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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 20, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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a few ideas how not to waste your day off. >> temperatures already in the 60s for part of the area, coming up, i'll show you how warm your president's day will be and even warmer weather later this week. >> thanks for joining us. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> she captured our hearts here in the nation's capit
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time to go away. >> the 3-year-old giant panda leaving for china tomorrow and getting a special sendoff here today. >> molette joins us live from the national zoo. >> reporter: hey there, take a look, bao bao is putting on quite a show. she's been climbing from tree to tree trying to scratch an itch, i believe. this is a day that's all about bao bao's fans. she wows the crowd one last time, the final day to say bye to bao bao, so many snapped a picture in her national zoo yard. some came dressed in panda ears with back packs and other gear and some brought more sentimental treasures. >> i've had outfits for her but this one
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>> reporter: ann lane witt came with her special stuffed panda and tears in her eyes. i've been watching her since ten minutes after she was born. she is my baby in a lot of ways. >> from the very start her fans rooted for her survival. and three and a half years later, she's on the move. >> love her so much. and i watched her when she was on the panda cam. >> she'll be fine but yeah, but it's hard, going to miss her. >> memories are forever. her birth, on august 3rd, 2014, only the size of a stick of butter made headlines and made us fall in love. every birthday a celebration that pushed her closer to her next chapter thousands of miles away. >> sorry to see her go.
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>> the fedex panda team makes final plans to fly her home as part of the conservation program with china. cubs must make this trip by age 4. some are hopeful for a reunion one day. >> beacon of hope between china and the u.s. and we're hoping the chinese will find it in their hearts to send her back perhaps to new york or looking to get pandas in 2020. >> reporter: back live with bao bao put on quite a show. she's in a playful mood and the fans love it. we're eating all of this up. zoo keepers say this time of year is the best time for her to make the 16-hour flight during the cooler weather. the zoo is opening tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. to give the fedex panda team time to get her on that flight, get her out of here on that flight in the morning. we're live here from a very crowded panda scene here
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national zoo. bye bao bao. >> a pair of popular eagles could soon be parents again. last night the american eagle foundation announced that an egg was laid at the national arbore temperature tum. it could take 30 days for the newest edge to hatch. >> going to see a lot of that happening soon with this kind of weather. >> tis the season, right? >> sheena, it feels a lot like spring today. >> i was going to say it's already feeling like spring outside. it's going to continue as we go through the afternoon. believe it or not, really this entire week is going to be unseasonably warm. we're up to 63 in the district. it is warming out there. here's a look at the rest of the area. mostly upper 50s and low 60s on the map. 53 quantico. gaithersburg, 59
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numbers will be continuing to rise for your president's day. a lot of people having today off. here's the outlook if you're exercising, sunny and mild lunch, you'll need sunglasses and it will stay sunny all day. nice and dry and if you have dinner plans out tonight, it's going to stay mild. like i mentioned, i'll show you how much warmer it will get this week and also i do have the forecast if you are going to say bye bye to bao bao. >> president trump will head back to washington after spending the weekend at his florida estate. it was a working weekend for the prtd. while speaking to supporters at the campaign style rally. jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: president trump begins the week still searching for a new national security adviser. >> the president has said very clearly, that the new nsa director will have total and complete say over the makeup
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the nsc. >> reporter: over the weekend of the mar-a-lago resort, the president interviewed four candidates to replace fired nsa chief michael flynn. as pro muslim immigration rallies continue across the country, the white house is set to unveil a new executive order for a reinstated travel ban while new draft memos signed by the homeland security secretary, outlines to speed up deportation plans for undocumented workers. >> this will have a rippled affect, affecting legal immigrants and u.s. citizen as well. >> the president says the measures are aimed at getting criminals out of the country. >> get them the hell out of here. bring them back to where they came from. >> the president also continued his attack on the media. >> they have their own agenda and their agenda is not your agenda. >> as his administration
