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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we're also told there were a few $1 million dollar winners, none in our area. so now we know. let's get you caught up on weather and traffic this morning, as well. some breaking news on the roads, but i think we'll begin with chuck and sheen ma. >> it is mild outside. >> sleeveless weather. we love it. >> i love it. and you know what other people notice? you might not love too much. the pollen levels. the temperatures are warm. things are start to go bloom a little bit early. so the main things out there, here is a look at the pollen levels. today, close to a medium level. friday, saturday shoots up. then we have rain moving and that rain will start to drop a little bit. we're going to continue see them rite rise as we go into spring. temperatures right now, only in the mid 50s. some areas of patchy fog. very warm this afternoon and we'll look at that day
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it's unbelievable how many on 70 degree days we're going to start up in the month of february. really mild stuff. we've already had four sefts this month and we have a couple more headed our way. the first one coming up later this afternoon. so right now, there are a lot of clouds around this morning. and there have been a few spripgels down across southern maryland. otherwise, sort of a damp feeling to the morning. clouds will gradually scatter away late this morning into the afternoon. afternoon highs today, up into the low and mid 70s and even warmer tomorrow. tomorrow may be an emergency call out sick to work day. we're still dealing with breaking news in news 4 traffic. >> breaking news as you're headed into d.c. this morning. take a look at the problem. northbound 295 shut down at malcolm x avenue. all traffic being pushed on to malcolm x. southbound sunf
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maryland, suitland parkway may be your best bet. it is under investigation which means it could be some time. megan mcgrath has more from the scene to explain to us exactly what is going on. megan. >> well, we're really starting to see some tie ups here because of a single car accident that has all of the northbound lanes of 295 closed. you can see this is the detour right here at malcolm x avenue. we are now starting to see lots of traffic slowing down as cars are forced off of 295 down on to malcolm x. so within the last half hour, we are starting to see major traffic tie ups in the area. now, in terms of how long this is going to remain closed, we don't know. you can see the police officers are here manning this detour. the accident itself is a little further down the road just beyond malcolm x. we're told it's a single car accident. we don't know any of the particulars, but there apparently is s
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we bumped into a motorist who went through that debris field and got a flat tire. certainly after they finish their investigation, sheer going to have to clear all that up. right now, everybody northbound is closed. back to you all. >> we want to get to erica gonzalez at the live desk following a police shooting in the district. what's happening? let's go back to this developing story. we can tell you that we have a crew headed to the southeast. the intersection of calvert street. we understand park police were there on the scene respond to go a traffic spot and attempt to go make that traffic stop. the driver of that vek we understand rammed the officer's car the webb the officer discharged his weapon. how many times? can't tell you right now. all those details
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into our news room. but we can tell you that the suspect remains at large. there are no closures in there. the officer that was responding to this was, in fact, injured and discharged had is weapon. as soon as we get more details, we'll bring them to you here at the live desk. >> time is 5:04. a big fire causing serious damage to a home in ft. washington. look at those flames on the roof. two people lived there but were able to get out of the house. it happened between 1:00 and 2:00 this morning. the fire is in the garage and attic. it's not clear right now what caused it. those are the voices of hundreds of people protesting the trump administration's reversal of rest room protections for transgender students. the justice department and department of educationro
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admin straegz's policy. it called on all public schools to let children use bathrooms that match their gender identity. so protesters took to the streets last night to shout their disapproval about that reversal. this isn't a problem around the country. they are making it a country around the country. they have waving at these kids calling them sexual predators. >> this being seen as a major set for transgender rights. >> justin has a look at what this can mean for your child's school. >> good morning. moms and dads out there, thj be a school department very soon. the issue is how schools handle the issue. for right now, there may be
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however, it is an about face. to let transgender students use the rest rooms and locker rooms of their chosen gender identity. that was their interpretation of a federal anti-discrimination law in public schools. the obama white house even tried withholding federal dollars from schools than the did not comply. with that guidance, the trump administration says states can now address how schools handle those rights. this is a change in how the jufts department treats the issue of transgender rights given the laws that are already in place. we are live here outside the white house. i'm justin finch, news 4. back in to you at the studio. >> thank you, justin. the trump
