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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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house for the way in which it was rolled out, calling it hastily executed. also in court, we learned of at least two students from our area who are stranded overseas. and the visas of tens of thousands of people have been revoked. julie carey was in court for today's hearing. >> she joins us live from outside the federal courthouse in alexandria. what have you learned? >> reporter: not only is the commonwealth of virginia going to take the lead in this case, but the attorney general wanted to broaden the challenge. he's hoping to argue that it was not only those visa holders that were detained and turned around at dulles last weekend who were harmed but anybody holding a student or work visa in virginia who comes from those seven targeted countries. it's on virginia's college campus that is the string of the trump administration's executive order is already being felt. the count is just beginning but already 350 students or
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targeted by the ban can no longer go home or travel abroad for scholarly work. virginia's lawyer told the judge two students are stranded in foreign lands. one a young woman from libya who goes to george mason university. she is now stuck in turkey unable to return to her studies. >> that means we're going to be working to help folks right now who are being harmed by the immigration ban, including students, professors, workers in virginia. >> reporter: also part of today's hearing, attorneys representing three visa holders detained at dulles last weekend, stripped of their documents and put on planes back to africa. this engaged couple flew here last weekend, her visa in hand, hoping to start her new life with her husband to be, a u.s. citizen. >> my client went from cheerfully recountng
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yesterday when we told him that they're ready to bring his fiancee back. there is real emotional impact of these cases. these are real people, the kind of people we want to be in this country. >> reporter: there was shock in this courtroom when the judge pressed the government lawyer to tell her how many visa holders were turned back last weekend. he didn't have that number, but then we revealed more than 100,000 visas have been revoked. >> it sucked the air out of my l lungs. you could almost hear the collective gasp in the courtroom. >> reporter: the state department disputed that figure, saying fewer than 60,000 visas were revoked. the judge in this case weighed in today with very sharp words about how the executive order was implements. she happens to be the judge that presided over the high
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coupon spc coconspirators years ago. two days after putting iran on notice, the trump administration imposed new sanctions today against the country in response to testing of ballistic missiles. those sanction that is the white house implied had been in the worked during the obama administration involved 13 individuals and a dozen companies. that includes one group affiliated with the iranian revolutionary guard that was working with the terror group his bo hezbollah. kellyanne conway says she misspoke when she referenced a massacre in kentucky that did not actually happen. >> president obama had a six-month ban on the
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came here to this country, were radicalized and were the masterminds between the bowling green massacre. it didn't get covered. >> conway tweeted today that she meant to say bowling green terrorists, not massacre. she also shared a story about the arrest of two iraqi men living in kentucky. neither has been charged with a plot on u.s. soil. and a massive fire at a trash and recycling plant in lorton, virginia, is finally under control. but tonight, some 20 hours later, it's still burning. firefighters say it could be days before it's completely out. this is what the fire looked like last night at 11:00. flames lit up the sky. at the time, it was too dangerous for first responders to go inside. and this is what it looks like right now.
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chopper 4. today some neighbors tell us they're concerned about breathing in all that smoke. news4's chris gordon is live outside the facility. >> reporter: flames are no longer shooting up into the sky. but take a look and you will see smoke is still billowing from that building. fires are still burning inside. and just minutes ago we saw flames on the lower roof level. fairfax county fire trucks and views have been on the scene since the fire broke out halast night just after 9:00. 60 firefighters were called in to battle the blaze last night. 90 people work here at the plant that converts waste to energy. fortunately no one was hurt. it started in the area where waste is dumped into a pit. >> at this time, the fire is still under investigation. the fire originated on the tipple floor, but we don't know how it started. >> reporter: the pan
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smoldering. smoke is expected to drift across the area for a few more days. >> i came up this road and it was very pungent odor coming from this facility. >> reporter: smoke is spreading into communities like lorton valley. lorie drove over to the plant to see what's going on because she has asthma. >> we're in the valley. it's coming right over the neighborhood. i took my dogs out last night and this morning and i cannot breathe. >> reporter: is there any danger or concern about public safety? >> no, no. there's no concern. you know, the fire is contained inside the building. there's smoke. it's rising. it's dissipating. there shouldn't be any concerns with health concerns for the air. >> reporter: you are looking live at our picture from chopper 4. you will see the smoke still coming from the building. and it's expected to continue for n
