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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 23, 2017 12:37am-1:37am EST

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♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> fred: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night" with seth meyers. tonight, terry crews. star of "making history," leighton meester. climate scientist, dr. ben santer. featuring the 8g band with andres forero. ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? good to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. according to a new survey a majority of trump supporters say they feel the media is their enemy. of course, a lot of those people think this is media. [ laughter ]
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[ laughter ] "russia today" accused the "new york times" of spreading false news about their country. wow, these two are practically finishing each other's sentences now. "new york times" is spreading a lot of "fake news." [ laughter ] white house press secretary sean spicer said today that president trump will not be watching the academy awards this sunday. but i bet spicer will since he's nominated for most animated short. [ laughter and applause ] vice president mike pence today toured a factory in st. louis. said pence, it's so great to be back here in the place where i was built. [ laughter ] president trump said today that he very much enjoyed his tour of the national museum of african-american history and culture yesterday. said e
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[ applause ] according to a new report, more americans over 65 are using marijuana to relieve pain. said one such american, "i'm 65? [ laughter ] how long have i been playing call of duty?" [ laughter ] a new study finds that women carrying girls may feel sicker during pregnancy while women carrying boys may feel a little nuts. [ light laughter ] yeah. you're right. i hated that joke all day. i got bullied into telling that joke, and i hated it had the whole day. a little nuts. stupid. [ applause ] stupid [ applause ]
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and i don't like to say the names of writers who write it but that was mike scollins. [ laughter ] scientists are saying people who grow up with cats in their homes are not more likely to develop mental illnesses. no, the mental illness comes first. [ laughter ] american airlines yesterday started selling basic economy fares that offer a lower price ticket but removed the option to have a carry-on. they are also offering bargain economy which is just a middle seat made out of crying babies. [ laughter ] and finally, urban outfitters is selling a $45 t-shirt featuring the old america online logo or for $50 you can buy the company. ladies and gentlemen, we have a fantastic show for you tonight. [ applause ] you know him from "brooklyn nine-nine" he's also the host of netflix's the new competition reality show "ultimate beast master," terry crews is here.
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fantastic guy. fantastic actor. i'm so happy he's here. she's on the new fox show "making history." leighton meester joins us tonight. [ applause ] and this is very exciting. and we have a climate scientist on the show tonight, our first climate scientist and he's a really good one. his name is dr. ben santer, and i can't wait to talk to him about where we are in this country in regards to that. before we get to all of our fantastics guests, the trump administration is making major changes to immigration policy this week. from ramping up deportations to working on a new version of the president's travel ban. for more on this it's time for a closer look. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: right now there's a lot of rhetoric about immigration that does not match reality. just take this story as an extreme example. two hunters in texas walker doherty and michael bryant claimed they were involved in a shootout with some illegals. after immigrants illegally crossed the nearby mexico border, converged on their camp in the middle of the night, and tried to rob them.
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was also shot. it was a harrowing story and it was picked up widely by right wing websites to justify building a border wall. there's just one problem. the story turned out to be total bs. >> of the looks of it right now we think we believe that during the shooting while all the commotion and confusion going on we believe that michael shot walker and walker shot edwin. >> just to distill that down to its essence, basically two hunters just shot at each other. >> seth: that's right. two hunters shot each other and blamed it on immigrants, but they learned something that night. they learned that deer can laugh. [ laughter and applause ] that's the thing we spent the most time talking about today is how to make deer look like they are laughing. but despite the heated rhetoric you hear from politicians and paranoid hunting buddies there's hardly an immigration crime wave in this country.
