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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:58pm EST

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this airport today, but today something went wrong. weather was perfect for flying today, with good visibility. but shortly after this plane took off from potomac airfield, something went wrong. this man saw the plane flying over his neighborhood just before it went down. >> i heard it turn his engine off and it turned around. >> reporter: the plane was flown by 65-year-old gerald kenpen who was flying home to rhode island. after the plane crashed the pilot got on his cell phone and called 911 for help. >> the problem was he was flying probably by instruments or whatever. he really couldn't give us much on landmarks. so he gave us, i believe it was a house in the distance and a barn and some power lines. >> reporter: the plane crashed into this tree. >> thefe
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belted in. certainly by the impact, the plane did what it was designed to do. >> reporter: i spoke with the pilot's wife by telephone. she told me her husband has more than 30 years experience flying, five years in that plane. while he does have some memory loss, he is doing okay. he told her that the engine went off just after takeoff. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you why he was flying out of this airport here in prince george's county and who was supposed to be with him on the plane that crashed. after a weekend at his mar-a-lago resort, president trump sent the day meeting with members of the military at tampa's mcdill air force base. the president addressed members of central command there where he vowed that the u.s. and its allies will defeat isis. he also expressed a strong commitment to nato but said our
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share. he blasted the stop to the immigration order. now to a showdown on capitol hill over the president's nominee for secretary of education. senate democrats have been talking objetalk talking on the floor for several hours now as they try to convince a third republican member to vote against betsy devos. democrats are prepared to talk throughout the night. last week two republican es sai they would oppose her. critics have cited what they call a lack of knowledge about public education. president trump only has six confirmations so far. by this time in 2009, president obama had 23. at the same time mr. trump has only nominated 35 out of 693 positions that require senate confirmation.
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supreme court neil gorsuch met with one of the democrats who will be key to his potential confirmation. diane feinstein is the ranking member. foreign students and colleges and universities across the country are scrambling to get back to campus while the president's executive order is on hold. at george mason university one of the students we've been telling you about who was caught up in the chaos has finally made it back to campus. julie carey now reports on the emotional fallout she and other students are suffering because of the situation. >> reporter: until two days ago, she didn't know how or when she'd be able to return to george mason university to resume her senior year studies. the native of libya was returning from a visit home when the trump administration travel baas
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she was stranded in turkey. on friday the court order lifted the ban. she jumped on a plane and went to deulles. as she stepped back on campus today, there was still worry she'd missed registering for classes. but her advisor had reassuring news. she was taking care of all of that. >> they love people and they fight for them. they provided all the support to show me that this is another home for me. >> reporter: she is one of 82 george mason students from countries impacted by the trump administration's executive order. there are also five visiting scholars. their ang viety running high with the uncertainty surrounding the travel ban. administrators held a meeting on friday to try to calm fears. >> we've had students report it's difficult to stay focused on class work, difficult to attend class when you're concerned about yourself and what the future hol
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famil student in libya, she has a full scholarship for graduate studies once she's finished here. upon her return on saturday, she said she'd go to canada instead of stay here. but she tells me today the support she's received could change her mind if the ban remained lifted. >> if it's removed, i would need to consider continuing my master's. >> reporter: the reyunions continue as visa holders hurry while the ban is still lifted. attorneys general from d.c., maryland and virginia are supporting a legal challenge to president trump's immigration order. today they signed what's known as an amicus
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those briefed are involved in the lawsuit, but they have a vested interest in the subject and may have information or arguments for the court to consider. so why tech companies? the 2016 silicon valley index found that more than a third of employees are foreign born. now, nearly 100 companies had filed the brief. among them google, apple, facebook, uber, even the president's favorite medium, twitter. in it they wrote that the ban hinders ability to attract talent, increases costs for businesses and makes it more difficult to compete globally. you can read more about it, this travel ban and a legal challenge on our nbc washington app. just search tech companies. here in the district, kids who attend savoy elementary school in southeast had the day off because their school has been closed over concerns about