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change comes as the supreme court is set to hear arguments next month on a case directly dealing with this issue. gavin grim, a transgender student suing the school for not allowing him to use the boy's bathroom. >> we'll have a look at the annual conservative conference. we are learning more about the house fire in lorton that claimed the looich of a little boy. a 5-year-old died in that fire. he started the fire while playing with a lighter in the garage. his mother and two neighbors tried to rescue him, but the flames made that xwoobl. disappointed we couldn't get him. i really, really feel bad about his mom because she had to stand in the front yard and watch. it was terrible. >> firefighters urged parents to have frank
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their kids playing with fire. neighbors set up a gofundme page to help pay for his funeral. it's been about a week and the fbi is asking for your help to find a missing teenager. michaela is 15 years old. police now believe she ran away from her home with a man she met diop line. that man is on the right side of her screen here. authorities believe the two of them could be headed to georgia. right now, there is a search for this missing man in rockville. he lives at the montgomery county's men's emergency shelter. he is without his prescribed medication. cease known to hang out around the rockville center. >> the issue is with the westwood shopping center in
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this property is slated for redevelopment in the future. well, we have brand new video this morning that will help you panda lovers out there breathe a bit of a sigh of relief. bao bao has arrived safely in china. she was in a special panda plane. there she is. she seems shooip shy when she was finally let out of her crate. she did warm up, though, after seeing some treats. all that bamboo. bao bao will stay in quarantine for a month to make sure she's healthy and that she doesn't spread her germs to the other pandas. >> the head of the research center joked that he hoped she could
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dialect quickly. might see people in shorts today, sheena? >> yeah. you could even wear shorts outside right now. flip-flops this afternoon, whatever you want. temperatures are already in the 50s. the normal temperature for the morning hours this time of year is 32 degrees. we're going to get really warm this afternoon. maybe even record highs. coming up, a look at your bus stop forecast and what to wear, that's next. also ahead, calming your food fears. a week-long series continues with how one mom makes her live with her daughter's food allergies easy and safe. and dinner just got cheaper. what mcdone ld a's is add too its d gol
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breaking news right now. on 295, take a look at this had. 295 northbound right now shut down at mal-malcolm x avenue. all that traffic being pushed on to malcolm x. if you're headed in from maryland. suitland parkway instead. >> indeed, an incredibly mild morning here in the washington area. temperatures are already above our typical eyes for this time of the year. right now, mid to upper 50s. couldn't rule out a sprinkle or two in western maryland, but most of us will be dry. nothing more than long sleeves this morning and sunglasses this afternoon. it may be shorts and t-shirt weather tomorrow. extended forecast, coming right up. >> thank you. right now, we're also following breaking news out of
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>> news 4's megan mcgrath just arrived at the scene of a police involved shooting. megan. >> yeah. this is a police involved shooting involving a u.s. park police officer. if you look behind me, you can see the scene here. and we're seeing police officers with flashlights just beyond that cruiser with the flashing lights there maybe looking for physical evidence, shell casings and the like. here is what we can tell you so far as to what happened here. it was about 4:00 in the morning. a park police officer was trying to make a traffic stop here. as the officer got out of his cruiser, police say that that suspect, the car that he had pulled over tried to ram his cruiser, tried to ram him. the officer's leg was injured and that officer did fire his service weapon.
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the person was injured. whether they were struck or not.. all of this is very clear and we'll continue to bring you updates as soon as we get it. >> megan, thank you. it's the kind of clue you expect to hear about in a tv show, maybe, but this is real life. police in indiana say a teenage girl managed to record a suspect's voice right before her death. that recording came from 14-year-old liberty german's cell phone. she and a 13-year-old girl were found dead along a hiking trail in indiana last week. german managed to snap a photo of a man walking near that trail before she died. >> this young lady is a hero, no doubt. to have enough presence of mind to activate the video system on her cell phone -- >> police say they are not sure if the voice is the voice of that man in the video.
