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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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let us know how long it will stick around. doug? >> it will impact the weekend plans, especially if you're starting them tonight and into early tomorrow morning. that's the biggest area of rain right through about noon, 1:00 tomorrow. right now, rain coming down just about everywhere. the one exception has been around frederick, maryland. hagerstown, martinsburg, but even there, the last couple of frames, we are looking at the rain moving into your area too. but it's raining steadily along 66, 95, 50, just about anywhere from d.c. over to warrenton, winchester as well. heads up out there, give your loved ones extra time to get home tonight. we're looking at the edge of the rain into portions of kentucky. it goes back towards memphis. this storm is going to make a little different trajectory. weal talk about that and what it means for your saturday and what it also means for mother's day. i've got your forecast. see you i
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>> thank you, doug. now would be the perfect time to make sure you have the nbc washington app. you can get hour by hour forecasts for your weekend ahead. tonight only on 4, new insight into how ms-13 gang members are operating in our suburbs, including how they lured and killed a teen last year. all this comes out a recently unsealed federal indictment. david culver joins us from leesburg with details. really chilling sounding stuff here, david. >> absolutely. and here's that indictment that you referenced. it was initially fired under seal. it lists charges against nine people, all accused in the murder of an 18-year-old. now, in speaking with gang investigators, they say that's pretty consistent when it comes to ms-13 and how they operate. a group versus one. no desire, so to speak, for a fair fight. here's how this one case played
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you may remember this scene from june of last year, local and federal law enforcement moving in on this leesburg home. in the middle of the night, neighbors recording several people hands on their heads, walking out. at the time, we saw gang unit investigators on scene, yet so many questions remained unanswered, until now. >> it's pretty safe around here. it's a nice area, but, you just every know. >> reporter: two and a half weeks before that house raid, a family reported 18-year-old carlos missing. this recently unsealed indictment charges nine people with his disappearance. investigators believe ms-13 click leaders found pictures of carlos showing rival gang signs on facebook. on may 21st of last year, they allegedly lurd him into an suv, telling him they were going to a party, but they kept driving to west virginia. there the indictment says the gang members attacked and killed carlos. accordingth
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after those involved in the death left harper's ferry, they came back to this home in lesburg. it's here they burned the clothing and all evidence that may be linked to the crime. >> in the last two to three years, it's started to climb, most noticeably in the last 18 months. >> reporter: while carlos's case is being handled at the federal level, loudoun county's commonwealth attorney has seen plenty of his own gang cases. among them, the killing of this 17-year-old shot several times 92 novemb in november 2015 at a school bus stop. two people stabbed, one of them died. he said much of the gang activity is happening in public areas. >> without fail, every one of them in a local wooded area, at a park, or on school property. >> reporter: gang investigators will tell you that part of the survival of a gang has to do with funding, the way they get
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the ways, it has to do with extortion of younger gang members. they call it paying rent. essentially membership dues. if you don't pay, no guarantee that you or your family will be safe. >> david culver, thank you. intense flames gutted a townhome in fairfax county overnight. now investigators are calling it suspicious. that fire was so strong t spread to the next door neighbors who are now forced to find somewhere else to stay tonight. meagan fitzgerald reports from the scene. >> it felt like an explosion, it did, the whole house shook. >> reporter: it's a fire investigators are calling suspicious. >> it shook my bed. >> i started hearing pop, pop, pop, pop. >> i saw smoke. >> reporter: neighbors saw the flames and smoke before 2:00 this morning. two people who lived next door to the fire were immediately evacuated and now displaced.
