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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 19, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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talk to melissa mollet in first 4 traffic with breaking news. >> breaking news, prince george's county, we have a crew headed this way. northbound indian head highway, all lanes northbound blocked for a fatal pedestrian accident. the best thing to do is to commit to livingston. northbound 95 after prince william parkway, very slow. crash there. eastbound oo 50 at the bay brid traffic slow. clearing a disabled vehicle. some of the backup there. then in percyville, lanes blocked for downed wires. eun. >> back to the breaking news that may affect your commute. >> there's been a deadly accident there. news 4's justin finch arrived on the scene. bring us up
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>> reporter: aaron, good morning. the northbound lanes are closed. we did see prince george's county police remove a piece of rolling luggage found near that victim. as for that victim, she was removed from the scene just a short time ago. she was lying on the side of the road just past the shoulder where those officers are now standing. we can tell you that police are telling us this all happened close to 12:45 this morning. they believe that woman was walking along northbound 210 when she was struck by a passing vehicle. that passing vehicle in this case did not stop. it just kept going. at this point we don't have a make or model of that vehicle from police. the southbound lanes are remaining open. as for the lanes here, there's very much still being blocked at this time as they continue to measure the lanes here. the point of impact, where that victim was lying and also they are removing evidence, such as
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rolling luggage we just saw a short time ago. that is the latest here. i'm justin finch. back in to you. >> justin, thank you. 5:02 right now. let's turn to the hot and humid weather. >> chuck bell and sheena parveen are both outside on the storm team 4 weather deck to tell us more about how it's feeling out there. good morning. >> a little thick. a little thick outside. i'm getting limp. >> we'll have to hose chuck down in a minute. even this afternoon if you want to play in the sprinklers, you can do that. maybe melissa mollet's front yard. another hot day, right now 72 degrees. by noon heating into the 80s. at the end of the day in the 90s. keep that umbrella handy if you head out. i'm talking you might need a light jacket in the morning type th
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look at that and your extended forecast and see how your memorial day weekend is shaping up. >> sheena, thank you. more breaking news now in prince george's county where three university of maryland students narrowly escaped a house fire. >> megan mcgrath is live on the scene with more on the fire. megan? >> reporter: well, a close call and a very scary situation for several university of maryland students. the house that they are staying in, the house they rent on baltimore avenue, caught on fire around 2:00 this morning. you can see the damage. it is tremendous here. they tell me that they believe it started in the basement area and now it spread up. it went from the first floor to the second floor. the roof burned and partially collapsed. the students, three of them home at the time of the fire broke out, they were able to self-e
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everyone is fine. as for the firefighter that was up there when that roof collapsed, that firefighter was transported to the hospital. i'm told the injuries are non-life threatening. that person will be okay as well. a terrible thing to happen. she lost her can, her gown, pretty much everything she had brought together for her graduation ceremony tomorrow. >> the details of the graduation gown. that's a big chunk of money. i graduated first, i bought the ground and everything for all the kids following. they're all going to go to maryland. that will be the biggest impact. >> reporter: while she's very upset about all of the material things that she lost in this fire, she says the important thing is that everyone got out okay. >> megan mcgrath. thank you. five minutes after the hour and thes
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death of a 6-year-old boy in d.c. now it's hard to make sense of a child dying that young. >> even harder to cope with it when you learn that xavier lucky was walking home from his own birthday party when he was hit and killed. ♪ happy birthday to xavier, happy birthday to you ♪ >> xavier never got to hear his friends sing happy birthday to him before he died in the crash on livingston road on wednesday night. xavier's family is describing the person who hit the 6-year-old as a careless driver. so far police have not filed any charges. >> my nephew had to lose his life because somebody was careless behind the wheel. >> he was a good friend. we played football. we went to the play ground and played on the playground. >> are you going to miss him?