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in fact, several studies over many years have concluded that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than people born in the united states. and on top of that more mexicans are leaving than coming to the u.s. resulting in a net loss of 140,000 in 2009 to 2014. that's right, america has turned into a bad movie and people are walking out. i'll catch this garbage when it's on tnt. now -- now, that led to a decline in the number of undocumented immigrants in this country down to about 11 million currently but that has not stopped donald trump from wildly inflating the numbers like when he suggested there might be as many as 30 million undocumented immigrants in the country. >> we have to find where these people are. most people don't even know where -- nobody even know if it's 11. >> so it's still possible -- >> it could be 30 and it could be 5. nobody knows what the number is. >> don't forget, this is the guy who thinks this is 1.5 million people. [ laughter and applause ] also -- and this is important. we do know what thmb
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just because you don't know doesn't mean no one knows. hey, donald. what's the capital of vermont? it could be anything. vermont city, bernieville, cleveland. there's no way to know. and yet despite the reality about immigration, trump is moving ahead with his plans to ramp up deportations and build a border wall. now, there's still many questions about trump's wall including who will build it, and apparently before he even took office trump started reaching out to private developers to see if they would be interested. "the wall street journal" reported this week that in december jorge perez, a billionaire developer and longtime friend of trump's received an e-mail from trump with a message written in upper case. any interest in building a 2,000-mile wall 30 feet high between the usa and mexico. call me. first of all, it takes balls to send that e-mail to a guy named jorge perez. second of all, any interest in building a wall, call me? where else is he drumming up support, in bathroom stalls? [ laughter ] [ applause ]
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so how did perez -- perez, who again is a longtime friend of trump's, respond to this request to build the wall. he told bloomberg, quote, "the wall is the most idiotic thing i've ever seen or heard in my life." and for someone who has known donald trump for years that's a high bar. he was friend with trumps during all of this. ♪ ♪ bing, bing bong, bong bing, bing bing ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> seth: and then there's the question of how exactly -- you build a wall on rocky terrain that includes mountains, reservoirs and rivers not to mention large swaths of private land because remember during the campaign trump was very clear about one thing. >> on day one, we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall. we will use the best technology,
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remember that, above and below. [ laughter ] >> seth: trump thinks we need a hand gesture to explain what below means. he may be a terrible president, but he'd be great at a game of douche bag charades. [ laughter ] blow me, it was blow me. [ laughter and applause ] but apparently -- apparently that physical wall trump promised won't actually be physical in a lot of places. homeland security secretary, john kelly, recently told fox news there will be the physical wall and then parts of the wall you can actually see through. see through? so it will be partly a large concrete barrier and partly a sneeze guard?
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and now that the campaign is over republicans who supported trump are suddenly expressing reservations about building the wall, and that's especially true of texans who would actually have to have the wall in their districts. "the texas tribune" recently conducted a survey and found few, if any, texans in congress support building a wall across the entire u.s. mexico border. one texas republican, pete sessions, even got philosophical about it, telling the tribune that he believes trump's comments on the wall are an analogy for how he will strengthen border security so the wall is see through but impenetrable, an analogy but also real. don't you see, dorothy? the wall was inside you all along. [ laughter and applause ] you're the wall. you're all the wall! so trump wants to spend as much as $20 billion on a wall that even some republicans think won't work. but don't worry. trump adviser, steven miller, said there's no need to worry about who will pay for the wall. >> this wall will pay for itself many, many, many times over.
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>> seth: i know your thinking. i thought mexico was going to pay for the wall, but you're not remembering that famous call and response from trump's rallies? >> who's going to pay for the wall? >> the wall will pay for itself many, many, many times over! [ applause ] >> but, of course -- of course the wall is only one part of trump's immigration plan. the trump administration issued new guidelines this week setting the stage for a sweeping crackdown on undocumented immigrants and trump is also rewriting his executive order banning refugees and limiting immigration from several muslim-majority countries. trump defended his order at a rally on saturday and said anyone could understand it. >> if you have a college education you can understand it. if you have a high school education you can understand it. if you are a bad student in high school you can understand it. >> and if you went to trump university, wall is spelled w-a-l-l-l.
