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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:59pm EST

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we start with jay gray on capitol hill. >> reporter: today's event in south carolina for president trump seemed more like a campaign stop, large cheering crowd and no questions about the controversy swirling around his first 28 days in office. leaving washington today but still dealing with questions and controversy surrounding his administration, president trump traveled to south carolina. >> boeing has done an incredible job. >> reporter: as boeing unveiled its new 787. >> when american workers win, america as a country wins. big league, wins. >> reporter: the president's speech focused on jobs. >> we want products made by our workers in our factories stamped with those four magnificent words, made in the usa. >> reporter: back in washington, nbc news has learned at least four men are being considered for the job of
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advisor after vice admiral robert harwood said no to the post last night. as the fallout continues. >> what was your reaction to the president's news conference yesterday. [ sighs ] >> the trump administration to date is an administration that is not only off its wheels, but off the track. >> reporter: a day after the president's free-wheeling, at times contentious, press conference. >> i like what he's doing. i've not been a fan of the extra discussion that he likes to engage in. >> so some of us have learned to watch what the president does as opposed to what he says. >> reporter: many outside of washington unsure what to say right now. >> i don't know what the truth is anymore. >> reporter: almost a month into the new administration. the president will spend his third weekend outside of the beltway in a row. he's
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local faith leaders say recent efforts to round up undocumented immigrants is impacting houses of worship. a recent immigration raid happened right across the street from a fairfax county church. today faith leaders took their fight directly to the government. they're also getting support from u.s. senators. >> reporter: ice agents leaving an annandale apartment complex this morning where they've made multiple arrests in recent weeks. this video taken for an organization that gives immigrants legal help. ice calls these arrests routine. but it was the recent arrest of several latino men near a fairfax county church that brought pastors and advocates together in protest. >> i want to say to the people at ice, if you continue these raids, you will have a confrontation with a church in this country. >> reporter: in last week's
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just left the hypothermia shelter at rising hope mission church. they crossed the street and ice agents moved in. the agency says because the arrests were not on church property, they did not violate their sensitive locations policy that discourages arrests at places of worship. >> they might have been following the letter of the law but they weren't following the spirit of the law. they were clearly staking out rising hope. >> reporter: these demonstrators tried to take their concerns directly to ice officials today. they were turned down. supporters of president trump say they believe the ice arrests are chiefly targeting criminals. >> we should all be over joyed and up litted that our president is trying to make us safer. >> reporter: as for the ray rests near the church, she says as ice adjusts to a new trump administration executive order, there could be a few missteps. >> are mistakes ma?
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bit not sensitive or sympathetic? yeah. i think things like that will happen. but that doesn't mean that it is done with evil intent. >> reporter: now as i told you last night, after seeing our report earlier in the week about the arrests near the church, governor terry mcauliffe fired off a letter asking for an explanation. now both of virginia's senators getting involved too, asking ice who is being targeted for enforcement. ice tells me that every one of these people taken into custody will have their chance to make their case before an immigration judge. a security alert today to members of congress to be extra vigilant about their safety back home. the i-team's scott macfarland got a copy of a warning sent out
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>> this memo doesn't specify what specific threat was received but it says members of congress must be especially congress near their homes and near town hall meetings with the public. a series of raucous town hall meetings, nothing violent but at least one arrest. here on capitol hill members of congress are surrounded by hundreds of elite police officers and a bomb squad. but their home offices are not surrounded by dogs and metal detectors. the house sergeant at arms warns them it's especially critical if your home address and phone number are available, you should remain particularly alert. he urges them to notify police if they plan to stage one of those town hall meetings. it's unclear if a new threat has been detected but brad fitch says hometown district offices can sometimes be a
