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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, a sperm honor for everyday heroes killed in the line of duty. the community paying tribute. >> we'll break down why the unprecedented cyber attacks that crippled computers in
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4u7b countries spread so fast. >> and a gay navy veteran from our area brutally attacked in what should have been paradise. his story, only on news 4. thousands of people gathering on the national mall tonight to remember police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. >> attorney general jeff sessions addressing the crowd pledging to support law enforcement. news 4 is on the national mall with the emotional stories from people at tonight's vigil. darcy? >> reporter: well, eric and i have been covering these vigils for a number of years. like you said, they're always very emotional. tonight i was able to speak to a woman who was pregnant at the time her fiance was shot and killed in the line of duty. perhaps the most moving part of the vigil is when they read each anve
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the prince george's county police chief reads the names of the officers in maryland who died in the line of duty, including one of its own men. >> jakai davis colt. >> reporter: nearly 400 names in all, read at the national fallen officers candlelight vigil held on the national mall. dina baits came with her baby daughter who will never see her father. baits was pregnant when the baby's dad, a kansas city police captain, was shot and killed in july. >> i can't even describe. it's incredibly moving to see how many people care. but it's also incredibly painful, because, you know, we're still working through the grief process. >> reporter: police officers from across the country travel to the events. some departments have lost officers. others come to make sure the families of the fallen know they're not foot
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fallen brothers and sisters of law enforcement, those who lost their lives in the line of duty. >> reporter: emotional speeches from invited guests. this year the attorney general who promised to have the backs of police officers was the keynote speaker. >> it's a very somber experience. there's a long tragic story behind every one of these names. they may briefly say their name, but they have no idea the pain and suffering that family is going through. >> reporter: now, events to honor fallen officers will continue tomorrow and throughout the week, including monday when they'll have the national peace officers memorial service. we'll send it back to you. right now, north korea launches another projectile. the south korean military said it appears to be a ballistic missile that was fired. it landed in the water. they test-fired a ballistic missile late last month. that exploded shortly after
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launch. the trump administration said they are aware of the developments. a chaotic scene in d.c. >> that's right. police say this all began when an officer tried to question someone near the potomac garden apartments. that man allegedly ran into the apartments with the officers following right behind him. they called for backup. two police cruisers racing to the area collided near 12th and i streets. the officers have minor injuries. at some point gunshots rang out. they did make several arrests. attorney general jeff sessions and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein spent half of the day interviewing eight different candidates for fbi director. the president today said he could make a decision by late next week. united airlines says it is taking steps to make sure its cockpits remain secure tonight. the airline said
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been made public. united is not saying how the information got out, but it confirmed this is not a breach. it issued a statement saying other safety measures are in place, while they resolve the problem. countries around the world are scrambling to stop the spread of ransomware that shut down hospitals, banks and government agencies. the malware spread so quickly due to a number of factors coming together. first, there was a dangerous security hole in microsoft windows, and then hackers leaked tools to exploit that. people didn't immediately update it hair software after microsoft released a fix in march. it locks up your computer, holds your file for ransom. gunshots rang out early this morning at an alexandria hotel. three people were injured. one of them critically. officers rushed to the extended stay on blue stone road. authorities transported a man with life-threatening injuries from that
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two women were hurt as well. hotel dpests say they heard arguing, screaming and gunfire, and then they said they saw a bleeding woman running through the hallway. right now, no potential motive or suspects. before i knew it, four of them just jumped on me. >> a navy veteran from our area savagely attacked while vacationing in the caribbean. brown, who was enjoying carnivale, when several people beat him up. he feels he was targeted because he's gay and now he's getting death threats. derrick ward with the story you'll only see on news 4. >> reporter: adrian's world has gotten smaller. the maryland resident feels he can never go back to jamaica where he was born. >> on facebook, one guy said if you come on the plane, i'm going to shoot you. >> reporter: this after the