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[ laughter ] in fact, there's already evidence that trump's new immigration policies have had disastrous consequences for undocumented immigrants and visa holders even after trump's travel ban was lifted. some visa holders are apparently still being denied entry into the u.s. for example, last week a british muslim schoolteacher traveling to new york as a member of a school party from south wales was denied entry to the united states. the teacher was removed from the plane and the trip proceeded as planned. so right now, there's a group of unsupervised british school kids just wandering around new york city pointing at one of those giant inflatable rafts and going "is this the statue of liberty? [ laughter ] i wish teacher were here." look, these immigration policies are cruel. they are unnecessary and ineffective. even many republicans think so. those republicans and democrats should stand up to trump. just take a cue from him and say -- [ light laughter ]
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blow me. it was blow me. what's wrong with you? this has been a closer look. [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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over there. [ cheers and applause ] also back with us tonight and all week he's the drummer from the broadway smash hit "hamilton: an american musical," the grammy award winning sound track was recently certified double platinum selling more than two million copies, andres forero, everybody. thank you so much for being here. >> nice to be here. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: now you know, i'm 43-years-old. i'm married, i have a kid, but nothing, and i mean nothing makes me feel older than when i realize i do not understand the new slang terms that teenagers are using. and it seems like these days team slang terms are evolving so fast that it is hard to keep up. so we decided to give you a little primer on new slang terms in a segment we call "seth explains teen slang." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our first teen slang term is fauxreigner. let's see what it means. it's someone who does a single semester abroad and then comes back with an accent. [ laughter and applause ]
12:55 am
clarissa was in london for like three months and now she keeps saying she needs to, "go to the loo." [ laughter ] #fauxreigner. our next new teen slang term is matrix reloaded. this is a noun used to describe a second date that is considerably worse than the first date. [ laughter ] here it is in a sentence. on our first date aiden and i ate at the best restaurant in the city. on our second we spent five hours at his step-brothers reptile zoo. #matrixreloaded. [ laughter ] up next is obamacare. here is the definition. a good boyfriend you break up with just because you don't like his name. [ laughter ] for example, he's smart, caring, and handsome but i still had to dump phillium. [ laughter ] #obamacare. moving on we have rubstitute. it's when the wi-fi is down so you have to find something else to masturbate to. [ laughter ] let's see it in sentence. optimum's not coming 'til monday but luckily the girl on my sisteran
12:56 am
pretty cute. [ laughter and applause ] #rubstitute. [ cheers and applause ] if you teens saying that, now you'll know what's going on. teens love this next one. pope francis. [ laughter ] pope francis, slang for the coolest virgin in school. [ laughter ] for example, used to make fun of marcus for never getting laid, but then he won the talent show with a break dance routine and now he pope francis. [ laughter and applause ] next up, it's "hamilton pants." here's the definition. someone who's pants are really hard to get into. [ laughter ] for example, i paid for all of jennifer's pbrs last night, plus i took her to arby's, plus she got me to write her english lit pieces, and she still never took off her hamilton pants. #cantwaitforit. #iamgonnamissmyshot. [ laughter and applause ] it's a tribute. it's a tribute. next up we have halle berry.
12:57 am
someone is so hot -- someone who is so hot they look half their age. for example, went on a date with pete because i thought he was 22 and halfway through dinner he was like, "i voted for carter in '76." [ laughter ] #halleberry. up next we have creepover. here's the definition. a slumber party where your friend's younger brother hangs around a little too much. for example we were all playing truth or dare at sarah's house and we heard a voice from the closet say, "dare." [ laughter ] #creepover. next up it's trump press conference. it's a party in which you get attacked by the host. [ laughter ] for example, jen's party was fun until she got super drunk and started accusing all her guests of being the enemy of the american people. night turned into a total trump press conference. [ laughter ] our last -- [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: last teen slang term is h&r cock-block. [ laughter ] here's the definition.