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father who said bedbugs bit his daughter. >> reporter: that's right. savoy had no classes today. there going to be no classes tomorrow. then on wednesday, students are going to start at a totally different school. parents we spoke to say this school had to close. they are out of school today, because that's because their school has been temporarily shut down. that's due to concerns over bedbugs and rats. >> you see all these marks? it had been going on for a while. >> reporter: downy says both of his daughters have bite marks that doctors say are consistent with bedbugs. >> we wanted the school to be shut down and chucked thoroughly. >> reporter: school officials decided to close the school indefinitely so it can be
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thoroughly cleaned and cleared of any pests. we could see cleani ining suppl in the school. outside, rat traps. what do you think about having to go to another school for a while? >> it seems okay, but it's just to get away from the bugs, it's a school thing. >> reporter: breakfast lunch and supper are being provided for children at the rec center. >> i had multiple bite marks on me and the school is snowiknowi something. they had a real infestation. >> reporter: school officials said the school is being closed out of abundance of caution due to the length of the problem with bedbugs and pests. some parents accused officials of ignoring concerns and being slow to act. >> it was very emotional for u
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andr them. >> reporter: we certainly do. so when will the kids be able to return to their school? we're going to have that part of the story coming up on news4 at 6:00, plus what's next in the process to get this school ready for hundreds of kids. we're getting the better idea tonight of the man who's been following students near an arlington high school. he is while, in his mid 30s and has a short beard. last week officials say a man followed an 11-year-old girl. two days later two boys noticed a man, possibly the same suspect trailing them near 13th street and north nelson street. all of the children were able to run to safety. police are putting extra patrols around washington lee high school. the front of a fairfax county movie theater is gone. a woman drove right through it this morning going fast enough thatsh
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hit the back ll the damage at t university mall theater on braddock road. manager don k . >> i didn't have two words with her. she sat in the corner kind of shaking. she was speechless and fright frightened. >> the theater's owner tells us he just finished renovations on the property. he has insurance that will cover the damage. he says he's most thankful that no one was hurt. tracking some very warm temperatures across our area. everybody today getting into the 60s. at least most areas into the 60s. right now in the 50s. 57 degrees. 62 at richmond.
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tonight into tomorrow morning. showers tomorrow after temperatures skyrocket tomorrow. record breaking temperatures tomorrow. then we have a chance of snow at least in parts of the area and much colder later this week. crime on the metro in the spotlight again tonight. still to come, the ten stations where riders are at bigger risk of becoming victims. >> reporter: coming up on news4, police are searching for a suspect involved in a check cashing scheme taking place at atms. and a change in the way the hpv vaccine is administered. why doctors hope it will have a big impact when it comes to teens getting immunized. plus the seeds of the civil right s
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a con turned armed robbery happening at atms in prince george's county, scaring a lot of people here. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has the details. >> reporter: greenbelt police say that have had nine different incidents connected to this same individual. they started o
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have escalated to the pointthey street seed the public's help. this man needs to be caught as soon as possible. >> we're really concerned because the individual is getting more aggressive and brazen. >> reporter: police say in november and january, this man approached bank customers at atms at the capital one bank at beltway plaza and green belt and asked the unsuspecting customers to cash checks on his behalf. those checks were fraudulent. >> even through intimidation or they just feel sorry for this person. >> reporter: bank customers we spoke to couldn't believe the scam was working. >> that sounds like a real shady deal. you would never take somebody else's check and go cash it for them. >> people like that are terrible and sick because they're preying on people's kindness. >> reporter: in one of the incident the sp
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got in and his checks. police say this is why they need to find this guy as soon as possible. in another instance, he reportedly showed a victim a gun. >> he got money from a victim, then went to another store to get more money. >> reporter: the suspect is 20-25 years of age, anywhere from 5'7" to 5'11" tall. >> distressed torn jeans, a darker black jacket with colored logos on it. >> reporter: police believe he was preying on the kindness of people since he can sometimes convince them to take him to a grocery store or a department store to get additional cash if they reach the limit at the atm. police say if you see this guy, give them a call as soon as possible. a man robd
