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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 16, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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our team is here to get you on your way on this thursday. >> melissa and sheena are inside with us this morning. we september check bell outside to find out just how many layers we might need out there. i've never seen chuck with a scarf around his neck like that, all the way up. >> really? oh, wow. it is true. this is to protect, well, the part of me that gets the most cold are the bottoms of my earlobes. for me, as long as i can keep the bottoms of my ears all right, i can pretty much deal with almost anything. i am right here in front of the panera bread at silver spring, it is 21 degrees right now. windchills all across the area, upper teen toes low and mid 20s. highs in your hometown today, if you live in arlington and washington, about 42. montgomery county where we are, upper 30s is probably about all we can do
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>> cold and windy through the day. temperatures feeling like the 30s. snow showers possible. could be blowing in lake-effect snow. warmer weekend. we are talking about the 60s. no big cooldown ahead after today. we're going to be staying unseasonably warm through next week. here is a look at your commute forecast, though. dry roads through the entire day. but it is going to be a cold and windy one. let's check the roads this morning with melissa mollet. good morning. chopper 4 over the top of the beltway here near 95. no worries inner loop and outer
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2:10 here. we have a light malfunctioning. might be part of some slowdowns here. again in alexandria, just off king street, a water main break right in front of the masonic temple. that might slow things down just a little bit. as we zoom out, you can see the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. going to take a look at travel times, coming up. 6:02 been right now around our area, people are staying home to make a statement. today, you'll likely feel the effects of the day without immigrants protest when you head to a restaurant or a gym. businesses are either closing or letting workers stay home. >> justin finch is in hyattsville with more on the statement protesters are hoping to send today. justin? >> aaron, this movement first gained ground online. now it's happening in realtime. immigrants strike to go send a message to the white house and bus boys & poets now one of many businesses joining in.
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locations will be closed today. some 600 workers taking off and this strike could set them back by thousands of dollars. but by day's end, supporters hope that president trump will be the impact of his coast to coast boycott. among those demandses that immigrants contributions to american society and the economy be recognized, that their families can stay in the u.s. together. now, on twitter, d.c. celebrity chef jose andreas announced his support. he's closing his restaurants today. you will recall that he pulled his plans to open a restaurant in trump d.c. hotel. and in bloomingdale, they're allowing immigrants today to go on strike. >> we just want to stand behind them. and if they want to participate in the day, with didn't want to make it seem like it was something that they would fear for their job or anything like at
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day off. and let them do -- make the choice. and so brace yourself for locked doors and signs like this today announcing they are closed for today in solidarity with the strike. we know of dozen thes of closings in our area already and we're keeping track on our nbc washington app. live here, justin finch, news 4. back in to you guys. justin, thank you. at least one local school being affected by the protests. latin america montesorri school will be closed today. out of 80 teachers and staff at that school, 74 will expected to participate in today's protest. this protest isn't just happening in our area. this is a nationwide day without immigrants. take a look at the map here. we know it's happening in boston, houston, chicago, new york, philadelphia and here in d.c. coming up at 6:30, we'll tell you what's happening in those cities today. ig
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enforcement, or i.c.e., is pushing back on reports that it's conducting mass immigration raids. the agency said roshgs of checkpoints and tweets of roundups are false. rumors have rattled several communities and reports spreading over social media. homeland security did arrest nearly 700 undocumented and immigrants in raids across the country. officials say those raids targeted criminals. 6:05 now. president trump is having a step closer to having his had director of the office of management and budget. the senate is expected to vote on his confirmation this morning. republican senator john mccain is expected to vote no because the nominee here, mr. mulvaney, supported cuts in defense spending in the past. he is still expected to be confirmed. the white house is looking for a new labor secretary. the president's first pick withdrew his nomination yesterday after growing questions about his business record and past relationships. but it is footage from an interview oprah had with his ex
