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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 7, 2017 6:00am-6:49am EST

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another reason to brag about our city will beur kd ofr ces back ave a new record high set today. a quick chance for a passing shower wednesday night into thursday is likely to be the rainiest part of the week and that may end with a period of wet snow early on thursday morning. i'll give you the whole five-day forecast coming up at 6:21. first thing to know about this morning though, there are rain drops moving toward winchester and hagerstown. the most of the rain chances today will be on the north side of the d.c. metro area but as far as temperatures go, let's go to my colleague sheena parveen. she's got ideas on exactly how warm and what to wear.
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i'm live at many the forecain t. maybe a few est of the day will be dry later on this afternoon. that is where we're talking about some record high temperatures. temperatures closer to 70 in some spots and many record highs for today are in the mid-60s. enjoy it for now. tomorrow we're also going to be unseasonably warm. the normal highs in the mid-40s about 20 degrees or more above normal for the area today and tomorrow but we're back to reality on thursday. a much colder thursday with a chance of snow coming up we'll take a look at that for your forecast, but for now let's check the roadways with melissa mollet. >> so chopper 4 headed to the outer loop of
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van dorn ood right now. u street northwest at 10th street that is that fatal pedestrian crash from overnight. lanes are blocked because of that accident and investigators are on the scene. we just spoke with police and it should be out of the way within the hour or so. >> single tracking on the orange line and blue and silver between armory and addison road. all right. thank you. right now an overnight debate continues inside the u.s. capitol, this over the future of our education system. democrats are trying to derail the confirmation of betsy devos as education secretary. >> angie has been watching this all nighter. she's at the live desk with what we are hearing on capitol hill right now. >> good morning. yeah, that talkathon continuing as we take a live look. democrats taking turns
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morning objecting to president um vee familiar to our area. >> she doesn't cherish education. she doesn't value it. >> from my hometown of alexandria, quote, while many of our cabinet picks worry me, none worry me more than betsy devos for secretary of education. >> and mark warner also taking part in this 24 hour push. this is expected to go up until noon when the senate holds the final vote. >> thank you. and democrats are trying to get one more republican to vote against betsy devos. right now that vote is deadlocked at 50/50 for and against with two republicans joining democrats in opposition to devos last week. that
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pence will have to vote to break the a decisive vote in confirming a cabinet nominee. in just a matter of hours a federal appeals court will hear arguments over president trump's immigration order. it gets started at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. government lawyers will argue the president has the power to decide what noncitizens can come into the country when it is a matter of international security. >> opponents will argue president trump violated the constitution and ignored laws passed by congress. today's hearing comes after friday's ruling by a federal judge temporarily stopping the executive order. it's led to several reunions at dulles airport. your time right now is 6:04. breaking news in the last hour and a half. we found out that a woman was killed in d.c. overnight. he was hit by a car. this happened at 10th street northwest right off u street. the car that hit the woman stayed on the scene, but they
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didn't say anything else about how this happened. >> we w on? all right. angie is not there right now.oo gh he was last seen early last night. call frederic him. one person is in the hospital for smoke inhalation after an apartment fire in northwest washington. the fire started last night on connecticut avenue right across from the national zoo. some people evauated the building while others were told to shelter in place by d.c. firefighters. metro hopes to cut down on time you spend waiting for a train by removing the least reliable rail cars. metro general manager says starting next week the 4,000 series cars will be phased out by the end of the
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accrime report that tells you jt how safe you are while you ride the system. >> justin finch is live at the minnesota avenue station for a break down on the crime stats. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. first the not so good news. the minnesota avenue happens to top the list of ten stations with the most reported crimes back in 2016. this finds crime is trending down overall but still in 2016 the agency found violent assaults are on the rise. same for crimes in parking lots. trending down though, robberies, burglaries and cell phone and bike thefts. though across the system metro finds eight of its top ten stations reporting the highest crime counts in 2016 are on the green line. and as metro transit policeve
