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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 8, 2017 12:37am-1:37am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- anderson cooper. musician and actress reba mcentire. the westminster dogs. featuring the 8g band with fred armisen. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that's fantastic. in that case, let's get to the news. vice president mike pence today cast the tie-breaking vote to confirm controversial education secretary nominee, betsy devos. and if you don't know what that means, you're probably betsy devos.
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"what's that? what?" [ cheers and applause ] "i got confirmed. well, that's terrible news." [ light laughter ] "oh, it's good news." the leader of iran said today that president trump represents the real face of the u.s. [ light laughter ] are you kidding me? trump doesn't even represent his own real face. [ light laughter ] also right about now, the real face of the u.s. looks like this. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] aides who traveled with president trump on the campaign trail, recently revealed that the three staples of his diet were dominoes, kfc, and mcdonalds. corroborating this story, trump's big ol' butt. [ laughter and applause ] billionaire richard branson, recently released a video of former president obama, kite surfing with him in the virgin islands. hey man, i get that you don't
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anymore, but could you not rub it in? [ laughter ] this is why people un-friend their exes on facebook. [ light laughter ] i'm gonna see what barack's up to, i'm sure he's also sad and depressed. son of a [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] president trump reportedly spent eight hours on the golf course this weekend, and as usual, paul ryan carried his balls. [ audience oohs ] [ laughter and applause ] according to a new poll, 54% of americans disapprove of the job president trump is doing. or as betsy devos calls that, one third. [ light laughter ] according to new research, babies should be picked up every time they cry. "okay," said mike pence. [ laughter and applause ] a buddhist monk in myanmar, has been arrested after authorities found more than 2 million meth pills in his car, and in his st
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and i think i speak for everyone when i say, "monks have cars?" [ light laughter ] according to a recent survey, 71% of men find it attractive, when a woman offers to split the bill on a date. and 0% of women find it attractive when that offer is accepted. [ laughter and applause ] [ light laughter ] okay. i guess we are splitting it. [ light laughter ] according to a new survey, almost a third of people say their co-workers, spend more time talking about politics than business. "thank god that's not the case wear i work." said mike pence. [ light laughter ] barely -- barely comes up. [ light laughter ] and finally nasa recently said a new spacesuit system, that would flush away an astronauts waste, will likely debut in 2021. said one astronaut, "wait, these don't?" [ light laughter ]
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ladies and gentlemen we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he is a cnn anchor, and his latest book "the rainbow comes and goes" is out now in paperback, our friend anderson cooper is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] i cannot tell you how excited i am about this, she is a country music icon, and her new album "sing it now, songs of faith and hope" is fantastic. reba mcentire, the legend, here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and, in honor of the 141st annual westminster kennel club dog show, which airs live on nat geo wild february 12th through the 14th, i'm going to learn how to properly handle a dog. so that will be fun. especially since i've had dogs my whole life, and i've obviously been doing it wrong. [ light laughter ] before we get to all that, president donald trump recently signed an executive order, implementing a freeze on federal hiring. but the order has attracted criticism, specifically for its impact on veterans. for more on this, it's time for a segment we call "the check
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♪ [ applause ] so, throughout the campaign, trump boasted about his military expertise and admiration for those who have served our country. >> the vets, oh, those vets, i love those vets. were gonna take care of those vets. i've worked hard for the vets. there's nobody bigger or better at the military than i am. >> seth: there's nobody better at the military? [ light laughter ] "i'm also very good at the civilian." [ light laughter ] despite his great admiration for the troops, and the military as a whole, young donald trump never got the opportunity to serve his country on the battle field. trump was sidelined during the war in vietnam, due to a tragic ailment. >> i had a foot thing, and i got a deferment for that. >> which foot did you have the bone spur in? >> uh, you'll look it up in the records. i don't know, it's in the records. >> seth: trump knows the difference between right and wrong. it's right and left that give him trouble. [ light laughter ] what a harrowing moment that must have been, when the doctor walked in and said, "i don't know how to tell you this, you have a foot thing." [ light laughter
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trump later said he felt bad about not serving in vietnam. and let's give him serious credit here, he did donate over $1 million to build a vietnam war memorial in downtown manhattan, which was completed in 1985. and which he bragged about during the campaign, but questions arose about how involved he really was in the process. for example, a 1984 article in the "washington post," revealed that trump went to only two or three out of the 20 meetings. you couldn't even t si tinhe meetings? did the bone spurs in your foot spread to your ass? [ laughter ] but trump was very, very proactive about another issue that had to do with disabled military veterans. in 1991, trump tried to get local politicians to ban street vendors, which also included those with special disabled veterans licenses. writing in a letter, "while disabled veterans should be given every opportunity to earn a living, is it fair to do so, to the determent of the city as a whole, or its tax paying citizens and businesses. do we allow fifth ave, one of the world's finest and most luxurious shopping districts, to be turned into an outdoor flea market, clogging and sus