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may have sealed his fate. nor on that ahead at 6:30. you may notice more security the next time year near the capitol. the news 4 i-team has learned administrators are planning a series of enhancements. they include an underground system, more k-9 teams outside of entrances to better keep potential threats from approaching the capitol building. montgomery county police need your help finding a missing girl. police have been looking for 17-year-old lindsay barth since monday. they believe she could be with the man you just saw in the photo there. if you've seen her, you're asked to contact police. today, more charges could be coming for ten people connected to the death of a 15-year-old. we showed you the emotional reunion of a missing teen with her family. now we know she may be connected to that murder. this story is full of twists and turns. it all started when another teen
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fairfax county bliss believe she was held against her will for about a month before being killed and left in a park in springfield. these four adults are charged with her abduction. sixteen agesers have been charged, as well. initially police said she may have been in danger, too, but now they say she's connected somehow to the murder. >> she is in custody. we're looking at the extent of her involvement. somehow, some way, the people were connected through acquaintances, through knowledge of the crimes. >> police believe everyone involved is acquainted or affiliated with one gang. it is 6:07. we're working to get an update from park police about this serious crash on the baltimore washington parkway been take a look at the scene here. the road is now clear, but northbound lanes were shut down for hours near the split with route 50 overnight. you can see the that the car went off the road. we don't know why or whether an
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let's go to erika gonzalez at the live desk with breaking news out of washington state. >> are you seeing this? are you hearing this? this is grant county if washington state. a substation fire and a structure fire that lit up the night sky for a good 30 seconds. really impressive show there. scary situation, though. we understand that there is just a huge amount of power that is out in that area for a number of customers. again, this is in washington state. not exactly sure why this fire started. but at this hour, we are told that there are still huge efforts under way to try to get power restored to this small community. this is grant county in washington state after that substation and structure fire. >>
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new this morning, thousands of people in washington, d.c. will be up to eight weeks of paid family leave because mayor bowser allowed the bill to take effect without her signature. bowser opposed it. the mayor decided not to veto the bill and hopes to work with law eshg mas to address what she believes are its shortcomings. the new law still has to survive a review by congress. bed bug outbreak, just the thought can make you itchy. now it's happening at a second d.c. school. ahead at 6:30, why this one won't be closing classrooms. plus, new video of an all-out brawl inside a detention center, but it's not inmates throwing punches. what's next for the sdputs involved in this fight. plus, it is a cold start to your thursday. >> certainly is, aaron. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. windchills are back down into the teens and 20s this morning. when i come back, i'll give you the daily grade a
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where those outdoor plans of yours today need to be put off until tomorrow. stay with us.
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so we always want to know just how cold it feels like outside. . we can't do it. >> chuck bell, we can see your -- >> you could do it. >> but you're the expert. >> there is plenty of room right here alongside of me for anyone who would like to come and stand out here. >> and iemp giving out free hugs. but your outdoor outlook for today and the next couple of days, if you're going to be outside doing stuff this morning, it is going to be kindy and
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on the chilly said. towards friday and the weekend, things noticeably start to go improve. i'm feeling in a good mood today. the daily grade will be a b plus for today. but just note, that's all based on sunshine and the fact that you can run in and out of the cold in quick bursts. sheena will be back in a few minutes with a look at the entire forecast. let's go over to melissa mollet who is warm and comfy. >> i am. it's nice in here. right now, chopper 4 is headed to that problem in alexandria. seeing if we can zoom into park road and king street where we had that water main break in front of the masonic temple. maryland, no problems on the beltway. 66 inbound, 95 north quantico moving just fine. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. the violence ripping the city of chicago has claimed the life of another child. 2-year-old lavonte w w
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when someone shot and killed him. this audio may be disturbing. [ gunshots. >> levon anticipation pregnant aunt was also shot. she is okay. he is one of three chicago children shot in the last five days. >> we've been up here loogz our kids for no apparent reason. >> i was right there. with my child and i couldn't protect her. now i have to figure out how i'm going to cope without my backbone, without my strength, because that's what they were. >> so far this year, 400 people have been shot in chicago. it's now 6:15. crews say there is no immediate danger right now, but they are still working at all hours to fix the erosion at the oroville dam. the dam needs significant emergency repairs or it could collapse. heavy rains eroded it and put the nearby
