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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 5, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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areas that could have potential flooding. you look at the radar you see the clearing, but there's still a chance of some showers, maybe even a thunderstorm this will afternoon. i'll show you the timing ever that plus a cooler weekend forecast coming up. >> we're keeping an eye on the damage, some of that weather that sheena was just talking about is doing in our area from downed trees to flood roadways to dangerous road stretches to be able to drive through. and breaking news this morning, just minutes ago rape charges against two teenagers accused of attacking a 14-year-old in a montgomery county high school dropped. what prompted the change and what's next
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>> news 4 midday starts now. good morning. i'm pat law sen muse. >> and i'm ericya gonzalez. first it is a weather alert day so this morning's heavy rains and storms are causing some very big problems in fair fax county emergency cruise cruise were called to help the person in this car that got caught in high water. everybody got out safely but police are warning people tom avoid roads covered in water. think we've got some other scene video of northwest dv, the westbound lanes still closed because this tree is still down in the road. you can see the branches all over the place there. the road's been closed for several hours no word on when it will reopen. the downed tree was just part of the messy morning commute, heavy rained storms were also part of the problem. >> storm team 4
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scheena par veen is with us now. what can we expect in the next few hours. >> the next four hours we'll continue to see that clearing but we saw a chance of showers and storms for this afternoon, nothing like this morning. if you look at the radar the heaviest parts is off to delaware and down towards our south east. locally we just have a lot of cloud cover and all the leftover rain. if we take a wider look you see that rain pushing off so we are going to be drying out compared to this morning. but if you look back off to our west you see a few more showers and possibly a thunderstorm and that will be in the forecast this afternoon. now, for the flood threat we have it out till 12:30. this includes much of the area down 95 towards fredericksburg that's a flood warning because we've seen a couple inches of rain falling we just showed you video of the flooded roads in fair fax county so we're still looking at that threat as we go through the next hour or so here. as we will go through future weather, now this afternoon we're not out of the woods just
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maybe a couple thunderstorms develop and our weather pattern's going to stay pretty unsettled as we go into tomorrow. coming up in just a bit we'll take a closer look at your weekend forecast. >> breaking news now into the newsroom. in the last half hour two teens charged with sexual assaulting a rockville high school student are no longer facing those charges. they were accused of reigning a fellow student in a school bathroom back in march. prosecutors just announced that the 14-year-old girl texted naked pictures to month toio who was 17. they say he then shared those pictures with henry sanchez milan. the teens now face distribution and possession of porn charges. because month tanya was 17, he'll be charged as a skruf nile the other student was 18 years old. chris gordon is in the courtroom right now and we'll have an
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is recovering right now from a massive fire in nah ma nas sis. giant flames consumed this house. this video is from the pwc scanner bums on facebook. they say seven family members made it out before the house completely burned. it's not clear yet what started the blaze. new today they would buy cheap significant vets and then sell them for big money up north. this morning 43 people ever facing charges for hundreds of crimes down in henrikco county. a tip in fair fax county broke open the case that involves a lot more than cigarettes. news 4 megan mcgraph is live to break this all down for us. megan. >> reporter: well, good morning. guys, the press conference ended a short time ago but here's what we know. 43 people have been indited on 740 crimes. there are also charges pending here in fair fax countan
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here locally. investigators are calling this an organized criminal enterprise that raised millions of dollars. now, it way two-year multiagency investigation. we've got a graph with some of the details here that stretched from richmond up to new york. now, investigators uncovered bank fraud, cigarette trafficking, money laundering. they say that the people involved use large amounts of cash to open up bank accounts. they would then pull that money out but they would continue to write checks off of those accounts in fair fax county for example there were nine banks that lost $620,000 in that way. the suspects then would use the money to buy cheap cigarettes, south in richmond and sell them in the big apple at a huge profit. >> the price of cigarettes in richmond is extremely low. the price of cigarettes up in the northeast is extremely high. what they doll is they can go into richmond and purchase large quti