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late morning extinguishing hot spots while investigators sifted through the rubble to figure out how it happened. >> saw the flames. i mean, it was horrible. they were higher than i've ever seen flames. >> reporter: just before the flames started, several neighbors say they saw the man who lived inside drive off. >> he packed his stuff and he was putting it on his truck. i asked him if they're moving, and he say, no, we're not. >> that was meagan fitzgerald reporting from lorton. the pentagon confirms the man who lived in the house was a pentagon police officer until a year ago. he has not been seen since that fire started. in stark contrast in washington's political climate, one week ago, we were following the jubilant celebration in the white house rose garden after the house passed a bill to repeal obamacare. tonight the storm clouds are back over the white house. the president refusing to talk about a tweet that seems to imply he recorded conversations with fbi director, the one that he
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blayne alexander is covering the latest fire storm at the white house. we often say what a difference a week makes, but this time around, wow. >> a tremendous difference from last week to this week. good afternoon to you. as you could imagine, that tweet that you spoke about was the first question right out of the gate during today's white house press briefing. and sean spicer refused to elaborate on it, saying the tweet speaks for itself. >> hello, everybody. hi, lester. >> reporter: still feeling fall-out from his exclusive interview with nbc's lester holt, president trump opening a new controversy, tweeting this thinly veiled threat to the fbi director he fired. james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversation before he starts leaking to the press. but in an interview with fox news, the president refusing to deny whether a tape exists. >> i can't talk about that. all i want is for comey to be honest. and i hope he will be, and i'm sure he will be, i hope. >> reporter: the white house also downplaying the president's threat to cancel
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briefings, but the president said, it's a possibility. >> just don't have them. unless i have them every two weeks and i do them myself. we don't have them. i think it's a good idea. >> reporter: the president today making a surprise appearance at an event for military families, a positive image after a week of bad press. but russia is once again taking center stage. >> there's no collusion between me and my campaign and the russians. >> reporter: the president citing former national intelligence director james clapper saying there's no collusion, but clapper tells a different story. >> i don't know if there was collusion or not. i don't know if there's evidence of collusion or not. nor should i have. >> reporter: clapper also said comey told him he was uneasy about a white house invitation to dinner where the president claims comey told him he was not under investigation. the president told lester holt, he welcomes that fbi investigation. >> reporter: in a newly released letter, attorneys for the president say the trump organion
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ties to russia, with a few exceptions. citing the miss universe pageant from four years ago and a real estate deal in florida. doreen? >> blayne, thank you. new federal sentencing guidelines for drug cases from the justice department today. attorney general jeff sessions is telling federal prosecutors to charge suspects with the most serious offense that they can prove. under former attorney general eric holder, prosecutors were encouraged to seek less serious charges if a defendant wasn't involved with a large drug cartel or gang. sessions is also directing prosecutors to disclose all facts that can impact a defendant's sentence. during the obama administration it was common practice not to mention large amounts of drugs to keep from triggering long mandatory minimum sentences. sessions said prosecutors can stray from the guidelines, but they have to appeal to their bosses. here's at the live desk, we're w
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biggest ransom ware attack in history. it's affecting more than 70 countries, but the biggest impact appears to be in russia where the interior ministry lost access to a thousand computers. hackers also attacked fedex, and hospitals in the uk. computers have been crippled at more than 20 hospitals. doctors are telling people to stay home unless it's an emergency. ransom ware locks up computers and demands money to unlock them. nbc news is reporting that a tool kit stolen from the nsa showed attackers how to get into these systems, but the ransom ware itself is not nsa code. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. >> thanks, chris. right now, metro is planning another round of changes, beginning saturday, june 25th, metro rail tickets will cost 10 to 25 cents more, and metro bus tickets will increase to $2. metro rail hours are also changing. monday thr
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a.m. until 11:30 p.m. on fridays, metro will stay open until 1:00 a.m., an extra hour there. train service will stay open until 1:00 a.m. on saturday. but on sundays, metro will close at 11:00 p.m. he posed as a maintenance worker to gain access to a luxury building. tonight new clues as police zero in on a suspect and his motives before that attack. plus, an army veteran died after a violent confrontation, but no one ever faced charges. now, years later, the new evidence from a key witness that has officials taking a second look at the case as the family fights to clear his name. and more political bombshells following the president's interview with nbc news yesterday. chuck todd joins us next to break down some ofhe big tge
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narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare.
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progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us. pretty rainy, dreary friday, but it sounds like there's hope on the horizon. >> what drought? >> yeah. >> what's the word, doug? >> the word right now is rain. that's exactly what we'll continue to see through the rest of the evening hours, through into tomorrow morning, and then hope for sunshine coming out later in the weekend. but right now, no sunshine and the rain coming down. worst part of the day, t
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evening commute. they've already postponed the nationals game. frederick and hagerstown, this area has seen showers, but mostly dry today. it's been all down to the south over the last couple hours. you see what's happening. we have one little system coming through now, another wave back to the west. this one is the one that's going to move in across the region and everybody gets in on the rain then around 7/8:00. out there now, not a very nice night. 54 degrees. you need the umbrella, the jacket as you step out the door. maybe the rain boots too. and we're not going to move much. temperatures maybe dropping a degree or two. wed roads through the night into early tomorrow. down to 49 in stanton with the heavy rain. 53 in fredericksburg, 52 over towards huntingtown. average high this time of year, mid 70s, nowhere near that today.
