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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 5, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we really do. >> we want to hang. we also want to tell you about the weather. you notice outside in that live shot we saw some clouds. it sounds like we're going to see a lot of sunshine later. >> eventually. just have to have a little bit of patience. a mostly cloudy start this morning will turn into a fair amount of sunshine by later on in the day. it'll stay a little bit on the chilly side here for the next couple hours. the return of sunshine will turn it into a very nice day. four things to know about the forecast. the cold air that was with us yesterday and overnight, that is now in full retreat. southerly winds will bring milder temperatures back into the region for the next couple days. dry weather for today and through tomorrow as well. then a taste of rain drops. temperatures near 60 degrees with some rain chances around. that warm air gets shoved out later in the week. that may lead to a little rain/snow combo coming up on your thursday. as far as today, a little chance for light snow well to our south and east. that's moving a i whway from us. highs today around 52 degrees. got to love that. >> all right, chuck. thank you very muc
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news this morning. police trying to figure out if these two scenes are connected to a late-night officer-involved shooting. one of the scenes is in northeast d.c. the other is in the area of taylor street and 51st street in bladensburg, maryland. >> that is where we find our news 4's derrick ward. he's live with us this morning, joining us from the scene. derrick, run us through what happened. this is pretty complicated. >> reporter: indeed, it is. it's a lot calmer out here than it was last night. we're here in the 4100 block of 51st street just off 202. take a look. it was about 11:30 last night when police were called to this scene. there was a report of someone breaking into cars. now, police say when they got here, they saw a suspect vehicle leaving the scene. they say that car hit a police cruiser and tried to run down an officer who was on foot. now, police officers fired at the car. we're told people heard as many as five gunshots. there was a chase. they don't know if they hit
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a short time later in the 3700 block of j street northeast, this car was found burning. they're trying to determine if that car that you see is the same one that was involved in this incident that started here. it's not known if anyone was injured or exactly how many people were in the car. that's all part of the investigation that's ongoing now. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> derrick, thank you very much. we're in the middle of a legal showdown over president trump's immigration order. this morning, a federal appeals court has denied the trump administration's request to immediately reinstate its travel ban. this all comes after the justice department filed an appeal on friday's ruling, temporarily stopping the order. doj lawyers argue the order is a valid exercise of the president's authority. the justice department has until monday morning to respond. meanwhile, here's what it means for us. travelers from the seven countries banned in the
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to get on flights and enter the united states. it's as though the executive order was never actually issued. as for visas issued before the executive order and those that were revoked, those are once again considered valid. president donald trump is defending his claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2016 election. he talked about it with fox news' bill o'reilly for a super bowl interview. >> many people have come out and said i'm right. you know that. >> but you have to have data to back that up. >> when you see illegal, people that are not citizens and they're on the registration rolls -- look, bill, we can be babies, but you take a look at the registration. you have illegals, dead people. it's really a bad situation. >> well, last month the president threatened to launch an investigation into voter fraud, but the white house has not provided details on that effort. well, the countdown to kickoff is on. the atlanta falcons are going to take on the new england patriots in super bowl li tonight in houston. >> now, if theco
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their first super bowl win. the patriots have four wins under their belt. here's nbc's jay gray. >> reporter: it is the national obsession, an unofficial holiday of sorts with fans spilling into the streets. >> reporter: kids kicking, passing, and playing, living out their sports dreams, while adults get to act like kids. the super bowl is really a seven-day celebration parties and concerts in pop-up clubs constructed just for the week. >> it's elegant. we have all these installations. it's not just a concert. it's a full experience. >> reporter: there will be another temporary party today in these tiny houses set up just
