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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 12, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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moving in. and it's going to impact your friday night in a big way. we begin the afternoon with storm team4, i'm chris lawrence. >> i'm pat lawson muse. amelia and doug, walk us through the night and the impact for the weekend. >> if you are walking through it, have the umbrella, because that will be needed tonight and early tomorrow. but the entire weekend not a wash-out. >> the sunshine finally going to return. i know you're doing a facebook live. people are saying, when's the sun coming back? mother's day looking good. but we could have another inch or more tonight and tomorrow. >> that rain really just about everywhere. it's all in our southern zones and steadier rain back towards portions of northern virginia. frederick and montgomery just now getting in on the rain. you look at the wider view, really what's happening, we have a couple little systems around a er
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you can see a bit of a spin. another round to the west, bringing heavy rain and another round early tomorrow morning. we'll take you hour by hour for your saturday. if you have plans tonight or your saturday, as well as mother's day, we'll be back here in about 15 minutes and amelia will have another check of the radar in about ten minutes. now is the perfect time to make sure you have the nbc washington app. get the power of storm team4 right on your smartphone with hour by hour forecasts all weekend. >> there are still more questions than answers this afternoon about a townhouse fire in fairfax county. >> the home was gutted and it spread to its next door neighbor and the homeowner is nowhere to be found. >> meagan fitzgerald is on the scene. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, we know
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this morning. neighbors say they heard a loud boom and their house shook. when they looked outside, what they saw was this town home e. deuced to charred wood and rubble. >> saw the flames. it was horrible. they were higher than i've ever seen flames. i mean, it scared me to death. >> reporter: this cell phone video was taken shortly after flames were shooting out of the town home. plumes poured out of the house, while 60 firefighters tries to put it out. meanwhile, two people living on either side were forced to evacuate. they're now displaced because there's damage to their home. >> on the outside a little bit, some smoke damage inside. there was a hole in the side of the wall, and some damage to the siding. >> reporter: fire investigators were here throughout the day, sifting through the
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fire started. right now, they're telling us no one was injured by this fire, but we know two people have been displaced and they're being assisted by the red cross. >> thank you, meagan. some of the other big stories, this afternoon, the white house insistent president trump wasn't threatening the former head of the fbi. this morning, mr. trump unleashed a tweet storm. it says comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. at the white house press briefing, sean spicer said he had nothing to add, but a source close to comey tells nbc news that he hopes there are tapes. the president also blasted a warning to the media. he said as a very active president with lots of things happening, it's not possible for my surrogates to stand at the podium with perfect accuracy. maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future press briefings
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responses for the sake of accuracy. the search continues for a missing 8-month-old girl. chloe johnson from hampton, virginia, she was with her mother. johnson is missing as well. and police think she may have been kidnapped. the pair may be in johnson's car, a 2013 black kia optima with a virginia tag, vaw 2197. and chilling new video today. the same day a woman was sexually assaulted in her apartment last sunday. this video shows the suspect trying to get into another apartment building nearby minutes earlier. the new video shows the suspect got inside the front door, but the concierge stopped him. a short time later, he attacked a woman in a building half a mile away. he got into her home by posing as a maintenance worker. >> repor
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happened in arlington on may 7th. police have released new video that they say is the same suspect trying to get into this building. fortunately, he was unsuccessful. the suspect is seen waiting in the lobby, finally entering the building behind a woman who has a legitimate access code. he gets into the lobby and he is stopped by the concierge who questioned him and turned him away. it was a short time later he attacked a woman a short distance from here. >> the concierge at that desk was suspicious and engaged the suspect in conversation, once he realized he did not have access to that building, he asked him to leave. >> reporter: police patrols have been stepped up in this area as well as some private security efforts. the suspect is still at large and police want the public's help in finding him. we'll have more on news4. in arlington, derrick ward, news4. leon harris at
