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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 6, 2017 4:00pm-4:59pm EST

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president trump is headed back to the white house this afternoon. >> the president left tampa a short while ago after speaking to military commanders at mcdill air force base. here on capitol hill, the supreme court nominee is making the rounds ahead of her confirmation hearing. the fight to nominate the president's education secretary continues. senate democrats plan to speak all night, hoping to derail the nomination. the court fight over the president's immigration order remains in limbo. a federal appeals court is weighing whether to reinstitute
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all of being somewhat overshadowed by what president trump said about russia and vladimir putin. >> reporter: good afternoon, everyone. he got away from that just a little bit today as he went down to tampa, getting a briefing there on the war on terror. they are on the front lines of that war that the president says he's trying to prevent from crossing our borders. president trump visiting troops for the first time today at central command in florida, talking tough against terrorists and defending his travel ban. >> so that people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in, not people that want to destroy us and destroy our country. >> reporter: travelers from seven targeted countries are now
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federal judge blocked the ban. >> my family is here with us. we are so excited. >> reporter: the ninth circuit court of appeals is deciding whether or not to uphold the ban. among those urging the court to ae pose the pan, former national security officials, mostly democrats, and nearly 100 prominent tech companies. they argue the ban can do long-term damage and make our troops less safe. also, today the president getting heat for this remark. >> putin's a killer. >> there's a lot of killers. we've got a lot of killers, what you think our country is to innocent? >> one can argue that's the most anti-american statement ever made by the president of the united states. >> it's almost as if there's nothing putin can do now to get donald trump to admit error. >> reporter: the controversial executive order so far tonight, in the
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that decision won't end this at all. this is a case that's working its way up to the u.s. supreme court, where the justices will have to decide that essential question, is this travel ban unconstitutional. colleges and universities are dealing with the emotional fallout from the president's immigration order and the legal challenge. julie carey went to george mason university today to see how the campus is being impacted. >> reporter: here at george mason university, more than 80 students and five visiting scholars come from the banned countries. even though the ban is lifted, students still very stressed by what's going on. 100 students, many of them muslim, came to a meeting on friday afternoon. some wonder whether they'll be able to return to their home
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a parent falls ill. they are advised to avoid any travel for now. >> it's difficult to focus on class work, difficult to attend class when you're concerned about yourself and what the future holds, concerned about whether or not you'll see your family again. we've had students tell us they're experiencing high levels of stress and anxietanxiety. >> reporter: so far one george mason student affected by the travel ban. she was stuck overseas but made it back over the weekend. former secretaries of state and national security officials came together to write a stinging rebuke of president trump's immigration order. it came in the form of a court affidavit, which is going to be used as evidence in the case against that executive order. most of the authors are
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democrats. they include former secretaries of state john kerry, madelyn albright, janet napolitano and susan rice. they call the executive order ill-conceived, poorly implemented and ill-explained. among other things, they say it does little to actually protest the u.s. from terrorism and could even do some damage. they say not a single attack since september 11th, 2001, has been carried out by someone from the countries named and very few attacks have beenca carried outy foreign nationals al all. finally, they argue the order acts as propaganda for isis leaders looking to recruit new fig fighte fighters. a judge in washington state issued a temporary restraining order. now the ninth cui
