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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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makowsky. makowsky. now at 11:00, watching and waiting. three judges prepare to rule on the president's temporary travel ban, the case possibly headed to the supreme court. congress takes on d.c.'s death with dignity law.
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off the books. and thousands of you use it every day, tonight a major step towards repairs on the arlington memorial bridge. >> it's common sense. you know, some things are law, and i'm all in favor of it. and some things are common sense. this is common sense. president trump defending his executive order, which temporarily bans immigration from seven countries. >> tonight, it's on hold and it's up to three appeals court judges whether it stays that way. chris lawrence starts us off tonight with the arguments they heard tonight. chris? >> no one came out of this hearing unscathed. the justice department lawyer was trying to make the case the seven nations pose the greatest risk of terrorism and had to defend the scope of president trump's power. >> the president comes into office with an obti
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our country. the president understands and it explains in the order that these visa screening procedures are crucial. >> are you arguing then that the president's decision in that regard is unreviewable? >> reporter: the justice department is trying to get the executive order reinstated while the legal challenges are going on. it blocks people na iraq, iran, somalia, libya, syria and yemen from coming into the u.s. but the government offered a compromise. allow people in if they've been admitted to the u.s. before and simply wish to come back. the state of washington solicitor general argued that the travel ban favors one religion over another, but judges demanded to hear evidence of actual religious discrimination. >> so what is it that should lead us to conclude you've got a likelihood of success to
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the religious animus you allege? >> for starters, that the president called for a complete ban on the entry of muslims. >> and is this that ban? >> no. >> the ruling could affect thousands of families here in our areas and the judges say it's highly likely they'll reach a decision this week. >> chris, thank you. president trump's pick for attorney general will likely be confirmed tomorrow. democrats don't have the numbers to block senator jeff sessions' appointment, but they're pulling a late night to go on record with their opposition. today they forced vice president mike pence to cast a tiebreaking vote and confirm betsy devos as education secretary. it's the first time any vice president has ever had to break a tie to confirm a cabinet member. turning to our weather now and a winter storm watch now in effect for
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>> doesn't seem possible, doug, after the day we had today. what is going on? >> really amazing when you think about that. exactly. temperatures today, record-breaking, we simply shattered records across our region today. in the high temperature today, 73 today in d.c., 74 in richmond, 59 hagerstown. cold air just to the north, snowing in parts of new york and boston little bit earlier. but now the warm air is here. showers will come through the region tonight. but here's the next system. it's all snow already back towards omaha, nebraska, that storm moves our way. that storm is making its way to winchester, martinsburg, frederick, and areas to the north and west. it doesn't include d.c. i'll show you why it doesn't, and what you can expect in your region. i've got the latest snowfall totals. see you back here in about ten minutes. >> see you
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a dangerous storm is moving fast across the deep south tonight after uneleashing three tornadoes in south louisiana, including new orleans. families left homeless and tens of thousands are without power tonight. among the worst hit areas, new orleans east, in some of the same neighborhoods ravaged by hurricane katrina more than a decade ago. >> it's overwhelming. and to think of the work that has to be done to rebuild a second time, it's a lot. >> police are going door to door tonight, checking on residents who might be trapped. the storm system is still threatening millions as it moves east toward florida. the date is set now for d.c.'s first real showdown with the new congress. on monday, the house oversight committee will take up a bill to block d.c.'s death with dignity law. that's also two days before d.c.
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hill to lobby for statehood. news 4's jackie bensen met with some of them tonight. >> reporter: organizers only expected a few people. they ended up with a full house. >> we have been formed as a country. haven't we always been a colony? aren't we really a colony? >> reporter: passion and emotion ran high on february 15th. these d.c. residents plan to go to capitol hill with a mission, to ask members of congress to vote yes to a d.c. statehood bill when it's introduced and to vote no on any action that would interfere with d.c.'s autonomy, its own laws. >> if you haven't been to the house of representatives, you are going to be stunned at how small their offices are. >> reporter: tonight the lobbying began after jason chaffetz of utah announced his committee, will monday begin the process to nullify the district's death with
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law. >> death with dignity is not yet a law and will become a law unless congress says no. >> that's correct. >> it is the right of every american to have their representatives elected directly and have those representatives make decisions about the laws under which they live. that's not the case in the district. >> reporter: a statement released tonight by d.c. delegate to congress reads in part, d.c. is neither an outlier, nor a pioneer on this bill, and it is entitled to the same respect as the six states where medical aid in dying is legal. d.c. statehood lobbying day, february 15th, on capitol hill. live at the wilson building, jackie bensen, news 4. a suspected drunk driver hit and killed carolyn ellis, she was leaving a celebration where she was honored for her community service. the car hit her as she crossed the street last
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but police tell us they caught him and that he couldn't complete a field sobriety test. ellis didn't have children, but her best friend says a lot of people lost a mother figure. >> other people's children that she helped raise and support, helped put them through college, helped get them scholarships. >> david phillips jones is now charged with second-degree murder. police say he's been arrested for dui twice in the last five years. it was this bb gun that sparked an officer involved shooting today. officers say they shot a man on go good hope road this morning, after he ignored repeated commands to drop the gun. that man is in serious condition tonight. police first went to the area for reports of a robbery. the officers involved did have working body cameras. they are on routine administrative leave while this is investigated.