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with new information about a bold hack attack with widespread implications for europe and asia. right now, as many as 74 countries could be affected. the life-threatening situation is in the uk. ambulances have been lined up, diverting patients from as many as 20 different hospitals. this hack involved ransom ware, "the new york times" reported that it was done using a hacking tool created by the nsa. right now, the hackers are asking for about $300 per computer. so far, no reports of any attacks here in the u.s. new at 4:00, mark your calendars. metro changing its hours next month. take a
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thursday, 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 at night. on fridays and saturdays, metro will keep trains running through 1:00 a.m. expect weekend service to start a little later. 7:00 on saturday mornings and 8:00 on sunday. we know it's a lot of information information. we have all of it on the nbc washington app. and metro's new safetrack surge begins on tuesday. this time five stations will be shut down on the orange line. you won't be able to get on or off at new carrollton, landover, chefferly, deanwood and minnesota avenue. there will be buses every 30 minutes on weekdays. this surge is expected to last through the 15th of june. call it a nursing home tragedy. and one of the youngest victims of a
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on the way. plus, first at 4:00, when you hail a ride using your phone this weekend, remember this. one woman says she stopped and stepped into a car where the driver was posing as an imposter. we're working for you to keep you safe. former first lady michelle obama speaking her mind. >> but think about why someone is okay with your kids eating crap. >> how she's making waves this afternoon. during the break, you can see your neighborhood weather. >> and all the top stories
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narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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right now across most of the area, but montgomery and
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frederick dry. want to give you the timing. this is moving 20 miles an hour from south to north. it will be moving into frederick within the next 30 minutes or so and then continuing further up into pennsylvania. we'll have rain overnight tonight and throughout the morning hours tomorrow. and as we look to our saturday morning, not only is it rainy, but it's chilly as well. here are the arrival times. montgomery village about 4:20. this evening, it's rainy, we'd be surprised if the nationals game was not canceled. wet roads tonight and tomorrow morning. doug will time the rain out in 15 minutes. the former first lady didn't mince words today at a health conference here in washington. >> michelle obama criticized the trump administration's decision to delay federal requirements for making school lunches healthier. the same regulations she pushed for in the white house. she said school
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be more nutritious because millions of kids eat their primary meal at school. without mentioning president trump, she asked parents to stop and think. >> think about why someone is okay with your kids eating crap. why would you celebrate that? why would you sit idley and be okay with that? because here's the secret. if somebody is doing that, they don't care about your kid. >> earlier this month, agriculture secretary sonny perdue said the department will delay an upcoming requirement that would have reduced the amount of sodium and processed foods in school meals. from the kitchen to the hospital, how and why avocados are sending more people to the emergency room. and first at 4:00, just in time for mother's day, a
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developing now, a man with a gun opens fire in a nursing home, killing a police chief and two employees in ohio. >> leon harris has the details. >> very disturbing situation. right now, we're learning more and more about the police chief who was killed there. his name is eric desario,
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six with another child on the way. all of this started to unfold around 7:30 this morning at the pine kirk care sesht in kirkersville, ohio. police say the shooter opened fire inside the center, killing two employees there. chief desario responded and was shot there at the scene. in his last radio communication, he said that he had the shooter in sight. the gunman later killed himself. no one else inside the nursing home was injured and the people in nearby homes were told to stay inside. students on their way to school were rerouted to go to another one. right now the gunman's identity and motive, not yet known. pat, back to you. head's up if you plan to travel i-95 this weekend. second weekend in a row, there's postponing work to the neabsco creek bridge, just south of the potomac hills mall. ddot is