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appeals is deciding the travel t is leading to long-awaiting reunions for families. first at 4:00, a small plane goes down in the woods and the pilot lives to tell about it. he called for help and rescuers stayed on the phone with him until they found him walking through the woods. news4's mark segraves is working this story in prince george's county. >> reporter: the single engine plane took off from this airfield in ft. washington, maryland, but didn't make it far. shortly after takeoff the pilot told first responders and his family that his engine went out. he then crashed in a wooded area not far from this airstrip. he called first responders on his cell phone, but he wasn't able to tell them exactly where he was, only able to give him landmarks. first responders eventuall
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woods. s they say it was lucky he even survived the crash given how many trees he went through on the way down. the pilot is from rhode island and was visiting family in the area and was on his way home. coming up, we tell you who should have been in that plane with him but decided not to take the trip. a sign of the times for metro. first at 4:00, what the agency has to do to save money that could impact service for a long time to come. you've probably seen it by now. the show-stealing sketch on snl with melissa mccarthy playing the new white house press secretary. now the man who was the butt of that joke weighs in on how she portrayed him. we've got rain moving in. we've got temperatures near 70
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degrees, snow and tem
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because i'm not here to be your buddy! i'm here to swallow gum and i'm here to take names. [ laughter ]. >> that's a lot of gum. did you see saturday night live this weekend? critics are calling it one of snl's best skits ever. a lot of fans are clamoring for
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blowing up sunday morning ght after he got out of church. >> he called the skit slightly exaggerated and jokingly critiqued melissa mccarthy's gum-chewing. >> she needs to slow down on the gum-chewing. way too many pieces in there. >> while spicer took his portrayal in stride, he did say alec baldwin's impersonation of the president has gone from funny to mean. >> she was unrecognizable. i had no idea that was coming. i was doing a double take, like who is that. >> after a while you started to pick up on the voice. pretty creative. and this was pretty funny too. >> with the podium and everything, that was awesome. well, time is have you beening out to see one of the zoo's most adored residents. when she's leaving and how they'll send her off in
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>> w [ bleep ]! what the [ bleep ]! >> a lot of folks thinking the same thing, that everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. metro announces 200 layoffs in hopes of closing a nearly $300 million budget gap. >> the general manager
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it's going to affect everyone, from managers to front line workers. transportation reporter adam tuss is digging into this zblmpl. >> reporter: 200 positions are now eliminated. the general manager says that he has found a way to slash those jobs. this is all part of metro's budget process. of course they're facing a huge budget gap for the next fiscal year. the general manager has said up to 1,000 positions total will be eliminated. 500 were already gone. 200 more are on the chopping block. no doubt about it, the general manager has talked about metro's tough budget. >> it's one of the hardest parts of this job, to do that to people. i understand what that means for their personal lives. on the other hand, just the fiscal reality, i have to do something. >> reporter: we'v
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for you, a new rep o attics. i'm going to let you know which are the higstrime metro stations. well, it won't be long before we're saying bye-bye to bow bow. its 3-year-old panda cub will be leaving for china. she will officially be moved february 21st. she is the first surviving panda cub born at the national zoo since 2005. the zoo has a cooperative breeding agreement with china which requires all cubs to be returned to china by the time they turn 4. that flash is a metro streaking over lake michigan. it lit up the morning sky in several states in the midwest. can you imagine driving around and seeing this? the national weather service -- the image was captured on car dash
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the national weather service says it triggered a sonic boom that shook some families' homes. experts think it either landed in the water or somehow broke up out there in the atmosphere. >> pretty amazing. >> so cool. >> yeah. that's the kind of thing you stop the car, pull over and just start shooting. >> most definitely. >> doug, you're talking about rain, snow, temps in the teens? >> yeah, yeah. we've got days near 70. we've got a couple of records we could break and we've got a snowstorm that could affect us the next couple of days two. first off, look outside right now, we're looking at plenty of blue skies around the area. high temperatures today are right now into the 60s in most area
