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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 25, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EST

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condition. a 16-year-old girl is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. and two people were shot in northeast d.c. overnight on 51st street. two men are in the hospital with injuries. no suspects identified. the democratic national committee will be choosing its new national chair today. there's seven candidates. former montgomery county council member tom perez is a top candidate. keith ellison is another top candidate. ellison is the first muslim ever elected to congress. >> we've got a busy weather day ahead of us. i'm adam tuss in for david. >> and i'm angie goff. we want to bring in meteorologist tom kierein. this is going to come down to timing, right tom? >> that's right. it's balmy and beautiful now. we have a little bit of sunshine. but a strong cold front is poised
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the metro area later this afternoon. right there there's the view looking at washington. hour-by-hour temperatures climbing up to around 70 by noontime. maybe even low 70s between noon and 1:00. but then it quickly drops back as the rain arrives. back into the 50s by 3:00. right now all dry on storm team 4 radar locally. but the leading edge of this rain coming to the mountains. new hour-by-hour timing coming up this half hour. we want to bring you some breaking news right now. investigating a homicide here. a woman was found with a gunshot wound early this morning. no suspect has been identified. listen to this one. developing this morning, a magician's death found inside a hollywood magic club. now under investigation. employees found a male magici magician's body inside a closet inside the magic castle. it appears to have been a suicide. t
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released because family is still being notified. employees said the man was a beloved performer at that club. fairfax county police now say they'll reveal the officer who shot and killed a man in herndon last month. yesterday the fbi told police the officer would not be at risk if his name was released. the officers shot mohamed after investigators say he shot his brother and also refused police orders to drop a knife. police say that they will release the officer's name after they interview him and talk with a federal judge. a mother in prince georges county dialed 911 after shooting her own son. police say angelique chase admitted to shooting her own son christopher perry on thursday night. according to court documents, that pair got into a heated argument inside their home. chase's grandson was at the home as well and tried to break it up. chase is being held without bond on second degree murder charges. raw sewage is flowing into the potomac river from
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today that could begin to change if virginia lawmakers pass a bill that would speedup cleanup. they will vote on that measure today. if passed it will require them to clean up the sewer outflows by the summer of 2023. the delegates passed a measure on friday. a lot of us have been watching that eagle cam at the national arboretum. that happened after the mother there, the eagle, had taken care of two eggs. >> we move on from the pandas so quickly. right? bao bao is just a zand memory. no. well, mark segraves explains why eagles are now thriving here in our region. >> never gets old. are you kidding me? being able to see that on the anacostia river? to be able to see it anywhere. we almost lost them. >> reporter: dan roush tracks wild birds for the department of environment. he said d.c. went decades without any bald eagles at all. and now there are at least four families of bald eagles living along the a
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having eaglets. roush says that shows the anacostia is getting healthier but also says it says something about how bald eagles are evolving. >> they're learning to adapt to be in more urban areas. when they were here in the '40s, d.c. was a much different city. so they've had to learn to deal with an urban environment. these are actually becoming urbanized birds. >> reporter: this fame came to the arboretum to see them in person. >> it's amazing. you don't think you'd have the opportunity living in the city. and just to have this in your back yard is such a gift. >> reporter: while the return of the bald eagles are exciting, there's another nest of birds along the potomac river that's been missing from our area for more than a hundred years. ravens. >> the ravens are doing well. they spent the winter here. they fledged three. they all stuck around as a
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different areas of the palisades and georgetown and down the canal. >> all right. it is a huge weekend between two college basketball rivals. >> what'd you say? >> mason nation right here. the men's basketball teams at george washington university and george mason, they're getting set to go head to head. >> i have to be a little bias. going to gmu and all. here's a look at what's at stake. >> reporter: as we step closer to march madness, the men's basketball team at george mason prepares for their biggest rivalry of the season. they have yet to beat george washington but have hope this weekend with marquise moore. he is one of the leaders in the country when it comes to rebounds and an exercise you probably did as a kid. >> marquise is one of the most physically talented guards i've been around. and he competes at a high level. he's an excellent athlete.
