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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the wind. winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. temperatures now in the 30s and windchills already in the teens. >> talking about the snow showers, more action in some spots now than there was out there this morning because the cold air is here and we're seeing a dusting in spots outside of our studios here in northwest washington. >> that is going to put some strain on the roadways. as i mentioned, the windchill the big factor right now. 12 in gaithersburg, 21 in manassas. this coming off a day that hit 74 yesterday. here are those snow showers. you see them coming across this like this. look at that line. they are coming straight from the great lakes in through fairfax county down through parts of charles county. really coming down in springfield. a lot of people tweeting me and putting pictures on my facebook page. ec
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over the next 15 minutes or so. the amazing part is it's sunny, then here comes a snow shower, dumps a coating of snow and then it's sunny again. besides these snow showers, the winds gusting upwards of 40 miles per hour. wind advisory in effect until 6:00. i'll be back to let you know how this storm affects our weekend. let's head out to prince george's county where the police chief is now addressing the media about a discrimination complaint that was brought against the police department by some police officers. today we learned that complaint includes pictures of an anti-obama license plate, also a black training dummy. these are live puictures of the news conference right now. tracee wilkins is there at headquarters covering this news conference. we are going to go to her shortly to hear what the police chief has to say. this is the
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give you background. >> reporter: the u.s. department of justice is reviewing a face filed by some prince george's county police alleging discrimination within the police department. yesterday representatives with the doj community service division met with officers who filed the complaint and the leadership of the prince george's county branch of the naacp. there is still no word on the the doj will officially investigate the filing, now reportedly including up to 90 officers. some of the report alleges racial insensitivity within the department's ranks. there are a number of pictures included as examples of these alleged offenses. this picture of a training dummy wearing a black man's face taped to it with an afro wig beside it is one of the examples. prince george's county police department spokesmen say prince george's county were not the only officers with access to this facility. these license plates that were once on the vehicle o
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also included in the complaint. the plates seem to read go eff yourself, obama. at least one officer was concerned about the plate's reference to former president barack obama to be offensive to officers and residents living in a majority african-american county. according to the maryland motor vehicle administration the plates were recalled after a citizen complainted. in a statement a spokesman says in reviewing the records of the motor vehicle administration, it has come to our attention that personalized plate gfyobma has been issued in error. the mva went onto say records indicate that the personalized plate was not returned, therefore mva will send a pickup detail from mva investigations to retrieve the plate. >> again, these are live pictures of prince george's county police chief who is addressing this issue right now.
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conference as soon as it wraps up. develop right now, a car hit and killed a woman outside a northern virginia shopping center this afternoon. authorities tell us the woman was leaving the dulles eastern plaza in sterling when she was struck. the driver did stay on the scene. so far no charges and the investigation continues. also new details on a death investigation. alexandria police telling us they pulled a body from the potomac after a man was seen standing near the water this afternoon. earlier authorities thought the man fell from a boat which was named nina's dandy which offers fine dining tours. investigators do not consider the death suspicious. dozens of students spent this day homesick fr sick from . this is the day 5% of students from oakridge elementary have been absent. there are new concerns
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could be norovirus. >> reporter: that's exactly right. that's because school officials tell us the symptoms they're seeing are consistent with norovirus. kids are having stomachaches or fevers or diarrhea, vomiting. earlier today we were out here literally for just an hour and we met at least three parents who got that call from the nurse. it's no surprise that students are getting sick in the winter. >> just last week our child had a fever. >> reporter: but arlington public school says having more than 80 kids absent from oakridge elementary is far from the norm. health officials are testing for norovirus and disinfecting surfaces. >> i actually had one homesick yesterday. >> reporter: parents continue to pull up to take their kids home. >> i just got a phone call from the clinic that his stomach is not feeling well.
