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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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near the national zoo as large crowds descend on the zoo to see bao bao the giant panda. tomorrow she leaves for china. demonstrators are recognizing president's day in a very active way. about an hour ago, president trump announced his latest pick for national security advisor. he chose h.r. mcmaster. a 76-year-old woman is charged with beating her fiance to death. the man was found inside a northeast washington home over the weekend. a fauquier county man is facing murder charges
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afternoon. >> it would over the weekend. julie carey has learned both men knew each other. >> reporter: the house down at the end of that gravel driveway is where the deadly shooting took place. the man who rents it is now charged with musrder, accused o killing his neighbor. 64-year-old richard mcdonald is being held without bond. when the sheriff's department responded to a 911 call, they found larry walker shot to death inside the house. sources tell news4 the two men had been hanging out together saturday evening. early sunday morning something sparked a dispute. mcdonald shot walker with the victim's gun. neighbors remembering the victim as a guy who would do anything for anybody. coming up, what the dispatch calls reveal about this deadly incident.
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this afternoon, chopper 4 was over the scene of a large brush fire in glendale. the fire never got close enough to threaten nearby homes but the smoke could be seen for miles. if the nation observed president's day, thousands are gathering in major cities to protest the current president. here's a look at the not my
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new york city as they pack the streets around trump international hotel. other cities hosting rallies include los angeles, chicago and atlanta. demonstrators also gathered right here in dupont circle. they've now marched all the way to the white house. >> reporter: take a look at the scene here outside the white house. this is a scene we've seen almost every day since january 20th, some type of protest in d.c., voicing opposition to donald trump's policies. most of the people here today have said about immigration policies. there are about 50 or 60 people here now, but this started out with a much larger crowd in dupont circle. it was a social media exercise trying to get the hashtag not my president's day trending on social media. about 200 people showed up at dupont circle. they listened
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then the organizers decided they were going to march to the white house. so they took to the streets down massachusetts avenue, over to 16th street and ultimately here to the white house. they continue to chant. we talked to some of the people marching in that protest, asking them why they came here today. >> we think our democracy is at stake and we need to fight for it instead of sitting home. we need to get down here to the streets and try to save it. >> people who were born from my lineage built that house and i don't appreciate the person who is staying in that house, banning people, getting rid of refugees. >> reporter: that last woman you heard from, she and her daughter came all the way down here from new york. when they heard this protest was going on, they decided to cut their tourist trip short and participate in t p
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while we celebrate president's day every february, you may not know the holiday's history is long and muddled. it all started with george washington's birthday which is february 22nd. after washington died in 1799, many people started informally marking the day with celebrations. in 1879, february 22nd became a federal holiday. and it stayed that way for nearly 100 years until congress passed the uniform monday holiday act. it's responsible for all those three-day weekends. the law moved washington's birthday celebration to the third monday of february. now the question is how did it become president's day? the federal government never officially changed the name. you can blame that
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who started using the day for all those sales back in the '80s. the idea was to create a time to recognize all of the counted's presidents and to loop in abraham lincoln who was born on february 12th. some states still call president's day washington's birthday. here in virginia we celebrate our first president all month long. one more thing to note, does president's day have an apostrophe in it? style guides say you can write it with an apostrophe after the s or you can do it like veterans day with no apostrophe at all. either way is correct. you can count one speaker out at this week's deserve political action conference. the american conservative union has revoked its invitation to milo yiannopoulos. over the weekend a video
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yiannopoulos condoning pe pedophilia. police are asking for your help to find a missing d.c. teen. this is 16-year-old talicia coles. if you see her or know where she is, you're asked to contact police. our area is known for some of the worst traffic in the country, but believe it or not, it may actually be getting better. why transportation leaders say it's still not enough. and it's time to trade in that old credit card in your wallet maybe for a new one. how you could benefit from making that switch. this is not the type of map you normally see in february. 70 in chio,
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again. i'm going to explain why we have such extreme warm weather. coming up, some changes in the forecast.