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it is probably the last thing you would want to do if you ever had to take a field sobriety test. >> we're not doing yoga. i don't know what you're doing. put your hands down. >> okay. i didn't ask you to do a summer assau somersalt. >> the officer tried and tie trooed again to get the 23-year-old woman to walk in a straight line. she couldn't do it. at one point, the woman tried to kick the officer. she was arrested and now faceses aggravated drunk drivering and battery charges. 5:16 now. get your pennies ready. mcdonald's is expanding its dollar menu. the fast food chain is cutting soda prices to just $1 a cup. you can get a cup of specialty coffee for just $2 pl. that includes smoothies,
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and shakes. let's go back to that breaking news on i-295. center right now, we have about a one-mile backup as you're heading northbound. you can see that little bit of red here as you're headed northbound. 295 shut down at malcolm x avenue. if you're headed in from maryland, you have to use suitland parkway instead this morning at least for now. 66 is okay. southbound 95 after 123, left lane is getting by that crash. inner loop ramp to old georgetown road, blocked by a work zone. beltway overall looks pretty good here this morning. bottom of the beltway, looking quite good. we'll have more on that problem on 295, coming up. guys. we want to turn to sheena parveen right now. we are looking at just 70 what the today? >> 74. 75. mid 70s. bring it. all of it. >> it's going to feel like play. >> it is going to feel like may. so i know
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wondering, why is this happening? where is the cold air and why isn't it coming here? here is what is going on. we have warm air right now. the arctic air is up to our north. the arctic air gets closer, but this is still saturday. that warm air is still here. there you see that ball of arctic air coming in on sunday. and this is really the weather set up. we haven't had prolonged cold because this arct air has no reason to stay down here. then we go into next week. it moves up to the north and that warmer air moves back in. that will be the trend as we end out winter here. we're going to have balls of arctic air ball r drop down quickly and move back up and the warm air is going to stick around. it is very mild to start the morning. 54 in the district. normally we would be around freezing if we were around those normal temperatures, but way above that this morning. and this afternoon, we're dry on the radar. appear few sprinkles to our south. if you're dining out
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but lunchtime, mostly cloudy. 67 degrees. happy hour, 74. by dinnertime, we're still going to be around 70. still very warm. here is future weather. we go through the day today, we're warm and dry with that south wind tomorrow. still a very warm day, mid 70s. warm on saturday. here comes the rain saturday afternoon. so if you're planning your weekends, keep in mind rain saturday afternoon and then we go into sunday and sunday will be cooler. 50 degrees and breezy. so that is the short cooldown, but look at next week. we jump back up again. >> we like it. thank you, sheen ma. 5:19 right now. the next nats game you go to could be shorter. major league baseball announced it's doing away with the intentional walk. instead, a signal from the dugout will give the batter a free pass to first. this should help speed up the pace of the game, apparently. if you're wondering, an intentional walk usually takes about one minute. there were more than 900
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>> why mess with a good thing? it's baseball. it's america's favorite past time. you don't mess with baseball. >> sometimes times change. people change. needs change. change. first, the african-american history museum, now another big project. >> who just scored the
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. >> you know it, aaron. >> of course. >> your noon time soap opera, "days of our lives," will continue to air. it's been renewed for a 52nd season. >> deidre hall killed it. >> i cannot believe you know so much about days. the show, which is centered in the fictional town of salem, debuted back in 196 5. last month, the show celebrated its 13,000th -- i can't even do that math -- episode. the nbc long running soop oprah,
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>> i was a kid. that was -- you know, the summertimes, if you weren't outside, you curled up with my grandmother, we watched soap operas with her. >> really? >> yes. >> things you learn about aaron on a daily basis. the design team responsible for the national museum of african-american history and culture now has a new high profile project. >> well, applebom associates has been chosen to lead the team for the obama presidential center. they were also involved in the look of the u.s. capital visitor's center and the national holocaust memorial museum. as we celebrate black history month, the power of family, struggle and life coming together. in the early 1900s, an african-american couple fell in love while performing in a circus. now their great, great, great grandson is sharing the story of
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show called the very last days of the first colored circus. the message here is powerful showing how their love for each other helped them overcome the hate that surrounded them. >> a love story to them and also a love story to the town of lepleta and the surrounding areas of how my family settled there sxrazed families there on a little bit of nothing. but what we had a lot of was just love. >> the show runs through march 5th at the antecosta play house. for more information, head to the nbc washington app. >> a wonderful tribute to his great, great grandparents. and the community. 5:25 now. if you spend any extra time layering up today, you certainly don't need that, chuck bell. >> take it off. >> not that kind of show. >> yes, it's going to be a jacket off kind of a day to be outside this afternoon. warm, dry for most. tomorrow, potentially warmer still, but your weekend, we will be dodging the drops on your
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saturday. the timing of that is coming right up. and the parking versus public parks. which would you rather have? we'll tell you where parking spots could soon be replaced with grass. plus, students sent home from a maryland school when their teachers don't show up.
