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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 7, 2017 4:30am-4:59am EST

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expected later this morning and democrats, their hope is they'll get one more republican to oppose devos, this after two gop members -- prominent members we should say -- >> i think the children and parents and teachers of this country are entitled to a secretary of education who is a champion for public education. they can be a supporter of choice. >> tim kaine there voicing his concern. with such a narrow margin mike pence is expected to cast a vote that will break that 50/50 tie which would be historic. all right. thank you. the trump administration is also defending their controversial executive order on immigration today. in just a matter of hours federal and state lawyers will go before a panel of federal judges in san francisco. that gets started around
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p.m. eastern. government lawyers will argue the president has o th country matter ofntenatiocurity. opponents will argue that president trump violated the constitution and ignored laws passed by congress. today's hearing comes after friday's ruling by a federal judge temporarily stopping the executive order. edward lawrence will have more on what to expect today including a pential compromise by the government. we'll get another check on your weather and traffic. i love that he's talking about this warm weather. >> i know. what do you call it? it's warmer than normal? not normal is good. right? >> i haven't been normal in so long i wouldn't know, but temperatures this afternoon are going to be way above average. our average high now is only 45 and many spots will be at least 20 degrees above average. we are going for the record. that's the first thing you need to know and tomorrow's record is also in some danger that there is a risk of showers and
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rest of the city. lat could end as a period of wet snow early thursday. out the door you go this morning. upper 40s and low 50s. we're already above our average high temperatures. there is rain and some thunderstorms here in southern pennsylvania early this morning. highest rain chances today will be north and west of the city. afternoon temperatures today, yes, up into the upper 60s here in the washington area. now let's go over to melissa mollet and check in on the traffic here on a tuesday morning. >> southbound connecticut avenue after mccomb street in northwest. take a look here. left lane is the only thing getting by. we have some fire department activity hanging around there. that should be out of the way i would think pretty soon. georgia avenue still shut down between emerson and decay totur street. southbound bw parkway the ramp to southbound
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>> it is 4:33. one person is in the hospital for smoke inhalation after an apartment fire in northwest washington. the fire started last night in connecticut avenue right across from the national zoo. some people evacuated on their own and some were told to shelter this place by d.c. firefighters. the person taken to the hospital was sheltering in place. fire crews are looking for hot spots now that the flames are out at a trash disposal plant in lorton. you remember that huge fire that burned three stories worth of trash for days. it started thursday and was finally extinguished yesterday. due to the massive amount of garbage searching for hot shots could take more days. >> right now, a 12-year-old boy is missing in frederick, maryland. police want you to take a good look at michael white's photo. he was last seen at his home early last night. call police if you see
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protesting against hiring new d.c. police officers. they say there are other ways for the district to promote public safety that don't involve the police. today the d.c. council will vote on an emergency bill to increase the force from 3,700 officers to 4,200 officers. councilman vincent gray says new recruits are not keeping up with the pace of retirement and the d.c. police department is at a 10-year low. >> we have a crisis now. we have a situation now that we need to work on. we have the resources available to do this, so this is a chance for people to step up right now and say, i support the people of the district of columbia who recognize the increases in crime that we've had. >> the extra officers would be funded by the $64 million already being collected from
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fees and m tro shows some improvement but a lot of work ne ke you safe. here's the good news. that report says overall crime on metro properties is down. phones and bike thefts, murders and burglaries dropped nearly 5% last year. however, violent assaults and crimes in parking lots increased. the metro -- the minnesota avenue station on the orange line had the most crime in 2016. metro transit police are looking to hire more officers. by tonight the city of fairfax will have a new mayer. polls open at 6:00 this morning for a special election to replace the former mayor. he was arrested in a sex undercover police bust. you have until 7:00 tonight to vote at any of the city's six polling locations. there's a new effort to force the redskins to change their name. those behind
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that they are fighting anini an effort to have d.c., maryland and virginia all agree to with hold public funding for a new stadium if the name doesn't change. but other d.c. officials would welcome and return to the site of the stadium. lebron, and got it. >> did you see that shot? i guess that's why they call him king james. the wizards and the cavs into overtime last night. an amazing three-pointer with seconds to go. the wizards loss their first loss at home in exactly two months. now, going into the game it wasn't clear whether it would be as important for the cavaliers. they are the reigning champions but these teams fought really hard. a lot of people saying this looked like the finals.