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tells us they did send home a letter with students today, telling parents of the situation, reminding them to have their children wash their hands and encouraging them to keep students home if they're sick. the next steps the school district will be taking to dry to get this virus out of the school. from arlington to loudoun county, high school principals are preparing for the possibility of student walk-outs tomorrow. the walk-out is meant to demonstrate against president trump's controversial travel ban. they've warned the students that anyone who takes part will be facing discipline. at the white house today president trump signing a series of executive orders that are focused on crime. one focused on preventing violence against law enforcement officers. another instructs the attorney general to appoint a task force
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a third aims to strengthen enforcement of federal laws against cartels and gangs. >> to the gang members and drug dealers terrorizing innocent people, your day is over. a new era of justice begins and it begins right now. >> so help me god. those new executive orders will give the president's new attorney general plenty to do in his first days on the job. now former alabama senator jeff sessions was sworn into his new post in the oval office today after the senate confirming him yesterday. during the company sessions became the first senator to support trump. before his time in the senate he also served as alabama's attorney general. wrong, wrong, wrong and wholly unacceptable. that's what house oversight committee share
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said about possible ethics violations. kellyanne conway said she wanted to do a free commercial and told people to buy goods from ivanka trump's company. the move after nordstrom decided not to renew its order from her fashion lines. by ethics rules, federal employees cannot use their office for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise. the white house says conway has been counselled on the issue now. ballerina misty copeland is taking aim at one of her sponsors under armor for support of the president. copeland says she appreciates the platform they have given her. copeland says she wants the company to take public action to communicate and reflect on, quote, common values that motivate all people
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best zeselves. under armor is based in baltimore, maryland. a maryland teenager is facing criminal charges for allegedly attacking a fellow student in school. the whole thing was caught on cell phone video. this happened at albert einstein high school in kensington, maryland, on monday. chris gordon is gathering reaction to the disturbing video. >> reporter: this cell phone video shot by a student has been widely shared on social media. police say it shows a 15-year-old student hitting a 17-year-old in the hallway of einstein high school in kensington just before last period of monday. the victim was taken to holy cross hospital and treated for injuries. we looked at the video with montgomery county public school spokesman derrick turner who calls it disturbing and unacceptable. >> i'm glad the security team was able to
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in the situation, but this is not the behavior that we expect of our students. >> reporter: the school resource officer reported the attack to the montgomery county police. >> officers were called to school to investigate. they investigated this incident and the 15-year-old student was charged with second degree assault. zblrge >> reporter: ahead, why the victim of this attack is no longer a student here at albert einstein high school in kensington. fairfax county police say they don't plan to release the name of an officer involved in a deadly police shooting. so a federal judge today cancelled a hearing on a temporary restraining order that was preventing the public release of that officer's name. investigators tell us mohamms u shot his two brothers and then
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with a knife. the officer shot and killed him. the officer who shot and killed gear later pleaded guilty to manslaughter. two dozen schools are teaching students about just how deadly this can be. >> reporter: i'm mark segraves in hancock, maryland. i'll tell you why a proposed underwater gas pipeline here at the potomac river is causing concerns, not only here but all the way down river in washington, d.c. >> reporter: deputies from two separate jurisdictions work together to try to track down a serial burglar. the person they say going back and forth between the two counties,
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two northern virginia counties are determined to find at least one serial burglar. deputies in loudoun and
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counties say the man has hit several homes. most alarming is what he is stealing. even as northern virginia bureau reporter david culver was working on this story, another home was hit. >> we believe it started just outside of warrenton. >> reporter: this suspected thief targeting homes while you're at work. four in what period of time? >> noon to 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: same day? >> they're going into houses and removing mainly firearms, is the most concerning. >> reporter: guns they worry will end up on the street. this video from neighboring loudoun county. deputies think it might be the same guy behind several didn different crimes. he knocked on the door. h he goes to the bac