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rending riders to be on the when you see suspicious things and also to remain on gourd despite this crime downturn. >> thank you, justin. hundreds of people are going to be out of work as metro tries to cut back on spending. general manager announced the agency is eliminating 200 jobs. the cuts are necessary to close a $300 million budget gap. the agency already cut 500 jobs last year. all right. we want to go back to angie at the live desk with some breaking news in montgomery county. >> we continue to follow the search for someone who's missing right now. this is in the great falls area and it has been suspended. crews have paused it overnigh
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the operation we know included . officials saying that the search will likely resume lar this morning but they did not give us a timetable. back to you. all right. thank you. 6:0 l rig 6:08 right now. you can now vote for the fairfax' special mayoral election. you have until 7:00 tonight to vote at any of the city's six polling locations. this special election replaces former mayor who resigned after he was arrested in a meth for sex undercover police bust. >> love, lebron, and got it! >> what a shot. there's lebron doing lebron, the cavaliers sent the wizards into overtime last night with that
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biel too. he was ju what? this game was really important and they didn't really know how important it was for the cavaliers as well. they are reigning champions but it was a tough battle. even the nba tweeted it calling it the game of the year. look at this. this is the reaction. the wizards said good job and we will see you many the plin the . >> they're just playing great basketball. >> we will see them in the playoffs for sure. >> a report released overnight, why it's considered one of the best places to live. >> and we are outside bringing you your storm team 4 forecast. >> reporter: hey, good morning. i'm live in college park at the
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metro stop here and we're looking at a chilly that's coming up. >> plus, we are onworkoroads ne. 6ur time is once again, this wondrous thing called "luck" shines on a new day. where will it shine today?
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no one knows for sure.
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welcome back. we are going to see a warmup, record breaking temperatures perhaps. >> sheena parveen thought she'd go outside. she wanted to test the air a little bit before the warmup rolls in. how does it feel? >> reporter: yeah, well, before the warmup it's a little bit chilly this morning i will say so before you head out you'll want the jacket this morning but you will not want it this afternoon. we're talking about temperatures breaking some record highs today.
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around 50 degrees for most of 45 gaithersburg. 49 degrees in the district and 56 quantico this morning. here's what it looks like today. early for the morning commute, a chance for a few showers to move in. by noon already around 60 degrees. by 5:00 p.m., 69 for a high temperature today. that's a record high temperature, so these are unseasonably warm temperatures. almost 15 to 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. so coming up we'll talk about how much longer it's going to last and chuck will have a check on the radar and also our next snow chance. let's check the roadways with melissa mollet. good morning. >> chopper 4 still on the way to this situation outer loop after van dorn street. what we know right now is that we have two lanes blocked here this morning. u street northwest there at 10th street. lanes blocked there because of that fatal pedestrianra
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this should be out of the way remember to listen to just a wild scene playing out in philadelphia. look at this. police say a naked man stole a taxi and started speeding through the city. this all started when the cab stopped to drop off a woman. as the woman got out she was attacked by a man who took off his clothes and stole the cab. he crashed into a curb and good samaritans rushed to stop him. the man was arrested and the woman who was attacked is expected to be okay. new surveillance video may
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help d.c. police catch the the second suspect threw an man who police say robbed an alexandria bank. police released these photos from inside the credit union at potomac yard shopping center. he received cash and then took off. no one was hurt, but if you do spot this man call police. green belt police want you to watch out for a scammer targeting people at atms. there have been nine victims since november. here's a picture of the man. officers say he is approaching bank customers at the capital one banks at beltway plaza and the greenway shopping center. each time he asks unsuspecting customers to cash fraudulent checks on his behalf. if you recognize the mana
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fire crews are looking for h of trash. it started on thursday and finally extinguished yesterday. days because there is so much garbage. 6:17 now, the patriots are back home and they are holding a big celebration today. people are probably already lined up for the super bowl dhamp i don't know ship parade. it doesn't begin for another five ours but that's not going to stop anyone. patriots won in houston with the biggest comeback in super bowl history, but it seemed like there was only one thing quarterback tom brady could think about after this. where's my jersey? it went missing and now dan patrick says he is going to help track it down. he said in a statement quote, it is important that history does not record that brady's jersey was stolen in the state. >> and that is a very valuable historic it.
