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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: public schools has 5,000 security cameras and according to multiple sources the footage inside rockville high shows there's no way for school security to actually watch all those cameras. the video from inside shows a nearly empty hallway which makes it easier to see the young girl hand in hand with a taller boy first in the hall then entering the boys bathroom where they disappear for minutes. no security staff is seen. no one trying to intervene or check on them. the two teen boys in this video were charged with rape. that criminal case later clansed. this video does not show what happened inside the bathroom, montgomery county parents say its troubling students could so easily vanish in a boy's room. >> it's a huge problem. >> reporter: security staffers should be seen. >> it's all playing defense, defense, defense. it's never being proactive. they're not monitored. >> repor a
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news news4 i-team. the security hub in rockville staff there can monitor the 5,000 cameras inside the system's 200 plus buildings. with so many cameras -- this is an nbc news special report. here's lester holt. we're on the air with a major development in the investigation into russian influence as it may pertain to the trump white house and the trump campaign. we want to go right now to pete williams with word of the appointment of a special council to lead an investigation. pete. >> reporter: after serving as the deputy attorney general for 22 days the deputy rod rosenstein today took himself out of overseeing the russia investigation turning that over to robert muller, he has the former fbi director who served 12 years in that job. he was actually held over two extra years before james comey became the fbi director. he will have the
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to investigate that any u.s. attorney would, including the power to file criminal charges. this is exactly what congressional democrats have been pushing for for the appointment of a special counsel ever since rosenstein was confirmed and partly because the attorney general jeff sessions has taken himself out of making any decisions about the investigation. so to be clear, mr. muller's per view will be the entire russia issue, the whole question of whether any associates of the trump campaign were in any way involved in helping the russians try to influence the election last year and any subsequent things that flow from that. now it's important to note, lester, that as the special prosecutor he's not completely independent like we used to have in the old days. special prosecutors are still subject to the control of the justice department but it's much more independent, it's much more separated from the political appointees than it would have been if rod rosenstein, a trump
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ultimate decision maker about this investigation. >> and what about the work that's been done so far by the fbi? does that continue on, do they start from square one? >> reporter: they don't start from square one. the normal rule for special counsel is that they use the staffers provided by the justice department, typically career prosecutors but he does have the authority under the rules to bring in his own people, but lester, let's be clear, the immediate effectiveness is going to be to delay any ultimate decisions about the where the investigation goes, because when mr. muller comes on to the job he'll have to spend a good deal of time getting up to speed on it but he's certainly no stranger to the fbi having been the longest serving fbi director in history, second only of course to j. edgar hoover. >> pressure on this has been building since the president fired james
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alexander at the white house. is there any reaction? >> reporter: we just reached out to the white house. we're hoping to get a reaction from them. within the last 48 hours as recently has monday we heard from the press secretary saying on behalf of the president that there is no need for a special prosecutor in the russia investigation, saying that the three investigations that existed with both the senate house intelligence committees involved was sufficient. the addition of another investigation, the addition of resources required would be effectively sue pump flewus. i don't know why you need additional resources when you already have three entities investigating this. this has been a remarkable last week, eight days really from the firing of james comey, then the meeting the next day with the russian ambassador and the russian foreign minster with the president where we would later
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that meeting revealed highly classified intelligence to those two senior russian officials. within the last 24 hours we learned about the memo from the fbi director james comey basically commute indicating that in one of his conversations in private, the president said to him according to this memo that he basically should end the russia investigation. so now we have this which effectively takes it out of the hands of those others and the president. we wait for a reaction from him at any moment. >> former fbi director has now been named by the justice department to be a special counsel, special prosecutor if you will to look into possible collusion between russian influence and the trump campaign. we'll have full details of course coming up here very shortly on the east coast on "nbc nightly news," continuing coverage on nbc as well. i'm lester holt in new york. we'll see you very he soon. >>
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story that has moved really at warp speed. we're sorry we had to interrupt your earlier report about the story out of rockville high school, but scott, bob muller, former fbi director is a strong choice for this role. >> unique background for robert muller. not only was the fbi head he was extended beyond the normal ten year term. he led the fbi during post-9/11. in naming a special counsel, recognize who the justice department is pulling out of this investigation. three men with huge local ties, rod rosenstein, deputy attorney general, the longest serving u.s. attorney up to this year for maryland. the head of the fbi now is andy mccabe who was part of the investigation into d.c.'s former mayor vince gray in 2014 and dana boente. he was handling part of this investigation. he's in virginia. you've got three local figures now off the