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counselors available. 5:06 now. chopper 4 was over another terrible accident on our roads. you may have been stuck in this terrible traffic as police investigated a deadly pedestrian crash yesterday in gaithersburg. a woman was killed crossing the street at the intersection of emily road and whitfield road. the driver of the truck that hit her stayed on the scene. >> and that weent the only deadly crash during the evening rush. a school bus collided with cars. the bus went off the road into the trees. the driver of the car died. the crash shut down temple hill road for several hours. d.c. jail officials are investigating the death of an inmate accused of shooting a 9-year-old. >> this is video from the 2014 crime scene. kenneth par w
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unresponsive in his cell yesterday. he was charged with shooting jayden stancil. he survived. this is the second inmate death this month. virginia state police are canceling a missing amber alert. police in newport news say they found the car the pair was traveling in earlier this week. they disappeared on april 30th while they were on the way to a beach in that area. police actually had to terminate the amber alert because of policy. not supposed to go past seven days. right now a silver springs family is concerned about the welfare of this 92 missing woman. she suffers from dementia. her family believes she took off yesterday on foot from her home on red line lane. call police if you know where she might be
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>> reporter: a shooting investigation in southeast d.c. we understand police responded to the scene of south capital street and southern avenue. video from the scene early this morning of an investigator there still trying to pick up clues that might determine a motive or suspect behind it. we understand the victim was transported to the hospital and were conscious at the time. very little details to go off of. the crew that was there on the scene gathering these details for us also tells us that not a -- i should say not far from this scene was some type of a crash. a car crash there. trying to get more details for you. aaron, eun, back over to you. a call for attorney general jeff sessions to step down. projected onto the department of justice headquarters. the message reads, sessionsus
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robin bell is claiming credit for that stunt. bell is the same person who projected messages on trump international hotel earlier this week. this morning president trump will begin his first foreign trip since taking office. >> he'll head to the middle east, the vatican and the south. the president is also scheduled to meet with more than 40 world leaders to focus on his campaign promise of defeating radical islamic terrorists. the president left after a contentious news conference yesterday afternoon. in it he claimed again that the russia investigation was a witch hunt. coming up in just a few minutes we'll hear from news 4's edward lawrence on capitol hill. he has information about what vice president
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knew about the investigation and when. this is how dc water crews had to get to the valves on wednesday. we learned that macarthur boulevard may not reopen until monday. the cast iron main that broke was installed back in the 1860s. that's common among d.c. water pipes. every month since 2016 d.c. water customers pay an added fee for pipe restoration. that fee brings in $40 million a year. after back-to-back delays due to rain, vdot will continue repairs on the neabsco bridge. southbound 95 will be reduced from three to two lanes over the bridge and the eastbound and westbound ramps will close. the bridge opened in 1963 and needs major repairs to the bridge deck. about 71,000 cars use that bridge every day. if you missed
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light show, you might have a chance to see lightning today. >> that's right. another chance for thunderstorms coming our way later on in the afternoon and evening. though the risk of severe weather isn't all that high, any individual storm can certainly pack quite a punch. i'll help you time out when that's mostlily to happen. new details of ousted fox news boss roger ailes. an inspiring story of how one woman went from being homeless to ear ni
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breaking news on first 4 traffic. indian head highway, an area is sht down because of a fatd tall pedestrian crash. shut down on farmington northbound there. commit to livingston instead. once you turn to farmington, neighborhoods could get confusing. sheena, it is quite warm outside. inside a little as well. >> it is warm outside, melissa. this afternoon it's going to be hot. 90 degrees. big changes as we go into the weekend. so tomorrow you will notice
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big difference. today though by your commute 7:00 a.m., 70 degrees. this afternoon, some wet roads. thunderstorms in the forecast. chuck and i are back with a look at that timing and a cooler weekend coming up. all right, sheena. thank you. 5:15 now. two years ago eight people were killed and 200 injured when a speeding amtrak train from d.c. jumped the trains and crashed. >> the engineer operating that train is free this morning on $81,000 bail after being arraigned yesterday. this is just one of the top stories we're following today. they charged him hours before the statute of limitations expired this month. he blacked out and count remember the moments before that wreck. officials say the train accelerated to 106 miles an hour. we're learning how roger
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he suffered a head injury from a fall at his home. there was no evidence of foul play here. his death comes less than a year after his controversial departure as the head of fox news. today crews will take down the final statue of confederate generals. according to new orleans mayor, the city is still deciding what to do with the area where the stat use stood. as for the statues themselves, the mayor says they will be stored in a number of places. we're staying on top of this fire burning out of control in central california. you can see the wind fueling the flames. more than 150 of them are working to put out the fire. it started thursday afternoon.