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place for protests or in a rare case an attack. just as it was six years ago when a congresswoman was shot near her home office in tucson. >> obviously the public policy debates going on right now in washington are enraging some people. we understand that emotions can run high, but it obviously concerns us when those emotions cross a line. >> reporter: so many members of congress have multiple offices back home. it's open to the public but like so many other local members of congress has a secured front door and a security badge for visitors. guards work the lobby of eleanor holmes norton's long time office in southeast d.c. and jamie raskin's office has a buzzer system at the door. meantime security is increasing on capitol hill too. congressional sources tell news4 they plan to increase police patrols outside the entrances and add an underground alarm system too. that new security
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appoint a staff member who works as a direct liaison, a point person with local police. tonight we're also tracking russia's reaction to donald trump's first 100 days in office. we've seen a distinct change. in january trump was featured on russian state television more often than president vladimir putin. tonight nbc news reports that the kremlin has ordered russian state television stations to cut down on the trump coverage. mr. trump's news conference yesterday was not carried live on a single 24-hour russian news channel, even though the word russia was mentioned 56 times. a man from virginia who tried to help isis will spend nearly ten years in prison. he's 26 years old. he was sentenced to eight and a half years behind bars today. he pleaded guilty back in october to attempting to help a terrorist organization. prosecutors say he tried to provide
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he was actually talking to fbi agents. he was sentenced to 20 years of supervised release after his prison term is completed. developing now, this dance studio is now the focus of a criminal investigation. an instructor here accused of having sex with at least one of his young students. police fear there could be more victims. derrick ward is in vienna with the latest. >> reporter: as you can see behind me, the adrenaline studio is closed. that note says they are closed today and tomorrow. but in the meantime fairfax county police are asking anyone who has a child or is a student here to talk to that person who is a student to find out if there was anything inappropriate going on. this is because of one of the instructors here who's facing some serious allegations. they want to make sure that no one here that they don't know about has been the victim of any kind
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19-year-old chase clark peklo was a dance instructor. he led classes in areas like hip hop dance here and at the stage door dance studio in than naman. police say peklo maintained inappropriate communications with an under aged girl for almost a year starting in december of 2015. >> there are three victims, two 14-year-olds and one 13-year-old girl. >> reporter: peklo is also alleged to have sexual relations with one of the victims who was just 14 years old. >> detectives are looking to see if any other children that came in contact with mr. peklo as he was employed at the two different dance studios. >> reporter: parents are encouraged to talk to their children, make sure they know what's appropriate and not appropriate concerning contact with adults and especially with the suspect. >> did
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did he inappropriately communicate with them via social media or via the phone. >> reporter: all peklo is facing a number of charges including carnal knowledge of a child between the ages of 13 and 14 and five counts of possessing, soliciting and distributing child pornography. at the other studio in manassas where the suspect also worked there's a statement on their facebook page saying they're deeply saddened for the victims here. they have let that employee go. they have no evidence that anyone there was harmed. metro is cracking down on absenteeism in an effort to save of money. the transit agent says the number of sick and unpaid leave days used by its employees was up by 6% last year. that means that more over time was paid to cover some of those shifts. beginning on march 1st, there will be changes
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employee leave will be approved. metro's gneral manager hopes that they can safe metro $2 million a year. now to our holiday weekend warmup. temperatures will be climbing into the 60s. doug is here with what's turning out to be one of the warmest februarys on record. we love it when this coincides with the weekend. >> exactly right. coinciding with the weekend, perfect if you're going to be out and about this weekend. temperatures in the 60s for sure. we've been cold the last two days. take a look at the high temperatures today. 41 in new york, 38 buffalo. that's the cold air that was in our area yesterday. now it's moving out. we hit 51. look what's coming. tonight still a little bit on the chilly side. much warmer tomorrow. a fantastic weekend and then even warmer
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70 isn the forecast at least once. i'll see you back here in about ten minutes. conflict and chaos, those words used by some to describe president trump's first month in office. nbc's chuck todd joins us next to make sense of the big headlines this week in politics. a disturbing trend in the suburbs. we'll report how gangs are using social media to lure in young victims. plus a pregnant woman left florida over fears of the zika virus. now she's living here in d.c. and nervous about what's next after learning her zika test results were wrong.
