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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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and the fastest internet. [ girl screaming ] [ laughter ] right now at 11:00 -- breaking news in new orleans. a suspected drunk driver plows into a crowd, injuring dozens of people. the victims celebrating a mardi gras parade when t
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today to wind chills in the 30s right now, and it's going to feel even colder tomorrow morning. i'll let you know by how much in my forecast. and we've got an update for you on the condition of two teenagers shot at a local metro station. that breaking news, first at 11:00, more than 20 people in hospitals tonight after a suspected drunk driver crashed into a mardi gras parade. good evening. i'm erika gonzalez. thanks so much for joining us. police in new orleans says they have the driver in custody. they say he was so drunk he drove his pickup truck through the crowd, hit two vehicles, and then crashed into a dump truck. in all, 28 people are hurt. five of them are in trauma care. mayor asked residents to look out for each other as the festival season continues. >> we've h
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that have really caused serious damage and consequence to a lot of citizens which is just a same because there are hundreds of thousands of people that had been enjoying themselves. >> witnesses describe the scene as chaotic and eerie because the parade only stopped for a few minutes after the crash. we're told at least one child is among the people who were hurt. we're going to continue to follow this breaking news story and bring you any major developments as we get them. boy, what a day. so we were all enjoying these temperatures in the 70s, and then we saw this really wild weather this afternoon. now we're talking winter weather that's making a comeback. in fact, meteorologist amelia draper says the feel-like temperatures are going to dip into the 20s if you can believe that. and that cold blast working on us right now. >> exactly, erika. i'm continuing to track that cold air moving into the area when it's all said
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it will be feeling anywhere from about 40 to 50 degrees cooler and the winds partially to blame. take a look at the gusts across the area. coming in in the 20s and 30s. winds gusting up to 35 miles an hour here in washington. it's bitter out there. especially compared to this afternoon. the feels-like temperatures already in the 30s feeling about 38 in washington. look at frederick, coming in at freezing. and a wind chill in hagerstown of 29 degrees. and by tomorrow morning we're tracking wind chills in the 20s in the suburbs and 30s here in the district in areas like annapolis and fredricksburg. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. take a look at your neighborhood. about 27 in leesburg and 24 back in martinsburg. but this chill doesn't last for long, erika. we warm back up to around 70 for the work week. i'll let you know when that happens coming up in my full forecast. >> i'll see you then. we are gathering reaction tonight after two teenagers were shot on the grounds of the nailor road metro station.
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the teens were just waiting for a bus when they were hit early this morning. news 4's jackie bentsen's live outside the station where there's a lot of concern tonight. jackie in. >> reporter: as you can see behind me, the glass walls of the bus stop were shot out. a shooting on the grounds of a metro station is relatively uncommon and cause for concern. this happened at 2:00 a.m. while the victims a 16-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy were waiting for a bus just steps from the entrance to the naylor road metro station. police are investigating. officials say they are look for a male suspect but it's not clear if they believe him to be a teenager like the victims. we spoke to people in the parking lot tonight who were waiting for friends and family to arrive on the train. >> i have a son, he's 35. i come and pick him up. it's so much destruction going on in this world. you know, i'm just scared for him. >> this is
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so pretty much it's very unsafe around here. pretty much you've got to be cautious about things around here. that's why i be over here waiting to pick him up. >> reporter: both victims are said to be in stable condition at a local hospital. live in temple hills, jackie bensen, news 4. >> yaqui bensen, thank you. teachers, religious leaders, and police officers are all working together to top violence in the district. they organized a bajs tournament at anakostia high school in d.c. this was the first year for the event. teachers say it's important students have positive italian raxs wi interactions with police and other authority figures in their neighborhoods. >> it's very important we get involved with the churches, any community leaders. >> d.c. acting police chief peter newshom was on the court