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look at what's happening here. the clouds are coming in from the east. that's the cooler air off the ocean at the surface. aloft, clouds and rain moving in. with the wider view, you see how far back the rain goes, it cuts off here through kentucky. this next system down here, the one that's brought a lot of severe weather to parts of the south and back towards the plains, that system moves to the south and helps to take this system out by early tomorrow afternoon. so i think tomorrow afternoon we are going to see some lighter rain. 11:00 tonight, everybody dealing with the rain, same thing around 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we've got the rain coming through, but notice by 10:00, many areas are dry here. northern virginia, back towards martinsburg and frederick, still some rain, but even that getting out of here around 1:00. most of the afternoon tomorrow does look dry. but showers in the morning. afternoon clouds, staying cool. temperatures around 56. little breezy at times too. next couple days, we'll seehe
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but this time in a good way, at least for most of us. 75 on mother's day, with wind in the afternoon. sunshine on mother's day. monday at 72. 77 on tuesday and look at wednesday and thursday. the heat, the heat moving back in. >> all right, we'll be glad to see some heat after the last couple days. thank you, doug. back now with a deeper look at this week's political headlines, from the growing fire storm that followed the firing of fbi director james comey to some controversial comments from their trump to new tensions between the president and the media. and we start off with a tweet storm the president sent out this morning, including a message, one of them that reads like a threat to comey. >> chuck todd is nbc news political director and moderator of "meet the press" and joins us now. let's take one more look at the president's message on twitter. he wrote, james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press.
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any idea? >> well, it obviously has to do with -- it was obviously to me, a response to "the new york times" story, and we've confirmed our own version of it, this idea that at the dinner on january 27th, that he was asked to pledge loyalty to the president, and in comey's version of events, that's what he was asked and he said no. now the president in an interview that i think it will air tomorrow on fox says, well, there would have been nothing wrong with me asking that, about you he also seemed to back off claiming that he did that. what's interesting about this comment on tapes, the white house won't confirm or deny whether there is a recording system in there. and the president himself is asked about it. he says i don't want to get into that. >> why even put that out to twitter? that's what's so mysterious. >> there's two ways to look at it. as somebody close to the president said to me about him, he believes in one of the theer -- one of
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controversy helps elevate an issue. so he doesn't mind creating more controversy when he's in the middle of a controversy. sometimes it's about throwing more objects at the screen, see what sticks, make people chase flack, and not focus on the story at hand. that could be part of this motivation. he likes to always keep opponents, you know, not sure what's going on. it would be surprising if he did at this point, considering why anybody in their right mind, considering the history of tapes in the white house, would think that was a good idea. >> would even raise that. >> but at the same time, nothing shocks me anymore when it comes to president trump. >> talk about the dinner, maybe the most talked about dinner since the last supper. different accounts between comey and trump. the president came out and said one thing about it. the former director jim c
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different take on what happened. let's take a listen to two clips here and get your reaction on the other side. >> he wanted to have dinner because he wanted to stay on. we had a very nice dinner at the white house. >> he asked you to dinner? >> dinner was arranged. i think he asked for the dinner. >> he mentioned that he had been invited to the white house to have dinner with the president. he was uneasy with it just for the appearance of compromising the independence of the fbi. >> the president had really been using clap toper to shield hims. so there's a break there. >> there is. and we have more news on this dinner. important to the timeline, when did the invitation to comey go out. somebody has said it was either the day of the dinner, or the night before. why is this significant? on the day before this dinner, sally yates, the then
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the then deputy attorney general, briefed the president's counsel about mike flynn had compromised himself and said, oh by the way, he had been interviewed by the fbi on january 24th. so it doesn't take a large leap, the president is immediately briefed, we know this, about the mike flynn situation. doesn't take a large leap to say okay, the president learns that mike flynn has been interviewed by the fbi, i want to have dinner with comey and find out what they know. that is, the timeline nikindica he had learned the fbi interviewed mike flynn. that to me adds another layer to the story. sounds like a bad episode of "house of cards." it does come across as intimidation. and i think, look, if the president's goal was to try to either slow down or get this russian investigation behind him, the exact opposite has