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game year. wizards saying good job and we will see you in the playoffs. everyone's talking about that three-pointer. bradley beale had a bunch of three pointers. >> this is like street ball. >> the cavs are the reigning champions and we held in there and almost won, i should have gone to that game. >> 4:37 right now. and good morning. i'm chuck bell. it's cloudy but it is not cold outside at all. and we are going to probably set a new record high temperature today, a plus weather for all your outdoor activities coming up this afternoon, but it comes to a crashing end with a chance of rain ending as snow as early as thursday morning. complete check of that changeover from spring back to winter coming right up. >> it's not something you usually hear after a plane crash. a pilot survives. what rescue crews are crediting with saving his life.
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more information about a shooting. angie is working that story from the live desknd will bring a
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breaking news in the district. >> someone has shot- someone was shot and killed and angie has details. >> eun, aaron, deadly shooting investigation underway as you mentioned. this is all we know. limited details at this point. police confirming the shooting a
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new video ino 1,500 block there in northeast 2:30 this m adult male was shot. he died. no suspect information has been released at this point. no motive has been released either, but we continue to make calls and we will follow up and bring you the latest throughout the show. thank you. right now montgomery county police need your help finding this man. 23-year-old matthew barry has not been seen since friday. police say the bethesda man was driving a 2009 honda accord with maryland tags 7cr 5708. barry is 6'1" with light brown hair and wears glasses. here's his picture. if you see him, call police. a pilot is lucky to be alife after crashing his plane in prince george's county. >> the 64-year-old pilot
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he was taking off from potomac airfield yesterday when he started to have trouble. he says the plane lost power and started going down. he eventually crashed into a large tree. >> i think the safety systems did their job. he was seat belted in obviously and certainly by the impact, i mean, the plane probably did what it was designed to do from the damage on it. >> the pilot was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. he was flying back to rhode island after spending the weekend with family. another day of closures for a d.c. school riddled with rodents and insects. when students could return. and our app week continues this morning with apps that came to keep you and your family sa
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now at 4:45, take a look at some of the stories we're working on for you this morning. the search is on in arlington for a suspicious man accused of following students near washington lee high school. the police want you and your kids to be on the lookout. we are also working for you to keep you and your family safe at home. a look at the hottest security apps out there and just how well they work before you think about spending any money on them. d.c. police hope new video will uncover the vandals who torched a limousine on inauguration day. the second suspect threw an object damaging another vehicle. if you recognize these two people, call police. now, back to president trump's first 100 days at 4:45 w r
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education secretary nominee betsy devos. they've been speaking through the night voicing their opposition to her. this is expected to end around noon when the senate is expected to vote on her confirmation. they hope to convince one more republican to vote against devos. >> edward, could democrats get another republican on their side at this point or this is just really an opposition, a protest? >> reporter: well, at the moment, eun, this is a delay tactic to delay this vote as long as possible. the senators are speaking inside. the senator from connecticut is speaking there but they are trying to delay. at the moment senate is 50/50 and it doesn't look like anyone else will defect to the other side so this could be a vote 50/50 decided by vice president mike pence. >> let's turn to the court hearing tonight on the
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immigration -- hinting at a potential out that? >> reporter: the government is very adamant that this travel ban need to go into place, but one of the arguments that they did make, they said at the very minimum, the ban should be only covering students and teachers, because the state's case rests on those people who have been in the united states on visas for students and work permits going abroad and who want to come back. so in this brief, the federal government says that the state at the very minimum it should only cover those students and teachers. >> all right. thank you. that is a scene we are seeing a lot more lately, reunions for families split up when one person traveled overseas and wasn't allowed back because of the president's travel ban three weeks ago. she left her home to visit her mother who's
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treatment as a's executive orde banning pe several muslim countries including syria went into effect. >> it really make me afraid and i thought that maybe i will not see my husband again. >> she has agreed to be a part of the state of virginia's lawsuit against the immigrati order. police want you to watch out for a scammer targeting people at atms. there have been nine victims since november. officers say this man is approaching bank kus messrcusto atms. each time he asked the unsuspecting customers to cash fraudulent checks on his behalf. >> intimidation or they feel sorry for this person, they are getting taken advantage
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of the man who's following students near an arlington high school. last week officers say a man followed an 11-year-old girl who was walking near 15th street and north stafford street. two days later two boys noticed a man, possibly the same suspect trailing them near 13th street and north nelson. all the children were able to get away. additional police will patrol around washington lee high school today. savoy students will have another day off today. classrooms will begin for the students tomorrow at ferebee hope elementary and that's all happening because savoy is being ex- terminated for bedbugs and roden rodents. one father told us bite marks on his daughter's arms which doctors told looked like bedbug bites. >> we wanted
