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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 20, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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reaction. >> speak to your doctor about introducing safely into your child's diet. they will probably want to run tests and look into other allergies and will ask you about your background as well. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. we want to get you up to date on weather and traffic. >> we will start with chuck and shee sheena. are we done with winter? is it over? >> i've been here long enough to know sometimes we get snow in march. >> sometimes. >> we can never rule out a piece of arctic air dropping down and combining with moisture, right now it looks unseasonably warm. >> our last freeze was last friday.
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in february. in case 71 yesterday was not a fair enough reminder of how mild our patterns have been, here's the presidents' day forecast. for today, temperatures in the 40s. near 50 by 9:00 a.m. 57 at lunch time. afternoon highs today, low to mid 60s once again. our average high is 48 degrees. this is anything but typical for february. >> later this week, we expect to possibly be in the 70s. the entire week will be unseasonably warm. some days warmer than others. if you're about to walk outside. look at how mild it is. twinbrooks, 52. potomac, 44. in the district, 54 degrees. a lot of 50s on the map. fairfax city, 43. montclair, 45. for the rest of the area, here's what it looks like. we have a few 30s. 38 in manassas. 33 in warrington. those are the exceptions to the mild air. it will stay mild all day today. and we mentioned the unseasonably warm tra
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earlier this week. chuck will have a look at that coming up. let's check the commute forecast. >> right now we have this situation in alexandria. they are working on this problem, blocked each way there but of water main repairs. north howard street at north jordan street here. so a warning for you there. beltway inner loop and outer loop rolling along just fine. 95 north after 3, work zone is out of the way. you don't have to worry about anything on 95 northbound and southbound. on metro, 5:00 a.m. to midnight, operating on a saturday schedule for the holiday. it's 5:02. today we are all getting ready to say good-bye to bao bao. this is a live look at the national zoo panda cam. she's resting or sleeping peacefully. she's got a huge journey in front of her. our 3 1/2-year-old panda cub is moving to china tomorrow morning. since today is a holiday, and it's supposed to be a nice day, you know it's going to
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crowded. you should have seen the zoo yesterday. >> mad house. >> it was bananas. >> molette green has the best times to catch the last glimpse of bao bao. >> you guys took the words out of my mouth. it can't get better than this. you have the holiday, you have the weather cooperating. what better time than to come out and say bye-bye to bao bao on her final day in public. here's what you need to know to make this, you know, the optimal experience. bao bao, the panda exhibit opens around 10:00 a.m. that's the same time they will give her her first big ice treat of the day. then you have another chance coming up at 1:30 this afternoon. today's treat is a special one. i'm sorry to say the ice sculptor
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then they'll throw in some symbols of the future home there in china. it is a must-see event. it's so special this moment. it's bitter sweet. but we know it has to happen. she's a cub, she's 3 1/2. we usually have to send them back around age 4, but they need do it now because this is -- this cooler weather is the best time for her to travel. it makes her more comfortable for the long journey ahead. come on down. come on out. you have nothing to do today if you have the day off but to say bye-bye to bao bao. back to you guys. >> all right. molette, thank you. if you can't make it to the zoo today, you can see a gallery of bao bao's best moments on our nbc washington app. search bao bao. >> we could see protests like this one in washington today.