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the number of people killed or injured in alcohol related crashes is down in the washington area. the regional alcohol program released a new report today. it says there were 75 deadly crashes in 2015. that's down 14% from the previous year. alcohol related injuries were down 9% in 2015. and the number of
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also down about 4%. while all of that is good news, researchers say there still needs to be more done. drugs or alcohol cause nearly a third of all traffic deaths. 15,000 people are arrested for alcohol or drug related offenses every year. this is probably kind of a dumb question, but how much time are you wasting stuck in traffic? >> still a new report shows many of your commutes are actually improving. here's what transportation reporter adam tuss found out. >> reporter: driving around our region is no picnic. you already know that. but a new study suggests things are improving. this group in richmond studies congestion all around the world. it says we are wasting less time stuck in traffic every year. last year it was about 75 hours per year stuck in rush hour congestion. now it's
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stuck in rush hour congestion. d.c. ranks as the sixth most congested city in the united states. the 15th most congested city in the world. transportation leaders say that's list they don't want to be a part of. >> d.c. still ranks as one of the leaders in the world on congestion. >> reporter: coming up on news4 tonight, tips on how we can continue to cut down on congestion. usually presidents day means a day home from school, but perhaps not for much longer. the push to make it a school day in a large part of our area. >> reporter: the national zoo the place to be today as we say good-bye to bao bao.
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the countdown is on. bao bao is spending her last full day at the national zoo. just look what a little bamboo will do for the pandas. look at how active they are. this time tomorrow the giant panda will be on a flight to china. a lot of you have been clamoring to just see her just one last time. pat and i talked about this. >> you combine all that bamboo with this nice beautiful weather and it's meant long lines and traffic jams. a lot of entertainment there for tan
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where we find kristin wright who is there to tell us more about the last full day here. >> reporter: yeah. really the zoo is honestly the place to be today. like you said, it is such a beautiful day and just a great day to say good-bye to bao bao. everybody wants to see her. one of the highlights, i'd say, of today was watching bao bao when the zookeeper brought out a treat. bao bao had been kind of laying around most of the morning, not really doing a lot. but we always want to see her in action and moving. so the zookeepers brought out a treat. it's like a little suitcase for her trip tomorrow covered in honey. she loved it. she came out and she just ate it up. she had a good time. the crowd just real enjoyed that. it really
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see her up and moving and get close to that suitcase. because after all, she has a big trip tomorrow. so with me now is a lovely family from here in d.c. this is chrissy and her children and her son aidan. they came to see bao bao today. are you excited to see her? >> yep. >> reporter: what do you love about pandas? >> they're calm and they're such sweet -- >> reporter: they are, right? mom, so we know that bao bao has to go to china tomorrow. >> i'm sad. i don't want him to leave. i brought santana and this is any daughter zari and we're going to go see him. >> reporter: she's something to see. you guys are going to have a good time for sure. >> don't leave. she's like no. >> reporter: we have a few more hours with bao.
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she's leaving tomorrow morning. lots of people just like them here to see bao bao to say that last good-bye before she gets on a plane for a 16-hour direct flight to china tomorrow. so here we go, one last day. >> we understand that you can actually watch this live on the zoo's facebook page tomorrow. >> reporter: that's right. you'll be able to watch some of the getting ready to push off at dulles airport tomorrow. a lot of people sad, but the time has come. she's almost four. wondering just how you fedex a panda? we have a detailed look at how keepers have been training bao bao to travel and just which smac snacks she's going to be taking along with her for the journey. >> one thing pat and i talked about on our
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that she's actually going early. she is not quite four yet. but i guess it's better for panda's to travel during the winter months. >> although we're not having much of a winter. amazing just how warm we've been. 60s to 70s saturday sunday and again today. it's not going to last but it's not going to be away for long. we've got a little cooldown tomorrow. then it's right back to warmer air. out there right now, abundant sunshine. take a look at the numbers. 68 degrees right now. we'll drop through the 60s into the 50s. it's going to get a little bit cooler by around 11:00 tonight. my of you will be in the 40s. tomorrow we have some colder air trying to move in. 67 right now fredericksburg. it is going t
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nice all afternoon and right on through the next week for the most part we will be above average. radar, nothing to show as far as the rain is concerned. clear skies for the most part here. but we're tracking a storm system to the north that will bring us the cooler air from the north. back towards the west in california, look at all the rain. once again california getting crushed by the rain. san francisco area, parts of northern california, which was in a serious drought. that drought is no longer there. this is all part of a huge pattern. the west coast has been inundated with rainfall after being dry for years. what's the big change? it's the same reason why we are so warm. the jet stream has come way down to the south here back towards california, giving them storm after storm. but for us, that jet stream moves up towards canada, bringing the warm air all the way up. denver, minneapolis, chicago, all recorded record high temperatures. that extends all the way over toward the east. maine and new england have seen e