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across from nrg stadium for exclusive, high-end tailgating. >> we take care of everything. air-conditioning, four tvs, a bathroom, catering. >> reporter: it's called club 51, a place to hang out before the game. but oh, yeah, there is a game. and after-market ticket sales had been brisk. the price this year down. >> i think we're about 14% average ticket price down year over year, but at the same time, we've sold about 14% more tickets. so we're getting that many more fans a chance to come and experience something they're going to love. >> reporter: love that still comes with a steep cost. the average ticket is going for more than four grand and could go up before kickoff. and here we are outside the stadium. tailgating, as we have been all morning. the sun is finally up now. the rain has been a little on and off. that may keep the roof closed this evening. we had to start a new round of coals here. we had to add coals
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we have to let that warm up, then we're putting the burgers on. how do you like yours? >> medium-well, a little guacamole. how many have you eaten so far? >> reporter: i have no comment on that. there are some rumors that i've had a few brats and perhaps some bacon that we cooked earlier. in fact, yeah, there's still some bacon. >> i'm not even going to ask you how many drinks you've will already. you've been sipping that bad boy. >> who keeps track of that, really? come on. if anybody knows how to party, it's jay. >> reporter: just one, but it's a big one. >> thanks, jay. have a great time down there. we'll check back in, in a little bit. a busy super bowl sunday and limited travel options. how you can get around six metro station closures and when the work is expected to wrap up. and the weather will not mess with your super bowl sunday plans today. we have a big change we're tracking. chuck is tracking it all. what you can expect for the start of the wor kw
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well, today at noon one lucky person will win a brand new 2017 hyundai tuscon at the washington auto show. and you're probably looking at this video wondering what is going on with these people. this was actually the contest from last year. this year, ten people are taking part in the contest. it involves keeping their hands on the car and hopefully winning it like this car did last year. the people that are still there this morning, they've been there since tuesday. >> that's a lot of work. give them both cars. on this super bowl sunday, metro is expecting to see about a 3% drop in riders compared to a normal day. that's why it chose this weekend to chose these
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free buses are going to replace orange, blue, and silver line service at those stations. if you're coming from virginia, you're going to want to take the yellow line and transfer to gallery place for red line service. metro is doing work in the tunnels here. everything should be back to normal tomorrow. taking a look outside right now. you're in the clear for your super bowl plans. these guys are just cheersing it up for the super bowl. a different story we're going to tell you about in a little bit, about a beer historian that has a very cool job. but in talking about the weather, chuck is tracking possibly a return to the 60s, possibly record-breaking weather. stick around for that.
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good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. all we have is cloud cover around the nation's capital here early this morning. just down to our south and east, there are some wet snowflakes down across the lower parts of the chesapeake bay. they're not coming our way. they're all moving out. we'll get sunshine back here later this afternoon. temperatures back near 50 for today. even milder weather coming our way for the middle of the week. complete check of the five-day forecast just ahead. >> thank you, chuck. the search is on for this teenage boy in the district. take a look at his photo, if you can. his name is sean weldon. he was last seen on friday near 10th street and maryland avenue in northeast d.c. if you have seen him or know where he is,
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time right now is 9:13. this next woman arguably has the greatest job in the country. >> this is so cool. nbc's kevin tibbles introduces us to the smithsonian's new beer historian and also reveals how she was tapped for the coveted career. >> reporter: ah, the nice refreshing taste of a cold beer. >> this is indeed the nectar of the gods. >> reporter: as well as us mere mortals. george washington loved a brewski, brewing it in mt. vernon. so did barack obama, the first president to brew inside the white house. want even more history of the foamy art? then tap in to the smithsonian to meet teresa mcculla. >> it's always been part of the fabric of our culture. >> reporter: theresa is the museum's brand new beer historian. >> don't you get to have a beer?