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here are the top stories we're working for you this morning. the northbound lanes of i-295 are shut down near malcolm x avenue southeast. park police are there investigating. melissa mollet will have your alternate routes. the trump administration has reversed a policy that provided transgender students with rest room protections. we'll explain what the reversal means in your schools, coming up. and you probably didn't win the powerball jackpot. the winning ticket for that $435 million prize was sold in indiana. the numbers on your screen there. the powerball was two. the jackpot back down to just $40 million. that's ahead of saturday's drawing. now could be the time to play when not everyone is going bonkers over buying tickets, right? >> 40 million, who needs 40 million? >> it is going to feel like spring again to
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going to get to the forecast in a moment. first, melissa mollet is following breaking traffic news that could be a big deal this morning, ma lielissa. the. northbound 295 shut down at malcolm x avenue here this morning. so all traffic right now being pushed on to malcolm x. those backups are building if you're headed in from maryland sometime soon. definitely taking suitland parkway instead. no word on when this is going to wrap up here this morning. inner loop ramp to old georgetown road, that is blocked by the work zone there. 270 southbound here, fought bad from 70 down to the spur. you can see 63 miles per hour. it's going to take you 29 minutes. northbound, also looking nice and clear here this morning. you don't have any worries. 270 northbound. still have the situation southbound 95 after 123. left lane getting by that crash. the rest of 95 looks okay. 66 into town and out of town, no big problems there. top of the beltway, all of these routes into town and out of town looking okay
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right now, going to check in with mr. chuck bell. i have to say, we are happy with today's weather. you know when we have very little sleep, we're happy with that. >> i know that summer-had like dress res back in fashion for sure today for the ladies. it's going to be such a mild day. may need a wrap here early this morning on your way out. temperatures in the upper 40s to low and mid 50s. that's already above our average high. by later on today, with increasing amounts of sunshine, because there's a lot of cloud cover this morning. but we'll get plenty of sunshine later this had afternoon. early temperatures up into the low and mid 70s. it is a plus weather today. outdoor recess, foresure. i couldn't rule out one or two lonesome showers out near the blue ridge this afternoon, but rain chances are below 30%. sheen if a will be outside on the patio talking about the sneeze-o-meter coming up. breaking news coming in. >> erika has new details about a homicid
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homicide investigation that officers wound up finding a suspect barricaded in a garage. took them two hours to get hold of this individual. and now this person facing a number of charges. a couple of them first and second degree murder. you're looking at a photo of richard h had arriday. this is the suspect in this case. police officers responding in frederick, maryland, to the call of shots fired. 400 block of west south street. they think this started inside an apartment. it escalated, went outside and police officers say that harriday fired a shot, killing an individual. took off from the scene, barricaded himself at a nearby garage and that's where they found him there. again, this is a homicide investigation happening in frederick, maryland. this incident all taking place last night about 10:00. from the life desk, i'm erika gonzalez. imagine dropping your child off at school and having to rush back to pickur
5:33 am
teachers. that happened to parents at terchb tillman elementary school in baltimore yesterday. according to our affiliate in baltimore, only two teachers remained at the school after a teacher sick out. those teachers were responsible for 60 students who were not able to be picked up early. the sick out was in response to proposed budget cuts. the baltimore teacher's union says it's work to go find a solution. protection against domestic violence has become one of maryland's top priorities. the bill calls for the state board of education to ip corporate age appropriate training on domestic and dating violence.