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then transport them up to new york and they're going to double their profit. if a carton of significant retsz in swra is ten to 12 -- >> reporter: and the rig set runners would use rental cars that were used with these kind of bogus accounts, they'd use those cars to drive between richmond and new york city. in some cases they would not return the cars, in other cases they would abandon those cars. now, the investigation actually started here in fair fax county and then grew legs from there. but a very large investigation they believe that as many as 150 people from top to bottom are involved in this. but certainly we are going to get more detail as the day progresses and julie carey will be handling this in the later afternoon show. >> all right. thank you, megan. makes are shocked after a murder victim is found just yards from their front door. someone discovered a man in the woods near lake arda
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looking for clues. investigators will release his name once his family has been notified. mont dumb gumry county police says this man is accused of sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl in 2014. he was a youth soccer coach. according to the charging documents, the girl said that he would touch her under her shirt and told her to keep it a secret. police think there may be more victims. anybody who has information in this case is urged to call police. people gathered under the rain this morning to remember delaware state trooper steven ballard. he's being laid to rest today. ballard was shot and killed last week after he confronted two suspects at a to in delaware. the suspect who shot and killed ballard was killed after a 20-hour standoff with police. balancing lard was 32 years old and leaves behind a wife and a 5-year-old daughter. he was from maryland. now to a story you will only see on news 4. a sou
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up and found an attacker inside her apartment. she's okay this morning. we spoke with her about what happened and for safety reasons we are not showing her face as we've also altered her voice. >> violated, embarrassed. he choked me as i was laying in my bed. >> she lives in the mar burry plaza apartments. she said trouble started two weeks ago when someone left sexually explicit notes under her door. she filed a police report but then the masked man broke in this past saturday. >> i was forced to fight and defend myself against this masked man and i was able to get him to stop attacking me and he got away. >> news 4 has reached out to the mar bury plaza apartments. we haven't heard back yet. police urge anyone with information to give them a call. right now d.c. lawmakers are holding a public round table on medil
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would make it easier for patients to get medical marijuana from licensed physicians in d.c. councilman vincent gray who chairs the health committee is expected to take testimony on the bill at today's meeting. president donald trump is still taking a victory lap after passing a revised american healthcare act in the house. >> but as news 4 edward lawrence reports this victory may not last. >> obamacare is no longer living. >> reporter: president donald trump taking pride in republicans first step to dismantle obamacare. >> we have something that's going to be i think one of the best anywhere in the world and we look forward to it. >> earlier in the rose garden it was one big party after a revised american healthcare act passed the house. >> without objection it is laid upon the table. >> this is a repeal and a replace of obamacare, make no mistake about it. [ applause ] >> reporter: republicans say it will lower the
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healthcare. children can remain on their parents' plan until the age 26. the bill also prohibits caps on annual and lifetime coverage. democrats say it will be the fuel needed to win back the house in 2018. >> this vote will be tattooed to them as i also said, they will glow in the dark. >> reporter: the bill faces an enormous challenge in the senate. senator bernie sanders says it's a bad bill and there are loopholes. >> they're going to raise premiums very significantly for all the workers. they're going to cut medicaid from $800 billion. >> reporter: with 52 republican senators they can only afford twody infections for the bill to pass. >> the american healthcare act also scraps the individual mandate which means that you would not have to pay a penalty if you can d not have health insurance. it also eliminates the subsidies for low income people who are using the marketplace and replaces that with tax credits at the end of the year. edward lawrence,bc
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washington. new this morning the jobs report is out and it looks like the u.s. created 211,000 jobs in april. economists have predicted 185,000 for last month. the jobless rate support slightly to 4.6%. there was a payroll increase and that apparently nearly tripled the march number. a new threat to american university students. the information just released. >> but people talking about the latest airline dispute, this one involves a family kicked off a delta flight. you're going to hear how the airline is reacting. >> and we're keeping an eye on storm team 4 radar. sheening will be back with a lo
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a warning sent to american university students this morning. an online post authored by a white supremacist was discovered last night and it threatened the president of american university student government taylor dunce and to her online information. earlier this week, bananas were found hanging from nuss. it also appeared to target the student government's president and her sorority. yesterday members of congress who are also aka easy held a news conference demanaged action. thor is, or ritty's president said the message behind this