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have stayed in the very warm air. this has been most of the winter. this will now be the third or fourth warmest winter. the third lowest snowfall ever. and now our area in a moderate drought. we have not seen much in the way of rain or snow and we really do need to see some. the drought index starting to creep up there. notice the temperatures. chicago look at that, near 70 degrees there. near 80 in st. louis. 68 in our area. tomorrow we're back into the mid 50s. cloudy and school, but still above average. it will be a cool day tomorrow. we go right back up. 66 on wednesday. 72 on thursday. 74 on friday and we stay warm all the way through the next ten days. next week a little bit cooler, couple of chances of rain but we stay rather dry as well. saturday's rain chances come earlier
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it certainly seems as if wint ser is a thing of the past. we want to know if people have put their winter coats away for good. it's part of our flash survey. we want to know how doug answer this is. >> put them away. >> that's the guy you want to know how he voted. what about you? >> no. i'm going to keep them nearby. close by. >> i'm not jingixing it. she's breaking her silence for the first time. angelina jolie on divorce, her children and her life right now. and saving sae inine ining .
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the comments came while jolie was in cambodia promoting her new movie. liz hernandez from access hollywood. i know there was that incident on board that plane from paris. but it's been a while since we've heard fr
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angelina jolie since she and brad split back in september. in an interview with the bbc in her own words. >> we told her we would be conducting a wide ranging interview. >> when the reporter asked that we know that an incident occurred which led to her separation and would you like to say something, ang lee toelina deep breath and said i don't want to say much about that, except to say it was a very difficult time and that we are a family and we will always be a family. all six of angie and brad's kids joined her in cambodia for the release of the movie she directed "first they killed my fath father." your kids are probably enjoying the day off from school for presidents
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state of maryland. state delegate pamela bidele wants to give school districts the opportunity to hold class. she says the state's new requirement to start classes after labor day prompted this move. the bill would also make easter monday an optional holiday. a post goes viral and causes some big headaches for uber. without with the old, in with the new. why it might be time to part ways with your d credit card.ol
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round one was deadly. now comes round two. at 4:30, the efforts to save millions of homes from more destruction before it's too late. turning old credit cards into new cards. why you might want to consider switching and saving some money. >> plus, our cameras are there for the emotional thank you to the firefighters who saved a member of their family from a burning home. you're watching news4 at 4:00. not the warmest welcome today in belgium for vice president mike pence. demonstrators gathered to protest the trump administration. pence was in
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he's expected back in washington within the next few hours. president trump is also headed back to washington right now. >> he left mar-a-lago right after announcing his new choice for national security advisor. >> reporter: after a weekend at the winter house, president trump announced his new pick for national security advisor. general h.r. mcmaster. >> he is highly respected. >> reporter: mcmaster won the job over three other candidates and replaces michael flynn who was forced to resign for lying about his contact with the russian ambassador to the u.s. addressing the controversy for the first time since flynn resigned pence backed up the president. >> i was us appointed to learn that the facts that had been conveyed to me by general flynn were inaccurate. >> reporter: as trump was introducing mcmaster in city's across the
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rallies with thousands denouncing the policies of their current president. also in brussels the vice president looked to clarify the administration's support for allies after trump labeled some news organizations as enemies of the american people over the weekend. the vice president said criticism of the media will continue. >> both the president and i strongly support a free and independent press. but you can anticipate that the president and all of us will continue to call out the media when they play fast and loose with the facts. >> you look at what's happening last night in sweden. >> reporter: but it was trump who raised eyebrows during a campaign style rally saturday when talking about sweden. >> the swedes and others around the world were completely befuddled by what the president was talking about. >> reporter: trump clarified that he was referring to immigration in sweden from a story he saw on television. the president has been promising a new executive order on
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one was blocked by a federal court two weeks ago. that's expected any day now. the postal service is commemorating the 100th birthday of president john f. condition d kennedy. you'll be able to buy the stamp at post offices across the country beginning tomorrow. baby came back. that's what the space x ceo said when his rokcket made a perfect landing at kennedy space center. look at that, just absolutely perfect. the unmanned rocket took off yesterday morning with supplies for the international space station, making space x the first commercial company to visit that station.