12:58 am
out with your girlfriend and your dad comes in the room to work on his taxes. [ laughter ] for example, jessica was finally about to let me into her hamilton pants when my dad walked into with his calculator and 1099 forms. #h&rcockblock. [ cheers and applause ] that was "seth explains teen slang." feel free to use those. if there's any teens you know you'll find they are very susceptible. we'll be right back with terry crews, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i'm not the type to smushy garbages... you know what? i'm going for it. you are completely and utterly... awesome... i'm glad you showed up. in my life! i think i'm about to cry... you better not. every single time i... get down! you always have... my back! my back! it's really hard to describe. it's like... all these tiny little... things? yes. yes. things! are actually... friendship. ♪
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♪ >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. our first guest tonight is a talented actor you know from the popular fox series, "brooklyn 99" and films such as "white chicks" and "the expandables." he hosts the netflix strength and endurance competition show "ultimate beastmaster", which begins streaming friday. please welcome to the show, terry crews. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
1:03 am
>> my first time! >> seth: i'm so happy to have you here. we've met before. but every time i see you, you seem like one of the happiest people and so good i'm so glad to finally have you here on the show. >> it's good. i'm a virgin. this is good. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> i'm a "late night with seth meyers" virgin. >> seth: there you go. trust me. it's very quick. [ laughter and applause ] it will be over before you know it. so "ultimate beastmaster." >> yes. >> seth: this is a sort of a physical competition show. explain it real quick. >> it's huge. first of all, 108 athletes from six different countries and one gigantic obstacle course. i mean, it's netflix. it's kind of like they do everything big. it's not like a regular beastmaster. it's the ultimate beastmaster. >> seth: that's good. because i feel like, in this day and age a regular beastmaster, i'm not going to watch that. >> no, no, you must watch the ultimate. this is interesting. what i find is, that you know, things are easy now. you know, it's kind of like can you call up and you touch a button and you've got a app.
1:04 am
a car pulls up. you call up you can get food right away. life is easy. everyone is looking for a challenge. this is why the mma is so big right now. >> seth: sure. >> the obstacles courses are huge right now, and this is the biggest obstacle course in the world. it's gigantic and only i could host it. >> seth: you can host it. my follow-up question -- >> only me. okay. you know i got to do that. >> seth: yeah, of course. >> all right. >> seth: but my question. you could host it. could you do it? could you do the beast -- >> never, not at all. [ laughter ] i'm going to tell you. listen, i walked up on it. i looked at it and i went, "i survived seven years in the nfl." if i was to blow both knees out right now, it would all be a waste of everything. >> seth: right, exactly. if you can walk away from the nfl and be in one piece. >> you only get that kind of luck. you only get that one chance. >> seth: you don't want to push it on the beastmaster. >> i know. >> seth: sylvester stallone is the executive producer of this. >> yes, he is. >> seth: was he the one who reached out to get to you do this? >> he is. first of all, sly is like my dad in the biz. >> seth: okay. >> it's crazy because yoow
1:05 am
he basically said i'm going to make you an action star, the whole thing. but he saw i was hosting, you know, "who wants to be a millionaire." i was hosting other shows. i was doing new year's stuff. he was like -- [ as stalone ] "hey, terry, i want you to come over here and host this show for me." you've got what it takes, i'll tell you right now. what do you say when rocky asks you to host a show. >> seth: i think what you say is "can you say that again more clearly?" [ laughter ] "because i think i heard you but before i, you know, make plans." so you worked with him on "the expendables." >> yes, yes. >> seth: expendables 3," is this true, that he, the original script you were going to get killed off? >> very true. i was supposed to die, and the thing is i remember flying over to europe to get on set and "expandibles 3." and i'm going oh, man i was in the first two. why they got to kill the brother in the third? but i took it. i said, you know what, i understand. you know, you gotta kill everybody. look, you got to kill everybody on a show now, you know what i mean? >> seth: yeah. >> i understand after "walking dead" you've just got to the kill somebody. >> seth: right. [ laughter ] >> so i saidn,
