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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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news 4 begins with breaking news. exclusive video tonight of a tearful reunion, a missing 17-year-old girl from fairfax
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she had been missing for almost four weeks, and police thought she was in danger. good evening, i'm jim handly, i'm erika gonzalez in for doreen. only news 4 cameras were there when the 17-year-old came walking through her mother's door. >> news 4s, derek ward has the the story live from al, andrea, fairfax county. quite a night, derrick. >> reporter: indeed. when you cover stories like this, there is sometimes a tragic outcome. 17-year-old had gone missing on january 15th from her home. she has been last seen here on beauregard. since then no word. a month of uncertainty and fear for this family. earlier today, fairfax county police actually stepped up their efforts to find her. calling it a critical missing person's case. and tey
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where this young woman was. bulletins have gone out. what have you. we were actually here interviewing her mother at the time. and there was a knock on the door, the neck thixt thing, opee door, in walks venus. >> i know she was, very scared about what could happen to me. and i love my mama. >> the county had begun to step up their intensity to find the young woman. because there were overlapping cases, other investigations were starting to overlap with this one including an incident where a young woman was missing and found dead. but again, a happy ending here. why did she go missing? she tells us she was distraught over the death of a former boyfriend. she actually its now being interviewed by detectives. they want to find out more about the circumstances of her disappearance. again, the family will sleep a lot better
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knowing that, 17-year-old venus iraheta is home again. you know this family is from el salvador. we spoke to the mother afterwards. she said, it is -- particularly troubling, because at home, a problem with people disappearing she brought her children to the country to avoid that. here find herself in the middle of such an incident. a happy ending here tonight. inlexandria. we are live. back to you. >> i'm chris lawrence, at the live desk. reporting raises serious question s about donald trump's campaign staff and contact with russian officials. reporting there are phone record, there are phone calls interseptemb, and saying these people were constantly in touch with senior russian intelligence officials in the year leading up to the election. so far they haven't found any evidence that the aide cooperated withus
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reaction to this report has been explosive. hillary clinton's former press secretary, tweeted everything we suspected during the campaign is proving true. this is a colossal scandal. and former campaign manager, robbie mook, the fbi to explain why they sent a letter about clinton not this. president trump welcomes israeli prime minister to the white house, scheduled to hold a joint news conference. this is almost sure to be question one. erika. >> thank you, chris lawrence. 24 hours ago, general michael flynn resigned. as the the president's national security adviser. now, members of congress from both parties want to know more about his ties to russia. and democrats want the transcripts of his phone call with the russian ambassador, released. u.s. officials say, fbi agents interviewed flynn about that call, as part of the government's investigation
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rush y russ russia's attempt to influence the election. the army is looking into whether the russian government paid flynn to speak at an event with putin two years age illegal for former military office tires receive foreign payments without permission. >> kellyanne conway may have to pay for her endorsement of ivanka's fashion line. she told fox news viewers, to buy ivanka's products. in an interview. the chief ethics watch dog called the comments, a clear misuse of her position. the office of government ethics wants an investigation. press secretary sean spicer says, conway has been counseled but would not elaborate on what that means. it is up to president trump to discipline his advisers. a packed house in prince william county. a huge crowd cheering on the dozens who signed up to speak about county immigration policy, most of them, targeting a particular board member who is also running for governor.
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with more on what happened there tonight. darcy? >> reporter: well, 40 people had the chance to speak tonight here at the meeting. many of them aiming their attacks at the board chairman, cory stewart. i had a chance to ask him about the personal attacks and appropriate tests. he says, doesn't bother him a bit. >> they cheered and held signs outside of the prince william county board of supervisors meeting. >> i think this country is a country of immigrants. and we have to band together. >> inside their target, cory stewart, the chair of the board. a republican, running for governor, and known for his tough stance on illegal immigration. awe all we cannot let our politicians take us back to this toxic environment where everyone is a suspect, guilty until proven innocent. >> many of the speakers fear the county regressing back to 2007, when police began checking
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they suspected of being undocumented. >> i remember, like it was yesterday. when my daughter, who was just 12 years old at the time. came home from school crying. because she thought, he was going to have our family deported. >> exaggerations. exaggerations. everybody knows we went after people who were here illegally and committed crimes. period. ened of the story. a at louf t of people, dramatic. making up stories, doing roundups. wasn't true. >> reporter: stewart says claims of people being profiled are in his words baloney. >> you know, having these attacks against me for ten years. i'm used to it. none of the liberal protesters b bother me a bit. >> i feel threatened as other people of color in prince william county. >> the head of the naacp chapter says stewart's stance backfired. >> stoke the flames of
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>> darcy spencer, news 4. >> truck driver was still inside the cab of his truck when it split from the rest of the rig today and fell on to a street below. incredibly, he is expected to be okay. take a look, chopper 4 over the scene in frederick. state police tell us the driver hit a guardrail on a u.s. 15 overpass. that truck cab fell on to west 7th street here below. it took crews nearly 7 hours to clean up that fuel spill. >> finally, a barak reak for firefighters. the flames at the waste energy facility in lorton are out. video from chopper 4 two weeks ago when the fire started. firefighters have been working at site, 24/7, since then. and they still don't know what started it. the fire chief thanked the community for patients tonight. >> emotional plea from the father of a man shot to death inside his car. henry
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preparing to be a dad. timothy sherrod was shot and found in his car on mary's view road. two bullet holes in the driver's side door. >> who did this to my boy? >> there are several cameras, that police hope will provide clues. at this.. detectives are working to find a motive and suspect. >> the fbi is look frging for a young man from the district. for months selling an underage girl for sex. the fbi put out the three pictures of gary o'neal bell today. just 24 years old. they say he lives in d.c. the sex trafficking happened in multiple spots across the d.c. metro area. and has a tattoo of a cross under his right eye. and agents are offering up to $2,000 for information that lead to bell's arrest.
