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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 27, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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prosecutors say is one of the notorious murders in our area will go on trial. the sisters were last seen walking near the mall. their bodies have never been found. this is the second time the trial has been delayed. we have breaking news this morning at the live desk. >> a taliban commander killed. >> we have confirmed that that senior taliban leader was killed. one of eight fighters were killed according to the taliban's spokesman. in the past they oversaw the group offensive. he was declared several times but this is the first time that the top official with the militant group has confirmed it.
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busy week for president trump. here's a look at what you can expect. the president will sign a new refugee and immigration executive order on wednesday. the original order was blocked by a federal judge. president trump will address a joint session of congress. they're expected to release an outline of the president's budget. he eel also meet with the governors. >> i would like to toast the governors of the united states. >> the governors are in town for their winter meeting. the ball was held last night at the white house. it was the first major social event under the trump administration. he previewed what will be discussed today. >> perhaps health care will come up and i think we made a lot of progress on that and we'll have a speech on tuesday night and we're going to be
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complicated subject. >> the governors are expected to meet with congressional leaders today. we'll go to capitol hill for details on why the president's consideration for navy secretary is withdrawing for consideration. a school shut down for weeks after being found to have a major bedbug and rodent outbreak. we're told all soft materials in that school have been replaced after a thorough cleaning of the entire facility. if you've ever had trouble finding a parking spot near the verizon center, changes are being made to avoid that but they're coming at a cost. the new parking meters will go into effect. prices will range in price and be based on demand. it's part of a pilot study of
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in high demand spaces. today the d.c. streetcar system marks one full year in service. the cars run along a two-mile stretch. there are eight stops along the way. the streetcars that run from union station to oklahoma avenue cost more than $200 million to build and are still free to riders. right now transportation officials are working on plans to extend the service for another two miles. 4:33 right now. let's get another check on weather and traffic. >> chuck bell and sheena parveen tell us more about the return of winter. what a smack in the face. >> but it's a short lived smack in the face. milder weather will be back. how about another day in the 70s coming up on wednesday and just like saturday we will have an opportunity for some strong thunderstorms wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening so that will be a weather alert day here at nbc 4. four things to know
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weather. the clouds are coming back today. rain will stay away from the metro area but there could be a lonesome shower. then that thunderstorm chance on wednesday. then thursday and friday, kind of chilly but on the whole i think you'll like the way the weekend is shaping up. for more about how the weather will impact you today here's sheena. >> it's not too bad of a day. this morning it's chilly. we will be milder today. the clouds will hang around 7:00 a.m. 36 degrees in the district. we're at 39. by lunchtime still cloudy but temperatures around 50 degrees. so by 5:00 p.m. we're looking at highs in the upper 50z so again, milder than yesterday. the clouds are going to hang around. here's a look at the radar again. no rain locally but off to our west we have showers andnd some thunderstorms but they're pretty far
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staying away from the metro air dwra but as we go into tonight and tomorrow those rain chances go up and some strong storms on wednesday. a closer look at that forecast for you but let's check the roads this morning with melissa mollet. >> all lanes now open. that earlier delay is gone. northbound 295 near benning road in northeast, work zone there blocking the right lanes. eastbound 66 after 123, right lane is getting by. that overhead sign this morning, beltway no major problems inner loop or outer loop. as we look at 95 here from 32 down to the beltway it's going to take you 11 minutes. get on social media this morning and you'll notice all the means after
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mistake at the oscars. >> the controversial redevelopment plan that just passed in northern virginia. >> and how would you like to buy a home and pay off your student loans at the same time?