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the only thing that would be more expensive and inconvenient to new yorkers, is if the president lived in a tower with his name on it." now -- [ laughter and applause ] let's get -- let's get to the department of veterans affairs. throughout his campaign, trump constantly brought attention to problems at the v.a. specifically, how poorly it is run. and he's right about that. for many years now, under both bush and obama, many parts of the v.a. have been found guilty of fraud, and are providing shoddy health care to our veterans. but trump himself was criticized in december, for not meeting with major veterans groups, during the transition period. with one prominent veterans advocate writing, "it's a month after the election, and he still hasn't made time for a single leader from a national veterans service organization." but in trump's defense, he was busy meeting with other brave american heroes. oh, yes. [ light laughter ] who could ever forget how hard and how bravely kanye west fought for taylor swift's microphone. [ light laughter ] now one of the main problems at the v.a., is that many
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understaffed. but one of trump's first moves as president, was to put a freeze on federal hiring. that's when press secretary sean spicer, said the focus on staffing was overhyped. >> i think the v.a. in particular, if you look at the problems that have plagued people, hiring more people isn't the answer. >> seth: hiring more people is not the answer, unless the question is where are all the [ bleep ] people? [ laughter ] does anyone work here? i -- now the other issue -- [ applause ] the other issue with the federal hiring freeze, is that veterans get preference when it comes to federal hiring in general. and according to advocacy groups, several veterans have already had job interviews canceled or postponed. some have even shared personal stories, like a 30-year-old air force veteran who'd recently returned home after a decade of active duty. he was supposed to start working at an agency that evaluates contracts for the department of defense. but thanks to that hiring freeze, the start date has been postponed indefinitely. he told "men's journal", "this morning i got a call from the human resources rep saying there ishi
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trump administration so far, "there's nothing we can do." [ light laughter ] this whole thing is just another example of trump signing these executive orders in haste, without thinking about the consequences, and in turn leaving a trail of chaos. you know, at first i thought he was just showing off his signature, but now i think he's going, "hey, can someone read this to me? i feel like this might be a terrible idea." [ laughter ] a lot of the people, affected by this freeze, are people who serve this country. people for whom trump promised to fight. and instead he's making it even harder for them to assimilate back to civilian life, by, in some cases, taking away their ability to work. and that's hard, but don't think donald trump can't empathize, because remember -- >> i had a foot thing. [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "the check in." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with anderson cooper, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. please give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers ] also so excited this week. fred armisen is back on the drums, our band leader. how are you, fred? >> fred: great, thanks. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: and fred, i'm always so impressed with all the things you have going on in your life. i feel like, as a writer, as an ac
12:51 am
you still have the time to do the most incredible things. and i want to ask about this, you know. we have the westminster dogs, some of the dogs on tonight. and that's in february, the westminster dog show, very famous. is it true that you're hosting a show of your own to compete with the westminster dog show? >> fred: i am. it's right near by there, as a matter of fact. it's a competition of laurel and hardy impersonators. [ light laughter ] >> seth: the old comedy duo. >> fred: the old comedy duo from the '20s. and, so i judge them -- >> seth: are they from the '20s? >> fred: '20s, '30s a little bit. >> seth: okay, gotcha. [ light laughter ] >> fred: but, so, i just judge them, you know. they just come from all around the country in these, sort of, they march up and down, like, this row. [ light laughter ] and they do their act, you know. and i judge them on who's the best one. >> seth: now, if i'm -- let's say i'm a laurel impersonator, do i have to show up with a hardy? >> fred: absolutely. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] >> fred: we don't have time to,
12:52 am
>> seth: oh, all right. [ light laughter ] >> fred: that's unfair to everybody there. >> seth: gotcha. >> fred: i mean, it's packed. >> seth: and how many pairs of people then -- how many laurels and hardies do you have every year? >> fred: oh, up to 70. [ light laughter ] you know, and they just go up and down for, like, a couple hours, and i judge it. and they win $70. >> seth: oh, wow. [ light laughter ] >> fred: it matches the 70 people. >> seth: so, is it based on how many people? >> fred: yes. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> fred: yeah. >> seth: so if 100 people are there, the prize money would be? >> fred: $100. >> seth: okay. >> fred: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's great, and what's it called? >> fred: it's called "fred's laurel and hardy competition." [ light laughter ] >> seth: oh, i can't wait. >> fred: thank you. >> seth: thank you so much, fred. >> fred: thank you. >> seth: give it up for fred armisen. [ cheers and applause ] our first guest tonight is an emmy-winning journalist who hosts "anderson cooper 360" weeknights on cnn. he is the co-author of the "new york times" best-seller, "the rainbow comes and goes: a mother and son on life, love, and loss," which is out now on paperback. please welcome back to the show our friend, anderson cooper, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: welcome back!