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he's very, very strong. one of the best rebounders i've coached. >> this year he just had a different mind frame. to the point he decided i'm going to get everything. >> i feel like, you know, my rebounding and aggressiveness has the younger guys, just go after it more. being aggressive and have a trickle down effect. i'm going to keep doing it. >> part of that determination comes from monkey bars. >> come in one day just to see that, it was -- it was kind of nerve-racking. i was wondering what was in store for us. >> reporter: the school made this routine part of the workout. not just for physical workout. >> once they get over that fear, they have a sense of accomplishment. then they move on. they'll come up with different things to challenge each other. >> the last three, four minutes of the game is all about mental toughness. got to get a key rebound. got to be locked in, focused in that last three minutes. that definitely prepares it. >> part is they believe they're
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said, half of the game is mental. so to be able to fight through that, i think that training helps them. >> they're kind of fun. to be up there and test your ability especially with nothing under you. all upper body strength. it reminds you of being a kid again. >> reporter: in the last ten years, only two other players the size of marquise have the defensive rebounding numbers he's put up this year. those monkey bar pullups pulling him ahead of the competition. the patriots visit george washington sunday at 2:00 p.m. >> all right. pushing back against bullying. the new plan to notify parents and the deadline lawmakers may give school officials. damaging winds and a chance for hail makes it a storm team 4 weather alert day. look at the radar here. the storm moving fast here along the east coast. tom is closely tracking the timing of when thunderstorms are gointo be where you live.g
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five days. under a new virginia bill, that's how long principals would have to notify parents of bullies and their victims. according to our news partner wtop, they hope it can prevent bullying. but critics say it may not allow enough time to confirm the bullying. terry mcauliffe must now take actions. metro suing one of the employee unions because of overtime. filed a federal lawsuit yesterday. it wants to limit overtime for workers so train and bus operators don't get too tired. metro also wants to prevent them from working seven days in a row. however, the collective bargaining agreement requires that employees be allowed to work as much overtime as they want. right now the transiting agency actually pays certain employees not to work extra days to avoid safety concerns. so right now take a live look. this is a beautiful shot of national harbor.
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but not for long. tom is updating his forecast with strong thunderstorms and the chance of damaging winds today. and the changing forecast is having a big impact on allergies. why many are feeling the effects earlier this year and how to get some relief. >> reporter: the investigation continues at the naylor road ttro station after twoeens at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road.
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right now all is calm and quiet. a bit of a blustery wind. temperatures climbing into the 60s. then heading up around 70 or so by early afternoon. by 2:00, though, strong storms sweeping through the metro. damaging winds and hail. a small chance of an isolated tornado. gets windy this evening as we turn colder back into the 40s through the overnight hours. i've got new hour-by-hour timing for the storm and changes on the way over the next ten days. >> thank you very much. meanwhile we continue to follow breaking news. outside a metro station two teens were shot outside the naylor road metro station while they were waiting for a bus. >> derrick ward is live there with a look at what happened and what police are now trying to figure out. derrick, what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning again. this is returning to normal
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around the one bus bay there. that is where the shooting happened. the entire lot was closed earlier this morning. now buses are being allowed inside. the station remains open. but this happened at about 2:00 a.m. this morning. two teens, a 15-year-old male and a 16-year-old female were shot at this station. police do not have a suspect description or any sort of lookout at this point. we know the male is in critical condition. the female suffered non-life threatening injuries. these are crawling with platforms and throughout the lot. no doubt metro officials are looking through that evidence. but they're also collecting things on the ground that may help them solve this case. but again, two teens shot. a 15-year-old male and a 16-year-old female at the naylor road station. male remains hospitalized in critical condition. no lookout or suspect information. but again, service
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normal here. although there is a crime scene there at that bus bay. back to you. >> thanks for the update. three alexandria men will be honored this weekend for their decades of inspiring the city's youth. all three are former employees at the rec department and worked during the most difficult times of integration. they were coaches and mentors for thousands of kids. many of those kids went on to become professional athletes, successful businessmen, and are themselves now mentors to youth. >> i think everyone recognizes that the "remember the titans" movie, the 1971 football team here, many of the players on that team and certainly players on subsequent high school sports teams here were mentored by these individuals. they were ahead at times with respects to the idea that they were providing great services, provi
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mentorship, working with families to make sure their children were well taken care of in the alexandria communities. >> the men will be honored tomorrow at a banquet at the lee center richard kaufman auditorium. from fitness to this. girl scout cookies. you want to keep some money on hand and room in your diet for girl scout cookies. >> that is right. it is national girl scout cookie weekend. that means girl scouts will be out and about taking cookie orders. the annual drive helps raise $770 million a year. and if that's not enough to get you excited, consider this. there is a new cookie this year. the s'mores and which cookie. >> have you had it? >> not yet. i've already put some orders through my girlfriend who is have kids. >> sounds delicious. >> but i will hit up a stand. >> yes. i like the peanutt