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right after the "washington post" reported that the justice department informed the white house last month that flynn might be vulnerable to blackmail because of his account of a conversation with the russian ambassador. >> that was monday. on tuesday the "new york times" took it a step further and reported that mr. trump's campaign had repeated contacts with senior russian intelligence officials. >> then on wednesday, labor secretary nominee withdrew his nomination. >> yesterday mr. trump held his first solo news conference and used the press as a purgie puncg
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afterwards his pick for national secur job down. >> conflict, chaos and constant. political director chuck todd joins us now. would you explain why these three? >> the hamster wheel is the constant. the chaotic is in the eye of the beholder. donald trump does like to operate that way. he ran his business -- he doesn't mind having multiple power centers competing for attention and approval. you can run a small business that way. you can run a campaign that way. much harder to run the federal government. that gets, i think, at the chaos on this front. the conflict and that's another thing, some people see the conflict as a negative. there
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publicly said the press is the enemy, they think conflict benefits them. they don't -- and that has been to me the most astonishing development in the 28 days. never made one move on national unity. you win the way he won, george w. bush -- normally you make some maybe symbolic -- he didn't make one. they think they'd rather go deep with their base and let that be the way they survive. >> they're still waiting for some sort of -- >> i don't think we're going to see one. >> senator john mccain is at the munich security conference. let's hear what he had to say and then we want to hear your reaction. >> i think that the flynn issue obviously is something that shows in many respects that this administration is in disarray
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and they've got a lot of work to do. things are in disarray. >> right. see he's one of those that sees chaos. that's the thing. that's what a lot of the congressional republicans are seeing. can i tell you, there's a chunk of republican voters, the business wing of the party, who one of the reasons they prefer republicans over democrats, they think republicans can run things better being business guys. when the business guy can't run things better, that starts to erode trust faster. he's got his core 30-35%. he is already losing the folks that basically were voting against clinton. they were a little skeptical of trump but they wanted to give him a chance. that's the group of voters he needs to be concerned about. in many ways john mccain sort of represents that group. he was a very reluctant trump supporter. in the very end he may have gotten on board but he now is upset about the
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he is obviously on the russia issue, he's -- >> doesn't have a lot of company speaking out against the president. >> it is growing, actually. >> speaking of that russia thing, as we noted earlier, he mentioned russia i think 56 times in that news conference. he won't let that go and won't put it to rest even with the media or on capitol hill. but he's apparently getting some support from that core that you're talking about. >> he does not answer the one basic question. he was asked four different times about did anyone on your campaign have any contact with the russians. he kept answering involve any investments with the russians. >> fake news. >> and you're like, that wasn't the question. he says nobody that i dealt with -- present tense, he was very ceful in not answering the question, which only stirred up more concern. again, the
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political way that somebody in trump's situation would be would simply say, hey, i want to get to the bottom of this too. we're fully cooperating. story is over. let the investigation play itself out. for some reason they cannot bring themselves to simply do and say that. >> what have you got coming up sunday. >> raeince priebus, john mccain and leon panetta. back on the hamster wheel. >> sunday morning 10:30 here on nbc 4. we hope you'll tune in. campus controversy tonight. local students responding to an alarming note found. it's gotten the attention of police and the fbi. a serious threat against a major retailer. a bomb plot spoiled involving target stores along the east coast and
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that's me! awesome! surprising. what's not surprising? how much money erin saved by switching to geico. everybody comfortable with the air temp? i could go a little cooler. ok. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. could be kind of crowded at the national zoo this weekend. there are just four days left to see bao bao before she travels to china to take part in the conservation program.