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back here at the live desk. prosecutors say he bought the guns used by the terrorist in san bernardino. and tonight, he agreed to plead guilty to that, as well as two other plots that never got off the ground. enrique marques admits he thought the assault rifles that were used, they shot and killed 14 feel attending a holiday party in california. police say, marques didn't know about that attack beforehand. he only pleaded guilty to being the front man. buying the guns because farook was afraid his appearance would make the vendor suspicious. marques did plead guilty to plotting to shoot college students and commuters. facing 25 years in prison. prosecutors will ask for leniency due to the plea deal. chris walker at the live desk. and, chief meteorolog
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making its way our way. i think it will bring rain to the region. show you who gets rain, what comes in next, see you back here in just about ten minutes with my forecast. >> next at 11:00 -- near fay mall heart condition with no symptoms. >> never had any high cholesterol. never had any high blood pressure. >> how a local yoga instructor survived in what doctors say is the number one risk factor. >> harrison ford has another close call in a plane. how close the actor came to colliding with a passenger jet. >> the tradition started by michele obama, that will continue your path to retirement may not always be clear. michele obama, that will continue
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ba breaking news, in from greenbelt. a man found shot to death in the stairwell of an apartment building. police on the scene. 6200 block of breezewood drive. trying to figure out what happened. we are trying to get details. look for updates tomorrow morning on news 4 today. >> switching gears. want to get a peek inside the trump white house. you can, starting next month. white house tours are, typically suspended at the start of a new administration. but the current gap has been longer than expected. requests have been piling up. melania trump will main taint vegetable garden. mrs. obama referred to the garden as her baby. said she hopes future first ladies would keep it going. faa is investigating, harr
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ford us cleared to land at john wayne airport monday. instead, ford landed on a parallel taxiway. he flew right above a 737, that was holding on the ground, before take off. >> unfortunately we have seen this sort of thing before. where some body mistakenly identified a taxi way for a runway. in this case, the runway that he was to land on was very narrow. >> you may remember, two years ago, ford crash landed a plane on a golf course. investigators, investigators say that was due to engine fail. >> national heart health month. cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in this country. that includes, heart attacks, cardiac arrests or another cardiac problem that one local woman had no idea that she had. until it almost took her life. doreen reports. >> karen
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seemed like definition of healthy. >> always been an athlete. always been fit. never had high cholesterol, never had lie blohigh blood pre. >> the mother of three, taught 15 yoga classes every week. >> i taught two yoga class that morning. and i was feeling great. and, i stopped in to a local store to get some lunch. it was sort of my routine, that's what i did. on thursdays. soon as i walked into the store, i knew i didn't feel well. i felt a little dizzy. maybe a little kweetzqueasy, kn was going to faint. i remember getting done to the floor. after that i don't remember anything for the next four days. >> care in was rushed to suburban hospital in beth etz day. >> i was diagnosed very quickly with an ascending aortic aneurysm. >> the aorta supplies blood to every single organ. during an aortic dissection, three layers tear. >> the tear
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the wall of the aorta, the blood progressively di lly die sects disects. >> the doctor operated on care in for 12 hours. >> a catastrophic, some times, fatal, often fatal disease process in which the arteries, that supply blood flow to the organs can be occluded or disrupted. >> since at any point that can lead to a rupture of the aorta surgery is race against time. karen had an aneurysm which can occur with dissection or can lead to it. >> i was in disbelief for sure. here i was younger. i thought i was fit. thought i was healthy. thought i had spent years doing all the right things for my body. and i haveis neshlly thought i was in a car accident. took me a while to wrap myself around that i had open heart surgery. >> shocking s
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symptoms. they told her the cause was jen it e -- genetic. she discovered her grandfather died at age 52 from what she had. >> we were able to see there is a family thing going on. and really, i had my event in october. two months later in december, my three older sib lilings had sca. >> though they are common. dissection is rare with roughly 20,000 cases every year. it usually happens to men. it has been a long road to full recovery, for karen, who also eventually had to have a pacemaker put in. she does cardiac rehab every day. >> actually mine was a big incision. >> gives back through suburban's mended hearts program. where volunteers offer emotional support to patients in the cardiac icu. she wants to use her experience to help others. >> we all know we shouldn't smoke. we all know we need to watch our weight. we know we need toer
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all those in check. there was this genetic thing. >> powerful story. >> karen is no longer doing yoga, some of the positions put too much pressure on her heart. she is still very active. running, swimming. and doing cardiac rehab as you saw there. >> great news. what a come back. >> no kidding. >> doug, on a roller coaster. feeling more like winter, spring? >> little bit of both out there. really not a lot in between. little built of winter coming in here. then we go right back to spring. with not much, in the middle. take a look, show you what is happening outside right now. pretty nice night. temperatures a lot warmer than they were last night. last night, at this time, temperatures already below freezing. in many areas. currently, 41 degrees. wind out of the south. 3 miles an hour. not much in the way of wind. notice the direction. 36, leesburg. 32, winchester. 32, martinsburg. cool, not real cold for this time of year. really no cold air.