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his way in. as we were talking with sergeant hartman, another reported break-in, same description. so we headed that way, up route 50. detectives blocked off the driveway to this rural home as they investigated, not clear what the thief took. >> it will fit just about any type of gun. >> reporter: just last month we shared the warning from loudoun deputies to lock up your guns at home or in the car. that message echoed by fauquier county deputies. deputies are watching route 50 very closely particularly along the pound daboundary between lod fauquier counties. why deputies here are worried that things would escalate. police are trying to track down a man they say may be linked to three separate robberies in prince george's county. they released these
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images from the robbery at the m & t bank. when you think of tourism in maryland you probably think of the eastern shore and baltimore's inner harbor. but there are new neighbors showing anne arundel county is number two. number two prince george's county. tourism for the county added up to $2.6 billion in 2015. also hotel occupancy for that county is up. it's out pacing the district. a company wants to build a gas pipeline under potomac river. environmentalro
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negative impact. the pipeline would be built under the c & o canal in hancock, maryland, near the pennsylvania and west virginia border. the pipeline could affect drinking water in that area and in d.c. as well. >> reporter: hancock is one of the oldest settlements in maryland, dating back to the 1700s. the town in western maryland grew up around the c & o canal. today hancock is home to about 2,000 residents. much of the economy here centers around the national parks, including the canal and the potomac river. brent walls says hancock's water supply is being threatened by the proposal to build a natural gas pipeline under the national park and the potomac river. >> they're going to go under the canal property here runder the river and come out in west virginia. >> we're a safe
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we've been doing this for over 50 years in maryland. >> what they don't tell you are the number of explosions, the number of leaks, the number of times they don't catch a leak. >> reporter: wall's concerns extend beyond the water supply here in hancock. drinking water in d.c. could also be in danger if something went wrong with the pipeline. >> the possibility of a leak is there. if it does occur, the risks are huge, absolutely huge. we have 6 million people getting their drinking water from the potomac river. >> we're going to put in a thicker pipe than required by federal regulations. we're going to put it deeper than we typically do. >> reporter: trahey're having a public meeting in hancock so residents can voice their concerns. as for d.c.'s drinkin
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representative with d.c. water tells news4 a'they're monitorin this proposal. there is a renewed push to get the boy scouts of america to allow girls to join in. the national organization of women is spearheading this effort. last week it sent a statement urging the group to change the policy, now citing a 15-year-old girl from new york city who wants to become an egg eagle sc like her brother. this youth group has opened its ranks lately to gay and transgender youth. identity theft is one to have fa-- of the fastest growin crimes in our country and you can protect yourself with insurance, but is it worth what you pay for? susan hogan looks into that a blast of colder air is heading our way.
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jeffin fact,ente he's been all over the world. but perhaps his most rewarding trip was the one he took one day to d.c. just to play the lottery. he feels luckier there. after all, he won nearly $400,000 playing dc-5. and you know what that means. bon voyage, jeffrey. ♪
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29 in manassas, 25 in winchester. look at the windchill, 17 in d.c., 16 in manassas, 12 in gaithersburg. extreme cold makes its way on in. cold, cold, cold. once again, they were asking me about snow. yeah, not really in the forecast over the next few days. what is, more wind. wind advisory in effect until 6:00 ni
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we've seen 45 miles an hour wndd gusts with those winds. snow showers continuing back through west virginia. these will make their way through northern virginia like they have all afternoon. heavy snow coming down in this area. that will continue to move down to the south and east. mechanicsville just had this batch through go. reducing visibilities, may produce a dusting, but that's about it. typically these tend to die off as we lose some sunlight. here's the blizzard up here towards boston. this is a monster storm up around the boston area. look at the windchills just to our north, 5 in state college, 1 back towards pittsburgh. tomorrow, still cold, 39 degr p
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diminishing. tomorrow afternoon with less wind and sunshine, not all that bad, just on the cold side. but we do warm quickly as we head towards the weekend. 60 on saturday, 62 on sunday. good chance of showers mostly north and west on sunday. little bit farther to the north of this system, we're at 70. a little bit farther to the south we're at 50. big temperature difference across our region. valentine's day still looking good. next wednesday and thursday could be a possible storm along the coast. right now we're tracking showers late wednesday. rain or snow on thursday on the backsi side of that system. a year to go before the olympics in south korea. one familiar face is not going to be there. >> reporter: the message today in fairfax county public schools, put down the phoew
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driving. it was a crime that shook a community. the sentence for the northern virginia man convicted in the murder of his estranged wife.