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at least temporarily as the special counsel gets on the job. >> he's been working at a local law firm in d.c. he presents a unique person seen as sort of a bipartisan figure which is pretty rare these days in washington. >> robert muller was on the short list of names being rumored to be the next fbi head to replace james comey, getting back to his old job. he's a local figure now replacing other local figures on the russian investigation. >> all right. thank you very much. >> hopefully we'll get back to your story that we interrupted in progress. right now we're going to go live to blayne alexander. she has been covering all of the new developments with the administration. she is live at the white house. hi. >> reporter: good evening to you. keep in mind that this breaking news comes less than 24 hours after reports that the president back in february asked then fbi director to drop an investigation into michael flynn. he's the national secit
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lying over his ties with russia. the white house had repeatedly said that the president never asked comey or anyone else to drop any investigation and the president pushed back on those reports today. president trump offering some career advice to the coast guard academies class of 2017. >> over the course of your life, you will find that things are not always fair. >> reporter: thoughts from a commander in chief under fire. >> look at the way i've been treated lately. you can't let them get you down. >> reporter: a cheering crowd of cadets a stark contrast to the scene back in washington. >> facts, we need facts. >> reporter: capitol hill in an up roar over roorts that president trump asked fbi director james comey back in february to stop an investigation into michael flynn fired for lying about his ties with russia. >> our job is to
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>> reporter: speaker paul ryan still backing the president but elsewhere signs of wavering gop support. lisa murkowski becoming the first republican senator to consider a special prosecutor. >> i do think we need a fresh set of independent eyes to figure out what happened. >> reporter: democrats working to get comey's testimony on the record. >> i have a high level -- high expectation that he will appear. >> reporter: president trump today sounding defiant. >> you have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight. >> reporter: a message to graduates and the president's own critics. and there is movement today in the search for a permanent replacement as fbi director. we do know that four people are essentially on the short list. a couple of them have had west wing meetings today, among them former senator joe lieberman from connecticut. andrew mccabe is also in the
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news4, blayne alexander. >> i'm pat law soon mousse. we're following breaking news new at this hour. a police involved shooting on glebe road in arlington, virginia. police say they were trying to make a traffic stop on the glebe road ramp when the suspect hit an officer way pickup truck. this picture shows that truck with the windows shot out. you see it right there. police say they shot the suspect who has life-threatening injuries. two officers were also injured, one of them was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. news4 shomari stone is working the scene and will be prepared to bring us an update a little later in our forecast. from the live desk, i'm pat lawson muse. >> this time from prince george's county. dash cam video just released shows the exact moment a prince george's county police officer struck a suspect authorities were pursuing. a short timego
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the officer was convicted of assault for the incident. the suspect was not seriously hurt. hernandez could face up to ten years in prison. news4 megan fitzgerald is headed to a police news conference on this and she'll give us a live report as soon as it wraps up. >> happening right now crews have shut down route 50 in maryland and it's not going to reopen for a while. this afternoon a woman was driving the wrong way on eastbound 50 near annapolis when she crashed head on into an suv and hit another car between ritchie highway. the woman was killed. she had a baby in the car who was critically injured. paramedics have rushed that child and an adult to the hospital. >> a water main break sent water gushing through the streets of d.c. it shut off water to hundreds of people in the palisades area. the soggy streets and sidewalks buckle now a massive sinkhole has opened up in the middle of macarthur bo
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and tells us that the repair work could also tie up your commute tomorrow. more from him in a live report at 6:15. >> new cell phone video shows the dramatic moments as police officers open fire and kill a woman in the district. now investigators say she had a gun and tonight we're hearing from witnesses. all this unfolding yesterday outside the bald eagle rec center in southwest d.c. pat collins has been working this story all day. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, chris first i should warn people, we do have cell phone video of the police involved shooting. some people may find it disturbing. the scene the rec center in southwest, police say a woman crashed her car here that she got out of the car and began waving a gun around in the air. people started running for cover. it all came to an end here at the front door of the rec center. look at the bullet holes here -- six bullet holes. this is how i
