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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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a busy night for d.c. police. a barricade situation ends but a shooting investigation is just beginning. good evening. i'm erika gonzalez. we begin with news 4's darcy
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spencer. she's in northeast with the incident that had a neighborhood on edge. >> reporter: police take a stabbing suspect into custody after he allegedly barricaded himself inside his northeast washington apartment for several hou hours. >> all the officers did a phenomenal job, took their time, did everything slowly, methodically, and made sure that none of the citizens were injured and made sure that our suspect wasn't injured as well. >> reporter: you could see s.w.a.t. officers outside the apartment building on 36th street and officers getting another view from a nearby rooftop. police say the suspect allegedly stabbed someone, then ran into the apartment and refused to come out. police tried to negotiate with him. 5 1/2 hours later they made the arrest. the stabbing victim expected to be okay. >> you were concerned about what was happening? you didn't even know if it was your building or someone else? >> well, once i heard
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very concerned. >> reporter: residents who live near the apartment building were told to shelter in place. some who were not at home when it happened had to stay away till this was resolved. >> i don't know what's going on. i just want to go in the house. i've been out here for about two hours. >> reporter: police tell me that charges are pending against that suspect and their investigation into this barricade is continuing. in northeast darcy spencer, news 4. meanwhile, crime scene tape outside an apartment complex in d.c. after a police officer working a special detail there was shot. this happened on green street in southeast. d.c. police say the officer was shot in the leg. he is expected to be okay, and they are looking for a man in an older model white ford expedition. we are learning new details about a deadly accident in centerville today. david c. fuentes was repairing his car in a parking lot in park
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wag-tone start the car and it began moving in reverse. sifuentes grabbed the steering wheel trying to stop the car but it continued into the parking lot jumping the curb and hitting a townhouse. at some point we're told the man hit the ground and died on the scene. the boy was not physically injured. meanwhile, maclean the family who lives in this house lucky to have gotten out safely. fire alarms alerting them to this massive fire that started around 8:00 in the morning on turkey run road. firefighters battling fierce flames and thick black smoke. it's a heavily wooded area on a narrow road as well which made it especially hard for crews to be able to get there and start fighting this fire. investigators are still trying to determine a cause. we have breaking news for you. we've just learned a 2-year-old boy is in critical condition. police say a driver hit him in a park lot in takoma park. th
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5:00 tonight in the loss along roanoke avenue, not too far from fuego creek parkway. we're told the driver did stay on the scene. no word whether takoma park police will file any charges against that driver. let's turn to politics now, shall we? president trump keeping up his critique of the media. he slammed certain reports as fake news in front of a crowd of supporters today in florida. but as nbc's chris polone reports, poll numbers show most americans don't approve of his presidency so far. >> reporter: president donald trump in florida with a campaign-style rally just 30 days after taking office. back in front of friendly faces. >> i want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news. the white house is running so smoothly. >> reporter: after a week in which he fired his national security adviser and railed against journalists online and in person.
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question. >> reporter: the rally comes as new poll numbers show the majority of americans disapprove of the job trump is doing. but that's not how people at saturday's rally feel. >> i just think he's great and he's helping this country. >> reporter: the president continues to label reporting he doesn't like fake news and called some news outlets enemies of the american people. that is not shared by some members of his own party. senator john mccain on sunday's "meet the press." >> if you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many times adversarial press. >> reporter: as the president rallied supporters, pro-immigrant and anti-trump protesters took to the streets of several u.s. cities. >> if the one good thing out of this presidency comes that we have come together -- >> reporter: while in florida the president is meeting with several candidates to replace ousted national security adviser michael flynn. >> let's keep the trump train rolling, baby. >> reporter: the trump train. a month into its four-year journey, unlike anything we've seen
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new at 11:00, the trump administration is working on a more streamlined version of its travel ban security -- i should say secretary of homeland security john kelly says that it will not stop u.s. green card holders or travelers who are already on planes from entering the u.s. kelly discussed the plan today at a security summit in germany. he promised a short phase-in period for the new order. >> in particular to make sure there's no one in a sense caught in the system of moving from overseas to our airports, which happened on the first release. >> the trump administration says the president's initial travel ban is still an option. federal courts have put the order on hold. press secretary sean spicer says the administration is prepared to take its challenge all the way to the supreme court. all right. switching gears now. somebody could be rich. very rich. minutes ago we learned