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next friday at 10:00. >> hi, when does the next bus leave. [ speaking foreign language ] >> about 36 hours. >> with a mom-daughter duo, the calamity comedy "snatched" looks perfect for mother's day. >> wtop's entertainment editor jason fraley is with us this afternoon. a lot of us will spend the weekend in the rain, is "snatched" a good indoor option, jason? >> yeah, happy friday. i was looking forward to this one. you get goldie hawn back on the screen for the first time in 15 years, and of course pairing with amy schumer who is hilarious in "train wreck," so i thought it would be fun to watch this mother-daughter dynamic play out. the premise, amy schumer has been dumped by her boyfriend and she's stuck with an extra ticket to this exotic location, she invites mom along, who starts
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it's almost like i was watching two different movies. the beginning when they're at home, the mother-daughter dynamic is really funny. when they're at the resort, schumer stumbling home drunk and the mom waiting wide awake in bed. it's really funny up to this point. but the second they get kidnapped, the script starts to get really sloppy and goes for the low-hanging fruit, cliche stuff. it just gets less funny as it goes. i don't know. i would say, if you're looking for a mother-daughter outing, go for it. but you'll laugh more at the beginning than the end. >> when it comes to a new production of macbeth, to see or not to see, that is the question. [ laughter ] >> look at you, with your shakespeare. obviously this is a classic macbeth. the bloody strategy of power ambition. but it's very relevant. we talked to rop
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at the house of cards premiere, she said lady macbeth and macbeth were the inspiration for frank and claire underwood. but we talked about the cast over at shakespeare theater about what makes this so timely. >> you want to see a contemporary grappling with a classic text about ambitions, if you are living and working in d.c. and you feel like you might know a little something about that idea, we're going to bring it right into your laps with immediacy and passion and danger. >> and poetry. >> always poetry. >> and love. i mean, it's about people that are in love and they're given an opportunity to climb the ranks and they go for it. >> sounds good. >> should we go for it? >> so that's what i would say if you want a classic play, sort of reimagined. if you're looking for something new that's cutting edge, head to arena
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i saw "smart people," and it's really a fascinating premise on a very serious topic. it explores the nature versus nurture of racism. are people born that way, or is it taught? it's a really heavy subject, but check out what the cast had to say on this one. >> it's a funny, sexy play about -- >> four intellectuals navigating cultural bias in america. >> funny and sexy, and some meat with social commentary. >> yes. >> but because it's funny you're allowed to go places you might not rtion be -- >> absolutely. it's about the dialogue and it's a lot of fun. >> yeah, the truth goes down easier with some humor. >> and i will say that it does go down easy with a lot of humor. it's actually surprisingly funny on a very heavy topic. check that out at arena stage, it's called smart people, also
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macbeth and there's "snatched" for mother-daughter comedy. >> sounds good. >> thank you. also this weekend, five children's performers highlight this year's alexandria's tot rock fest tomorrow rain or shine at the neelds of the mt. vern ob rec center on commonwealth heavy. and there's also the labellea strada painting festival. artists will be using chalk art to bring the street alive. it's a business afternoon for storm team4, round two of wet weather has arrived for the friday evening. >> when this moves out of here, you will be able tolan p
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of providing reliable energy and that'll never change. what is changing, is our name to dominion energy. it's a reflection of our commitment to energy innovation and renewable sources like solar, wind... and cleaner energy like natural gas. and we'll continue to innovate, upgrade technology, protect our environment and serve our communities. dominion energy. more than a new name, a new way of seeing energy.
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doug, we are drying out and getting ready to get wet again. >> looks like it's already starting to come down out there. >> it's coming down, but it's okay. it's friday. as long as it's friday -- >> that makes it okay. >> -- we are going to get through it. so we'll see the rain tonight and into early tomorrow morning. mother's day looking okay though. yeah, there's the rain. and you notice it's just about everywhere with the exception of around frederick, maryland, up to hagerstown,
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you're not seeing the rain just yet. but it's moving easterly, not north. it's moving west to east. so you'll continue to see heavy rain here. let's zoom into fairfax, montgomery county. around reston and herndon, heavier rain towards dulles through downtown. rain just about everywhere. heavier rain into sunderland, huntingtown, mechanicsville, all seeing steady rainfall. we'll continue to see it through the rest of the evening hours and early tomorrow. see this spin in the atmosphere. another one here, all the way back through kentucky. this rain will be here through about noon tomorrow. right now, just look at that shot. a nasty shot now, 57 degrees, winds out of the east at 12 miles an hour. a little breezy too. breezy will pick up tonight and into tomorrow as the storm system develops off the