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leaves d.c. on tuesday afternoon, a 16-hour direct flight from dulles to china. >> you going down to see him, doug? >> i will not be here but i've definitely been down there before. it's going to be a fantastic weekend if you're trying to get down there. >> or anywhere. >> exactly right. really right now think about what can we do outside this weekend? can i go fishing? can i sit along the potomac? can i go down to georgetown waterfront. all of those things are going to be viable this weekend because the weather is going to be that nice. a lot of people in the newsroom coming over and as they passed the weather center talking about how nice the weather was today. and we only got to 51 degrees. out there right now, temperatures cooling, 49 degrees now. we drop to 47 next hour. probably down to about 41 by 1:0 11:00. temperatures across the
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40 degrees in annapolis. 61 in charlottesville. that's been the difference all day, 20-degree temperature difference across our region. the warmer air back to the west is starting to make its way over the mountains now. satellite and radar showing clear skies. we are seeing the rain out towards california. this is one in a series of storms that's going to be pummelling the west coast. now we've got flash flood warnings in affect just to the north of los angeles. we're going to see a lot of stories out of california over the next couple of days probably right on through the middle of next week. if they have big storms, that means you've got a big trough of low pressure out in the west and a big ridge of high pressure out in the middle part of the country. that brings the warmer air. 65 in chicago right now. 74 in st. louis. we are 48. take a look at that jet. big ridge in t
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that moves out, the ridge builds in and here comes the warm air. all across the country records, in chicago today, denver today. for us not near a record but we're still going to be very very nice. warmer air returns back into the 60s. our record high temperatures were all in the mid 70s by now. stays mild right on into next week. i do think we could hit 7 0 in some part of the ten-day forecast. increasing clouds, nice and warm and really a great afternoon. we will see clouds on the increase late in the day tomorrow. that will lead to some showers and sprinkles overnight saturday into sunday. most of us will be dry. 65 sunday, 61 president's day. this's our 70 on friday. even warmer next week. this warmer air remains. we were just talking about
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look at that amazing forecast. there she is again again. 65 degrees by 5:00. that is your sunday forecast. again, tomorrow looks great too. a lot of if he is festivities d at the zoo. still ahead, a growing problem involving teens and social media, how gangs are using popular apps to recruit members and lure in victims. >> reporter: hundreds of zika tests mishandled by a d.c. government lab. tonight at 6:00 we're hearing from a pregnant woman who has to be retested and her doctor. we'll tell you about something that hasn't happened in decades but could have a big impact in prince george's county. the announcement today and what
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. news4 is uncovering new information in the murder of a 15-year-old girl in montgomery county and its connection to the murder of a 21-year-old in prince william county. >> david culver has been workin
6:31 pm
>> here's the thingtcomplicated. the investigations overlap. we know fairfax county police learned about alexandra reyes's killing as prince william county police investigated a january murder. this court document right here was uncovered by bureau chief julie carey. it's a search warrant. it states that ms-13 gang leaders hijacked the social media accounts of teenage girls. fairfax county police say they've arrested all ten suspects connected to alexandra reyes's murder. it was the murder of chris than sosa rivas that helped fairfax solve alexandra's case. christian's killers are still out there. this search warrant filedin
6:32 pm
himself to be a leader of a local ms-13 clique. it seems that didn't settle well with other gang leaders. they began contacting the 21-year-old and questioning his rank. they used social media accounts of female associates in an effort to lure out christian, setting him up. police say he was then murdered. >> it's still ongoing. we are still investigating our murder today. >> at a thursday press conference, local and federal law enforcement warning of the growing gang threat and who they're trying to influence. >> we are seeing a lot of increase in recruiting at high schools and middle schools, which is alarming to us. >> police do not believe random students are being targeted. what's being said inside schools and online is helping investiga investigators track gang activity. >> we have school resource officers in the school. you'd be surprised how much information is gatherd.