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potomac shopping center. the man slid a note to a teller, got some cash and then took off. officers say he threw something out of the car and kept going. a burned out car is all that's left of a wild police chase and shooting this weekend. two police officers say they shot at a man in the car before he drove away. they first confronted him after reports of vandalism in the area of 54th and taylor streets. he rammed three patrol cars and tried to run down an officer. the suspect was able the get away. police found what they believe is the man's car torched in northeast d.c. a person has serious injuries and a ticket tonight because he or she didn't yield to a fire truck this morning. firefighters were on their way to a blaze and southeast d.c. they say a driver hit them near u
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no one in the truck alabama ave put out that fire. many of us can't go without our phones for a couple of hours, much less for than entire weekend. but some verizon users haven't been able to make calls since last friday. >> reporter: we hear now that this problem has been resolved. a verizon spokesperson tells me this was isolated to a single cell tower. it gets a lot of people to thinking about how important cell phones are and how precarious sometimes those connections can be. we've come to rely on them. the cell phone. we may even take them for granted. like the old addage you don't miss your water until your well runs dry,
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verizon says -- >> we lost the ability to send and receive phone calls including to 911. >> first it was me. i thought did i not pay my bill. >> reporter: folks in this dupont circle neighborhood say they've had similar experiences with verizon wireless service. it's particularly vexing for whose who have given up on land line service. >> i had to go five blocks south in 30 degree weather. >> reporter: that's it. you have to walk out of the cell. it's an electromagnetic coverage area between towers. >> we can't get internet service on your phone. it just sits there and spins. >> reporter: verizon says they're aware of the problem and
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in this dead zone, it's caused a decision to forego the land line. >> it definitely makes me think about it. >> reporter: it's kind of interesting. we spoke to people that said they can walk down to s street and start dropping calls since they cross s street going this way. five blocks in that direction they could make calls. giant panda baobao is leaving. how the zoo will allow you to say good-bye before she shed to china later this month. nbc 4 responds, their biggest recovery t
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i think if i was a golfer, i probably could have called in sick today. so beautiful. and for february, wow. >> yeah. wow for sure, guys. we get even warmer tomorrow. tomorrow we have the clouds and a chance for some shower activity. today, plenty of sunshine, high temperatures right around that 60 degree mark. i think we hit 61 at
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60s today. some higher clouds trying to move on in here. current temperature 57 degrees and those temperatures dropping in the next few hours. down to about 50 by 11:00 tonight. still very nice baeweather. 62 fredericksburg,1 in ma martinsburg. it is a little bit cooler along the water. next couple of days we go right up to 67 degrees on your tuesday. back down to 60 on wednesday. then way down to 38 on thursday. that's when we're tracking a chance for rain or snow and we could see some accumulating snow in parts of the area. looking at the radar, nothing on the radar right now. we do have a system moving our way too. first thing that's going to move through is the warm front. that warm front will bring us a chance of showers early tomorrow morning. here we
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maybe a few moderate showers too. 7:00 a.m., 8:00 through here. by afternoon it's gone. the more sunshine we get the warmer we get. we're going for a high tomorrow of 67 degrees. that would beat the old record of 64 degrees. it's going to be rather windy too. winds could gust up to 30 miles an hour throughout the day, bringing in that warmer air. wednesday evening and wednesday night we're going to start to see the temperatures really fall. that sets the stage on thursday. thursday a high of 38 degrees. good chance of a storm moving in. that storm does look like it will have some morning wet snow from d.c. to the north and west, some accumulation on the grassy areas. some roads may become sl
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roads. could cause some problems thursday morning, maybe even school delays or cancellations. thursday morning will have a high of 18. look at sunday, 72 degrees. you want to go golfing? hmm? growing disap. appointme -- disappointment with a pay to park system at the reston town center. plus a man from rockville killed by a fraternity brother at his college in pennsylvania. >> reporter: metro out with a new crime report. which station has thehi
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crime? i'll tell you all about it coming up.
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right now at 5:30, nbc 4 responds working for you. the biggest refund yet for our team. first, new information concerning the safety of passengers on our metro system.