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tomorrow the class of 2017 will walk across the stage of george mason university to receive their diplomas. underneath one of those will be 17-year-old stephanie moy. she will be receiving her master's degree in mathd. stephanie says her love for numbers started in preschool. that's when her father started to work with her using special cards. then in kindergarten and first grade she moved on to algebra. second grade was geometry. second grade? now she's offering this advice to other young people. >> don't give up. always look at the end goal, you know? everyone makes mistakes. keep going. >> i don't believe that. >> following this week in june. then she heads to nyu. >> when
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second grade. >> i still can't do geometry. >> congratulations. all month long news 4 is highlighting local kids with incredible talent. we've introduced you to the piano prodigy, a chef. >> today's super kid is one you don't want to mess with. he is one of the top taekwondo fighters in the country. >> reporter: imagine training like this for hours at a time. tired yet? now have a pulled hamstring. >> if you sit out and not do anything, you won't get better and i need to get a lot better. >> reporter: his skill at rolling with the punches helped him win a spot on the u.s. national team. >> i hugged my coach and almost started crying. i didn't cry. my dad started crying
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taekwondo when he was four. now he hits the gym for 11 hours every week. in january he'll be going to the world championships. >> i'm just focused on my opponent and what my coach has to say behind me. i don't let any other voices get into my head. >> reporter: with that and all those hours of practice. >> good ride, guys. >> he just may have a fighting chance. in gainesville, aimee cho, news 4. >> we want to know about the super kids you know. all this talent that i wish i had. >> breaking news in prince george's county. they're still following the situation and we have justin finch out there at the scene giving us these live pictures. we still hth
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northbound 95 after prince william parkway, one left lane getting by. macarthur boulevard between reservoir and foxhall road, all lanes shut down. overall beltway is looking good. >> speaking of talent. >> i didn't get my master's in math before i graduated high school. >> amazing. >> maybe she'll do something in meterology. that's all it is. >> that's not all it is. it's personality. >> you want to know what kind of clouds those are? >>
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>> i've heard of that. >> you have? no, you haven't. >> most are common during severe weather. >> outside. >> we have a couple of fair weather clouds outside now. 72 degrees. 65 in gaithersburg. planning on a quick jump in temperatures. 80s by lunchtime. some of those storms could be on the strong side. more organized severe weather in chicago and st. louis. if you're flying that way, you may end up with flight
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locally, no delays yet. here's future weather. a scattering of thunderstorms around. that sort of ducks the landscape up to 2:00 to 10 or 11:00. you need that umbrella for a friday night out on the town. here's the five day forecast. way cool again. another cool weekend coming your way. a lot of clouds around. maybe an isolated shower early tomorrow or sunday. most of your weekend, cloudy and school. more storms on monday. >> this morning in prince george's county, firefighters sent out a may day call. in d.c., gunned down at a gas station. the video just coming in. in manassas city, an officer-involved shooting. erica gonzalez is
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that. if you need narrator: "the time is always right to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate,
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choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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you're watching "news 4 today." a new addition of the board game clue is coming out now. >> selling out. >> clue and golden girls together. this is coming out with a golden girls version. will feature dorothy, rose and sophia. >> wow. >> the tokens include a cab n o hairspray, a tube of toothpaste, lipstick and a slipper. >> who ate the last piece of cheesecake? >> rose. the horses are here. the positions are assigned. everybody's ready for the preakness. >> always
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for his next win. new this morning, a deadly drive into times square. one of the busiest tourist stops in the country just reopened as we learned more about the man behind the wheel. and we continue to follow the breaking news here at home. a woman hit and killed in a hit-and-run crash on a busy road for commuters. melissa explains how it could impact your ride to work next. another day, 90 degrees. that is not going to be lasting through the weekend. much cooler. chuck and i are
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we have breaking news right now at 5:30 on this friday. a woman killed in a hit-and-run crash. a major route into d.c. just reopened after being closed for hours. plus, also breaking overnight, students forced out by a fast-moving fire. what we're learning about the flames that broke out near college park campus. more storms on the way after a night of thunder and lightning. prepare for some rain. your storm team 4 forecast with details on the cooldown that's coming. "news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everyone. happy friday. i'm eun yang. we made it. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. a lot happened while you were sleeping. chuck bell and sheena parveen have more on the changes in the weather tha
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>> first, we want to get to an update on the deadly crash on route 210. erika gonzalez at the live desk. then we'll check in with melissa mollet. >> eun, we understand this happened just before 1:00 in the morning. a woman struck and killed by the driver of a car. this is at indian head highway at farmington road east. again, the driver did not stay on the scene. we understand some areas closed for a while while investigators were on the scene. for more on that and whether you need to circumvent your route this morning, let's send it over to first 4 traffic melissa mollet. >> breaking news continuing because of most of the backups. chopper 4 is over the scene. a 1 1/2 mile backup. all lanes have reopened. chopper 4 over this backup this morning northbound
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highway at farmington just cleared out of the way. all lanes now open there. that's looking a lot better than it was. northbound 95 at prince william parkway, still the left side. a two-mile backsup. inner loop and outer loop no major issues there. eun? >> thank you. back to the live desk with more breaking news. first let's check in with chuck bell with the forecast. good morning to you, chuck. >> good morning. very mild start. in the upper 60s and low 70s. skies clear over washington. more clouds coming our way. another hot day today. up into the upper 80s and 90. thunderstorms likely again this afternoon. if you're packing up the car and getting ready to go over to the bridge and down, thunderstorms and looking way cooler. only in the 60s. we'll barely be in the 70
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morning, the marine corps, a lot of clouds around. risk of a sprinkle. up to about 70 degrees by noontime. >> chuck, thank you. >> eun, major news, the rape investigation against julian assange is over. assange is the founder of wikileaks. he's been living in london to avoid extradition. these are live images we have showing you of the embassy there. again, uncertain as to how this will impact things.
