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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 6, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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struck a utility pole. we know that the passenger in that vehicle died at the scene. the driver was injured and police now saying that alcohol was a factor. they believe it was a factor and the driver was taken into custody. we'll continue to follow up. back to you. it is 4:30 and today president trump makes his first trip to u.s. central command and visits with troops in tampa, florida. the president will receive national security briefings from the special operations command. he will also eat bunch with service members and give a speech before leaving florida and returning to d. krmt. >> no word whether president trump will talk about his immigration order in florida as it faces new legal challenges. nearly 100 technology companies including apple filed a friend of the court brief last night with the federal appeals court hearing challenges to the executive order. the company believes the order negatively affects their si
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travel ban. right now airports are operating as if the order never existed. >> it was very smooth, yet 109 people out of hundreds of thousands of travelers, and all we did was vet those people very, very carefully. >> you wouldn't do anything different if you had to do it over again? >> some of your people didn't know what the order was. >> that's not what general kelly said. he said he was aware of it and it was very smooth. it was 109 people. >> president trump was also critical of the seattle district judge who overturned his order calling him a so called judge and tweeting, just cannot believe our judge would put our country in such peril. people pouring in, bad. >> we saw major change at dulles international airport this weekend. >> protesters
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this weekend.edth signs and cheered arrivals after a federal judge blocked the president's immigration order. and edward lawrence explains what's next for the immigration order and the trump administration's efforts to reinstate the travel ban. >> right now it's 4:32. want to get another check on your weather and traffic. >> sheena and chuck are standing by to get us ready for this monday morning. good morning to you. >> quite a day yesterday was. hopefully you enjoyed your super bowl sunday across the region. if you're wondering what do you need to know about the weather, best thing i can tell you, it's going to be a nice easy monday. nothing to worry about today. it's the number one call out sick day of the year, so nice and easy for you today if you're taking the day off. not terribly cold at all. we'll be challenging record high temperatures both tuesday and wednesday. how about some mid 60s? it will feel like april.
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later into the week. wednesday night into early thursday, a little rain/snow combination, but so warm i don't think accumulating snow is too likely. >> especially with 60 degree temperatures in the forecast for today though, i think you're really going to like how the day is going to shape up. plenty of sunshine today. i think you need the jacket because we are in the mid-30s. some areas in the 20s this morning. 36 degrees in the district. we'll see more clearing as we go through the day today and expect the sun to stick around. so you'll need the sunglasses this morning for the morning commute. look what's going to happen with our temperatures by the afternoon. we'll be warming up to about the mid-50s not dropping off too much overnight. so only about the mid-40s by midnight. warmer tomorrow. that does come with the rain in the forecast. let's check the roads with melissa mollet. >> so everything is looking pretty good. had a little bit of earlier road work out of the way andh
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closure on brandy wine road with that fatal crash, and that's gone as well. right now, all of these up top are nice and green and moving along well. same thing down on the bottom side of the beltway here this morning. pennsylvania avenue, everything is rolling nicely. taking a look at 66, fairfax county parkway to the beltway you're on time. going to take you nine minutes there. we'll have a live look at 270 coming up. >> all right. thank you. let's go back to angie with the live desk. >> new information about a shooting in d.c. >> this is what we know. police confirming that a man has died. this after a shooting in the northeast. he was shot in the left thigh. no word yet on the search for a gunman and they have not released a motive, but they're still investigating. stay with news 4 for further developments. that's the latest from the live desk. we'll send it back to
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student from rockville after a fight with his fraternity brother turned deadly. both of them are students at indiana university of pennsylvania and members of a fraternity. caleb died after allegedly being choked by his fraternity brother. this happened saturday night off campus. the school says their community is devastated. >> our hearts are broken. when something like this happens it's tragic and horrible for all involved and we're continuing to provide support, of course, to the family and to all of the greek community that was involved as well as friends and the entire university community. >> he's being held on aggravated assault that will likely face more charges. the fraternity issued a statement saying it will continue to review the situation along with local and university
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>> family, friends and cet a final good-bye to six kids killed in a baltimore house fire. the fire last month also seriously injured the children's mother. three other children escaped. the father who was not home at the time of the father told the sun at the viewing that the outreach, love and support from the community has been phenomenal. today some students can't go to school in southeast d.c. because of a bedbug and ro dent problem. parents have been complaining about this since at least november and now the school will be shut down for the next two days and cleaned. starting wednesday, students will temporarily move to an elementary school in southeast. all of this worries one preschool mom. >> just knowing that this is going on, i wouldn't even entertain thinking of sending her to the school like that. >> but even though classes are cancelled for today and tomorrow, students who need a meal can still get
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the rec center on summer road will be open throughout the day and for more information on that head to the nbc washington app. well, it was an incredible game with a really incredible finish. >> i still can't believe what happened. the patriots take their fifth super bowl championship in dramatic fashion. >> he's in! patriots win the super bowl! >> it was a rocky start for the patriots who were able to rally and defeat the falcons after scoring 31 unanswered points in the second half. it was the biggest comeback and the first overtime in super bowl history. the game mvp, tom brady said the team stayed positive despite the bad start. >> we were disappointed in the way we played and knew that we could go out and do a lot better in the second half. >> there were someoud boos as roger goodell handed the trophy to patriots owner last night.