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raining, much cooler. 54, fredericksburg. 54 in culpeper. haven't seen a lot of rain in annapolis, 58, but that number will come down as the rain moves in. take a look at the wider picture. you can see the clouds and the rain all the way back to arkansas. this storm will move far enough to the south that it helps to cut off our rain tomorrow from this storm once it develops off the coast. so let's take a look at future weather. here's 11:00 tonight. if you thought you were going to go out tonight and have a great night on the town, you're going to be dealing with some rain, but just know it, keep the umbrella handy. saturday morning, 7:00 a.m., got the rain across much of the area. but we're already starting to see the end of it. by 10:00, it's almost out of here. by around noon, it's just about all out of here. i think tomorrow will be rain early and late in the afternoon, we do dry out. when you're talking about games and
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probably canceled. maybe the nats game canceled tonight. we'll be dealing with clouds all day and that means a cool afternoon. highs tomorrow only 56 degrees with the morning rain. 75 on mother's day and sunshine. it's going to be rather windy on mother's day, but all in all, looking very good. then look at the heat that comes in. upper 80s to around 90 degrees. at 4:45, amelia draper will have more on your weekend. and show you how it impacts you. >> thank you, doug. getting around town could be tricky over the next couple days. the big events that could make you late even if you're not going. plus, why doctors say of all things, avocados are sending more people to the er. >> we're working for you during the break with the curnt weatherer
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there's the view. there's more to life than the climb. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville. let the child inside you out to play. remember who you are. life is for the taking, not for taking it easy. asheville. discovery, inside and out. ♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪
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you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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now at 4:30, just in time for the weekend, a woman's warning, tips to stay safe. what happened when she got into the car of a man pretending to be her uber driver. >> a council member on the wrong side of the law. he crashed a county car while drunk. and this is unusual. melissa mccarthy takes another shot at the white house during the friday commute. you're watching news4 at 4:00. former fbi director james comey is a civilian now. but the fall-out from his firing is far from over. >> yeah, today president trump appeared to threaten him in a tweet, hinting their conversations were recorded. our coverage continues
4:31 pm
house. >> reporter: that tweet was the first question out of the gate during today's white house press briefing. sean spicer was pressed several times on it, but the white house refused to elaborate on it, saying the tweet speaks for itself. still feeling fall-out from his exclusive interview with nbc's lester holt. president trump opening a new controversy, tweeting this thinly veiled threat to the fbi director he fired. james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversation before he starts leaking to the press. >> that's not a threat. he simply stated a fact. the tweet speaks for itself. i'm moving on. >> reporter: sean spicer refusing to deny whether a tape exists. the white house also downplaying the president's threat to cancel daily press briefings. but in an interview with fox news, the president says it's a possibility. >> just don't have them. unless i have them every two weeks and i do them myself.
4:32 pm
i think it's a good idea. >> reporter: the president tead making an appearance today at a function for military families. but russia is once again taking center stage. >> there's no collusion between me and my campaign and the russians. >> reporter: the president citing former national intelligence director james clapper as saying, there is no collusion. but clapper tells a different story. >> i don't know if there was collusion or not. i don't know if there's evidence of collusion or not. nor should i have. >> reporter: clapper also said comey told him he was uneasy about a white house invitation to dinner where the president claims comey told him he was not under investigation. the president told lester holt he welcomes that fbi investigation. and in a newly released letter, attorneys for president trump, he said the president doesn't have any ties to russia,
4:33 pm