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>> i'm sorry. there's a mistake. moonlight. you guys won best picture. >> this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> what a complete shock after what may have been the biggest mistake in oscar history. what could be bigger than that. we'll try to break down what happened in hollywood last night. it turns out that warren beatty was apparently given the wrong envelope. he says he saw emma stone, la la land and he paused because he was confused and he showed it to dunaway. she then announced it. the show producers realized the errors, got on the stage and started whispering to people and the producer os v "la la land"
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thank you speeches -- the craziest thing i've ever seen. more on the highlights of what will certainly be a night to remember. >> if we can, let's start with that mixup. the accountants have now had something to say. >> reporter: they said that they had the wrong envelope. he got the wrong envelope and you can see it. when warren beatty had that card he took it out of the envelope and he looked at it and eh looked add dunaway and everyone thought he was messing around. it was emma stone, best actress. she had her card that had her announcement that she'd won best actress in her hand the whole time so how could that be? well, maybe there were two of them. we haven't tt
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of it but cringe worthy to say the least as we watched that happening and the crew from "moonlight" getting up there was so awkward but everyone was very gracious. >> i think under the circumstances absolutely. and the best picture moment was a big talker. it was an upset moment as well. any other upsets or surprises from the night? >> reporter: there were a few moments that i think are very noteworthy. best supporting actor, the first muslim actor to ever win an academy award and davis won the supporting actress award and she is the first black person, black actor to win the so-called triple crown. she has an oscar and 'emmy and a tony. so those were noteworthy. one other thing, the person who won for best sound
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name is kevin o'connell, he has had 21 nominations. this was his first win, so a big night for him. >> i'm glad you mentioned that one for sure. jennifer live for us in l.a. thank you. >> let's turn to angie goff now. oscars has blown up online. >> i looked into it and they're saying apparently they do two cards. they do one on both sides of the stage. so you can see how there can be a mixup and twitter of course says "moonlight" win was what people are talking about. and jimmy kimmel tweeted at donald trump but that's all going to change as more and more people wake up and find out what happened. let's begin with this post. a lot of references to the miss universe pageant.
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announced the wrong winner? miss juuniverse saying have you people call our people. this echos what a lot of people felt. oprah saying what? like, people just couldn't believe this. and at least oscar though, they got it right online. they tweeted out best picture went to "moonlight" and ellen took it in stride saying nothing like live tv and that is something that we know pretty well. >> i was going to say, that's true. >> thank you. there were plenty of great moments beside that great moment. open the nbc washington app to see what else they said and of course read the full list of the winners. all right. just when you thought the weather roller coaster was over, think again. >> might be cool now but there's another warmup coming. >> you'll need your warm coat and long sleeves f
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by the middle of the week and umbrellas before this week is through. and it's one of the many platforms he ran on, repealing obamacare and we could get a glimpse at president trump's replacement. and finding the house of your dreams and paying off your st
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tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. well, i hope you enjoyed the weekend. we are talking about temperatures on the cold side this morning across the area. temperatures are in the 20s in some spots. coming up i'll show you what to expect when you head out the door and also what to expect by the middle of this week. we have strong thunderstorms heading our way and your ten day. >> and it's not unusual to sc
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facebook, but porn? the i-team investigates federal workers accused of doing just that. >> and a new approval rating for president trump. >> health care will be a big topic of discussion today. >> it comes as republicans in congress are trying to move forward with their plans to repeal or replace the affordable care act. is this an opportunity for the president and the governors to plot their way forward on this move? >> that's exactly what's happening. there was a governors' ball at the white house. a democrat toasted the president saying that they're looking forward to working together to make the best possible insurance plans again for all of the states, all of the governors there. today the president will speak with the governors first at the national governors association and health care is at the top of the list. >> we know that president trump's nominee f
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the navy has withdrawn his name. what do we know about why? >> he's having difficulties, he says, separating himself from his businesses. the ethical requirements for him simply weren't able to be attainable. he has worried about being able to divest himself and have that separation there in order to go forward in the government role. so he's having those problems. therefore he with drew his name. the secretary of defense says he understands and he accepts that decision. >> same issue with the secretary of army nominee. edward, thank you. hundreds of people attended a town hall last night in silver spring. they crowded on to the plaza outside the civic center there and packed a room inside to hear from democratic members of congress and other elected leaders. people talked about resisting and challenging president trump and his administration but they also talked about issues like
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immigration. >> we have to fight, but we want to fight in a way that's going to produce results. >> maryland senators were among the leaders who attended that town hall. one democrat we spoke to says he wasn't happy about the format. others wanted to hear from more women. as the president prepares to address the nation tomorrow night his approval rating is at a record low. wall street journal poll shows 44% of americans approve of his job performance while 48% disapprove. that is a record low for a newly inaugurated president. the poll was conducted february 18th through the 22nd and has a margin of error of 3.1%. today the police department will remember one of the toughest losses in their history. officer ashley guindon was shot and killed on her firsda