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>> thanks, good to be here. >> seth: so this is so much fun. last time we were here, you were talking about how interesting it was writing a book with your mother. >> yes. >> seth: you wrote it over e-mail a lot. >> yes, i did. >> seth: you did? >> my mom and i don't actually like see each other, so. [ light laughter ] no. it was just easier that way. >> seth: but now you are doing press together. >> we did press when the book first came out. my mom turns 93, actually, at the end of february, so -- >> seth: it's amazing. >> yeah, it is. [ cheers and applause ] and, and it's weird, though, doing press with your mom, like, as you well know. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> you know, you discover all these things about this person who you never -- like my mom, and also at age now 93, she has no filter anymore. >> seth: right. >> i mean, she never really had a filter. like, as a child, she told me early on, the first time she didn't fake an orgasm was with howard hughes. i was like -- [ light laughter ] >> seth: and do with that what you will. >> i didn't understand. kn
12:54 am
when i was 10 at the time. [ light laughter ] it was inappropriate. but, so, i was at andy cohen's show, "watch what happens live." we were -- he was going to interview my mom and me, and my mom had never seen his show. >> seth: right. >> and, so, i told her a little bit about it while we're in the greenroom. and she turned to me, and she says, "he's not going to ask me who has the biggest [ bleep ] in hollywood, is he?" [ laughter ] i know. >> seth: i was -- >> i know. i was like, "who are you?" >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> i was like, "who, what?" >> seth: yeah. >> like, please, never say that word to me again. [ light laughter ] and then, andy comes in, and i turned to andy. i said, "she wants to know if you're going to ask her who has the biggest [ bleep ] in hollywood." and andy was like, "can i ask who has the biggest [ bleep ] in hollywood? [ light laughter ] >> seth: based on the previous stories, howard hughes, i'm gonna guess. [ light laughter ] but she has -- she -- >> and then, i did -- we did an interview with jess cagle, you know. >> seth: sure. >> from "people" magazine and "entertainment weekly," and he has this, like, online thing, and he was interviewing us. and it's called "the cagle
12:55 am
>> seth: yeah. >> so, my mom was like, "i don't want to do a kegel exercise." i was like, "oh, my god." [ light laughter ] i, like, went to my special place. but in the middle of the interview, she suddenly revealed she'd had a lesbian fling when she was in high school. i was like, "what?" >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] and you've just written a book. >> i know. i was like, "you could have put that in the friggin' book!" [ light laughter ] i was like, "the subject did come up in the book," you know that would have been a good time to mention it. >> seth: but she likes andy cohen. >> she loves andy cohen. >> seth: i like, by the way, this speaks to -- because your mother is, to a degree, ageless, not just by her vocabulary, but she, like -- >> yes. >> seth: she has an elegance. >> yeah, she's just -- >> seth: but i like that -- i heard that she referred to andy, not as a son she never had, as the brother. >> yeah, as a brother she never had, which, i was like, "that's weird." but all throughout my childhood, actually, my mom would refer to people as her, like, fantasy daughter. like, she always -- when i was a kid, she referred to cher as her fantasy daughter.
12:56 am
cher my sister?" [ light laughter ] i don't -- i don't -- so now, i met cher, actually, on andy's show, and so cher now texted me. she was like, "hey, little bro." [ laughter ] because i told her the story. that's my cher. >> seth: there you go. that's a really good cher. [ applause ] >> it's not very good. >> seth: it is. i will say, i did -- i'm not alone. the people in this room who thought, "that's a better cher than i thought anderson would have." [ light laughter ] >> like, "hey, you little bro, emoji, emoji. clap, clap." [ light laughter ] >> seth: now, i'm jealous. i was always jealous that your mom was gloria vanderbilt. >> oh. >> seth: but now i'm jealous that you're friends with cher. >> well, yes. well, cher watches a lot of new, actually. >> seth: yes, she really does. >> and, no. she does amazing things, like during hurricane katrina, i did a report about somebody who was feeding people just out of her own pocket, and cher, like, called me up. and she was like -- and at that point, i'd never even met her. and she's like, "i'd like to donate a lot of money to that person." [ light laughter ] and, you know, she didn't make a big deal of it or anything. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: no, she is a classy lady. that's nice to hear. >> she used to call up c-span -- i had neve
