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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 14, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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had misled vice president mike pence and others about conversations with the ambassador. >> because of the fast pace of events i briefed the vice president elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the russian ambassador. flynn says he has apologized to the president and vice president. >> finding a replacement for flynn is the next major step here and there's already a list of people it could be. >> good morning. and it is a short list starting with retired lieutenant general keith kellogg who has already been named acting national security advisor. the 72-year-old was the top advisor for trump's presidential campaign and he is a retired general who served in vietnam. he was the chief operating officer of the western coalition in baghdad, iraq, after the u.s. led invasion in 2003. and then there is also robert harwood, a name we
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a navy seal. he also worked with the bush administration and commissioned the national counterterrorism center and finally perhaps the most controversial choice, retired general and former cia director. david petraeus who left the job in 2012. we'll send a breaking news alert when there is any kind of update. we'll continue to follow this fastly developing story and bring you the latest. also this morning the washington post reporting that the justice department warned the trump administration that michael flynn could be vulnerable to russian blackmail. edward lawrence will have more on all this from capitol hill. also developing this morning the trump administration will not be able to implement its travel ban in virginia. a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction on the issue yesterday. the judge noted in her ruling that the administration
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ban and wrote that the president's executive power does not mean absolute power. last night virginia's attorney general shared his thoughts on what the trump administration could do next. >> i think we've all seen from these last few weeks it is really difficult to predict what the president might do. but what i've got in front of me is attorney general is an executive order that was unlawful, unconstitutional and un-american. >> the injunction only applies to people who live, work or attend school in virginia. the federal court has also suspended the immigration order. meanwhile february 13th has become a noteworthy day for mark herring. virginia's ban on marriage for same sex couples was struck down exactly three years ago yesterday after herring successfully argued for that in court. fairfax county police are trying to find the killer of a 15-year-old girl.
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her remains were found in springfield over the weekend and identified yesterday. there were fears for the teenager's safety because she had contact with gang members. news 4's justin finch is following the story and will have a live update for us at 5:15. >> it took six months for fairfax county police to find this man. the teen told a caseworker that the 18-year-old dragged her into the woods, raped her and left her there. the assault happened in july of last year but the teen didn't tell anyone until august. debl detectives say he could have more victims and they're asking them to reach out to police. the montgomery county council will take what they learned at a deadly explosion at an apartment complex and use it to prevent a similar tragedy. they'll discuss their
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audit at the flower branch apartments last year that killed seven people. the report will reveal 14 lessons the county learned about responding to this type of emergency situation. chris gordon will be tweeting from inside that meeting today. follow him at chris gordon news. following a dramatic situation in california. >> an gie is at the live desk. >> this story continues to develop. nearly 200,000 residents standing by in shelters. this as crews continue to work and fix the country's tallest dam that continues to threaten to release uncontrollable flood waters. officials and contractors scrambling to fix that damage before another round of storms hits this area again this week. they are still worried that that spillway could fail and release catastrophic amount of waters into whole communities below it. the nat
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ground and in the air. more as we get it. we'll bring it to you. all right. thank you. it's 4:35 right now and fairfax county high school principal is now on leave. the washington post reports a letter went out to parents letting them know assistant principal will be filling in for principal alex case. another principal is also on leave. they decline to say when they went on leave or why. students and families are rallying to bring back a popular loudoun county principal. the superintendent has recommended that he be fired. loudoun county sheriff's office is investigating accusations of inappropriate behavior by the high school's band director. when he left the school brewer gave him a letter of recommendation. david meyer was elected last weekri
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he's a five term council member who has coauthored a book about the city. former mayor resigned last year after police arrested him in a sex for drugs sting. tonight's the ceremonial swearing in will be held at 7:00 right before the city council meeting. it is starting to feel a lot like spring, not the temperatures. today the nationals pitchers and catchers are heading down to west palm beach, florida. spring training begins in just a few weeks. this is the nats' first year at a stadium closer to some of the other teams down in florida. >> music for my ears. i'm wearing red for valentine's day and for the nats. how about that? >> aren't you just ready. >> let's check the forecast with sheena parveen. >> good morning and happy valentine's day and if you are waiting at the bus stop this morning or you're about to walk out the door it is a cold start to you
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we go through the afternoon it's not looking bad at all. the good news it is not going to be as nearly as windy as it was yesterday. that was a very annoying day with all the wind. but the temperatures this morning are cold but they're not coming with all that wind. making temperatures feel mostly like the mid to low 20s right now. feeling like 27 in the district. 23 is what it feels like in gaithersburg. 23 quantico, so a cold start to your morning. take a look at your commute forecast. it will be dry, cloudy, mid-40s by lunchtime. low 50s this afternoon. not a bad day and not bad day toto be outside this morning. it's cold out there, chuck, but the day is going to shape up nice. >> no complaints really. it's cold but it's february after all. it is valentine's day and we'll be down here at the tidal basin between now and 7:00. free hugs from me to you on your valentine's day and we'll get a selfie if you like. the daily grad
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spending time outside i'm optimistic. it's a b plus kind of a day today. just a little bit of a chill now and we'll have cloud cover coming in later on today. but no need for the umbrellas or the windshield wipers coming today. let's go now to melissa mollet and good morning to you. >> it is still around right now. work zone there blocking the right lane in northeast. northbound 3rd street tunnel being pushed off at massachusetts avenue, all lanes blocked because of that work zone here as well this morning. beltway at barnabas road. taking a look at 95 and bw parkway, everything there on time. back here in ten minutes. we'll see you then. thank you. years after he was convicted for sexually abusing children his son is now charged with doing the same. what we're learning about the alleged victims of jeffrey sandusky. >> bringing
