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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 14, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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news 4 today starts now. heading into the 10:00 hour on news 4 today and take a look at this. unusual call for firefighters. what sparked a dangerous situation inside that fire house there and it sent dozens rushing in to help. pedal to the pavement, thousands take off for the d.c. bike ride. we're there live with the emotional stories and also the major traffic impact for everybody else. and if you haven't found a mother's day gift yet, you might be in big trouble, but storm team 4 can bail you out. we are tracking a big warm-up that might make mom pretty happy on this mother's day. certainly shaping up to be a nice one. little bit breezy, but we'll take that. happy mother's day, angie. >> thank you. >> happy mother's day to all the moms throughout. and let's have a great day today. >> and i'm angie goff. great weather puts everyone in a good mood. we're off to a runni
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>> it is, and strong may sun is working it's magic on this sunday morning this mother's day. a gorgeous royal blue sky. and the air is fresh and cool. here's a live view from the storm team 4 tower camera overlooking fairfax county in the distance on the horizon, there is tyson's corner where the temperature already now is into the 60s, manassas 64, leesburg, 66, reagan national up to 61. it really is quickly warming. fredericksburg up to 67 i should say already from the low 50s this morning. national first at phillies, the first of a day/night double header. first pitch, 1:35, sunshine, blustery winds through the game. as temperatures climb into the upper 70s by mid to late afternoon. a look at that hot weather on the way for the week ahead, that's this half hour. >> all right, tom, thank you very much. while you were sleeping, dozens of fairfax county firefighters worked to put out the flames from a fire in springfield. >> but it's where this
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is so unusual. news 4's derek ward joins us live with the details giving us an up close look at all the damage, hey derek. >> reporter: hey. well, as you can see here, this rescue 426 is pretty much a total loss. and there is some damage to the fire house as well. this is station 26. just off the road on carolina place in fairfax county. it was about 12:45 when this fire went out. and of course the men here at this fire house didn't have to go far to fight this one, but they did need help. it went to two alarms. they finally got it out shortly after 1:00 a.m. there were 11 firefighters inside the fire house when this started. and fortunately the construction of this facility with the bays being offset from the main structure meant that even though there was damage to the roof, the main structure itself was not seriously damaged. now we are told that they didn't lose any service capabilities and this fire house is still open for
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but they are down one piece of equipment, expensive piece of equipment, and you don't get to see the inner workings of the machine like this, you don't to want see them like this, but again, no one was injured in this. and the investigation continues into how it started. obviously it's believed that the fire started inside that vehicle. which they're going to have to get out of here. now they had a big tow truck here. there's not much left from the wheels. they'll have to get it up on a flat bed and take it away to sort of be salvaged and to find out what exactly caused the fire. they are able to get some equipment off of it and salvage that as well, but this vehicle, pretty much a goner. live in fairfax county, eric ward, news 4, back to you. >> beginning to need a big flat bed. thank you. thousands of cyclists are winding their way through the district. change of pace for many because nay get a 20 mile bike route without any cars in d.c. that's nice. >> that's right. news 4's amy cho is live at the finish line this morning checking in with riders who are si
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they're making good time. >> reporter: hey, angie, yeah, they are. look at the bike ers behind me, they just made it to the finish line after that 20 mile bike ride through d.c. now this is not a race, it's just about having fun. they actually had an 18 miles per hour speed limit so that nobody could go too fast. we caught up with some bikers this morning and asked them how it felt to not be around cars this morning. here's what they had to say. >> awesome. it was like being in heaven. yeah, bicyclers heaven. >> feeling great. little tired, but feeling good. the first time i did it and it's really nice. >> reporter: and this is the second annual d.c. bike ride. all the money raised from today will be going to help make the streets of d.c. a safer place. we're live outside the capital, amy cho, news 4 back to you. >> safer place for sure. beautiful day, thanks, amy. developing right now,
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fired it's seventh ballistic missile test around 5:30 in the morning their time. now that missile flew around for about 30 minutes before it landed in the sea of japan. the white house says president trump was briefed. his response was, quote, that north korea has been a flagrant menace for far too long. new morning, we are getting a fresh look at president trump's approval numbers. here's what the latest nbc/wall street journal poll found. trump's job approval rating stands at 39%. now that's down a point since last month. also new, 29% of americans approve of trump's decision to fire fbi director james comey. 38% disapprove of that decision. and looking into the russia investigation, overwhelming 78% would back an independent commission or special prosecutor to look into those claims. health care also a big topic here and 2-1 margin, 48% say that the gop plan that passed the house is a bad idea. the poll surveyed 800 a
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3.5 percentage points. and as far as the future of the fbi is concerned, sources tell nbc news that the department of justice right now interviewing eight, eight contenders for the job of fbi director. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions met with several candidates here in washington yesterday. president trump says he could take james comey's successor before leaving on his first overseas trip next friday. interviewees include andrew mccabe, john cornen, and former department of justice official alex fisher. and later this morning on "meet the press" chuck todd looks at the future of the fbi. exclusive interview with rex tillerson. speaking with senator lindsey graham and chuck schumer. chuck will joins us here in about ten minutes. stick around for that. coming up, a major airline taking new security steps. how cockpits may have been compromised. d
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about your safety. don't worry about carrying that umbrella around with you today when you decide to go out and meet up with mom. tom is tracking how temperatures are going to shoot back up into the 80s. good sunday morning. we're not there yet. e 're not ther
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they have been made public. . united is not saying how the nflgs got out, but this is not a breach like a hack. it's taking steps to make sure customers and the crews stay safe. france now has a new lead this morning. emanuel macron was sworn into office as the nation's next president. this happened in paris. he
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who was elected last week and becomes the youngest president in france's history. a unique culture bringing new life to our area. isn't he so adorable? i can't handle it. the growing industry celebrating the korean way. >> he just wanted a sweet. and the sun is out. feel the heat this week as well. tom updating your forecast with how soon you can break out the short sleeves. might not be too long.