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the states with same-sex marriage saw a 7% decline in high school suicide attempts. the decline was even bigger among gay teens. even though the teens had no plans to marmarry, researchers the same-sex marriage law reduced anxiety. susan fowler wrote a blog post about how her manager openly propositioned her for sex on her first day. she claims other women at uber had similar encounters with that same manager. the ceo is ordering an urgent investigation into the
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allegations, tweeting anyone who behaves this way or thinks this is okay will be fired. some eye-opening results of a new survey show what millions of us are doing with our credit cards. what we're doing is only making credit card companies richer. why it's maybe time to change. >> can i give it to you straight? >> reporter: obviously credit card companies want you to dump the old and switch to their new. >> what's in your wallet? >> reporter: remarkably millions of us aren't interested. a new survey of over 1,000 american consumers found in many wallets the old or very old. 30 million people said that they've gone at least a decade without changing their go-to credit cards. >> reporter: another 20 million have never changed cards. >> if you haven't reshopped your card in the past couple of years, you might be missing out on
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>> reporter: competition among credit card companies has reached the point that nearly all have raised rewards and sign up bonuses while lowering fees and interest rates. >> oftentimes you're getting zero percent on purchases or balance transfers, in some cases up to two years. >> reporter: they say even if staying with your current card, at least do some comparison shopping. >> that you can use to negotiate better terms with your current credit card issuer. >> reporter: and be more willing to switch. today could be your last chance to buy a big ticket item for your home without paying sales tax on it. the state is offering some energy star products tax free until midnight. it includes kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, furnaces and boilers.
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strong storms. how people are cleaning up after dealing with storms that are the kind you'd normally see in summer, certainly not in the month of february. and the smithsonian's newest museum mar aks prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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in the last 10 years, we have received 6 times more awards than cable, including the jd power award for highest customer satisfaction for the fourth year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet, on the most awarded network. get this amazing offer: 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. now your storm team 4 forecast. >> what a beautiful may day it -- wait. no
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but it was certainly feeling more like may. capitol hill basking in this late afternoon sun. just another unreal day as temperatures got into the mid and upper 60s. by 8:00 still mostly clear. we'll be back down to around 60 degrees. by 11:00 it will be dropping back down into the low 50s. now, average high this time of year is 48. today we were about 20 degrees above the average high. we'll finally get below that by do dawn tomorrow, the low 40s. a cooler day tomorrow, by 11:00 a.m. near 50 degrees. big changes on the way in the next ten days. . at least two tornados and three inches of rain hit overnight. now folks down in south central texas have a lot to clean up. the powerful storm pushed over trees, pulled down ov overhead lines and have cut power to
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the national museum of african-american history and culture has already hit a huge milestone. the smithsonian says more than a million people have now visited the museum. and the average visitor will spend about six hours there on the weekend. the museum is also celebrating the sweet home cafe restaurant, now one of 20 semifinalists nominated for a james beard award in the category of new restaurant. peanut allergies cause problems for millions. could exposure to foods containing nuts be the answer to the allergies? what you need to know. it was one of the worst days of this family's lives, their home destroyed by flames. b
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know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values ♪ know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management® team.