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we're learning new details in the child sex abuse case against jeffrey sandusky. he's the adopted son of former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. prosecutors say j
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photos and perform a sex act. one of the victims was a 16-year-old girl. his father is serving decades in prison while molesting boys at penn state. deciding how much time to take off work after having a baby is a tough decision for any family. now lawmakers are pitching a bill to help federal workers with young families. it's called the federal employees paid parental lead act. right now federal workers are entitled to up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. >> you know, people are trying to scramble together their vacation days and their comp days and their sick days and so on to make it happen. just not a civilized way of thinking about parenthood. >> according to the organization for economic cooperation and development the u.s. is the only industrialized country in the world without federally mandated
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and good morning. it is cold. start to your valentine's day. you'll want a warm jacket before you head out. by this afternoon though, not nearly as windy as yesterday. we'll take a look at your forecast and see another mild change for the weekend. that's next. >> and a warning for neighbors in northern virginia after a slew of car break-ins. the no nonsense advice coming from police this morning that could keep you from becoming the next victim. and our tax tip theories continues. what is new this season including a change inour y
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good morning, everybody. i'm chuck bell, live at the tidal basin. we'll be asking the park service when they think the blossoms may be reaching their peak.
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we'll let you know. don't worry if you don't get your taxes done by the april 15th normal deadline. what the filing date has been extended to when our tax tip series continues. and first it was the first daughter. now her father. the stores that just pulled the plug on some of president trump's products. first though we are staying on top of that developing story from the white house. michael flynn resigning as national security advisor. >> edward lawrence is life on capitol hill now. edward, what is the regular bollig nati -- resignation regarding? >> reporter: this moved very quickly. michael flynn had a phone call with russians before president trump was sworn in as president. there's some allegations or reports out there that he may have discussed russian sanctions which could be against the law, so flynn now in his resignation letter said that he briefed the vice president and others with incomplete information regarding his phone call related to t
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flynn now saying he's not 100% sure exactly what he said during that phone call. this is just another ding for the trump administration on foreign policy. >> the washington post is reporting that then acting attorney sally yates warned the administration that flynn could be vulnerable to russian blackmail. what can you tell about that? >> reporter: about a month ago before president fired her for not defending the temporary travel ban, she advised the president that this could be a potential issue. there was an investigation going on into exactly what those phone calls had. she believed because of what was said during those phone calls she told president trump there could be a situation where there could be blackmail because the information that was public out there and what information was in the phone calls may have been different, therefore the russians may have leverage over flynn is how she advised the president back about a month ago. >> all right. live on capitol hill for us. thank you. the president's immigra
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crackdown is creating a sense of fear in local immigrant communities. department of homeland security says immigration raids in the past week resulted in 680 arrests nationwide. that is fewer than similar raids under the obama administration. the fear comes from incidents where last week agents came to an apartment complex looking for a specific person they said had a criminal history, but left with several other people instead. >> they didn't find him and so they arrested someone else. and that -- that's what's new and that's why the community is so terrified right now, because of the really random nature of that. >> the advocacy group casa has been going door to door in predominantly latino communities handing out pamphlets on what to do if you're approached by customs enforcement agents. sears and k mart carried the trump homend
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discontinued to focus on more profitable items. it's not clear if the boycott called grab your wallet had any impact on this decision. members of the montgomery county church are praying for their deacon. he was seriously injured in a car crash in kensington and in a spot that many describe as dangerous. that crash happened saturday night at the intersection of connecticut and denfield avenues. he was on his way to mass at st. michael's catholic church in silver spring. he was turning on to denfield avenue when he was broadsided by an on coming car. they're investigating whether the other driver may have been racing. now hernandez is in critical condition and his church are asking for a miracle. english speaking community, spanish speaking community, he's always there for the people. >> i have never seen him when he wasn't filled with
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to embrace you. >> there have been accidents there before and numerous safety complaints. in montgomery county now, several car owners will be spending extra money at the repair shop. multiple cars had their windows broken along new hampshire avenue. they're encouraging owners of the cars to reach out to them. cars have been prime targets in arlington county too, since last week there have been nearly 50 break-ins. it happened in two different neighborhoods in north falls church. police say the cars were unlocked. >> anything from change and a couple dollar bill to toiletry bags, candy wrappers things that were in the car were found all over the street. >> the simplest thing is to lock your door to protect your car. they're still looking for suspects. might soon be a lot easier to
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take metro. new food stalls and other pop-up stores could open at metro station entrances if a new pilot project goes well. the idea is being tested at one of the stations but not for another five years and metro would want to limit food sales to the afternoon because they don't want rider teoscs to carr food into the trains in the morning. the valentine's day, people are getting honest about technology and romance. according to an at&t survey, 36% of people agreed long-term relationships can start on dating apps. 7% of people said they've asked someone on a date via text. and when it comes to those three special words in person is still the way to go. >> that's i love you in case you were wondering, people. >> i've heard those a couple times. >> okay. have you said them is the question. >> my mother told me often.