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for repairs to the arlington memorial bridge, and those repairs are badly needed. the national park service says the planning is done. now it's time for the design phase and taking bids. shomari stone is live for us to explain what's next for drivers. >> reporter: good evening, jim. thousands of drivers use the arlington memorial bridge every day. you have people who live in virginia that go to work in d.c. and vice versa. we talked to a driver, he tells us that he is very concerned about what effect the repairs will have on his commute. >> it is frustrating. >> reporter: adam newbauer commutes every day on the arlington memorial bridge. >> get in this side. >> reporter: he hates traffic. >> for the most part around here, it's not an accident or anything, it's just random slowness, people changing lanes. >> thank you, dear. >> reporter: and his family is not looking forward to bridge repairs starting next year, potentially causing traffic
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backups. >> well, that impacts our family. that makes our evenings longer. >> reporter: according to triple-a, the arlington memorial bridge carries about 54,000 vehicles a day. >> you're going to have traffic backups, because we're talking about lane closures, sidewalk closures. it's going to impact every transportation mode. >> reporter: but the repairs are needed. in 2015 we got a look at the rust and deterioration inside the arlington memorial bridge. the national park service says it's completed the planning process for fixing it. soon crews will replace the aging bridge components, concrete archers, travel lanes, the bridge deck, and sidewalks. triple-a said it could affect traffic for about a year and a half. despite the hassle, adam understands. >> repairs are necessary. >> reporter: scaffolding is already going up around the key bridge for repairs there. the national park service and d do
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not overlap and they'll work closely to minimize traffic disruptions. construction on the arlington memorial bridge is scheduled to begin sometime next year in the fall. live here, shomari stone, news 4. thank you, shomari. the search for a 16-year-old mother and her baby is growing more desperate tonight. police say they're not giving up. lizzy rivera kol ind ras and her 5-month-old son aidan, disappeared three weeks ago. today fairfax county police talked to people at her apartment complex in springfield and passed out flyers. they're worried she may have left out of fear of the child's father. jose rivas is not a suspect, but police say he has gang ties and they're looking for him as well. next at 11:00, hackers holding your personal information for ransom. >> who is vulnerable? >> everybody. >> how they're not getting access through more than just your computer and your phone. >se
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snow. don't miss doug's latest track on the next storm headed our way. >> and the eagle cam is back. how soon before we could see some baby eaglets in the district?
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this could be the final blow in the battle to stop the dakota access pipeline. tonight the army gave the pipeline the go-ahead. the chairman of the standing rock sioux says the tribe will challenge the army's decision in court and won't stop there. if the project gets finished, the tribe says it will push to get the pipeline shut down. two people
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accused of hacking into devices that record information from d.c. police surveillance cameras. it happened just before president trump's inauguration. >> this hack affected more than 120 cameras and the kind of software used to do it can also target just about any device in your home, including your smartphone. >> k.d. kim from our sister station in chicago has our report. >> reporter: they are some of our most trusted institutions -- hospitals, police departments, public transit, libraries. but none of them is safe from online attackers who hold their information for ransom. >> it's a billion dollar business. >> who is vulnerable? >> everybody. >> reporter: the crime is called ransom ware. here's how to works. cyber criminals send attachments, apps, web links, e-mails, all disguised to look legitimate and trick people. >> you have no idea that the attachment is nasty. you double click it. next thing you know, your computer's
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>> reporter: an alert like this pops up, think of it as a digital ransom note and your computer, the hostage, remains locked up, its contents scrambled, until you pay up. and it's not just your home computer. >> this is the first time i've seen it hit a television. >> reporter: this the last thing he expected on christmas day. he said a family member downloaded an app for free movies. >> the tv would only show the warning from the fbi, demanding $500. it could be used for any other function, and there was no way around it. >> reporter: but he was able to unlock the tv. >> it is scary. all it takes is for them to use any information against you. >> reporter: cyber security experts say ransom ware attacks will skyrocket this year, because even inexperienced hackers can buy on the dark web, ready-made software to carry out this kind of attack, and their target of choice is you, the
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consumer. >> our homes on average have at least ten connected objects in them today, these objects are all end points that can be infiltrated with this type of malicious code. >> reporter: and we're already seeing this happen. just days before president trump's inauguration, d.c. police said hackers planted ransom ware on 70% of surveillance camera recorders, forcing officials to take the devices offline. late last month a suburb dallas preemt announced it refused to pay ransom and lost years worth of evidence. a hollywood hospital last year paid $17,000 to attackers to free up its servers. >> nobody is 100% safe. chances are, it could happen to you. >> so how do you protect yourself, whether it's your computer or smart tv. be vigil of what you're clicking on, including e-mails attachments and apps. keep your operi
