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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 21, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and no one on the ground was hurt. all five on board including four americans as you mentioned and the australian pilot, they died. two of the victims we know at this point were from texas and they were there on a golfing trip. now, the mall was close to a small airfield. this is near melbourne, australia. still too early to determine what went wrong. back to you. >> it is 4:30 and today we could find out how immigration and border agents will be directed to go after undocumented immigrants. new implementation guidelines for the two immigration executive orders signed by trump last month are expected to be unveiled. draft memos were leaked over the weekend. in those memos an order to keep people captured at the border while they await hearings. changes could be made to the guidelines after they are
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after searching for a week, president trump has a new national security advisor to replace michael flynn. >> general h.r. mcmaster will become the national security advisor. he's a man of tremendous talent and experience. >> a senior administration official tells nbc news the president chose mcmaster because he holds both a warrior and a defense intellectual. at 54 years old he is highly decorated having served in both iraq wars and in afghanistan. he's also been praised for his book the de-sheareliction of du. u.s. park police hope video can track down vandals at three of our national monuments. graffiti was discovered over the weekend at lincoln memorial, the
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world war ii memorial. the national park service says the same person is responsible based on handwriting. >> sometimes it takes multiple cleaning and cleansings to get it to come out but of course, what we want to do in the course of getting it off, we don't want to do further damage to the stone. >> the park service says its staff is still in the tricky process of removing the graffiti. do you recognize this woman? 81-year-old has alzheimer's. she's been missing since about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. she does not speak english. call 911 if you see her. this is 15-year-old ma kayla mattei. she left her home thursday night. if you know where she is, call police. it is the day some of us
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bao bao is leaving for china today. her journey begins at 10:00 this morning when they will use a special forklift to move her crate out of the zoo and drive her to dulles airport. the zoo will be closed this morning while she's being moved. it is time to say good-bye for good. she'll leave on a 16-hour one-way flight on the fed ex panda express across the oceans to china, her new home. she's going to be part of a conservation program there, hopefully become a mama someday herself. we're wishing her the best. >> looks like she's going to make a speech before she leaves. no, wait, the zoo officials will make a speech before she leaves. >> you can laugh all you want, she brought so much joy and delight to so many people that visited her over the years. keep sharing your
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with us. >> a lot of creative stuff out there. some cute stuff too. people of course with their panda bears and their t-shirts and whatnot, ordering from starbucks with the name bao bao. >> there are also photos from everyone who went to the zoo. it was very crowded the last few days. a lot of drawings and souvenirs. bebeis still there. he's super cute too. let's get another check on your weather and traffic. >> you know, it's only fitting. we have to have a forecast for bao bao's departure. >> we want to make sure the weather will cooperate with bao bao getting on the fed ex panda express. >> don't be self-conscious that we have to use a forklift to get you into the
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stuff. i needed a forklift to get on a plane once or twice. >> 45 degrees by 7:00 a.m. i may go straight to the bao bao forecast because we've got to show this. there she is at one year old. so we're saying bye bye to bao bao today. 48 degrees. no rain, so that's good. then by 1:30 bao bao is going to depart at dulles and temperature by then 57 degrees so not very hot. that's what they want at this time of year, cooler weather for travel which is good. mostly cloudy and we will be staying nice and dry. for a look at the rest of the four things you need to know, let's head over to chuck. >> yes, indeed. our mild weather here in february showing no real signs of coming to an end. that being said it will be a smidge cooler today than it was yesterday. today will be upper 50s. that's still 10 degrees warmer than average, so number one thing you need to know, cooler buot
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coming up not just for today but especially tomorrow. maybe one or two spotty showers but then thursday and friday, soaring into the 70s before our best chance for rain shows up. an 80% chance of rain early saturday morning and as we get into sunday it may feel a little bit more like late february with sunday's highs only in the 50s. that ten-day coming up. right now it's time to hear from melissa. how are things getting to dulles airport where bao bao is going? >> i have a feeling bao bao's not going to have any problem getting to the airport. northbound 28 diverted because of a crash investigation. southbound lanes are open. so we'll get more information on this one. outer loop at connecticut avenue, brand new crash here involving a tractor trailer. not seeing it on this camera. we'll try and get a better camera and if not w
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showing you the maps and see how those slowdowns start. work zone blocking the left lane there and 270 from frederick down to the spur you can see no problems southbound and no problems northbound. all right. it's 4:37. a breach, a serious security breach at jfk airport. how nearly one dozen people slipped through without a full screening. >> and if you noticed fewer people on the metro this morning you're not imagining things. and it's something you see a lot on menus and food packaging, gluten free. and is it a healthier diet?
