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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:58pm EST

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hill. >> reporter: let's start witdeh filed its brief. we're waiting to see how long it's going to take the ninth circuit to make a determination here. meantime, president trump is back at the white house tonight after meeting with u.s. central command in florida today where he got a briefing on the war on terror. president trump visual iiting t at central command in florida, talking tough against terrorists and defending his travel ban. >> so that people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in, not people that want to destroy us and destroy our country. >> reporter: travelers from seven targeted countries are now entering the u.s. after a federal judge blocked the ban. >> my family is here with us safe. we are
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>> reporter: the ninth circuit court of uphold the ban. >> the president violates the contusion in very fundamental way ways. that's not right. >> reporter: among those urging the court to oppose the ban, former national security officials, mostly democrats and nearly 100 prominent tech companies. they argue the ban can the long-term damage and make our troops less safe. also today the president getting heat for this remark. >> putin's a killer. >> there's a lot of killers. what, you think our country is so innocent? >> one could argue that's the most anti-american statement ever made by the president of the united states. >> it's almost as if there's nothing putin can do now that will get donald trump to admit error. >> reporter: president trump's most controversial executive order tonight in the hands of a federal court. and we are watching that court tonight, the ninth circuit which could rule as early as
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this case is working its suprem justices will have to decide whether or not this ban is unconstitutional. with the travel window open right now, visa holders in the targeted seven countries are taking the opportunity to make it to the u.s., returning to loved ones, jobs and college campuses. our coverage continues now with julie carey. >> reporter: more reunions at dulles international airport as visa holders from countries targeted by the trump administration immigration order hurry to return while the ban is lifted. >> i just want to thank all the people who support us and who were with us. they made me feel like there is a family here. >> reporter: it's a repeat trip to dulles for these yemeni brothers coming to live with their father in mcichin
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they first arrived january 28th, but they never made it out of customs. their visas cancelled. they were sent back to ethiopia. >> the return of our clients today is hopefully a start to return to a stable and a just immigration policy. >> reporter: this woman from libya was stopped cold in turkey when she tried to return for spring semester at george mason university. >> i literally felt destroyed when they told me you could not board the flight. >> reporter: back on campus today, anxious about missing registration and a week of class, her worries were eased when she learned her advisor was taking care of everything. >> they provided all the support to show me that this is another home for me. >> reporter: she's one of 82 george mason students from countries impacted by the trump administration's executive order. campus administrators held a meeting friday to answer questions and calm fears.
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it's difficult to stay focused on class work, difficult to attend class when you're concerned about yourself and what the future holds. >> reporter: the ongoing worry on this campus and others, if the travel ban is resubstitutin it will keep the best and brightest from other countries from studying here. also a family of five fled syria and resettled in prince george's county after the election. they hoped to find peace in their new home. now they fear the executive order will threaten their ability to rebuild their lives. the family gave an emotional interview to our web team in an exclusive story. more than two weeks now into donald trump's presidency. he's been signi ining executive actions at a rate quite similar to his predecessor.
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an umbrella term that includes all the ways a president can exercise his authority. it includes executive orders, patrol car l proclamations and presidential memorandum. president trump has signed 22 executive actions, including eight executive orders. during that same time frame, president obama had signed nine orders when he first took office. we see the white house issue a high volume of executive orders when one political party takes over from the other. that's because the new president can revoke or rewrite executive orders. >> in some sense they're not unexpected because he's carrying through on promises that he made. he said he would build a wall. he said he would cut off immigration from muslim terrorist countries. so in that sense they're perfectly well expected. >> the national constitution center reports that franklin d.
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them. compare that to president clinton's 364, president bush's -- all these orders can be over turned by the other two branches of government. congress can just refuse to approve funding to enforce the order or the courts can weigh in and block it. new questions about president trump's executive action that reorganizes the national security council. that puts chief strategist steve bannon on the council's principal's committee. now the "new york times" reports that president trump was angry that he was not fully briefed on the details of the executive order that he signed nine days ago. white house press secretary sean spicer told reports at the time that the setup was virtually identical in 2001 under president george w. bush.