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flood. overnight, state officials say the water levels are more than 20 feet below the emergency spillways. but with more rain in the forecast, this could all become dangerous. once again. take a look at this new video from the hardin county detention center in kentucky. it shows a fight between two deputies. look at this. >> the sheriff's office says this fight started as deputy smith tried to hand over property of an inmate to joe funk. they say funk threw the items back at smith. funk faces multiple charges, including assault. smith is still on the job. now, another piece of wild video. >> this is coming out of paraguay. a truck crashes leaving bills scattered along the highway there. >> folks nearby stood by in amazement as authorities scrambled to gather those bags. we're told the truck was carrying the money to the
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count.. officials are trying to figure out where that money came from. nobody was hurt in that crash. we are following new developments in an upper marlboro death investigation. this morning, the victim's mother said she was filing charges for what happened to her. sherena parks jones told news 4 after her son was hit and killed at a shopping center on monday, the driver of the striking vehicle assaulted her. >> i called and i said, what did you do to my baby? because these two fighting with his fist. >> right now, police say the driver of the vehicle his mckinnon intentionally. officers found an assault rifle on mckinnon and officers are now looking into whether the driver acted in self-defense. so far, no charges have been filed. 6:17 right now. a kidnapping scam that plays on a parent's worst fears becoming more widespread. this is how it works. someone calls you and tells us that they've kidnapped y
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child and you must pay a ransom in order to get the child back. it's happened to several parents in montgomery county in just the last week. several schools have sent home letters warning parents to contact the child's school before doing anything. police also want you to call them and say -- they say never wire any money to the scammers. during black hour month, news 4's social media producer brittany johnson introduces us to three men paving the way in the community. >> from activism to the arts, find out how they're helping to build the next leaders. >> i try to choose my experience and my example of what's possible, you know? and i try to lead by example. you know wab i -- and that is tony lewis jr. he's an author and mentor here in d.c. find out more about his story and about beating the odds. the inspiring the next generation in our nbc washington app. search making history today. it's about 19 after the hour right now. and we're sitting in the low 30s for a lot of folks. it'see
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>> it is freezing.the it feels like the 20s. so, yeah, you have to bundle up before you go out there. you're going to like the weekend. >> i'm already looking forward to it. >> i already have weekend brain. right now, we have to get through the cold thursday that we have. tomorrow, temperatures will start to go up a bit, but currently this is what it feels like. this is what matters when you walk outside. when you're standing outside and that wind hits you, it's not going to feel like the actual temperature. it's going to to feel about 10 degrees colder. 23 dulles, 24 in the district. quantity quo, 24. 23 leesburg. and winchester feels like 19 degrees and over those higher elevations, we also have a few snow showers blowing in because of the windy conditions. so your outlook for today, bus stop bundle up. it is cold out there. for the commute, morning and evening, it's going to be nice and dry. recess, windy and cold. examine and if
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jackets. 7:00 a.m., 33 degrees, you'll want the jacket. by foon, windy, feeling like the 30s. by 5:00 p.m., 42 degrees. but still feeling like the thirty. there's that northwest wind blowing in some lake-effect snow and we have that over some of our higher elevations nearing loudoun county, martinsburg, winchester, seeing snowflakes around this morning. 47 is the normal high temperature for this time of the year. today we're below that. look at the weekend forecast. we are talking about the 60s again. not today, though. we're going to be in the low 40s, but for your weekend, it looks really good. feeling like spring, chance of a sprikel on sunday night. let's check the roads on this thursday morning. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, sheena. right now, inner loop before the dulles toll road, we have a ladder blocking one lane. right now, the rest of the beltway looking just fine here this morning. 210, indian head highway at washington road, still have a
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seeing slowdowns because of that. inbound 5 is slow after 301.. park road just off of king street, had that water main break there. trying to get more information that one this morning as far as travel times. no major worries. >> just everything, the straw. >> mcdonald's says it is going transform ow you drink a shake. trough promote its new chocolate shamrock shake this year, he created a special kind of straw. the straw is j-shaped. it has two holes at the bottom so you can taste both parts of the shake, chocolate and mint. although chocolate and mint is a sellerbation. i'm going to have to say that. >> do you like that? >> i'll try it. mcdone al's always has shamrock shakes around this time leading up to st. patrick's day. >> we'll do some taste testing. good-bye, bao-bao.