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2018 winter olympics are still months away. but you don't have to go far to immerse yourself in korean culture. >> that's right, there are dozens of korean businesses breeding life into the city. so big that the state of maryland reentdly designated a whole stretch of road korean way. cake, cake, more cake, don't have to look too hard to see yourself in this child. >> tangerine, remember? >> reporter: yes, i do. these cakes bread personally takes this one back to growing up
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sweet and very soft. >> reporter: daniel kim says everything comes from south korea and it's what people want, especially around here. >> you will see more and more korean business the cities. >> reporter: kim's bakery is one of 170 korean-owned businesses breathing new life into a stretch of howard county. now there's doctor offices, hair salons, clothing stores, major supermarkets right across from one another. big revitalization followed by rare recognition. recently maryland officially named a good part of route 40 korean way. across the street, at bonnchon. they could tell you every detail about double fried chicken. >> delicious. >> reporter: but can't recall one time business has really slowed. >> it tells us that, you know, korean community and culture is growing. >> reporter: latest census data
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city's population. a boom attracting a diverse community and new business. these brothers do like the competition, but say communication is kree key. >> we try to work together as a team so that, you know, we can build an empire together. >> the korean way. >> whole korean way. >> reporter: a sign of growing success and a real sense of belonging. >> when i come here, it's just like home. >> well make sure you join me and others for our 2018 winter olympics special. we're koving all kinds of ways you can experience the korean culture. >> we thank you for bringing all that awesome food back here. i mean, seriously. it was great. >> why are you calling me out? >> next time i want something from the bakery. >> i took it home, i did. >> that food looks great. listen, a lot of people going out to eat today, brunch and what not for mother's day. it's going to be nice, right?
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brunch. get out, get label the of exercise as we've got a gorgeous sunday under way. here's the live view from our storm team 4 city camera overlooking the potomac river and capitol hill in the distance. we have just a few clouds floating through. a blue sky on this sunday morning. and absolutely glorious mayday under way. and temperatures are quickly jumping with the strong may sun, in the 60s. charlottesville up to 70 degrees. while right around the bay, it's not low 60s, but away from the waters, already hitting the mid-60s. so far for the rest of the mother's day, noontime temperatures, low 70s, sunshine through the afternoon. winds maybe gusting around 30 miles an hour. as temperatures climb into the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. then this evening, heading back home, mid-60s by 9:00 this evening and driving to work tomorrow morning, driving right in the sun heading east. waiting at the bus stop and the metro, the low 50s and need a light jacket, but then by noontime, short sleeves and short sleeves during the afternoon. dry roads for the afternoon
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throughout the day on monday. and another gorgeous day on tuesday. storm team 4 ten day outlook showing this wonderful pattern continuing, at least through tuesday with 50s in the morning and afternoon highs in the upper 70s. then, a touch of july and may. we're going to fast forward a couple of months, it'll feel like midsummer here by wednesday and thursday, both of those days up near 90. but not too humid. not going to have a lot of humidity around. great dry pattern here, we need it after all thing soyness to take care of yard work throughout the week, pulling weeds, doing yard work. it's going to be getting a little bit cooler on friday and into next weekend. but, still beautiful up near 80 next friday, saturday, and sunday. next chance of any rain over the next ten days is day ten. that maybe the happen until that following tuesday, with temperatures in the mid-70s. and i understand i have to earn his confidence every day with how i go about those affairs h
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conducting the state department's activities consistent with the direction he wants to take the country. >> what's the line between service to the president and service to the country, sir? for you? >> well, i will never compromise my own values, chuck, and so, that's my only line. is in my values are those of the country. >> secretary of state rex tillerson reacting to the firing of fbi director james comey. >> yeah, it's only part of an exclusive interview coming up on meet the press this morning. and joining us now to talk about it, moderator, chuck todd, and we have new news on poll numbers, a lot of people reacting to the comey firing. what are you finding out with the poll numbers? >> i think the most interesting thing, those that care about the issue, it's not been good for the president. he can take heart into one thing about it though is that it seems as if you have an engaged group on the left and the right that are expressing their opinion, but there's a good third of the country that doesn't have an opinion about this decision. we found and we saw this on
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with the health care vote overall in conversation than there was with this. and so, there are those trvrp supporters that say hey, this is a beltway story. and in some cases may be right, but it, you know, has an impact on the rest of the country and the fact is the beltway's a mess right now. and it's what does that mean? it means the president's not going to see his legislative agenda go anywhere. he has republicans on capitol hill, skeptical of what he's done. lindsey graham on the show, and republican from south carolina and very few words. like the president, he can't appoint a politician as fbi director. lindsey graham nixed the idea. his own colleague saying this is not the time whose been in elective office. so it's a precarious situation that the president is in. it again, those that care about it, more people say that they think he did it because of russia than because of the clinton e-mail scandal. that also is something that is growing out there. but there is one -- the only -- you could take heart in that his people are still with him. >>