1:06 am
do it. so i remember going in and doing a workout. and i remember just working out, like, "okay, well i'm going to make my death scene really good and i'm going to get really pumped up for it." and i come out and sly looks at me and said, "oh, my god. look at this guy. you look so good. we can't kill him. we can't kill a guy who looks this good." [ laughter ] "look at his arms. look at, he's pumped up. look at him. i can't kill him." so he rewrote the script on the spot. >> seth: wow. >> i was only injured. this is how a workout can save your life, people! [ applause ] it can save you, and it saved me. he actually kept me alive. >> seth: after he saved you did he point to a scrawny actor and go "kill him?" [ laughter ] >> oh, we get a lot of scrawny actors. a lot of scrawny guys died on "expendables 3." >> seth: so you're on one of my favorite comedies "brooklyn 99." and you have this incredible -- [ applause ] yeah, give it up for "brooklyn 99." and you mentioned you were in the nfl. and i've heard that you've pulled --
1:07 am
from nfl guys you met. that that was a funny place to be, the locker room in the nfl. >> oh wait, first of all, i've got to say this. you know, a lot of people say, man, you know, you've got comedic timing and all this stuff. i said, no, i've been stealing for years. in the nfl locker room is like being in a live cartoon. [ laughter ] i'm just trying to tell you. i was like, "ooh look, i'm taking that." i'm looking at that. we used to joke and laugh in the locker room. we had one guy that had a really big head. and they were like, "would you rather have $1 million or this guy's helmet full of nickels, huh?" and we would just -- and i mean, we would go hard at people and it was so much fun. and let me tell you, my character in "white chicks." which people loved. >> seth: that's a great movie. >> yes. i direct -- i took every iota of that performance from a person i knew. and he knew that i was -- this is the kind of guy who would walk into a club. he'd be like, "excuse me, my beautiful black sister. could you hand my number to that white girl right over there, please?
1:08 am
[ laughter and applause ] and we were like, "oh, my god!" and i stole every bit of it. there's no exaggeration or whatever. if you just look at a press conference. this is why the nfl is like, "ok, press conference over." let's stop it. because you let these guys go, man, they are cartoons. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> it's beautiful. >> seth: that's why they must just drill. that's why everybody, athletes give the boring answers at the press conference. because, they'd much rather be themselves away from the cameras. >> but you don't want that. nobody wants that. >> seth: no, i get it. and we were talking backstage i'm very jealous. you currently obviously work on "brooklyn 99" with one of my closest friends andy sanberg. do you have a favorite moment of your four years on the show? >> wow, you know what, i'm not going to lie. performing every day is like the pilot because it's so beautiful. we are a family, but at the same time the moment that i will never forget was stepping up on that golden globe stage. >> yeah. >> and actually getting an award for our type of comedy. this is crazy. i'm fart joke king. >> seth: yeah. >>
1:09 am
i'm like, "yeah!" you know, i'm thinking, "award? that'll never happen." and i'm standing up there, and there's bono and meryl streep and p. diddy. they're all looking at us, and i'm like holy cow. fart jokes work. >> seth: yeah. >> they're okay. [ laughter ] >> seth: that was a message for all young americans. >> you can do it! fart away. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: this is -- so obviously that's very inspirational message. i like that you've used -- [ laughter ] but you've used some of your past works not to inspire but to sort of be a cautionary tale. you were on another great show "everybody hates chris." >> yes. >> seth: you were the father on that show. >> yes. yeah. julius. >> seth: so uh, you keep a photo of that character in your wallet. >> yes, i did. >> seth: now explain why you do this? >> well, you know what. it's funny because there was a guy who did it so that he could stop overspending. >> seth: gotcha. >> and i looked at it and i said what a frickin' good idea. because i looked at my face in the photo, and the way i was looking, it was like, "man, put that money down, man."