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the cell phone video. you can see the woman kneeling in front of the door to the recreation center. she had a gun in her hand. police standing at the ready. they say they ordered her to drop the gun, but as she raised it up, they opened fired. >> oh! oh, my god! >> what she do? >> she lift the gun. >> reporter: troy scott and martin gross, they were around when it happened. >> she was waving it around. >> reporter: scary? >> yeah, yeah. i guess she was out of her mind a little bit, but something definitely was on her mind. >> reporter: and the police moved in. >> oh, they shut this whole block down. couldn't go past there. >> reporter: did you hear them yell for her to drop the gun? >> yeah. >> reporter: you heard them yell and she didn't did she? >> no. it was justified. if you wave a gun
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officer, they're going to shoot first and ask questions later. she asked for it maybe you know what i'm saying? >> reporter: on the scene last night police chief pete newsham. >> the officers did have their body worn cameras activated at the time and we did recovery the suspect's weapon which was a black semi-automatic pistol. >> reporter: now the woman suspect was taken to the hospital. she died a short time later. she's been identified as 41-year-old isabelle duvall. they say she's from winchester, virginia. what was she doing here in southwest? why did she have that gun? all those things yet to be known. chris back to you. >> thank you. we're also getting some new information about the latest person to try and climb the white house fence. her name is jessica ford and the secret service said she jumped over a bike rack along pennsylvania avenue then moved over to the fence. officers were able to push the crowd back and arrest her a
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unlawful entry. >> turning now to the weather. it's nice and cool in our studio. we got the ac on. >> we do indeed. doug and leon are sweating it out in marlow heights tonight for the backyard block party. it might be warm but i know you guys are having fun. >> oh, you know it. >> reporter: here's what we're sweating. what's making us sweat is doug out here dancing to the '80s. you should have seen his boys to move men a movement ago. this is the music. playing exactly what i grew up with. we had will smith going on and -- i don't have to tell you what kind of music's going on back here. we did it this year the first one block party and for us to get into the community especially marlow heights we're having so much fun. >> reporter: the thing is they're having more fun than we are and they really welcomed us out of
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it's been great. >> reporter: it's been great all day and the weather has not deterred anybody. when i got here it was 95 degrees. now it's down to 89. manageable, right? >> reporter: can you show us your sweat towel? >> reporter: there it is. yes! . you said we're sweating it out. let's take a look at those temperatures right now. >> reporter: it's the black guy doing all the sweating. >> reporter: i got more makeup on. temperature-wise we're still upper 80s, low 90s across the area and we have hit a record at both dulles and bwi. looking at 91 so far. we'll be back in just a bit with more from backyard weather right here in marlow heights. >> i've seen some of doug's dance moves, i feel for you. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> doug, just got tossed
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>> all right. d.c. crews are patching things up right now but the work is adding to the headaches for the drivers at the height of the evening rush. a water main break created a big sinkhole that's still growing. mark segraves takes a look at what it's going to take to repair this mess. >> reporter: the good news is everybody's water has been restored both here in northwest washington and across the river over at the pentagon that also lost water today. the bad news is traffic is going to be a mess at least tonight and tomorrow. take a look at this sinkhole behind me. this is the epicenter where things went bad, this 30 inch water main under the boulevard that bust today. take a look at the video from earlier today as the water was flowing out thousands of gallons pouring down macarthur boulevard. it went down to canal road closing that road for several hours and you can see some of the damage that it's done as well. this water main travels down macarthur boulevard, a
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key bridge into arlington as i said, also services the pentagon. now this water main is going to be fixed but there having to get parts flown in because it is so old. that's the first thing they have to do. here's what a d.c. water spokesperson told us about getting macarthur boulevard reopened to traffic. >> obviously one of the impacts to everyone is the fact that mac arthur boulevard is shut down in this area and people are having to work around that. >> reporter: now the water main that burst beneath us here, dates back to 1860. that's how old that is and the valve i was just given a briefing by the general manager who flew back from boston when he heard about this break because it was so severe. that valve that they mainly had to turn also dates back to 1860. it is huge he described it and it takes several men to turn it. he was surprised they were even able to turn it to turn the water off so they could begin
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repairs. the good news, water has been restored to all customers who were impacted. the bad news is traffic will be severely impacted not only tonight but also for at least tomorrow morning's rush hour here on macarthur boulevard. that's the very latest. back to you in the studio. >> the age of that pipe and the size of that hole, something else. thank you, mark. we have more dramatic video from the air this time in maryland where a water main broke and flooded crews and businesses. crews are working to drain the sinkhole over the next few days. the damage to the road is so severe. main street is not going to reopen until this weekend. >> a senator from north carolina says he's okay after he clansed this morning while running a charity race in anacostia. he tweeted vehicle to explain what happened. >> hey, everybody. i'm fine. just running about two and a half miles in, got overheated. no cpr, no special measures. just checking me out. see you back on