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report that shows some types of crime headed down, but others going in the wrong direction. this report also detailed the top ten highest crime metro stations in the system. at the top of the list, minnesota avenue in northeast. that's where transportation reporter adam tuss is standing by with the story. >> reporter: that's right, jim. this is the highest rated crime station according to this most recent metro report here. we got a chance to talk to metro's police chief one on one today about keeping the system safe. first, the good news for metro. overall crime is down, specifically things like thefts of electronic devices, stolen bikes. they are down. but violent assaults are up. so are crimes in parking lots. >> any time you have a victim of crime, it's concerning. >> reporter: a new tactic he
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communicate with other jurisdictions. what tool can we give our officers so i can share with the metropolitan police officer up the street from me? riders we talked to say they do feel like metro has increased enforcement efforts. >> i think they're doing better. c you definitely see more metro police on the line. >> reporter: there are still problem spots. take a look at this new list of the top ten stations for crime. minnesota avenue tops the list, followed by eight out of nine stations that all run along the green line. the chief says more officers are graduating but they're always looking to hire more. >> every police chief in the nation would always want more cops. we base it on our crime
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offer guidance where were those officers should go. now one other area where transit police say they're actually getting a lot of help, riders are texting in tips about potential crimes. that helps lead to arrests. you won't be able to take metro to arlington cemetery this weekend. the surge begins saturday and will last 18 days. during that time trains won't run on the blue line between roslyn and pentagon stations. find other travel alternatives in our nbc washington app. just search safe track. a developing story in federal court. a d.c. financial advisor has just admitted ripping off pro athletes, taking
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a quarter of a million dollars from mike tyson and he also admitted taking a half million more from former nba star glenn race and even two other pro athletes. he took the players' checks and made them out to himself or to cash. he also made bogus wire transfers. what did he buy with the money? the feds said he bought total stays, tanning services, dry cleaning, nordstrom rack clothing and even dental work. he faces up to three years in prison. a local man may be an unsung hero of the black civil rights movement. he is believed to have organized one of the first sit-ins years before those who have gotten more recognition.
5:34 pm
tucker organized a sit-in at the alexandria library. it was a peaceful sit-in and ended with the participants being arrested. charges were later dropped and a court ruled that the city court deny library access to blacks because there was no library available at the time to help them. but instead of admitting blacks alexandria raced to build a separate building. today that building is the city's black history museum. >> so the sit-in was covered in the 1939 african-american newspapers and in the "washington post" and other papers as well. but you're also seeing in august of 1939 what's beginning in europe, the first battles that are happening as we're heading into world war ii. so this local story kind of falls off the front pages. >> now, the way tucker engineered the sit-in is fascinating in itself.
5:35 pm
what's going on at the museum this month, search library sit-in in the nbc washington app. there's been a vaccine for about a decade but imizatimunizs for hpv are still relatively low. the small change being made that doctors hope will make a big difference. we now know when giant panda bao bao will leave the national zoo. an update on he ♪ new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms.
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the vaccine for hpv now comes in two shots instead of three. now that the dosage is consolidated, doctors hope this change will have a big impact. >> reporter: cara million was like 80% of the population and once tested positive for hpv, but for her the virus turned serious. she went through radiation and a radical surgery to remove several organs. >> i had wounds that were healing so you really can't hold your babies. it was just hard. >> reporter: her kids are older now, almost the age when she will decide whether or not they should get the
5:39 pm
it's recommended for 11 to 26-year-olds. but before 15 is when it's most effective. >> the better off you're going to be in preventing potentially six different types of cancer. >> reporter: now she hopes parents of kids and preteens will commit to the vaccine because they only need two shots. the vaccine is controversial because of potential side effects and because some parents say this obligates them to do the talk. cara says nothing would stop her from protecting her children from what she went through. >> they may not understand it now. they don't need to understand it now. they're children. what they need to know is it's a vaccine and it's going to protect them from cancer later on in life. we are now just over go weeks away from the departure of one of the national zoo's most popular
5:40 pm
we're talking baoba s to fly to china february 21st. the zoo previously announced a celebration of the panda next week. as part of a cooperation with china, she has to move to china by age 4. she was born back in 2013 to her mother, becoming the first panda cub since 2005 to survive. when she leaves, we'll still have her younger brother. >> we know that well before we had tai shan. he left us seven years ago, transported on a fedex plane to be part of the program in china. and the "washington post" actually visited him where he has adjusted.