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what you should know about identity theft insurance before you buy it. susan hogan reports. first at 5:30,
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lesson about the dangerouses s distracted driving. even a few seconds is just too dangerous. >> reporter: a life saving lesson. >> when i tell you to, i wanted you to close your eyes. >> reporter: fairfax county police making the point to students that distracted driving, even for just five seconds, is like driving blind. >> they tell us those five seconds, if you were going about 40 miles per hour, you would be traveling an entire football field. i thought that was crazy. that was insane. >> reporter: the county student advisory counsel met to talk about the dangers of distracted driving. police aral
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young people for help. >> what we want to do is interact with the school's leadership body and have them engage all the students and help us spread this message. >> reporter: this is how had bad it is, 570 crashes involving teen drivers in fairfax county last year were caused by some kind of distracted driving. >> a friend of mine actually lost their brother to distracted driving. >> reporter: police told students about a young woman in springfield. the drive was checking sports scores. >> if we could change one life that says hey, after that i'm never going to text and drive again, then it was well worth it. >> reporter: many students are taking the phones down pledge to stop distracted driving now. the northern virginia man co
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estranged wife in her home will spend the rest of his life in prison. this crime shook the arlington neighborhood where bonnie black lived with her two little kids. she was found in her bed, stabbed in the neck and chest. this was in 2015. her little children, aged 5 and 3, discovered her there. she and her husband had been separated and they were scheduled to go to court for a custody battle when she was murdered. the judge sentenced david black to two life sentences. arlington county is a step closer to improving an intersection in the clarendon area to widen the sidewalks, add bike lanes and upgrade traffic signals. construction is expected
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begin next summer. a bill to defund planned parenthood clinics is winding its way through the virginia general assembly. a senate committee voted to send the bill to the full clahamber. it has already passed in the house. this would cut off federal title 10 funding from abortion providers in the commonwealth and redirect that money to other health clinics. governor terry mcauliffe vetoed that bill and says he is likely to do it again. the first event of its kind, a special luncheon for female scholar athletes from d.c. public schools as part of a national women and girls in sports day. female student athletes could network and share stories with other women in the community. the main topic of conversation, how sports h
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help their future. >> you kind of have a stronger swag about yourself than some of your girlfriends that don't play sports. you feel like i can do this, what. that's why it's important to make sure that you guys have the same opportunities as the boys do. >> reporter: natalie randolph, the first female head coach of a high school football team that anyone knows of, now the title 9 coordinator for the district, one voice inspiring local high school athletes. >> i would think in this city just getting the girls in the game, getting them to play is the biggest battle. that's why we want to start young and make sure that we expose them to as much as we can. >> the girls really were good at focusing our attention on how we can continue to support them and make sure they have physical education, competitive sports opportunities throughout their experience in our public schools. >> the males always feel
5:36 pm
though they're superior and in order for females to do better, they just need to feel like they have a role in society. >> it's mostly males that are empowered. when you see other women empowered, you can see that you can do that in the future. that could be you one day. >> reporter: today's luncheon just a part of expanding national women and girls in sports day. we have more information on our nbc washington app. this is the 31 anniversary of national girls and women in sports day. d.c. public schools putting a big focus on these events. two days before their official home opener, the nats take a ride up to annapolis to play the boston red sox at the naval academy. that game
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of an agreement with the nats. tickets are not available to the general public. both the nats and the red sox will give out free tickets to naval academy midshipmen. five members of a high wire troop still recovering after a dangerous fall. nick wallenda says it was the roughest day of his career. >> i had to watch the thing play out in front of my eyes in slow motion. and the investigation into a controversial d.c. law at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water.