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controversial agenda. and the debate over immigration could intensify with secretary of state rex tillerson as well as homeland security chief john kelly set to travel to mexico later this week. jay gray, nbc news, washington. >> happening now, people across the country are preparing to take to the streets to trally against president trump. it could be a similar scene so what ke saw in places like chicago yesterday. it's part of the not my president's rallies today. some of the biggest protests are expected to take place in philadelphia and los angeles and rally scheduled for washington at 2:00 p.m. thousands of people are expected to head to george washington's virginia estate by the end of the holiday weekend. some folks celebrated early at mount vernon. this morning there will be a wreath laying at washington's tomb. wednesday would have been the 285th birthday of the
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the u.s. postal service is kmemrating the birthday of john f. kennedy, a forever stamp was dedicated about an hour. you'll be able to buy the stamp at post offices across the country starting tomorrow. >> about a year from now, visitors to monticello will see the bedroom of sally hemmings, thomas jefferson's slave. the story believes he fathered four of her children. it's now being restored and will include artifacts found on the property as well as furniture from the era. the lights are expected to be on again tonight at the washington monument. last night that was not the case. national park service electricians had to fix the lights that illuminate the monument. the red aviation lights were working normally. this is the third time there's been an issue with lights there. the monument is closed until 2019 for elevator repairs. >> e'
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morning for a missing d.c. teen. take a good look. police say the 16-year-old went missing from maryland avenue near tenth street northeast last thursday. she hasn't been seen since. if you see her or know where she is, please contact police. >> there's much more ahead on news 4 midday. >> including a look at your credit card and how you use it. what you may need to know if you've been using the same one for a while.
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the national park service is celebrating president's day by letting you into its more than 400 parks for free. thameans things like entrance fees and commercial tour fees are waived, that could save you 3 to 30 bucks, there are a lot of national parks in the backyard you can check out today. today is president's day and first major sales holiday of the year. a lot of retailers are having store wide sales so clear items left from the holidays and one of the biggest car buying holidays of the year. comparison shopping site fat wallet said you can find significant savings on home appliances now through march. >> before you hit the stores today we're working for you to tell you just how to spot whether is something is really on sale. there's always something
11:13 am found perpetual sales are on the increase. kohl's and macy's are the worst offenders, they lure you in by advertising special low prices that are the same price most of the year. >> don't get sucked in about a special offer or sales price, often the sales price is going to be around the next week or next month. >> sears disagrees with the findings and says it complies with advertising laws and macy's says it's pricing varies for each item and kohl's didn't respond to request for comment. if you've been using the same credit card for the past decade, you'll want to check this out. how you can score some deals with a simple switch. >> obviously credit card companies want you to dump the old and switch to their new. >> what's in your wallet.
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millions of us aren't interested. a new credit survey of a 1,000 consumers found in many wallets the old or very old. >> 30 million people said they've gone at least a decade without changing their go to credit card. >> credit's matt shultz says at 20 million have never changed cards. >> if you haven't reshoped your card in the past couple of years, you might be missing out on really great deals. >> reporter: c nbc's kelly grant says competition has reached the point that nearly all have raised rewards and signup bonuses while luring thieves and interest rates. >> you're getting zero% for interest rates some some cases roughly up to two years. >> reporter: even with staying with your current card, at least do comparison shopping. >> you can use