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he said it's important they see officers treati t respect. he believes it will foster a better relationship between t officers and the communities they serve. the case has captured headlines for more than 40 years. now there's been a delay in the murder trial. our news partners at wtop reporting the trial has been moved back to september. it was slated to start in april. lloyd welch is charged with killing sheila and katherine lyon in 1975. they were ab dublthed while walking to wheaton mall in montgomery county. a judge has granted a defense motion to delay the start of the trial, which could get the death penalty if convicted. president donald trump will be the first commander in chief to skip the annual white house correspondents' association dinner in 36 years. organizers say the april 29th event will go on as scheduled. the annual dinner honors journalism with awards and scholarships. president ronald reagan missed the dinner in 1981 b
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assassination. president trump is congratulating the new chair of the democratic national committee. sort of. he tweeted this afternoon that he "couldn't be happier for the republican party." tom perez tweeted back promising to be president trump's worst nightmare. perez is the first latino to hold the post. he won it narrowly, defeating the more liberal representative from missouri keith ellison. in atlanta today he said he's ready to get to work. >> we need to make house calls. we need to listen to people. we need to get back to basics. >> perez served as labor secretary for president barack obama. he was also a council member in montgomery county. next on news 4, a body shop in need of repairs. find out what happened right before an employ yeah at a dealership caused this wreck. plus big bucks for some of the workers in our region. we're going to show you who could soon see
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there's a gaping hole in the side of a montgomery county car dealership tonight. fire officials say an employee at the orzman of rockville dealership had a medical emergency and caused a chain reaction crash. he accidentally hit the crash, joined a newly purchased suv into another car, and that car went through the wall of a dealership building. fire officials say the crash damaged the building's structure and wound up setting off an oil leak. >> it had struck a 55-gallon oil drum inside the building, which had ruptured and spread oil all throughout the inside of the service bay. >> as a result of that
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crews had to be called out to handle the spill. we're told the employee driving the suv should be okay. meanwhile, the nation's governors are here in d.c. for their annual winter meeting. the one major sticking point, the republican plan to overhaul obamacare. democratic governors are accusing their republican counterparts of being dishonest about the effects their plan will have. democrats saying the changes would take away people's health care in order to finance tax cuts for the wealthy. republican governors say their plan protects states from absorbing the cost of repealing the affordable care act. i saw the wheels were bunt. all over the windows. just terrible. >>rough land in
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check this out. this is here. this is local. this hail storm in northern virginia. just one of the many severe weather videos that our viewers sent us. we received reports of damage throughout the region including structural damage to homes in charles county and elsewhere. for a closer look at this wild weather we were seeing today open our nbc washington app and click on the photo gallery. some rainbows even included in all of this. well, imagine you want to make a quick stop at the mall and then you run into this. it's unclear what caused this fire near the westfield annapolis mall this afternoon. we haven't gotten any reports of damage or injuries but that was quite the sight there for some shoppers. meanwhile, passengers knew something was wrong when splatters of mud started hitting
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stop. nbc's morena ann thistle has more on this morning's rough landing in toronto. >> reporter: flashing lights and emergency crews. it's not the welcome passengers on board this air canada flight were expecting when they arrived in toronto. >> i think we hit the grass before the runway and that's why -- because the wheels are bent. we saw the wheels are bent, mud's all over the windows. just terrible. >> reporter: air canada flight 623 from halifax was carrying 112 passengers on board. it made the tense landing at pierson airport early saturday morning as heavy rain pelted down. >> it was really foggy and pretty low to the ground. like when i come across the highway you could see the highway pretty close. it was kind of scary there. >> reporter: initial reports say part of the plane's landing gear left the runway for a short distance before the pilot steered it back onto the tarmac, causing debris to fly up and splatter the windows.
