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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 19, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EST

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homicide investigation there unfolding in northern virginia. what police are uncovering about how a young man lost his life overnight. travel ban future. what we're now finding out about a new version while president trump narrows down a new national security adviser. and you still got a chance. there was no winner in the powerball jackpot from overnight. the next chance you'll have to become a multimillionaire. we are talking several times over. even more than that number you saw there. we welcome you back to "news 4 today" this sunday. >> we're happy to be here. going to be a gorgeous day. lots of sun this afternoon. >> looks like outside already a beautiful start. in the 60s it appears right here in northwest. tom, going to get even warmer, you think? >> yeah, as we get the sunshine breaking out, still cloudy in washington. off to our west, live strview f our storm team 4 reston
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you can see there's a little bit of a turquoise sky there, the sun breaking out just to the west of the metro area. we'll have the clouds continuing to roll east and clear out. we'll have our temperatures jumping as well. in fact, out in the leesburg now it's at 59 degrees. 50s in the mountains as well the shenandoah valley. it's near 60 in washington. northern, and around the bay. we'll be in the low 60s north korea -- next hour. upper 70s by mid afternoon. another warm wave on the way here for the week ahead. a few chances of rain as well. storm team 4 ten-day outlook coming up. >> we'll see you then. at 10:01, we want to get to this breaking news out of arlington where a homicide investigation is under what i. >> news 4's derrick ward is live this morning and explains how officers first heard the shots. derrick? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. we're in the williamsburg
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you are looking down at the 6300 block of north 29th street. this is the scene of this homicide. police have been on the scene here since about 3:30 this morning. at that point, we're told that they heard gunfire. they were already in the area because of a noise complaint. at some point, they heard gunfire, responded to the scene. that's why there they found an t male who had been shot. he was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. we know only he's in his 20s, perhaps 24 years old. no identity on the victim or any suspect information. they're saying there's not a threat to the public. it all seems to center around a house at 6300. we hear more now from a spokesperson for arlington county police. >> there was a house party going on in this area. we believe this was the result of a dispute that happened at the house party. we don't believe there's any larger threat to the
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>> n >> reporter: now, police have several dozen evidence markers around the scene. doesn't necessarily mean they're all shell casings. we're told the victim was shot, but there are other pieces of evidence they're chronicling. they are still investigating this crime, this homicide here in north arlington. >> derrick, thanks. our breaking news coverage continues. this time in the district where an 11-year-old girl is missing. police need your help finding her. she's 11-year-old torri marie gibson. she was last seen yesterday morning on 6th street in northeast. take a look at this picture, folks. she has braces with blue bands on her teeth. if you see her, give police a call. and developing this morning, u.s.-backed iraqi forces have launched a large-scale operation to reclaim the rest of mosul from isis. prior to the operation, leaflets were dropped into the area to urge isis members to surrender and warn that the military was moving in. the united nations is warning thhe
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civilians at risk. homeland security secretary john kelly says the trump administration is working on a streamlined version of its immigration executive order. the original executive order has been blocked by the courts. secretary kelly discussed the plan yesterday at a security summit in germany. he promised a short phase-in period for the new order. >> in particular to make sure that there's no one, in a sense, caught in the system moving from overseas to our airports, which happened on the first release. >> president trump says we could see something on this new executive order regarding immigration as soon as this week. and the president's working to find a new national security adviser. today he's expected to meet with at least four candidates. you're looking at them there on your screen. lieutenant general h.r. mcmasterer, john bolton, acting national security adviser keith kellogg, and west
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general robert caslan. the person selected will replace michael flynn, who resigned as national security adviser last week. vice president mike pence is in brussels this morning. he's expected to spend the next two days there for meetings related to nato and the european union. in his speech yesterday, the vice president tried to reassure allies that the u.s. strongly supports nato, but he also called for members to boost their defense spending, something that the president has also called for. be sure to watch "meet the press" for the latest in politics this week. this morning chuck todd will have sunday exclusives with senator john mccain and former defense secretary leon panetta. he'll also speak to white house chief of staff reince priebus. chuck will join us in studio for a preview in just a couple minutes. the woman at the center of landmark supreme court decision roe versus wade has died. norma mccorvey passed away yesterday. she was the jane roe in the case. in 1969, mccorvey was unmarried, unemployed, and pregnant for the third time. she sought
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but the procedure was illegal in the state except to save a woman's life. her lawsuit led to the 1973 supreme court case establishing abortion rights within the u.s. mccorvey later became an outspoken critic of abortion. she was 69 years old. two children and their parents had to be taken to a hospital early this morning after a carbon monoxide leak in their apartment. according to our news partners at wtop, the family lives near nanni helen burroughs avenue and 51st street northeast. c carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause flu-like symptoms that can turn deadly. an active search for a shooter. police say a man in an older model white force expedition shot a special female police officer in the leg. she's expected to be okay. this happened yesterday
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street in southeast. you can see this is officers responding to that. police say the officer was working a special detail at that complex. and in tacoma park, maryland, police say a 2-year-old boy is in critical condition this morning. he was hit by a car. police say it happened yesterday evening just before 5:00 along roanoke avenue. the driver did stay on the scene. there's no word if that driver is facing any charges. police need for anyone who saw this accident to contact them. now, this may sound obvious, but this is an important and rather tragic reminder for parents to not allow your children to operate vehicles. fairfax county police say david sifuentes was working on his vehicle when he asked an 8-year-old boy to start it. the sedan started to move in reverse, so sifuentes grabbed the steering wheel. police say at some point, he was thrown and hit the ground. he died at the scene. the boy wasn't hurt. they're asking anyone who may have seen this or have any information to give fairfax county police a call.