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suspended brady for the first four games of the season for that whole deflate gate scandal. everyone said this was a sweet revenge. >> all right. it is one of the biggest complaints in our area. paying for parking and a group of people in northern virginia says that they just might sue. >> love it or hate it. it's that time of year. tax season. how you can get the most out of your return if you plan on filing soon. >> and raises on the way for people in virginia. who could soon see a little more in their paycheck. what are you doing up? mom said i could have a midnight snack. it's not even midnight, it's ten forty-three. well, let's have a ten forty-three snack.
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starting today you can get a free donut with your coffee. krispy kreme, the chain is offering two new flavors of coffee, rich and smooth. can you get both? if you buy one, from now until the end of the month krispy kreme will throw in an original glazed donut for free. i could put down a whole box. >> i eve seen >> i've seen it. h and r block offering free tax return help. >> so tur bo tax takes it a bit further with live help from a tax expert. >> we're tr
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americans that just have a simple return. a 1040ez or a. >> the sooner you file -- or you should file sooner rather than later. this year's deadline is april 18th. and today's going to be a nice day. temperatures will be mild. expect more in the way of sunshine. coming up we'll take a look at that ten-day forecast. we have rain on the way. i'll show you the timing next. and we're kicking off a week long series on apps that can make your life easier. we start with an app that promises you won't lose your keys again. >> a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent. >> and it is the interview a lot of people are talking about this morning. what president trump had to say about similarities between the u.s. and russia.
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it is the height of flu season and one mom wants you to be aware of the signs. her message for parents after her little girl passed away just hours after going to the hospital. and take a look at the current temperatures this morning. a lot of you waking up in the 30s but a warmup is on the way. a closer look at that when we check in with sheena and your ten-day forecast. >> the battle over president trump's immigration order is now up to the courts to decide. a federal appeals court denied the white house's request to immediately reinstate the travel ban. >> we're live on capitol hill now to explain what that means for travelers coming into the u.s. >> reporter: what it means is that folks can come in the way they came in under the rules of the obama administration. the rules have not been changed as it stands right now. over the weekend we saw a l
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very joyful reunions of fos the country the week before but have now been able to get back into this country. it's interesting as early as today the ninth circuit court of appeals could overturn the ban on the ban and head towards the supreme court if that's appealed. >> the president said in his super bowl interview that iran has a total disregard for the u.s. what kind of response are we seeing from iran's government? >> they held a massive military exercise including launching another missile. they also tested a radar system and their cyber warfare system so it seems to far that the iranian government is not backing down, in fact, stepping up their defiance of the u.s. >> and trump also -- edward lawrence, sorry. thank you. have a good day. and president trump drawing criticism by comparing the u.s. to
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interview. >> will i get along with them? i have no idea. >> putin's a killer though. >> there's a lot of killers. we've got a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent? do you think our country is so innocent? >> i don't know of any government leaders that are killers. >> well, take a look at what we've done too. made a lot of mistakes. i've been against the war in iraq since the ebeginning. at lot of killers around, believe me. >> the president went on to say it's better for the u.s. to get along with russia than not. it is 4:47. former virginia governor is practicing law once again. the republican joined the virginia beach law firm in the last few weeks. last year the u.s. supreme court overturned his 2014 public corruption conviction. >> virginia state employees could be on the verge of their biggest overall raise in nearly
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budgets yesterday that included a 3% raise for state workers and an even bigger raise for law enforcement officers and front line mental health workers. democratic governor wants to make sure teachers will get a pay raise as well. today a group of close to 60 reston town center merchants are meeting to talk about a lawsuit against a property management company. for the last month drivers have had to start paying for garage and street parking with an app. since the paid parking started they've noticed a significant drop in sales. if you're catching a bus into d.c. this morning loudoun county gave you a few more options. starting today you can take the bus service directly into the district. loudoun transit also made some changes to some of the dulles
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crowding and shorten trips. >> across the country, nationally the average price for a gallon of regular gas is about 2.27. here in the d.c. region you're paying higher than that. down just a couple of pennies from a year ago but up 50 cents from a year ago. there is an increase in crude oil production which is keeping prices at bay. well, it took six days and a lot of self-control but this morning a virginia man has a new car. george abbott came out the winner of the hands on challenge at the auto show. it actually came down to abbott and three other contestants. a random key drawing determined abbott was the winner of a 2017 hyundai tucson. >> i was here since tuesday at 3:00 p.m. so i was holding on to this car all day. sometimes i would stand for three hours at a time. yo
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so three would be standing until i could go to my next 15-minute break. >> so here's where this gets cooler. he suffers from an eye condition that will cause him to go blind so before then he'll take this new car on a cross country road trip with his father and a friend and he's just going to give the car to his friend. >> enjoy that ride for sure. >> i kind of like that. after all this he pays it forward. >> fantastic. >> all right. sheena, 36 degrees outside our studios. it's been like this weird cold where it's cold but not really cold. >> it's the kind of cold where you don't know what coat to wear. it's not that bad. i think you can get away with either one. i wore this pupffy coat and i ws just fine. we're talking about the 50s.