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ahead on news4 at 6:00, what will they do with the thousands of tons of waste that is converted into electricity for some 80,000 local homes in this area? ahead, the alternative plans that are being put in place. back to you. new information tonight about a story we brought you last night. drk police now say a plan spotted in surveillance images in bank robbery downtown is suspected in an attempted robly ju -- robbery just hours later. the man walked in, handed the teller a note and ran out after getting some cash. hours later they say he tried to rob another td bank on rhode island avenue in northeast but did not get any money that time zm . we're now learning about specific allegations in
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are making against the department. tra tracy wicy wily -- tracee wilki. >> reporter: we talked about dozens of minority officers that have signed onto a complaint. now we know the aclu is getting involved. >> all of it was incredibly egregious. >> reporter: the police officers have filed a complaint with the department of justice against their own police department. >> the concerns raised by the officers speak terribly upon -- they reflect poorly upon the department if they in fact turn out to be true. >> reporter: more than 70 minority prince george's county officers have signed onto the complaint alleging discrimination within the police department. the 300-page document was originally sent in october. department of justice spokesmen released a statement
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department department of justice is in receipt of correspondence about this matter. that correspondence has been referred to the civil rights division for response. we have no further comment. >> one particular concern they raised is that complaints that are filed by the public against officers of color are actually being treated more harshly than complaints that are filed against white officers. >> reporter: yesterday prince george's county police chief announced he and the police union are creating a panel to review the department's internal policies. j >> this hurts the chief's heart. he works tremendously hard to ensure a good working relationship with the community and within the department. >> reporter: the aclu is pushing legislation in maryland calling for more transparency in police investigations across the state. >> if in fact the department is
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handling its complaints appropriately, then if you make that transparent, the public can see that. >> reporter: the aclu is pushing a bill in maryland that will require police departments to share all of the work they do within investigations, not just the outcomes. they're saying that now it's apparent to them based on these complaints from officers, that officers have the same concerns. it's cold out there across our region. it's going to continue to be cold right on through the night tonight and into the day tomorrow. one of the cold es dest days we seen in quite some time. look at these windchills. we still have some colder air moving in across our region. we have a little bit of a front trying to move down that's going to reinforce the cold air tomorrow. wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of snow flurries around
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but behind this we stay cold tomorrow. a change in policy leads to unanswered calls at the white house. coming up, why the public phone line is no longer working and how one lawmaker wants to change that. also, a trial date set for the man accused in the murders of a family and their housekeeper inside a d.c. mansion. but will charges ever be filed against anyone else? and paris on edge after police stop an attack at popula ar
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it's a crime that shook our community, the savopoulos family and their housekeeper brutally murdered inside a northwest d.c. mansion. and now we know when will the trial will get underway. the man charged with the murder, darron wint, will go to trial in september of next year. news4's meagan fitzgerald is outside d.c. superior court with reaction. >> reporter: you know, prosecutors certainly breathed a sigh of relief. they've been trying to get a trial date set since october. back in october, the defense team argued that they needed more time to comb through the hundreds of piece
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according to legal experts, it's not uncommon for it to take this long for a case to go to trial. it's been nearly two years since the savopoulos family and housekeeper were brutally murdered before their house was set on fire. darron wint is the only suspect charged in their murder. today amy's father got one step closer to justice. a judge set a trial date for september of 2018. >> defense team needs to do their due diligence. >> reporter: according to a criminal defense attorney in montgomery county, waiting nearly three and a half years for a major murder case to go to trial isn't unusual. >> for a defense attorney and a defense team to be able to properly investigate the case, to properly defend their client, and that entails sifting through the hundreds and hundreds of pieces of
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evidence. >> reporter: dna evidence from pizza crust inside the mansion is what led police to wint in the first place. the lingering question for so many is will anyone else be charged? >> don't couldn't the government out. there may be those that know about this crime, there may be those that have information that will be helpful to the prosecution. you may see them on a witness list and be surprised by who actually comes to court to testify. >> reporter: sand ler says, in her experience, it's not uncommon to see arrests being made on the eve of a trial or even during a trial going on. so she says it's very possible that we could see that here as well. but it is important to keep in mind that she doesn't have any direct knowledge of this case. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear why a close family friend says she's still unable to get closure. >> i