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tastings along the way. >> reporter: armed with a culinary arts diploma, she's oversee the brewing history initiative, made possible by a donation. >> someone over a hundred years ago used this vessel to drink beer, likely after a workday, as a way to relax, to spend time with their friends. just as you might today. >> reporter: her job, documenting the history of american brewing and the beer industry. seen here in the taps, the ads, the songs. part of the smithsonian's current collection dating back to the 1800s. even touching on prohibition times when beer was outlawed and the celebrations that ensued when the suds flowed freely again. >> beer helps us connect with stories of immigrant farmers and workers and people who have been brewing and drinking beer throughout american history from the very founding of the nation. >> reporter: museum patrons agree. >> i think beer has a very large place in american hior
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history and most of the people i know. >> reporter: our national romance with the brown bottle has left me with one last question. >> do you need an assistant? >> i've been offered so many assistants in it the last several weeks. i'm very appreciative of that. >> reporter: to which we say, cheers. kevin tibbles, nbc news, washington. >> now i want to do it. come on, let's go. >> all i've got is ice cold water. >> all i've got is vodka. >> whoa. >> just kidding. >> i was going to make a joke, but you just revealed the real secret of sunday morning. >> it's a good reminder that this is a big day for drunk driving. >> oh, yes. >> number one rule, have a designated driver. don't do it. >> sober ride. >> uber, lyft. >>
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have that in your phone. don't be caught drinking and driving. now, back to the forecast. sunshine making a comeback. that's excellent news. a cloudy stretch overnight. these clouds are not going to keep bothering us at all. we're at 37 now in washington. southerly breezes. that's the warmup coming our way. we'll be about 10 degrees higher today than we were yesterday. feels like 20s. there's a definite chill factor outside early this morning. temperatures mid to upper 30s. pretty much area wide. 34 now at dulles airport. 37 in quantico. 37 at the naval academy in ann nap lis. temperatures the remainder of the day with increasing amounts of sunshine, most everyone will get into the upper 40s to low 50s for afternoon highs today. your super bowl party plans, about 4:30 when you're headed to the party, mild and dry near 50 degrees. kickoff at 6:30 as you're settling in, getting that best spot on the couch. 46 th
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you're getting ready to go home, temperatures will have fallen back into the upper 30s and low 40s. so it will be mild enough for today. even milder tomorrow with temperatures back into the low and mid-50s. however, this area of rain across texas and louisiana, there's houston. it will be raining down there for the super bowl. that means the roof will be closed today. that surge of warm air and moisture, that's got eyes on us. as a result, we have a really warm stretch of weather coming our way towards the middle of the week. so low 50s today and tomorrow with sunshine coming back today and then clouds coming back tomorrow. pretty solid chance for rain much of the day on tuesday and wednesday. then as the colder air filters back in, we may end with a little rain/snow combination wednesday night into early thursday morning. then slushy know possible during the day on thursday but temperatures above freezing. we're not looking for a lot of accumulation. this temperature here tuesday, 63, the record high on tuesday is only
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unusually mild for some february rain drops. the whole ten-day forecast in the next half hour. we're just over two weeks into the trump presidency, and we're certainly getting a sense of how he plans to govern, but there remain a lot of big questions about the policies he'll pursue and how he'll get them done. >> item one on that list is health care. trump animated a lot of voters in the election by promising to repeal obamacare, but we don't have a lot of answers about what that looks like. >> then there's the border wall. trump signed an executive order to start the process of building it, but it remains unclear how it will be paid for. >> and then there's possible action to reverse barack obama's deferred action on deportations for undocumented immigrants who are bought brought to this country as children. >> those are just a few of the questions we've still got with plenty more sh
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the power of paint and the will to inspire in celebration of black history month. how local artists are reflecting on powerful history.
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thank you for still accepting our refugees. >> homie say what? >> president obama said america would accept 1200 refugees. your country's compassion will not be forgotten. >> no, no, no. no refugees. america first.
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your reef is failing. prepare to go to war. >> last night's "saturday night live." alec baldwin returned as president trump with a grim-reaper-like character playing his controversial strategist steve bannon. they made fun of phone calls with foreign leaders, but there was also a surprise appearance by melissa mccarthy, who played white house press secretary sean spicer. >> yeah, i wanted to ask about the travel ban on muslims. >> yeah, it's not a ban. >> i'm sorry? >> it's not a ban. the travel ban is not a ban which makes it not a ban. >> you just called it a ban. >> i'm using your words. you said ban, now i'm saying it back to you. >> the president tweeted, and i quote, if the ban were announced with a one week notice -- >> yeah, exactly. you just said that. he's quoting you. it's your words. >> well, there could be even more skits about the trump administration next week when
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with black history month under way, we are taking a peek at an exhibition now on display at the xenith gallery in northwest washington. >> news 4's barbara harrison introduces us to some of the african-american artists whose work reflects the history they've lived through. >> reporter: this is the xenith gallery, where there's always a lot going on outside, and inside a cocoughny of chaos at first glance, but it calls for a closer look. what seems to be a crazy collection of curiosities is a gallery crammed from floor to ceiling, corner to corner, with some extraordinary pieces of art in many forms. >> these are all artists from our black history month. >> reporter: the xenith gallery's black history month exhibition includes the work of more than 20 different living artists. an artist herself, she's owned an art gallery in studio
9:25 am
1972 when she graduated from george washington university with a degree in fine arts. she represents only artists whose work appeals to her. >> i like texture. i like things that come off the wall and kind of come into your space and talk to you. >> reporter: this painting is titled "state of the union." the artist, preston sampson. >> it was originally done in response to, again, one of the police shootings, you know, from the young black men. i would like for my work to be seen in the long term as almost a documentary of the times that i lived in. >> reporter: this mixed media painting is by artist gloria kirk, a retired foreign service officer, who got interested in cameras when she was working overseas. >> i started mixing textiles and papers. >> reporter: she found old photographs in her mother's attic. >> so i have images from the mid to late 1800s.