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>> as soon as you try to all quality of life. d.c. moved four spots from last year to make it to the top five. people said that the district has a strong job market and high quality of life. austin, texas, took the number one spot followed by denver, colorado, san jose california was third. >> cost of living is pretty high in d.c. >> that must not be a big part of the equation. >> they have to take in all the different for sure. >> normally we have four seasons. we seem to be missing out on one of them this year. >> no complaints here. >> you've had about ten cold days this entire winter. if you're trying to get outside and enjoy the weather today and tomorrow will be good days to do it. still a risk of a quick shower or two
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ut this afternoon mild and dry the week. so it's the transition wednesd into thursday that i'm focusing on here. here's wednesday afternoon at 4:00. that little ribbon of rain chances there, that's the cold front coming through. it will take a little while behind that though. rain starts to move in by about 9:00, 10:00 wednesday fight. it's the transition from wednesday night into thursday morning that we're watching most carefully. here's 2:00 a.m. thursday and this blue, that is a chance for wet snow to move back into the area for the first part of the day on thursday. this is not our forecast. this is computer output of how much snow there might be and this is on grassy areas. the roads are going to be really warm so it's going to be tough to accumulate snow or ice on the local roadways but i sure couldn't rule out if some slushy snowfall accumulations thursday morning. today most o ifth going to be north and west of
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especially with the breeze around but really not that bad. wheyo they're bundled up a little bit but they will not need that this afternoon. we're talking about record high temperatures. currently at mostly many the about the mid to low 50s across the area. some spots in the upper 40s right now. but we beale running 15 to almost 20 degrees above normal for this time of year or i should say 20 to 25 degrees above normal and you can see that with your commute forecast. let's see when the warmth is going to end. he
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chance of a shower or two today prweather. thursday is the big sticky spot in the forecast for rain and snow chances and friday morning after everything's done falling from the sky we'll be down near 20 degrees so it might be a black ice issue on the roads on friday morning. that will keep melissa mollet on her toes. >> that's going to be hard for everybody. that's one of the worst days around for everybody. chopper 4 over the outer loop here ativan dorn street checking things out. that earlier crash is now gone so chopper 4 is going to move on for us this morning to the outer loop at georgia avenue. brand new report of a crash many the left lane so they're going to head that way. u street northwest at 10th street. lanes blocked because of that fatal crash. this should be out of the way the next 40 minutes or so. they believe they'll wrap things up by
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farmington road, broken down silver between stadium armory andis back here in ten minutes. thank you. so do you hate having to figure out what to wear every day? apparently google wants to help you decide. >> coming up how the search engine is getting into your closet. first though, home safety can be as simple as a download. we'll tell you about the best smart phone as tppo
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>> here are three other apps you might want to considersiices into home video cameras using your home wifi. you can open the apps on your main phone to peek back at home. many thing and presence are free services but they charge fees for the extra perks. >> group me is free as well but it keeps multiple users in constant context over text and allows for picture sharing. marathon on capitol hill. senators were up talking while you were sleeping. an update on the education secretary confirmation battle. pothole problems. we are
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roads on your commute and how yoge and chuck will have z29kvz zstz y29kvy ysty
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z29ksz zstz y29ksy ysty
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i'm angie here at the live desk. democrats fight to deny the president's pick for education secretary. >> reporter: on pothole patrol for craters that can do a lot of damage to your car. >> reporter: and i'm live at the metro stop in college park. a chilly start to the morning but record highs later on today. i'll show you how long that will last. and good morning, everyone. it's 6:30. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. melissa monitoring the roads and sheena is live watching conditions outside. >> first we'll check in with chuck bell with the four things we need to know how this co
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>> today es temperature of the entire year. every othercoth passing shower mainly north of the city this morning. wednesday night, rain may very well turn into thursday morning snow. so for today, no more than a passing shower or two early today. most of the daylight hours will be dry and incredibly warm. temperatures today soaring into the mid and upper 60s i think nearly everyone gets above 64 which is the record. forecasting 69 in washington today. 71 in fredericksburg. even our friends and neighbors here mid to upper 60s today. for now it is traffic time. that means melissa mollet. >> so right now take a k.