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better terms with your current credit card issuer. >> and be more willing to switch. chris clackum, nbc news. getting stuck between baltimore and richmond on 95 can be a real headache. there's a not so secret route that some drivers take along 3401. the virginia department of transportation is making sure that route doesn't also become clogged with cars. vdot is trying to push the more scenic highway as an alternative and the hope is to push more cars in that direction which three huge interchange products get under way on i-95. vre is considering making a ride to work more expensive and want to hear what you think, a 3% hike would take effect on july 1st. the price for an amtrak step-up ticket would go up $2. the first hearing at noon at the crystal city marriott in arlington and an evening
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that same day at the commons community center in burke. while spring is not here yet and if you're already thinking about summer and travel plans, you may want to budget a little extra for gasoline. prices are expected to inch upward. right now gas prices are pretty steady, about $2.28 per gallon per regular here. that's the same as the national average. the prices are about 50 cents higher than they were a year ago. aaa says expect to see higher prices soon as refineries switch the gas to the summer blend. food allergies can be frightening for kids and it's scary for you when you have your -- your kids have them. >> we're kicking off a week about your health and food. doreen gentzler talked to people trying to prevent nut allergies before they get started. >> one of the most serious food allergies out there is to nuts, especially peanuts and it can be hard on kids and parents. >> that was very difficult because i
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to ingredients and i would pick stuff up and buy it taen go home. and i really had to read the ingredients even look for peanut oil. >> peanut is the most concerning allergy we have because it is the most fatal or potentially fatalal earl gee in the united states. so by that i mean in terms of all of the food allergies, it is the one most likely to cause severe reactions in the united states. >> new guidelines on how to handle peanuts in a child's diet shook up conventional thinking last year. >> the most recent study has looked at introducing peanuts early in order to prevent development of peanut allergy. >> sasha started slowly and so far so good. >> started with -- they suggested a tea spoon of peanut butter and we've been giving her that and peanut butter cookies and sandwiches, no reaction. >> speak with your doctor about
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your child's diet. they will probably want to run tests and look for other allergies and we'll ask you about your background as well. >> we're talking about food all week. tomorrow we'll look at gluten free diets, healthy or just hype. we'll have your news 4 for your health report tomorrow and get more details in the nbc washington app. in other news for your health, country's leading pediatrician says women who use opioids during pregnancy need to be helped not punished. improving strategies like prescription drug monitoring and treatment programs. experts say women have to be able to discuss drus ug without the fear of punishment. for people with autism, the challenge with communication and social skills can make it difficult to find their place in the workforce. but that's changing at one american company which has found
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build a career and fulfill their dreams. nbc's ann thompson has the details. >> after working his way through college at a recycling center. jeff gephart is on a career path at ford. >> applied for 1,000 or more jobs. >> reporter: his job search took a year and a half until he discovered this joint effort by ford and the autism alliance of michigan to employ adults with autism. it is estimated as many as 80 to 90% of the adults like jeff are unemployed or underemployed. >> do you have a natural apt tud for? >> i've always been good with numbers. >> reporter: jeff is using his skills in the automakers products development division. kristen says ford looks for jobs that are highly structured and require great focus and then strain the new hires and their
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co-workers. >> helping them understand to communicate in a very direct style. that was one of the key learnings they had to learn about. >> jeff is one of ford's first four hires under this program that will now expand to 24 this year. the company says it's been overwhelmed by the positive response of its employees, many of whom have family members or know someone with autism. an opportunity that is his mother's dearest hope. >> i think finding a place where he fit in has been both of our dreams for him for a long time. and have a career path sort of tied into that is just everything the whole package. >> jeff is now focused on his future and savering the experience. >> the best part of working here is the people absolutely. >> reporter: when inclusion is job one. >> ann thompson, nbc news, dearborn, michigan. >> a reunion on the basketball
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what some are saying about kevin durant and his old teammates. >> how long will this wonderful spring weather last? sheena parveen will break it all down for us.