12:57 am
but i heard reports. she used to call up c-span at, like, 3:00 a.m. and, like, for call-ins to c-span, and she would be like, "i'm calling from malibu." [ light laughter ] and the person would be like -- the anchor would be like, "is this cher?" [ light laughter ] >> seth: it's amazing. >> yeah. >> seth: by the way, it's not like there's a lot of hot calls coming into c-span. she's calling a lot if they're bummed out, yeah. [ light laughter ] you, obviously, you work on tv now. you're a guest on talk shows all the time. but thanks to your mother, you were a -- you appeared on a talk show at a very young age. >> i did. i did. i was on "the mike douglas show." >> seth: okay. >> i don't know if you remember. >> seth: like, barely, sure. [ scoffs ] >> what? it was a big -- that was a good booking. so, i was on "the mike douglas show," but i wasn't on with my mom or anything. i was, like, 10 years old at the time. i was on with some friend of my mom's, who for some reason had costumes of the munchkins from the original "wizard of oz," and needed a kid. so he asked my mom if i would go
12:58 am
of the munchkins. [ light laughter ] so, i got all excited, and told everyone in my school that i was going to be on "the mike douglas show." only when it actually aired, there was some sort of, like, snow emergency or something in the city, and they cut my segment. not even my segment, the old guy's segment, and i'm just the little kid in the costume. they cut the segment, so everyone in the school thought i was lying about being a munchkin on "the mike douglas show." [ audience aws ] >> seth: which is such a terrible lie. >> which was such a lame lie. >> seth: yes. >> and then, ironically, the next year, in 4th grade, my school did a production of "the wizard of oz," and i got cast as the mayor of munchkin land. >> seth: oh, there you go. so it was helpful. >> yes. >> seth: it was very helpful. [ applause ] by the way, like, you -- you live the life that i thought every new york kid lived. >> i did, that is true. >> seth: and then, your mother's friend comes and puts you on television. >> right. >> seth: yeah. >> that's right. it's like, "oh, the charlie chaplain's coming to the house." literally, charlie chaplin. >> seth: yeah met charlie chaplin? >> yeah, yeah. no, no, no. yeah. >> seth: and, so this photo -- there's is a photo of you and charlie chaplain. how old is -- you were, what -- >> charlie chaplin had been in exile for most of his life. >> seth: yeah. >> because he had to flee to the united ss
12:59 am
united states. and this was his first return to receive a special academy award, and my mom threw him a party. >> seth: there you go. >> and that's little me. i wore costumes my entire childhood. so this is me. [ lighlaughter ] i don't know, in sort of a pirate outfit. i'm not really sure. [ light laughter ] and that's charlie chaplin. now, i was disappointed because he looked nothing like i had been prepped for. >> seth: yeah. >> you know. >> seth: that is not -- i would not -- if you had shown me this photo, i would not have guessed charlie chaplain. >> i know. my mom was like, "who's that lady?" [ light laughter ] she's just like -- [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's who you want to know. >> right, yeah. >> seth: yeah. um, uh -- >> but i was totally normal as a kid. my mom took me to studio 54 when i was 11. >> seth: yeah. >> you know, not, not -- >> seth: it's a good book. >> yeah, it's an interesting book. >> seth: i want to talk about your day job, night job, because right now, obviously, you are dealing with the president. >> sure. >> seth: we all are. but he's calling the media the opposition party. >> right. >> seth: and he talks all the time about how much he hates cnn, and how bad cnn is. >> well, he calls cnn "fake news." >> seth: fake news. >> right, yeah. >> seth: but, yet, you get the feeling he's watching a lot of cnn. >> oh, no, no. he watches cnn all the time. >> seth: yeah. >> i mean, this is not in
1:00 am
has texted about people i'm interviewing while i'm interviewing them. >> seth: yeah. >> he would do that during the campaign. and then, there's, you know, and it's on in his office. certainly, trump tower, it was on a lot, and i know -- yeah, he watch -- he watches more cable news than -- he watches me on cnn probably more than my mom watches me on cnn. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] and even though, look, cable news is very helpful, but is there a place where you can maybe watch too much cable news. >> yeah, i mean, you would think a certain point -- i mean, look, i appreciate, the, you know -- i mean, if you had a nielsen box, it would be even better, but -- >> seth: right. >> you know. but, at a certain point, you would think, like, "there's got to be something more important going on at, you know, for the president to be doing than flicking around the shows." but -- >> seth: but. >> i don't know. >> seth: but you covered this last night. there was a "new york times" article that talked about how he would watch television in his bathrobe. >> yes. >> seth: then sean spicer disputed that he had a bathrobe. [ light laughter ] >> this is literally -- we ended up doing a segment with a reporter from