1:10 am
actual wallet, that's what you have there. >> yes, and julius -- [ cheers and applause ] yes, that's my wallet, and it was around the holidays. >> seth: yeah. >> and i knew, i said that's going to stop me from overspending. and it was a brilliant idea. >> seth: that's great. i hope everybody in your family enjoyed their socks and floss. [ laughter ] thank you so much for being here. such a pleasure. >> i love you man, oh you got it. >> seth: right back at you. terry crews, everybody. all 10 episodes of "ultimate beastmaster" begin streaming friday on netflix. we'll be right back with leighton meester. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> seth: you know our next guest from her six seasons as blair waldorf from the hit show, "gossip girl." her new series, "making history" premiers sunday, march 5th on fox. let's take a look. >> daniel. daniel. >> deborah. >> i've missed you. >> i've missed you, too. >> here. >> oh, what is this? >> a gift. it's nothing really. i just was thinking about how cold you must be so i made you a hat. put it on. >> oh, yeah. oh, okay. >> i disguised myself in a female bear carcass and then slaughtered the male when he became aroused. >> wow. whoa. um, i didn't get you anything, but i wrote you another song. >> oh. ♪ every night in my dreams i see you i feel you ♪ >> seth: please welcome to the show, leighton meester, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:16 am
>> seth: welcome. >> thank you. >> seth: that was a very funny clip. but i feel like our audience won't totally have any idea what the show is about. it's about that. >> seth: it's about that. >> it's about bears. >> seth: but this a time travel show. >> it's a time travel comedy. we don't take the like "time" part seriously. don't take the science part seriously. >> seth: gotcha. >> so uh -- >> seth: but you are -- who do you play? >> i play deborah. she's a colonial woman, and i get to time travel with my boyfriend who has lied to me about everything. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> he's told me that he invented television, rollerblades, devil sticks, neck brace. >> seth: and he take -- he keeps singing you songs that he just knows and claims that he wrote them for you. >> yeah. cher songs, celine dion, he's a crooner. he's from modern time and he s
1:17 am
>> seth: gotcha. >> and woos me. and to give a sense just to really hammer home how little you pay attention to the science of time travel. i thought it was fantastic what you use as the time machine. why don't you tell everybody? >> a giant, giant duffel bag. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> like one that does not make any sense at all. like you couldn't pack things in it except for humans. >> seth: so you just you crawl in the duffel bag in modern times and then you come out in basically colonial times. >> crawl is a good -- like that's a polite way to get into it. >> seth: gotcha. and debrorah, what is deborah most impressed with in present day? >> lots. pants, she likes to wear pants. >> seth: gotcha. >> separate tubes encasing her legs, so comfortable. >> seth: yeah. >> you can do anything you want. >> seth: well, it's funny because you obviously came -- "gossip girl," one of the things it was known for was the fashion, the outfits. so much attention was paid. did you -- were you relieved to be sort of in colonial garb or was it a huge bummer? >>
1:18 am
>> seth: it was a bummer? >> i don't -- i don't wish that upon anybody. >> seth: gotcha. >> like i wish -- i wish for everybody in every other time period except for now that they could just feel cotton. >> seth: yeah. >> one of the lines in our show is when one is not encased in soaking wool, one's mind can take fanciful flight -- [ laughter ] because like think about how like -- there's no air. i'm the baby about everything. >> seth: yeah. >> like coming to new york. i 'm like i have to wear heels and it's snowing and it's -- i just like, i'm a baby. >> seth: yeah. >> and so my character wears a corset. that lasted about three days. >> seth: got it. >> i had to stop the corset train. like i can't even wear a bra. it's like horrible. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> so no corset. >> seth: gotcha. >> we made it look like. >> seth: if you wanted to go back somewhere, where would you most want to go in time? pick anywhere. >> oh. any time in my life that i could ju
1:19 am
[ laughter ] just like high school, too thin. >> seth: oh, you would not go back like before you were born? you would go back to your own high school to change your eyebrows? >> no, this is about me. >> seth: yeah, i was going to say. hey, leighton, how did killing hitler go? uh, good news and bad new. >> we do attempt to kill hitler on the show. >> seth: you do? we do. we fail, because he's a baby. >> seth: oh, you go back and he's a baby and you can't, you can't go through with it. >> yeah. that's an interesting point. i guess you couldn't go through with it. >> i wouldn't have a problem. >> seth: you wouldn't? >> no. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah, and i -- i really love my character because her name is deborah, and -- >> seth: debrorah does not seem like a colonial name. >> you wouldn't think. >> seth: yeah. i've always wanted my name to be deborah. >> seth: why? >> i -- i don't know. i always wanted my name to be deborah or linda or barbara. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> and i wanted to have a pink suit and red curly hair. >> seth: gotcha. what a setback to be a leighton. >> i know. >> seth: yeah.