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>> it was pretty hot out there this morning. the republican center and his team were running a three mile race sponsored by the american council of life insurers. a second runner also collapsed and it was that runner who required cpr and had to be rushed to the hospital. >> now to an explosion and fire in virginia, three people were trapped inside a burning home in burke. they're all safe tonight after making a dramatic effort to escape the flames, but the home is gutted. david culver is in burke where others are now trying to help these roommates out. david? >> reporter: that's right. four people called this place behind me home. they're all young professionals, all in their 20s. three of them were inside at the time that that fire broke out. they were able to get out safely. a short time ago family was passing by, they told me that they're continuing to recover and they are making progress. as you mentioned, you can see the house behind me. it is gutted, gone, which is why
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>> i still can't believe this is my house. >> she's in shock. understandably. this has been her home since she was four. >> i walked up from the sidewalk and i could see the sky through my room window. >> reporter: jesse was already at work when the flames moved through. a neighbor recording as you watch the video listen to what this community awoke too. >> the screams were horrible. young kids screaming and trying to get out. i think it just started so fast and it was like instantaneous. there was no time to do anything. >> reporter: one young woman escaped from up there. >> by jumping out of the second story window. >> reporter: two others, jesse's brother and her boyfriend both med i vac. >> the site bringing young ones to their knees and yet thankful that the three inside survived. jesse still feeling a deep loss. >> i got here and saw the house
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didn't make it but i was hoping that they would. the cat got out of the house but didn't make it and the dogs were found in my brother's room. >> reporter: more than 60 fairfax county responders working on the day of record breaking heat, wiping sweat and soot. the red cross and one of the victims employers helping out for now. but after that, jesse's not sure what they'll do. >> my friend is setting up a go fund me and hopefully we'll be able to find something soon. >> reporter: jesse mentioned that go fund me just in the past few minutes. we're able to post that in the nbc washington app, just go ahead and search burke fire. it's there. you can also follow the recovery. as for a cause in all of this, the chief tells me it was electrical. started from a lamp and quickly spread during. >> very sad.
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first taste of freedom in seven years. why she's hoping for a new start in maryland. >> calling hlal "tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress
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poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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we got a big old taste of what summer's going to feel like. >> hards t
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middle of may. feels more like the middle of august. >> doug is out in marlow heights to tell us what's coming next. hey doug. >> reporter: what's coming next is a lot more backyard weather. sends them to me on my facebook page or sends me pictures of that backyard. we want to come to your backyard or like we've done in the marlow heights area we want to come to your neighborhood as well. let's do that. we've got some models right here. these models, are you ladies ready? are you ready? these ladies actually take classes right here in the marlow heights community center and this is kelly right here and this is tiffany these are the coaches. go ahead ladies and get you guys going and what are they doing for us. >> they're going to be doing a performance for the community today. >> reporter: start them up. >> oh, sure. they're just getting ready to start the music for them so they can go. they got to start it over. >> reporter: they're going to start the music for them so we're going to waiter
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about ten minutes. no, we're not going to wait. it's live television. we're going to do the forecast first and get ready, give me about two minutes. stop it right now and i'll tell you to go and we'll try again. let's take a look and tell you what's happening out there weather wise because right now we're looking at temperatures that are cooler, 86 degrees at the airport. winds out of the south at 12 miles an hour. we're still in the 90s. 91 leesburg, 92 down towards fredericksburg. no rain to talk about right now. we are going to see in the next couple of days. i want to go right to the ten day. i want to show you that ten days because temperatures get cooler. it is going to be hot the next couple days, 88 on your friday. saturday and sunday only in the 70s. looking really good in the 70s as we move on through. high temperatures both monday and tuesday also in the 70s. best chance of storms late friday afternoon and on monday. the weekend actually looking pretty good. they started the performance. let's go ahead and get the
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girls. the girls are going out here right now. tell me about the program. >> so i started this program about four years ago and it's just been a great success. we've been having a lot of fun and i've been having a lot of support from the moms and the girls coming out to support me as well. >> reporter: tiffany for you guys to do this right in the community, how does it do for the girls. >> it's been amazing. they don't have things to do after school so marlow heights community center is a great place for them to go and do things that are productive to better themselves. >> reporter: i love watching them too they were so excited to get out here and do the performance. we got london and jayden going on. what's the youngest you got here? >> the youngest we have is 5-year-old. >> reporter: and the oldest we have? >> 17 years old. >> reporter: that's great. take a look at the crowd watching them right now. we'll be back in just a little while.