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areas. 59 at the airport. 57 at 7:00, dropping into the low 50s by around 11:00 tonight. take a look at the rest of the numbers, though. away from the water, 64 in manassas. huntingtown, 60 degrees there. 67 tuesday, 60 on wednesday. boom, 38 on thursday. and yes we're talking about a chance for some snow. first off, not much going on right now in our area. but as we widen out here, clear skies for the most part, but here come the clouds. this is the storm back towards kansas city that's going to ride to the north. that's why we're going to be on the warm side tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. rr
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giving us a little bit in the way of rainfall,most of it on the light side. then it's out of here and most of tomorrow will stay dry. and tomorrow afternoon we may break out into some sunshine. if we do, 67 may not be warm enough. that's the high temperature i'm going for tomorrow. early showers, breezy and warm, and yes, i do think some areas may hit 70. tomorrow would be a record high temperature, by the way. 60 on your wednesday, falling temperatures. then we get from wednesday night into thursday. another storm system making its way up here. morning wet snow, most likely done by 8:00 or 9:00. should see some accumulation in the grassy areas, maybe a couple of inches in some areas. but because we're so warm on tuesday
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38 for a high on friday. look at next sunday, 72. we've got snow and 72 in the same forecast. it's amazing. lady gaga makes a big announcement after a memorable halftime show. and the moments in between the super bowl plays that everybody is talking about. the queen's big moment. wh she's noty
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you're taking a live look at an empty tarmac at boston's logan airport. the fans have been lining up to greet the patriots. the p the city is planning a victory parade for tomorrow. the countdown clock to super bowl 52 is already ticking. this morning organizers ceremoniously handed off the ball to officials in minnesota, who begin the year-long process of getting ready for the big game. the host says it plans to m
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next year's game a last night's game will be pretty tough to beat with the largest come back ever in super bowl history. ♪ then there was the halftime show. by most accounts, the super bowl halftime performance was spectacular. it was high energy, nonstop action backed. the performance by lady gaga. this afternoon we learned gaga is taking her show on the road. she'll perform november 19th at verizon center. on friday, jason, we talked about some of your most memorable halftime shows. where does this one rank? >> we had said prince and springsteen and u2's 9/11 tribute. i think this has got to be up there towards the top. we had said friday that we were
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delivered. when she started there and you saw those red, white and blue lights flashing in the sky, i wasn't really sure what to make of it. but when you realizes they were drones and she was on top of the stadium about ready to jump off and she was bungeeing down to the stage, i was like which is actually pretty school. she launches into hit after hit, you know, from bad romance to poker face. and then of course i just loved seeing her play her own instruments. she played a little bit of the keyboard for just dance. and she got on the piano. that's a lot better than some of the past act where s where you lot of the auto tuned lip sync think. she did the ultimate mike drop and even jumped off the
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way too. >> how about the commercials? which ones would you consider the best of the bunch? >> i actually thought it was kind of a meh, blah year for the commercials. if you think back to some of the other years, had some big memorable ones. this year we were talking in the newsroom and a lot of us were trying to remember what they even were. i really liked the honda one where they had the yearbook photos of the celebrities sort of being animated. there was budweiser and 84 lumber did some nods to social commentary with immigration. but i kind of liked the t-mobile 50 shades one and also the bye-bye with christopher walken readi reading. that was pretty funny. overall, there wasn't
4:27 pm
memorable ones for me this year. >> what kind of jumped out to me, a couple times we said wow, there's a lot of really poignant messages about world wide acceptance, being an immigrant. i felt like a lot of the advertis advertisers really tried to deliver a message. the found-- what did you think that? >> you think about him coming over on ellis island and a lot of people saying go back where you came from and he winds up founding one of the most famous beer companies in the country. >> i liked the yearbook ad as well. >> it's cool
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the biggest refunds yet for our nbc 4 responds team. it's just the latest in a long line of stories with happy endings. >> chewing, slurping, some noises are just more irritating. why doctors say the little things can seem pretty big.