1:20 am
[ laughter ] that's like -- i love those are not names that i ever think that a cool girl wants to get her hands on a barbara. >> barb. >> seth: oh barb. >> like barbara is your full name and barb is your like realtor name. >> seth: yeah okay, got it. >> you know? >> seth: oh so you aspire. you were like, "i wanted barbara, but only so i could be a realtor by night." >> yeah. [ laughter ] my parents were realtors when i was growing up and i spent a lot of time in model homes. which, psychologically i'm curious what that does -- [ laughter ] but i think i saw like a business card and a realtor. she was named linda or barbara or something like that, and -- and she had red curly hair and a pink suit. >> seth: wow. >> and i was like how old is she? 34? i want to be 34. [ laughter ] maybe i'll make it. >> seth: so the nice thing that i've learned here is now if you could go anywhere in time you would go back to fixing your eyebrows, but when you were younger, if you could have gone anywhere it would be to be 34. >> yeah. >> seth: you would have gone however many years in the future to be 34 and a realtor?
1:21 am
>> seth: oh, okay, good. >> i want to survive for three years. >> seth: there's time! >> can i make it? okay. >> seth: leighton, but you have to get your real estate license. and the rest i think you can just do with like wigs and stuff. >> yeah. >> seth: yeah, and you can change your name legally i think. >> yeah. i've looked into it. >> seth: yeah. >> deb revere. >> seth: deb revere. that would be great. congrats on the show and all your grand plans. it's fantastic having you here. give up for leighton meester." "making history" series premier on sunday, march 5th. we'll be right back with dr. ben santer. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:22 am
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z29kuz zstz y29kuy ysty
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[ alarm weather.eping ] ♪ [ laughter ] cartoons. wait for it. [ cat screech ] [ laughter ] ♪ [ screaming ] [ laughter ] make everyday awesome with the power of xfinity x1... hi grandma! and the fastest internet. [ girl screaming ] [ laughter ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is a climate scientist who has spent the last 25 years studying the effects of climate change at lawrence livermore national lab. please welcome to the show dr. ben santer, everybody. ♪
1:27 am
>> seth: very exciting. our first climate scientist on the show. >> i'm honored. >> seth: good. [ laughter ] i'm honored to have you. i want to start by saying this though, you work at a national lab but you want to make -- you want to stress that you are here tonight as an individual, as a private citizen. why is that important for you to make that distinction? >> these are strange and unusual times, and it seems kind of important to talk about the science that we do, but i'm not sure how the folks who fund my research will feel about that so just seems kind of safer to do it this way. >> seth: right. for tonight you're just a rogue scientist. [ laughter ] yeah. [ cheers and applause ] you mentioned -- you mention interesting times. obviously you're going from presidenam
1:28 am
this was a serious issue and now we have a president who has called climate change a hoax. you have a new head of the epa who has sued the epa multiple times in the past. how does it feel right now to have what you do for a living challenged in this way? >> it feels tough. imagine, if you will, that you spend your entire life trying to understand one thing and that thing is the cause of change in the climate system. best of your ability you do that and then someone comes and dismisses everything you've understood, all of that scientific understanding as a hoax, as a conspiracy, as worthless, as a contrived phony mess. you have a choice. what do you do with that? you can either retreat to your office, close the door, and be silent. or you can choose to push back against ignorance and say, hey, this is not our understanding. we know something about the causes of climate change. >> seth: and this has been something -- obviously you've
1:29 am
in 1995 you -- you authored 12 words, is it right, that this was basically 12 words that changed the way we thought about climate change. can you tell us what those 12 words that you put in this report were? >> they are forever engraved on my memory so those 12 words were, "the balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate." and it real was the first time that the international scientific community spoke with one voice and said, hey, we've looked at the evidence. most of it is pointing one direction. humans are no longer innocent bystanders in the climate system. we're active agents of change. >> seth: you mentioned -- you authored those words, people were very upset that you put those in. there's obviously industries that would prefer americans that were humans to be the innocent victims so that we wouldn't have to change our behavior to prevent it from happening. you had some threats. you were threatened by people who were upset about those 12 words.