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the job. the suspect shot at them. the alleged shooter's wife was also killed in that domestic dispute. she's the first woman to die on the job in the department's history. in northern virginia, a redevelopment plan will move forward. our news partners reporting that the arlington county board of supervisors gave final approval this weekend for a plan that drastically changes a block of wilson boulevard. this will include a park, a fire station and mixed buildings. a new school will be built to replace the current one. the school was one of the issues that one of the issues that was opposed. it is 4:50 now. homeowner ship is a dream for many, but student loan debt can really hold a lot of people back. a new program in maryland is
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helping help millennials achieve their dream. if you buy one, maryland pays off student loan di debt up to 15% of the home's value. >> we've created a discount on the pricing of the home so that when the student death debt was embedded in it it would be at the market value. >> you're probably wondering, what's the catch? there's not one. however, anyone that does buy a home cannot get rid of the property and flip it right away. they want to make sure buyers are in the home for a minimum of five years. good news for you if you need to fill up your gas tank this morning. prices don't seem to be changing. drivers are paying about 2.29 for regular gas. the organization says it's because fewer people are driving right now and there's a
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so time to celebrate a couple's new life and a nonprofit stepped in and helded one virginia couple dealing with a life or death illness have the wedding of their dreams. >> tony sims is battling kidney cancer. this elaborate wedding is something he and his new wife thought they'd never have. that is where wish upon a wedding came in. they have wedding vendors donate their services and everything is taken care of for the couple. >> i was relieved that we are finally at the day and i am feeling overwhelmed and grateful that we have this opportunity. >> surprised and very, very grateful. >> to learn more about wish upon a wedding and how you can help couples you can visit the nbc wasto
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>> what a great idea. start off their life on a positive note. >> it's nice. >> wish we could start off the day on a more positive note. >> i'm telling you, i don't know what happened yesterday. i mean, wow. >> the bottom fell out. >> my son had a soccer tournament. stood outside and froze my butt off basically. >> it's just confusing. i think a lot of people were confused. we're starting off this morning where you do need that jacket again, so whatever jacket you needed yesterday, you need it this morning but then as we go through the afternoon we in fact will be getting milder today. we're not going to see much sunshine. milder this afternoon and then we go into wednesday. we're going to keep warming up this week again so believe it or not we'll be back in the 70s and that is going to give us some strong storms. by wednesday we're going to have a weather alert day that day. severe to strong storms that day
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25 dulles. 27 in gaithersburg. 28 in lorton. we're going to stay dry through most of the day today. rain and thunderstorms down to our west and southwest and that's what we're looking forward to parts of tomorrow but mostly on wednesday. this afternoon we're mostly dry, some showers up to the north and west. then tomorrow morning we could see some passing showers. later in the day, 9:00 p.m. tuesday, more rain moving in. here's wednesday morning but look at this line of storms. by 4:00 p.m. moving through. strong winds. even by 9:00 p.m. so we are looking for the threat for strong to severe storms. mostly cloudy. 67. tomorrow, 77 on wednesday and that's going to help to fuel some of those thunderstorms. we have another roller coaster ride coming up. chuck will be back with a closer look at today's weather. let's check the roads with
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melissa. >> eastbound 66 here after 123 all lanes now open. no big worries now. that work zone is now gone. inner and outer loop of the beltway rolling along quite nicely. no problems on the inner loop or outer loop. 270 from frederick down to the spur it's going to take you 27 minutes. if you're headed northbound, same situation. we'll take a look at 95 in virginia coming up. are your coworkers spending the day watching porn instead of working? what thei-t ea
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well, you pay your taxes so tens of thousands of people can earn a paycheck from uncle sam. >> but some people are wasting time searching websites they shouldn't be. the i-team shows us while looking at porn at work is not uncommon. >> we pulled records from nearly a dozen federal agencies and found more than one hundred cases in the past five years in which federal employees spent egregious amounts of their work days searching porn. doing so on the clock on their computers, some of them for hours a day each day. the cases were so severe that they called in internal
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investigators and notified federal prosecutors in some cases including the case of a virginia man who worked and caught on the job at the fbi. >> do you regret doing that? >> of course. i mean, it was -- it was the best way i could describe it is ridiculous for me to do that. >> our i-tem report shows you why some federal officials isn't policing all of its workers closely enough. offering penalties as little as a reprimand for computer misuse. >> a new study says d.c.'s public schools are highly segregated. many schools were enrolling almost exclusively students of color. that's avenue a steady stream of white families moving into the city in recent years. the group says city officials haven't done enough to lure white families into public schools and todi
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enrollment. 5:00 on the dot. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and a lot of you missed it, the final academy award for best motion picture went to "la la land." >> not right. it really went to "moonlight." >> mistakenly announcing the wrong film. a lot of people just stunned that this could happen. >> we are going to get to all of what and why it happened and try to figure it out, but first we do want to check in with the rest of the team and check in with your weather and traffic. it feels like february again. wow. >> it does. some areas in the 20s again so a warm jacket. >> what happened? it was 75 degrees on saturday and then of all things, february comes back. >> roller coaster and


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