1:01 am
>> seth: yeah. >> miss maggie haberman, who co-wrote the story, who's a great reporter, and i actually thought it was a fascinating article because i thought it really humanized donald trump was kind of a fascinating -- >> seth: yeah. >> you know, it wasn't snarky or anything. >> seth: absolutely, it was not. >> and it was just a minor detail, that he watched television sometimes in a bathrobe. sean spicer, on the plane, on air force one, said he probably doesn't even own a bathrobe, but he certainly doesn't wear a bathrobe. so we had the reporter on whose sourcing was like, "i know he wears a bathrobe sometimes in the white house." and then, we found old pictures of him dressed in a bathrobe. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> so, and i had this entire segment coversation with maggie haberman about a bathrobe, and the president. and, literally, i had, at some point, i said to her, like, "this is surreal that you and i are sitting here, talking about" -- >> seth: do you think that's the jedi construction he has where ultimately, if he can get us talking about whether or not he has a bathrobe, he's winning. >> no, i don't think he wants us talking about the bathrobe. >> seth: yeah, yeah, i agree. >> because, you know, i don't think the bathrobe is sort of
1:02 am
>> seth: yeah. >> and, i mean, i wouldn't want to be photographed or seen in a bathrobe. >> seth: no. >> i don't really like bathrobes, either. >> seth: no one really looks good in bathrobes. >> no one can pull -- yeah, well -- i'm sure, like, gisele looks great in a bathrobe. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> right. i mean, if you like that sort of thing. >> seth: yeah, if you like that. [ laughter and applause ] >> but, yes. most guys, i would say, do not look great. >> seth: yeah, most guys don't look, yeah, great. and then how -- because you have, up to this point, you know, a white house, a president who's very -- feels free to antagonize the press, has it changed the way you cover it, or is it pretty much the sa with the different subject? >> it's pretty much the same. look, i mean, it's not as if the obama white house was the most welcoming to the media. >> seth: i think people have forgotten that. >> yeah, the president stopped speaking to me after the bp oil spill. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> i used to interview him a fair. and then, i spent two months in new orleans just focusing on bp oil spill, and i guess they didn't like it, because i never got an interview with him, i think until right before he left office. so, that's you know, it's, i don't want to be buddy-buddies
1:03 am
with any of these people. i'm not just talking about the trump administration. i don't go to the white house for social events. >> seth: yeah. >> i don't hang out with these people socially. >> seth: i think it's important that the public is in a better place if the -- the president should hate the press. not, maybe, to this level, but the press should be irritating to the president. >> look, our job is to, you know, ask tough questions -- >> seth: yeah. >> of all sides and to be fair. but, you know, it is, i think, it is inappropriate for the president to be calling, certainly, cnn "fake news." >> seth: sure. >> kellyanne conway was on cnn today and said -- you know, jake tapper asked her, "is it fake news?" and she says, "no, it's not." so, particularly on subjects that -- i mean, that hole came about because of our reporting, cnn's reporting but a number of great people, including jake tapper, on the president being briefed by intelligence officials -- >> seth: sure. >> about this two-page summary. anyway, our reporting was 100% correct. they claimed it was all fake, and they were wrong. i mean -- >> seth: well, we're very lucky that people like you and your
1:04 am
here. >> great to hear, thanks. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: anderson cooper, everybody. "the rainbow comes and goes" is available now, and everyone in the audience is getting a copy. we'll be right back with reba mcentire. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ distorted voice ] progressive claims to show people their competitors' rates alongside their direct rate to save you money. but what's really going on? when played backwards at 1/8th speed you can clearly hear... what could that mean? woman: tom? tom! they're just commercials. or are they? you're waking the neighbors. well, mom, maybe the neighbors need to be woke. i think it's actually "awoken." no, that doesn't even seem right. no, it's "awoken." revealing the truth to help you save.