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killing his girlfriend's baby. a judge in prince george's county sentenced him to 20 years in prison and five years pro bus station -- probation. this is in connection to the death of a 23 month old in riverdale. he was watching the little boy while his mother went to work. the boy died of blunt force trauma and suffered a lacerated liver. his attorneys argue that he was just the caregiver and did not commit this crime. we are learning more about the machete wielding man who attacked a group of soldiers outside the louvre in paris. the museum was packed with tourists. a french prosecutor says the suspect is an egyptian national who lived in the united a arab emirates. a police spokesperson says he shouted god is good
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a soldier opened fire, striking the man five times, gravely wounded him. about a thousand people sheltered in secure areas of the museum. >> a lot of the girls were crying. they were scared. >> the suspect is in the hospital and will be questioned when possible. he came to paris eight days ago on a tourist visa. police have carried out several raids in paris since the attack. president trump is taking his first steps at scaling back regulations on financial services. the president signed an executive order today that targets the 2010 dodd frank financial regulatory framework. the white house called it a disastrous policy. susan hogan is here to explain what the dodd frank financial over sight law is and what kind of impact this could have on you. >> that's right. let's start with what is
5:19 pm
a law in 2010 to improve accountability and transp paptr in the financial system following the 2008 financial crisis. it's intended to protect taxpayers. under the dodd-frank act, the consumer financial protection bureau was created. the cfpb operates as its own agency. it's a single point of accountability for enforcing consumer laws. before its existence, its responsibility was divided among several agencies. it oversees banks, lenders and financial companies to ensure they treat consumers fairly and takes action against companies that break the law. but there are of course critics of dodd-frank. president trump pledged during his campaign to repeal and to replace the law, saying that the law really made
5:20 pm
for bang kers to function. while today's order won't have an immediate impact, it does direct the treasury secretary to consult with didn't regulatory agencies and the financial stability over sight council to report back on changes and it is likely to include a review of the cfpb. virginia leaders joined friday prayers at a local mosque. their message to the muslim community amid the ban that is already impacting the state's economy. and the recall involving millions of defective air bags gets e
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well, doug, our weekend is getting off to kind of a gray, cloudy, cold start. >> yep. >> what's next? >> in a word. [ laughter ]. >> i was just wondering, okay, got you. >> it's friday, doug. >> it is friday. cannot wait for the weekend. weather-wise, we're probably the coolest we've been in quite some time. you've got to go all the way back to the second week of january to see temperatures this cold. high temperatures only in the 30s all day long. it looks like we're going to han
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tonight. already sitting at 38 degrees out there. actually 37 right now, dropping through the 30s down below freezing e ining by 11:00 tonig. if you're heading out, make sure you bundle up. it's going to be that chilly. it's cold everywhere. take a look at the windchill, down to 29 d.c., 24 gaithersburg, 24 martinsburg. we're only seeing a 5-10 miles an hour wind. i do expect that wind to increase during the day tomorrow. the kids over at chevy chase elementary school, i want to say hi to them. these are the fourth graders at chevy chase elementary school. had a great day out there earlier today talking about the weather and climate change. thank you guys wefor having me over there. lots of fun. they asked me
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it's actually snowing right above us with those clouds, but it's so dry, when it comes down, it just evaporated. don't be surprised to see a couple of flurries or two out there. here's that little system. it's a frontal boundary. you can see that front coming down across the area. look back to the west, 11 the windchill in pittsburgh, 23 in hagerstown, 9 in state college. it will get colder tonight. high tomorrow of 39. sun early, more clouds late in the day as another system moves in. look at the windchills tomorrow morning, 11 in martinsburg, 7 in d.c. we'll see temperatures moderate on sunday up to r550 degrees. super bowl sunday looking just fine. tracking tuesday and wednesday, a little bigger storm system here. temperatures move into
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coming up, lauren will take about how much rain we may see from that system early next week. nearly a quarter of a million jobs added to the economy in the last month. >> how accurate is the government's rate of just under 5% unemployment? we'll get some perspective. >> reporter: virginia leaders including the governor joining friday prayers here in loudoun county at this mosque. they are delivering a powerful message to president trump and making promises to the congregation here. a military family in virginia is on their most special mission yet. their son ethan is autistic and has other special needs. this's something that could really change things for this family. tonight, how you can help.