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an end too soon. plus, it helps you stay in touch with family and friends. now facebook wants to help you get a job. the new feature you'll be seeing in your news feed, com
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welcome back. d.c. united is set to dick off its new stadium. can you get used to audi field? the auto mooshg rmaker bought the right to put its name on the stadium. generally, naming
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worth millions. d.c. united hopes to begin stadium construction in southwest soon and opens the facility next year. while you were sleeping, a protennis star made good on her super bowl bet. genie bouchard tweeted prematurely, i knew atlanta would win, by the way. a college student tweeted back saying if the patriots win, we go on a date. she responded sure. as you know, the patriots came back to win. she took the student on a brooklyn nets game. flew him there, bought the tickets, and he's like -- >> and put on the full length fur coat. today, a special send off is planned for bao-bao. >> the chinese embassy will drop off dumplings. >> for the people or the panda? >> for the panda. she haedz off to china next week to be part of a
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program. if you can't make it to the zoo in the last couple of days, you can check out bao-bao's cutest moments on the nbc washington app. we have a list of the celebrations for bao bao in the app, as well. wondering what hillary clinton is up to these days? we have the answer. the special appearance she plans to make today. and good morning. i'm chuck bell, downtown near panera bread. it is cold outside this morning. windchill res back down into the teens and 20s. a check of the forecast
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a day without immigrants. the protest that has you changing up your daily rue teen. plus, the oprah factor. bed bugs at school, it's not the first time in d.c., but one
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it is 6:30 right now. grab the heavy coat this morning on your way out. you are going to need it. grab your hat and gloves, too. we begin with sheena parveen ask chuck bell live in downtown silver spring. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, aaron and good morning, sheena. you're nice and warm there in the studio. it's a very different story out here in silver spring this morning. feel free to come on by. handing out hugs for free, of course, to try and keep everybody a little warm in what is a very wind chilled morning. still, mostly clear sky here over silver spring, but on occasion we have been known to see a little bit of a snowflake or two, sheena. is there much showing up on radar? >> yes, there is, chuck. take a look at the higher area. this is mostly north and westf
6:31 am
expect it most of the day today with that strong northwest wind. near winchester, pretty close to frederick. that's why we're seeing light snow showers possible, maybe some flurries near bluemont. so this is what we're seeing with the windy conditions. but taking a wider view out, it's the lake-effect snow blowing in from the great lakes because of that stronger northwest wind. so the wind is going to stay in the forecast today. making temperatures feel colder. take a look at the current feels like temperatures. we are actually in the 30s for most of the area. but we mostly feel like the mid 20s. it is a cold one. let's take a look at those cold roads this morning. good morning, melissa. >> it is chill lit ow there. probably cold up in the chopper, as well. chopper 4 on the way to a problem in wood bridge. we'll show you live pictures. inner loop before the dulles toll road, the ladder still blocking the lane this morning. outer loop up here, as you're approaching georgia. typically slow. remembe
6:32 am
road, just off king street in front of the masonic temple, has a water main break. we could see icing on the roadway necessary that area. 210 inbound at ft. washington road, that is causing pains for my friends coming northbound on 210 out of prince georges county. today, several businesses in our area will criticize president trump's immigration policy by closing their doors. >> the protest is called a day without immigrants. ite not just happening here, but around the cup. the first goal is to show opposition to the new immigration policies and travel ban. protesters say they want to show how important immigrants are to business owes a damely basis. coming up, what they do to plan to support their employees today pop. and today's protest comes as i.c.e. is pushing back on records that they are conducti
6:33 am
in a series of tweets, the agency called those reports false. homeland security did arrest nearly 700 undocumented immigrants in raids across the cup. officials say those raids targeted criminals. meanwhile, some are questioning did way i.c.e. officials handled arrests in fairfax county last week near a church shelter. one man said he just left the shelter when i.c.e. agents surrounded him and other latino men. only two men were arrested there and the spokes woman says the agency's sensitive location policy was followed. it instructs agents to oo void arrests at places of worship, schools and medical facilities. she emphasized the arrest took place across the street, not on church property. the white house is looking for a new labor secretary nominee this morning. >> andi pudzer abruptly withdrew his nomination yesterday after growing questions about his business record and past relationships. the last straw may have been video provided to senators by