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current. the fbi does not recommend paying ransom, because there's no guarantee the hackers will follow through. >> wow. all right, doug, walk us through this crazy, wild thing that we're in for here. >> it is crazy. i mean, it really is. a lot of people are like, is this normal? well, yes, this is what we see a lot of times during the winter months. we get very warm. today was a record. so it was the warmest that we've seen on this day. but we've seen a few warmer days in february in the past. a high of 73 today. just amazing and to think that we're going to be seeing snow in less than 36 hours, yeah, it's definitely amazing. 60 degrees, winds out of the south at 16 miles per hour. it's been rather breezy as we move on through the night. even some 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts, a wind advisory in effect for higher elevations of the blue ridge here. 67 martinsburg, 64 in hunting town. still extremely warm. temtu
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when you wake up tomorrow morning, it will feel similar to where it is right now. couple of showers towards west virginia and hagerstown. trying to move into our region, but they don't have a lot of support with them. most of these will fall apart and we'll have light showers. the front itself, you can see it right back to the west, and that will move in during the morning hours tomorrow. temperatures may go up just a bit before they come right back down. but here's future weather. tomorrow, no real chances of rain. maybe some sprinkles during the morning hours. 1:00, that front is through here. and here comes the cooler air by 8:00 tomorrow night. starting to cool down through the night. here's the snowfall, 2:00 a.m., rain around d.c. but look at the changeover, winchester, frederick, hagerstown, martinsburg. that comes all the way down towards d.c. earlier it looked to be down
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by 8:00 on thursday, but by that time, the heaviest precipitation and snowfall is well up toward the north and east. not a big event for d.c. but north and west, more impact. southern maryland, fredericksburg, not much snow at all. leesburg, two to five. up to hagerstown, accumulation mainly on the grassy surfaces. i really think most of the roads will be fine. the reason, it's been so arm over the past couple days. that's why i think a very low impact for this storm. a moderate impact, frederick, maybe leesburg and winchester. maybe some areas where it's a high impact event, especially in areas of elevation. and that's the area that's under the winter storm watch, along i-81. mostly to become a winter weather advisory, but that's something we'llnt
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next couple days, cold thursday, that's why we have a weather alert day early thursday morning. temperatures in the 30s thursday and friday. friday's 21 with a windchill in the single digits. >> what! >> but don't worry, back to 70 by sunday. just ridiculous how warm we get after that. and then valentine's day looking good next tuesday. >> getting confusing around here. >> i'm confused. >> thank you, doug. coming up, maryland not so happy in happy valley. plus, the goals just your path to retirement may not always be clear. happy in happy valley. plus, the goals just but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us
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this is the xfinity sports desk. for papa john's, but we're happy. >> they're putting up so many goals, if you love pizza, this is for you. >> good time. >> the last time the washington capitals lost at home was 2016. the caps now with double-digit shutouts this season. tonight the tenth with nine of those at the verizon center. ovechkin and the capitals loving that home cooking. caps on the power play, ovi misses, try it again, off the goalie's club, in and 26th for the season. later in the period, caps on the attack, brett connelly with the shot, fires in, great move, finds his 11th goal of the season. caps up 2-0. to the third, just seconds after lars eller makes it 3-0, a
11:26 pm
johansen with a nice pass to kuznetsov. 23 saves for his seventh shut-out of the season. caps win it 5-0. for the first time in 26 years, maryland falls to penn state on the hardwood. the maryland men's basketball team going through a bit of a rough patch right now. the terp suffered their first road loss in back-to-back losses for the first time this season. mark turgeon and the terps not so happy. not much going right for maryland either. second half, penn state up 9. lamar stevens stepping back, hitting the game high 25 points for the freshman. nittany lions up 11. a three from jalen brantley, not misses on this one. makes it a four-point game. but 10 stapenn state answering. bostick flies
11:27 pm
next possession, showing up on defense, he tells anthony cowan to keep that out of there. penn state beats maryland 70-64, they win against the terps for the first time since 1990. now, georgetown in an accident on the way to villanova, helping out the passenger of the other car. limping along the sideline. a win could make him feel better. rodney pryor on the baseline, throw its down. not sure, though, how many steps he takes right here, but it's a nice dunk, regardless. down 15 at the half and within four, late in the second, l.j. drives, out to pryor, hitting the jumper. 20 for him. and we got a two-point game. but josh hart is the closer for the second ranked widcats, knocking it down. nova within seven. after a hoyas turnover, hart takes it all the way by himself. 25 points for hart. villanova ends up beatin
11:28 pm
georgetown, 75-64. they certainly put up a good fight, even after being in an accident, i couldn't imagine. >> tough day.
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road.
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well, this is some great news. we're back on eagle watch. d.c.'s three bald eagle couples, one of them is getting ready to grow its family. an egg appeared in the nest of liberty and justice. they've lived in an oak tree near the d.c. police department's training academy for more than a decade. the first egg was spotted on sunday. more are expected this week. the eggs will hatch sometime next month. there's been a resurgence of bald eagles in the
11:32 pm
you may remember last spring, workplace productivity in the d.c. area took a major hit after two eaglets hatched at the national arboretum and we got to watch it happen. this is going to be fun to see the new eggs. >> didn't we get to name those two? >> i think we did. there was a poll out.
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