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rain around for part of the mormperatures later on in the dy because i don't think we'll see rain all day tomorrow, they'll get to near record highs. we could be looking at the mid 60s. take a look at these current temperatures right now. 36 in the district. 29 dulles, so we do have some cold spots with temperatures in the upper 20s. 30 in gaithersburg. but as we go through the day today, things going to shape up nicely. 7:00 a.m. if you're exercising. 37 degrees. warm jacket. by noon, 49. you'll want the sunglasses. a lot of sun out there today and by 5:00 p.m., temperatures around 56 degrees. and dry. so it's going to be a beautiful start to the week. take a look at future weather. no rain today but late tonight and early tomorrow, here it comes. 8:00 tuesday morning some showers around. doesn't look like anything that could be extreme or heavy for a prolonged period of time. you see all the breaks now coming late in the day. we don't see too much but we should have another round
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then late wednesday night, that could be another issue too, but we are watching that very closely. the model not giving us a wide area of rain but we will be having rain in the forecast over the next couple of days. for today though, 56 for a high. mostly sunny and mild and as we go into the next few days, look at those temperatures. but we then quickly drop to the 40s. chuck will have a closer look at your headlines coming up. let's take a look at the roads with melissa mollet. >> so northbound bw parkway. we're hearing the right lane is blocked here this morning. taking a look elsewhere, montrose road, northbound and southbound, no worries except that little box i need to get rid of there. you can see also looking quite good here this morning and then as you zoom in here on the beltway, no major issues inner loop or outer loop. we'll take a live look at prince george's county coming up.
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chargi charging. how it happened and what to know if the same thing ever happens to you. >> the flu is surge across the country but so is the push for the flu shot. and doctors are pushing the shot more than ever right now as the country deals with a huge flu outbreak.
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morning there is aew trend popu who use electric cigarettes. about a quarter of teens are doing what's called dripping. now, this is where liquid nicotine is dripped directly on to the heating coils of the device to create a thicker vapor cloud. experts don't know whether it causes any extra health risks but say it could expose users to higher levels of toxic chemicals. a simple vaccine can prevent the flu. doctors are pushing the shot more than ever as the country deals with a huge flu outbreak. flu activity is higher than last year. it is spread to 40 states including virginia. 15 children have died. one mom is helping other parents after she lost her daughter two years ago. >> i didn't know, so i treated it like a common cold and when i took her to the hospital she
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four hours later. >> the best way to stay protected is to get a flu shot. the cdc recommends it for everyone six months of age and older. this might make you rethink how you charge your electronics. watch how this teen and friend are startled by the explosion on the couch here. the family's plugged in lap top bursts into flames. then it ignited two more times and was put outside on a table. it had a lithium ion battery similar to the ones in hover boards. dell says it is investigating what caused it to catch fire. what's the one thing you're always forgetting? >> your keys, your glasses, your wallet? there's an app for that. >> it's called don't leave it. the way it works is pretty simple. you choose from a list of items, things you don't want to
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then you set the numbers of steps before that warning sound nosoremind you not to leave your stuff behind. also on the list, necessities like children, don't leave them behind, medicines and if something isn't listed you can add it. >> some people might really need that. >> well, valentine's day is just over a week away. february 14th. should be nice for couples out there and a lot of people for the friend zone thing. >> hooters wants to make it a special day anyway, even if you don't have a special someone. you can get ten boneless wings for free. there's catch though. you have to bring a picture of your ex- and shred it. >> oh, my. you also have the option to tell hooters about your heart break on line and get a coupon for free wings. people are going to start making up stories just to
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wings. >> bring a picture of anybody. >> news 4 continues now at 5:00 a.m. it is just about 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. call it the biggest comeback in super bowl history. the patriots down 21-3 against atlanta at the half. people were going to bed by then. >> how sweet is that, tom? >> yep, they held on. they tied the game, they went into overtime and eventually they took their fifth super bowl championship. people thought tom brady was crying on the sidelines before the half and then -- >> listen, atlanta's defense held the patriots to 3 points. i don't know what happened. they just -- patriots wore them down. it was just an incredible comeback, really. >> we'll talk more about it. right now let's get a check on your weather and traffic this
5:00 am
us in just a minute but first sheena parveen and chuck bell, off to a nice start. >> a mild week it will be for sure. feeling a little bit more like april around here than anything else. cold this morning with temperatures in the 30s. a very light southerly breeze bringing much milder air in for later on this afternoon and wow is it going to be a warm week around here. we might be challenging record high temperatures both tuesday and wednesday. so your outdoor planner, cold and dry here early this morning. by this everything after 7:00 or 8:00 there's a risk of a furane drops but most of the rain chances come in for today and tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday look like they'll be super warm around here. tomorrow's record is 64 degrees. we may tie that. >> i think so. it's going to be a warm day especially with the rain moving in early. we have a good chance for those temperatures to rise. this morning you're going to want a jacket before you head out. 33


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