1:30 am
>> words matter. words can change the world. and it's kind of weird to think looking back over the last 21 years or so, since that sentence came out, that those words changed the world, and they led to congressional investigation. they led to a dead rat on my doorstep. >> seth: dead rat on your doorstep? >> dead rat on the doorstep. >> seth: did they knock or do you just find it in the morning? [ laughter ] i'm very curious about this. >> i was at home, about 10:00 at night. there's a knock on my door. i'm upstairs with my son. i go downstairs, dead rat on the doorstep. guy driving away at a high speed in a yellow hummer. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> i called the police. they tell me look out for people driving yellow hummers. which i had done diligently ever since then. [ laughter ] >> seth: especially if they got a trunk full of dead rats. [ applause ] i want to talk about this because i se
1:31 am
on the show and we were talking about climate change. and he said something, and again, he's a very smart guy and of course i did not have any research to debate what he said. i'm going to play what he said on this show. and then i'm gonna let you answer to it. let's take a look. >> many of the alarmists on global warming, they got a problem because the science doesn't back them up. and in particular, satellite data demonstrates for the last 17 years, there's been zero warming, none whatsoever. >> seth: okay, so the best i could have done then was, nuh-uh, but -- [ laughter ] i'm going turn it over to you. satellite data, no change, 17 years. what do you have to say for yourself, you alarmist? [ laughter ] >> or warmist is the word en vogue. >> seth: is that a climate change scientist joke? [ laughter ] >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: warmist. >> so he made a testable claim on your show. >> seth: yeah.
1:32 am
>> listen to what he said. satellite data. so satellite measurements of atmospheric temperature show no significant warming over the last 17 years, and we tested it. we looked at all of the satellite data in the world from all groups, and wanted to see, was he right or not? and he was wrong. even if you focus on a small segment of the now 38 year satellite temperature record, the last 17 years, he was demonstrably wrong. more importantly, if you look at the entire record it shows strong evidence of a human effect on climate. warming of the lower atmosphere. cooling of the upper atmosphere. and that's the fingerprint of human caused changes in heat trapping greenhouse gases. so the bizarre thing is senator cruz is a lawyer. he's got to look at all of the evidence when he's trying a case, when he's involved in a case, not just one tiny segment of the evidence. >> seth: i think you have a different estimation of lawyers th d
1:33 am
[ laughter ] as far as what they are trying to accomplish, but i want to finish with this. obviously this is a scary time. it's an interesting time as you've called it, yet you remain optimistic. and i'm happy to hear that, but where are you finding optimism right now, considering this sort of deck that's stacked against you? >> well, it seems like it's a real teachable moment. climate science has been elevated in public discourse. look at that. look at senator cruz appearing on your program making testable claims. the president of the united states saying nobody really knows the causes of climate change. and we do. so this is a moment when people -- [ light laughter ] when people are willing to listen when i can come on your show and say, "nobody really knows" is wrong, it's fake news. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i'm really --
1:34 am
i want those teachable moments. i want to tell people, this is our understanding. these are the likely outcomes if we do nothing about the problem of human-caused climate change. and let's have a respectful honest debate on what to do about it. but let's not dismiss this incorrectly as a hoax or a conspiracy. we all lose if we embrace ignorance with open arms. >> seth: well, i couldn't agree with you more. and thank you so much for making the time. it's fantastic to have you here. dr. ben santer, everybody. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to terry crews, leighton meester, dr. ben santer, everybody. andres ferero, 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: good evening. you have tuned into "last call" with yours truly, carson daly. thank you so much. tonight we're coming at you from the skylark in new york city and we've got a killer show coming up. all rit, so, for our spotlight, we're


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