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dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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the opening ceremony for next year's winter olympics in south korea, exactly one year from today. there's going to be a new face hosting nbc's coverage. >> reporter: on a day when olympic officials in south korea unveiled the torch for next year's winter olympics, nbc symbolically passed its own olympic torch. mike tirico took the handoff from bob kos ocostas. costas has handled those duties through 11 olympics. >> they said it's your decisio
5:41 pm
you want or step aside whenever it feels right. >> reporter: he says it didn't feel right after the sochi games in 2014. >> you don't want the pink eye olympics to your last ones. one more, rio. then i'll step aside. >> reporter: costas will turn over hosting duties to a fellow queens native and syracuse graduate. tirico received that school's first scholarship named for costas. now he follows in his footsteps. >> it's an honor of following one of the best of all time. >> reporter: costas says muhammad ali's caldron lighting in atlanta stands out. >> when people aski me to talk about it even i
5:42 pm
>> connecting with america for 17 straight nights, how could you not be thrilled and excited to do that? the show will go on despite a high wire accident down in florida. five tight rope performers plummeted 30 feet to the ground while practicing an eight-person pyramid. famed tight rope walker nick wallenda who was part of that act believed someone may have briefly blacked out. their training likely saved their lives. he said no one will have any permanent damage. wall wallenda also addressed questions about why they don't train with a safety net. >> i have an uncle that landed in a net, bounced out and was killed. it's all about training and preparing. it's the reality of what
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>> three of the injured performers are still in the icu. t we have lucked out so far when it comes to wintery weather. while some of you may appreciate a lack of snow, that's having an impact on school budgets and it's not what you think. it can happen to anyone, but does identify theft insurance really keep you safe from hackers trying to steal your identify chemical. susanhogan r
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whether you're shopping online or swiping your card at a store, hackers have lots of opportunities to steal your identity. in 2015 alone, $15 billion was stolen from americans. you could buy inexpensive identity theft insurance, but is it worth it? >> it's no secret that identity theft has become a huge problem. >> i'm constantly changing my passwords. >> i've had a business checking account drained. >> i have to give that security code and that worries me a little bit. >> some companies are looking to cash in on consumer saanxiety b offering identity theft
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insurance. in most cases they'll reimburse you up to $25,000 for covered losses. >> that sounds pretty good but most banks and credit card companies already cover you for losses due to fraud. most victims suffer little to no out-of-pocket losses. >> typically coverage includes assistance in dealing with the aftermath of identity theft which can be so time consuming. >> this insurance isn't designed to alert you to identity theft. that's what identity protection services do. >> a consumer report says taking matters into your own hands can be more effective and cheaper like freezing your credit report and signing up for free online apps to monitor your checking and credit accounts daily. >> if you do opt to purchase ur
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make sure you look closely at what you're getting and what you're paying for. >> we watched david culver out at fauquier, loudoun county border getting tons of snow. >> more action i think this afternoon. i know that because of all the twitter and facebook pictures. they were kind of silent in the morning. this afternoon some bursts of lake-effect snow bringing a quick coating so so ining to so communities. parts of loudoun county, right around leesburg, just to the west and north seeing some snow, down into charles county. for the most part, any snow starting to come to an end. it's still all about the winds and the cold. look at the gusts, anywhere from 25 miles an hour in the district tos
5:49 pm
manassas. that really drives down the feels-like temperature into the teens for most of us. feeling about 14 in frederick, 16 in manassas and 20 here in the district. it is going to be a brutally cold start tomorrow morning for the kids. feels like temperatures tonight going to be in the teens, still in the teening tomorr ins tomor. take a look at your hourly planner. 7:00 a.m., 21, but again with a breeze out there tomorrow morning it feels anywhere from about 10-15 degrees. lighter wind by the lunchtime hours and above freezing. more sunshine during the first half of the day, more clouds as we close out our friday. it's a cold day, 39. by 7:00 p.m., temperatures in the 30s. as we look
5:50 pm
saturday now looking to be the better weekend day. that's the day you want to go skiing or get the outdoor exercise in. on sunday, some showers. having dinner out on your saturday night, pretty nice. take a look at your weekend here. 60 degrees on saturday. sunday a tricky forecast, so make sure you stay tuned. we're going to continue to update this forecast. it will change. 62 degrees. windy but dry on monday. this morning our area saw some rain and snow showers, really didn't amount to much. but big impacts on new york and boston. in central park they got nine inches of snow. >> reporter: i'm out here in central park. you can see the snow has