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brake really fast andv kind of shifted forward. it was pretty tense. you see the mud on the windows. it was very hard. >> reporter: unable to reach the terminal, passengers disembarked on the runway and were transported by bus an hour and a half after landing. air canada says passengers were provided with hotel accommodations and limousines and their luggage will be delivered once maintenance and the authorities finish reviewing what happened. but when the initial shock wore off, not everyone was happy with the airline's response. >> no one came to see if anyone was in need of medical care. very strange. >> it's a mess. we were really lucky. really lucky. >> reporter: and hours later, it's still fresh in passengers' minds. >> as we progressed down the runway to decelerate, the plane appeared to lurch a little bit to the left and then there was a heavy application of brakes that caused everyone to sort of i guess fly forward a little bit in their seats. >> reporter: a dramatic ending to the journey. thankfully with no reports
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thistle reporting. virginia state workers could soon see some big raises. the general assembly passed a budget plan that includes a 3% across-the-board raise for state employees. teachers also getting a pay hike and state troopers will get a nearly $6,800 raise to address high turnover and morale problems. the proposal now goes to governor terry mcauliffe. >> announcer: and now your storm team 4 forecast. well, the cold front moved through the area earlier today, and it did just that. brought much colder air into our area. and it continues to move in. so your first weather headline as you head out and about tomorrow, you definitely want to grab the warm jacket. especially during the morning hours. but take a look at your second weather headline. feeling like winter? it doesn't stick around for very long. we're going to warm back up. we're around 70 degrees for a high on wednesday. and there are rain chances in the forecast for the upcoming week. what we're looking, any chance
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warmest february on record, the third or fourth warmest winter on record, at least we're also looking at currently the driest february on record here in the district. but we did have some rain move through today. it didn't put down a lot of rain. but take a look at the storm reports here. especially south and east of washington. and there was that torpedo warning for parts of charles, prince george's, and calvert counties. i was on facebook live tracking out the warning for you. and if the national weather service does go out and investigate if there was a tornado, going to do so tomorrow morning. so we cannot confirm there was a tornado. i've not personally heard any viewer or anybody in the public say that they saw a tornado. it was a radar-indicated tornado warning. that means the radar picks up enough rotation, they issue that warning just to be safe. take a look at some of the damage reports. st. charles we got a lot of reports of trees down there. this one coming in of multiple trees down at st. charles
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so again, if the national weather service heads out, they're going to be doing that tomorrow morning and tom will have the latest on news 4 today. so before the front moved through we were in the 70s. 78 in culpepper, 75 here in washington. look at this. tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. it's feeling like 30. now, the one good thing about tomorrow, beautiful sunshine in the forecast from start to finish. but it is going to be breezy. especially for the morning and midday hours. 4:00, it's chilly but it's normal to be chilly for late february, a high around 50 degrees, and then we'll be cold again tomorrow night heading into monday morning. 7:00 p.m. in the evening. we're looking at 45 degrees. because of this big temperature swing, weather having a low to moderate impact on your day. travel looking just fine. you'll need sunglasses. but outdoor exercises, we're back to the layers. and if you get chilly very easily and you're heading out in the morning you probably want at least the thin gloves. brunch today could have been outdoors. tomorrow definitely indoors. liberty will be closed
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white tail open. the ski season winding down across the area. as we look to monday, jacket weather for the kids. recess is outdoors but plenty of clouds in the forecast from start to finish. and by the time school's getting out not too bad to hit up the playground. 56 degrees at pickup. and then we continue to warm. tuesday we're in the mid 60s. maybe a few showers around. otherwise a mix of clouds and sun. on wednesday we warm to 70 and then another cold front moves through the area and this could set off some late-day rain, maybe even some thunderstorms. but the timing looks to be a little bit later so the chance for severe weather, erika, not as high certainly. something we're going to monitor. 60 thursday morning. 50s, though, throughout the day and windy. we're kind of up and down and all over the place for the upcoming work week. but i mean snow in march is not uncommon, right? >> it's hard to get snow in march. the chances really start to go down. and where we're at, the number one indicator for snow is cold