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temperatures were in the 40s in new york city when seven young people fell through an ice covered pond in central park. good samaritans helped pull most of them out of the water. they had hypothermia related injuries, however, everyone is expected to be okay. the tsa is being accused of failing in two different ways during a serious security lapse at jfk airport. >> yesterday 11 passengers walked right through an unmanned security check point without being screened. surveillance video shows three of those passengers tripping the metal detector
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given secondary screenings. it took tsa two hours to report the incident to airport police. by then the passengers were already in the air. security experts say the lapse put everyone in the airport and on the ground in danger. >> a check point must be run properly fully staffed and if you are unable to do that it must be shut down. >> in a statement the tsa says in part, quote, a canine team was present at the check point at the time of the incident and we are confident this incident presents minimal risks to the aviation transportation system. now a chance to see a near perfect landing. the spacex rocket landed at kennedy space center. the young man rocket blasted off on sunday morning. it has landed five other times on sea
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this is the first landing on land. they eventually hope to transport humans into space. >> all right. we are taking a little pause from all this nice warm weather. >> but not for too long. >> you know what? a little bit of a pause this morning and today we're still going to be unseasonably warm but wait until you see the rest of this week. we're talking about about 25 degrees above normal for this time of the year it's going to be one of those years where you can play volleyball or wear the flip flops. some areas are in the 30s. i'll show you that forecast and chuck will have your ten-day coming up. jiet it's hard to imagine the kind of behavior that gets a five-year-old out of school. it does happen. the new measure they're pushing that would change the way your child is punished. >> and a head's up for anyone headed to national rbor this hawe
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good morning once again. i'm chuck bell. the daily grade for your going back to school for today, looks like today's going to be a very good day to be outside today. temperatures not quite as warm as yesterday, but you're not going to be complaining at all. wait till you see that ten-day forecast. more 70s just around the corner. sheena's got that in just a sec. >> and a milestone, the feat the african american museum of history and culture is aeady accomplished after a year after it was opened. >> and going gluten free. the new administration of the -- administrator of the environmental protection agency will address employees. scott pruitt was confirmed on friday. he's
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epa after an expansion under former president obama. and trump's choice for national security advisor is getting a lot of praise this morning. >> h.r. mcmaster will replace michael flynn who resigned last week. good morning to you. so mcmaster was chosen over three other candidates. what put him on top? >> reporter: good morning. always great to talk. what we are being told by white house sources is that he was a warrior and defense intellectual according to the president and that's what edged him out. both that background of service and he wrote a book that at times questioned why military leaders didn't push authorities more before going into the vietnam war so it will be interesting to see how that plays out now that he has the opportunity to have the err of president trump. he will continue his military service while he is the national security advisor and he is as you talked about getting praised from both ss
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since his announcement. a lot of people excited that he has this position. >> now, we expect the department of homeland security to release immigration guidelines today. what do we know about what's being recommended to the president? >> we know at this point that it's definitely going to be accelerated deportation hearings, but much more aggressive enforcement that could include thousands of new officers and deputizing local law enforcement as well. we also know the recommendation is to prosecute parents that may smuggle their children into the country illegally. >> thank you. 4:47 now. virginia's governor is taking concerns over recent immigration arrests directly to the director of homeland security. a group of latino men was leaving rising hope mission church earlier this month when
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immigration agents detained some men. several of them were arrested. they will meet on sunday to discuss those arrests. expect big crowds and a lot of security if you plan on going anywhere near the national harbor area tomorrow. that area is getting ready to host one of the biggest political events of the year. the conservative political action conference gets underway tomorrow. with nine to ten thousand people expected each day, security is a top concern. >> prince george's county will be directly responsible for any protests and activity. my security department here will be making sure that we're looking for when it's beginning, anything unusual. >> now, the harbor has hosted the event for the past several years but this will be the first time with a republican president in office. >> lawmakers in maryland are
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prek through second grade should be expelled or receive out of school suspension for bad behavior. a new bill would stop the practice in maryland schools. our news partners report the only exception would be if a child deliberately brought a gun to school. in school suspensions for young students would still be allowed. lawmakers are also trying to address the issue this year. a debate that would change how sexual assault cases are prosecuted. last night hundreds gathered for a women's rally in annapolis. a hearing will be held today on a bill that would allow prosecutors to bring up a defendant's past sexual aggressive behavior. a similar bill passed the maryland senate last year but was not brought up for a vote in the house. let's go back to angie a