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>> we don't know precisely what the president was told. but if he was told anything like what we were told by spicer, that was incomplete information. >> as for that 2001 memo, mr. bush did not put his chief strategist on the national security council. donald trump appears to be the only president since the establishment of the council to include his strategist, that according to politifact. a small plane crashed shortly after takeoff. the pilot walked away without siste serious injury.
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>> reporter: the 64-year-old pilot took off from this airfield here in fort washington, maryland. another pilot who took off just before the ill-fated flight told me that he joked with that pilot before takeoff saying that if he ever had trouble he'd try to make it to the field that that pilot who crashed was trying to make it to this evening. it was just minutes after taking off from potomac airfield in ft. washington that the single engine piper saratoga started having trouble. the plane came down over this field near an abandoned farmhouse, taking out some trees before finally crashing into that larger tree. it was the pilot who called in?
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he called in by secell phone. >> reporter: he had flown in from rhode island to visit his children and grandchildren. he was flying home when the plane lost power. >> the safety systems did their job. he was seat belted in. the plane did what it was designed to do, from the damage on it. >> these are very lightweight aircraft at relatively slow speeds. you touch down 50-60 miles an hour and you'd be amazed at a thousand feet how many places you can tuck the airplane into if you need to. now i spoke with the pilot's wife by phone. she's still in rhode island. she told me she was supposed to fly here with her husband to see their grandchildren but at the last minute she
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rhode isl wtay home with that child. the first thing he did after he crashed was to call his wife. then he dialled 9/11. a man from ashburn, virginia, is again facing a murder charge, accused of killing the mother of his child. the man's name is brian yu. he was arrested. pham was sitting in her car after leaving work at a hair salon. the judge ruled there was not probable cause. today a grand jury heard the case and came to a different conclusion. yu is still in jail. hundreds more jobs are being cut from
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cuts in a letter to staff today. 200 positions have been eliminated. many of them are positions that are currently unfilled. he said the cuts are necessary to fill the $300 million budget gap. transportation reporter adam tuss joins us coming up to talk about the layoff. we are looking at weather. doug is tracking some really wild temperature swings, potentially record breaking heat tomorrow, then a chance for snow later in the week. what's up with that? >> kind of amazing. really any time we get this warm you know colder air is m coicom in. take a look at the high temperatures earlier today.
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61 is what we 65 in richmond. we've got even warmer air coming from the southwest. we also have a chance for showers overnight into tomorrow morning. the temperatures skyrocketing tomorrow. near record high temperatures. a chance of snow late wednesday into thursday. and then much colder later this week. coming up, a final push in an effort to derail one of the president's most controversial cabinet picks. reviving the debate about the redskins team name, what some lawmakers are doing to try to get the team to change it. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer in southeast. this school has been shut down over concerns about bedbug
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bedbugs, rats and other pests have forced a d.c. elementary school to temporarily shut down. tonight we're hearing from one father who says the bugs bit his daughter. and we're learning when the school could reopen. darcy spencer is live at the savoy school with details. >> reporter: it's not going to be any time soon, not a matter of days, but a matter of
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students to return. the school will be shut down for several weeks. school officials hope to reopen by the end of february. they're doing a deep cleaning here after reports of bedbugs and rats. marcus bachelor is a member of the school board. >> in conversations moving forward in the weeks and months, i would like to see where the ball was dropped and hopefully it won't happen again. >> reporter: students will be fussed to ferebee elementary school. >> i think i'm most excited that students are going to be able to occupy a new space on wednesday and that they're going to be able to get back to some sense of normalcy >> reporter: aaron dowdy's daughters attend savoy. >> it had been going on for a while. >> reporter: dowdy says both of