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northwest. u street shut down there at 10th street because of that fatal pedestrian crash earlier today. as you zoom out you can see overall beltway looking okay with the exception of that problem outer loop at georgia. that's where chopper is headed now. >> thank you. it is 6:31 and capitol hill is awake and while you were sleeping senators were making the case against president trump's pick for education secretary. they've been speaking all night long in an attempt to derail betsy devos' confirmation. if they convince one more senator to go against her, she will not be confirmed. >> and today, the trump administration is also facing a high stakes showdown over the executive order on immigration. the federal
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passed by congress. and we could see another da president's executive order is on hold. >> several families have been e reunited since friday's ruling temporarily stopping the order. that includes a virginia couple. she left behind to see her mother in qatar. she was on the flight home when the president's order temporarily banning people holding passports from several muslim majority countries including syria. >> it really make me afraid and i felt that maybe i will not see my husband again. >> she has agreed to be a part of the state of virginia's lawsuit against the immigration
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are wog killed on irving street northeast at around 2:00 this morning. when we learn more about this indent we'll send out an alert on the nbc washington app. about 200 people took to the street to protest the idea of hiring new d.c. police officers. today the d.c. council will vote on an emergency bill to increase the force from 3,700 officers to 4,200. nearly $64 million from automated traffic enforcement fees and fines will pay for those officers to stay on the force for five years. the salaries would be doubled in their final year to keep them from retiring. it is a prep day for teachers at savoy elementary school. >> they're getting their new temporary classrooms at another d.c. school building. classes will begin for
6:34 am
there tomorrow at ferebee hope elearrm told us bite marks on his daughter'ss wch doctors told him look like bedbugs. >> we wanted the school to be shut down and checked thoroughly, not just a room in the school check. the whole school. >> the decision to temporarily close the entire school happened on friday after a parent meeting. school officials hope to reopen savoy elementary by the end of the month. a pilot is lucky to be alive after crashing his plane in prince george's county. look at the scene there. the pilot says the plane lost power shortly after takeoff at the potomac airfield in fort washington yesterday. the plane crashed into a large tree. the pilot managed to call 911 and led rescuers to his location. the 64-year-old pilot was not seriously hurt.
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to your car. we're checking on the roads and why you may see fewer this season. >> reporter: good morning. we're now on connecticut avenue no nrt west d.c. where of course we've got potholes, we've got smooth spots, it's tricky. i mean, anybody who drives in the city knows hi ddot working around the clock, really around the year to fix these potholes. we're asking you to tweet us your pictures of potholes in your neighborhood. what you have to deal with and 4 pothole fix so we can get that information out so we can fix them right away. they try to get to these potholes within 72 hours of hearing about them. they get about 30 calls a day. here's what ddot is saying. >> because of the volume of
6:36 am
colu, potholes, what you have to deal with at 4d we'll get that information out to the right folks to get those craters in the roads filled. and fixed. back to you guys. >> we are getting ready for a sentimental sendoff. what a sad day for bao bao the giant panda is leaving china -- for china two weeks from today. so time is limited. two weeks left to go to the zoo to see bao bao. we posted a gallery of photos through the years as we watched her grow up. you can also see her on the panda cam 24/7 from february 16th until the
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the international zoo is going to hold some ca send a farewel message with the #bye bye bao bao. >> somebody could be tracking what you watch and selling that information. and it may come down to what kind of tv you have. a big company taking action after a major lawsuit. plus, we have the top crime spots on metro. find out whether the stop you're using this morning is on that list. >> reporter: good morning. i'm live in college park at the metro stop where it's a chilly start but quickly temperatures will be warming up to record levels. we're talking about a warm spll. i'lle
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creating a cleaner environmebyn energy to work like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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take a look at this.fong you're going to want to allow some extra time. you can te if you want for at least the section that goes through rockville and bethesda looks a lot better than this does. and good morning, everybody. while people are grimacing about the traffic they'll be smiling about the forecast. >> reporter: chuck, i think so. this morning a little chilly, might want a jacket before you head out, but i promise you'll be shedding that jacket later on today. we're talking about temperatures near record levels or beating those record levels so the forecast is that we are going to break those record high temperatures. right now we're at