pageant four years ago and a real estate deal. blayne alexander, news4. just ahead of mother's day, members of the group called "moms rising" and their supporters, marched to trump international hotel this morning, protesting what they called the trump administration's anti-immigrant and health care policies. they pushed strollers of statue of liberty figures and planned to deliver them to the president, justice department and senate offices. >> and we're here to really remind our leaders that, you know, we are -- have come too far in america to give up on the american dream, that we want more for our kids. >> the group says it's especially concerned about the increase in the number of immigration raids across the country, the muslim travel ban, and the push for a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. a bike ride that will close
4:34 pm
college grads and their family, major events can cause big delays getting around town this weekend. >> i'm melissa mollet with a couple of warnings for you. downtown this week, graduations happening, extra traffic and maybe, paing might be a bit tighter than normal. american university, howard university, and also catholic graduating this weekend. a little warning for you there. on sunday, the d.c. police bike ride, huge event there, streets shut down from 6:30 to 12:15 in the ohio drive area. that's where it starts there in southwest, washington. the finish line, as for those road closures, they start at midnight on sunday, last until 7:00 p.m. constitution avenue from third to seventh, pennsylvania as well, and fourth street from nps avenue southwest to constitution avenue northwest. have a great we
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traffic around chinatown tonight with the wizards playing at the verizon center. tip-off is at 8:00. if the wiz beat the celtics, they'll head back to boston for a deciding game seven. lose and the season is over. we asked if you think the wizards will win out and advance. the results right now show most folks are hopeful, but not all that optimistic. you can still weigh in on the nbc washington facebook page. fresh avocados are becoming staples from kitchens across the country. >> they are in mine. and this is leading to more visits to emergency rooms from people cutting their hands. the pit can be slippery and people tend to use a big night to take that out. and if the avocado is super ripe, the knife slips right through the skin. >> you can injure anything from
4:36 pm
vessels. a very sharp knife is safer. it's the dull knives that lead to injury. >> another recommendation is to use a cutting board. but if you have to hold it in your hand, put a towel between it and your hand. i do cut mine in my hand. >> when i saw that story, i thought they were going to say something was bad in the avocados that was causing people. i never heard that people were cutting their hands cutting the avocado. >> yeah, just put it on a cutting board. a local jail with an interesting history gets a second chance. how this old prison is getting a new lease on life. plus, doug and amelia have already told us the storm showers will impact half your weekend. we're tracking the heaviest rain and how it could impact your plans. ♪ ♪ upon. >> hi, i'm staff sergeant andrew johnson. i'd like to wish my mother and all the mothers backe
4:37 pm
virginia, happy motheres day. >> i'm
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rain, rain and more rain coming on through the area. storm team4 radar. but i want to show you, notice the rain's making its way in. fredericks, hagerstown, and martinsburg, most of the rain has stayed to the south. and i think it's
4:40 pm
70 and 81 looking okay. everybody in northern virginia seeing the rain, and towards southern maryland that's where some of the heaviest rain is. if you widen out, you can see what's coming, all of this to the west making its way through. we have another about 18 hours of rain, should be done by about noon tomorrow. amelia's in in a few minutes to show you how it will impact your saturday and sunday. >> thank you, doug. for the first time in decades, you can get a glimpse into the criminal history in prince william county at the brentville jail, which is being renovated. it was once the home of runaway slaves and horse thieves and moon shiners. the historic building will be open to the public for the first time tomorrow. >> the five-year process was to restore the entire jail back to his original look in 1822. one of the slaves was being held and decided it would be better to burn his way out
4:41 pm
trial. he started the fire near the window to try to burn it out. he was unsuccessful, though. >> other historic buildings will be open to the public. if you'd like to help, we are sharing their information on the nbc washington facebook page. melissa mccarthy may have found the perfect mode of transportation to beat the traffic and troll the white house at the same time. >> come on! come on! that's mccarthy weaving in and out of traffic in manhattan, dressed as shaun spiter aean sp mock-up of the press secretary's podium. you can watch "snl" tomorrow night right here on nbc4. >> that's one way to get around in the big apple. >> yes, that character has proven pretty popular for her. if you have never seen the inside of the white house, now may be the time to go. which part of the house has
4:42 pm
off-limits until now? and also, she stepped into a car that she thought was an uber car, and quickly found out the drafer w driver was a fake. >> he's just banging my head against the seat. >> how she survived and how you can stay safe this weekend. news4 is working for you, even during the break.