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long, the audition for his job has been going on over at the white house, and the president says that he plans to make an announcement sooner than later and really when you talk about the possible picks, he could go two ways -- >> right. >> right. >> look, he could go the political way, but yeah, even lindsey graham saying don't do it. good things about john cornen, don't do it, i think that's a signal that he's sending the president on that. look, i think you're going to see more graham's calling for an fbi -- somebody that has experience in the fbi. chuck schumer on show the is linking it, you know, he is -- he would like -- he is says democrats aren't going to consider engaging on the fik director without a special council being appointed. so look, there's a lot of politics that are surrounding this at this point. look, i think the person that stands out to me that could get the broadest bipartisan support is fran townsend. familiar face on television to some. clinton appointee, bush
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elected officer. that would be the first woman woman ever head the fbi. >> like a safe thing to do. >> it's one of those that would be the smart, safe pick. which means he won't do it. >> oh. >> that the point. right. >> we'll see. >> can't assume that. >> a shame you have nothing to talk about. >> i know. but i am one important thing i want to say because this is my grandmother's home station. >> oh. >> i'm going to use the point of prifling. >> grew up here? >> she just lives around here now. >> good. >> maep here mother's day, grandma. i know she's getting ready to watch "meet the press." >> a picture. >> happy mother's day to all the moms. thanks so much. coming up in about ten minutes, meet the press starts at 10:30 right here after news 4 today. we'll s you in a second afteree
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because you're a liar in there. pants are lying. move, move. you lie all the time, your pants catch on fire. liar, liar, pants on fire. >> melissa mccarthy returned to saturday night live, this time as the host. she took on her usual hot tempered role as white house press secretary sean spicer. and after shera
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and threw at the press. look at that. yeah. >> physical. >> it was very physical. >> very physical. >> good physical comedy. today is mother's day of course and we are so thankful for our moms. >> we are, and we're thankful for the moms here that work behind the scenes. and we to want say a very special thank you to our director, naomi. who is like a mother to all of us. she feeds us every week. she makes us cake. and everybody please put your hands today for jeneva. this is the mom of tonya who works here. we love that and love the family and love them too. >> went right back to her. >> yeah. >> naomi, see what you're doing back there. so a very big, maep mother's day to you. we appreciate you. >> here's my mom. that's my mom on the left, would it be your left or my right? never get it right. and that's my wife and the kids and moi mom, mom tusp. susan has ten grandkids, five kids, ten grandkids, i have three
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and here's my wife who does a lot of juggling. happy mother's day to all the moms out there for sure. >> and this is my mom chen. my oma. we decided to get her instead of flowers, something that shows her how much we love her. and, my dad thinks he's been replaced now. >> are you sure that's not robert in a bear suit? >> no, he is six feet tall, and very huggable. thank you mom for everything. you're the best. >> absolutely. time now, 10:26 on this mother's day. four things you need to know. better view of the damage left behind by an overnight fire inside of the fire station in springfield. fairfax county fire investigators working to learn what caused it, but they say no one was hurt, service should not be affected. thousands of bikes are out on the roadways in the district today. for the d.c. bike ride. and that means lots of road closures for the 20 mile car-free route. head to the nbc washington app to find out a way around it. three people have been killed, ten were hurt when a train derailed in northern greece. officials say the oper
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among the dead after the engine slammed into a three story house. north korea fired it's seventh ballistic missile test. the missile landed in the sea of japan and world leaders, they plan to discuss thousand to deal with the risk of north korea has at this month's g-7 summit in sicily. >> pretty nice day for mother's day today. >> perfection into the upper 70s, little bit of a blustery wind, enjoy. >> all right. well that's going to do it for news 4 today. hey moms, enjoy this day. set aside to celebrate you. >> thank you very much. meet the press coming up next. we'll see you in a bit.
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this sunday, the firing of james comey. why did president trump do it? and why now? was it based on a justice department recommendation? the administration said this -- >> because of the actions that the deputy attorney general outlined -- >> the president accepted the recommendation of his deputy attorney general. >> but then, president trump said this. >> regardless of recommendation, i was going to fire comey. >> did it have to do with the russia investigation? the administration said this -- >> you want this to be about russia when this is about, quote, restoring confidence. >> this has nothing to do with any investigation into russia. >> that's not what this is about. >> but then, president trump said this. >> the russia thing with trump and russia is a maid-up story. what's the real story?


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