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time heals old wounds here hopefully. >> kevin durant left the oklahoma city thunder for the golden
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plays with former teammate russell westbrook, especially this one. analysts are saying it's possible they made peace. even their all-star teammates cheered them on. the game was pretty epic, record setting, the western conference beat the east 192-182 and anthony davis scored 52 points. john wall did get play time and scored 12 points there. now that the all-star game is over the wizards are coming back home and play the philadelphia 76ers this friday night. >> the nationals get back into action this week with their first spring training game. brice harper and max scherzer are dealing with high expectations for themselves this year. news 4's carol malone shows us what they are up to in florida. >> reporter: it only mean one thing, the
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and baseball is back. opening day is six weeks away. full squad workouts are under way for the washington nationals who are ready to rise and shine this spring. >> right now a lot of people think you have the team and tools and have world series as a goal. has that been the message, met with the team what did you say to them? >> i can't say everything but you know -- but i did tell them that a -- we're in a position to win. we've got a lot of economy tigs and a lot of depth and we come here to win. we're not going to take any presidentene president prisoners, you can't think about your window, what we have to do today and boom, what we have to do tomorrow. >> in west palm beach, florida, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> looking good. >> it's going to be a fun time when baseball gets rt
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oh, yeah. >> we're more than ready for spring. and tomorrow we're hoping there's good weather for bao bao's farewell. >> there will be good weather. it's bitter sweet the weather so so nice, we're saying get out and say bye bye. the weather today feeling like spring. it's really nice outside and hopefully you're able to enjoy the weekend. there's bao bao, 1 year old, what a cutie pie. as we go through the rest of the day, bao bao had an cake. by 4:00 p.m. it will be warm out there to see him. 67 degrees. feeling like spring. 10:00 tomorrow morning when bao bao leaves the zoo for china. the weather will be cooperative, upper 40s. president's day looking gorgeous,
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weather. no freezing forecasts so we'll stay unseasonably mild. 63 already in the district. 63 in quantico. frederick and gaithersburg, 59. we had 60s on the map and those will continue for the afternoon. if you're grilling out by happy hour time, around 67 degrees. dinner time, 63. staying dry. here's a look at future weather. we go through this afternoon nice and dry and sunny and more clouds tomorrow and stay dry. wednesday we'll start to increase the rain chance, especially south and there is a possibility that we could see showers early thursday morning. we'll be watching this closely but look at these numbers, thursday, 74 for a high temperature. that's about 25 degrees above normal and better rain chance as we start off the weekend. more details coming up. a lot of folks are celebrating the weather in our area but that's not the case to our west. >> look at the rough weather system moving through california when we come back.
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california are being dump d on right now. a lot are worried about their safety. people stuck in floods and mudslides and more worries now about that eroding dam. nbc's miguel
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from san francisco. >> reporter: we're on the leading edge of this massive storm system. it's expected to drop 5 inches of rain and 65-mile-per-hour winds. the start of a two-day weather maker. this morning northern california is bracing. the rain and wind are just arriving in a region already pummeled by a series of deadly storms. across the bay area, and in sacramento, rivers will rise and roads can flood and more dangerous mudslides like these are in the forecast. in the town of maxwell, neighbors are rescued from a flood over the weekend and now they are expecting another wave of water. >> you can see the water line but i don't want to put the effort into cleaning it until it's done. >> not far away at the oroville dam, this is the scramble to release water before it can reach the emergency spillway. up to 10 inches of rain are expected here. leaving some of the nearly 200,000 evacueeses who
11:32 am
>> from the air it's incredible to see how big this flood is. >> reporter: in los angeles, millions are dry now and cleaning up after a deadly storm over the weekend. a deluge of water triggered rescues and sinkholes covering drivers, this one break apart bee neej a fire truck. now it's northern california under threat. a forecast that calls for more flooding, mudslides and torrential rain. >> with that torrential rain becoming to slam the bay area, we're expecting 5 feet of snow and blizzard conditions in the mountains, also expecting widespread flooding across a massive region. now back to you. developing right now, d.c. police are trying to figure out why a 76-year-old woman beat a man to death with a bat. bennett is charged with the murder of
11:33 am