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4:45 pm
prince george's county council member mel franklin is talking for the first time about his dui arrest. >> he's taking full respondent f -- full responsibility for the crash that sent two people to the hospital. >> reporter: today for the first time, we heard from prince george's county council member mel franklin as he stood before the judge and took responsibility, saying that, yes, indeed, he was drunk the day of the accident and he paid a fine of less than $700 and took a probation before judgment, meaning that his record could be expunged in a short period of time. franklin for the first time address the accident and what happened. there were initial reports he may have tried to flee the scene, but today he said that was not the case. he was confused after the accident, but found his way to police. this would have been franklin's third crash in a county issued vehicle. today he
4:46 pm
this. >> i think the bottom line is, whenever you get in front of the wheel of a vehicle, you need to be in the right shape to drive. >> reporter: coming up, we hear from the family that franklin crashed into on that day. in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. we're also getting new reaction tonight to an i-team investigation into a d.c. law that is driving up the price of homes. >> that's one of the stories coming up on news4 at 5:00. jim and wendy are in the newsroom with this. guys? >> pat and chris, we had part one yesterday, but today, a loophole in a d.c. law that was meant to protect renters, but allowed others to hold homes for sale hostage. >> one woman had to walk away from a home she had hoped to buy. just ahead tonight, jody fleischer follows up with d.c. council members about what's next for that bill. and it's been about a year since a raid on
4:47 pm
leesburg, it was linked to gangs. >> david culver has new insight into that raid and its connection to ms-13 and how that gang is operating in our neighborhood. it's mother's day this weekend. a little later, the story of a daughter who is giving her mom a life-saving gift. >> we'll see you with those stories and also it's very cold outside. >> and rainy. >> cold and rainy. for may, it's cold and rainy. >> it's freezing in here. >> it is. cold and rainy in here! >> thanks, guys. well, the next time you take a tour of the white house, you will make a new stop along the tour. first lady melania trump announced that people will now get to see the white house theater. the theater is located in the east wing. it was first opened in 1942 during the roosevelt administration. the theater was last renovated in 2005. the first lady says thete
4:48 pm
visitors should have as much access as possible. well, you saw wendy wearing her jacket. all rain is not created equal. this felt much more like a fall rain than it did a spring one. >> it's certainly been chilly the last few days, cloudy as well. it's a beneficial range. we're no longer in a long-term drought going back to last year. overnight and into tomorrow morning, we'll pick up a half to an inch of rainfall. we're not too concerned about flooding out there. it's going to be for the most part, a steady rain. you have plans early tomorrow morning. you want the rain jacket, it will be soggy with the drown, but not a deluge. just in time, the weather improves for mother's day. looking nice for sunday and a big warm-up next week, near or at 90 degrees for a few days toward the end of the week. but right now, it's a soggy friday evening. i'm kind of enjoying it. it's the weather that makes you
4:49 pm
with family. i said yesterday, i think i need to have some soup and get over it. here's a look at radar. all green on the map, not tracking any pockets of heavy rain. we'll see a light to moderate rain at times overnight tonight until tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s. 57 degrees right now in washington, a high tomorrow only ruined 56, with showers during the morning hours. rain tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and noon. and then it's cloudy for the afternoon hours. so the weather will definitely impact your morning and midday hours. sports for the kids, going to be canceled tomorrow morning. if they're not canceled, i think it would be nice for you to watch from the car. lunch tomorrow outdoors, it's going to be damp and cool. i would hold off on the yard work tomorrow, definitely better on sunday. dinner out on saturday evening, it's dry but chilly. definitely grab the jacket. here's your hourly planner for mother's day. another cool start, 51
4:50 pm
goodbye to this cool weather. lunch time, upper 60s, mid 70s by 4:00. it's going to be mild and it's also going to be noticeably windy during the afternoon and evening hours on mother's day. a small chance for an isolated late-day shower, but overall really nice for bike d.c. as well. 70 degrees at 7:00 p.m. the next ten days, mid 70s for mother's day. monday, low 70s, beautiful sunshine, a gorgeous day. unfortunately, that's not over the weekend. and then look at wednesday and thursday. near or around 90 degrees, so hot and humid as well. >> it's going to be on, thanks, amelia. nbc4 responds to a maryland woman's online shopping snafu. she ordered a $400 rocking chair in february but it never arrived. >> the company wasn't getting back to her, so she reached out to consumer reporter susan hogan who is here to tell us how that
4:51 pm
>> yeah, this lady tried contacting the company four times over several weeks and was getting nowhere. she called nbc4 responds and we got the results she couldn't. >> angie ordered this double rocker from the website anderson in february. paid 400 dollar for the rocker and was expecting it to be delivered in four weeks. two months went by and nothing. she called them four times and mailed them a letter. when she didn't get a response, she reached out to nbc4 responds. we got to work right away, calling the company and contacting its owner on social media. within 24 hours, angie got an e-mail from anderson avenue, letting her know the order had been canceled and she was being fully refunded. they say shortly after she placed her order, the manufacturer told them they couldn't fulfill it. it never got updated in the computer. angie told us, quote, i am so appreciative ofou
4:52 pm
while a tried for weeks with no avail. not one response, phone call, or e-mail. nbc4 responds to birth certificate debacle. tamara baker's newborn's son was birth certificate was lost in the mail. she knows the importance of a document like that. >> his identity would have been stolen. >> reporter: tamara said she was bounced back and forth between vital check, the company where she ordered it, and ups. she called nbc4 responds. we reached out to both companies in days, tamara was refunded and sent free replacements. ups said the original got caught in a conveyor belt and was badly damaged. >> are you glad you called us? >> i am, i am. because i don't think i would have gotten the backup. i don't think i would have gotten any answers and i probably would still be contacting ups and vital check
4:53 pm
>> and take a look at this. my favorite part of the week. nbc4 responds is closing in on the $1.2 million mark recovered or saved for our viewers. if you have a consumer complaint you need help solving, you can contact us on our website, nbc almost $1.2 million. >> i remember when you hit the million mark. it's just adding up so quickly. >> thanks to all of our viewers, this is great. >> thank you. lot of us will hail a ride using an app over the weekend. but you need to hear one woman's story before you get into someone else's car. how you can make sure what happened to her doesn't happen to you. and news4 at 4 is on the air even during the break. we want you to check out the headlines and the latest from storm team4.