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yesterday. people protested against president trump. it is part of the not my president's day rallies. they're expected to happen in at least a dozen cities today. some of the biggest are taking place in philadelphia, new york, chicago, dallas, los angeles. the rally here in washington is expected to begin at 2:00 p.m. the protests are against president trump and the policies he's put in place since taking office. any day now president trump could unveil his revised travel ban, a draft of the order obtained by the associated press targets the same seven muslim majority countries listed in the original order, iran, iraq, syria, yemen, somalia, sudan and libya. the a.p. reports that the order exempts travelers who already have a visa from traveling to the u.s., and it exempts green card holders and dual citizen holders of the u.s. and those countries. the president still searching for a new national security adviser. he
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reince reince says the person selected will not be forced to keep former national security adviser michael flynn's original team. in the next half hour, we'll head to capitol hill where jay gray will have details on how the president is explaining his comments about sweden at a rally over the weekend. this morning d.c. police are trying to figure out why a 76-year-old woman beat a man to death with a bat. tomacine bennett is charged with murder of 63-year-old walter clark. on friday, officers found him inside a closet. he died at the hospital. according to the police report, bennett told officers she hit clark with a bat. this morning arlington county police are looking for a suspected killer they say is armed and dangerous. jason johnson is accused of killing another man at a house party in arlington yesterday. the two had an argument, neighbors say waking up to a swarm of police cars was scary. >> this is an extremelyui
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neighborhood. really family oriented. never a disturbance. just really out of character for the neighborhood. >> again, police say the suspect, jason johnson, is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him, call police. there is growing concern for a missing d.c. teenager. thick a good look at talisha coles. she went missing last thursday and has not been seen since. then there's this young lady, torri marie gibson, missing since saturday morning. she was last seen at 6th and buchanan streets. she's just 11. she has braces with blue bands on her teeth. we put the pictures and the information on our facebook page so you can share the posts and help spread the word. in montgomery county, fire destroys a family's new home. it only took a few moments for this home to go up in flames. this was on persimmon ridge road in
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inside escaped early yesterday morning. now we are learning an on-duty montgomery county police officer came to the rescue. he made sure neighboring families were out of harm's way. this is the first house i went to. by the time i left the front poor much to knock on that end door down there the whole roof was engulfed, the second floor was ablaze. >> no one was hurt here. the fire was started by improperly discarded smoking materials on a porch. a pair of popular d.c. eagles could be parents again. a live look for you here at the d.c. eagle cam this morning. that almost looks like a photograph photograph. >> the american eagle foundation announced an egg was laid at the national arboretum last night at about 6:30. mr. president and the first lady
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it could take about 30 days for the egg to hatch. we can expect to have a new eagle. . and we have the one near the d.c. training campus. that's liberty and justice. we're on watch. if we told you that we could see temperatures in the 70s this week, it would be hard to believe, except we've been seeing warm weather lately. >> exactly what we have coming. >> we are on track for our third warmest february on record. potentially our third warmest winter on record as well. no cold air anywhere in site on your president's day today. temperatures will be in the upper 50s to perhaps the mid 60s. plenty of sunshine today. rain chances creeping up as we get closer to the weekend. have you noticed increased security or police at your children's school? the impact this is having on student
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and we have a lookt what a
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welcome back. we're talking about spring-like temperatures once again. >> coats, just put them away for the winter. what's going on here? >> it's been fantastic weather. yesterday was beautiful. today if you have the day off, it will be beautiful. most areas in the 40s. couple areas in the 30s. if you're commuting today for work,
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roads, mid 60s this afternoon. look at this temperature trend going through the week. thursday, we could be 25 degrees or more above average. we'll talk about that. chuck will have a closer look at the extended forecast coming up. let's look at traffic rite now. >> everything is moving along nicely this morning. looking at 66. into town, fine. out of town, same situation, no big worries. if you're headed out of town it's okay. we have this incident at north howard street and north jordan, shut down there for water main repairs. defense secretary james mattis making an unannounced visit today. >> he's in iraq now. angie is following this from the live desk. >> we have new video of the defense secretary arriving in the country of iraq this morning. take a look. the pentagon chief
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getting a firsthand look at the war efforts as u.s.-backed iraqi forces continue their operation to push out isis and retake the city of mosul. mattis telling traveling reporters that the u.s. was not in iraq to "seize anybody's oil." the defense secretary distancing himself from the president who has said america should have seized the country's oil back in 2003, arguing isis formed from the power and wealth of that oil. back to you. >> thank you. 5:14. every parent wants their child to be safe while at school. but a new nbc news investigation has parents questioning the tactics school police officers are using to secure buildings. >> when he put the handcuffs on, were you scared? >> i was kind of a little scared. but mostly i was mad. because, like, he was holding my hand tightly. >> children as young as first grade, sec