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gonzalez. 5:34. other top stories, three university of maryland students barely made it out of their burning house. on baltimore avenue. the house was destroyed. fire officials told them the fire started in the basement and worked its way up. one of the students is supposed to graduate tomorrow and lost all of her graduation regail yeah in that fire. we're working to find out how seriously a man was hurt in a shootout. someone shot the man on south capital street on southern avenue last night. the man was awake when he was taken to the hospital. no word on whether anyone is in custody. >> in a few hours president trump will begin his first foreign trip since taking office. the president also talked about his topic for the new fbi director. edward lawrence will have that part of the
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>> times square much calmer after a deadly crash caused chaos. >> new this morning, we're learning what charges the man police say is responsible for the crash is facing. nbc's katheryn. >> craig: has more outside of the presink. >> new overnight the nypd charged the suspect. he is facing murder, attempted murder. aggravated vehicular homicide. in mid town manhattan, 26-year-old. lives in the bronx. his name, richard rojas. he said nothing as he was led out of the police station. a much different demeanor compared to how he was in the seconds after crashing his car in times square killing one and hurting more than 20. police say early findings show he was high on drugs. investigators added it's believed he suffers from mental illness and claims voices in his head told him to be violent. yesterday afternoon he mad
5:36 am
turn and drove for three blocks north on the sidewalk going the wrong way and then he slammed into a metal poll. police officers and civilians captured him as he tried to get away. >> the first feeling was that it might be something like an attack when a car plows into a pedestrian area. >> reporter: they do not believe it is terror related. he lives with his mother in the bronx. that woman was taken into questioning. he has a criminal past mainly crimes involving driving. he also serves in the military. that's the very latest from mid town manhattan. back to you. we have new details to help you navigate metro's next and final safetrack surge.
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beware of bicyclists today. you'll see a lot more on your way to work. why thousands are using two wheels to commute today coming up. plus, it is that time of year. you'll need to start lathering on the sun screen. don't stock up until you hear the next story. why those spf labels are not ngotecti you as much as you
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to take on the "tom insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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you're watching "news 4 today." this morning the san antonio fire department is asking for prayers for a member of -- for a member of their own. firefighter scott dean was killed in this massive warehouse fire last night. three other firefighters were hurt as well. you can see the intense flames. it's not clear how the fire started. he was with the department for six years. beach goers beware. some sun screens fail to provide the protection on their package. the sun screen industry said "consumer reports" testing methods are not consistent with those used by the fda. >> you potentially have the risk of really damaging your skin if you're relying on it to
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yourself. >> experts say to make sure your sun screen is as effective as possible. shake the bottle to make sure the ingredients are evenly distributed. a stretch 95 is shutting down from tonight until monday. where it's happening and ways to get around it just ahead. plus, some breaking news right now in first 4 traffic on 95. northbound here near prince william parkway. only one left lane getting by. also, look for you right now chopper 4 over northbound indian head heighway at farmington. fatal pedestrian crash. the lanes have just reopened. hi, chuck. good morning. another hot and potentially stormy day today. big turn around as we go into the weekend. partly to mostly cloudy saturday to sunday highs only barely getting into the low 70s. sheena is back with a check on the ten day forecast which includes a preview of memorial
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting
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and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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5:45. a fire leaving students stranded days before the graduation. 95 near prince william parkway, 3 1/2 mile backup. only one lane open up. plus, president trump preparing for takeoff. details on his first foreign trip and the newest name in the running to become the head of the fbi. "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. well, we begin with more breaking news now. an officer involved shooting in manassas, virginia. >> erika gonzalez is live at the live desk. erika? >> police got a call about shots fired in the area. when they responded they saw a car that may have fit some type of description. a chase ensued and this wound up ending at the george elm wood memorial park
5:46 am