6:34 am
obtained by politico of a 1990 episode where his ex-wife appeared in disguise describing allegations of domestic abuse. pudzer has always denied the allegations that came during a heated divorce. his ex-wife has since recapitaled the act ecusation. this is the scene in france. trash cans lit on fire, riot police on scene throwing teargas. protesters hurling it back at police. this is what's playing out in one paris suburb, this after protesters became outraged by the suspicion of police brutality. four officers are under investigation for the alleged beating and rap te of a 22-year-old man. 6:34 now. to a developing story
6:35 am
at least a dozen people will wake up away from home. this after a fire at a rockville apartment building forced them to find somewhere else to stay. take a look at the scene from chopper 4. the flames started around 8:00 last night on a third floor balcony and quickly spread to the attic. montgomery county and fire investigators believed shocking materials are to blame for the fire. a second elementary school in the district is dealing with bed bugs today. minor elementary school students are expected in school this morning. a letter sent home to parents said the bugs were found twice this week and once last week. the school district tells news 4 the situation is being monitored and miner will stay open. you may remember another d.c. school in southeast was shut down for the same reason. savoy elementary school students have been going to another school while their building gets a thorough cleaning for both bed bugs and rodents. we are going inside the m
6:36 am
find out what could make you a target. plus, inside the mind of a 7-year-old, why one little girl thought she had a shot at get ago job at google. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell trying to stay warm with a nice, fresh sen mon roll out here the in downtown silver springs on a very cold morning. layer u before you head out this morning. but there are warmer days just around the corner. a complete check offour y
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and good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. wind whipped if downtown silver spring this morning. northwest winds averaging nearly 25 miles per hour. it is one of those days that feels like winter. but as we get towards the long holiday weekend, it is going to feel like springtime. temperatures by sunday wil
6:40 am
almost 50 degrees warmer than this. and i think that will be a very good thing based on how cold i am right thou. layer up on your way out, everybody. >> all right, chuck, thank you. it is 6:40 right now. how does a mugger choose his victims? >> this next story is interesting because we actually asked convicts how they target and how you can avoid being a victim. our news 4 i team was inside the mind of a mugger. scott macfarlane explains what you can do to protect yourself. >> inside the mind of a mugger. our news partners in new york sent surveys to hundreds of convicted robbers asking them who they target and what you should do if it ends up being you. that includes david serrano, a serial mugger who admitted to more than a hundred cases now serving a 25 years to life prison sentence. close to half of those who responsibled to this survey said they didn't care about the age of their victims and they were most oftentr
6:41 am
flashy with nice close or pricey jewelry. >> my favorite target wag anyone who was alone. it didn't matter whether it was a man or a woman. >> serrano said victims should never fight back. it's not worth it, he said. according to the survey, 70% said they sometimes carry a weapon. coming up tonight, the spot muggers are most likely to strike and why they do it and what they think about all of those security cameras. for now, scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. missing and murdered, a young teen returns home to her mother. find out how that may have led to a string of arrests connected to murder. going out for a bite to eat today? several restaurants and businesses are going to be closing in what's being called a day without immigrants. more on that, coming up live. p> plus, the brand newroblem
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the bakery flavors you love... [ ding! ] available in your dunkin' coffee. sip in the happy with a medium vanilla cupcake, or new fudge brownie macchiato or latte for $1.99 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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russian ties, a former white house security adviser vulnerable to blackmail by the russians. >> i think it's very, very unfair what's happened. >> the white house and congress want answers. cleesed for business, immigration boycott, this day is not beginning like any other.