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trying to assert their independence. and now you have members of congress on the republican side of the aisle that seem to be as anxious about holding hearings on this as the democrats have been for some time. >> one more contradiction, the president also said he made the decision to fire comey on his own, which doesn't sound like that letter that we were looking at the other day. but now that's also contradicting the vice president and the president's own press people. >> right. and oh by the way -- >> what are we supposed to believe? >> he also tweeted, maybe things are getting ahead of my press staff and maybe they shouldn't be. and you're going, okay, so you basically said everybody that is supposed to speak for the president should not be taken at their word. i don't know how -- that's an unsustainable way to govern, essentially the world's largest organization, the united states of america. >> he's got issues with his own
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shouldn't have press briefings anymore. and then with the russian media being allowed into a meeting and the american press not allowed in. what do you make of it? >> i take the threat of fewer press briefings is more of an indictment on his own staff. than it is the media. i think he thinks they're terrible at it, i can do a better job. on the russia thing, i assume incompetence, naivete in that the white house should have been leery that the russians may have a task -- the russian news organization as an arm of the government and that they may want this. we now know it was important to vladimir putin that lavrov have this meeting in the oval office with president trump. it almost looked like a signal to the world, like look at what i got, look at what i won, in that photo. so there should have been, to me, i take the white house at its word that they didn't know. the problem is, they shouldn't have been that naive, and they
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missed on the optics. >> and while we parse out all this stuff, we're not talking about health care or immigration or any of the significant problems opini problems. >> that has rattled congressional republicans. last week at this time, we were talking about a donald trump that had gotten his sea legs. not now. >> republican senator lindsey graham is chuck's exclusive guest on "meet the press" this week. he's supposedly got a copy of the certified letter about trump investments -- >> certified. >> in russia along with chuck schumer, you can see all of that and more this weekend. a man charged in a dui crash that left five people dead gesks out on the sentencing. d.c. is a no-fly zone for drones. find out why it was hover
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and it's the video lighting up social media everywhere. we got a sneak peek
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wewe got the keys!ys to our new house!
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wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too. back here at the live desk, the two people police say placed a noose at a middle school in maryland will soon be in custody. they are ann arundel
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police just sent us a mugshot of 19-year-old connor proud. he's been arrested in connection with the noose found hanging from a light fixture at crofton middle school. a teacher found it and it was immediately removed. another man, a 19-year-old will be turning himself in any minute now. they both face charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct. surveillance pictures caught them at the school. the principal e-mailed parents and sent a letter home with kids when all this happened on thursday morning. chris lawrence, news4. back to you. danger at the door. new video of a man wanted for attacking a woman inside her home, as we learn how the concierge of another building kept him from possibly committing a crime there moments earlier. and a man who pleads guilty to driving drunk and killing five people is released on bond and then doesn't show up for sentencing today. i'
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. >> now at 6:30, a woman walking her dog opens the door of her apartment building in arlington. a stranger waits and comes in behind her. police believe it's the same guy who attacked a woman in another building on that same day.
6:31 pm
news4 was first to tell you about this previous attempt. and right now, what you're seeing here is the video of that event. that's where derrick ward picks up the story. >> reporter: this is chilling. this video from arlington county police shows a man they believe is a sexual predator. he waits at the doorway of a secure building on clairin don boulevard. a woman opens the door, the suspect enters ahead of her. she could have been his victim. we're certain that possibility was wiped out not by police or a self-defense move. it's a person sitting at a desk. >> the concierge was observant, engaged the suspect in conversation. >> it was enough to turn the suspect away. unfortunately about 20 minutes away, that suspect showed up at this building half a mile away. police believe he may have got in through a garage entrance. and once inside, he knocked on doors posing as a maintenance man. a woman let him in. >> he did commit a very violent
6:32 pm
residence and followed that up with a sexual assault as well. >> reporter: today news surveillance cameras were being installed, but the human element is an important part of a security profile. at this building, the suspect got in when someone else opened the door to get in. he waited for that opportunity. >> if you see somebody that is waiting inside an entry way like that, don't allow them access. but we also don't want you to confront somebody. >> reporter: police suggest you call 911, but suppose you don't have a cell phone, suppose you can't do that, they say just keep walking, go to someplace safe. >> reporter: police say the suspect seen here after the attack is a dangerous man, and he's still out there. in arlington, derrick ward, news4. d.c. is a no-drone zone, you may know. the air spice space is highly s. but the government made an exception thisor