the driver of that vehicle, an 18-year-old was struck. we understand that officers rendered aid there on the scene until help arrived and that the 18-year-old driver had to be air lifted from the scene. there was another person in the car at the time that all of this happened to the juvenile. we understand they were not hurt. of course, an investigation is now underway. just because of where this wound up ending. now we've got prince william county police that are overseeing this investigation. we can tell you that we now have a crew that is headed to the scene. as soon as we can get some more details there from the ground we'll have that for you right here on "news 4 today." back over to you. >> erika, thank you. take a look at this video now. new video into our newsroom of a house burning on baltimore avenue in university park. you can see how intense the flames were early this morning. three university of maryland students barely made it out of the house when the flames started. fire officials told them the fire started in the basement and worked its way
5:47 am
supposed to graduate tomorrow. she lost all of her graduation regalia in the fire. >> everything burnt up. but my gown, my cap, my hood, my chord, my medals. i believe my graduation dress also now. >> while this young lady is upset about losing all of those items, she says she's mainly happy that her roommates made it out alive. we know one firefighter was hurt by falling debris but that firefighter is expected to be okay. we now know what started this serious town house fire. take a look at the fire and the smoke pouring out of this building on silver oak court in berk. a floor lamp started the fire. two people were burned and a third was hurt jumping from the building. fire caused more than $250,000 in damage. as the white house deals with a number of crises, president trump is preparing to leave for his first foreign trip since taking office. he is heading to the
5:48 am
east, the vatican and belgium for nine days. president trump is set to meet with the saudis where they'll announce plans to buy 350 bld worth of military technology and equipment from the u.s. over the next ten years. the president is scheduled to meet with more than 40 world leaders to talk about fighting isis. before president trump leaves for his foreign trip, it looks like he could be lining up the new fbi director. >> news 4's edward lawrence has more on the surprising top story. >> reporter: good morning, eun. former senator joe lieberman went in talking and apparently the front-runner for the job. democrats saying he would be a bad choice because they don't want a politician in charge of the fbi. republicans say that a former democratic senator, lieberman, who's an independent would be a great choice because he understands the fbi and politics. >> edward, there are reports that vice president mike pence
5:49 am
issues with michael flynn before he was fired. what do we know about that? >> reporter: the white house is denying a report from "the new york times" that michael flynn told the transition team on january 4th that he was under investigation by the fbi. regardless, they stand by the statement from vice president mike pence that he had no idea that there was an investigation going on into michael flynn. this is also some of the underlying problems among some pence aides. they're saying him being kept in the dark, this pattern of him being kept in the dark is not a good one for the vice president. >> edward lawrence live on capitol hill for us. edward, thank you. this is how d.c. water crews had to get to the underground valves on wednesday to turn off the flowing water beneath macarthur boulevard. we've learned that road may not reopen until monday. the cast iron main that broke was
5:50 am
that's pretty common among d.c. water pipes. d.c. water customers pay an added fee for pipe restoration. the fee brings in about $40 million a year. after back-to-back delays due to rain, vdot crews will start working on the neabsco bridge. southbound 95 will be reduced from three to two lanes over the bridge and eastbound and westbound ramps are closed. the bridge was built in 1963. it needs major repairs to the deck. a hole opened up on the bridge back in october. about 71,000 cars use that bridge every day. >> i know i do. it looks like more and more of us are choosing to pay to get around the terrible traffic and here. take a look at the numbers in just one year. the number of people using the express lanes in northern virginia has jumped by 8,000. the price has also gone up b
5:51 am
5,000 more people this year are taking the express lanes on i-95 than last year and the price has gone up there, too. new this morning, we are learning that more than 70,000 cars drove through the dulles green way yesterday. they're donating 100% of those tolls to six local charities and the dulles greenway scholarship program. still waiting to learn the exact amount of money earned. they're hoping to reach $350,000. last year they raised $330,000. this connects the dulles international airport with leesbu leesburg, virginia. today is bike to workday. we're working for you to make sure it's a safe ride for you. if you're going to give it a try, these are some of the pit stops all over our area today. there are 85 in all. at the pit stop you can get a free t-shirt and drink, water. >> we're not talking about a cocktail
5:52 am