6:45 am
assassins at the airport. the story that has the world watching. what happens next in north korea. and it is tax week. do you really need to hire an accountant? >> this is a dilemma many of us think about every year. according to the irs, more than half of taxpayers hire a professional to file their tax returns. but is it always necessary? well, that really depends on you. at 6:45, we're following breaking news in alexandria. >> this could affect your morning routine. this is a big water main break near the masonic temple. megan mcgrath is at the scene now. megan, what are you seeing? >> look behind me here. you can see it kind of looks like a geyser here this morning. you can see the water shooting up at this hole in the ground. we have a water main under pressure that has broken here on park road. this is kind of a sleepy litt
6:46 am
houses here right up alongside the masonic temple. we are not seeing a big impact. the folks whose driveways are off this little road, they're the only ones being impacted. we're far enough away from king street. that's the good news here. however, we may see some sort of a water impact in the area. that's what we're hearing from the water company. they're trying to figure it out, whether or not any of the homes in the immediate area are experiencing either low water pressure or perhaps no water. they're still trying to sort that out at this point. so with, obviously, we don't yet have crews on the scene. no work is being done. so this is going to take a little while to repair. right now, we just have the water shooting up into the air. it's actually kind of pretty here. it's cold outside, so that water, the spray is traveling over and coating the trees right up against that fence line there. look like they're made out of ice, just coated with the water and then everything is freezing. so folks in the area who are starting to get ready if you're going so be showering and
6:47 am
discover that your water pressure is not so great, this may be the cause. back to you guys. it's 6:47 right now. the today, several businesses in our area will criticize president trump's immigration policies by closing their doors. >> the protest is called a day without immigrants. news 4's justin finch is live in hyatt with protests on the message everyone. >> we know all six bus boys & poets locations are a number of businesses locking their doors to show solidarity. we are told this strike will likely cost them thousands of dollars. d.c. she have andreas had a raut
6:48 am
bloomingdale is offering a smaller menu today so its immigrant staffers can strike. by day's end, supporters want to grab the white house's attention opposing the border wall and extreme travel policies. they want the administration to see value in immigrant contributions and to keep their families here in the u.s. together. >> is because we didn't have any future out there. he needs to put his hand and his heart and thinking about those kids and thinking about those parents. >> so today, don't be surprised if you see lots of locked doors and signs saying that restaurants or businesses are going to be closed today. we're keeping track of all these closings in our nbc washington app. we're live here, justin firch, news 4 back in to you at the studio. 6:48 now. the white house is still dealing
6:49 am
flynn's resignation as national security adviser. >> late last night, two house committee chairmen asked to have this looked into. republicans say investigations already launched by the intelligence committee cans are adequate. today, more charges could be coming for ten people connected to the death of a 15 yield girl. we showed you the emotional reunion of a missing teenager with her family. now we know she may be connected to that murder. this story is full of twists and turns. it all started with another even disappeared in disease. fairfax county police believe she was held against her will for about a month before being killed and left in a park in springfield. you see her photo there. these four adults are now charged with her abduction. sixteen agers have been arrested. 17-year-old venus ereheta
6:50 am
initially, police said she would be in danger, too, but now they say she's connected to the murder. police say everyone involved is equated or affiliated with one gang. it's 6:50. we want to check back in with erica gonzalez at the live desk. >> sthees tolg if death of north korea's leader's brother. >> kim jong-nan was poisoned. the there's been a second and a third arrest, as well. police calling it an apparent asass name. police say nam was assaulted by two women at the malaysian airport while he was waiting for a flight. an autopsy has been carried out, something north korea was strongly against. the killing setting off speculation that north korea put a hit on nam. hillary clinton will make an appearance to honor a fashion icon today. the former secretary of state will speak at an event to dedicate u.s. postage stamps.