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permission for the flight. the architect at the capitol was using the drone to shoot video and take pictures of a restoration project. county council member franklin said he'll work hard to earn forgiveness. he was driving his county-issued vehicle when he crashed into another car. two people in the vehicle ended up in the hospital. today franklin told reporters he's taking full responsibility for his actions. the judge also ordered him to pay $600 fine. the families of five people killed by a drunk driver in oxen hill were expecting justice today. instead their emotions turned to anger after the suspect skipped out on the sentencing. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has more on the search now for kenneth kelley. >> if you know kenneth kelley, if you've seen
6:34 pm
encourage him to turn himself in. >> reporter: a father of the baby killed in an accident that took five lives. >> i lost my kid's mom. a mother had to watch her kids die. >> reporter: kenneth kelley did not show up for his sentencing today. >> we fully expected him to be here. but he did not show. >> reporter: tiffany wilkerson and tamika curtis were killed. brother and sister, 1-year-old hassan boykin and 13-year-old were killed. in the striking vehicle, dominique green was killed. but the driver, kenneth kelley, who prosecutors say was drunk, survived. a judge released kelley on $100,000 bond after his plea. although the state's attorney's office argued to keep him in jail. a gps tracking system was placed on his ankle, but it was removed before court, a violation of his court order. >> earlier this
6:35 pm
taken off the gps monitor. we were not made aware of that until this afternoon when he did not show up. >> reporter: deputies are looking for him and family members of the victim are hoping that after three years, soon this case will end. >> he took away five lives. five. i'm not sure why the judge released him in the first place. he shouldn't have been out on the street. >> reporter: deputies are searching for kelley right now. there are plenty of questions, first of all, who authorized the gps to be turned off in the first place? i'm tracee wilkins, news4. one local school district is considering an upgrade for recess. montgomery county legislators will talk about a plan to improve school play areas. there's concern that portable classrooms have eliminated place space. montgomery county council meets monday to talk about education funding, including $750,000 to improve play
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a rare public appearance from michelle obama. and she's not mincing words. the sharp criticism for the new trump administration. plus, first lady melania trump also making news. we'll take you inside the ceremony and the surprise for military mothers at the white house. but first, here's doug. >> take a look outside. you see the low clouds, the fog, the rain continues to move on in here. cool friday night, but what does it hold for your weekend? i've got vo: at dominion, we have a long history of providing reliable energy and that'll never change. what is changing, is our name to dominion energy. it's a reflection of our commitment to energy innovation and renewable sources like solar, wind...
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current qualified lessees can get this silverado all star edition for around $249 a month. plus, find your tag and get an additional $1,500 lease cash on select silverado pickups in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. legislative. two events featured our first ladies past and present today, but they took a very different tone. first at the white house where the first family will spend mother's day. first lady melania trump and son barron are living in new york city until his school year ends. today the first lady hosted mothers of american servicemen and women. the crowd in the east room was treated to a special guest appean
6:39 pm
their children with the country and then turned the stage over to his wife. >> it has been said that having a child means allowing your heart to walk around outside of your body. for the mothers of someone who has or is serving our country, this must be especially true. >> this is the third time the first lady has appeared publicly since her husband was sworn in. flipping the coin now, former first lady michelle obama blasted president trump's administration today during an annual health summit here in washington. mrs. obama criticized the decision to delay federal rules aimed at making school lunches healthier. she did not mention president trump by name, but urged parents to think about the government's decision, and in her words, look at the motives. >> but think about why someone is okay with your
6:40 pm
crap. because here's the secret, if somebody is doing that, they don't care about your kid. >> mrs. obama noted that millions of children eat breakfast and lunch at school. the new agriculture secretary announced earlier this month that requirements on reducing sodium and adding more whole grains to school meals would be delayed. comedian melissa mccarthy may have found the perfect mode of transportation to beat the traffic and troll the white house at the same time. >> come on! come on! >> that's melissa mccarthy weaving in and out of traffic in manhattan today. she's dressed as sean spicer and driving a mock-up of the white house press podium. mccarthy is hosting "snl" this weekend and has a new skit playing the press secretary, spicy, they call him on the show. you can catch "snl" tomorrow night at 11:30 right here on nbc4. >> best promo ever, worst