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school officials released a statement that says the school is being closed out of abundance of caution due to the length of the problem with bedbugs and pests. the decision was made friday following a parcent meeting. some accused officials of being slow to act. >> it was emotional for us because our kids, we love them and we want the best for them. >> reporter: you can see that there is a pest control company vehicle right here outside of the school. this process is ongoing. d.c. public schools expected to release a statement or e-mail tomorrow to parents by 3:00, letting them know about transportation options for students who are going to that new school starting on wednesday. clutter can provide bedbugs
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cleaning is not enough to tackle a problem like this. bedbugs can be very difficult to kill because they're tiny and they can survive and hide in very narrow cracks. they typically require pest management professionals rather than exterminators. they need on blood but have not been shown to transmit human diseases. now to the president's effort to build a cabinet. democrats pushing forward with their strategy to block the confirmation of betsy devos for secretary of education. democrats say devos is not qualified to lead the education department and they say they will talk all night if that's necessary. nonetheless, a final vote is scheduled for tomorrow. devos's confirmation is expected
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two republican senators have already said they will not vote for her. that would leave the vote tied at 50-50. vice president mike pence would have to cast the deciding vote. if that happens, it is believed to be the first time in history that a vice president has had to break a tie in a cabinet confirmation. supreme court nominee kneel dp gorsuch is making the rounds on capitol hill. he met with diane feinstein. the committee will review the judge's record and hold a confirmation hearing as members decide whether to pass the judge's nomination to the full senate. tonight a new effort to get the district, maryland and virginia to join forces and to pressure the washington redskins to change the name of the football team. tom sherwood has the story. >> reporter: the aging
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stadium. it holds a storybook tale of the football glory here until the team left in the late '90s. but the redskins team name remains a continuing controversy. >> the team with such a racist and derogatory name. >> reporter: he's joining an effort to have d.c., maryland and virginia all agree to withhold any development funds from the team as it looks to build a new stadium in the region. david moon of tacoma park is pursuing the idea in annapolis. >> to be perfectly frank, i'm here today because i'm trying to head off a fleecing of the region's taxpayers by dan snider and the washington football team. >> reporter: the legislators acknowledge a tough road ahead. virginia governor terry mcauliffe is actively pursuing the team.
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ght a new facility at rfk.or has even a plan to redevelop the rfk area. council member jack evans supports a team paid stadium at rfk. he says the name issue will work itself out. the multibillion business belongs in d.c. >> we don't want to lose the opportunity to have the team in the city and have it go somewhere else and then the name changes. that would be ridiculous. coming up the top ten metro stations for crime. we tell you why metro says it has to slash hundreds of jobs. more problems with the lit yu lithium batteries. the latestfire caught
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what a great way to start off our week. it's like a gift when you get a day like in this february . >> the fact that we even had to come into work on a beautiful day like this, man, it was so nice today. around 60 degrees in most areas. some of you in the low to mid 60s. it gets taken away just as fast
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tomorrow another day like today before the big change coming later on this week. sunset was just after 5:30. 53 degrees currently. we're going to continue to drop maybe to 49 degrees by 11:00. it's still 59 in leesburg, 58 in fredericksburg, 56 in manassas after many of you in northern virginia were 65 or better. 61 the official temperature today at the airport. 67 is what we're going for tomorrow. the record high is 64. back down to 60 on wednesday. then there it goes, taken away just as fast as we've gotten it. 38 on thursday. chance of snow early thursday too for some of us. some of the areas might be just rain too. we're going to track this for you over the next couple of days. that's the warm
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the storm itself is way back to west. that's why we get so warm during the day tomorrow. around 7:00 a.m. the shower activity around 66 here, 270 from frederick, even around the beltway by 8:00 or 9:00. that's it. the clouds give way to some sunshine. that's when temperatures get really, really warm out there. a high temperature tomorrow of 67 degrees. early showers, breezy and warm. maybe windy. we may see wednesday upwards of 30-35 miles an hour. look at thursday, thursday 38 degrees. still a little early on this one, but morning wet snow d.c. north and westward. some roads may become slushy because the road temperatures will be
6:27 pm