6:33 pm
we're seeing a significant increase. question is do we know why and what do they intend to do about it? >> an increase particularly in schools. they said this is mostly immigrant latino families. these are kids whose parents are out of the house working. the kids themselves are bored. they look for something to do. they try to find somebody they can connect with. it tends that these gangs come in and wine and dine them before they start getting them into trouble. what can be done to stop it? homeland security experts tell me you have to be monitoring your kids. it's tough for the latino families who aren't there all the time to watch. but they have to look at social media accounts. they're saying on a general case those are used for recruitment. >> one thing to say that you need to do, it is very difficult. >> it's tough. tomorrow morning on news4 today 'r
6:34 pm
give us a few more answers about how you approach this and stop it. a man down in florida has been charged with plotting to bomb ten target stores all up and down the east coast. investigators say mark barnett wanted to set off explosions in an attempt to drive down the price of the company's stock so that he could then pbuy it. according to the criminal complaint barnett built ten explosive devices and then hid them in empty containers of stuffing mix, breakfast bars and pasta. officials say he hired a guy to place them on zeshelves in targ stores from florida to new york. but the man took the bombs to the police instead. barnett is now facing ten years in prison if he's convicted. a mistake at a d.c. lab forcing hundreds of people to be e
6:35 pm
two pregnant women learned they actually had the virus after initially testing negative for it. one woman is still waiting for new test results, is nine months pregnant and worried about her unborn child. >> reporter: the d.c. department of forensic sciences here discovered the error itself. right now they are doing an internal review of exactly what happened. a spokesperson tells me that all controls in place failed. the d.c. department of forensic sciences says they can't comment on whether anyone will face disciplinary action after 409 zika tests of mostly pregnant women were botched. dr. rita drigers is medical director of ma teeternal fetal medicine. she got the notification several patients have to be t
6:36 pm
could possible be positive. >> reporter: melissa is worried because she and her husband brandon just moved from miami where they were living in an active zika transmission zone. >> we find out that zika is in miami. >> reporter: melissa and brandon left miami and moved to d.c. melissa is pregnant with their second child. >> we were terrified. we felt like this is our baby's life and we don't want to risk it. >> reporter: in washington the couple thought their zika worries were over. >> for seven. mon months we've breathed a sigh of relief. then all of a sudden yesterday to hear this test might have given you a false negative, it's really scary. >> reporter: so far two women who were pregnant have found out they do have the virus after being told they don't. the levitt's doctor has 20 patients being retested. >> we'll make sure they h
6:37 pm
followup and come back every four weeks. the more you're informed, the more options you have in terms of what you would like to do moving forward. >> reporter: the cdc is handling those repeat tests. they should take a few weeks. brandon and melissa tell me the ultrasounds of their baby do look healthy and normal. four more things to know about the zika virus. the mosquito that carries the virus are found in maryland, virginia and the district. zika can be transmitted through sex. cdc guidelines recommend using condoms for six months after travel to an area where the virus is prevalent. the only way to know you have it is through a lab test. the virus can be detected in blood, urine and saliva. while the zika virus is known to cause microcephaly, researchers also see links to
6:38 pm
neurological conditions, cause temporary paralysis. coming up, a new effort to save lives and improve safety on the road. still ahead, we'll tell you what impact it could have on young drivers in our area. >> reporter: prince george's county ceo kevin maxwell decides to stay for a second term with the school system. it's the first time this has happened in more than two decades. you can see the cool air arnold our region, the warm air just down to the southwest, moving our way. i'll have the up da i'll have the up da afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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kevin maxwell has lived in prince george's county his entire life. he started his career in education there. and now the county's ceo says that's where he wants to stay for the next four
6:41 pm
bureau chiefhatecision was cause for celebration oday. >> i see this as my capstone for my career. i see this as my legacy of reinvesting in the community that gave me the life that i have today. >> reporter: prince george's county public school ceo dr. kevin maxwell has decided to stay on another four years. it's big news since this school system hasn't had the same superintendent stay for a second term in more than 20 years. >> we don't want to have a superintendent that comes here, makes a name and then goes off somewhere else because we had seven superintendents in as many years. >> reporter: the level of inconsistency in leadership contributed to a decline in school performance and enrollment. >> then all of a sudden a new administration comes in and the direction changes. kind of feel like your legs are taken out from underneath you. >> reporter: he finally has the consistency he's needed for the past 23 years. >> dr.