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>> this is a hate crime, the i tensions were clear and we understand symbolism and the symbols that were used resonate with people of color of this nation. >> the fbi is also now investigating this incident. and we want to you take another look at the person police believe is responsible for monday's hate crime. this surveillance video is also on the nbc washington app. the suspect wore all black, covered his or her face, police haven't been able to identify the person. there's a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. we urge you to take a look that the video again. this morning we're getting new reaction from the university of maryland after a similar incident there. a noose was found in the kitchen of the phi cappa taw house last week. the members say they're shocked and appalled and can't imagine why somebody would do that. they're conducting an investigation. some alarming news from the pi
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series. we learned a woman was sexually assaulted during their last game in pittsburgh. it happened in a bathroom in the stadium but the penguins and the police say they know about the attack but so far no one's been charged. the caps lost that game and they play gem tomorrow night. a new claim of airline disservice. this time with delta. a family traveling with two babies recorded their or deal as delta kicked them off an overbooked flight from maui. >> i paid for the seats, i bought the seat. >> reporter: this huntington beach family with two infants said delta air lines kicked them off their flight from maui to california. the family claims the airline wanted the child seat because it overbooked. we hear the flight attendant argue it's faa policy to put children under 2 on your lap, not in a seat. >> no, no, can he note
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seat at all. >> the family recorded the confrontation which they say lasted an hour and post today on social media. >> what blew me away is when they said if you don't give the seat up you're going to go to jail, your wife is going to good to jail and they're going to take your kids away from you. >> when you're a mother and you have your 1-year-old and 2-year-old and they tloent take your kids away from you it made my heart drop and i was shake the rest of the time. >> the family removed off the red eye flight at midnight had to find a taxi and hoe fell and pay for a new flight home the next day. >> you guys are unbelievable. great customer service. >> they say they were never reimbursed or even contacted. >> this whole thing has made me so angry. >> reporter: tonight delta told us we're sorry for what this family experienced our team has reached out to better understand what happened and come to eye resolution. the family says there is nothing delta can do to make up for the ruined vacation or frustrating travel experience. here is what they want. >> reporter: change. they need to change the way they treat us. they treat us like
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unbelievable it's not fair to treat people this way. we're the customers. we're supposed to be treated with respect. >> with those child seats, both delta and the faa state on their website that children under the age of 2 could travel in a seat so long as they are sitting in an approved child safety seat. in fact, the method of travel is highly recommended by both the airline and the faa. if you live in alexandria get ready to pay for many taxes the the city council adopted a new budget that raise the property tax 5.7 cents and increased sewer taxes as well. the rest of the increases come from storm water management and sewer line maintenance fees, they're going uply it $350,000 per year. they say this money is needed to deal with overcrowd schools, outdated sewers and to fund metro. three left in the
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>> okay, so we know that john wall is going to be taking care of business on the court this weekend but this morning everybody wants to know what is is going to happen with kelly oubre junior. he could be suspended for this hit coming up. he was pushed over and he charged the celtics kelly ole nick and then checked him. that's a hockey play. he got a flagrant foul and he was eye jected from the game. his team says the playoffs are when have you got to stay cool. >> you've got to be smart. you got the call, you know, as much as it may strus trait you, you justin to do what you're doing. >> with your reactions you have to do a better job and he's important to our team. he's the "x" factor. we told him we understand you get frustrate and you just have to move forward. >> they've been on sports overload. there are no playoff games to watch tonight. the wizards play again this sunday and then the caps play tomorrow here at verizon center. if you can't be there or you won't be ate,
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open the nbc washington app and alcoholic watch live tv now. you've got to enter your cable information but it's free. in fact, you also can use the app to watch thatth ore big event this weekend, you know, the kentucky derk by. >> it's the first leg in racing's triple crown, takes place tomorrow afternoon. nbc's joe gray broke out his sear sucker suit just to give us a preview of the race at church hill downs. >> reporter: it's about horses, hats, the odds, and all the hype. >> well it's definitely high energy but i think it's the history of it all. it's just a magical event, it's our super bowl. >> reporter: kickoff for the kentucky derk by isn't until saturday but the excitement and party here builds all week, something jockeys say even the horses can sense during training. >> they're usually pretty fired up when they get a step on the