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yet. go girls! >> thank you, doug. >> i was going to say we were spared doug moves but then at the last second. >> no such luck. >> check back with doug and leon in a few minutes. but still ahead a fistfight on embassy row. we know how it started and whose to blame. >> a young girl running track survives a brush with death and up next the emotional reunion with the stran
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>> back to the breaking news we shared with you. the justice department is appointing a special counsel to take over the russia investigation. it will be robert mueller who served as the fbi director for 12 years under presidents george w. bush and barack obama. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein appointed mueller today. the move gives direct oversight of the justice department investigation to mueller. >> tonight nbc news is confirming that the men seen beating protesters outside the turkish embassy here in washington yesterday were body guards for turkey's president erdogan. >> two people were arrested, 11 people were hurt. d.c. police responding to the
6:33 pm
>> reporter: turkish president erdogan arrived at his ambassadors residence yesterday evening after his meeting with president trump in the white house. protesters who showed up to demonstrate against erdogan were met with violence. >> they kicked people in the head. >> reporter: he is the executive director of the armenian national committee of america. >> the video evidence will bear out that this was a unilateral assault, the crossing of assault line by his body guards attacking peaceful protesters absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: he's not confirming if erdogan's security team was in the attacks. the video and other embassies could lead to the asill yents. 11 protesters and a d.c. police officer were injured. so far there have been two
6:34 pm
>> i'm very enscourged about some earlier conversations that i had with my federal partners at the state department and at the u.s. secret service who have pledged to me to be fully cooperative in assisting and holding those folks that were responsible for accountable. >> reporter: the protesters wanted to bring attention to repression into turkey. >> it's an added tragedy when they're able to bring that type of intolerance to america. that has no place here. >> reporter: now there could be a legal problem prosecuting body guards of the turkish president because they may have diplomatic immunity which mean they may not be able to be prosecuted here in the u.s. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you, chris. army private chelsea manning is adjusting to freedom for the t
6:35 pm
military prison in kansas this morning. she said she plans to settle in maryland but it's unclear where she'll spend her initial weeks of freedom. manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified government material to wikileaks just before he left office, barack obama kamuted the bulk of sentence. manning is transgender and was known as bradley manning during her service and trial. >> a young woman collapses while running track in prince george's county. she has no pulse. she stops breathing. but she survives thanks to a group of ems workers. you can imagine getting them all together today made for an emotional reunion. our tracee wilkins was there. she's got the story all new at 6:00. >> reporter: these prince george's county ems workers are returning from a sweet reunion that almost didn't happen. >> it was phenom nat. >> reporter: 11-year-old a d.c. student was r
6:36 pm
school in largo when tragedy struck. she suffered a cardiac episode. >> when you run, and you don't have a pulse, even with kids the outcome isn't as phenomenal as with this individual. >> reporter: saving her life started with citizens grabbing an aed. >> people with the teams had an aed and started cpr and it shocked her twice. >> reporter: minutes later this teen was on the scene. the girl came to say hello at children's national medical center. they're happy to know that she'll be able to run again. >> she's going to be able to live normally again. >> she wants to get out there. she already said she's waiting. >> reporter: prince george's county tell me that it's rare that a kid comes back from this kind of cardiac episode. it was the good work of 911 and first responders that helped save her life.