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the maryland men's basketball team has had a february to forget. could t
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chris miles here in the csn studios. it was a big night for caps head coach barry trotz. not only could he notch career win number 700 but he had the opportunity to do it against his former team, who he won 557 games in 15 seasons for in nashville. trotz looking to lead the caps to a pair of wins in less than 24 hours. washington has scored first in 21 of their last 25
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jay beagle finds tom wilson, keeping that streak alive. back-to-back games go for wilson. washington up 1-0. wilson one of two capitals first-round draft picks in the 2012 draft. the other now plays for the predators. filip forsberg gives nashville a 2-1 lead in the second. nashville now on a power play. ryan ellis finds mike fisher cutting back door for the score. capitals fall to the predators 5-2 the final. maryland having a february to forget. losers in four of their last six, trying to stop the skid tonight against iowa. terps coming out aggressive. that's demonte dodd going inside above the rim. kevin herder with the steal and attending flight school. terps ahead 24-23. hawkeyes take control in the second half. jordan bohannon gives iowa the seven-point lead. bohannon keeps showing off that
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tries. this one buries the terps, gives the hawkeyes a 14-point lead. they win it 83-69. >> our confidence is down a little bit. i think that happens after losing three games. i still think we're a hungry team. we're going through a funk right now. teams sometimes go through this. looking for an opportunity to get better. >> preparing for wisconsin we had a ton of confidence. eight games later we don't. we've got to get that back. tough to figure out how to do that. >> brighter note from the terps' game? during halftime the 2001 final four team and 2002 national championship team were honored. all of the familiar faces back in college park, juan dixon, steve blake, hall of fame head coach gary williams, amongst others. after 15 years some players say they still have it. others, well, not so much. >> we're still the same team that we were. the same things are funny. guys remember stuff th
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happened that i never knew happened, you know, that they talk about and all that stuff. for me it's a different -- you know, i was their coach. now i'm more of a friend than a coach. >> you look at trophies and all the accomplishments that we had. and then you see these guys, they show up yesterday. some of us look like we can still play and haven't aged a day and some of us look like we've never played. [ laughter ] it's pretty impressive. >> jokes on jokes on jokes. the redskins and junior galette have come to terms on a new contract. galette signed a one-year, $800,000 deal. he originally sidelined with the redskins before start of the 2015 season but tore his achilles before the start of each of the last two years and has yet to play a down for the burgundy and gold. the big weekend of big games not done just yet. george mason, george washington have their annual presidential debate on the basketball court tomorrow at 2:00. wizards will look to stop the music against the utah jazz at
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women host minnesota at 2:00. erika something, tough decisions to make tomorrow for sports fans out there. >> i guess that happens when you have some good options to look forward to in those games. chris miles, thanks very much. earlier this evening, we mistakenly said congressman keith ellison is from missouri. he in fact is from minnesota. we regret the error. thanks so much for being with us this evening. that about wraps it us for us. "saturday night live" is coming up next.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> and that is another example of how faulkner influenced latin american literature. [ cellphone beeps ] seth, i thought i told you to turn off your phone. >> i'm sorry, mrs. lehman. i think someone re-tweeted me. >> seth, you're just some random
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who would re-tweet you? >> kellyanne, i just re-tweeted the best tweet. i mean, wow. what a great, smart tweet. >> mr. trump, we're in a security briefing. >> i know, but this could not wait. it was from a young man named seth. he's 16. he's in high school. and i really did re-tweet him, seriously. this is real. >> he really did do this. >> well, sir, you're the president-elect, so i guess you can do whatever you want. but we'd really like to fill you in on syria. >> god, seth seems so cool. his twitter bio says he wants to make america great again. >> that is cool, sir. >> it also says he loves the anaheim ducks. >> okay, see, there is a reason, actually, that donald tweets so much. he does it to distract the media from his business conflicts and all the very scary people in his cabinet.


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