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>> new breaking news out of libya. what's going on? >> a tragic scene on the coast of libya where 74 bodies of migrants have washed ashore. the circumstances involving the drownings still unclear at this hour. local authorities are taking the bodies to the capitol city of libya right now. migrant deaths have hit record levels across the mediterranean sea. back to you. thank you. it is 4:50. it seems more and more of you are opting not to use metro and fewer riders means less revenue for the agency. newly released ridership data shows rail trips dropped 12% in the last six months of 2016. the agency predicts metro will have a $25 million shortfall in revenue from fares and
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they will discuss these numbers on thursday. now we know why it's so hard to get inside the national museum of african history and culture. it's had more than 1 million visitors since it opened in september and not only are a lot of people visiting but they're also staying a long time. the average visitor stays six hours on the weekends. two hours is common at most museums and the sweet home cafe, the restaurant inside the museum was nominated for a james beard award in the category of best new restaurants. >> people stay there because there's so much to see. and it shows the value and the need that we had for that museum. >> unbelievable. it may challenge aaron's face for the most visited in the city. >> i need to go. >> it's a long wait. >> you can walk around and go to the museums without layering
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a winter without any real substantial cold air, that's for sure. especially in prolonged stretches. for now it's a cool but not cold early tuesday morning. 45 in washington. keep in mind -- you say oh, 45, that's chilly. our average is only 49 degrees so we'll be well above average again later on this afternoon. east to north easterly breezes today. sunshine and 68. today partly to mostly cloudy, close to upper 50s. 41 in prince george's county. hourly temperatures then, up and away we'll go, should be up close to 50 degrees by noontime and highs in your hometown today, 53 in gaithersburg. 56 in martinsburg. weather impacts for today, nothing to worry about. a little more cloud cover than we've seen. cooler but staying dry. no umbrellas needed for today. tomorrow, warm again. there may be an isolated shower chan
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especially south of the city and as we head toward the weekend rainy on saturday and breezy and cooler by sunday. for now here's the clouds that are in place, but again, no chance for rain coming up today. skies will be partly to mostly cloudy. clouds thicken up a bit. by this time tomorrow there could be a spotty shower for a rain drop or two from about washington down into southern maryland but rain chances tomorrow are below 30%. so we've only put it up as an isolated shower chance but it will be anything but cold. 59 today. 68 tomorrow. 74 degrees on both thursday and friday with a risk of showers late friday into friday night and saturday looks a little bit on the wet side, but everything will get blown dry again on sunday. good morning. so still have this problem here in herndon. this is northbound 28. we are shut down there and you have to get on to the dulles toll road there. crash southbound
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outer loop at connecticut avenue, still have that crash on the right side of the roadway, not seeing it on camera but you can see it on the map. we have a tiny slowdown that's going away. inner loop after 270, still have that left lane working. the rest of the beltway looks quite good. a lot of your friends may be going gluten free. but it might be your kids that really need it. >> dinner just became a little easier. the chain offering you and your family half off through sunday. >> and coming up at 5:00, we say bye bye to bao bao. a look at
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sometimes you can feel the indulgence of nature.
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you remember this. ellen has pizza delivered to the oscars. even though it wasn't pizza hut, the restaurant chain still remembers that night too so it's celebrating the academy awards. customers can get 50% off their pizza from now till monday. well, gluten free, that term is everywhere these days from restaurant menu to grocery stores. it's becoming a more common option. >> some people avoid gluten but
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we take a look in our food fears series. >> gluten free diets, healthy or just hype? consider this. the number of americans who were gluten free or described themselves that way tripled between 2009 and 2014. but does being gluten free help in the long run and if so, who does it help? >> in terms of allergy it's only about a half a percent of the population that will have a wheat allergy but because of disease and gluten free diets being a fad it's a big topic. >> it's an auto immune disease which is characterized by an intolerance to gluten. >> i think that there's some legitimacy to some of it and i think other people just think probably less is better. >> gluten allergies are most commonly
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>> it's common in children so a lot of them will outgrow it by the time they're five years old so not a common allergy in adults. >> but look in many grocery stores and you will see the aisles are full of gluten free foods. a study conducted by the cdc found about one in three quarter million people have celiac disease and two and a half million more follow a gluten free diet even though they don't have the disease. many allergists say there needs to be a better understanding about food intolerance and food sensitivity. for more about celiac disease and more about a gluten free diet go to our nbc washington app and search food fears. >> what's worse? sugar or tobacco? the answer may not be as simple as it seem
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particularly certain women. good morning, everybody. i'm aran gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. it is back to the grind for a lot of people after the long holiday weekend. >> we have just the team to help you get out the door this morning. we'll check in with melissa in just a second. we'll start with sheena and chuck. a little cooler outside. >> for president's day weekend, 68 degrees again yesterday. used to be a popular time for snow skiing. >> we had video of people playing volleyball with no shirts on. this morning we do have cooler spots. 32 in frederick. but it is 43 in the district. so we have some milder air out there. it's cool this morning but not bad. by 7:00 a.m., still around 43. by noon, milder around 53 and


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