6:37 pm
tracee wilkins, news4. >> it's metro like you've never seen it before. now you can buy food and drinks, flowers and even jewelry as you get off the train. this is part of a pilot program at the grosvenor-strathmore station. today's the grand opening for these new pop-up shops created inside an old cut up metrorail car. robert mojo is the artist and sculpture that literally cut the cars apart. >> i like what the cause was all about. i loved the reason for recycling, saving history, preserving history. >> you'll find these outside the station wednesday, thursday and friday nights for the next six weeks. if they're successful this program could be expanded. >> we're showing you exclusive video inside rockville high school after a high profile case got national attention. why it's raising new ccern on
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of course you are. because everyone who plays is an instant winner. so before you win your share of 1.5 million dollars in prizes and free slot play. take these last few seconds to remember what life was like as a normal, everyday person. because in an instant, that all could change. join mlife rewards and play scratch it rich for your share of 1.5 million dollars in prizes and freeplay®. this is monumental. it's a perfect day to spend some time outside. lots of people are doing just that at the marlow heights community center. >> who cares if it's mid-may. >> reporter: we've been having a great time out here at the community center and we've got a big crowd here they've been doing this in partnership with the
6:41 pm
center here. you've earned that title because you've been here a long time. >> i've been here over 47 years. they call me the mayor because i'm the president of the hillcrest marlow heights civic association. one of the main things we do is concentrate on education. we provide scholarships to young kids going to college. we have given her $7.5 million in scholar shichs to kids going to school. we have various programs that we assist them in doing this. we have donations. we go out to the businessman asking for and sow listit funds. we get support from the schools. >> reporter: tell us about this little cookout, this party you guys are having. >> this party's been having with the cooperation of mr. dunn whose the director here at marlow heights. we've been able to do this every year and we have a good turn out. the weather's been good. >> reporter: thank doug for that. >> yes and w
6:42 pm
and entertainment and good times. >> reporter: lots of good vibes coming from this afternoon. it's been a pleasure and thank you so much for spending the afternoon with us. hopefully we'll see you again. >> thanks a lot. >> reporter: keep up the good work because everybody we've talked to so far has said how many they've been able to change so many young lives here. we'll go back to you in the studio doreen and chris. >> thank you. great to share their story. only on news4, security video from inside rockville high school showing the moments before an incident between two boys and a girl that got national attention. how this case has raised some serious questions about security and whose exactly monitoring
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back to our top story now that was interrupted by that special report. two rockville high school students both of them immigrants accused of raping a 14-year-old girl inside a school bathroom. >> prosecutors dropped those charges and said they didn't have enough evidence. obviously it doesn't show what happened in the bang room, but it appears to show us what happened beforehand. there's no sign of security. and no indication anyone was watching as the students disappeared from public view. >> scott macfarlane tells us the videos raising questions about whether schools are doing enough to keep kids safe, scott. >> reporter: as we mentioned earlier montgomery county schools has 5,000 security cameras. and according to multiple sources the footage inside rockville high says there's no way for rockville security to
6:46 pm
school in march shows a nearly empty hallway which makes it easier to see the young girl hand in hand with a taller boy first in the hall and then entering the boy's bathroom where they disappear for minutes. no security staff is seen. no one trying to intervene or check on them. the two teen boys believed to be seen in this video were charged with rape. montgomery county parents say it's troubling students could so easily vanish into a boys room. >> it's a huge problem. it's a huge problem. >> reporter: jennifer alvarious roe says security staffers should be seen. >> it's all playing defense, defense, defense. it's never being proactive. they're not monitored. >> reporter: a review by the i-team reveals possible weaknesses in the security camera system. in the hub staff there can monitor the 5,000 cameras inside the systems 200 plus
6:47 pm
the district has said it has too few people to watch them all in realtime. at headquarters or in the school buildings. >> the cameras aren't the end all be all and we know we have to do more than just that. therapy help in some areas that there are blind spots. >> reporter: craig rice on thursday the county will consider a $2 million increase in funding for school security to add more staff and more lighting and possibly remove some of the bathroom doors. >> we still have to have and make sure that staff are adequately checking those areas to ensure that students aren't just hanging out there doing other things. >> reporter: the allegations inside rockville high also triggered a sweeping security review of every single montgomery county school and rockville high was first. >> reporter: we've learned that review is nowhere close to finish. only 10% of schools, about 23 high schools only are complete so far. taking much longer than they expected. no matter what happened inside that school that march
6:48 pm