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are seeing police officers in their buildings with bulletproof vests on. they're being plaoliced in the hallways. >> coming up, stephanie goff will talk about how this is an issue. on wednesday, the news 4 iteam will look at whether local school districts have clear rules in place for how schools resource officers patrol the hallways. in news 4 your health, there are questions about whether the sex of your baby might affect your health. the new study published at ohio state university shows it might. women have different immune responses whether the baby is a boy or girl. women carrying a girl could be more likely to get sick because of bacteria. up to 90% of adults with autism are unemployed of underemployed. that's a statistic that ford motor company is working to change. they're hiring adults with autism. it's part of ajo
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ford and the national autism council. >> i think finding a place where he fit in has been both of our dreams for him for a long time. and to have a career path tied into that, it's everything. the whole package. >> now, ford will expand the number of hires under this program to 24 this year. the company says it has been overwhelmed by the positive response of employees. before you hit the gym today, maybe put these songs on your play list. just like fire by pink, closer by the chain smokers, and the greatest by sia, and 24k magic by bruno mars. a sports psychologist came up with the ultimate work joout so on apple music. >> the sports psychologist says the play list is effective because it
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song and increases your intensity when you're in the zone. >> beyonce, who runs the world. that has to be on there. >> i don't know that i would listen to that in the gym, but that's a good one. the nationals have some high hopes this year. the whole team is in florida working to make sure those high hopes come true. kara maloney is there as well. she spoke to the manager about his expectation. >> the nat sound that can only mean one thing. the off season is over. baseball is back. opening day is six weeks away. opening squad workouts are beginning for the washington nationals who are ready to rise and shine this spring. a lot of people think you have the team, the tools, have world series as a goal. is that the message? you met with the team, whole squad. what did you say to them? >> i can't tell you everything.
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>> i did tell them, hey, you know, we're in position to win. we have a lot of competition. a lot to of depth. and that, you know, we come here to win. we won't take any prisoners. we have a long way to go. you can't think about your window. you have to think about what we have to do today, and boom, you plan on what we have to do tomorrow. >> in west palm beach, florida, kara maloney, news 4 sports. are you looking for something to do today? the national park service is celebrating presidents' day by letting you into 400 parks for free. there are plenty of national parks right here in our backyard that you can check out for free. >> this kind of weather, i would be spending my days outside every day. >> if you're down at the beach this weekend, an unbelievable -- unless you were right down next to the water, it was really warm. the ocean is still only about 45 degrees. >> wow. >>
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water, you could feel it but 70 again yesterday around here. we had to up our number. now 45 days this winter have been more than 5 degrees whammer than average. compare that with 11 days this winter that have been 5 degrees or more below average. warm days outnumbers cold days more than 4-1. we are on track for the third warmest february and the third warmest winter on record. records dating back to 1870. you can always stay ahead of this mild change in weather. the next chance of rain on our nbc washington app. give that a look and a download. a bit of a northerly component to the wind today. just a little bit. yesterday 71. today cooler than that. but only in the low to mid 60s. that's way wharmer than average. back out to the west, a developing storm will pump more and more mild air into our direction. tomorrow probably the coolest day of the weeki
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that's still ten degrees whamwa than average. sunshine, start to finish on your presidents' day. a dry start tomorrow. more clouds sneaking into our skies tomorrow. the next chance for rain is the chance for a sprinkle or two early wednesday morning. temperature-wise, 30s, 40s, 50 degrees in gaithersburg now. an incredibly mild day today with that sunshine around. afternoon highs upper 50s to low and mid 60s. the rest of the work week looks this way. tuesday, partly sunny, 58. there's a tiny chance for an a.m. shower on wednesday. thursday, the record is 7. we'll be within a couple degrees of a record high temperature on thursday. friday, a little chance for showers late in the day on friday. better chances for rain on saturday. we'll talk more about that weekend coming back up in a few minutes when sheena rejoins me. let's
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working hard on a presidents' day. >> i am. north howard street at north jordan street, we have those lanes blocked because of a water main break. top of the beltway, 95 earlier northbound near the exit for bwi, that was partially blocked. that's cleared out of the way. if you are headed to the airport, no problems there. inner and outer loop of the beltway looking good. a telephone once owned by adolf hitler sold for more than $200,000 at a maryland auction. bidding started at $100,000 for this red phone which had hitler's name and the nazi party symbol engraved on the back. the phone sold for $243,000 by someone who made the bid by phone. when is the last time you switched credit card
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the move that could save you serious money. you might need that money to put towards filling up your gas tank. why you can soon see higher prices. new developments in the death of k
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welcome back. zima is making a comeback to coors. you might remember the malt liquor in the black and white can in the '90s, now it's coming back. the company aims to compete with other malt beverage brands including smirnoff ice and mike hard's lemonade. just what you always wanted. >> i don't drink beer. it is like beer, right? >> i don't think it is. i think it's a beverage. >> okay. >> alcoholic