6:42 pm
his vision make it very clear and make it very easy actually for the educators to stay focused on what's most important and that's educating the kids. >> reporter: under maxwell there are increased specialty programs, growing student enrollment and the highest graduation rate increases in the state. also on his watch, a number of arrests, all have some calling for maxwell's job. >> at every point of an incident that has happened in our school system, i have never lost confidence in the man sitting there. >> reporter: the prince george's county council has to decide on all the specifics of maxwell's contract but once approved he's expected to serve another four years. young drivers in maryland may soon have an earlier curfew. lawmakers are considering a bill that would prohibit drivers under age of 18 from being on the road after 10:00 p.m. right now the curfew is
6:43 pm
aaa says studies show nighttime driving restrictions that begin at 10 or earlier reduce crashes among young drivers. coming up, a powerful storm system out west where millions of people are bracing for more bad weather and the possibility of flooding. >> reporter: ahead why students from northern virginia here at the university of mary washington feel threatened by a flyer posted on this bulletin board that contained a swastika
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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extended bonus buys only at my giant.nt.
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a hateful message tacked onto a bulletin board at the university of mary washington campus the note included a swastika and an anti-gay slur. >> i'm just so angry. sorry. just who does something like that? >> reporter: andy and elliot are from northern virginia. they are roommates in a gender neutral dorm here at the university of mary washington. they believe the hate filled flyer found on this bulletin board was posted here because it's located right across from the residents hall where they and other members
6:47 pm
community live. >> i think it was definitely supposed to be seen by madison residents. i think that was the intention of it. >> it's obvious. like they're specifically targeting the lgbt community. >> reporter: most students first learned about the flyer yesterday when the student newspaper posted a front page story showing the swastika. it says attention using a gay slur, we could live next door. >> i'm jewish, seeing that doesn't really make me feel welcome here. i know it's not the school. it's just someone trying to make people feel bad. >> the university's reaction is to really reinforce what's important to us, to let students know that the university is about inclusivity. it's about making sure that mary washington is a welcoming community for all. >> reporter: campus police are conducting the investigation into the source of this hateful note. with the help of the fbi and fredericksburg police department.
6:48 pm
there is progress at the d.c. public school that's been closed because of bedbugs and rodents. savoy elementary school in southeast d.c. will reopen later this month. according to the school's facebook page, that building has had a thorough cleaning, carpeting and other soft materials have been replaced. the school will reopen next monday february 27th. as a recauti storm team 4 watching developments today out west where a powerful pacific storm is taking aim at central and southern california. some areas could see 5-10 inches of rain over the next few days, wind and rain. already causing mudslides out there. the ground is already saturated by what's been
6:49 pm
california. there's also the risk of flooding, we're told. the one positive note, it wipes out five years of drought in that state. >> years of drought, but it's going to cause a whole lot of damage. >> it already is. flash flood warnings in parts of los angeles. high wind warnings, heavy surf warnings, flood advisories. really from now until about tuesday or wednesday, california is really under the gun here. we mentioned the oroville dam. that area could see 5-10 inches. that is not a good situation. we're going to see a lot of pictures out of california over the next week or so. for us a completely different scenario. take a look at our high temperatures today. 51 at the airport. lorton at 51. charlottesville in virginia, 64 degrees here. 48 in frederick. big temperature spread but that's the warmer air just back to the west moving our way. we're going to rise 10-15
6:50 pm
locations. 48 degrees right now. it's going to be a cool night tonight. if you're out and about, you won't need the umbrellas or snow shovels. just the jacket. the warm air is just south and west. roanoke coming in today at 66. charleston, west virginia, at 67 degrees. that's where we're going to be tomorrow. 39 degrees, a cold start early tomorrow, but then warming quickly, up to 59 by noon. plenty of sunshine early. 67 degrees by 3:00. by 7:00, you can eat outdoors most of the weekend. skiing is going to be slushy by still quite nice. gardening, don't fertilize. nothing just yet.