clark. they found clark inside a closet at a home in northeast and died at the hospital. according to the police report bennett told officers she hit clark with a bat. a close call for two children and their parents after a carbon monoxide leak sent them to the hospital. according to our news partners wtop, the family lives in an apartment near nanny helen burroughs avenue. the leak started yesterday and came from their water heater. for tips on how to keep your home free of carbon monoxide, search safety in the nbc washington app. more negative publicity for uber this morning. a former engineer says there's systemic sexual harassment at the san francisco ride sharing service. in a blog post, susan fowler reports being openly proposit n propositioned on her first day. fowler reported the incident but the manager was not punished. other female employees had a
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manager. the company ceo is ordering an urgent investigation into the allegations. in recent years, schools around the country stepped up security for a variety of reasons but a new nbc news investigation has many parents questioning the tactics officers are using to secure school buildings, stephanie gosk looks at how this practice is starting to affect students, especially young ones. >> i like robotics really like science. >> reporter: a pretty smart kid. school usually isn't tough for 10-year-old caleb prim but one day in second grade the bullies made it a nightmare. >> you were yelling at them to stop picking on you. >> yeah, i was like, what did i do to you? i didn't do anything. >> reporter: it was such a rough day the teacher called his father. >> i walk in and my son is sitting like this, he's crying too. my first thing is to try to get him to calm down. apparently why are you sitting like that? he goes
11:35 am
was the first moment that you saw the handcuffs. >> yeah, like, wow. >> according to an incident report, the security officer says caleb was screaming and appeared to be out of control. eventually he says he had to cuff the boy to avoid him hurting himself. >> he was 7 years old and he reacted and had an emotional outburst and yelling. >> reporter: his lawyer says it was an excessive use of force. instead of leveling him or trying to talk to him about what to do, he was put in handcuffs. >> when he put the handcuffs on, were you scared? >> i was kind of a little scared but mostly i was mad because like he was holding my hand tightly. >> that hurts. >> reporter: the incident is one of many we found around the country where grade school kids end up in cuffs. fueling the debate over the role of security officers in schools. safety concerns in part inspired by school shootings have led
11:36 am
of public schools to rely on security personnel. many of them police officers. >> just a few miles down the road from caleb's school, she patrols with a bullet proof vest and handcuffs and loaded firearm. >> whour ultimate goal is to counsel them. we're here for someone's safety. >> but data shows when there's a cop in school, students are more likely to be arrested. and an nbc news investigation found dozens of cases around the country of students facing juvenile charges for behavior that used to lead to detention or a note home. a middle schooler arrested for petty larceny over a carton of milk. an 8th grader handcuffed for throwing candy. a teen convicted of disorderly conduct for swearing. >> children as young as first grade and second grade and third grade are being policed in the
11:37 am
studies show kids who face harsh discipline in school for minor offenses are more likely to get in trouble down the road. >> we are treating children as criminals when they are children. why are we surprised when they start behaving the way we treat them. >> caleb's father says handcuffs leave an impression. >> what do they socialize handcuffs with, the bad guy wears handcuffs and good guy put the handcuffs on. >> another harsh truth, students with disabilities are three times more likely to be reported than kids without disability and black students three times more likely to be arrested than white students. it's become a civil rights issue. >> certain kids get rehab and counseling and certain kids get wraparound services. other kids get juvenile detention. >> i'v
11:38 am
since i was a high school student. >> getting this right is personal for kansas city superintendent dr. mark bid dell. out of a family of eight, he was the only one to make it past the ninth grade. >> whole bunch of you going through the same struggle right now. >> reporter: currently oversees caleb's school but wasn't on the job at the time of the incident. the jobs need to be clearly defined. police officers have become the disciplinarians. >> and that shouldn't be the case. >> reporter: it ever okay to handcuff a small child. >> i have a 5-year-old and i would probably lose my mind if she was to be handcuffed with something that could potentially have been deescalated by trained school personnel. >> a child doesn't get handcuffed if the handcuffs aren't in the school in the first place. right? >> correct, i think there's a conversation we need to have in
11:39 am
considering we can't afford to lose any more of these kids. we just can't. >> that was stephanie gosk and this is an issue that we're also following here in the washington area. on wednesday, the news 4 i team looks at whether local school districts have clear rules in place for the way school resource officers patrol the hallways. >> it is one of the hottest items to buy onpresident's day -- >> i'm even looking for one. we're talking about mattresses. how do you know you're picking the right one? >> we're go