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president trump is back in washington right now. he left the ars force bair forc tampa just a little while ago. >> the president spent some downtime at his mar-a-lago resort. he raised some eyebrows with his pregame interview with fox news. >> do you respect putin? >> i do. >> why? >> i respect a lot of people. but that doesn't mean i'm going to get along with them. >> putin's a killer. >> there are a lot of killers. what, you think our country is so innocent? >> wow. kristin welker is joining us. i watched your reporting ohhen t -- on the president's many comments about vladimir putin. what makes this so different? >> reporter: well, because a lot of people, republicans included, felt as thgh
4:32 pm
moral equivalency between vladimir putin and some of the leaders in this country. by the way, that's something that his vice president had denied when he appeared on "meet the press" over the weekend. but the bottom line is it put republicans in a tough spot, having to defend the president or distance themselves from him. and most of them distanced themselves from him. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying that he doesn't view vladimir putin through that lens. >> sounds like we've lost kristin welker. >> sounds like we the audio was cutting out a little bit. i think we did get a little bit of the gist of what she was saying, in that it put republicans in a really tough spot. obviously they don't want to be seen as going against their president, but you don't necessarily want to be on record as well as having, you know, defended vladimir putin. a lot of them are very hard core or in fav
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stance on russia. >> put them in a difficult spot, some of them. >> yes, yes. we do want to say there's a lot more coming from the nbc news team coming up tonight at 7:00. news4 responds to our biggest recovery yet. a homeowner and her caregiver's desperate attempt to save her home from foreclosure. >> she had pretty much run out of options and made one last call to consumer reporter susan hogan who was able to help her. >> you know, this is it, the auction, service scheduled. the realtors were lining up. >> they were done. >> totally done. to say that time was running out truly is an understatement. this homeowner had two things, though, going for her. a persistent caregiver and nbc 4 responds. the homeowner had taken out a reverse mortgage and unfortunately due to a health issue payments to the insurance were missed.
4:34 pm
home into ght to work to help connect all of the parties involved and come up with a solution. in the end, the auction was called off and the homeowner and her $251,000 investment was saved from foreclosure. we'll have more on that too. >> not only that, but -- not to toot your own horn but you marked a pretty incredible milestone with this story. >> we sure did. today, because of that story and the recovery of the $251,000, we have now recovered more than $1 million for our viewers since we launched nbc 4 responds back on may 6th, exactly nine months ago today. some of our most memorable recoveries include this story right now. a maryland couple whose kitchen renovation nightmare turned into a dream t
4:35 pm
acknowledged theiste. and $30,000 for a virginia couple whose suv kept stalling and the manufacturer wasn't offering any recourse. the couple ended up with a brand new car after that. >> this is great stuff. so if someone else wants to contact you -- >> very easily. we have a consumer investigative center that takes all of your calls and e-mail. we have a team. they get right to work, either trying to solve your consumer issue or helping to refer you to the right agency. you can reach out to me on our website or call us at 844-nbc-dc44. to hit a million dollars in recory
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calling us, the problems that are coming into us. it doesn't matter how large or how small, we will help you get $20 back. if you were owed a refund and you truly deserve it, we're going to find a way to get it back for you. buckle up for a weather roller costar. thi things may be great now but they're about to change soon. >> tom, when's this rain going to make its way in? >> does look like by dawn tomorrow we may have just enough to make the payment a little bit damp for the morning commute. we've got a beautiful sunset underway. the clouds will be increasing this even
4:37 pm
here. wemonths. it's more like early april here than early february. temperatures near 60 degrees. look at this, mid 60s across much of northern virginia. we are on the leading edge of some of this rain come into kentucky and tennessee and western north carolina. hour by hour timing does look like that's going to be in here by dawn tomorrow. then back up into the 60s again tomorrow. hook look at that. other big changes on the way for the rest of the week. the d.c. chapter of a f fraternity hosted health screenings for homeless men today. the program features monthly health discussions between members of the fraternity and homeless men in the community. in addition to health screenings, the program provides
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remind you to yield to those firefighters. this morning a d.c. fire truck crashed into a car on southern avenue. it was on its way to a fire in southeast d.c. that driver was seriously injured and was given a citation for not yielding the right-of-way. good thing is no firefighters were hurt in that crash. there is plenty of time before the april deadline but we are well into tax season. there's a couple of things to know before you tackle your taxes this year. >> although still somewhat intimidating, to do it yourself. approach to tax returns is still rise i rising. that's made for more competition among industry giants. h & r block now
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free basic tax return help. >> we're trying to help americans who have a simpler return. >> turbotax has taken it a step further with live help. >> you can correct via one way video to a cpa or agent to get your question answered. >> they all say file now rather than later. it will reduce the chances an id thief can file and get your return, which by the way, 70% of american taxpayers will be getting a refund this year. and for the second year in a row, the deadline to file is april 18th. turn apart by the
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metro says it may need to slash as many as a thousand squjobs to help balance the budget.