4:54 pm
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more than a new name, a new way of seeing energy.
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united airlines evacuated a flight in houston after a passenger reported seeing a scorpion come out of another passenger's clothing. the flight was delayed for hours as crews searched high and low for the scorpion, but they didn't find it. paramedics checked out the passenger and determined that person had not been stung, thank goodness. passengers were put on a new flight and went on to their destination. pretty scary. if you use uber, c
4:57 pm
you've done this. a car pulls up and you just get in. >> but you really need to be sure that's your driver. because predators are posing as uber employees. some of them are assaulting passengers. >> one of the latest victim systs is speaking out to help people. >> i literally woke up to him in the back seat. >> reporter: she leaves a bar in hollywood looking for her ride share. >> she gets into a car thinking it's her driver, it's not. >> reporter: she falls asleep. when she wakes up -- >> we were parked somewhere and he's banging my head against the seat. >> and he sexually assaulted you? >> yes. >> for hours? >> very three hours. it's a confusing thing. you're instincts say, stop, get off me. >> she's trying every tactic to humanize herself and get herself out of danger. >> reporter: she even tries to get information about her
4:58 pm
long beach. he says he owns an accounting firm. he says his brother is in law enforcement, but it's still not stopping the assault. >> you realize wow, this is not changing anything. he's still overpowering me. what's next? >> reporter: finally, he lets her out of the car. >> he put her phone so she would have to run and get it and then drove off. >> reporter: this attorney offering advice. >> we all walk up to cars and say, are you my driver? don't put the burden on the driver. >> look for a little button in the app that will allow you to share information on that ride with your friends just as soon as you get in. >> and you should also tell them -- ask them the name of the driver, the passenger that they're looking for. this will allow them to track
4:59 pm
your location, so you don't arrive on time, if you don't, they can call police. >> more news and the latest from storm team4. news4 at 5:00 starts now. tracking rain right now, it continues to make its way across our region. storm team4 radar lighting up now. most of this has been on the lighter side. >> overnight into tomorrow morning, it's going to be soggy out there. >> most definitely. if you have plans, look at the radar now. those plans this evening, you can expect and we'll continue to watch this rain moving in here as we move through the rest of the night tonight. take a look at what's happening now. over the last few hours, we've seen that rain moving on in, except up to our extreme north. frederick, hagerstown, martinsburg, still not seeing the rain. but along 66, the beltway, 95, # 301, all seeing
5:00 pm
has more on that. >> yesterday it took forever to get home because of the rain. unfortunately, a similar situation as you're waiting for your family to get home tonight. take a look, wet roads out there, not only tonight, but tomorrow morning. and then by tomorrow evening, we're going to dry out. and as we continue into mother's day, we finally clear out and warm up. so take a look. there's the road conditions forecast tonight into tomorrow morning. here's your evening planner. doug and i have been talking about this a lot. we're checking social media. nats game still not officially canceled. two meteorologists here, though, thinking it should be. and temperatures will stay in the 50s tonight. >> the rain extending from our area all the way back to memphis. we have a lot more to go overnight into tomorrow. we'll show you when it ends and how that affects your weekend in about 15 minutes. >> hunker down, see you in a bit. thank you both. now at 5:00, a couple of stories you'll see only here on news4. coming up, how this


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