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drawing. are you ready, my friends? here we go. they are 3, 7, 9, 31, 33, and your powerball 20. and a power play of 3. tonight's jackpot is worth $349 million.with the option to walk away with more than $211 million in cash. it is in fact the 18th largest powerball history. good luck. and remember, sharing is caring. time is running out to see bao bao before the beloved panda heads to china. and fans flooded the zoo to give their last good-byes. and we've got temperatures right in the 50s for the overnight lows. how warm will we get tomorrow and for the rest of the workweek? we've got your details on
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protesters briefly blocked education secretary betsy devos from entering d.c.'s jefferson middle school academy last week. do you remember this story? at the end of her visit devos praised the school. but according to the "washington post" a few days later devos criticized the teachers, saying the teachers were waiting to be told what to do. last night the school's twitter account responded in a series of tweets. one of them said, "we're about to take her to school." this morning on twitter devos said the school's teachers are awesome. meanwhile, a prestigious organization is dishing up the best restaurants in the country and some of your
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the james beard foundation announces its 2017 awards semifinalists. the district has two chefs in the running for outstanding chef and five chefs in the running for the best chef in the mid-atlantic. d.c. could also snag best new restaurant. some of the nominees include pineapple and pearl's, bad saint, sushi tarl and fiola. you can sneak a peek by opening your nbc washington app and searching restaurant awards. obviously a very popular story with all the foodies we have in town. the final nominees will be announced next month and the winners will be selected in april. good luck. it's the perfect weekend to go visit bao bao at the national zoo. the giant panda leaves for china on tuesday. this part of a deal p we knew this was coming. all giant pandas originally from china have to go back by the time they're 4. bao bao's only 3 1/2 but she's leaving early because keepers say it's more comfortable for h
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. in southeast today a celebration of life for former d.c. council member and developer. friends and family gathering at st. francis xavier catholic church to remember h.r. crawford. crawford was a ward 7 council member in the early '80s to mid '90s and he became widely known in the district for his management and redevelopment of public housing
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he died last week. h.r. crawford was 78 years old. the library of congress will soon hold the stories of more local veterans. they shared their memories today in bethesda, and as news 4's eric ward reports, they all have more in common than their time at war. >> we were on a hill and the viet cong would probe our hill and stuff like that. >> this could very well be a formal deposition or a military debriefing but the record being documented here at this bethesda office is for posterity. as a former marine recounts his days in da nang. the army care corps flyer laments over his d-day assignment. >> because of the cloud cover and we weren't able to help the guys that were hitting the beaches. >> for the past 15 years the national court reporters foundation has been helping chronicle and transcribe veterans' oral history for the library of congress. they found a common issue. >> today it m
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wars are suffering some part -- you know, hearing loss. >> reporter: so they've allied with the hearing loss association of america and other groups for this project. court reporters, sten og rafrz, captioners, all a part of the effort, and yielding more than just an academic history. >> veterans aren't getting the information. and if they had the information, they could use it. they have benefits. >> reporter: but the vets aren't the only ones to gain from this. >> so what's it mean to you to be a part of this project? >> i really appreciate working with the disabled community, hard of hearing community. it's more gratifying. >> reporter: this world war ii vet hopes there's another lesson in these accounts for veterans and even policy makers. >> war is something you don't -- you don't play around with. >> reporter: eric ward, news 4. >> thank you, eric, for that. the republicans, meanwhile, hoping to become
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in charlottesville today. and it was a cordial exchange. at the debate corey stewart, a one-time chair of president trump's campaign in the commonwealth, former republican national committee chair ed gillespie, distillery owner denver riggleman and state senator frank wagner. it touched on health care, higher education, and the opioid crisis. virginia's choice for governor is going to be closely watched. many see it as a potential referendum on trump's first year in office and an early test of those who oppose him. more than 900 volleyball teams from across the country packed the walter e. washington, d.c. convention center for the 11th annual capitol hill volleyball classic. over 100 volleyball courts were filled with junior girls' volleyball teams and fans cheering them on. this tournament is a little different. results from the classic done count as automatic qualifiers for other events. instead the teams can build up their competition profile for entry consideration into some other tournaments. >> announcer: and
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team 4 forecast. they could have been playing beach volleyball today with how wonderful it was out there. i want to share this photo. this is an engagement surprise. usually you don't think about getting engaged outside at a vineyard in the middle of february. i almost said at the end of february. but i guess it's only february 18th. congratulations, brian hahn and alex singer on their engagement surprise. and look, she's wearing shorts out there in february. oh, my goodness. temperatures. no wonder she's wearing shorts. they made it up to 68 degrees in d.c. outside the beltway some areas made it into the 70s. so nice out there today. i can't rule out a sprinkle as we continue into the overnight. we're also going to have a slight breeze as we get into your sunday. but temperatures still on the up and up. we're fairly mild all the way through the next ten days. wait until you see this ten-day forecast because this is the question i'm getting. is winter over? i've been getting that a lot over the last 48 hours. heck, i've been getting that a lot this entire winter. temperature -- i mean, it is