5:41 pm
bilingual and responds to isarn. isn't that cool? he's also a pretty big boy now, more than 240 pounds and eating 88 pounds of bamboo a day. he's mated naturally with one of the female pan daspandas, but a point not a dad yet. susan hogan and the nbc 4 responds team in action. how they helped a woman avoid foreclosure on her home. this case puts nbc 4 responds over the million dollar mark recovering for consumers. and news4 goes one on one with wizard's all star john wall. he shares the secret to 17 straight home wins and puts to rest questions about a
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relationship with the tea's
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a pretty incredible come back starting in the third quarter. the team touched down in boston after roger goodell gave tom brady the mvp trophy. brady's game jersey apparently disappeared. a live look in new england where the team is expected to arrive soon at gillette stadium. they're going to get quite a welcome. john wall and the wizards are going for their 18th straight home win tonight. news4's sherree burruss recently sat down with wall. sound like he had a lot to tell you. >> reporter: yeah, he did, jim. this team, he says, has a lot of confidence. it's right where they need to be as they're heading into maybe one of the toughest games on the season. lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers are here tonight.
5:46 pm
they're playing the right way. >> they're a great team. we enjoy that matchup. we know it's going to be a good game. we're going to enjoy the process. >> reporter: thursday's game got pretty loud when the lakers were starting to make that come back. what's it like when the opposite team has so many fans? >> we don't appreciate it. we don't like it. that's kind of what got me going in the fourth quarter. without our fans we wouldn't have what we have. >> reporter: i was googling you guys. these are some of the headlines that i found. john wall and bradley beal apparently don't get along very well on the court, right? bi
5:47 pm
figureon was john wall and bradley beal don't like each others and the wizards are screwed. what comes to mind? >> i just laugh. that's like my little brother. we understand what we do. i wouldn't be john wall without bradley beal. bradley wouldn't be himself without me. i feel like he's one of the guys that could have been an all star this year. he's been healthy. he's earned his money, proven that he earned his money. the reason why we're having a good season is we both helped. we don't focus on that. we just go out there and play basketball. >> reporter: it was earlier today when lebron james called wall one of the best in the league. coming up, we hear more from him and how the wizards are using tonight's game as sort of a mid season
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nbc 4 responds to a homeowner's desperate attempt to save her home from foreclosure. >> with all of her options off the table, one last call was made to consumer reporter susan hogan for help. >> well, imagine the feeling of knowing you're about to lose your home, hopeless, helpless. this homeowner had two things going for her, a per ssistent caregiver and nbc responds. it's a simple little home in manassas. out of respect we are not identifying her. >> she's not alone. we don't want her to be alone. in this world these days. >> reporter: a few years ago the
5:49 pm
mortgage. becky, who is the homeowner's power of attorney, takes care of all of the bills and says she thought everything was going okay until she received foreclosure notice in the mail. >> i was like, oh my gosh, they can really do this? i started calling lawyers, attorneys, to find out. yeah, it was really going to happen. >> turns out they defaulted on the homeowner's insurance which put the foreclosure into action even though becky said they quickly sent out a check. it was returned. the auction was already scheduled. >> this is our home. she's worked all her life for this house and paid it off. i'm supposed to be the caregiver. as i really was disappointed in myself -- >> reporter: nbc 4 responds quickly got to work. we contacted the companies involved, including reverse mortgage solutions. they tell us although borrowers are not required to make principal or interest
5:50 pm
pay real estate taxes and property insurance. the company couldn't discuss specific cases out of respect for the customer's confidentiality. however in a statement to news4 they said in the event that these obligations are not met, reverse mortgage solutions works closely with our customers to establish repayment plans or other remedies. >> honestly, i did not know we had to pay the taxes. >> reporter: true to their word, they did work with the homeowner and called off the auction. it's all done. you're here safe and sound and your house is going nowhere. >> right. thank you. thank you much. >> and you're welcome. while saving a home from foreclosure is priceless, there is a value on this, $251,000, which by the way puts us over the one million dollar mark that nbc 4
5:51 pm