6:51 am
republic and became one of the world's leading fashion designers. this next story is pretty special. what a girl. >> 7-year-old writes a letter to google asking for a job. makes sense, right? well, she got a response from the ceo of google. her name is chloe bridgewater. she says she saw photos of the google offices with bean bags and go karts, slides, she thought this would be a fun place to work when i get older. with the help of her dad, she wrote a letter and it caught the eye of google's ceo who wrote back. he said he's looking forward to getting her.acation when she is done with school. >> i would imagine she's going to have a lot of prospects when she gets out of school. and if we only had skee ball here in our office. >> we need to work on that. >> we do. a cold morning, though, for sure. we're looking at temperatures that feel like the 20s and teens in some areas early this morning. later on today, though, we'll get into the low 4
6:52 am
but actual -- the feels-like temperatures will only be in the 30s. so a cold and windy afternoon. but don't worry, because we are warming, again, as we go into the weekend, unseasonably warm temperatures currently in the district. 34 degrees, feels 10 degrees colder with the wind. and in just a second, chuck will show you what the rest of the area feels like. currently, we have a few light snow showers trying to move through martinsburg, winchester, bluemont. this is basically north and west of the district and it's all because of that breezy northwest wind. windy and cold as we go through the day. so that lake-effect snow coming down is pulling in some of those snow showers. the future feels like temperatures this afternoon, we're not going to be feeling out of the thirds. tomorrow, we rebound, feeling more like the 40s. and look at the rush of warm air this weekend. let's go outside live to chuck bell. he has a look at what it feels like through the entire area. hey, chuck. >> hey, good morning, sheena. it is really cold out here this
6:53 am
morning. what is your name? >> alexis. >> alexis is just walking up to me right now and it is frigid outside. and i want you to have this brand new down winter coat as part of our pay it forward campaign. you look like you're freezing. >> thank you. that's really nice. >> how about a hug? >> thank you. i really appreciate it. >> no go and get warm. >> whew, i don't know how she's doing it without a heavy winter koe coat on. pay it forward, everybody. there is a random act of kindness for you right there. windchill webs it's chilly this morning. in the teens and 20s. now and it is going to stay cold all day long today. but there is good news. can't do the bad without the good. and here is the good part of the forecast. the ten-day outlook. staying cold today. not too bad tomorrow. but look at your long holiday weekend. saturday, sunday, monday, all days in the 60s. that's almost 20 degrees warmer than average. so you won't be needing those winter coats over the weekend. back in to you guys, miss melissa mollet. >>
6:54 am
chopper 4, taillights are inbound in the manassas area. normal slowdowns inbound. outbound, no worries. inner loop before the toll road, we have the block in that lane, crash there, as well. 270 looks okay. 66 overall, 95 overall, again no major worries there. northbound, south capitol street, the ramp to westbound southeast/southwest freeway, broken down vehicle there. park road just south of king street, a water main break. westbound 202, a malfunctioning light on 210 inbound. 270 southbound is okay. top of the beltway, typically slow. 66 inbound. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. it is coming up on 6:55. we've been sharing tax tips all week here on news 4 today. susan hogan helping to get you ready for tax season. >> here is
6:55 am
ask around this time of the year. can i do my own taxes or do i need to hire an accountant? it depends. if you own property or have investments, you may want to consider hiring an accountant. oftentimes there are deductions or credits you may miss, but a professional may not. if you've had a change in your personal life, like a divorce our got married, had a child, there are important deductions that come with these changes you may not know about, either. also filing status will need to be changed. a professional will be able to give you advice on what would be best for that filing status. and if you want to save money and file your own taxes, many online programs really do walk you through every step, depending on your situation, however they are only as good as the information you input. >> if your tax situation is simple, meaning you only have one job, you're not itemizing, you don't have dependents or investments, chances are you can easily file your own taxes. the irs offers free
6:56 am
friday in our final report, we have a warning about a new irs scam. you want to catch up on tax week, it's all on the nbc washington app. search tax tips. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. facebook is taking on linkedin. you can apply through the company's page and facebook will offer to auto fill your application win foe from your profile. employers can respond via messenger. facebook will let companies boost the reach of their listings to specific demographics. i'm landon dowdy. 6:56 now. four things to know before you led out today. several business areas will close doors to show solidarity with employees. to t protests are called a day without immigrants. take a look at that, this is near the masonic national memorial in old town. follow
6:57 am
for more on this. workers will now get up to 8 weeks of paid family leave. the mayor allowed the bill to go into affect without her significant. and we are seeing bye-bye to bao bao. check out what's happening on the news 4 app today. >> and now we say good-bye to you. >> the "today" show is next been we'll see you in 25 minutes. >> make it a greet thursday, everybody. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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good morning. white house turmoil. president trump's nominee for labor secretary suddenly withdraws. congress now asking for an investigation into those intelligence leaks surrounding the resignation of his national security adviser. after a rocky start, can the trump administration get itself back on track. new arrests. two more people taken into custody on the deadly murder of the brother of kim jong-un. breathtaking. ten years after planet earth brought us the most amazing views sophisticate world ever seen, the lo


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