11:21 am
the energy. >> reporter: energy from a crowd that's not always focused on the track. >> the horse racing part is just secondary it's. a place to go to see and be seen. >> reporter: and what you see is, well, unique. >> there's so much pageantry and tradition. >> reporter: tradition topped off by a hat and at the derk by bigger is always better. >> you need something that's larnler than life, whether it's like the size of it or, you know, or like the color of it, you need something that's going to pop above. like your normal everyday. >> and there is nothing normal or everyday about the run for the roses. >> and back to those hats, not just for the ladies anymore, though, frankly, i'm not sure they're for me either. that is the latest from here at church hill downs, i'm jay gray now back to you. >> the hat just makes the outfit. >> but here's the question, did you man already have that in his wardror
11:22 am
out and get it. >> let's assume he didn't. he couldn't have had the. >> all right. coming up we are getting you ready for the weekend. we've got information on roads and metro delays. and we're watching the weather. things are starting to improve a little b sheena saysut
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here's some dramatic video from missouri where so many
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here's what it looked like in the last 24 hours. communities in alabama, missouri, and arkansas completely flood. thousands had to evacuate their homes. nine people reportedly died. the red cross is asking for help for the victims. there's no way to know exactly how much damage all of that caused. a lot of rain. >> yeah. we've had a lot of rain this morning so do we get a chance to dry out? does this persist through the afternoon and evening? what are we looking at. >> so the worst, the heaviest of it has already moved through and left. now we will be drying out. we still have a chance for showers this afternoon, it's not going to be anything like it was this morning, so we are going to be seeing improvements from here on out. now your weekend is still going to be a little bit unsettled across the area and a lot cooler than last weekend. but here's a look at the radar. we had all that heavy rain move through, severe storms this morning, localized flooding and we do still have that flooding concern across part of the area now for the nex
11:26 am
so. but the heaviest rain has left the area now we're just dealing with cloudy skies and i think we'll see some scattered showers later on today. here's a look at the accumulated rainfall over the past 12 hours, so, again, we do have reports of streets flood, trees down across the area. about 2 inches or a little bit more as you get closer to about fredericksburg across 95 near wood bridge a little over two inches there, closer to the district and up into parts of montgomery county about an inch and a half in some spots. the rain did cause impact this morning, about 2 inches or more as we get farther off to the west. the higher elevations. localized flooding was expected in some areas and we're still looking at the flood threat right now. where you see the green shading through quantityco up through 95 near baltimore this includes the district, we still have a flood warning till 12:30 so we could see some flood roadways. don't drive through any of this. through
11:27 am
shourz in the forecast, still that unsettled weather pattern we'll take a closer look at that coming up. we've got new information on road work on i-95 in north virginia that was expected to slow traffic for most of the weekend. >> we're also following a story in west virginia were a deadly car crash how a cargo plane contcted by ra
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new at midday, two people were killed this morning in a plane crash in west virginia. a cargo plane contracted by ups went off the runway. police say it skidded down a steep hill and crashed. there was a landslide at that shame place two years ago. officials have asked for a longer runway since then. we don't know the names of the individuals who died. we've got some breaking news to share with you. rape charges against twon teenagers accused of reigning a 14-year-old inside a montgomery county high school dropped. >> we're live outside the courthouse with the latest on this story. chris. >> reporter: well, actually we've moved inside the courthouse because we just got an update, a briefing here within the past half hour so i'm bringing you the latest pftd the rape and sexual assault charges dropped against the two teenagers
11:31 am
pornography charges. this case gained international attention. it happened in mid march at rockville high school. the allegations were that 7 teen-year-old jose month toio and 18-year-old henry sanchez milan dragged a 14-year-old female into a bathroom and attacked herr butthy contend today was consensual because she had sent explicit photos and texts and videos of herself to month to know after an extensive investigation, the charges have been dropped according to prosecutor john mccarthy who just made the announcement. >> as pain staking and review of these matters and we needed every moment to get to where we are here today because of the extensive nature of the investigation, we have concluded that the facts in this case do not support the original charges filed in this matter. due to the
11:32 am