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a local elementary school is being forced to temporarily shut its doors because of a bedbug problem. students are going to have to relocate for several weeks. we got hold of a letter that savoy emt lementary sent home t parents. the district will replace things like rugs,
5:30 pm
school will continue on wednesday, but it's not going to be in that building. it will be at a different location. on sunday the district will let parents know where their kids will go to school on wednesday and where for the next several weeks as well. they also say where students can get their meals on monday and tuesday. the district is working with the d.c. health department on this. if parents have concerned, they should go to a doctor immediately. the labor department is out with its first new jobs report since president trump took office. in january, the economy added 227,000 new jobs, more than expected. but the unemployment rate actually ticked up slightly to 4.8%. but just how accurate are the numbers? >> i'm work nights while i look thgh
5:31 pm
job more in my line of work. it's just to pay some extra bills, groceries. it's not substantial. and it's difficult. >> julie joins us live from new york with a closer look. how does the labor department measure what qualifies as employed for its unemployment rate? >> well, there's actually a subset inside the data. what you see is the headline, 227,000 jobs created, a strong, healthy number indeed. but when you look at other sub categories including those who are working part-time like dennis, but not by choice. you actually saw that rate go up over the last month. so that growth means that there are still systemic issues inside the economy for people who want full-time work, who are college educated in particular.
5:32 pm
nightly news is what does it mean to be underemployed, how does it work, what is president trump planning to do about this as he continues to hold meetings with his national economic council, ceos across the country and really put pressure on companies to create more jobs. what's feasible, what can people expect and what do the numbers really mean. >> the president hadn't taken office until the 20th of january. how much credit does he get or deserve in all of this versus what he inherited? or do we have to wait for another full month? >> i think it's probably fair to wait for another full month. what you saw was the last ten days of january under president trump. there may have been a little bit of credit that can be shared there, but a lot of times this bureau of labor statistics survey happened in the middle of the month. that would have been still been when president obama was holding office. it certainly is relevant when you look at what can be done. of course president trump's policies
5:33 pm
so we can expect to see how those will have a negative or positive impact coming up in the coming quarter and the coming year. >> you can see her full report fact checking the unemployment numbers ahead on nightly news tonight right after news4 at 6:00. now to a visit by virginia state leaders to a local mosque. they used that visit to slam president trump's executive order on immigration. that visit coincided with rallies against the order held by non-muslim neighbors. david culver is outside the adams center in sterling, virginia to explain. >> reporter: virginia's governor and attorney general both showing up here today during friday prayers. their message, very clear. they want that ban to end. virginia's governor telling me it's hurting the commonwealth's economy. outside the dulles
5:34 pm
crowd of non-muslims holding signs of support. >> you are welcome here. >> it says patriots protect all religions. >> our values as a country are under siege right now. if we don't stand up now, maybe we won't have the opportunity to stand up in the future. >> i believe in religious freedom and i believe in supporting my neighbors. >> reporter: as they stood outside in solidarity, inside the adams center, a round table discussion. virginia's governor and attorney general, both fielding concerning questions. a floor below, the muslim faithful united for friday prayers. as the sermon finished, the governor took to the mike, his message directed at donald trump's executive order on dpra immigration. >> we are here to send a message to president trump that we w
5:35 pm
unconstitutional, morally repugnant executive order. i've already had two companies who were coming to visit us cancel their trip, just too risky to come. >> reporter: outside adams, those we found offering hugs and handshakes to counter the negativity. and in talking with several muslims around the area today, we've also noticed there are some increased concerns when it comes to security. several of them have told us they've received increased threats to the mosques and prayer gathers. that's fairfax county's police chief reacting and going to a local friday prayer service gathering. he had something to say to the congregation that i want you to hear ahead at 6:30. it is a big change at the white house. >> that's right. for the past two weeks members of the public have not been able to get through on the pu
5:36 pm
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a military family in northern virginia is doing all it can to help its child. the 2-year-old hasu
5:39 pm
his parents believe that a service dog could make a world of difference. >> reporter: britney and dan, high school sweethearts, together forever. senior prom, high school graduation, class of 2002, marriage, the military, moving from place to place serving our country. then came joy, an 8.49 pound baby boy, ethan. but with all the good times come hard times too. ethan was born with severe scoliosis, he was missing a rib. >> so he had two vertical expandable titanium ribs placed. he wasn't pointing, he wasn't responding to his name. >> reporter: at 20 months ethan was diagnosed with autism. now he's almost 3. ethan loves his therapy swing. he likes to play, in his own
5:40 pm
ethan doesn't talk. but he and his mom understand each other perfectly. >> he is such a happy boy. >> reporter: a happy boy with some very special needs. >> we pledged to raise $17,000 for ethan to get a service dog placed. >> reporter: ethan's parents are raising money to get a service dog from nonprofit four paws for ability. the dog would be trained specifically to help ethan with development and communication. >> the hopes are that he would want to tell the dog commands so he would want to learn to talk. >> reporter: a dog could soothe ethan when he's upset. and his mom says, bring him back when he starts to disappear into his own world. so far they have raised $7,000. they have a ways to go. >> i think everybody wants the world for their children. and you know we try everything possible to give that to
5:41 pm
have a better tomorrow. ethan's father is a captain in the air force. so the family may have to move around a lot in the coming years. change is especially hard for ethan, another reason why the family says a service dog would be so great. the longs set up a donation page. we have a link in the nbc august app. just search paws for ethan. these dogs are very expensive, $34,000. >> that's for all the training involved? >> exactly. the family has to raise half that money and the non-profit raises the other half. that's still a lot of money to raise. that goes for training because this dog will be specifically trained to work with ethan and no one else. that requires a lot of training, a lot of veterinary visits. >> they want it to happen now in his formative years while he's this age and trying to
5:42 pm
>> early intervention with autism is so important. >> exactly. >> our heart goes out to that whole family. i bet they get the rest of their donations before the night is out. >> i hope so. hundreds of thousands of bmws now being recalled and it's more fallout from those potentially dangerous takata air bag inflaters. more than 230,000 bmws are on the recall list. bmw says the vehicles may have had the air bag replaced with a takata inflater after a crash. at least 16 deaths have been linked to this problem. open our nbc washington app for recall information and to check if your vehicle is on the list. just search bmw. a benchmark for the nbc 4 responds unit as the amount of money they've gotten back for consumers tops 800,000.