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5:34, your time right now. a montgomery county police officer is being honored for his heroism during the silver spring apartment explosion. seven people died. officer jeffrey hughes worked off duty patrol at the apartment. last night, the police department presented officer hughes with the medal of valor for heroism. hughes rescued a family from the fire and that collapsed building. >> it's sad because, you know, there are deaf in thely people there that i've seen on a daily basis, maybe once a week or something like that i didn't get to say good-bye to. i'm there to help them. and, you know, i'll never see them again. >> hughes used keys to the front entrances of the building to get in, pull fire alarms and knock on doors to help firefighters there on the scene. more than 50 families were displaced in that explosion. kite soon be harder to find a place to park in downtown bethesda. >> there's a grassroots ef
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spaces into parks. some argue bethesda needs more playgrounds and dog parks. but to get green space, you have to lose about 500 parking spaces. that would create five acres of new parks and the timing could be crucial. if you're waiting for private property owners, you know, for the value of their property to become so low that we can afford to buy it, you're going to be waiting a really long time. so you have to look at what land you have and make the best use of that. >> if these parking spaces do end up going away, the county says they could be replaced, possibly putting parking under any new parks that were created or relocated in bethesda. the next step is to find the funding to make this a reality. florida, california, hawaii, that's where you would think america's best beaches are. but a new ranking says one of them is just across the bridge. we'll tell you where you should book your summer vacations. and why wait for summer with tos
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sheena. >> it is going to feel like may today and tomorrow. i'm outside right now. you can hear the birds chirping already in fields just like a spring morning. kind of towards the end of spring, though. a little dewey outside, but you don't need a jacket this morning and you will not need the jacket this afternoon. we're talking about the 70s and some record high temperatures coming up. chuck and i will have a closer look at the warmth and some rain for your weekend. stay tuned. first, though, out of this world discovery. seven new planets found orbiting our universe. we'll break it down to the basics of
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nearly a third of public high school students in virginia are doing college-level work. the college board says virginia has the nation's sixth highest percentage of high school seniors who qualify for college credit on advanced placement exams. last year, 28% of the seniors earned a score of three or higher on at least one ap exam. nationwide, that number is 21%. the most popular ap courses among virginia students are english and u.s. history. >> this is discovery. we've made a giant -- >> if you thought nine planets was plenty, your kids will she learning about even
5:40 am
nasa scientists say they've identified several objects out in space that are a lot like either. >> thearth. >> this is a huge break through here. first, there are seven of them. secondly, they are far, far away. it's hard to even wrap your mind around this. 235 trillion miles away. but all orbiting a single star like our solar system. >> scientists say three are is in the sweet spot of an orbit where a planet could potentially support liquid water, the key to life on our planet, we know. we don't know much about them other than that they exist. but scientists hope future telescopes will help us analyze those planets. >> 235 trillion miles away.. how can you even -- what kind of telescope can see that? we'll have to go there. >> you first. if it doesn't feel like fep outside this morning, chuck bell. >> not at all. it fel
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springtime out there. current temperatures are already in the upper 40s and low 50s. it's going to be feeling like the 10th of may. coming up, with afternoon highs, we could potentially break a record out at dulles airport. it doesn't feel like february at all. i've got that ten-day forecast coming up for you at 5:51. and megan mcgrath is on breaking news this morning. megan. >> police-involved shooting in southeast washington. police involved shooting in southeast washington. what prompted a park police officers to open fire? i'll have a live report, coming up.. live with breaking news continuing on the roads this morning. the update here on the problem on295 and
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i really, really feel bad about his mom. she had to stand in the front yard and watch. >> right now on news 4od
5:45 am
fire. new details about the little boy who was killed and how he sparked the flames. tourists and president trump. how his time in office is changing routes you see in d.c. want your next vacation to be to one of america's best beaches? forget florida and hawaii. the maryland beach that's topping the charts. but first, we are following two breaking news stories at 5:45. there has been a police-involved shooting in southeast washington. news 4's megan mcgrath is at the scene gathering new information. >> we begin with melissa mollet. she has breaking news on i-had 95 that might affect what time you get to work today. >> i can say in the last couple of minutes, things have gotten a bit better here. we're not seeing as much of a delay because we now have just the right lane blocked. this is somebody 295 after malcolm x avenue. if you're headed in from
5:46 am