and substantial inconsistencies from the facts that we have obtained from multiple sources since the filing of the original charging document, the original charges cannot be sustained and prosecution on those charges is untenable. >> the school superintendent, police chief, all there as this decision was announced. we want to say that the prosecutor has charged the 17-year-old month to know with negotiation of pornography and distribution and the 18-year-old with possession of pornography, both felonies. now month to know was ordered released by a judge but he will not be released because we have learned there's a detention hearing against him because is he in this country without documentation. so at this point both teenagers have the main charges of rape and sexual assault dropped,he
11:33 am
and they continue to be held with further proceedings in court. month to know will be tried as a juvenile. that's the latest. live at the mont gum debris courthouse chris gordon. back to you. >> thank you, chris. our stormy weather is postponing work on the knee asco creek bridge just south of potomac mills mall. they're resaid sulg the work for next weekends. the bridge 45z a hole in the deck so that's got to be fixed. crews completed the first phase of work last weekend. it carries about 71,000 cars every day. >> work on metro will go on as scheduled which means you should expect delays this weekend. i'm melissa mol lay with your traffic for the weekend. represent we're still under surge number 14, so on the green li
11:34 am
between green buck and college park. on the yellow line running between huntington and mount vernon square, same situation on the silver line, running every 20 on orange, green, blue here trains in general running every 20 minutes of course on the green line with the exception of that safe track situation on those two stations. and red line regular weekend service there. have a great one i'll seal you monday morning for news 4 today. a st. louis jury awards a virginia woman more than $100 million in a lawsuit against johnson and johnson. 62-year-old lois shrimp sued the company because she said the baby powder caused cancer. the jury ruled in her favor after three previous juries award a total of 197 million to plaintiffs who made similar claims. she was diagnosed with ovarian kanser in 2012 and she blamed her cancer on her use of the
11:35 am
products for more than 40 years. johnson and johnson is going appeal the ruling. right now former first lady michelle obama is in new york. she is hosting the 2017 college signing day with the help of mtv. the event is being held in manhattan's public theater with more than 200 high school seniors attending. it's the fourth year mrs. obama has celebrated college signing day. so, this is season 2 of the real housewives of potomac. this season robin dixon is trying to figure out where her relationship with ex-husband juan dixon stands. the couple very familiar to people in our area starting with their time at the university of maryland. and guess who joins us today on midday? robin's here to tell us what it's like to tackle real life in front of the cameras. good morning i'll be honest we've got a lot of bravo junkies in the house so this is cool to have you here with us. >> thank you. >> tell me a little bit about
11:36 am
you guys are -- you're known around here. >> right. >> starting with your ex-husband's time at maryland, played for maryland. >> yep. >> now he coaches. >> yeah. >> you guys are no longer together but you still live together. >> yes. >> explain this dynamic to us. >> you know, i mean i know it's like super weird and a lot of people don't understand how that works, but we divorced in 2012. it wasn't a bitter divorce, you know, it's not -- i'm not a bitter person so we're not holding ton anger or anything. but we kind of went through some struggles post divorce and we thought it was best to come back together, live in the same household, raise our kids together, combine our resources. >> okay. >> and, you know, it's -- it works for us. and we get along really well and our kids are really happy, so. >> i'm sure they appreciate that, no chance of you guys getting back together if it works so well under the same house? >> i know. you know, if it's not broke then why fix it, you know what i mean? >> so on that same note, if you guys are both in the house,
11:37 am
kirds there which i'm sure they love to have you both there, what is the co-parenting dynamic like? >> so i'm like the fun mom. >> okay. >> and i kind of let them like get away with stuff. and then juan comes in he's the enforcer. >> he's the enforcer. >> yeah, so we balance each other out really well. >> is there a robin a juan off camera on camera is there a turn it on for real housewives. >> yes, very much so. here's the thing, juan doesn't enjoy filming so when he does appear, he doesn't appear that much. >> okay. >> and when he does, he kind of doesn't seem like he wants to be there. it's -- and it's not because he doesn't like me. >> no, no, no, i understand. >> it's because he zent joy the process of filming. but when we're at home we're just -- we're a lot of fun, we spend a lot of time together. we're very -- i mean, if you didn't know that we weren't married, you would think they were married. >> so what is -- coming in to season two, what is season two like that's different than season on
11:38 am
>> okay. >> it was so much more challenging to film because he's the one that very surface level, very introductory. and season two they are getting in our business and they want more and they want to meet our parents and our. >> oh my. >> our family and sisters, it's just so much. and it was at first very challenging to adapt to. but once we got rolling we filmed a really good season. >> you do great tv let me tell you. robin dixon real housewives of potomac you can see it sunday nights on bravo like many of us already in this newsroom already watch. back to you. thank you both. a very messy morning, there's a little more rain in the weekend forecast, take a look outside. it's still a little bit ugly out there. when we'll finally completely dry out.