ot the ro on the roadways. look at sunday, right back to 72. >> wow. >> crazy this weather roller coaster. a major outage impacted thousands of cell phone users in our area. what we know about the problem and how long it took to fix it. >> reporter: metro set to lay off hundreds. plus, a release of
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now at 6:30, a new crime report paints a mixed picture about safety on metro. that report detailed the top ten highest crime metro stations. at the top of the list is the minnesota avenue station in northeast d.c. >> our transportation reporter adam tuss is there tonight. adam, what else did we learn from this report? >> reporter: well, this report definitely tells us some interesting things. first and foremost, erall crime is actually down on the metro system. things like thefts of electronic devices, thefts of bikes, those are down on the system. but violent assaults are actually up and crime in parking
6:31 pm
metro puts in-depth look at whe system stands. one of the interesting things the chief of police wants to do, in addition to making officers for visible, is he wants to give them more technology like a smart phone so that they'd be able to take a look at a picture of a suspect and have all the information they need right there when a crime happens. >> one thing we're looking at is new york city gave every officer a smart type phone. we're looking at having something. what tools can i give them so they can share with the metropolitan officer up the street from me. >> reporter: increased coordination with the local jurisdictions to make more arrests in a quicker fashion. >> metro also today announced some layoffs, 200 jobs going to be cut. do we know which jobs are going to be affected and are there more
6:32 pm
anything fromto front line empl. it's not necessarily train and bus operators. if you've been following this closely, the general manager has talked for a while about the need to slash up to 1,000 positions. this is all a cost cutting measure, something he's going to do to help balance the bujts. 50 0 positions fwere already slashed. an additional 300 on top of that could be d could be coming. we're following some breaking news here at the live desk. we just learned at this time tomorrow a federal appeals court will hear arguments on whether to reinstate president trump's immigration order. we got word of that within minutes of
6:33 pm
department filing court papers to reinstate that travel ban. the issue is whether or not the president violated the first amendment. but the justice department argued he has authority over foreigners and refugees coming into the country. tech companies and officials have come down publicly asking the president to back down on this order. we are also getting guidance from pete williams. pete is saying that from the sources that he's been speaking with and what the justice department filed, there is sort of a plan b that would limit the injunction basically to anyone who was already coming into s to the country and traveled abroad so that they could come back and forth. in other words, it would sort of break away people coming into the u.s. for the first time versus people who had been here and perhaps went abroad to travel.
6:34 pm
for three days now some people in d.c. couldn't use their cell phones. verizon fixed the issue a couple of hours ago. derrick ward in northwest d.c. now with what went wrong and how residents were able to deal with it. >> reporter: it was kind of interesting. what we understand is this was limited to one cell, one tower located somewhere else. but it just showed people how much they rely on their wireless phones. this just happened to affect verizon phones. folks did some interesting things to do some work-arounds on all of this. for some people who live in this dupont circle neighborhood, it's been a trying weekend. those who happened to be verizon customers it's been like the dark side of the moon. >> we lost the ability to send and receive phone calls. >> reporter: it's been that way since friday. there have been periods where services worked but the only work around for people was to
6:35 pm
just to call customer service. >> my husband called from five blocks north. >> reporter: she went five blocks in the other direction for the same purpose and they both got some answer. >> we're working on it, no updates. same thing on sunday,morning. >> reporter: verizon says the problem was isolated. it's more than just an inconvenience for some, though. there are alarm systems that rely on these networks. >> we utilize them a lot to bring up apps for control panels, programming. if we can't access that, that's a burden on us. >> reporter: verizon says their engineers got on the problem and it's since been fixed, but it's made people who have cut the cord on their household land line service rethink that move. >> it did make you think in an emergency what's going to happen if everyone's losing cell phone service. >> reporter: and again as far as we know, nobody was adversely
6:36 pm
reliance on strictly wireless commucation. up next, dramatic video shows a laptop catching fire not once, but four times. tonight as officials try to figure out how it happened, there are new steps on what you can do to protect yourself. also an incredible light show in parts of the midwest and in canada. first, here's doug. temperatures today well above average into the 60s. but we're tracking some rain, even warmer temperatures and snow.