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on the walls here. >> i would say it's more modern african culture. >> reporter: this wood sculptor moved to america with his american wife several years ago. to make his extraordinary sculptures, he brought the tools of his trade from africa. he teaches others the age-old craft of carving. >> the students were absolutely wonderful. >> reporter: a former art teacher, francesca britton, has become a prolific artist with jewelry and abstract paintings. this is her new series. >> this one is fighting my demons. this one is, of course i will survive. >> reporter: art can tell many stories in many forms. in this gallery, there are thousands of stories being told. >> and that was barbara harrison reporting. the black history month exhibition at the xenith gallery runs throuma
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much more on this story on our nbc washington app. just search african art. time right now, coming up on 9:27. it is a chilly start out there. a warmup is on the way. a big one. chuck is tracking major changes in the week ahead from heat to rain and possibly snow. protests around the world in response to president trump's immigration order. how thousands are taking to the street and demanding actions from the white house. y299xy ysty so if ydead battery,t tire, need a tow or lock your keys in the car,
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time right now is 9:29. here are the stories we're following for you. breaking news autoof the town of bladensburg. police are working to learn if two scenes there are connected. they say several of the officers there were investigating reports of car break-ins last night when a car at the scene rammed into a squad car then tried to hit an officer. police found a car matching the description of that car torched in northeast d.c. the involved officers are on leave. a federal appeals court denies the trump administration's request to immediately reinstate its travel ban. challengers of the ban have been asked to respond to the appeal. the doj has until monday afternoon to file a counterresponse. and let's take a live look at houston, where super bowl li will kick off tonight. new england patriots take on the atlanta falcons in what could become atlanta's first super bowl win. let's just
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dam game. >> yes, you don't want it to be a blowout. >> besides all that, there's the food. >> we're going to break down the food and just how bad it is for you. >> and if you want to burn it all off, go for a run right now. is that what you're supposed to do? >> this time will be perfect for getting out and burning off calories before you recharge yourself later on in the day. a plate of wing, you have to run about seven miles to burn off the calories you take in with a plate of wings. be careful out there, everybody. don't want to get too many calories stuffed in there. right now it's a mostly cloudy start. these clouds will gradually thin out with time. we'll end up with a fair amount of sunshine by later on in the morning and into the afternoon. the cold air that was here is in full retreat mode. it's going to feel like springtime later in the week. a little light rain towards southeastern virginia, but we're done with anything in the way of a rain or snow chance here. current temperatures are in the 30s. it feels like it's in the upper
9:32 am
20s to around 30ing di degrees. daytime highs today up near 53 degrees. i'll have my hot sausage sandwich recipe coming up. >> we want the leftovers tomorrow morning. >> there will be no leftovers. >> thanks, chuck. protests aren't only happening in the united states over president trump's travel ban, but it's also now happening around the world. >> that's right. take a look at this video here. this is a look at what happened in london yesterday. organizers claimed more than 40,000 protesters attended, but according to "the guardian" newspaper, they estimated the crowd size was about 10,000 people. protesters are demanding that president trump rescind his executive order on immigration. >> it's like watching a really bad horror film. i just sat there shouting at the tv. >> it is really heartwarming to see all of these people protesting and see people protesting all over the world to show love will win. it's not going to be fascism all over again. >> this was the third demonstration against president
9:33 am
weeks. protesters also want prime minister theresa may to disinvite the president from an official state visit. meanwhile, a george mason university student is back on campus this morning. >> she was stuck overseas for more than a week due to the president's immigration order. news 4's darcy spencer has her story. >> so how does it feel to be back home? >> the nightmare is over. >> reporter: she's back on american soil at dulles international airport after spending a week overseas in limbo, not knowing if she could ever return to the united states. >> i would say it was the worst experience i've ever had. i hope it won't happen again. >> reporter: she's from libya. she's a senior at george mason university, here legally on a student visa. she was on her way back to virginia friday a week ago trying to board a connecting flight in turkey when she was told she could not board. she could not enter the united states because of the president's executive order.