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i'm big on thin mints in the fridge. and then runny nose and watery eyes. we're also dealing with that. are you feeling a bit more under the weather for now? >> turns out the mild weather is causing many of us to feel the pain of the seasonal allergies, the spring allergies we usually get a little later. news4's chris gordon tells us what you can do now to get some relief. >> reporter: if you have allergies, this week's warm and sunny weather may have brought on your symptoms. >> i woke up with a kind of watery eyes. that's different for me. but i mean, other than that i have a slight stuffy nose. >> reporter: it feels like spring arrived early. people wanted to get outdoors. it was a day for flip-flops and all kinds of alternative winter wear. the wilson family's 4-year-old did his best impersonation of doug kammerer. >> our weather is warm. >> reporter: but
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bud early and that creates pollen. >> i get the stuffy head, runny nose. i never really get headaches but lately i've kind of been getting headaches. >> reporter: dr. a.j. ready says a lot of patients with allergies come to him thinking they have the flu. i asked how to tell the difference. >> temperature. the degree of temperature of more than 101 is definitely a flu. whereas temperature of 99 supports more of allergies. >> reporter: he suggests before going to the doctor, you should first try over the counter nasal sprays and antihistamines. if they don't work and give you relief, then you need to see your doctor. >> then they have to get allergy testing done. and then allergy shots. that's the next step. >> yep. >> and as someone who suffers from this severely, the key is also taking your shoes off right when you enter the
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>> yeah. otherwise you track pollen all over the house. >> i had no idea. >> if you got kids, you got to wash them off. they're like pollen collectors. and the other thing is saline. you have to irrigate your nose and just let it all fall out. >> and take a shower too. >> that's a good idea. >> well, good morning and gesundheit as we are starting off this saturday morning. got a blustery southwest wind stirring the pollen up. we have a weather alert day due to a risk of storms later. look out to the west. this is the direction from where these storms will come. it is starting to get a little bit dark as we have it pushing into the panhandle of west virginia. look at our temperatures climbing into the mid-60s throughout much of the region. reagan national now is at 63 degrees. storm team 4 radar showing the leading edge, just some rain. these are not storms. just some rain. the light green coming into the panhandle of west virginia. then it's going to be coming along the 81 corridor.
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when that happens, that's when they could turn into strong storms. all of this is tracking off due east. right now just storms out of the mountains. but getting more intense as they come closer to us. here's the hour-by-hour timing. this is as of noontime, this is when we'll likely see some of those storms right along the 81 corridor and then crossing the blue ridge and south mountain heading east. then right around 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. coming from the western northern suburbs right through the metro area. eastern suburbs 3:00 to 4:00 crossing the bay after that. and then clearing out. we'll have our risk -- the main risk is high winds and hail. only a very low risk of an isolated tornado. temperatures in the 60s by the time the rain starts to come through. maybe even low 70s. storm team 4 ten-day outlook will be in the low 50s tomorrow. blustery winds with sunshine.
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y29ksy ysty need a new ride? thinking about buying a new car? there is a big sale for you today in damascus. >> take note. but these are not your average used cars. as amy cho explains, they've been put to the test by a special group of mechanics. >> reporter: for these mechanics, how to fix cars is clear. >> you don't need to force it. it'll go. >> reporter: pretty impressive given the fact that they go to high school. >>
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>> i try to teach them as if they're in the shop. >> reporter: it's all part of a program at damascus high teaching students the nuts and bolts of fixing cars. >> you've got to think of the bigger bigture to solve problems that you don't get from books. >> i would like to do this as a side job and to, like, fix my own car so i don't have to see a mechanic. >> reporter: each of the cars is donated by the community. the students learn everything from changing tires to taking apart entire engines. >> learning how to change your tire and oil, all those things are practical things you can do yourself. and they can save for a lifetime. >> reporter: they're also learning to cash in on their skills. they'll be selling the cars on saturday with the profits going towards more parts for the ture. >> it's pretty cool to see everything you do go back outside and work for someone else. >> reporter: that's one of the driving forces behind this class. in damascus, aimee cho, news
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>> aimee cho reporting right there. the sale is happening now at damascus high. they will also sell fixed up computers. learn more on the nbc washington app. just search student sales. all right time right now is 9:26. here are the four things you need to know this saturday morning. a drive by shooting at a bus stop has sent two teens to the hospital including a 15-year-old boy who's now in critical condition. metro transit police say that boy and a teen girl were shot waiting for a bus outside the naylor road bus terminal this morning. police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a woman this morning. police say they raided a condo in malaysia this morning and tested for the vx chemical nerve agent. that killed kim jong-nam. the democratic national committee will vote for its new national chair today.
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montgomery council member and labor secretary tom perez and minnesota congressman keith ellison. >> keep your eye to the sky because the weather is going to change fast. >> keep track of it on the app. >> and we do want to remind you that keeping the faith airs at 9:30 this morning right after nbc washington. find out more about that in our nbc washington app. >> special program coming up. that's all for today. thanks for joining us. we're back here tomorrow morning at 6:00. until then, have a great saturday, everybody. stay safe as the weather rolls in.
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at one point in history coming out of slavery and into the reconstruction era, jim crow and so forth, church was king. everything single african-american person had some kind of connection with a local congregation. >> the church was in important because in d.c., segregation, you couldn't go downtown to the movie on sunday afternoon so church was part of your social upbringing as well. >> the church was a good place. it was your strength. it was your foundation. so it was the one safe haven where african-americans could come and to gather and plan and strategize. it's why the several rights movement went so well because of the churches.


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