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we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. two weeks since the inauguration of president trump and the public still can't get through on the white house comment line. now one lawmaker is trying to do something about it. >> well, if you've been trying to let
5:46 pm
thoughts on president trump's first two weeks in office, you've probably been out of luck. the phone line for public comments is down. news4 learned the line was shut down some time after president trump was sworn in. now democratic congresswoman jackie spire of california has introduced a bill in congress to restore it. now when you call, a recording tells you to send a comment online or through facebook messenger service. spire says it's an example of the white house decreasing accountability. >> what the president has done is shut down the switchboard. that's like a king pulling up the moat because he doesn't want his subjects to be able to respond to him or to be heard. >> reporter: spire says she's concerned about americans like senior citizens who don't have access to a
5:47 pm
republican controlled congress remains to be seen. we reached out to the white house for comment. it says it has hired a director for its correspondence office but that person doesn't start until monday. you may be wondering why you're noticing people wearing red to work today, showing support for women's heart health. that includes our team for news4 today. it's national wear red day. the american heart association launched the campaign a few years ago to raise awareness about the issue. in the u.s. a woman dies from cardiovascular disease every 80 seconds. most cardiac events can be prevented through education and lifestyle changes. it can be as easy as taking a brisk walk every day for 30 minutes or eating foods to bring out levels of unhealthy
5:48 pm
a lot of people are joining in on women's heart health day. these are a few of the photos online. please share your photos with us and use the hashtag go red wear red. >> i'm posting ours right now. go red wear red. >> that's the hashtag. it's a good campaign that's been around for a while. >> so important. give me five and i'll have that hashtag down. okay. our nbc 4 responds team hit a milestone this week, raising that bar on recovering more money for you and other viewers. >> yeah. big news from consumer reporter susan hogan. >> we are working hard and it's definitely paying off. you're ca either called or wroto us. to an entire community without a working land line to a viewer who cancelled cell
5:49 pm
contracts only to be continually billed, we continued getting results. >> in maryland viewer received $550s in gift cards after a cell phone billing dispute. the viewer signed up for multiple mobile phone contracts only to cancel them within the cancellation period but the bills never stopped until we got involved. this ringing is music to chris smith and her neighbor's ears. they say their retirement community in maryland only got phone service restored after calling nbc 4 responds. residents tell us when the phone lines stopped working, so did their intercom, the fire alarm system and the emergency phone in the elevator. but after we called the company, neighbors say that very next day the connection was fixed. >> i don't think it ever would have been resolved if i had not gotten in touch with you. >> and as you heard this week,
5:50 pm
we're so proud of that. look at that total right there. the amount of money we have recovered 8$00,000,000. >> will there be a party when you hit a million? >> yes. we are super close. >> very close. >> stay tuned. >> going to be big. >> absolutely. speaking of, there is a good chance if you're headed to a big super bowl party this sunday, that the spread will include some wings. >> how many do you think you could actually eat? >> hmm. >> not too many for me. try 400. yes. i'm afraid so. check this out in philadelphia. the annual wing bowl. the guy who goes
5:51 pm
notorious b.o.b. put away a whopping 409 chicken wings this morning. >> no. >> yes. if that doesn't make you feel queasy, consider this. that's actually 20 fewer than last year's champion. the winner, by the way, got 10,000 bucks, a hyundai santa fe suv and a harley davidson motorcycle. >> he's going to hurl off that harley. that's crazy. >> we had a discussion yesterday about doug started us talking about wings and whether you dip them in blue cheese or ranch. i say no dip. >> if they're hot, i think you need to offset that with something. >> ranch or blue cheese? >> i'll go blue cheese. >> and catsup. i'm weird. i dip everything in catsup.