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checked. >> the decisionofficials hope t the school by the end of the month. and here's more information on bedbugs. clutter can provide a place for the bug to exist. simply cleaning is not enough to tackle the problem. bedbugs can be difficult to kill because they are tiny, thin and can hide in very narrow cracks. they typically require pest management professionals rather than just interim nexterminator. most reactions to bite include redness of the skin, swelling and itching. valentine's day is now a week away and we live in a pretty good spot to celebrate that holiday. wallet hub ranks d.c. as one of the b
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bottom. >> right. if you like to thro flowers or chocolates or free course meals my way, feel free. >> at you? >> at you. >> i'm a pretty good catch. >> some of our restaurants ought to have financing available because they're pricey. >> i'm surprised san francisco made the top it's very expensive there. >> is it ever going to be a crazy warm day to the outside today. yesterday we made 61 degrees. today some places might touch 70. 70 degrees on this 7th of february. very unusual for sure. there are even also very unusual thunderstorms south of pittsburgh this morning. this little cluster of moderately heavy rain is going to go
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winchester to martinsburg to hagerstown, your rain chances are much higher there than the washington area. lowest chances down near culpepper later on today. there's that pocket of moderately heavy rain right along the maryland/pennsylvania border. most of that rain chance looks like it stays north of leesburg, northern montgomery county but i couldn't rule out a quick sprinkle from now until lunchtime. south of those roads looks like it will be mostly dry and we'll get enough sunshine i think later on today to get temperatures way above average and possibly into the record books. 48 now in gaithersburg. 52 at dulles. keep in mind our average high now is only 45, so way up above average later today. just enough sunshine. i think the record which is only 64 is as good as dead in the water here this morning. i'm forecasting 69 f a
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washington today. 70 in culpepper. a little cooler right along the chesapeake bay. then for tomorrow predawn sprinkles or showers. most of the daylight hours tomorrow will be dry with increasing cloud cover, risk of showers goes up much more as we get into late wednesday night and thursday morning. that is a chance of snow right here in the d.c. metro. so this is going to be a quick return back to some very cold weather on thursday. rain/snow could get a couple of inches along the i-81 corridor. i don't know that we can accumulate any snow in and around town. and wondering about the weekend, how about back up to 65 on your sunday? >> i like that. we just have to get there. all right. taking a look here at a couple of things happening and one that has now gotten out of the way for us. that ramp to southbound kenil worth avenue, no problems there. beltway is fine. southbound connecticut
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comb street, activity georgia avenue blocked there between emerson street and decatur street in northwest because of that police investigation. a live look at 270 coming up. thinking about setting a security system in your home? there's an app for that. and so much more. we'll take a look at some of the popular apps that promise to keep you and your family safe and whether they really work. a new push to have your kids get the hpv vaccine. why they may not need as many doses if they have it done sooner rather than later. >> and pothole patrol. tweet us with
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in news 4 your health now there is a new recommendation for the vaccine that prevents some cancers. the centers for disease control say children who get immunized for the hpv vaccine need only two doses if they're under 15. some parents say they don't want to have to explain how the virus is usually transmitted which is sexually. >> the longer you wait to give your kid the vaccine the more you're making it about sex. >> the vaccine is recommended for 11 to 26-year-olds but doctors say it is most effective
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if they get it early they will only need two doses instead of three. well, you know there are these sounds that you just can't stand? >> yeah, nails on a chalk board, loud chewing? well, some researchers found out that the emotions part of the brain goes into overdrive when some people hear irritating sounds. some noises can even cause people to have panic attacks. >> do you have any noises like that? i don't think so. >> the loud food chewing does it for me. look no further for home security than your smart phone. >> justin finch is working for you with a rundown of four apps you can use to start feeling safer at home. >> you can organize them for certain topics like safety -- >> reporter: home security now in the palm of your hand. >> whenever i
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check it out and go oka rerter: told you about a series of break ins in a community in glenwood mews neighborhood. he says many of his neighbors turned to next door. the app is like an online message board featuring posts from police and residents. to stay on guard, neighbors can also use texting apps like group me which keeps users in constant news chat style and share pictures. >> reporter: no camera is needed. there's a list of all of the cameras that you have online. >> reporter: they can link several smart device cameras for free. it charges monthly fees for multiple camera connections with cloud based recording.
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good morning, everybody. it is 5:a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're talking about a huge warmup. big. >> chuck bell is in the storm team 4 weather center with a look at our weather head lines this morning. we'll get to sheena who's out in the field for us this morning. let's start with chuck bell. >> good morning. we are talking about a little chance for some rain drops here early this morning. most of the rain is in the northern half of the news 4 nation this morning. couldn't completely rule out a few drops around the city but the bulk of the rain chance is up across parts of northern maryland. hancock maryland by about 6:15 this morning. gainsboro coming in at 6:30. so if you're living or traveling out there in the next couple of hours rain chances are going up, up, up.


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