you since lunin incredible. >> thanks. we're so proud too because if it wasn't for our viewers and their stories and trusting us to do their stories. we could have some balloons dropping out of the ceiling for the beautiful weather we had too. >> you may have seen me at my cubicle feverishly working on the forecast, but in my mind i was in a hammock in flip. fl flops swinging between two trees. unree unreal. we got to 61 degrees this afternoon. that is well above the average high of 45 this time of year. yes, it is still february. we had a fiery sunset just a couple minutes ago. now it's beginning to fade as the sun went d
5:52 pm
temperatures are beginning to drop back now into the 50s as we did get into the low to mid 60s throughout just about the entire region. right now down into the mid 50s. nothing on storm team 4 radar. all dry all around the entire region except coming in here out of kentucky and tennessee is a little bit of moisture coming in and coming through the central appalachians, advancing to the north and east. this is as of 6:00 tomorrow morning. this area here in the color here this is the zone of rain, maybe the zhoshenandoah valley, panhae of west virginia. enough to make the pavement wet for the morning commute. a little sunshine ought to break out by the a
5:53 pm
and a much milder we'll have a southwesterly breeze. by 3:00 tomorrow we ought to be in the upper 60s. record tomorrow is 64. we will likely tie it or even break it for tomorrow. ten-day outlook, big changes. up and down we go. we'll be near 60 around dawn and hover into the afternoon hours on wednesday. then it will drop back down into the 40s late wednesday night. as we get into early thursday morning a little area of low pressure passing to our south with temperatures below freezing, bringing just enough moisture for us to perhaps get a little bit of a dusting of snow on grassy areas mainly. some roads might have a little bit of slush based on the way it looks
5:54 pm
reminding us that february still is a winter month. very cold on friday. it may be down into the teens on friday morning. and up again, 50s on saturday. it may hit the low 70s on sunday. and then after that, partly sunny each day. highs in the 50s. toward the end of the following week it will be getting a bit cooler. still ahead, a young man from rockville killed at his college in pennsylvania. a fraternity brother is the suspect. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood in the district. some city leaders want the washington redskins to build a new stadium here at the siete o the old rfk. there's a
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
friends and family are mourning the loss of a college student from rockville after a fight with his fraternity brother. both of them are students at indiana university in pennsylvania. mike holden has our story. >> our hearts are broken. when something like this happens, it's just tragic and horrible for all involved. >> reporter: 19-year-old brady destefano is behind bars, charged in connection with the
5:58 pm
caleb zwig from maryland. >> pending the results of autopsy and further investigation, we may revisit these charges to include other charges. >> reporter: he was choked out during a fight friday night along wayne avenue. he later died saturday morning. according to the criminal complaint, a witness told police destefano was spotted on top of zwig strangling him. the witness broke them up and tried to save zwig. >> we're waiting for toxicology and the final work on the autopsy. >> reporter: no doubt this is certainly a tragedy that has rocked the iup student body. the university is now providing grief counselling and services to all parties impacted. now at 6:00, a legal tug of
5:59 pm
why the fight could make it all the way to the supreme court. a pilot survived a plane crash in prince george's county today. his wife was supposed to be on that plane. we're going to tell you why she changed her mind at the last minute. elementary school children with pibite marks on their bodi. the concern from parents after bed pubugs and rodents were fou inside a local school. president trump made his first official visit to u.s. central command today. he promised military forces that he would supply them with what he called the finest equipment known to man. >> he was also fending off new fallout from his latest comments on vladimir putin. a retired general called the comments un-american. we are also tracking the court battle over the president's immigration order. team coverage begins tonight with
6:00 pm
hill. >> reporter: let's start witdeh filed its brief. we're waiting to see how long it's going to take the ninth circuit to make a determination here. meantime, president trump is back at the white house tonight after meeting with u.s. central command in florida today where he got a briefing on the war on terror. president trump visual iiting t at central command in florida, talking tough against terrorists and defending his travel ban. >> so that people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in, not people that want to destroy us and destroy our country. >> reporter: travelers from seven targeted countries are now entering the u.s. after a federal judge blocked the ban. >> my family is here with us safe. we are


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