>> no. >> adam tuss tried this whole biking thing out, too. he bikes from the west falls church metro station from our studios here. >> good for him. >> mental discipline for sure. we have a list of his dos and don'ts. search ride to work. 5:52 now. back to the breaking traffic news that can impact your commute. >> melissa mollet. >> good morning. breaking news in northern virginia. we're talking about 95 at this point. northbound here near prince william parkway. just jammed this morning. almost a four-mile backup. only the left lane is getting by. a crash there, chopper 4 is going to be there in a minute. show you the live pictures from above. 270 southbound don't have any big issues here as you're headed southbound. northbound looking good as well on the 270. new problem in arlington. new crash in the intersection. taking a look a
5:53 am
reminder, day three here, macarthur boulevard shut down between reservoir and foxhall. travel times on 270 and the top of the beltway looking great at this points this morning. eastbound 56 is okay. 95 north, not pretty. we'll show you why here in just a minute. remember to lis zwroen wtop 103.5 f.m. sheena, it is a warm one. >> melissa, it is warm this morning. i think some people this morning instead of opening the windows, you might just want to turn the ac on. the air is a little thick outside. friday weather outlook, finally friday. morning commute, dry. we like dry roads. exercise, plenty of water. by evening, we have thunderstorms in the forecast. you might run into some of those. dinner out for your friday night still a chance for some scattered thunderstorms throughout the night. 72 currently in the district. 68 frederick. 71 quantico. if you are heading out today to
5:54 am
by lunchtime going to start heating up again, mid 80s. by happy hour time, mid 90s. dinner time will be in about the mid 80s. dry locally. we have the rain off to the west and southwest. that will be our increasing chances as we go through today. 4:00 p.m. on future weather, there you see scattered showers and storms. there's saturday in the afternoon. it's looking cloudy. chance of sprinkles. quite a bit cooler. sunday, another day where the clouds are going to be pretty much locked in for most of the day. look at what's going to happen to the temperatures. normal high, 76. today will be around 90. huge drop as we go into tomorrow. 74. sunday 71. monday, close to 80. we are not talking about the 90s over the next ten days. after today we'll stay in the 70s.
5:55 am
the mid to upper 70s. very comfortable so far. it looks nice and dry. look at the forecast through the weekend coming up. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. apple ceo tim cook has been spotted around the campus test driving a device connected to his apple watch that tracks his blood sugar. they say cook is wearing a prototype glucose tracker. it could make the watch a must have for people with diabetes. in february cook discussed the device saying it helps him understand how his blood sugar responded to various foods. for the cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. it's friday. you probably deserve a little treat. 7-eleven is celebrating its bring your own cup day for a slurpee. it's happening both today and tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. there are a few ground rules
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only bring one water-tight cup per person. it must fit upright in the slurpee machine, 10 inches tall. >> don't bring a big garbage pail. good news for your health if you like to eat fast food. mcdonald's says it's getting rid of the artificial stuff in the ice cream. we're talking about the ice cream cones and shakes. mcdonald's says that it has almost completely phased out artificial flavors, preservatives and colors. it plans to be freebie 2025. >> chocolate, aron. >> chocolate ice cream, too? >> but you don't know me. >> what am i saying? what am i saying. you're right. >> thank you. all right. 5:57 just about now on this friday morning. a busy one before you
5:57 am
we are working to help you get out the door. new details about a shooting on the border of maryland and d.c. plus, we're learning more about a little boy hit by a car and killed on his sixth birthday. how he's being honored this morning. >> reporter: northbound lanes of route 2 have reopened after a fatal hit-and-run crash overnight. what we know about the victim and the crash this morning.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news, a woman killed while walking down a busy road for commuters. what police say the driver did after the accident. breaking news in first 4 traffic. chopper over the scene. 95 north at prince william parkway. a four mile backup. we'll explain why this is. plus, an act of protest projected on to fbi headquarters. the new images just in overnight as president trump prepares for his first trip overseas. "news 4 today" starts now. >> if you didn't see it, you missed a doozy. we saw a lot of lightning over our area last night. some of you may have heard hail. this afternoon likely be seeing more storms around here. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun
6:00 am
this morning. that will not be the case for this weekend. melissa mollet with breaking news is where we start. >> breaking news in first 4 traffic. take a look at the delays chopper 4 showing you the problem 95 north at prince william parkway, 4 mile backup. the lanes will be clearing. it will take quite a long time to get things out of the way and moving because of that. top of the beltway, when you're talking about 95, bw parkway looking good. we'll talk with justin finch in a minute. 210 has reopened. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway rolling along.


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