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coming up on 10:08 on this sunday. right now a live look outside. starting to get warm out there. we've got tom tracking how fast we'll be back up into the mid-60s. hundreds evacuated and streets flooded with water. look at this. the devastation right now in california and the next threat that could make this disaster even worse.
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northern california is trying to recover from a massive storm this morning, but already forecasters say more rain could actually be on the way. officials say at least one person has died after flooding overtook an area northwest of sacramento on saturday. at least 200 people were evacuated because of high water. mul multiple roads were shut down and emergency crews have been working around the clock to sandbag many areas. record rain in that area also creating quite a
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road crews are trying to repair massi massive damage and sink holes that opened up during the storm. thousands of people are still without power in parts of los angeles county. at least three people there have died because of the storm. well, you still have a chance to become a multimillionaire. >> it's good to know. that's because there was no jackpot winner in last night's powerball drawing. that means the jackpot is going up to $403 million. >> what i could do with that amount of money. >> we do know that some people are waking up pretty happy as well. they apparently matched five of the numbers and won a million dollars, including in maryland. pretty interesting. so the next drawing is on wednesday. step outside and you may recheck the calendar. doesn't feel like mid-february here in d.c. we've got tom updating his forecast with how long this sunny stretch will last. and just two days left, then we say good-bye to bao bao. how the national zoo is preparing
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a lot of emotions for this next story. the national zoo's beloved giant panda bao bao is leaving for china this week. it's going to be her forever home. >> bao bao's first home in d.c. is proud to have watched her grow. >> reporter
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some just aren't ready. >> come back to washington, d.c. >> reporter: but the giant panda has to go. she's leaving the national zoo for her new home in china in two days. >> the main emotion right now is just heartbreaking that our little girl is leaving us. >> reporter: leslie johnson and anne lane whit are almost in tears. >> when i was 3, my mom and dad bought me a stuffed panda here. >> reporter: bao bao has grown up before our eyes, from that stick of butter to her very first birthday, and the second and third. but soon bao bao will be 4. that means it's time to go. >> we know she's going to go to china and hopefully have little bao baos or little bao bao junior, little babies, and fulfill her destiny of becoming a mom. >> reporter: it's a 16-hour direct flight. bao bao will ride in a crate she's been getting used to at the zoo. no sedation, just food and her zookeeper.
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>> we're going to be taking 50 pounds of bamboo, we're going to be taking apples and sweet potatoes and sugar cane and all that sort of stuff with us. >> reporter: no sortage of panda hats at the zoo now or love for bao bao. >> i'm going to miss her. >> reporter: at the national zoo, christian wright, news 4. >> no sedation for bao bao but lots of food. it's like me. >> fliying first class. >> but a buffet in front of me, i'm fine. >> i'm just wondering about the bathroom situation. >> you're talking about for the panda. >> i think you just ruined everyone's breakfast, david. >> i thought you meant in general. that's the weirdest question. >> as we move forward quickly ahead, let's look at our sky off to the west. we have some shine breaking out, a beautiful blue sky. there is the sun now breaking out across
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live view from our tower camera here from upper northwest washington. we had a few sprinkles this morning, but now they're pretty much dissipating. going forward in time, the cloud cover breaking up here. as we get into the afternoon, it's going to be all sunny all around most of maryland and virginia. there may still be a few lingering low clouds out in the mountains. elsewhere, we'll have lots of sunshine through the afternoon as temperatures that are right now hovering near 60 degrees will quickly jump. culpepper up to 64lready as well as in fredericksburg. reagan national at 61 degrees. hour by hour temperatures, noontime just about everywhere in the mid-60s. near 70 by midafternoon. clear and mild through the evening hours. getting cool by late evening. by 9:00, 10:00, back down into the 50s. by dawn on monday, for your day off tomorrow, 40s in the morning, sunshine through the day. a little cooler but still terrific day to get out maybe on a bike ride, a hike, or a run,
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low 60s. then clouds close in monday night. cooler day during the day tuesday. highs mid-50s. then a warm front may trigger a light rain shower on wednesday morning. a little sunshine back on wednesday afternoon. here comes another warm wave. up near 70 wednesday afternoon. mid-70s on thursday and partly sunny. might get some morning sprinkles both next friday and next saturday mornings. sun back both of those afternoons but still way above average temperatures. we'll stay that way but cooler as we get into sunday, first part of next week. >> wow. 70s. feeling like a florida winter. that's where we're going to take you next after the break. the full squad down there is back. the nats getting to work. the surprising comforts of home the team is finding in the sunshine state.