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here are four things to know this afternoon. controversial conservative speaker milo yiannopoulos will not speak at a local event. cpac organizers rescinded an invitation after a video surfaced of him speaking at ped fe pedophilia. hundreds of protesters spent presidents day protesting in dupont circle and then marched to the white house. the not myre
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was one of several demonstrations around the country, all of which remained peaceful. you may have seen this in the distance and wondered what is it. it was a brush fire in buoy. we could see it from our tower camera all the way here in northwest d.c. you're just about out of time to see bao bao. she has a one way ticket to china and she leaves tomorrow. the zoo will be closed to the public tomorrow morning as bao bao takes off for the conservation program. a family's home goes up in flames. crews got everyone out but the family sent have time to say a proper thank you that day. >> today the family showed their gratitude in a big way. derrick ward was there. he's got our story from arlington. >> hey, what's up? she looks a lot better than last time i saw her. >> reporter: just some old friends reuniting at this falls church volunteer fire house. the background for that reunion
4:46 pm
this condo. sadie was trapped inside. firefighters got her out in time. >> a lot of people consider pets to be a part of their family. yeah, we find one, we're going to bring them out. >> reporter: sadie's owner was so thankful she brought the firefighters lunch. she's also starting a campaign to get these door stickers out that alert firefighters to the presence of pets in the home. in arlington, derrick ward, news4. he marched for civil rights and was the first man to represent the district on capitol hill. now he's in danger of losing his home. >> we're working for you this afternoon. jim handly and wendy rieger are in the newsroom with more. >> they have lived in the same home in washington for 55 years. >> the two have
4:47 pm
times. now they could lose everything. the impassioned plea from the community to keep them from losing their house. also, two local mothers on a mission to transform the clothing industry. >> what they're doing that could make countless children more comfortable in the clothes they are wearing. also, it's a bird called the first lady and she is expecting. we're talking about that prized eagle at the national aboritum. the geographic channel coming up. >> there you go. from peanut allergies to how much sugar and gluten you're consuming, picking the right food can be a matter of life and death. doreen gentzler as more on major changes to the guidelines governing our food. >> one of the most serio
4:48 pm
allergies out there is to nuts, especially peanuts. >> it was very difficult. i never paid attention to ingredients. i would just pick stuff up, buy it and go home. i really had to read the ingredients, even look for peanut oil. >> peanut allergy is the most concerning allergy we have. primarily because it's the most potentially fatal allergy in the united states. by that i mean in terms of all of the food allergies, it is the one most likely to cause severe reactions in the united states. >> new guidelines on how to handle peanuts in a child's diet shook up conventional think iin sasha started slowly and so far so good. >> started with -- they suggested a teaspoon of peanut butter. so we gave her that
4:49 pm
been having peanut butter coo e cookies and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. we've had no reaction. >> speak with your doctor about introducing peanuts safely into your child's diet. tomorrow, we're going to be taking a look at gluten free diets. are they healthy or just hype? and today we're r ee're reln the weather today. >> just incredible. >> and hoping it's going to stay like this for the rest of the season. >> you're not alone, except there's maybe one or two snow lovers who are still -- >> i get it. >> they're in the fetal position in the corner. they're inconsolable now. i'm sorry. looks like we have a pattern that is setting up here for, again, more unusually warm weather. we've had a lot of traffic of people out on the beltway. also there's a big line a
4:50 pm
waiting to enjoy this afternoon. there is the capitol wheel. our prince george's county national harbor camera. it is there basking in the afternoon sunlight. temperatures right now are in the upper 60s in the metro area. little bit of a pleabreeze off bay. it's only in the 50s there. elsewhere, virginia, maryland, west virginia even it's in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. reagan national at 68. today we're wearing shorts and t-shirts. tomorrow you're going to need a warm jacket in the morning. it's going to be rather chilly. by the afternoon, just a light jacket, maybe the sunglasses as well. we'll kind of have a bright over cast during the day tomorrow. we are dry. it has been unusually dry here for the last few months. we're in a moderate drought here. this whole
4:51 pm
abnormally dry. for the commute tomorrow morning by 7:00 a chilly start. back down into the low 40s. a lot of clouds around throughout the day. we'll have dry roads for the commute for your lunch hour tomorrow. should be in the mid 50s. hitting upper 50s by mid to late afternoon. heading back home, just some clouds around. no rain is likely. storm team 4 ten-day outlook, we'll have another mild day as we get into our tuesday afternoon and into wednesday as well. now, wednesday, though, a little bit cooler. this is the ten day outlook, i'm afraid. it is going to be mild here as we get toward the end of the week. we'll be right back unto the upper 60s, maybe neithar 70 or . doug is going to have a great explanation as to
4:52 pm
our next chance for any rain is going to be on saturday. you can see next week we might make up a little bit on our drought problem that following tuesday, wednesday and thursday. that's the way it looks. the sun is shining and the fields are full down at the national zoo home in west palm beach, florida. health and hope, two things the nats look to take with them this spring. >> reporter: beautiful weather.