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look at this. caught on home surveillance video, a laptop bursting into flames. it didn't happen just once, but four times. consumer reporter susan hogan h
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need to know to protect yourself. >> that's right. it is just the latest in a series of hundreds of reports of electronics catching fire in recent years. let's take another look at that video. the dell computer is sitting on the couch next to two teenagers, plugged in and charging. all of a sudden it busts into a ball of fire. one of the teens blows out the flames and takes the laptop outside. three minutes later it catches fire again even though it's now unplugged. the teen blows out the fire once more and a few minutes later more flames. this time he actually uses a fire extinguisher. thin thinking it's finally out he gets closer and it erupts a fourth time. dell says it is working with the family to return the
6:40 pm
it can investigate. products say commission is also investigating hi meanwhile, here are four things you need to know to prevent lithium ion batteries from catching fire. charge your device on a hard surface which lets heat dissipate. don't charge devices on beds or couches. don't over charge your devices and don't leave your laptop plugged in and charging overnight or when you go to work. some people were fortunate enough to awake in the midwest at about 1:30 this morning. a meteor lit up the night sky and exploded in a fireball. the american meteor society says that fire ball was seen primarily from illinois and wisconsin, but there are reports of sitin
6:41 pm
that meteor is believed to have broken up before hitting the ground. there were reports of sonic booms that shook houses in wisconsin. next up, new clues in the search for a man who has robbed nine people, each time becoming more aggressive. also new reaction from the white house press secretary after this snl performance went viral. >> i'm not here to be your buddy. i'm here to swallow gum and i'm here to take names.
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one guy targeting people at atms all over the area. so far nine victims since november. police are hoping you can help them make an arrest before this guy strikes again. bureau chief tracy williams reports from greenbelt. >> reporter: police say this man is exceptionally good at scamming people out of their money. now they need the public's help to find out who he is. >> we're really concerns because the individual is getting more aggressive and brazen. >> reporter: in november and january this man approached bank customers at atms at the capital one banks at beltway plaza. each time he asked the unsuspecting customers to cash checks on his behalf. those checks were fraudulent. >> either through intimidation or they just feel sorry for this person, they werege
6:45 pm
tuspeorter: one can only is pretty convincing. bank customers we spoke to couldn't believe his scam was working. >> you would never take somebody else's check and go cash it for them. >> people like that are very terrible and very sick because they're preying on people's kindness. >> reporter: in one of the instances the suspect opened up the passenger side of a vehicle, got in and then demanded that the driver cash one of his checks. greenbelt police say this is why they need to find this guy as soon as possible. in another instance he reportedly showed a victim a gun. >> he got money from the victim, then went to another store to get more money. >> reporter: how did he get them to go to another location. in the car with him? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: victims scridescri the victim as being 20-25 years of age and 5'7"
6:46 pm
greenbelt police department would like to hear you. some new video just in from dulles international airport, another reunion made possible tonight by the blocking of president trump's immigration order. a syrian national who lives in northern virginia is back together with her husband. he works for the washington hospital center. she was in limbo after flying from qatar last month to visit her sick mother. news4's jackie bensen will share their story tonight on news4 at 11:00. if you didn't see it late saturday night you probably saw it on social media. melissa mccarthy's portrayal of shawn spacer is a hit. >> boo. go ahead! >> yeah. i wanted to ask about the travel ban on muslims. >> it's not a ban! >> i'm sorry. >>th
6:47 pm
which makes it not a >> i'm using your words. you said ban. you said ban. now i'm saying it. >> the president tweeted and i quote, if the ban were announced with a one week notice. >> yeah exactly. you just said that. he's quoting you. it's your words. he's using your words when you use the words and he uses them back. it's circular using of the word and that's from you. seriously, glenn, are you going start with this right out of the gate, glenn? >> got worse from there. in an interview with extra at the super bowl, spicer seemed to take the sketch in stride. he said mccarthy may have exaggerated a little and could dial back her performance just a tad, his words. he also said she should slow down a little bit on the gum chewing. >> it was off the to
6:48 pm
idoug, what do you have for us? >> i've got maybe a little something for everybody. >> okay. >> if you want the warmer weather, we've got that. if you want the colder weather, we've got that. if you want some snow, we might be able to mix that for you. we've only seen 1.4 inches at the airport thus far. places north and west might get a little bit. now as far as what we're dealing with right now, nice and mild, 53 degrees. winds out of the south at 9 miles per hour. that's helping to keep these numbers up. beverly beach coming in at 46 degrees. a little bit cooler along the chesapeake today. no rain now. but we are tracking some. storm team 4 radar tracking this back to the west. not much here. this is actually a warm front that's going to be making its way our way. that warm front will bring us shower
