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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 4, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're keeping tabs on all of it for you. but we welcome you in on this sunday morning, i'm david culver. >> and i'm meagan fitzgerald. we're off to a bill bit oft ch start, but it is quickly warming up. >> tom kierein tracking it all. >> and this is the time of year when we see the higher sun angles and it's quickly warming us. around town we were only in the 50s, but now a silvery haze hanging over capitol hill. a live view overlooking the potomac river on this sunday morning where temperatures are already around 70 degrees and quickly jumping. reagan national at 70. and in about two hour, we will be near 80. and then during the afternoon, we'll be in the upper 80s even late the in the afternoon request just a few high clouds. rain chances
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the new timing in a few minutes. [ sirens ] the unsettling sound heard around the streets of london overnight as a terrorist attack struck the heart of that city. >> and authorities are trying to get to the bottom of who did this. we're learning that 12 people have been arrested in connection to that attack. the scene is being described as one of panic and chaos. >> all of it happening just days before people are heading to the polls in a highly anticipated election. campaigning is suspended for today. the taek happened starting on the london bridge are and then the newer bye burroou market. three then in a white van swerved into a crowd of people walking across the bridge are essentially mowing everyone town in the
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they then drove to borough market and getting out with large knives and started attacking people at nearby bars and restaurants. >> they were running in all the bars. stabbing everyone. i tried to help as many people as i could. they probably would have killed me. >> right now the death toll stands at 7. nearly 50 injured. all three suspects were shot and killed within eight minute >> president trump has bee briefed on e tac he says that we must stop being politically correct and appears to criticize london's mayor. he offered any help that the u.s. could provide. >> and in new yor
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police presence is beefed up. the nypd deployed its elite counterterrorism squad to areas around new york city following the attack in london. important to note, though, that these are precautionary measures. the department stresses that there are no specific or credible threats to the new york city area. >> of course we see what is happening in the uk. officials here in the district keeping a close eye on what is going on there. >> derrick ward is live at the british embassy with more. >> reporter:. and of course there is stepped up security presence here. there is always a stepped up security presence in washington. but the short time between the two attacks against london, against england, have made that even more clear here. we're here at the union where they just removed the hmemorial for the manchester attack and now another one is growing here after the attack last
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muriel bowser, a couple tweets. and she says that our thoughts and prayers this morning are with the city of london. the victims, their families and the first responders. and then another tweet, we have been briefed by the d.c. police department on the situation in london and there are no credible threats to washington, d.c. now, this being an international city, there is always that presence of people with direct connections to london, to england. and to these attacks. we talked to a man here just earlier this morning he was delivering parpers and he was a foer former itsubject. >> i lived myself in vauxhall, but i came from brisdan. what is going on is incredible. only prayer can change its mind. this is the complete mindset,
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complete science, whatever you want to call it, the spirit. nobody wins in this. >> and of course again another memorial grows here at the union jack. we expect to see more flowers as the day goes on. derrick ward, news 4. and derrick mentioned the manchester attack and the tribute that was out there. that was just last month. there was even a benefit concert in manchester that was planned for this weekend. and no doubt that will have increased security tonight following this attack in london. >> and the concert will benefit of course the victims of last night's attack outside of a ariana grande concert. 22 tied and dozdi dozens injure. the charity concert is tonight and ghariana grande visited fan and twhooet edtweeted out praye gone. and as we look live
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feel the heat. we have tom updating the forecast with how you can plan ahead, including some rain to start off the workweek. and finding new inspiration. the big surprise for students with severe developmental challenges and how it is changing their liver betr.
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they used their lives to protect ours. and today five firefighters will be headed to the maryland wall of honor up in annapolis, respect aand among them are two local firefighters. chris hill who you see here passed away last year from a form of brain cancer. and charles served with the montgomery county fire and rescue service, be he died in april after being found unresponsive while on theob
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today in southeast dooesz. d.c. after another noose was found in the district this time across the street from an elementary school. and people are urged to stand together in solidarity. a vigil and rally will be held on 36th street near where the noose was found at a home that is under construction. just yesterday, mayor muriel bowser said signs of hate, ignorance and fear are not welcome in d.c. there have pain multiple nooses found including at two smith about smithsonian museums. police plan to march from the east baptist church. and a live look outside. it will stay dry today, but as we start the workweek, things change a bit. tom is closely tracking showers that will be m
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neighborhood. and a national treasure with a sight to see. the rush to an iconic landmark that hasn't looked this good in year s.