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caribbean of an incident in the bahamas. he was there for carnivale. expecting to have a good time. the whole carnival experience. he came away bruised physically and psychologically. it happened during a celebration last week. brown said it was unprovoked and unexpected. someone had thrown a drink at him. >> i asked why he throw the water on me? as soon as i asked him, his girlfriend went like this. and i pushed her. >> reporter: with that, he said he was jumped on by four people. >> jumped on me. >> reporter: he has yet to heal where he was hit by a rock. >> they said because you are a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: a derogatory term used for gay men. >> had it not been for the police, i would have been -- i think i would have been dead. >> reporter: they mad a
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he said before he left random behavior. it left this u.s. navy veteran shaken. >> never expected to go to the bahamas and have this happen to me. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. >> he had to pay thousands of dollars in medical expenses before he could come home to the u.s. a presidential first for donald trump. the timely message he shared with graduates at liberty university. and we finally lose this cloudy cool and rainy weather pattern. how warm it will be for
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contributed to a deadly crash in lexington park. one of the cars crosses the center line hitting another car head-on. both drivers died. four others were seriously hurt. all of this happened just before 11:00 p.m. on thee notch road. moms and their sons laced up the sneakers for the first annual i'll always love my mama race. one of my favorite groups raising money for a program focusing on academic and character building in elementary through high school kids in our area. >> we do a whole bunch of educational services, tutoring services. prince george's county lags behind the other counties in education. we want to do something for our youth. >> the weather put a bit of a damper on the attendance but organizers say they're still
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they're planning a bigger event next year. you want to know what it's like to dine at a queen at a state dinner? wonder no mother. the british embassy in the district opened the door for a rare glimpse inside. the finest china was laid out, the ambassadors residence set up to resemble a state dinner with her ma jessie the queen. imagine a medicine to treat graying and balding hair. why doctors say that dream is one step closer to becoming reality. >> a lot of guys will be happy about that. a live look at 30 rock. melissa mccarthy putting the final touches on her
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on the national mall today, somebody drove a car into the pond at constitution gardens. the d.c. fire department took these pictures. fortunately nobody was hurt. but park police are still investigating how all that happened. >> a bit of a mess, hmm? >> yeah. graying and balding, something that nobody looks forward to. >> but what if we told you there is a secret to reversing those conditions. bianca castro from dallas has the word now on what this discovery could mean for you. >> reporter: at hair revival studio in dallas, touching up the gray. >> not that i look like a spring chicken, but if my hair is all white, they'll go, do i really want to work with
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>> i've just got to embrace it and go with the baldness. >> reporter: but what if researchers found the secret to reversing both conditions? >> we've been looking for the answer for a long time. >> reporter: he and his team found it by accident. while studying tumors. >> when we saw that the mice that we were expecting to form a tumor turned gray, we were really excited. >> reporter: they found a protein in skin cells that's at the root of pigmentation in the hair loss. when they removed that protein and the cells that make it, the hair on mice turned gray, or fell out. >> when we found the root cause of why hair turns gray, and hair loss -- >> reporter: he's excited about what happens next. >> we hope to develop a topical medicine that can reverse that, so it can benefit my patients. but more than that, i will be
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>> reporter: he said the research could also shed light on why we age in general. but until there's a tried-and-true cure to thinning and gray hair -- >> i definitely will continue to cover that for a long time. as long as i can. treat the word "impossible" as nothing more than motivation. >> president trump chooses liberty university for his first commencement address as commander in chief. the president today urged graduates there to follow their convictions. he also hit on some themes from his presidential campaign, telling the crowd to embrace being an outsider. he said a graduate should prove naysayers wrong. a journey to a college degree, many welcomed big named speakers with that diploma. wall street journal columnist peggy noonan spoke to catholic university.