11:39 am
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well, the rain may be falling but the flower mart is still happening right now at the national cathedral. the cathedral grounds are covered with flowers and food and rides and gifts. it's the 78th annual flower mart. mayor becauser is there this morning and you're looking at video from last year. today the event laftsds until 6:00 so you've got plenty of time. it's also happening tomorrow from 10:00 in the morning till 6:00 in the evening. >> is it a good time to get out there this weekend, sheena? >> i would say why not. we have showers saturday morning nothing like this morning but the weekend's going to be cooler. remember last weekend when it was hot outside? this weekend we're going to be in the mid to low 60s, the weather pattern is still going to be a little unsettled that's what we'll call it. and we're going to be shuk stuck in a cooler pattern for next week. there's the heavy rain, there it goes, it was here this morning, some of it severe, but now it's gone. we s
11:42 am
all the cloud cover. we could have a few breaks in afternoon but right now we're dry. we do still have some residual flooding many some areas. fair fax county and down towards quantico woe could see some areas looking for flooded roadways. we also have that in the district and parts of montgomery county till about 12:30. aside from that we are drying out so if you're walking the dog today or if you need one to walk we have sin a bon here available for adoption. so right around noon still cloudy. this afternoon chance of showers and into the evening. we go through time now, 5:00 can't rule out a thormz thunderstorm but then we dry outtoday, showers come back tomorrow and could see some showers by taem tomorrow afternoon. sunld abe cooler day too with a chance for isolated sprifrpg the. so your yeekd forecast looking pretty cool, mid-60s saturday, better chance in the afternoon for showers by sunday. breezy we're
11:43 am
coming up. >> thanks, sheena. and animal abuse, it is a real problem in our area. local law enforcement officer working toeep k
11:44 am
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this is chase, he was rescued by humane law enforcement officers just hours before death. chase recovered but his story highlights just what an importt
11:46 am
officers do. look at that the poor thing there. and hopefully chase is alive and obviously well today. senior officer joins us this morning with more on this important work. very important work. good morning. tell us a little bit about chase's case here. the video is very disturbing. >> yeah, chase was actually one of three dogs that were removed from a house due to obviously neglect and going for an extended period of time without vet care that turned into a massive infection over his body which then caused him not want to eat which then caused him to be get worse. chase was by far the worst of the three but all three of them were in pretty rough shape. >> and he's well today? >> yes, actually one of the veterinarians who saved his life adopted him. >> oh, wow. >> so he lives with her now. >> we love hearing
11:47 am
stories, we hate hearing about the cases obviously. now we're talking about animal abuse and neglect today. explain what you do with your job and what you should do if you do see a case of abuse or neglect. >> so the humane law enforcement department of the humane rescue alliance, we investigate allegations of animal cruelty. we have five officers who cover the city 24/7 and we investigate any allegations of animal cruelty that come in through the humane society or through the humane rescue alliance or we get calls from the metropolitan police department for assistance with animal related cases. pretty much -- there's a pa right of ways that the calls get to us, but main law enforcement department deals solely with animal cruelty issues. >> you walk in, you take the animal out of the situation and then help it to get better. now what should we do if we see a case of that? >> you call -- just
11:48 am
you can call animal control, you can call the police, you can call the humane rescue alliance. >> okay. just call somebody, basically. >> right. >> and they'll get to the right person to handle the job. >> our main number is 202-723-5730 and there's someone answering that 24/7. >> fantastic. now as far as what areas you see most of the violations, talk a little bit about that. what are the most abuse and neglect circumstances? >> so the most common i would say is neglect. >> which would be -- what's an example of that? >> people who either intentionally or unknowingly are not providing everything that they should provide for their animal and it's causing some negative result with the animal. >> okay. >> so medical conditions that people think are going to get best on their own. >> okay. >> or they don't really want to spend the money so they're waiting a little longer than they should. people. >> leaving an animal out in the heat because it's starting to get hot out. >> exact lib. so we kind of h
11:49 am
general baseline of abuse, neglect type cases. but then when the weather becomes more extreme, whether it be the wintertime or the summertime, our call volume really ramps up because all of the animals that are now outside are exposed to elements that's more of a problem because they're exposed to extreme cold and extreme heat. >> got it. so if you see a case of any of this at home contact somebody in this situation hopefully it will get taken care of. now who do we have here today? i know you probably noticed a little jeshing going on. who is this. >> this is keefer. keefer is about four months old. he is lab mix that is currently up for adoption at our shelter on og will for the in northwest. >> is he a puppy so if you plan on adopteding a puppy know what that involves. we hate seeing returns back to the shelter so we want to find him a good
11:50 am
here. thank you for everything you do for the animals they obviously cannot speak for themselves to people like you are here to speak for them along with many others. nbc 4 is proud to clear the shelters every year. this year will be august nine teeth if the you're interested in adopting a. he we have all the resources on the nbc washington app. all mong month long news four is bringing you stories of super kids from our area and their incredible talents. you'll be amazed by this next bloi's musical talent. >> jose is just 12 and not only did he teach himself to play, but he did it while overcome a disability. amy cho has his story. >> reporter: when jose montana starts to perform, it's music to anyone's years. but to truly appreciate his piano playing, you have to consider he's doing it from an uneven playing field.