9:34 am
>> i searched for universities to try to apply for other places because i may never be back here again. >> reporter: she was able to come back saturday after a judge put a hold on the immigration order. virginia attorney general mark herring was at the airport to greet her. >> since i was in northern virginia, really, i thought it was really important to help welcome her back. >> welcome home. i'm so glad you're here. >> reporter: she says she was heartened by the welcome she received and those who have been protesting the travel restrictions. >> i felt loved. i felt the american people were all really nice. >> reporter: she is studying international relations. she plans to perhaps improve diplomacy one day between libya and the united states. >> do you plan to stay in the u.s.? >> definitely no. i was planning to do my masters, but now, no. i'll probably go to canada to continue there. >> because of all of this? >> yes, definitely. >> and that was darcy spencer
9:35 am
an iranian baby girl will be traveling to the u.s. in the coming days. the federal emergency exemption to president trump's travel ban is allowing her to undergo a life-saving procedure in portland, oregon. she was born with a rare congenital heart disease which restricts blood from reaching the rest of her body. her grandparents are u.s. citizens and live in portland. and sticking to the topic of the president's stance on immigration policies, a commercial that's set to air today before the super bowl halftime show took aim at u.s. relations with mexico. nbc explains why the ad had to be edited in order to air. >> reporter: it's one of many ads being shown to millions of people on super bowl sunday. but this 90-second spot highlighting an immigrant mother and her daughter as they travel to the u.s. to some is sending a mixed signal. >> better place to live, better place to raise her daughter. >> immigration, i guess. i
9:36 am
mystery. it's very vague. >> reporter: the creators behind the commercial is pennsylvania company 84 lumber. the idea was to make a big statement, and the message is about job recruiting for hundreds of positions. >> 84 lumber is looking for people who embody the characteristics of the mom and daughter. >> reporter: within the cinematic story, a scene at the international border, including a wall, was removed. z >> the original spot was not allowed to air. it allowed us to tell a deeper story. >> reporter: the edited story now ends halfway and then drives the viewer to the company website. >> given the controversy around it, you know, they say there's no such thing as bad press, right. so this is -- certainly there are people who are going to say, oh, i didn't know about 84 lumber, and now i'm going to go make an effort to support them. >> reporter: a simple but powerful piece that this group describes will hopefully be one of many controver
9:37 am
>> it's intriguing. kind of just want to see more. now, check this out here. according to the american gambling association, people are expected to bet nearly 5 billion bucks on today's super bowl. that's an increase of 11% from last year's super bowl gambling. most of those bets will be place the illegally. nevada is the only state permitted to offer traditional unregulated sports betting. judge neil gorsuch could face a tough confirmation battle to become a supreme court justice, but vice president pence is confident gorsuch will be confirmed. he spoke to a legal group in philadelphia yesterday and called gorsuch a worthy successor to justice antonin scalia, who died last year. >> we will work with the senate leadership to ensure that judge gorsuch gets an up or down vote on the senate floor one way or the other. >> democrats are expected to contest the nomination.
9:38 am
if confirmed, gorsuch would restore the court's conservative 5-4 majorities. vice president mike pence will be a guest on this morning's "meet the press." chuck todd will also have exclusive interviews with house speaker paul ryan and minority leader nancy pelosi. chuck will join us in studio for a live preview at 10:15. 20 years of honoring her son. how dozens came together early this morning to honor the legacy of d.c. police officer brian gibson. and right now, let's take a live look outside at the white house. chuck updating his forecast with how soon rain might dampen your plans in the next 72 urs. stay howi
9:39 am
9:40 am
prince william county police are investigating the discovery of unidentified
9:41 am
woodbridge. take a look at the map, this is where they were found yesterday afternoon in a wooded area. they have not said how they were led to the remains but say the body was taken to the medical examiner's office for further examination as well as identification. the charles county sheriff's office needs your help finding the person who shot and killed a young woman. deputies say she was killed yesterday morning in a parking lot of beer for you on crane highway in waldorf. they say the man who she was with got into a fight inside the bar. the suspect then waited for the pair outside and started to shoot. the man was shot in the leg. crime solvers is offering a cash reward for information that leads to an arrest. today is the 20th anniversary of the ambush shooting death of d.c. officer brian gibson. >> he was killed in full uniform while sitting in his patrol car at a traffic light. his mother, shirley gibson, held a vigil for him this morning in northwest d.c. where he was killed. many people, including uniformed first responders, showed up to pay their respects.