6:42 am
district. we're talking about 20 to 25 degrees above normal for this time of year, so unseasonably warm temperatures. take a closer look at that, plus some rain chances in our future. let's head over to chuck in the studio. good morning. >> good morning. yes, indeed, rain chances are increasing a bit here for our friends in northern maryland. this line of light rain showers from about interstate 66 out towards gainesville and the plains. that ripple of rain chances is going to be grazing through the metro area over the next hour or two. doesn't look like much rain for the d.c. metro. a little more rain along the pennsylvania border. once this moves out most of the remainder of the day will be dry. then for tomorrow, another dry day, a start dry anyway and rain chances coming back later on in the day tomorrow. could end with snow on thursday morning. more about that at 6:0051. >>
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ut z29kuz zstz
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y29kuy ysty
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right now democrats are on the senate floor. >> we are one vote away from changing where we are on this nomination. >> a last minute effort to block president trump's secretary of
6:46 am
>> airport reunns a crazy shot and a heart breake. >> and it's not a bad assignment to be outside live this morning and we could hit a record high temperature live later on today. this is news 4 today. >> we begin with that all night talkathon trying to fight the confirmation of betsy devos as the next education secretary. >> today we expect to see vice president mike pence coming in to make history and as it stands now the senate is divided 50/50 over the pick and the vice president will be the tie breaker. we're following the
6:47 am
from the live desk. >> good morning. five hours they will be successful in convincing one more republican to stand with them and against the president's pick for education secretary betsy devos. overnight, virginia senator tim kaine made an emotional statement about the history of education in the state of virginia. >> i think you can start to see why supporting public education today is very, very important in virginia. because in my lifetime we didn't. in my lifetime we closed public schools down rather than let kids learn together if their skin colors were different. >> getting one more gop member on their side would be enough to block devos' confirmation. the marathon session expected to last right up to the final vote at noon. stay with news 4 here and on the nbc washington app and watch us on news 4 midday. 'l
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president trump's immigration executi each side will have 30 minutes to make its case. government lawyers will argue the president has the power to decide which noncitizens can come into the country when it's a matter of international security. opponents argue president trump violated the constitution and ignored laws passed by congress. >> yes, of course the president has broad powers with these executive orders but it is not unfetterred. everybody must follow the rule of law. >> today's hearing comes after friday's ruling by a federal judge temporarily stopping the executive order. >> we're following breaking news out of northwest washington now. d.c. police investigating a deadly accident at 10th and u streets. we found out that a woman was struck and killed there. it's not clear if she was in the cross
6:49 am
the driver stayed on the open. >> 6:49 your time now and your safer riding metro this morning than you were a year ago. that's according to a new crime report from the transit agency. >> some crimes are increasing. justin finch is life ve at the minnesota avenue station to explain why you could be in danger before you even board a train. >> reporter: good morning. metro is urging riders to remain on guard and to keep texting when they see something suspicious and though crime overall is down based on 2016 numbers we found that some crimes are creeping up here. we're talking about violent assaults and crimes in parking lots for one. reports of cell phone and bike thefts, robberies and burglaries are falling. with this data metro transit police can continue with assigning officers where they are needed most which may include the
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download our news 4 app. back in to you. >> thahe election. you have until 7:00 tonight to vote at any of the city's six polling locations. the special election replaces former mayor who resigned after he was arrested in a meth for sex undercover police bust. well, after a pretty incredible game, the wizards are thinking, we'll see you in the playoffs. >> they fought until the very end against the cavaliers. what a game. >> here's love, lebron, and got
6:51 am