repercussions are still being felt district wide. >> any indications of what changes they might make? >> a lot of talk about moving more staff which does mean teachers into the hallways during student movements get the teachers out there near where students might be, might be going into bang rooms unnoticed. that being said we did not get a response from our request for comment from the teachers union. i guess teachers would have strong opinions about being deployed out of their classrooms. >> thank you, scott. we want to take you back out to backyard weather we don't have to tell you how hot it is out there but boy oh, boy don't get used to this? >> reporter: don't get used to this. just a couple of years ago we had six 90s degrees days. we are out here and
6:49 pm
we're on tv right now, guys. i want to say thank you to everybody that came on out today. we've been out here all day. prince george's county was out here a little bit earlier. the park police out here. the press stij models and the fashion show. >> it's this saturday at the community center come out. >> reporter: you guys did a great job and samar and leon to the first backyard weather. what's the general feel. you ready to come out with me again? >> reporter: you couldn't invite me before but now you can. haven't you had fun here. >> i've had an amazing time. the music. the weather's been fantastic. >> great people and keep your eye out for some of these guys wearing these glasses out here too. i want to see you at the mall wearing those, okay? >> reporter: or the cool things you said we saw so many people from the community have been
6:50 pm
saying hello. if you're watching us now, thanks for doing that. thanks to magic 102.3. i don't know who has the better suv o. i'm going to say its us only because we have full weather gear on there. let's show you those temperatures across our area right now. still on the warm side. 91 in d.c. that is not a record. the record's 92 but we did set records at dulles airport coming in at 91. 95 was the high today in leesburg. look at the headlines here. heat through friday. heat right on through tomorrow. storms on friday as well. some of those storms could be on the strong side but we're not anticipating anything severe and we're talking a weekend pattern change and then we could say good-bye to the heat. temperatures much cooler not just this weekend but into next week as well. you see what i'm talking about? it's one 90 on the forecast, that's tomorrow. 88 on friday. that's also going to be the most humid day and then it's
6:51 pm
some really nice days. this weekend we'll see a lot of cloud cover, 74 on saturday, 76 on sundays but a very nice weekend as we make our way through the next couple of days. give us a nice wave. we will see you guys soon. i don't know where the block party's going to be at next week. i want to do a backyard weather every single week. >> the food was amazing. >> reporter: you know we ate? >> i didn't see any of it but we know the food is one of the main attractions for you, doug. >> reporter: every time. >> enough said. >> we'll see you later. >> coming up in sports, he's already hitting his way
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
with the wiz and the cavs gone fishing, the weight of our sports is resting on the nats shoulder. >> the nats they're on a fixed game road trip. this is the second game of that trip. they're in pittsburgh. pittsburgh. i say that with respect. it wasn't that long ago when we sat down with ryan zimmerman and asked about expectations for the season. zin was coming off his career, injured plagued him for years and i remember being sympathetic when he said above all he just wanted to see what he could do
6:55 pm
now we are seeing it. zimmerman continuing to crush it this year when 2-0 including this two run double in the third inning that puts the nats ahead for good. more on zim in just a bit. every national in the starting lineup with the hit last night bryce harper with all eyes on him, 24 years old now hit a home run in every major league stadium. pnc park, the last one in his list. the nats start the series with the w. jacob turner gets the start tonight. 2017 could be his best yet. last night or last season rather batted just .218 right now. this season .385. second best in the majors. a few points behind teammate bryce harper. you mentioned the homers, he's two-way from the total he had last year of all last season. he's got hit 15 last year and 13 now and he has 124 games
6:56 pm
play. leads the league with rbis. ahead, home runs we have a late night for the orioles and tigers and extra innings. crush doing his thing again in the 13th inning. davis just a second player since 1961 to hit two go ahead a five hour the birds,win. these two backt it tonight. so many fans, media members even the security guards in boston said to me before the wizards and celtic game seven that the two teams were just playing for the right to get swept by cleveland. we find out tonight if that bold prediction is true. lebron james is there. >> we've been around the game for eight days now, but
6:57 pm
it shoul't these fans, this atmosphere and the team we playing against ou back where need to be. >> wizards season is over but you will definitely being here about otto porter this summer. the former georgetown hoya coming off a career average fourth in the nba in three-point percentage. people talking max contract for him. do the wizards think he's worth it? he's just not thinking about the future just yet. >> i love d.c. i went to school here. i'm a big part of what goes on around here. this is like home for me. >> he has to do what's best for me. we love him here. hopefully we'll have him back. it's the business and the process at the end of the day. but otto's my boy. we stick together.
6:58 pm
just take your ti and just enjoy the process. >> 23-year-old, he has a lot of great days ahead. >> i'd enjoy the process
6:59 pm
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