9:42 am
the time right now is 9:41. if we take a live look outside, we're getting ready for a major shift in weather this week. chuck bell in the house getting us prepared for heat, rain, and the chance of snow. put together food, family, politics, that's sure to come up. pete williams joins us next live to break down the president's imgraei
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good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. cloudy skies out there for now, but there will be more and more in the way of sunshine coming your way for your super bowl afternoon and early evening plans. sun is down just after 5:30 today. kickoff is at 6:30. just shared my hot sausage sandwich recipe on twitter. ten-day forecast coming up when i see you next. >> whatever you're serving, i'm eating. a federal appeals court has denied the trump administration's request to immediately reinstate its travel ban. >> it is the latest in the legal drama surrounding the president's controversial executive order. joining us now to break it all down, thank goodness, nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. pete, great to have you here on the show this sunday morning. i know you stopped by yesterday. you predicted there was going to be a lot more confusion in the days ahea
9:46 am
what does this latest move in this latest ruling mean, and have we heard yet from the government itself? >> what we have really right now is the absence of ruling. the government went to the ninth circuit court of appeals on the west coast just after midnight eastern time and said, please, put a hold on the judge's order. it was the judge's order in seattle that basically stopped enforcement of the trump travel restrictions. now the government is treating people from those seven countries affected by the restrictions as though the restrictions were never in place. so the government went to the court last night and said, you've got to stop enforcement of this judge's order. let us continue. this is the j uj thudge that hat down, james robart. the attorney general of washington is the one who brought the lawsuit. the government said to the appeals court, put this on hold. the president has absolute
9:47 am
national interest. he controls immigration, not the courts. and there's no constitutional right held by people who are immigrants who come here. they don't have constitutional rights to come to the u.s. but what the appeals court did and said, we're not going to act on this immediately. we're going to order the states to file a response. their response is due this afternoon at about midnight eastern time. then tomorrow the government has to respond to that by about 6:00 p.m. eastern time. so we're not going to get any further court action until at the very earliest tomorrow evening. >> this is the way it's supposed to work. checks and balances. not one part of power. this is really confusing for people, and people whose lives are at stake right now. >> the president says it's not supposed to work this way. the president says he has the sole authority to act here. but that's the way it normally proceeds. this court has issued what's called a temporary restraining order. it's not a decision on the merit. it's not
9:48 am
whether the trump executive order is illegal or unconstitutional. it simply says the states have a good point that this is causing them harm. let's freeze everything, preserve the status quo, until the judge can make a decision about whether it's unconstitutional or illegal. one thing to notice though, there are nine other lawsuits. there are going to be more filed next week. all this court action has a ways to go. >> and chuck todd mentioned he thinks it's going to go to the supreme court. your thoughts? >> here's the deal. whoever doesn't prevail in the court of appeals by monday night can go to the supreme court and ask the supreme court to issue the same kind of emergency hold on the judge's order that they asked the appeals court to order. again, it's unlikely the appeals court will do this. it's unlikely the supreme court will do this. appeals courts generally don't impose these stays on temporary restraining orders. what the government is asking for is a long shot. >> got you. a lot to keep track of. pete williams stopping by
9:49 am
really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. all right. we want to turn our attention to the weather now on this super bowl sunday. it's got a nice forecast. earlier in the week looked like it might have been bad. >> we're going to like this for sure. we're watching a chance for snow, which did material ides but just down to our south. we didn't have to deal with it here. but there were snowflakes this morning down south of richmond towards virginia beach. it was a close call. what you need is some warm stuff. how about this. pictures of my super bowl sausage recipe in process. i was crying my eyes can out. >> how are you cooking that if you're here? >> i took the picture last night when i was putting it all together. >> that's right. >> i was crying my eyes out for this because these onions, let me tell you something, those were really good. fresh bell peppers and onions in there. got some sausage as well. two different types of sausage at my place. i like the hot italian sausage. these are for my other half, the chicken
