forced to cancel his appearance. now a skirmish of a different kind with america's closest allies. a report of an explosive conversation between president trump and his australian counterpart. he is yelling this is the worst phone call by far. the president tweeted overnight, do you believe it, the obama administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from australia. why? i will study this dumb deal. what more can you tell us about this phone call and reaction? >> according to reports,
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killed for standing by this refugee potential accusing australia of one of america's closest allies of exporting the next boston bombers. we are talking about refugees. 1,250 that the u.s. was going to get after vetting from a detention center. mr. turnbull told a radio station that president trump committed to honoring the refugee agreement, denying the reports of the conversation and playing down a major disagreement between the two. take a listen. >> the report is not correct. the call ended courteously. as far as the nature of the discussion, it was very frank and forthright. i stand up for australia's interests and i make australia's case as powerfully and persuasively as i can wherever i am. >> we are learning it was shorter t
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instead of the usual calls. australia is one of the closest allies in countries like iraq and afghanistan. the long-term implications are yet to be seen. >> we will see how they interact in the future. in london, thank you. >> the international skirmish with australia comes as exxon-mobil chief rex tillerson was sworn in as secretary of state. tillerson is expected to address employees for the first time and the president's pick for education secretary is in jeopardy. after two republican senators said they would oppose the nomination. >> i will not, i cannot vote to confirm her. >> i heard from thousands, truly thousands of alaskans who share concerns about mrs. devos as secretary of educn.
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passage to support mrs. devos. >> vice president mike pence for the first time in history could cast the deciding vote. the president paid his respects to a navy s.e.a.l. who was killed in a military raid against al qaeda in yemen. everywhere out there, beyonce slaying the internet with baby news. she and jay z are expecting twins. we have been blessed two times over. it is now the most liked instagram picture of all time. it only took seven hours for the photo to pass the previous record held by selena gomez with this picture that generated 6.3 million likes in june of 2016. we have baby ivy. what names are
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>> a stream of molten lava shooting out from a sea cliff. the lava is spraying seven feet down into the pacific ocean and exploding on impact. it is sending steam high into the air. they warn visitors to the no get too close because it is laced by hido chloric acid and contains shards of volcanic glass. we will go to bill for details on a big storm slamming the west. >> they get all the snow and the rain and areas that sneaded it going into the winter. we will get a little bit of wintry weather. missing san francisco, but a lot of heavy rain in san francisco. the forecast calls for the heaviest rain in northern california and over the next three days, this is a two or three-inch rainfall in the
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the rest of the country a big cool down has occurred and we are seeing temperatures back to normal. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. here's a closer look at the day ahead. >> the temperatures are definitely taking a dip. a high of 46 today and little rock around 42. warm in southern georgia and alabama and mississippi and florida. that looks like it's only in the teens today. we will have the forecast for you as usual. >> tell me about that. >> how can we forget about the vodka. >> want to guess where they found it? >> they found it by the bird house. no word how it got
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>> three days until super bowl 51. george h.w. bush said he and his wife will do the coin toss. the 41st president said he is fired up and it comes two days after he was released from a houston hospital after a bout with pneumonia. the plan was in motion before the president fell ill. >> i approached them back in december. they were very enthusiastic about wanting to participate. >> the kickoff is at ax:30 eastern on sunday. leading the news, you are more likely to die from choking than be killed by foreign terrorists according to the
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the odds of being killed by a terrorist were one in 3.64 million. it is far more likely to drown in a bathtub or choke on food which on average claims the lives of more than 1,000 americans each year. this morning we have insight on how at age 70, president trump maintains that full head of hair. his long time physician said he takes three medications. propecia which is marketed for hair growth with an antibiotic for rosacea and statens for cholesterol. the doctor credits the patient for helping him maintain his own shoulder length hair. >> how about this. what a pain in the ash. they were supposed to find a soot-sofred suspect in a california home. they received thert
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the republican controlled house voted to repeal an obama rule that prevents coal mine debris from being dumped in a stream. they called the rule a job killer. the measure goes to the senate. >> scientists uncovered evidence of a lost continent under the indian ocean. that forms part of the present day madagascar and india and it sanction 84 million years ago. reports of a 2017 bacon shortage that circulated is fake news. they traced the report back to the pork council that said frozen pork belly reserves declined, however pork industry insiders told t
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are plenty of hogs and plenty of bacon. get that skillet going. facebook is about to do something unimaginable. a number of business giants are taking on president trump's immigration policy. they have it all and that big development is on this morning. >> good morning. quite a story. crude exports could exceed the nation this is year if donald trump follows through on drilling and the u.s. could end up selling 800,000 barrels of oil a day. that's more than libya, qatar. in silicon valley, the likes of apple, uber and facebook hit back against travel bans and encouraging other industries to
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big numbers on facebook. the company is on track to try to target two billion users a month. they have more than 1.8 billion and they are tryings to connect up more people to the internet and they connect up users and facebook and they change around china that has more than 700 million users a day. back to you in the studio. >> just ahead, the super bowl commercial that is already creating a huge global reaction. nfl stars get a taste of bad lip reading. you are watching early today.