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oo j abot announced the 3-year-old panda will leave for china on february 21st. you're still going to get a chance to see her and say good-bye. president trump is headed back home to washington. he left mcdill air force base in tampa just a short while ago after speaking to military commanders earlier this afternoon. the court battle over the president's immigration order. >> two brothers got caught up in the chaos following that order, but they were finally reunited with their family at dulles airport today. >> reporter: at the internal arrivals terminal, at last r reunited after nine days in l b limbo. today a father sees his young sons for the first time in two and a half
4:47 pm
>> we never felt like this before. >> reporter: another family's delayed reunion ends with big hugs. these families experienced scary uncertain moments after landing at budulles more than a week ag sent away to a foreign country to wait. what an emotional day here at the international arrives where tariq and his brother and another family of five were part of an estimated 60-100,000 whose valid visas were revoked as a result of the president's executive order. as for tariq and his brother and his father, they'll be boarding another flight this evening headed to flint, michigan. his father is a u.s. citizen and runs two gas stations there. the brothers are now thinking about going to college. that huge fire at the
4:48 pm cnty firefighters are carefully going through the building to make sure there are no hot spots left. because of the huge amount of garbage inside, that job could take days. the fire started in an area where trucks dump thousands of tons of garbage ever day. local students coming home from class with bite marks. >> this is pretty unusual. we're working for you this afternoon. >> those kids aren't the only ones. hear from a mother with a big concern about pests at her children's school and why that pest problem is causing a big ripple effect for students and their families. also our one on one interview with john wall on the wizards red hot streak and the confidence
4:49 pm
lebron james in just a few hours. >> we feel like we could compete against anybody if we come out and play the right way and give ourselves a chance. >> and see what he says about his rumored feud with a teammate. and did you know that a local library was the site of one of the country's first civil rights protests? we'll tell you about it and take you inside to see how they they're marking the milestone. some of us are counting down to spring. and others are saying, where's february? >> some of us including you, i assume. >> i wasn't going to maname my names. >> we have an up and down forecast here. you may get whiplash when you see the ten days. big changes on the way and this afternoon, yeah, it felt more like late march or early april. fast forward a couple of
4:50 pm
there's the capitol basking in late afternoon sun on this un-february-like day. in the central virginia, it's in the mid 60s right now. fredericksburg is at 65. so is culpepper. even as far north as martinsburg at 62. a chilly breeze right off the bay. it's only in the 40s to near 50 there. all dry on storm team 4 radar. i don't have any rain or snow, of all things, in february. nothing on ray ddar now locally. we have some rain coming out of kentucky and tennessee and north carolina. these areas come into the shenandoah valley around 6:00 a.m. and the panhandle of west virginia. by 7- 8:00 a.m. northern virginia, just enough to make
4:51 pm
bit damp tomorrowg. day. sunshine breaking out by late afternoon. for the commute tomorrow, we'll have damp roads in the morning with temperatures in the mid 40s. then by noon, jumping to near 60 degrees. by 3:00, it may actually be in the upper 60s back down into the low to mid 60s by 5:00 p.m., drying out through the afternoon, a little sunshine breaking out. quite a dramatic change as we get into the next couple of days. then the changes continue on wednesday. we may be near 60 degrees in the morning and through the afternoon. then it starts to drop back down to the 40s by wednesday. all the way down to near freezing by dawn on thursday. thursday we could get a wintery mix in the morning, maybe a little wet snow and some rain, perhaps some wet snow, enough for light accumulation on grassy areas. some roads may be
4:52 pm