9:50 am
i know a lot of people are more the nacho type. game time temperatures, though the game is in houston where it will be raining, so the roof will be closed, for us on your way to the party it's about 50 degrees. on your way home, temperatures back down to about 42. certainly not cold. there's a big shot of warm air coming our way. the rain down near houston and new orleans now, that eventually is going to be pushed in our direction. temperatures on tuesday and wednesday will be more than 20 degrees warmer than average. our average high now is 45. the record on tuesday is 64. we're going to be within a whisper of that record, even with clouds and rain drops. it will be windy and wet here on tuesday, but southerly winds bring that mild air in. 64 is the record. i'm forecasting 63 on tuesday. the record on wednesday is 68. i'm forecasting 64. so it is going to be really warm and rainy around here for tuesan
9:51 am
night and thursday, noticeably colder air coming on in. the rain may actually end with a period of wet snow or a rain/snow combination. doesn't look like any accumulating snow because the ground is going to be really warm and wet behind that rainy stretch tuesday and wednesday. getting accumulating snow on thursday is not likely. towards friday and saturday, drying out. temperatures really staying considerably above average. that one lone exception being on thursday. there's your whole ten-day forecast. a little something for everybody. >> we'll take it, chuck. thank you very much. it is the biggest football game of the year. have you heard? one of the few times that you want to watch the commercials,
9:52 am
9:53 am
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9:54 am
good morning, everyone. >> here are the four things to know for the week ahead. >> the special mayoral election in fairfax city is tomorrow. >> also, monday the court-martial for army sergeant beau bergdahl begins. plus, next week marks one year to go to the winter games in south korea. >> get ready. >> no. >> it's almost time to say bye-bye to bao-bao. the panda is headed to china soon. and don't forget to follow us on twitter, instagram, and facebook. >> we'll be tweeting super bowl night.
9:55 am
"news 4 today." >> thank you, guys. aside from the game, the commercials might be the biggest part of super bowl sunday. >> that's right. a lot of the ads are already online. let's take a look at a couple of them. >> you don't look like you're from around here. >> this one is from budweiser. we actually mentioned it earlier because it's been stirring up some controversy. it shows how the company's founder emigrated from germany. budweiser said the ad has been in the works for a year. >> ahhh! >> this is one of the funny ones. it's a little shocking when you see melissa mccarthy basically get thrown into a ship. here apparently she's going timber. a psa saying it can be hard to be an eco warrior.
9:56 am
katie! katie! katie! katie! katie! >> i like this one. just use rocks. but skittles will work. everybody gets skittles in this commercial. a commercial for this year's super bowl will cost about $5 million for 30 seconds of air time. >> that's crazy money. >> very, very expensive. >> a little twist on their tag line there. romance the rainbow. >> i like that. if you're going to a super bowl party tonight, don't bore people with the small talk. instead, wow them with a few of these fun facts. >> according to wallet hub, this is the third time that houston has served as the host city. >> next, the average prices of a ticket are only $4800. >> and speaking of prices, it costs around $5 million for that 30-second commercial slot that you mentioned. that's a o
9:57 am
>> and the chances are you won't leave the party hungry. more than 14,500 tons of chips will be scarfed down. >> and by the way, think twice before betting. first, it's illegal, except in nevada. second, 92% of people who have bet money on the big game, guess what, you're losers. >> that's why they call it gambling. you roll the dice. time right now is 9:57. we're going to stay dry today. enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. chuck is tracking rain and a wild temperature swing. >> reporter: a wild scene here in bladensburg last night after a police chase. shots were fired. it ended in
9:58 am
9:59 am
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heading into the 10:00 hour. right now on news 4 today, police cars rammed, officers shooting, and a car torched. the wild scene and the man hunt that's now under way. and appeal denied. the new ruling this morning on the controversial travel ban and how the trump administration plans to move forward. and game on. will tom brady and the pats come out on top in houston, or will matt ryan lead the falcons to their first super bowl victory? the big game, the commercials, the politics, the food, the drinks, all of it playing out in front of millions a the home. hope you're having a grade super bowl sunday so


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