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>> whether we have seen it done as president and we have seen it here.
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million people are expected to watch. there will be plenty of competition off the field and there is a place about commercials. >> kevin tibbles claims one ad is causing a stir. >> the fabled story with the football staples. budweiser's ad with a company called founder adult who left germany for the united states in 1857. >> let the refugees free. >> at a time when the immigration is on the minds of many. this struck a nerve on social media. well done, budweiser. i can't watch without crying. fo
4:24 am
this bud's no longer for me. it's activist juice. budweiser said the ad was a here in the making. they said we didn't set out for comment, but we recognize that you can't reference the american dream without being part of the conversation. >> i don't think it will be part of the politics. people would like to take a break and enjoy the super bowl and find humor. >> another brand will air an ad touting it is made in america and another issue in the news. kevin tibbles, nbc news. >> lots of watch outside of the game. >> the groundhog day forecast is next. more "doing chores for mom" per roll
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now at 4:26, a hostage situation under way in a delaware prison. what we're learning about the demands. a first for president trump since taking office. the long standsing tradition he is expected to take part in just a few hours. and ali the bobcat returns to the national zoo. what officials say she likely did during her stint of freedom. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. it is friday eve, as some people like to call it. aren't they glad ollie is okay? i was getting worried about her. >> she's so fun. we're going to check in with melissa about the r
4:27 am
and sheena. >> i don't think aaron was very concerned. >> she looked good. >> here is having if fun. here is the sign. she's back now. >> and we're not speculating about what ollie has been up to the last couple of days. melissa will speculate momentarily. one thing we don't have to speculate on is what the day is going to look like. plenty on of clouds around. a few lingering snow showers up here across southern pennsylvania. cloudy skies mean what i think will be no shadows for punxsutawney phil or any of our local groundhogs today. clearing and breezy this afternoon. weekend looking a little bit on the cold side. for more on today's temperatures, here's sheena. >> and this morning it's not starting off too good across the area. through the afternoon, enough breeze coming in from the west. it's going to keep feeling fairley comfortable out there. right now, 43
4:28 am
district. 37 gaithersburg. 41 in leesburg. 38 culpepper. we're not incredibly cold, but you'll need a warm jacket this morning. but by this afternoon, not so much. by noon, 47 degrees and breezy. we'll top out in the upper 40s with a breezy west wind, but staying nice and dry. and that dry stretch is going to go into most of our weekend. we'll talk more about that coming you. some road closures to tell you about. melissa mollet has a look at that. >> we're talking about this problem in dickerson and i think we'll tell you more about that coming up in the next story. as far as what we know for road closures, martinsburg road near white ferry road. fire activity with all lanes blocked here this morning. so that was a house fire there. northbound, 295 in northeast works on blocking the right lane. that's the one that's been hanging around the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. 66 and 95, no worries. eun. right now, earn is alive
4:29 am
safe from this fire in montgomery county. we don't know how many people escaped this house. no one was hurt. >> this is in the far western part of the county, an area without any hydrants off of white ferry road. the fire department tells us the fire was in the walls and the attic, but it was put out this morning. now to the live desk. >> adam joins was a hostage situation happening in delaware. >> that's right. right now, two prison employees being held hostage by inmates and police are trying to negotiate their release. this is happening in smirn na. inmates took four employees hostage. they released two of them yesterday. one was injured. the inmates talked to a local paper. they say they're concerned about their treatment. you're looking at a live picture of that facility right now. and the country's leadership is something that they're also concerned about right now. there is a statewide lockdown at all of the prisons in delaware because of is
4:30 am
adam. developing this morning, police are scouring the area for a gunman after a deadly shooting on the d.c. line. someone fired into a car. a man inside the vehicle was killed. a woman was also shot. she will survive. right now, police are investigating an accident involve ago dump truck that hit and killed a man in the parking lot of an elementary school. police say that truck was backing up outside cresthaven elementary in silver springs when it hit and killed a man using a walker. the driver stayed on the scene there. one person is in custody after a chase through aspen hill. take a look at this video from chopper 4 above the scene last night. homeland security police, that crash took out a utility pole as you saw there. we're still working to find out what started this


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