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is a grammy award winning artist, actress, and country music legend. she has 35 number one singles and has sold over 56 million albums worldwide. her latest, "sing it now, songs of faith and hope" is available in stores and online. please welcome to the show, the one, the only, reba mcentire, everybody. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> seth: how are you? >> i'm doing great, how are you doing? >> seth: good, i'm so honored to have you here. >> thank, thanks. >> seth: so i want to talk about this terrific album. this is -- half of it is sort of traditiohy
1:09 am
contemporary songs. what made you decide to do sort of an inspirationally themed album like this? >> i can't take credit for it. wasn't my idea. >> seth: okay. >> bill carter who -- >> seth: it's very nice of you to be that honest. >> well, i am honest. >> seth: a lot of people come on here and take credit for stuff all the time. >> oh, really? >> seth: yeah. >> i wish i could. but i can't. but bill carter, my manager, who was my manager in 1980 -- in the middle '80s. and tony brown who was my producer, starting about 1990. they both came to me separately and said, "now is the time for you to do an inspirational album." and i went to my record label, over at nash icons and jim weatherson, and he said, "i think that's a great idea, let's team up with capital christian." and here we go. bill hearne said yes too. >> seth: that's fantastic. and there's a very nice family moment on the album as well, your sister and your mother singing a song with you. >> alice and susie, my two sisters and mama sang with me on a song that we used to sing at church there in chockie, oklahoma, "i'll fly away." >> seth: that's fantastic. >> yeah. >> seth: and then -- but your
1:10 am
is that correct? >> yes. >> seth: and she got a writing credit on one of the songs. >> her name is jacqueline mcintyre. >> seth: jacqueline mcintyre, that's a lovely name. >> yes, thank you. >> seth: and how did it come about that she got a writing credit on a song? >> well, i had written the song. >> seth: okay. >> and so we in the studio and we recorded it, and so we went back into the control room to listen to it. and then when the band went out for us to do it again, do a second take, mama said, "can i make a suggestion?" and i said, "sure." she said instead of saying, "i'm so happy i got the lord on my side" on the second verse, why don't you change it to "you're so happy, you've got the lord on your side." and i said, "why didn't i think of that?" [ light laughter ] >> seth: well, that's lovely and a writing credit at the age of 90 is a fantastic thing to have. >> yeah. >> seth: i hope it doesn't go to her head. >> it did, it did. >> seth: okay, it did go. [ light laughter ] you obviously, you've had this incredible career, and like many people in the arts, your look has changed over the years. and you have been -- this is a real treat, you have been sharing your old looks on instagram. >> i'm proud of them. >> seth: you're proud of it, and
1:11 am
>> own them. >> seth: this is -- you've got it locked down. [ applause ] >> hey, seth, seth, that's not a forehead. [ light laughter ] >> seth: what is that? >> that's a five-head. [ light laughter ] >> seth: this is very -- this is a fierce look right there, that is excellent. [ cheers ] >> oh, and my daddy asked me if i put that dress on backwards. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that would be a thing that a dad would ask. there you go, take -- there you go, you get it now. and then this is -- i mean -- this hair. this is fantastic. >> how about that? >> seth: that is -- that is -- [ applause ] there was a very small window in our nation's history where it was okay to have that much hair. >> that is jacked up to jesus. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that is jacked up. [ light laughter ] jesus is, he is very happy with that hair. you have so many fans, but you also have, there are sort of a legion of reba impersonators. is that -- do you consider that a tribute? are you happy to see people who are such fans of yours that they're willing to impersonate you? >> absolutely.
1:12 am
about it, i like the way they do their makeup better than what i do. >> seth: oh, interesting. >> yeah. >> seth: my favorite though, and again, i'm a bit of a homer, because he was my colleague for so many years, keenan thompson played you in a sketch. [ light laughter ] and you guys appeared on stage together. >> we did. >> seth: and there you can see that that was -- [cheers and applause] that was -- >> honestly. who looks better? >> seth: i mean, he looks great, but you look better. >> thank you very much! >> seth: you do look better. this -- you've done two television shows in your career. "reba," and is it "malibu county?" >> "malibu country." >> seth: "malibu country," excuse me, i can't believe i got "country" wrong. but you've got a new show coming up where it's a little bit different in tone. you're playing a sheriff. >> well, it's a one hour drama. >> seth: that's exciting. >> so, it's not going to be as funny as the "reba" show or "malibu country." mark cherry, he's the one that wrote it, of "desperate housewives." and he said i was his muse while he was writing the idea.
1:13 am
and he said, "i can see reba as a sheriff in a small town in the south." >> seth: and that must be so exciting to do something completely different like that. >> i'm ready. i'm so looking forward to it. >> seth: i can't wait and another thing that is really exciting is that you're doing a show at the ryman auditorium in nashville, which i can't believe you've never done a show -- a solo show there. >> never have. >> seth: that must be -- you must be looking forward to it. >> oh, yeah, i'm really -- i'm kind of a little bit nervous. >> seth: that must be though exciting to still be able to be nervous. isn't that a great feeling? >> yeah, it's the mother church, you know. i was there -- that's the only vacation that my family ever took, it was to nashville to the grand ole opry. we went rodeo-ing all over the country with daddy, but that was work. >> seth: uh-huh. >> that was making a living. >> seth: sure. >> and to go to the grand ole opry and to get to watch marty robbins and connie smith, and all the greats perform on that round piece of wood. and i'm going to be there, too. it's really -- i'm really excited about it. >> seth: well, that's fantastic and las vegas as well. you're going -- you've done shows there obviously in the past. you're going there with brooks and dunn. is that exng
1:14 am
>> seth: that's great. >> working that together, it's like home week. it's like going home -- it's more like summer camp with those two guys. we just have fun. >> seth: sure, that's good. >> it's a blast. >> seth: absolutely well i can't tell you what a blast it was having you here. >> thanks! >> seth: i'm such a fan. thank you for making time for us. [ cheers and applause ] >> my pleasure. >> seth: reba mcentire, everybody! "sing it now, songs of faith and hope" is available. we'll be right back with more "late night." ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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z29kuz zstz y29kuy ysty [ alarm weather.eping ] ♪ [ laughter ] cartoons. wait for it. [ cat screech ] [ laughter ] ♪
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[ laughter ] make everyday awesome with the power of xfinity x1... hi grandma! and the fastest internet. [ girl screaming ] [ laughter ] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> seth: welcome back to late night, everybody. now, are you guys familiar with these dog-shaming websites? the way it works is people, they ke
1:19 am
looking guilty next to a little sign that says what the dog did. like, here's an example. i ate my daddy's $300 sunglasses. pretty cute, right? [ light laughter ] here's another one. i enjoy digging the flower beds up and eating mulch, because i'm bored! [ light laughter ] adorable. but these are all minor offenses. after searching around the internet, we found some websites featuring dogs that have done much, much worse things. now, we usually show these few in a segment called "extreme dog shaming," but in honor of next weeks westminster dog show, it's time for "extreme dog shaming, westminster dog show edition." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: extreme indeed. so, let's take a look at our first dog. [ audience aws ] aww, this is a dandle dinmont terrier. i can't imagine he'd do anything too bad. that part where the judge lifts my tail and looks at my butthole was my idea. [ light laughter ] why would you want? i don't know. who's next?