6:41 pm
>> pretty good. >> those are hilarious skits. she's off the hook. >> if i'm stuck in traffic in new york and i see that in the rearview mirror, i'm not mad anymore. that's fine. i'm laughing. keep the umbrellas handy, there's more rain in the weekend. doug will let us know when we'll start to dry off around here. also ahead, a family fights for justice almost six years after his death. a new ruling after an arm yve
6:42 pm
narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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veteran killed on the streets of the nation's capital almos
6:44 pm
at the time police and prosecutors said patrick casey's death was justified. but casey's parents never believed that and they never gave up trying to clear their son's name. now u.s. prosecutors are changing their position. news4's mark segraves has been talking to witnesses about what really happened outside that downtown mcdonald's. he joins us now with a story you'll see only on news4. >> that's right. this is a story about a death the casey family believes could have been avoided and should have been investigated better. but it's also a star about-- st about a mother and father who never gave up on their son. patrick grew up outside albany, new york, joined the army and in 2011 after returning from afghanistan, he was studying at george washington university. he got into a fight and was killed. at the time, the police said the fight started with a
6:45 pm
>> the push came from mr. casey. >> reporter: they say police rushed to the wrong judgment. >> they only looked at information that supported the conclusion that they had reached. this wasn't fair, wasn't impartial. due process never took place. >> reporter: just weeks after holding that press conference, the u.s. attorney's office told d.c. police in this letter, they it classified his homicide as justifiable and they would not prosecute the men involved. paul and gayle couldn't believe their son would start a fight. >> they gave us pieces of the puzzle. they don't fit. we have to find out what the true pieces are, and that started our quest. >> reporter: that quest would take years. max was a third-year law student at the time and was in mcdonald's that early morning, five and a half years ago.
6:46 pm
coming into mcdonald's. >> they were drunk and belligerent and rambunctious. i said, we gotta keep an eye on these guys, they're going to start a fight. >> reporter: he was on the sidewalk when the three men were arguing. he said casey and one of the men were facing off, but had backed away from each other when the other man hit casey. >> that's when i noticed a different guy coming up from the side who threw a sucker punch and hit patrick and then he fell backwards. >> casey would die a few days later of that head injury. despite padone telling police and prosecutors what he witnessed in 2011, nobody was charged. casey's parents didn't give up. with the help of their lawyers and their own investigating, they found new evidence and gave it to police. >> it's incredible, and really everything that's
6:47 pm
has been driven by them. they've made it their lives. >> reporter: now after prosecutors have said it's a justifiable homicide, the u.s. attorney's office has changed its position. they say, casey's homicide was not justifiable, but says, there's not enough evidence to prosecute. the caseys still want police to charge the man who threw the fatal punch more than five years ago. >> it hasn't been finally determined what's going to happen. we're in the process right now of having conversation with the u.s. attorney's office to see what the ultimately resolution will be. i'm very familiar with the case, with the casey family. they lost their son. they're very determined to get justice in this case, and we're going to support them in that endeavor. >> now the u.s. attorney declined to comment for our report. caseys are steadfast in their quest to clear their son's name and hold someone accountable. >> and what is the new information? >> so w
6:48 pm
the three men and mcdonald's, they went through depositions and discovery, and the three men's story that they told police in 2011 changed, and they did not actually support one another. and what they said in twn2011 w that the fight was going on, the other friend came to the aid of his friend. during the deposition, said we weren't fighting, we were ten to 15 feet apart from one another and no one was in danger at the time the punch was thrown. >> what about the lawsuits now? >> the lawsuit against the three men, they dropped one of the suits against one of the men and about the other suits against the other two men, they resolved that out of court. the case against mcdonald's is still on appeal. coming up at 11:00, we'll show you surveillance video from inside the mcdonald's that the caseys and their attorneys say proves it's a dangerous place to go late at night and that mc
6:49 pm
>> thank you, mark. doug is back with more about the weather. have you changed your mind about the weekend forecast? >> yeah, there's no more rain. >> excellent! >> just like that, the rain has dried up. the atmosphere, i don't know what happened to it. the sun was out -- oh, wait a minute. i wish it was that easy. the rain continuing through early tomorrow morning opini. that's still the case, but mother's day is looking okay. a rainy evening here in the nation's capital. a look at wet roads and traffic on the slowdown. 54 degrees, winds out of the east at 12 miles an hour. that wind on the breezy side at times, making things feel even cooler. and we have that rain, interesting to see here. montgomery, frederick, washington counties, we've not seen much rain. if you live in rockville to bethesda, you've seen it all day. south of there, everybody in on the rain. steady rai