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between credit card companies it may be easy to score a good deal. a new survey shows people have never switched out their credit cards. found that about 30 million people have gone ten years without changing their go-to credit card. experts say that means you could be missing out on low fees or extra bonuses. >> oftentimes you're getting 0 percent on purchases or balance transfers in there, and in some cases up to roughly two years. >> now, even if you don't switch right away, experts say it can't hurt just to comparison shop to find the best deal. it is 5:6. we have some good weather news for your presidents' day. >> fantastic news. nice and dry. temperatures this morning off to a mild start. the day will shape up nicely. coming up, temperatures in some areas around the upper 40s. later on today, unseasonably warm. i'll sh
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for any of your plans. that's next. plus the search continues for a missing maryland woman. the details
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right now on news 4 today, long weekend weather. the warmer temperatures sticking around for your presidents' day. and the cost of your commute could be going up. how you canig
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popular train. and crash with a cruiser. new details about the driver accused of slamming into the back of a police car. good morning to you on this president's day. thanks for joining us with a day that a lot of people are getting to sleep in because they have a day off. >> today is a federal holiday, if you have to work the roads will not be too busy. melissa is looking at the holiday commute. >> most of you won't be stucken side. it will be a beautiful day. chuck bell and sheena parveen with the forecast. >> we were remarking to ourselves that a lot of people are trying to get back out. the milder weather brought people back out. >> today will be another unseasonably warm day. 47 in the district. mostly clear skies. as we
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whatever your presidents' day plans are. the weather will be nice for it. by 7:00 a.m., sunny. noon, 61 degrees. 4:00, mid 60s. this evening, mild. we will stay nice and dry. an unseasonably warm day. the roadways not too bad. what's happening on metro? >> just a reminder, we are on a different schedule because of presidents' day. trains operating on a saturday schedule. you do get free parking today. that's a nice change. 66 here. 95, no problems inbound. southbound seeing a slowdown around quantico. could just be some road work because we don't have reports of a problem. here is our real problem, alexandria, north howard street at north jordan street, blocked because of water main repairs. this could take hours to get out
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you're supposed to head through that area. looking elsewhere as we kind of widen out just a bit. you can see inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no problems there. had some earlier road work, that's gone. so you don't have to worry about that any longer. we'll look at travel times for you coming up. >> today is a holiday, it's presidents' day, and there's some things you should be aware of. >> angie has four things to know. >> we're following a lot. many of you are off. all government offices, services and schools are closed. with so many people home from work and school, there are plenty of protests scheduled. we'll have more on that coming up. metro is on modified schedules. vre is not running trains today. and she may not be a president, but she's certainly one
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we are saying good-bye to bao bao the giant panda. a lot to of events planned for her last full day at the national zoo before she heads for china tomorrow. molette green is live at the zoo this morning. you can follow her on twitter. >> thank you. a close call for two children and their parents after a carbon monoxide leak sent them to the hospital. according to wtop, the family lives in an apartment near 51st street northwest in washington. the leak started yesterday and came from their water heater. for tips on keeping your home free of carbon monoxide, search carbon monoxide safety in the nbc washington app. today the family of a missing carroll county woman will ask for your help finding her. 25-year-old kristin spurrier was last seen february 4th. this is her
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will reach out for information. a montgomery county police officer is doing fine after a drunk driver slammed into his cruiser. this happened saturday night in the colesville area. officer matthew runkels was responding to another call when the mercedes dented the trunk of the vehicle. montgomery county police say the driver's blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit. if you're already thinking about your summer travel plans, you may want to budget a bit extra for gases. that's because gas prices are expected to inch up. right now they appear to be staying steady with gas averaging 2.28 a gallon for regular unleaded here in the d.c. metro area. that's the same as the national average. these prices are about 50 cents higher than a year ago. coming up at 5:45, justin finch will explain why a change in season will push those prices up. it is 5:34. vre is considering making your
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about it. officials are proposing a 3% hike that would take place july 1st. the price for an amtrak step-up ticket would go up $2. the first hearing is tuesday, march 7th at noon. there will also be an evening hearing that same day at the commons community center in burke. getting stuck in traffic between baltimore and richmond on 95 can give you a major headache. there's a not so secret road that u.s. drivers take along 301, and now the virginia department of transportation is looking to make sure that route doesn't also become clogged with cars. according to our news partner, wtop, v-dot is trying to push the more scenic highway as an alternative. the hope is to push more cars in that direction when three huge interchange projects get underway on 95. today the u.s. postal service will commemorate the 100th birthday of john f.