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the democrats has been mentioned as a possible 2020 presidential candidate. today wasn't the day to have an outdoor ceremony. >> no, it was not. >> tomorrow might be better. >> tomorrow we'll see big improvements with the weather. the sunshine is back. we warm up into the 70s. upper 70s. looking pretty good for mother's day. >> just for you, mom. >> happy mother's day to all the moms out there as well. the one thing about tomorrow, it will not be picture perfect, breezy, windy, maybe during the second half of the day. keep that in mind. as we look to the upcoming work week, heat and humidity arrive on wednesday. tuesday will be our transition day. then we're just around 90 degrees. wednesday, thursday and friday. and as we look at the next ten days, we're going to keep it mainly dry. here's the latest check of the radar where you can see allhe
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rain. that was the rain we were dealing with this morning. overnight, patchy fog out there. not a huge issue, but it's also chilly. i had to turn the heat on in my home today. you might have had to, too. then it's back to the air tomorrow. at least open the windows up. currently the suburbs in the 40s. 54 here in washington. definitely grab the jacket early tomorrow morning. suburbs will generally be in the mid-40s. chilly but sunny start. we have plenty of sunshine around throughout the entire day. lunchtime, near noon, we're at 67. a high tomorrow of 77 degrees. our high today 61. even mild tomorrow evening. 73 degrees right around 7:00 p.m. the weather having a low impact on your sunday. again, brunch, breezy, but nice. d.c. bike ride happening tomorrow. almost picture perfect for a bike ride tomorrow. and a doubleheader against the phillies tomorrow. warm for the early
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if your seats are in the sun, wear the sunscreen. sunburn will be a sure thing with the sunshine back in full force. that stronger may sun. yard work, windy later in the day. so if you have seasonal allergies especially to trees and grasses, that pollen tomorrow is going to be on the rise. as we take a look at outdoor readings, monday and tuesday, just great. okay on wednesday. not because of any rain chances, but look how warm it's going to be. the temperature trend, average high around 74. most days out of the next seven at or above that. and here you see it on your ten-day forecast. monday a high of 74. it's breezy. blue sky kind of day. tuesday, plenty of sunshine, low humidity. tuesday is the transition day to warmer weather. wednesday, thursday and friday, highs around 90 degrees. maybe a late day thunderstorm on friday. right now, next weekend, still looking very warm.
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>> thanks. john wahl proved his all-star status last
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sometimes the greatest things in life happen by accident. that's the case for john wall. the signature shot of his career, a game-winner facing elimination in a play-offs. that was an accident. the play was actually designed for bradley beal who had a game high of 33 points. you see right here, beal could not get open. referee almost called a five-second violation. ball gets the ball and nails the
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game-winning shot. shot good. celebration better. huge moment in the phone booth. >> the last play was really for me to get to the corner, and brad come open. but he didn't get the opportunity to get open. so i got the ball from otto. looked the defender in the eye and took a shot i worked on and it went in. to get on the scorer's table is how much love i have for the city, how much fight we have, never quitting. >> surprise bradley beal. four months away from the burgundy and gold taking the field against the eagles. last month's first pick, jonathan allen, who attended high school at stone bridge remembers going to camp to ash burn and calls it a blessing playing for
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allen now has laser focus on his preparation as a pro. >> for me to get back into football playing shape, getting back to being a football player. it was good today. >> i think he's got great football knowledge, number one. number two, he has great hands. he's got all the tools to be a great defensive lineman without a doubt. as far as skill set is concerned, jonathan has everything you're looking for in a defensive lineman. $21 million a year, that's the new going rate for the 2015 mvp. reached an agreement for today. locked in for the 2018 season and will become a free agent at the conclusion of next fall. he's currently second in the majors in batting average. harper pays immediate dividends
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d.c. down 4-0 in the fifth. trey turner getting the rally started. his third homer of the season. nats cut the lead in half. three batters later, you know the name, ryan zimmerman gets his major league leading batting average back over .400. we've got a tie game. here we go, bottom ninth. bryce harper. you get your money's worth with him. walk-off home run after this clutch hit harper said, quote, i was just trying to be like john wall. nationals win it 6-4. two wnba stars could make debuts for their teams on sunday. 2015 mvp will take the court for the first time for d.c. after being traded in the off-season. kelsey plum is also expected to take the court for the first time as a pro for the visiting san antonio
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afternoon in the verizon center. d.c. united was shut out at home 4-0 by philadelphia. game seven is in boston. >> you like that. >> oh, definitely. >> chris, thank you. and thank you for joining us tonight for news 4 at 11:00. stay where you are. melissa mccarthy hosting a new "satur
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♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more.
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♪ ♪ >> we now return to nbc "nightly news" and part two of lester holt's interview with president donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ]


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