4:53 pm
the aother ace of the team is feeling good. batting practice pitting teammate versus teammate, strauss challenging harper and others. harper had the lone against him. yelled to the mound after, good stuff. he's just one of the many nats who are all ready for their closeup. >> my spring training goal for 2017 has to be to stay healthy, smile a lot and wave to the camera every time i see a camera. >> reporter: so far, check. yeah. there's lots of cameras down here. there are such high expectations. that is just how manager dusty baker likes it. you're going to hear from him coming up at 5:00.
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instant. by now you've seen the incredible video of nature's wrath. why the threat is far from over.
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4:56 pm
another powerful pacific storm is moving over california right now. >> it's fuelling fears of some new flooding near a damha
4:57 pm
miguel almaguer is tracking that situation from san francisco. >> reporter: we are just on the leading edge of this massive storm system. it's expected to drop five inches of rain here in san francisco and 65 miles per hour winds. the start of a two-day weather maker. this morning northern california is bracing. the rain seasonand wind are jus arriving in a region already pummelled by a series of deadly storms. across the bay area and in sacramento, rivers will rise, roads could flood and more dangerous mudslides like these are in the forecast. in the town of maxwell, neighbors were rescued from a flood over the weekend. and now they are expecting another wave of water. >> you can see the water line. i don't want to put all the effort into cleaning it until it's done. >> reporter: not far away at the oroville dam this is the scramble to release water before it can reach the emergency spillway.
4:58 pm
expected here, leaving some of the nearly 200,000 evacuaees wh just returned home on edge. >> from the air it's incredible to see how big this flood is. >> reporter: in los angeles, millions are drying out and cleaning up after a deadly storm over the weekend, a deluge of water triggered daring rescues, sinkholes swallowing cars and drivers as freeways collapse, this one breaking apart beneath a fire truck. now it's northern california under threat. a forecast that calls for more flooding, mudslides and torrential rain. with that torrential rain beginning to slam the bay area, we expect upwards of five feet of snow and blizzard conditions in the mountains. we're also expecting widespread flooding across a massive region. news4 at 5:00 starts now.
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>> reporter: right now at 5:00, wait until you hear what happened in this house. a bizarre murder, the suspect is 76-year-old woman. the murder weapon, a baseball bat. >> reporter: the time has come. can you tell by the crowds at the national zoo today? tomorrow bao bao gets on a plane bound for china. today we say good-bye. and the dmv known for some of the worst traffic, as you know. but things may be getting better. >> where do we rank in terms of how much time we spend sitting in traffic and why it's improving. first tonight, an elderly woman charged with murder. this is a case that can only be described as unusual. good afternoon i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. some of the new details we're learning tonight involve a baseball bad. the victim, a ea
5:00 pm
woman. police tell us she admitted to beating him with that bat in the days leading up to his death. >> reporter: he was found naked, tied up in a closet. he'd been beaten to death with a metal baseball bat. she kept him locked in the closet because she said that's where you keep demons and dogs. the victim, walter clark, 63 years old, a retired cook disabled by diabetes. the murder suspect, 76-year-old thomasine bennett. neighbors say she's known for her oatmeal raisin cookies. the murder weapon, a metal baseball bat. walter clark found naked in a clos


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