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love you for the first time over text. 20% of people admitted to dumping people over text message. >> taylor swift made that infamous. >> i've been down that road. >> i will say you have more confidence when you're not face to face. i'm not saying it's good. don't do it. i'm not saying it's good. >> bye. >> it's a wonder the things people will say when they're hiding behind a text or computer. >> today it's valentine's day so don't do that. it's going to be a cold start to your valentine's day. so if you have not walked out the door just yet you will want the warm jacket. temperatures right around freezing this morning. the good news is, all that wind that we had yesterday, it's not coming back today. much less wind today and much more comfortable day even temperature wise but we do have a dry stretch of weather too. another warmup for the weekend. believe it or not, it is coming back and
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again. not this morning though. 32 in the district. 23 in gaithersburg. these are actual temperatures. 28 degrees in leesburg, so again, bundle up before you head out. if you plan on exercising today, this morning cold, but again not as windy. you will want the warm jacket though. a cloudy day but we'll stay on the drier side. there's rain to the west and southwest. that will slide to our south come tomorrow. this is future weather trying to pick up on a very small area of precipitation. we'll watch that closely. wednesday morning, tomorrow morning some showers to our south. i think we'll stay mostly dry though and then we'll see some clearing conditions through the afternoon. so for today your valentine's day, 53 for the high temperature. thursday that's the coldest day. look at the weekend. mid-60s. let's check the roads on your valentine's's day morning. >> just a lot of road work to
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southbound rock creek parkway after p street we have that left lane getting by that work zone this morning. southbound 95 near 630/stafford, work zone blocking that right lane until 10:00 this morning. inner and outer radloop of the beltway, no problems there. >> thank you. it is tough, but most of us work hard to avoid sitting in traffic. a look at when and where that gets even harder. one of the most congested spots for your morning commute. and we continue to get you ready for tax season. the four things t
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welcome back. it's tax week here on news 4 and susan hogan is getting you ready. >> some things have changed this year too and we're focusing on the four new thing to know about your 2016 tax return. >> historically the official tax day is april 15th but this year that's not the case. uncle sam is giving us a few extra days to get our returns in order. so this year you'll have until april 18th to file your taxes. that's because april 15th falls on a saturday and monday april 17th is emancipation day in washington which is legally celebrated this year and under the tax code, legal holidays in the station's capital affect the tax filing deadline. something else new
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refunds will be held until february 15th according to a new tax law. a change the irs cannot issue refunds before tax returns that claim the earned income tax credit or the additional child tax credit. if you are using a software product for the very first time, you will need to know your 2015 adjusted gross income to e fail your 2016 tax return and tax penalties related to obama care are going up again. for 2016 penalties for adults they'll now be $695 or 2.5% more your income. and some things are not changing. contribution limits to 401(k) plans iras and flexible spending accounts are all staying the same. that risky driving behavior can cause everything from accident to delays. >> especially during the afternoon commute. that is often worse than the morning commute. here are the numbers to prove it. ddot
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five times worse during the evening commute than the morning. the evening commute is also less reliable since there are more people heading to a variety of activities. in the morning the westbound side of the southeast freeway is one of the most congested spots in the district. coming up we'll let you know which road is the most congested during your drive home. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. happy valentine's day to you. >> maybe have a nice romantic fire going already. you sleep with the fireplace on? >> that's very ambitious for 5:00 a.m. >> a lot of people waking up in the 30s this morning. you need a little something to warm you up. >> sheena parveen and chuck bell and melissa mollet all ready to get us started. >> you could hug each other. you're going to need a warm
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chuck is live outside. he has a warm jacket on and as we go through the morning hours it's going to stay cold but the day will be shaping up nicely. as we go through the afternoon we're talking about the low 50s and it won't be nearly as windy as yesterday so it will be more comfortable and expected to stay on the dry side. but for your valentine's morning the bus stop forecast looking good. you will want the warm jacket out there. recess, just cloudy. the commute both morning and evening expected to be dry and your exercise forecast is looking good. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. mid to low 30s and by 3:00 p.m., 51 degrees so again, the day shaping up nicely for the bus stop. chuck is live at the tidal basin this morning. let's take a look at what's going on there. good morning, chuck. >> good morning. and good morning, everybody. happy valentine's day. we're live down here this morning. coming up in the 6:00 hour i'll be asking a representative of the national park service whether it looks like


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