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stamp in his honor. the ceremony will take place at jfk's presidential library and museum. it's part of the jfk centennial sell break. i believe the picture on the stamp is from a campaign event in seattle. a little history for you there. you can buy it tomorrow because the federal offices are closed today. peanut allergies are a concern for millions of children. what you need to know about food fears coming up. a fire destroys a home, but the family inside is safe thanks to a hero. and your storm team 4 forecast. >> nothing to worry about for your presidents' day today. dry most of the week. the next best chance of rain shows up saturday. might have a chance for thunderstorms with saturday's temperatures into the low and mid 60s. keep in mind, 48 is average
5:37 am
turning drier and breezy sunday afternoon. sheena will have a check of t
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>> liftoff of the falcon 9. >> spacex says this is a long-term plan to send
5:40 am
astronauts to mars. it went off from the same launchpad built for the apollo spacecraft that sent astronauts to the moon. look at this dramatic footage from new jersey. a small plane came crash nothing a neighborhood. >> did a whole lot of damage here. >> nobody was killed, all the homes were untouched. this single engine piper went down before 10:00 yesterday morning, narrowly missing a gas station. the plane mangled some power lines and damaged several parked cars. the pilot was alert and talking to rescuers despite the chaotic scene. >> the vibration was like a rumbling, like an earthquake. that's the vibration. i thought it was like a tanker truck when a tanker couldn't stop for a light. boom. >> it was so loud. and everyone was just in shock. then everyone started screaming. >> nobody on the ground was
5:41 am
with a broken leg. investigators are looking into why the plane went down. a winner and a jackpot. the powerball prize is still surging. but it's already made a marylander a millionaire. why you may want to triple check those tickets. and a look at your presidents' day forecast. presidents' day temperatures in some areas in the upper 40s. some other spots are in the 30s. as we go through the afternoon, everyone will be unseasonably warm. we have a closure in alexandria because of a water main break. we'll talk about that and how it's impacting a local hospital. and coming up, good-bye to bao bao. it's the last day you can see d.c.'s beloved panda. we have some
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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we feel very blessed. >>ht
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fire. the simple action that may have saved multiple lives. after another weekend with temperatures in the 70s, how much longer can this warmer weather stick around? >> and prepare to pay more at the pump. and because of all the food allergies, it's the one most likely to cause severe reactions. >> peanuts are a problem for millions of kids, but could the answer to allergies be exposure? >> we sort the myths from the facts about your biggest food fears. it's 5:45. new this morning, if you have ever thought about how much money you waste sitting in traffic, we have some numbers for you. a new list found the average u.s. driver spent about $1,400 stuck in traffic. that's nearly $300 billion for all drivers nationwide. >> you could end
5:46 am
justin finch is live this morning and why you might see gas prices going up. justin? >> gas prices are not falling the way a lot of us were hoping. looking at 2.59 for regular in falls church. experts say those prices will just continue climbing. aaa finding that the average for regular unleaded gas is 2.28 a gallon in the d.c. metro area. same for the national average. that's about 50 cents higher than a year ago. the greater d.c. region trending higher here at 2.49 a gallon. that's 50 cents more than a year ago. so, what's driving up the prices here? aaa is pointing to refinery maintenance work and also, too, the coming switch to summer blend gas. those are the changes that they're looking at what can you do in th
5:47 am