6:51 pm
65 on sund let's skip over tuesday. that's the only cool day. look at this. we get even warmer towards next week. no records, but are we going to be warm for the next ten days. >> the snow shovels are collecting dust. >> that's okay. coming up, we've got sports. wizards entering the all star weekend on a really high note. the rest of the league taking notice of what john wall is doing here in the nation's capital. here's lester holt with a look at what's ahead. ahead for us, live coverage from california, facing more floods and mudslides in the face of some of the heaviest rains in years. giant retailer target the target of a twisted bomb plot. plus, how some patients are cutting the cost of their surgery by up to 90%.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> nba all star game this weekend. all the players conducting interviews out in new orleans today. wonder if any of them is talking about defense at all. does that word ever come up? what do you think? >> you know what, if somebody's going to play it, it's going to be john wall. he's the best defensive point guard in the nba. that would be the guy. no team in nba history has ever turned around their season as fast as the wizards have this year.
6:55 pm
2-8 and win 34 games by the all star break. that kind of climb comes with lofty accolades. randy wittmann today called john wall the best point guard in the nba and he wasn't the only one. >> man, i'm extremely happy for him. you know, he's been -- he doesn't get the credit he deserves, i believe. i believe he's the best point guard in this league. he's leading that team on a nightly basis. he's finding a way. i'm happy for him. >> so wall is getting some serious love around the nba. he's also making his fourth straight appearance in the all star game. he believes his teammate bradley beal deserved to be in new orleans with him this weekend. >> i think so. just from what they tell you in the past, your team is winning and doing
6:56 pm
nod. he's p of his career just like i am. i feel like he had the opportunity to get that nod. i feel like he deserved it. >> so every wizard not named john wall will have the week off before heading back to the court next friday in philadelphia. the caps on the other hand have already enjoyed their bye week. back on the ice in detroit on saturday. the red wings have been in action all week, which means they're in rhythm. the rest of the league is struggling in their returns from their bye week. the caps are focused on not being rusty when the puck drops. >> i think we're all aware that the record for teams coming out of the bye week isn't very good. i think we're all professionals and we've got to know we have to do to feel good tomorrow and be ready. >> somehow you've got to trick your brain t
6:57 pm
didn't have any time off. or if you did have the time off, make sure you're mentally ready to go. you could get hit or get down and realize this is what i've got to do. baseball is in the air. carol malone kn first full squad workout is on sunday. follow her on twitter and our sports department for all the latest on nationals spring training. it's odd to be taking baseball before we've had any real snowfall. it's too early to stay winter is over before it started, right? >> i agree. >> hope springs eternal. >> bring it on. thanks, chris. that's our broadcast for now. nightly news will be coming up in a couple of minutes and it's
6:58 pm
we are done. >> anything else to offer? >> um -- >> i don't think so. nope. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
6:59 pm
very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg.
7:00 pm
we couldn't be any happier. tonight, u.s. gymnastics abuse scandal. day in court for a doctor who treated some of the most famous olympians, accused of preying on dozens of young girls for years. emergency evacuations as the most powerful storm in years slams california. flash flood warnings, hurricane-force winds, flights canceled up and down the coast. bizarre bomb plot. a man accused of scheming to hide explosives inside target stores. what the feds say was his motive. national security turmoil -- the president's pick to replace michael flynn turns him down who will fill a critical role? surgery on the menu, the new way people are finding to get medical procedure force much less money. and a woman inspiring america bywi


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