5:52 pm
up with any warm drinks because by super bowl sunday those temperatures are going up. plenty of sunshine around tomorrow but full-tiinally thes clouds break up and clear out. sunday, warmer. we're going to have the clouds move back in, maybe a few sprinkles but that is about it. we have maybe a few snow showers trying to hit the ground. a lot of these are evaporating before they even get to the ground because it's just so dry out there. the dew points are so low. that's the measure of moisture in the air.
5:53 pm
lower teens. it really makes a mess of your skin. it's dry out there. going out tonight, temperatures are going to fall. bundle up. it is february, but it's a lot colder than we've experienced the last couple of evenings. temperatures fall into the teens and 20s overnight with clearing skies. we start off a little on the chilly side. temperatures are in the 20s. saturday evening, increasing clouds. temperatures only in the 30s for daytime highs tomorrow. if you want to exercise, going to be a little chilly out there. maybe by sunday afternoon, sunday evening those temperatures will rebound into the 40s. skiing, ripe conditions, beautiful conditions at some of those local ski resorts. in travel issues whatsoever. speaking of skiing, whitetail is making snow, wintergreen is making snow. a lot o
5:54 pm
snowshoe, they've got 54 trails open. temperatures tomorrow are going to be in the upper 30s, plenty of sunshine. clouds roll back late saturday and into sunday. maybe a few sprinkles. then on monday temperatures low 50s. 60s tuesday and wednesday. looks like we could have some rain. doesn't look like a lot at this point but again we could have some rain thursday and friday. we are back in the 30s. no signs of snow just yet, guys. >> d.c. opens the doors to a new comment center. >> but this building is so much more. coming up, how it could help open doors to a better way of my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients.
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only on news4 tonight, computers for as low as 25 bucks. a local nonprofit has been offering that deal to low income and disabled residents in montgomery county for about 20 years now. today they opened up a new location in southeast washington that offers the same deal, plus job training. it's part of the reopening of a community center that's been closed for more than 15 years. >> reporter: computers and other tech equipment, his nonprofit no longer needs and would have otherwise thrown out.
5:58 pm
in a landfill and it's a win in providing it to a low income person. >> reporter: the computers donated by local businesses are refurbishes by volunteers with project reboot. then they're sold to needy residents. >> over 16,000 computers have been refurbished for the poor and the disabled right here. >> reporter: carter has lived in the congress heights neighborhood for more than three decades and was part of the effort to get the center reopened. >> it was an eyesore and the history is one of the things that was lost here. >> reporter: district officials say there's a growing need for this type of community asset in this part of d.c. >> yes, yes. our own tech hub. >> reporter: in addition to being able to buy a computer for as little as $25, residents will also be able to get
5:59 pm
training. ms. carter knows how important it is for young students and residents of her generations to be connected these days. >> it's very important for us to stay in the loop. it helps us to keep us alive. >> reporter: if you want more information on how to buy a computer or if you're a business that wants to donate equipment, search reboot. at the newly reopened frederick douglass community center. president trump leaves washington for his first weekend away from the white house since taking office. >> he's going down to florida to spend time at his mar-a-lago estate. before the president left for palm beach, he imposed new sanctions on iran and set is stage for another showdown with democrats. >> reporter: we begin with iran where the u.s. pushed and iran is pushing back
6:00 pm
sanctions against some american citizens, insists that they are not going to be pushed out of this nuclear deal. president trump today on iran. >> they're not behaving. >> reporter: his administration announced new sanctions on 25 individuals and companies tied to iran's missile program and its elite special forces unit. his response to iran's missile test on sunday. >> i hope that iran realizes that after the provocative measures they've taken that they understand that this president, this administration is not going to sit back and take it lightly. >> reporter: some law makmakers concerned how the president is handling iran. there's support on capitol hill for the sanctions even from some democrats. >> they're targeted. they are restricted to some individuals and a few companies. >> reporter: also this afternoon, the president signed orders to begin rolling back wall street regulations enacted


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