minutes or so, you might want to try suitland parkway instead because it may take another 20, 30 minutes for this to clear out of the way. 5:46. now to that other breaking story in southeast d.c. >> there has been a police-involved shooting on talber street and talbert terrace. megan, what's going on? >> well, if you take a look over my shoulder here, you can see the u.s. park police cruiser that was involved in all of this. around 4:00 in the morning, we're told that that officer was trying to make a traffic stop here at talbert terrace and talbert street. as he got out of his cruiser, a vehicle that he pulled over, that suspect driver tried to ram him, ram the cruiser and that's when the police officer, the park police officer opened fire. it is unclear at this point whether or not the driver of that vehicle was hit in the gunfire. all of that still
5:47 am
investigation. but the intersection the blocked off. don't have any updates on the officer's condition at this point. but certainly they are looking for witnesses, as well, anybody who saw anything is asked to come forward. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. a lot of arrests overnight in california after protests over this potentially upsetting video showing an off-duty police officer here fight, teenagers. >> that officer fired his gun. erika gonzalez has the latest from the live desk. >> this is a developing story. let's show you these aerials of these protests in anaheim, california, outrage on the streets after an off-dual lapd officer fired his weapon in a confrontation with some teenagers. this is in anaheim, california. these protests turning violent last night with many of these protesters hurling things at officers. now, what is at dispute here is this altercation caught on cell phone v
5:48 am
the glasses, an off-duty lapd police officer scuffling with teenagers. he had had a number of issues with these teens in the past because they were walking on his lawn and he told them repeatedly to get off his lawn. this athercation eventually ends with him fire ago shot. he's been placed on administrative leave. what is being dispute here is the officer claims that he heard the teens say i'll shoot you. the teen says he said i'll sue you. so, again, a developing story at a news conference expected in los angeles today on this story. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> thank you, erica. it is now 5:48. we're learning more about the house fire in lorton that claimed the life of a little boy. fairfax county fire says 5-year-old stellen died
5:49 am
investigators say he started the fire himself while playing with a lighter in the garage. his mother and two neighbors, a retired firefighter and an off-duty firefighter tried to rescue him, but the flames made that impossible. >> disappointed we couldn't get him. i really, really feel bad about his mom because she had to stand in the front yard and watch. it was terrible. >> firefighters are urging parents to have important conversations with their children about playing with fire. neighbors have set up a gofundme page to help pay for stellen's funeral. in the district, police are searching for the person who shot two construction workers. one of the men remains in critical condition this morning. the victim's friend says they got a call about the emergency at home. as they started to walk back, someone in a mask shot them. surveillance cameras caught one of the victims return to go a nearby church. the good samaritan there was able to call for
5:50 am
you may have noticed the city is getting more crowded with tourists from overseas. that means big money, but there is growing uncertainty over what effect, if any, president trump will have on d.c.'s tourism industries. some of its platforms like that on immigration could keep people from visiting. >> it remains to be seen. we're focussing on what is happening, especially through an international perspective to which the ripple effect if people decide not to come to the united states because of some of these policies being discussed. >> between 2015 and last year, tourists spent $7 billion here bringing nearly $760 million in tax revenue to the district. >> parking in two of the d.c.'s busiest neighborhoods is about to cost you more money. new parking rates start monday. the goal of the pilot program is to improve parking availability through demand-based pricing. that area includes h street
5:51 am
e street northwest and 11th street northwest. the rates range from $1.50 an hour to $3.25 an hour. big crowds are expected today at national harbor as cpac continues. >> news 4's jay gray joins us from capitol hill with the big names people will hear today. >> good morning, eun, aaron. always great to talk to you. after some of these firy town hall meetings that we've seen over the last several days, the white house perhaps looking to change the narrative a bit and they will have a power packed speaker lineup today at cpac. it includes secretary of education betsy devos. but maybe the people they most want to see will be together on the stage. we'll have the president's chief strategist and adviser steve bannon joining the chief of staff reince priebus. there's been a lot of talk about a divide in the white house and these two men have been the focus of that talk. they'll be on stage together. they're billing this a conversation
5:52 am
so it could be interesting to see what comes out of that. and then the night will close with vice president mike pence speaking to the group. tomorrow, the keynote address will be delivered by president trump himself. he will be the first sitting president to talk to the group since ronald reagan. >> jay gray on the hill. jay, thank you. >> yep. tracey wilkins will have more on how officials are working to keep you safe during the conference at national harbor. you can see that story in the nbc washington app. coming up at 6:00, we'll have details on the trump administration's reversal of rest room protections for transgender students. breaking new in your traffic right now. melissa, what's going on? breaking news, still have this problem here as you're headed into the district. here is the issue. northbound 295 after malcolm x avenue. we still have the right lane blocked, so it's not totally closed any longer. but we have that right lane blocked. no matter, we are still seeing delays headed