smartphone, use these apps to find cheaper gas near you. gas guru aggregates gas prices in your area, and if you google gas prices near you, you will get an average of what gas costs in your area. we're live in falls church, justin finch, news 4. back to you. >> thank you. in montgomery county, fire decemb destroyed a family's new home. it only took a few moments for the home to go up in flames. the parents and two children escaped early yesterday morning. now we're learning that an on-duty montgomery county police officer came to the rescue. he made sure neighborering families were out of harm's way. >> this is the first house i went to. by the time i left the front porch to knock on that end door, the whole roof was engulfed. second floor was ablaze. it went up quick. >> no one was hurt. the fire was sparked by improperly discardedmo
5:48 am
neighbor's and friends are raising money for the family on a gofundme page. four more people, all from north korea, now being called suspects in kim john kim jong-un's half brother's death. kim jong nam was estranged from the family. he was killed at the malaysian airport earlier this month. several other suspects have already been arrested. 5:48. a federal elections commissioner told the news 4 iteam the agency she works for is broken, and now she's quitting. anne rivell sent her letter of resignation effective march 1st. the fec is supposed to investigate campaign finance complaints.
5:49 am
for the commissioners to decide if they will even investigate, and the vote is often along party lines resulting a deadlock. in her resignation letter she said the campaign finance system should promote citizen engagement and participation in the political process. she urged president trump to prioritize campaign finance reform. senator john mccain had some strong words for president trump yesterday on "meet the press." >> chuck todd asked him about the president's tweets calling several media outlets fake news and an enemy of the american people. >> a fundamental part of that new world order was a free press. i hate the press. i hate you especially, but we need you. we need a free press. we must have it. it's vital. >> mccain, who is republican, has broken with the president on several issues. we're getting a look at how the
5:50 am
immigrants in the u.s. >> nbc news obtained two memos on the issue. jay gray is live on capitol hill. >> the draft memos as you talk about from the director of homeland security department indicate they want to go a different direction as far as immigration is concerned. no surprise there after the campaign from president trump. here's an outline. speeding up the deportation hearings. prosecuting parents who pay smugglers to get their children into the country illegally. hiring tens of thousands of new agents and deputizing local law enforcement as well to help with a roundup of those in the country illegalliment. >> the president was facing a lot of questions when he mentioned a major incident in sweden at a rally on saturday. what is he now saying he was referring to? >> he made that speech on terrorism. the state department was asked
5:51 am
he later on twitter tried to clear things up saying the story broadcast on fox news about sweden immigration was what he was referring to. in that story they interviewed a filmmaker who says immigration has led to a crime wave in that country. >> jay gray live for us on the hill. thank you. >> thanks. right now the lights are back on at washington monument. last night electricians had to fix the lights that illuminate the monument. however the red aviation lights were working normally. this is the third time there's been an issue with lights at the monument which is also closed for extensive elevator repairs. the monument is slated to reopen in 2019. 5:51. 47 degrees outside our studios. on our way way up again today. >> i'm not complaining, but it is weird to have such warm weather in february. >> it is.
5:52 am
north, and there's nothing to break it. >> it can stay there. >> i actually got a sun burn this past saturday. it will be unseasonably warm for the next several days. beautiful weather today. if you have this presidents' day off, which many of you do the warm weather will be around this week. no freezing mornings ahead either. there's one morning where many of us will be in the 30s, but it looks well above freezing. here's the forecast for toe. 9:00 a.m., 53 degrees. mostly sunny, by noon, 61. 4:00 p.m., 61. nice and dry. if you're exercising today, you need the sunglasses. nice forecast. 7:00 a.m., 48 degrees. by 5:00 p.m., mid 60s. unseasonably warm, normal highs 48 degrees. if you have this presidents' day off an you are dining out or grilling out, the weather will be very cooperative. by lunch time, 61. happy hour, mid 60s. by dinnertime, upper 50s.