6:50 pm
and southern maryland. this is one wave along the system. we have another one back to the west. that's one's coming through with rain for everybody. we have one more back towards portions of kentucky. that one as well. tracking this storm, this will move towards the coast and help our other storm, the one affecting us now, to get out of here. so if you're thinking about eating outdoors tonight, no, don't even think about that. the rain, yeah, it's not going to be a good idea. tomorrow afternoon, it may be okay, going to be a little bit on the cool side, but if you have your jacket on, the rain will be over by 1:00. sunday, looking great, brunch with mom, no problem at all on your sunday. thinking about doing some running, walking, maybe bike d.c., that's looking pretty good too. 53 degrees at 7:00 a.m. afternoon, that's when you can get out there as far as the exercise is concerned. but bike d.c. on sunday looking good. 75 degrees, also the nationals
6:51 pm
doubleheader now. and 56 tomorrow and look at the heat coming back. wednesday and thursday around 90. >> next week looks good. coming up in sports, another day, another game for d.c. fans to grab the maalox and bite the nails. >> what nails? they're gone already. >> we'll tell you how the wizards plan on keeping the season live against the celtics tonight. >> but first, here's lester holt. >> doreen and leon, ahead for us tonight, late details in what may be a global cyber attack under way. the president's tweeted threat to ousted fbi director comey, raising questions over whether oval office conversations are secretly recorded and why the government may be about to expand its ban on some carry-on electronics on
6:52 pm
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> we know those teams don't like each other, celtics and wizards, and they might be coming to town to get back on the wizards, but the celtics not coming in wearing green? >> a terrible mistake on my part. i wasn't thinking. >> what's the word, carol? >> most of them are in all black, they get the idea from the wizards, calling it their funeral. but the celtics hoping to put the wizards' season to bed
6:55 pm
wizards have other ideas. it's been a roller coaster of a series. but i can tell you, two wins stand in the way of the wizards doing something they haven't done in 38 years, that's go to the conference finals. but to make history, they need to repeat history here at home. looking to put game five in the rearview mirror. a 22-point loss to boston. scott brooks likes the color black. he was disappointed at the team's lack of focus last time out, but the season now on the brink. he expects his guys to be ultra aggressive tonight. the good news about being at home, wizards haven't lost here all postseason. bradley beal twice before made it to a game six in the second round and lost both at home. so now they know they want more. >> we want to get further. we don't want to be stuck in the same spot. we want to get to the eastern conference finals. we've been around here every single time we've made it to the playoffs. so we want to get over the lump and we're confidence in ourselves that we can lead them. >> y
6:56 pm
way we start the season, you can't ask for a better situation. knowing we have to play well, because it's not guaranteed to win. >> reporter: meantime the caps meeting with the media one last time after the season eppnding y too early. ovechkin revealed he played with multiple injuries. karl alzner, a broken hand. the caps will likely look a lot different next year, something als ner recognizes after the history of disappointing postseason exits. >> you can only get to the second round so many times before you have to think that something needs to be changed. this is a pretty good window that we had here, and unfortunately, it's not there anymore. >> we had all the right ingredients, i think mentally we
6:57 pm
win. we're all still in a little bit of shock. in our minds, we were going to be playing until mid, end of june. it feels like a bad dream right now. >> hate seeing those images. but look at this from the skins, veterans invading fedexfield, leading the way for seventh graders, the culmination of a year's worth of work with the redskins foundation. a year of fit, a youth health and wellness program, to help kids be fit and active. the panel included star athletes from our area who were once just like them. >> it's exciting to see the kids getting into it. it's exciting to have this incredible partnership with d.c. public schools. it's so important to us. we want to help them help kids be successful and we know we're one little piece of making that happen. >> reporter: we get to see the kids with the redskins and all the draft picks tomorrow atin
6:58 pm
about later tonight. >> so are we. g go wizards. thank you, carol. >> and thanks to you for joining us. "nightly news" is coming up next. >> we'll see ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine.
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breaking news tonight, a massive cyber attack around the world hitting companies and universities in over 70 countries. hospitals held for ransom, emergency rooms closed. tonight the u.s. on alert. threatening comey, president trump says he better hope there are no tapes of their conversations. the white house refusing to deny that president trump has secret recording devices. plus, more of the interview the president revealing the comey case. bracing for abracing for n bracing for an expansion of electronics not allowed on trips from the u.s. to europe. laptops and e readers would need to be checked in fears of hidden explosives. and may flowers, a


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