5:53 am
if you're headed in from maryland sometime soon, say suitland parkway instead. 66 and 95, you can see looking pretty good right now. southbound bw parkway, ramp inbound new york avenue, crash there on the left shoulder here this morning. not really seeing too much of a problem there. that is good. beltway everall is rolling along nicely. rock creek parkway at k street, also have an accident reported in that area. as far as travel times here, 270 south is fine. top of the beltway, to big worries there. expecting 66 and 95 to look normal. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop into your car this morning. right now, listen to mr. chuck bell about the weather today. >> so nice, indeed. >> it really is. >> you have to be loving this. >> loving, capital "l." >> aaron, do you like it? >> i like it. >> very strong. i care for it. >> you care for it. >> that's as much as
5:54 am
you. i will be outside run milligram extra miles today, but typically i don't have to worry about carrying extra hydration for another month or two. but if you're an outdoor exerciser, temperatures in the 70s today and tomorrow. carry the extra water along with you. we will be close to record highs at all three of our local airports. today and tomorrow, the record is at 78. probably won't get all the way there. dulles airport, the record today is 73. of all of these records, that is the one that is in t most danger of getting tied or broken. tomorrow, 79. probably a smidgenon out of reach. but still, we're nearly 30 degrees above average. right now, it's in the mid 50s around the area and temperatures will do nothing but climb. a lot of clouds early this morning. temperatures, though with, thanks to the return of sunshine by mid to late morning, afternoon highs today up near 74 in downtown washington. there is vary small chance of an isolated shower or two today, but rain chances are generally
5:55 am
there is the evend of our warm spell, right there. that cold front coming through the twin citys today, that arrives here saturday afternoon. that will bring an end to this record stretch of warm weather. as far as rain chances today, maybe a spripgel of a drop or two later this morning. later this afternoon, hour high resolution computer model trying to hint at a slight chance of a passing showers or two. northern parts of the shenen doe ya, basically along the bridge ridge. frederick, maryland, winchester, martinsburg, a slight chance for a shower or two there today. in and around the city, not much of a threat for rain. there is your ten-day forecast. how about 70s today, tomorrow and saturday. rain is most likely from noon until about 8:00 saturday afternoon into saturday evening. blustery, chilly around here for sunday. monday, clouy and not too bad. back up with another shot at 70 coming up on wednesday which will be the first day of march. >> all right, chuck, thank you. 5:56
5:56 am
for your tax return before it even lands in your bank account. national retail federation says more .more people are choosing to put that money away for a rainey day. a new survey finds 48% of consumers plan to save the money rather than spend it right away. more than 36% plan to use the tax refund to pay down debt. if you haven't filed yet, we have a whole series of stories you need to watch out for, the dos and don'ts. search tax tips in the nbc washington app. 5:56. if you love wine, you may want to head to loudoun county. one of its vineyards just won the governor's cup press teen yuj award from the winery association. the barn at hamilton station vineyard is first in the county to win its 2014 beat out 494 other whines from 102 virginia wineries. it's about $35 a bottle. >> just bought some wine in virginia's wineun
5:57 am
>> supporting the local vineyards. >> probably bought too much. our warm weather may have you planning a beach trip, maybe. it turns out one of the top beaches in the country is just a few hours away. >> ocean city, maryland, ranks 10th on the trip adviser's best beaches in the u.s. most of the other cities in the list are in florida or hawaii, as you can imagine. we posted the list on the nbc washington facebook page in case you want to share. breakfast they say is the most important meal of the day, right? but it can be the toughest if you have food allergies in your home. ahead at 6:00, the simple changes you can make to ease those food fears the. plus, a new twist in the search for a missing teen. and it's going to remind you to warn your children about online safety.
5:58 am
5:59 am
several stories to get to this morning. one could have a big impact on your community. we'll fill you in. plus, a traffic stop leads to a police-involved shooting. the latest from this scene here. plus, it's feeling a lot like spring in february now. temperatures heading into the 70s today. we have your forecast. and the latest
6:00 am
powerball and why you still have to go to work today. we're here. we didn't win the powerball. >> we're all up today. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. a busy day for you ads as you head out the door this morning. first, to melissa mollet in first 4 traffic where she's been following breaking news all morning. breaking news, again, we're talking about a northbound 295 here this morning. that is the problem after malcolm x avenue. now, crash there with the right lane blocked here this morning. it's better than it was. but it's still not great. if you're headed in from maryland sometime soon, definitely take suitland parkway instead and save yourself the pain. gal low ones road here at lee highway, truck fire reported. inbound 66 and 95 looking quite good. southbound bw parkway, a little problem here. ramp to inbound new york avenue, crash there on the left shoulder here this morning. rock creek


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