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today is president's day, that means sales and more sales, but if you're going out there to buy something big, get ready. jolene kent shows us how to get a comfortable mattress at the comfortable price. >> reporter: the quest for a good night's sleep st
11:42 am
the mattress. with hundreds of options that are similar, finding the right one can be exhausting. >> it's very confusing in general because they look exactly the same. if you lay on a bed, they feel fine. >> reporter: what is it you're looking for? >> a medium firm actually. something not too soft or hard. >> i think for 2,000 to 3,000 i can get say good one. >> reporter: it seems they are all on sale this president's day. what do you need to know to navigate the $12 billion industry. they recommend replacing your mattress every eight years. >> have you feeling lumps and dif ets and hips digging in. you need to do a forensic analysis to determine whether or not it's time to replace it. >> reporter: spine surgeon says it's all about keeping the spine supported, regardless of what you spend. >> does an expensive mattress mean it's better for your back? >> not necessarily. i think price really doesn't matter once you go over a certain price point, it bes
11:43 am
the level of comfort and firmness the most important thing. >> reporter: the bed with lots of bells and whistles that raise and lower and adjust firmness may not be the best for everyone. >> people go out and they see a mattress that's -- this one is a couple thousand and it can bend up and down and cool you off at night. i think that's -- that becomes a marketing and gadgetry more than it helps your spine health. >> reporter: online mattress retailers sell only one type of mattress each. while you won't get to test it out, they guarantee, if you don't like it, they'll take it back. is this the one? >> maybe. >> you'll think about it? >> uh-huh. >> look beyond the price tag and sales and find what feels right to you and don't be afraid to sleep on it. >> that was jol lean kent
11:44 am
and spend five to ten minutes on each side and check out return policies and make sure you can get a full refund. hunt for bargains and look around online as well. always make sure you understand the warranty in case something goes wrong with your mattress. >> we'll look at this dramatic footage from new jersey. a small plane went crashing into a neighborhood over the weekend. >> it did a lot of damage there but amazingly no one was killed and the homes were untouched. the single engine plane went down and narrowly missed a gas station. the plane mangled power lines and damaged parked cars and the pilot was alert and talking to rescuers despite the chaos. >> the vibration was like a rumbling, like an earthquake. i thought it was like a tanker truck when a tanker couldn't stop for a light and all of a sudden just boom. >> it was so loud. and everyone was just in shock and everyone
11:45 am
>> nobody on the ground was hurt and pilot went to the hospital with a broken leg. investigators are looking into why the plane went down. >> if you have dreams of becoming a millionaire, wednesday's powerball drawing is up to $403 million now. nobody won over the weekend but there is someone in maryland who is quite a bit richer. a $1 million powerball ticket was sold at the convenience store in psychsville. if you're in that area this weekend, check your ticket. >> turning now to the weather, are you going to be checking pollen levels before the week is over? >> probably, i have felt it and others feeling it allergies are starting to come back, we have warm weather so things are starting to bloom early. it's one thing to keep in mind if you start to feel the tickle in your throat, maybe you're not necessarily getting sick it might be some allergy flare-ups. we're seeing high levels of other poll encurrently, keep that in mind. they'll continue to go
11:46 am
not even at the highest temperature for the day. the normal high is 48 degrees. we're already well above that and through the afternoon, we will continue to see those temperatures in the mid-60s. look at the rest of the area, upper 50s low 60s, 61 gaugers burg, 63 quantico and it's going to be really nice day. if you have the president's day plans and you're not doing anything, maybe you're going for a jog, it looks good. 3:00, 64 and staying nice and dry. temperature trend, take a look, even our coolest day this week is well above normal. 67 today. we drop to near 60 tomorrow. 69 on wednesday. thursday we could be 25 degrees or more above normal. we're going to be very warm. this is going to continue through the weekend. not the 70s but the above normal temperatures and we really don't see any cold air any time soon. tomorrow we'll see more clouds but stay dry. wed
11:47 am
putting it farther south bringing that back for thursday morning. we will be watching that very closely. today though, 67 for a high. sunny and mild, really nice president's day. you're very lucky if you have the day off. tomorrow we're still dry, better rain chances and most come on saturday then we're drier as we go into sunday. >> thanks, sheena. >> a lot of folks are using the restroom for much more. >> we'll show you how one country is revamping the sacred space. it's a st or
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11:50 am