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now, radar, showing you, not much across our area. no rain. no snow. take a look. we saw a little earlier today, the clouds are back. notice the cloud moving back. notice what else is coming our way. last couple frames here. notice the rain starting to move toward the region. this is all from a bigger storm. back to the west. staple storm that brought houston, a couple tornado tuesday. this storm moves along the boundary. you can see it trying to move to the north. i do think we are going to see a chance for showers tomorrow morning. i talked about this at 6:00 tonight. could see rain in the southern zone. our newest computer model. 3:00 a.m. notice the cloud. notice by 5:00, 6:00, rare the whan rain is. but not from d.c. to the north. and this rain, moves out, quickly. most of the, most of the areas, dry. by 9:00 a.m. could be there for the early morning commute. in the southern zones. maybe along, 301. north of fredericksburg. rain, wet roadways. other than that,
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see the sun during the afternoon. wind, 30, 35 miles an hour tomorrow. will make things feel cool. temperatures to 50 degrees. not bad at all. cloud early. with the showers to the south. then clearing, and rather breezy. breeze sticks with us through tomorrow night. now, temperatures tomorrow, at the bus stop. 38 degrees. cool. most areas, dry. showers. 46 by noon. 50 by 4:00. again a nice afternoon by the time the kids are home. they can get out and play. do a little play around, around the yard on thursday though. winter, 39 and breezy. puts wind chill into the 20s. boom, spring, big time. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. all in the 60s. president's day weekend. looking spectacular. and we go from winter, where we can make the snow at the ski resorts on thursday night and friday night. into spring. spring skiing.
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got it all mapped out. know where i am going. >> weather like that. talking cherry blossoms already. so true. >> golly. doug. >> coming up. big injury in scloif cou
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this is xfinity sports desk. >> all right. could be giving bradley field some love. >> kevin love. yeah. >> and, so you have great vacation plans, right. all-star break is coming up. then you got a
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the trip is refundable. may be on the way to his all-star game. and cavaliers, will miss six weeks after having surgery on his knee. this could open up the east when it comes to the playoff picture. this definitely opens up the spot for this weekend's all-star game. filling that spot is something, bradley beals thought of, sort of. >> i did. going to be some upset people. and i don't wish any hurt or harm on any body. you know, kevin. but -- if it happens, it happens. the game says he is right there. the way we have been playing the last two and a half months says he is right there. if he is not. he will be there soon. >> george mason, hosting richmond. pretty good review from the green machine. first half. four point game. and, showing off the handle. little
11:27 pm
set back, jumper. hit, mason. 6-point lead. few plays later. more on the inside. and, jenkins, and grayer, that's done the three. and jenkins out to grayer, grabs it. hits. nice move there. later in the half. final second. moore with the spin move. gets around three, richmond defenders. gets it to go. game high, 22 for him. george mason, beats richmond, 93-70. >> virginia tech coming off their huge double overtime win against virginia. on the road against pitt tonight. gets ahead a little over a minute in the game. come away with turnover. just as robinson turns around. flips the seth allen. former terp. knocking down the three. hit the huge shot in the upset. coming up. clutch. again tonight. virginia tech. beat pitt. 66-63. >> well have you ever wondered if your local sports anchor coulday
11:28 pm
we answered. i specifically cannot play basketball. whatsoever. but carol maloney, a skilled player brought out her d-i skills to verizon center. carol just showing everyone how it is done out there. kicks the ball to herself. already better than me. first dunk. giving it her all. not quite enough there. check out this second one. faster than john wall on the break. >> hits really hard. if you look. right there. she sacrifices everything. for that. and, carol, she is fine. after that, but how incredible that, that, you see there. she got -- >> like an 11. >> she got two ribbons, right? >> two ribbons. yes, hope they gave her something, tylenol, advi
11:29 pm
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- charlie day, kendall jenner, mul


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