5:51 pm
folks are enjoying the snow. the people i've talked to are out walking their dogs, building snowmen. we've seen a couple kids sledding. a couple of snowball fights as well out here. roads are a serious situation, but for the folks out here walking in the park just to enjoy this. >> reporter: i'm in boston hanging out in this doorway. you don't really know what it's like until you step out. check out this wind in the area right now. on any other given day, this neighborhood would be packed with people, cars driving by. right now many businesses are starting to close early before this weather gets worse. take a look at the streets now. these are the main streets in dorchester. the problem are these sides streets. neighbors saying a lot of these si
5:52 pm
attention from the plows, making it difficult to navigate. for now, many are staying inside until this storm passes. >> in boston inside is the place to be. here's the storm system right now, still impacting parts of massachusetts up through maine. parts of massachusetts and boston under a blizzard warning through the evening hours. our forecast the next ten days, really not a lot of chances of snow in sight. valentine's day looking good. maybe showers on wednesday and then maybe rain and snow on thursday. something we'll keep an eye on. it's been a winter without snow days for the schools and they have seen very few weather delays as well, unlike last year. they've not cancelled classes so much. a review by our i-team shows that if you think they're saving money on this, you're wrong.
5:53 pm
february. this caught us by surprise today but several local school districts report the cost of heating schools has actually spiked this year. record obtained by news4 show a 10% increase in cost for heating in prince william county schools. 35% more fuel used this year in frederick county. and a 30% spike in natural gas costs for montgomery county schools. there are some new school buildings heated by natural gas and those costs can fluctuate. a recent investigation found many of the schools are working with decades old furnaces and a backlog of heating repairs.
5:54 pm
>> that old equipment will cost you money. coming up, a debate over a law in the district that deals with young offenders. >> it centers around giving them a second, third, even a fourth chance. but does it
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> reporter: seen as a flexible sentencing law diverting young criminals under age 22 from a life of crime. >> if we want people to be better, we have to find a better way to educate them. if we don't have programs in jail for these young people, i don't know what we expect from them when they do come home. >> reporter: 41-year-old eddie ellis shot and killed someone when he was just 16. he spent ten years in prison, but with the law's help turned his life around. now he's helping others who have been released from prison. >> i think i got tired of doing the wrong thing. i just went back to what my
5:58 pm
was a child, right is right and wrong is wrong. >> reporter: a series of "washington post" stories on the d.c. youth act disclosed a number of murders, rapes and other crimes committed by offenders whose earlier records were expunged. now d.c. council judiciary chairman charles allen is just starting a review of the law. witnesses mostly saying it needs to ensure better help for young inmates and protection from violent repeat offenders. right now the program is a mix of local and federal oversight. >> that is the basic problem with the performance under the youth rehabilitation act. >> reporter: eddie ellis says all these years later, he can't get his murder out of his mind. >> i had to be responsible for the things i've done and going to jail was part of my responsibility. >> reporter: mayor
5:59 pm
to weigh in. we expect a decision tonight from the federal appeals court panel on whether to reinstate president trump's travel ban. the new developments in that firestorm sparked by mr. trump's comments about the judiciary and the reaction from his supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. >> reporter: that day also began with his supreme court nominee here on capitol hill not really speaking about this publicly or answering questions, but talking behind closed doors about president trump's comments on those judges expected to rule tonight. supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch back on capitol hill today, talking to lawmakers
6:00 pm
behind closed doors about what president trump said. >> courts seem to be so political. >> reporter: about judges deciding the fate of his travel ban. >> he said any attack on brothers or sisters of the robe is an attack on all judges. >> judge kgorsuch specifically said you should feel free to mention what i said about these attacks being disheartening and demoralizing. >> reporter: gorsuch's office confirms he said it but the president lashed out at blumenthal. >> ask senator blumenthal about his vietnam record. he misrepresented that just like he misrepresented judge gorsuch. >> because of politics perhaps they're not going to vote for him. that's


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