february acting like a winter month. then cold on friday. then after that into the weekend, look at sunday. may reach up near the low 70s and then dry after that into next week. the opioid epidemic is one topic, just one, being discussed now in a meeting of people on the front lines of the epidemic, meeting at the gaylord hotel today. it's the 13th annual prevention day hosted by the substance abuse and mental health services administration. the meeting showcases tremendous work being done to promote prevention as well as success stories from around the country. i had the honor today of serving as moderator for the morning panel where experts talked about emerging trends in the prevention field. they had some really interesting dialogue with the community partners there in the audience. again, these are folks on the
4:53 pm
front lines doing a t job. what if chewing, slumping, heavy breathing have in common? new research finds they generate some of the sounds that are like nails on a chalk board for some folks. a study looked at why some noises can be extremely irritating for some people. researchers discovered it affects the part of the brain that processes emotion. certain sounds can cause severe anxiety attacks. >> i sometimes pop my gum when i chew. >> none of the sounds baother m. doesn't matter what i think. only matters what bothered my wife. >> and it bothers my dad. well, her majesty marks a milestone. >>
4:54 pm
years on the thrown.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
. our post about this milestone got nearly a thousand likes on the nbc washington facebook page. today queen elizabeth ii is marking her sapphire jubilee. >> don't expect any elaborate celebrations to mark her 65
4:57 pm
years o throne. >> reporter: today's the queen's 65th anniversary as queen. at 90 years old, she's the longest-serving british monarch and the first to celebrate a sapphire jubilee. we won't be seeing her out and about today. that's exactly how she wants it. >> she celebrated her diamond jubilee. that was quite a big celebration. this one will be subtle and low key. >> 65 years to the day since she ascended the throne, but also the anniversary of her father's death at just age 56. a glittering necklace dating back to the 1850s made of 16 large sapphires surrounded by diamonds. there are a few traditional events scheduled for today, a 41-gun s
4:58 pm
another one at tower bridge. but by and large it's business as usual today. >> here are some things you may not know about the queen. she's traveled more than a million miles on official trips. she's visited canada 22 times. 13 british prime ministers have served during her reign including winston churchill. >> over the years she met 12 u.s. presidents from herbert hoover to barack obama. the only one she did not meet was lyndon johnson. the queen is scheduled to meet president trump later this year. our news continues now with jim and doreen. right now at 5:00, a dramatic landing for the pilot of a small plane. >> how he walked away after going down just minutes after takeoff. >> apparently after he took off, the engine quit. >> i would thinkk
4:59 pm
>> reporter: i'm julie carey at george mason university where international students from the seven countries targeted by the trump administration executive order remain uneasy as the court challenge proceeds. coming up, you'll hear from a student who was stranded by the ban, now back on campus. >> reporter: this elementary school in southeast washington shut down over concerns about bedbugs and a rodent infestation. what's being done today to make this school safe for kids to return. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm doreen gentzler. a pilot has an incredible story of survival after his private plane crashed in prince george's county today in a large wooded area. mark segraves has more on what went wrong and more about the pilot. >> reporter: really dramatic mana
5:00 pm
this airport today, but today something went wrong. weather was perfect for flying today, with good visibility. but shortly after this plane took off from potomac airfield, something went wrong. this man saw the plane flying over his neighborhood just before it went down. >> i heard it turn his engine off and it turned around. >> reporter: the plane was flown by 65-year-old gerald kenpen who was flying home to rhode island. after the plane crashed the pilot got on his cell phone and called 911 for help. >> the problem was he was flying probably by instruments or whatever. he really couldn't give us much on landmarks. so he gave us, i believe it was a house in the distance and a barn and some power lines. >> reporter: the plane crashed into this tree. >> thefe


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