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11:30. we are at 59 degrees right now here in d.c. 53 in lorton. 56 in dulles. fredricksburg still at 61 degrees. we have a few clouds pushing in. that's helping keep our temperatures on the mild side because they're keeping them from dropping too far too fast. we're going to continue with some cloud cover. and i should add maybe a few sprinkl sprinkles. a lot of this is not hitting the ground because the air mass at the surface is just so dry. a lot of it's evaporating but i'm going to keep a cancel of sprinkles as we continue into the overnight. only because that little disturbance passing through. that's what's bringing us the cloud cover. but eventually that's going to move through. we're going to get some sunshine as we continue through your morning. temperatures still mild tomorrow morning. go out for a walk and have your coffee. temperatures are going to be in the low to mid 50s. taking it up into the mid to upper 60s by tomorrow afternoon. as i said, the breeze is going to be about 10 miles an hour. nothing to write home about. temperatures again mid to upper 60s. 15 to 20 degrees above normal as we head through the mid afer
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brunch, maybe to a winery, get engaged, might be a good idea. eat outside definitely. if you're headed out to the national zoo to see bao bao and say good-bye, great conditions for that. did i say that wrong? i knew i was going to mess that up. to say good-bye to bao bao. there you go. too many bs in one sentence. when is that panda leaving? tuesday? it's going to be nice for him to leave on tuesday. her, him, i don't know. it's pandamanium. pandemonium. i don't know. we've got sprinkles headed to our region. maybe wednesday morning. and then friday and saturday. we've got a few showers. look at those temperatures. really nice as we continue through the next ten days. >> god love you. john wall put his skills to the test today down in new orleans. see how he fared in the all-star peills com
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as we say here in the district, wall-star weekend has begun. john wall kicked things off in new orleans in the league skills challenge. it wasn't a great outing for the wizards point guard. wall dropped out in the first round against gordon heyward after wall missed the three-pointer at the end of the competition. the basketball unicorn representing the new york knicks took home this year's title. kristaps porzingis beat out heyward in the finals. the three-point shootout needed overtime to decide a champion. cleveland's kyrie irving squared off against houston's eric
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with a score of 18. that left the door open for gordon to win. he walked right in, getting the 20 points needed on the final rack to take home the 2017 nba three-point contest championship. slam dunk contest belonged to a member of the indiana pacers. glenn robinson iii scored a 50 on his very first dunk and never looked back. robinson beat out derrick jones in the finals with that clinching dunk. 14th ranked virginia taking on 10th ranked north carolina wahoos with no answer for justin jackson. he scored a game-high 20 points. tar heels jumped out to a 10-point lead. isaiah hicks had his very own slam dunk contest. and it might have been more exciting than the nba dunk contest. hicks will get at least eight for each of those dunks. virginia loses the game and drops their third straight, 65-41. george mason down by 18 in the second half against rhode island. jal
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trail. 2 of his 22 points. patriots are back within three. sounds like a good time. jerry grayer, he ties the game at 54. this game came down to the final shot. mason down by three with less than 20 seconds to play. otis livingston ii, he's off. and rhode island wins 77-74. >> a great tribute to our guys, the way we fought back, made big shots, got stops. and i wanted to hear that, and i'm proud of them for that. but they've also got to know that, you know, if we want to be a championship team we have to have a championship approach to every single thing we do. caps were back in action after a week off. zack sanford scored the game-winning goal against the ducks last time out. it was his first career nhl goal. he lit the lamp again today for the caps' first goal in the second period. washington trailed 2-1 at that point. and sanford seems happy to be
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contributing. >> you know, it actually kind of happened the same way as my first goal last weekend. a nice pass by lars. i was just trying to get it off quick. it found its way through. >> so this game required a shootout. in the fifth round red wings captain henrik zetterberg slips it past braden holtby. advantage detroit. so the caps need to answer, and they send it to their captain alex ovechkin. his shot denied. caps managed to pick up a point, though. they fall 3-2 in the shootout. how about some college lacrosse? johns hopkins taking on loyola in overtime. check out blue jays midfielder joel tinney who pulls off the hidden ball trick for the game winner. check it out. he's still got it. three loyola defenders fall for the okey-doke. hopkins wins it 14-13. so it's hockey day in america tomorrow. caps at rangers at 12:30. that's the game you can see on nbc. 23rd-ranked maryland ay
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11th-ranked wisconsin at 1:00. georgetown at 20th ranked creighton at 3:30. carol maloney reports from spring train. also starts tomorrow. time to get in the swing of things. >> isn't that in palm beach? >> yes, it is. >> carol maloney has the right assignment. >> pandemonium. >> chris miles. thank you so very much. that about wraps it up for us. you've got "saturday night live" coming up next. thanks for joining us. have a great one, everybody. y29kwy ysty
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