bathrooms in japan may no longer be the perfect place to hang out. in the future, kddy announced it will start providing next generation bathrooms. what are they? they will allow you to check the availability of bathroom stall by a smartphone app. users will get notifications when they stay in the bathroom for longer than 30 minutes. apparently employees in japanese companies sometimes take naps in a bathroom. >> no more getting away. big brother is always watching, always watching. zima is making a comeback, you might remember those '90s era malt liquor drinks that came in the big blue and white can. it was discontinued in 2008 but now making a comeback. expected to be back in stores
11:51 am
the company aims to compete with other malt beverage brands. >> a new twist on a classic disney movies in a few minutes. >> a final look at our forecast and what's in store for the rest of thworkweek. e
11:52 am
trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪
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the big bao bao sendoff is taking place today. she's going to be leaving the national zoo tomorrow, headed
11:54 am
china. bao bao isn't just cute but a really big deal here. first panda cub at the zoo to survive in eight years. so the zoo wants you to share photos and mem reries and use #bye bye bao bao online and you see photos in the nbc washington app and don't forget the panda cam is up showing her right now. you can watch all of the action. tomorrow during the actual departure, the zoo will stream the whole thing, the farewell on facebook live. the lion king is making a comeback, this time dismy is going to make a live action version of the animated classic using cgi. james earl jones is signed up to play the mother and donald gr e glover for the adult sim ba. >> compiling your playlist can be just as important as picking the right pair of shoes, nbc news talked with a sports psychologist to come up with the ultimate 2017
11:55 am
today before you hit the gym, you may want to put these songs on your list like fire by pink. closer by the chain smokers and greatest by sia and bruno mars. you can find all 20 songs on the play list on the apple music rather and the sports psychologist say the play list is really effective. >> apparently it starts with a warm-up song and gradually increases your intensity until you're in the zone and sweating and dancing or whatever else you need. >> yeah. some florida firefighters went the extra mile when they spotted an animal in need. a st. john's county fire rescue team responded when somebody spotted an owl stuck in a string near a creek. the crew worked carefully to untangle the animal. once he was freed. firefighters safely transferred the animal to animal control officers. >>
11:56 am
time you want to drive on a frozen lake, just don't. your truck probably will break the ice. it will fall in like this guy. we're glad that the guy behind the wheel got out of the car safely. he is not going to see his car again though. this happened on lake michigan in a spot that's popular for ice fishing. the driver said he heard from a friend on the snowmobile that the ice was solid -- >> and he believed him. >> he took his cadillac escalade where the snowmobile was thinking he would be okay. >> with a shed hooked to the back of it. >> genius. >> let's get a last look at the forecast. >> sheena? >> i agree with aaron, just don't, if it crosses your mind, don't do it. president's day, it is nice outside. we're already warming up and in the mid to low 60s in some areas, if you have plans and grilling out or maybe heading out this afternoon, it's going to be pretty fantastic. mostly sunny by lunchtime, right around mid-60s by happy ho
11:57 am
degrees, still mild this evening. tomorrow we'll see more clouds moving in. 58 for a high temperature. wednesday we have a chance for more showers, some could fall through thursday morning. friday a late chance, look at thursday, 74 degrees, that's over 25 degrees above normal for some parts of the area. then we go into the weekend and we have our better rain chance saturday. could be kind of stormy with thunderstorms there but we do clear out sunday. the weekend will be a pretty decent each day but at least we have one nice day out of it and one thing you notice, no freezing temperatures in this forecast, all the days will be unseasonably warm. believe it or not we're kind of stuff in this pattern for a while. >> not a bad place to be stuck. >> that is it for news 4 midday. we appreciate you joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon, first at 4:00. >> you can get news or weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. we'll see you later, at 4:00.
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>> stand by everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. we are a family. and we will always be a family. and we will get through this time and hopefully be a stronger family for it. >> interesting. angelina breaks her silence. we haven't heard from her since her split from brad since september. happy presidents' day. natalie on vacation. laila ali, who is our one of our favorites here. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> how was your weekend with the family? >> it was wonderful. it's been raining here as you know in california. we were in the house. we had two play dates, my daughter who is 5 and son 8 had a friend over. i had my hands full. got there about 1:00 and left at 9:00. it's a full day. >> that is


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