1:20 am
know what the hell they are, but i love 'em. [ light laughter ] what did he do? i pretend to be a mop so i can hang out in the ladies gym locker room. [ light laughter ] bad dog. who do we have next? aww, that's a cutie. what did you do? i told the beagle that you get extra points if you take a dump on the carpet. [ light laughter ] you don't want to win like that, bad dog. who's next? aww, this guy couldn't have done anything too bad. i tested positive for dog steroids. [ light laughter ] bad dog. who's next? oh, i love him. this is a german short-haired pointer, and was best in show in 2016. what could he have done? putin helped me win. [ light laughter ] [cheers and applause] terrible. terrible dog. who's next? interesting. all i can say is interesting. what did she do? i went full tanya harding on a shih tzu backstage. [ light laughter ] who's next?
1:21 am
love a spaniel. what did you do? as part of the westminster-eastminister dog show rivalry, i killed the notorious p.u.g. [ laughter and applause ] bad dog. who do we have next? big old british bulldog. what did you do? i use a fake british accent to get laid. [ light laughter ] who's next? that's a sheep dog! i grew up with sheep dogs, they're my favorite, let's see. i keep my bangs long so no one can tell how stoned i am. [ light laughter ] who do we have next? a bloodhound. what dog show would be complete without a bloodhound? what did he do? i can sniff out where bombs are. i just choose not to. [ light laughter ] bad dog. who's next? all right, what did you do? bitch means female dog, but that's not how i use it, bitch. [ light laughter ] who's next? adorable. oh, my god, adorable. when a white dog pees on the
1:22 am
rug, i called him a "lone wolf." but when a brown dog does it i called them a "terrorist." [ audience oohs ] what? makes you think. [ light laughter ] who's next? wait a minute, this is my dog frisbee. frisbee, what could you have done? i voted for seth meyers for "worst in show." [ bleep ] you, frisbee. [ laughter ] we'll be right back with the westminster dogs, everybody. [cheers and applause] ♪
1:23 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: hey, everybody. welcome back to "late night." we're here with two contestants from the upcoming westminster dog show. a miniature schnauzer that i've got right here, and a samoyed?
1:28 am
>> that's right. >> a samoyed, and we're here with gail, everybody. give it up for gail. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. >> seth: so gail, you're going to show me how to show a dog at the westminster dog show. >> that's right. >> seth: and fred, we would love your help to be a judge. >> fred: great. >> seth: okay, great. [ light laughter ] and so, this is really just a showdown between you and i and our showing -- >> okay. >> seth: now, what are our dogs' names? let's get that real quick. >> this is cain. >> seth: cain, great. >> and this, the barker here. >> seth: uh-huh. >> and this is bogey. >> seth: hi, bogey. >> hey, bogey. >> seth: all right, so i'm going to follow your lead. >> right. so, remember, your job as handler is to make sure your dog looks as good as it can -- >> seth: okay. >> for the judge's examination. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> you have a few minutes, and you have to look fabulous. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> ok -- no pressure. >> seth: no pressure. >> okay. >> seth: fred, what are you -- what's the main thing you're looking for in the dogs? >> fred: well, the first thing we have to do is, like, sort of matchup, you know, like, what it's supposed to look like. >> seth: okay. >> fred: you know what i mean? there's like, a picture-perfect way. first thing you do is you got to ask, "what's your name?" [ light laughter ] >> come here, buddy. >> fred: what's your name? >> he's looking at the cameras. look at him.