5:53 am
temperatures around the area, 47 now in the district. 38 manassas. we have colder spots down to the south and west. 48 in gaithersburg. 48 in lorton. future weather, today we stay nice and dry. tomorrow, clouds moving in we go into wednesday, later in the day more clouds. you see our rain chances increasing late wednesday night. that could be primarily south. we'll be watching it closely. a better chance on saturday. 74 on thursday. saturday looks like a rainy day. we could see some thunderstorms. still above normal. let's look at the roadways. >> chopper 4 over nice light volume northbound and sou southbound. north howard street at north jordan street shut down because of water main breaks. if you have to get to alexandria hospital, you can
5:54 am
on seminary road. as we look at the beltway, overall green here this morning. metro here, we are on the presidents' day schedule. 5:00 a.m. to midnight, trains operating on a saturday schedule. 270 southbound, no problems there. 66 inbound and 95 northbound also on time in all directions. eastbound and westbound and southbound on 95. hearing about a new problem on bwi parkway. we'll tell you about that coming up. we're always thinking about our children's safety. food allergies are one of the big dangers out there. >> we're talking about food fears this week and what you can do about them. dore dore doreen gentzel talked to people trying to prevent nut
5:55 am
>> one of the most serious food allergies out there is to nuts, especially peanuts. it can be hard on kids and parents. >> handling that was very difficult. i never paid attention to ingredients. i would pick stuff up, buy it, go home. i had to really read the ingredients even look for peanut oil. >> peanut allergy is the most concerning allergy, primarily because it's the most fatal or potentially fatal allergy in the united states. by that i mean in terms of all of the food allergies. it's the one most likely to cause severe reactions in the united states. >> reporter: new guidelines on how to handle peanuts in a child's diet shook up conventional thinking last year. >> the most recent study has looked at introducing peanuts early in order to prevent development of peanut allergy. >> reporter: sasha started slowly with gabriella, and so far so good. >> they suggested a teaspoon of peanut butter. we gave her that. she's been having peanut butter cookies, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we had no reaction.
5:56 am
>> speak with your doctor about introducing safely into your child's diet. they will probably want to run tests and look into other allergies and will ask you about your background as well. tomorrow we'll look at gluten-free diets. is it healthy or just hype? doreen will have some answers. you can get more details any time on the nbc washington app. >> 10,million. >> penn state's thon just happen happened. the dance-a-thon. this year more than 700 students stayed awake all weekend dancing to help those kids in need. >> way to go. >> impressive. if you dream of having a
5:57 am
millionaire, you may want to buy a powerball ticket. wednesday's drawing up to $403 million. nobody won the jackpot over the weekend, there is somebody in maryland who is waking up richer today, $1 million richer. a $1 million powerball ticket was sold in fikesville. >> i forgot to get the tickets. now wednesday, we still have a chance. >> have to do it. if you were in sykesville -- >> call me. >> a controversial speak ser coming to our area. who he is and where he is scheduled to take the stage this week. and the search for a mushrd suspect after a house party turns deadly. and we're saying good-bye to bao bao.
5:58 am
i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business.
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. a long winter weekend that feels like spring. our storm team 4 forecast will prepare you to spend presidents' day outside. >> and presidents' day protests. details on the anti-trump rallies planneded across the country and one that's already underway across the atlantic. and bye-bye bao bao. she's headed to c
6:00 am
visiting her on her last day on display. ♪ >> i'm coming to terms with it. i know you've been worried. i'm coming to terms. i know she'll be in a better place. i'm not a complete mess. >> i have a plan. i've been preparing to deal with -- to help you deal with this loss. >> i appreciate it. the whole team is ready for me. >> 6:00 is our time. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. it is presidents' day, so the roads won't be as busy as an average monday. >> first chuck and sheena are providing sunshine to help eun get through the next couple of days. >> she's talking about depression, i know bao bao is going to a better place. >> but it's so far away. >> bao bao will be in a better place.


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