year.first loss at home. the wizards play in brooklyn tomorrow night. it looks like a finals game. that's how exciting it was. going back and forth, tying things up. >> hopefully we'll have some more like that. want to get to some breaking news and traffic this morning. melissa mollet has that. >> 270 southbound just before the spur, six-car crash now on the right side of the roadway. doesn't matter. this is a six-mile backup. chopper 4 is showing us this morning. very slow, the crash right here in front of the montgomery county bus lot. so seeing real slowdowns there. inner loop before pennsylvania avenue,
6:52 am
still seeing typical delays up top. crash blocking the lane in the tollway. bottom of the beltway has recovered. no problems there. top of the beltway, same situation with those routes. 270 a mess this morning. right now top of the beltway looking slow as well because of that earlier problem. outer loop at georgia, inbound 66 slow, quantico to the beltway, not so bad. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on these travel troubles. and good morning, everybody. here are your weather headlines for today. another plane load of folks making their way down the river. cloudy this morning but mild. temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. there are some showers, rain
6:53 am
oohere in the morning eaksrhurs looking like a rain/snow mix combination is likely on thursday morning. so here's future weather starting wednesday afternoon. not today. wednesday afternoon, clouds come in with a cold front by wednesday night 10:00 rain showers moving in. after midnight, wednesday night into the wakeup hours of thursday morning likely to be some wet snow around here. it actually could accumulate, mainly on grassy areas because temperatures for the most part will be at or above the freezing mark but on the grassy areas we could be seeing a little bit in the way of accumulating snow. once these are gone though, sheena, looks like the rest of the day we'll be sitting pretty. >> reporter: yeah, chuck, once they're gone the jackets that you have on this morning you can easily get rid of them. we're talking about record high temperatures in the forecast. i'm live at the college park mo
6:54 am
their morning with their jackets on but you we're talking about temperatures running 20 to 25 degrees above normal for this time of year. so look at these records. the record high for dulles coming in in the mid-60s. we'll break those this afternoon especially after these few showers move through. what you need to wear is a raincoat this morning for part of the area. for later on make sure you have the short sleeves with you and the sunglasses too. let's take a look at that ten-day and see how long the warm air will last. >> we are a bit l of a roller coaster ride. mid to upper 60s. then cold and wet around here on thursday. temperatures at or above freezing so roads may not be an issue on thursday, but friday morning could have a bit of an icy road issue on friday morning warming right back up over the weekend. keeping in mindur
6:55 am
most of the next ten live with the latest on rtorter: hi, guys. we're live at maryland avenue and 12th here in southwest. it looks like the large police investigation is dwindling down now. cars are moving. beforehand, nobody was going anywhere throughout several blocks here. there is still police presence on the scene. the investigation into whatever the police looking for -- were looking for continues. not sure of exactly what the issue was, and people are still going -- are now going into some of the office buildings in this area. we're at d street here walking down to d street, maryland
6:56 am
information to see what this police investigation was all about and when we get that we'll bring it right to you live on the air and inside our app. back to you. >> thank you. a popular smart tv brand will have to pay more than $2 million for tracking and selling customer data to marketers. >> the federal trade commission settled the claim with vizio. that information on what customers were watching was sold to marketers without customers' knowledge or consent. viz owe said customer names and contact information were not given out. google is partnering with h and m to track data in a new way and the two companies are designing personalized data dress so they can be paired with an android app. >>
6:57 am
indiecte to hit the market this fall. >> very high tech. >> i'm uncomfortable with that. here's your forecast then. a record shattering 69 degrees today. rain showers arrive late wednesday night. some wet rain and snow on thursday morning. taking a look at our biggest problem right now. 270 southbound, a six-mile backup right now because of a six-car crash on the right side of the roadway. >> and that is the broadcast this morning. >> the "today" show is next
7:00 am
protest the confirmation of president trump's pick for education secretary. >> ms. devos has failed to make the grade. >> if you cannot be a champion of public schools, you should not be secretary of education. >> will vice president mike pence make history by casting an unprecedented tiebreaker. an appeals court set to hear arguments over the president's travel ban, as the white house issues a compromise that would allow an exception for some travelers. stormy weather. powerful systems acro


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