6:49 pm
morning. maybe early around 6, 7, 8:00 tomorrow. look at these temperatures tomorrow. 67 in d.c. tomorrow. the record high is 64, so i think we're going to beat that pretty handily. everybody looking pretty good now. we will see clouds early and some sunshine late in the afternoon. little bit on the windy side too. as a matter of fact, just beautiful. 60 on your wednesday. wednesday we'll see falling temperatures, down to 38 on thursday. again, thursday is the day that we're going to be seeing this. this is early thursday morning now. i mean overnight wednesday night into thursday. morning wet snow, some accumulation mostly on grassy areas. d.c. north and westward. some roads could be slushy. but we think the roads will be okay because we have temperatures in the 60s leading up to this storm. 38 on friday. again if you don't like the cold, i've got more warm weather
6:50 pm
how a ay? that's just amazing. sports coming up. wizards going for their 18th straight at home. lebron james and the cavs in town. what king james thinks is the biggest reason behind the wizards success. ahead for us tonight exclusive new details about the men raid and what we've uncovered was the real reason behind it. combatting human trafficking at 30,000 feet. a flight attendant's heroic action. and is your home automation setup opening the doorto
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> this is one of the games that was flexed to national tv. the wizards are getting the national rex recognition, respect. now come the cavaliers. they put their 17-game win streak on the line, the wizards do against the defending champs on national tv. john wall calling this one what it is, the biggest regular season game he's ever played in. sherree burruss there live. does the atmosphere down there match the meaning going into it?
6:54 pm
we are just about a week away from the all star break. but with the reigning nba champions in town, it kind of feels like a playoff game here at the verizon center. bradley beal says this is just another game. it's just against a tough opponent. but this has going to be a test for this wizards team as they take on the best team in the east. >> they're a great team. proven team. you know, we're climbing. we've definitely been playing great as of late but we still can get better. hopefully we'll be read diready. >> i'm thinking about having a good game, playing against a tough team. >> reporter: do you use this as a measuring stick
6:55 pm
you guys pan out in the east? >> totally. you definitely want to beat them. >> reporter: lebron james says wall is one of the best in the game and an all star for a reason. >> they've won as many games as they've won straight on this home caourt in large part becaue of him. as much as you have to pay attention to him, you have to account for the other guys, brad and markeith. the bench coming in and giving them some production. you've got to focus on them all. >> reporter: a win here tonight marks 18th strait fght for the wizards. it would also be cleveland's fifth loss in their last nine games. super bowl li may go down as one of the great es evest ever t the most viewed. still
6:56 pm
think second and third quarter. it started to get boring. i thought it was over. >> you know what, honest to god truth, i said this ain't over. there's no way that this is over. can i say one thing? >> yeah. >> how many people have a thumber? >> a thumber? >> a thumber. he's got one thumb. no quarterback, the dude is the goat. he is the vote. >> and the first super bowl game to into over time too. >> it was historic. then you saw falcons owner arthur blank. did you see him dancing when -- >> i was excited for him. >> it's tough to have sympathy when they don't run and they lose 23 yards.
6:57 pm
it would have been over. the odd say the patriots only had an 8% chance to come back and win. 25-point deficit for brady. largest comeback in super bowl history. the final image was the lasting image. there's tom brady. he's going to make history. they go to over time. you knew when they won the coin toss -- >> it was over. >> my favorite is the lasting image. that was the scene from the podium. do we have that? >> awkward. >> completely. >> you've got to love that. >> here we go. roger goodell and tom brady. >> and goodell gets off the stage so fast. >> did you hear the
6:58 pm
that meeting? >> that's right. >> so that was the super bowl. we have kirk cousins. we're going to hold that for news4 at 11:00. we're out of town. where's frank? it's league night! 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. bowl without me. frank.' i'm going to get nachos. snack bar's closed. gah! ah, ah ah. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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♪ tonight nbc news exclusive. who u.s. command ors were really hunting for in a mission that killed a navy s.e.a.l. one of the world's most wanted terrorists on tape taunting the president of the united states. travel ban cliff hanger. they appeal a judge's ruling that blocked an order. scenes of emotional family reunions. super mom after tom brady's win for the ages. his mother in a private health battle there for the victory celebration. hero flight attendant. lessons from what she saw and the note she slipped to a passenger and lives she may have saved. and raising the bar. >> a son who turned to a place th


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