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what he didn't wasn't illegal, like many other people have said, but it's the fact he wasn't straight or honest. i found it hard to believe you would have a conversation with a russian ambassador and not remember it. so either way, either you don't remember or you weren't honest. either way, it was an unsustainable place to be, and the president made a decisive decision to ask for his resignation resignation and he got it. >> that there was white house chief of staff reince priebus. that was just moments ago on "meet the press." >> he was talking about michael flynn's resignation as national security adviser and what he told the
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ambassador. let's bring in moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. thanks for joining us. what stuck out most to you? >> i think there were two things. one, just the definitive comfort that the chief of staff had in basically denying any truth or any idea that anybody associated with the president's campaign or associated with the president spoke with the russians. he said he's been assured by the highest levels of the intelligence community that this report, that there were consistent ties between some members of trump's team and some russian agents is just categorically not true. so they put themselves on the record on a number of things that are contradicted by a lot of different media reports. we'll see. there is the senate intelligence investigation. he did confirm they're starting to preserve documents and any communications that have anything to do with russia as instructed by the senate intelligence comme,
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starting this investigation. >> we're seeing images there of mike flynn. now that he's out of that position for national security adviser, there are four contenders. who's rising to the top? >> i would keep track of both the two military veterans there that are not general kellogg, who is the acting nsa. both have some ties to jim mattis, the defense secretary. i would be surprised if john bolton got it, who's more of a politician, the one politician in that group, only because his foreign policy world view and the president's foreign policy world view couldn't be farther apart. that would surprise me more than anything. he's popular in some conservative hawkish circles, but it would run counter to the president's own foreign policy beliefs. that's the one that would stick out to me. >> all right, chuck todd. thanks for joining us. >> six minutes and 13 seconds to get to studio
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chuck todd this morning at 10:30 here on nbc 4. and today, full squad workouts for the nats begin at spring training. >> news 4's carol maloney gives us a preview of their new florida home. you'll know why guys like bryce harper will have to bring their swim trunks, maybe floaties, to work. >> reporter: amid the construction, a team gets back to work. ballpark of the palm beaches, a cool name for the nats' new massive spring training complex. >> it makes you feel good. guys are excited to come. guys are not in a hurry to leave. all this equates to, you know, being happy. >> reporter: six practice fields, an agility field, spots for 20 pitchers in the bull pen, and a pool, guys ready to jump in. >> excited to be down here, excited to get going in a new place with some greie
10:25 am
cages and great weight room finally. a little pool over there, so hopefully do some cannon balls in there a couple times. >> reporter: position players start workouts today. they will quickly notice that here fields one and two the dimensions are the exact same, even the way they cut the corner, as nats park back in d.c. a reminder even in the spring there's no place like home. in west palm beach florida, carol maloney, news 4 sports. back here closer to home, before you make dinner reservations for tonight, listen to this. the james beard foundation rolled out their list of semifinalists for this year's best restaurant awards. the district has a few contenders in the mid-atlantic categories. it's got two chefs running for outstanding chef and five chefs in the running for best chef. they could also snag the best new restaurant award. some of the semifinalists include pineapple and pearls, bad saint, and fiola. final nominees will be announced next month. the winner will be picked in april. our digital team is helping you ou
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washington app and search restaurant awards. coming up on 10:26, four things to know this sunday morning. we're waiting to learn more about who may be responsible for a deadly shooting in arlington. police say a 24-year-old man was killed following some sort of fight after a house party. this was on 29th street north. take a good look at this photo. d.c. police say 11-year-old torri marie gibson is missing. she was last seen yesterday morning, saturday, on 6th street northeast. call police if you see her. homeland security secretary john kelly says the trump administration is working on a streamlined approach to its immigration executive order. president trump says we could see something on a new order sometime this week. spacex's dragon rocket off from the kennedy space center less than an hour ago. this was cool to watch. gives me goose bumps every time. it's going to be at the international space station in about two days. the dragon will then bring back information that could help
10:27 am
wrap your minds around that. >> love seeing that. beautiful weather down there for the takeoff. nice weather here. >> yeah, feast your eyes on the storm team 4 ten-day outlook. doesn't look like february. it's certainly not going to be feeling like february either. up near 70 today. low 60s tomorrow. great weather for this holiday weekend. a little cloudy on tuesday. a few chances of rain showers toward the end of the week. >> all right. >> that's going to do it for "news 4 today." >> "meet the press" is next. see you at 4:26 tomorrow morning. until then, have a great day.
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this sunday the turmoil presidency, president trump back on the campaign trail, thrilling supporters. >> people want to take back control of their countries, and they want to take back control of their lives. >> while at town halls his critics worry. >> ever since the election i have felt like a passenger in a car that's being driven by a drunk driver. [ applause ] >> this after a week in which the president went after the intel community for leaking. >> the leaks are absolutely real. the news is fake. >> fired his national security adviser. >> fired him because of what he said to mike pence. very simple. >> lost his labor secretary nominee and called the media the enemy of the american people. this morning, i talk to president trump's chief of staff, reince priebus. >> also, senator john mccain


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