11:51 am
>> when my ears listen to music and then memorize it. >> and that's all it takes for him to master a piece. he's had a few lessons, but for the most part this piano prodigy is self-taught. >> i can hear my music with my heart and that's why i can make music because it's more with my heart. >> that music in his heart it's why he hopes to one day become a piano teacher. >> teaching you how to feel the music. you have to always enjoy the lines, love each other and also share with others. >> reporter: at just 12, he's already figured out the key to success. in northwest, aimee cho, news 4. >> is that amazing or what. so do you know of local super kid that we should be talking to? from music to art, academics,
11:52 am
them. so tell us about them on social media just use the hsh nbc 4dc. >> what's driving those prices up after the break. >> i just don't look anymore. >> if you have a kid that you probably recognize -- if you have a kid that you probably recognize this little gadget. a look at why teachers are
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
if you're celebrating cinco de mayo today you may be take he aback by how much your guacamole cost. avocado prices are at a record high because of a reduced avocado crop in california and many mexico. restaurants are now paying as much as twice the usual cost for avocados. and just to put this into a little perspective, an avocado cost ate 9 cents in january, one of our reporters paid $2 aetd 9 yesterday from a grocery store in langly park. >> i don't even look anymore i just throw it in the basket, i want it anyways. >> gonna eat those anyway. once he upon a time there were yo-yos and there were tops, you know, spinning tops, things that had kids spinning, they just had to have them. >> right. today it's another kind of spinning toy that's become all the rage but as nbc joe reports, thes
11:56 am
nerves. >> reporter: it's not even the holidays and a new toy has twirled into our lives. fidget spinners. so popular they dominate amazon's best seller list, so precious even the most only cost a few bucks, some toy stores keep them behind the counter. >> we get a lot of calls all day do you have spibers in stock thank goodness we can't find them anywhere. >> but for some kids they're more than a toy. >> i'll stop it and spin it again. >> reporter: they say they ease her anxiety whether take a test or visiting the dentist. >> helps me get my mind off the fact there's drills and tough going into my teeth. helps me calm down a lot. >> reporter: brother dillon spins them just for fun but knows controversy is swirling too. >> they're a distraction at learning time. >> reporter: that distraction has prompted his school and many others to become no spin zones banning the
11:57 am
concerns row marks. her son has adhd her preference. >> teach the whirn what they are, what they're for and intended purpose is j experts say more research on the spinners is needed. >> anything that might be a benefit for kids that could be as simple as this would be wonderful, but let's understand it and make sure it's helpful and perhaps not a disstraction. >> reporter: a nationwide debate spierlg around a pocket size gizmo. well, after the heavy rain this morning we're going to be seeing temperatures in mid 70s but otherwise we do have a chance for some showers later on this afternoon. the weekend's looking cooler, mid to low 60s, chance of showers tomorrow and then the sun finally comes back. we stay in a cooler pattern next week. >> and that's news for midday, join us again this afternoon first at 4.
11:58 am
>> have a wonderful weekend remember you can get the lat
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> oh, happy cinco de mayo, everybody. we are ready to party. >> mint juleps coming up, too. but it is fill in the blank friday. we have nina parker and dax with us let's do these rapid fire rapid round. yesterday, history made here in hollywood. curt and goldie were honored. they are -- >> iconic. >> good word. >> my favorite couple in hollywood. i love them. they're the


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