1:29 am
should i inspect this one first? >> sure. >> fred: okay. >> so you -- for bogey, as the judge, you are looking to make sure he has triangular ears, he has almond-shaped eyes, the beautiful samoyed smile. >> seth: and then, will you walk him for us, gail, so we can see what fred thinks -- is that -- >> up his gait. or he can judge your dog next. >> fred: let me just -- >> seth: oh, yeah. sure, sure. >> okay. now make sure your dog's leash is up behind it's ears. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> fred: his ears like this. there you go. >> seth: thank you, fred. [ light laughter ] >> fred: there you go. >> seth: okay. >> fred: just breathe easy. >> seth: are you judging me? [ light laughter ] >> fred: here we go. okay, let's see him. here we go. one, two, three, four. one face. >> fred: that's right. [ light laughter ] very good, all right. >> seth: okay, great. >> fred: great. >> seth: he's very good at this. >> fred: okay, just ten more minutes? >> seth: okay. >> fred: no, i'm kidding. [ light laughter ] >> seth: uh-huh. >> fred: all right, so, now let's see the gait. >> seth: all right. >> that's right. okay, so now, judge, you can come over here -- >> fred: okay. >> and watch bogey gait. come on, bogey. let's go. >> fred: here we go.
1:30 am
>> good boy! >> seth: oh, that's really good. >> good boy! come on. >> seth: oh, bogey. >> come on. now remember, you have to go the right speed as the handler. >> seth: okay. >> now, remember that when it's your turn. >> seth: okay. >> good boy. >> seth: that the right speed that you're doing. >> this was a good speed for him. >> seth: okay. >> and now you want the judge to see his face. >> fred: okay, can i see your face, please? >> good. [ light laughter ] >> fred: there you go. >> so we'll bait him, but he wants to look at the camera. he's hamming it up. look at him. [ light laughter ] >> fred: that's good. >> seth: beautiful. >> fred: it's a camera, very good. >> good boy. >> fred: all right, great. >> okay, and now it's your turn. >> seth: okay. >> fred: okay, here you go, seth. >> seth: come on. let's go. [ light laughter ] >> fred: seth, make him bite you in the middle of it. [ light laughter ] >> seth: oh, look, they're friends. okay. >> of course. >> seth: no, that's the competition. we don't talk to the competition. >> okay. [ light laughter ] >> seth: all right. here, look. look. >> talk to your dog. say, "come on. let's go." >> seth: come on. all right, ready? let's go. this gait is very important. come with me. here we go. nice! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: ready to go back? let's go! oh, you're so good. [ applause ] >> slow down, slow down. >> seth: okay, and now, and now. >> let the judge see your dog's face. >> seth: oh, yeah. come over here and look at the face, fred. [ light laughter ] >> fred: okay, here we go. look at the face. okay. >> seth: okay. >> fred: very good. >> you w
1:31 am
>> fred: okay. >> seth: what are the characteristics you're looking for, fred? >> well, obviously, with the miniature schnauzer, the beard. >> fred: hair, the beard. >> that's right. >> seth: yep. >> fred: with your schnauzer. >> that's right. >> fred: and what else? >> well you also want to look at his -- you felt his coat earlier. >> fred: felt the coat. >> he had a nice, wirey coat. bogey's -- >> fred: well, he's -- >> seth: is this trying to, like, psych him out for tomorrow? [ light laughter ] >> he's just talking. he's a just happy sammy. >> fred: he's just happy. >> that's right. >> seth: and trustworthiness. that's something you look for in a schnauzer. >> fred: always. >> seth: do you trust the schnauzer? >> fred: schnauzer, i trust you. do i trust you? okay. do i have to -- i want to make a tie. i really do. i want to -- >> seth: they can't tell. you can't hurt their feelings. >> fred: really. >> seth: yeah. >> fred: this wouldn't hurt your feelings? >> seth: it would not hurt my feelings. >> shh, shh, shh. >> fred: i just love this, the face on this one. >> seth: don't do this to me, fred. >> aww. >> seth: don't do this to me on tv. [ applause ] do not do this to me on tv. do not do this to me on tv. do not shame me on tv. >> fred: i want it to be a tie. >> seth: i don't want a tie. i want to win. >> fred: okay, can you ride the schnauzer? >> seth: no. [ light laughter ] this is very exciting, everybody. make sure to check out the west minister dog show. it takes place saturday, february 11th to tuesday, february 14th.
1:32 am
do you want to tell them anything else? there you go. i'm translating. for more information, you can visit what? we'll be right back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:33 am
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y29kuy ysty [cheers and applause] >> seth: my thanks to
1:35 am
anderson cooper, reba mcentire, the westminster kennel club, fred armisen and, of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:36 am
[ cheers and applause ]
1:37 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: good evening and welcome to tonight's "last call." i'm carson daly, coming to you from skylark, here in new york city. we got a good one tonight. ryan hurst is here to talk about "outsiders." we'll do t


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