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been in years. gadi schwartz shows us what so many people are lining up to see. >> reporter: the best way into yosemite for first timers is through this tunnel. and here is what it feels like. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: when the valley comes into view. robert with and beth picked the perfect year to see yosemite. >> i didn't expect to see the waterfall right there. >> reporter: the record setting snow pack transforming into misty white ribbons decorating the walls of the national park. and breathing new life into hundreds of waterfalls that haven't flowed in decades. >> i've worked here for over 20 years and i've never seen this much water. >> reporter: splendor that could also bring more tourists than ever. >> so much power. i've never seen it look like this. >> reporter: patricia moore heads up the trail for a closer
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>> it's raining. >> reporter: toward the base, rainbows close enough to touch. hikers happy to be sopping wet. >> i'm soaking it all in. literally. >> reporter: and last weekend this professional climber, first to free climb from the bottom of yosemite's misty wall to the top of the tallest falls in north america. even higher still at glacier point, kids choosing their favorite about sights. >> waterfalls and the mountains. >> reporter: this is a place where everyone realizes pictures can do no justice. >> you just sit there and take it in. that's all you can do. amazing. >> reporter: yosemite, finally seeing the endth
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gadi schwartz, nbc news. >> imagine this person. so brand new escalators at the woodley park metro station and now that work is done there, well, it means work will move somewhere else. starting tomorrow, construction going to begin at the cleveland park station. fiveescalators going to be replaced and it will take almost two years. the elevators will stay in service. and it's been a somber day, a tough morning. a day like today is a day you really need good news and sometimes finding an skescape c make a big difference. >> local students with severe learning disabilities can't ateth always get out to see the theertd, so earlier this week, the theater came to them and made them stores with tars with of make believe.
9:16 am
>> imagine a place where the obstacles of life disappear. if even for just a moment. >> like i said, this is their hollywood, the music is inviting. >> and everyone else, we're going to create one long line and we're going to boogie down this gym. >> only make believe makes that happen. >> only make believe is a nonprofit that creates and performs interactive theater for children in hospitals, care facility and special education. >> these specially trained actors bring to life different scenarios and games, but most importantly, the imagination of their young stars. the fun and excitement comes to an end and like all great performances -- >> that is our show. it's time to go. >> the curtain must clos
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remind us of what is possible when you believe in the power of your imagination. >> to have that inner peace and joy that a lot of us miss. you only get one go around at this life. it should be limitless to everyone no matter your personal challenge, no matter what your physical challenge, mental, intellectual. >> love it. great story. tom kierein with us now. i know earlier in the morning we talked about how quickly it will be warming up. you were right on. we're already into the seventh and 70s and we started in the 50s. >> there is a feeling of summer in the air. a lot has to do with the high sun angle. the sun quickly jumping up in a silvery sky. a few clouds passing over us now and this live view from our
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overlooking the potomac river. its will be soaring well into the 80s today. average high is 81, but by the 4th of july, the average high is 88 and that's what it will feel like later today. right now 60 shenandoah valley and the mountains where it was only 50 this morning. but it's near 70 nearby suburbs. by the bay, low 70s there. by noon, we'll be in the low 80s. mid-80s by 3:00. by 6:00, mid-80s and sunset today at 8:30. that's another thing, we're getting longer daylight hours and the latest sunsets ov s of year. and by 10:00 tonight or so, be we'll be back down to the 70s and cloudy and mild evening. all dry now, but well off to the west, there are rain showers and widespread stormy system that
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in the ohio and coming into the tennessee and mississippi valleys. taking a bead on us and coming closer to us. hour by hour timing, by noontime, that's when we'll likely see all this area in the green, that is green coming into the metro area. so around 11:00, noontime on monday, it does move on in. but much of the rain will stay south of the metro area through rest of the achbl afternoon and then we'll start to dry out around 3:00, 4:00. just a small chance of an additional thundershower around 7:00, 8:00 p.m. so for the commute tomorrow, dry roads for the morning. maybe some showers for your lunch hour on. and then generally dry roads when you're heading back home. just a small chance of an additional shower during the afternoon and into the evening hours on monday. temperatures should be peaking in the upper 70s around 3:00, 4:00. and as get into tuesday, the 10 day outlook, we'll get sunshine
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highs upper 70s. cooler mid week, morning lows near 60, afternoon highs low 70s both wednesday and thursday. both of those days should be partly sunny. and look at our dry pattern. it continues all the way into next weekend and we deserve it after that wet may when we had almost 6 inches of rain. we'll have a chance to catch up with all the yard work and everything and a lot of outdoor construction and landscapers are appreciating this as well to catch up. and look how hot it gets though. week from today, we may be near 90 degrees. and unlike today with not much humidity, next weekend it starts to get very humid. and we stay steamy and hot into that next week that full second week of june day 9 and day 10 again right around 90 degrees. next chance of rain after tomorrow may be
9:21 am
into that following week when we might get a few thundershowers. so here comes summer. it's coming in definitely today and next weekend. that's the way it looks. and on thursday, former fbi director james comey will testify on capitol hill and it will be one of the most anticipated congressional appearances in years. >> you have to go back to 2015 when hillary clinton testified before the house benghazi committee or 1991 when anita hill testified in clarence thom as' confirmation hearing or when oliver north testified in the iran contra hearings. >> so why does comey think that president trump fired him some does comey confirm that trump asked him to, quote, let go of the probe into michael flynn? and does comey confirm that trump asked him to pledge his loildity? >> one other important angle, does president trump try to stop comey's testimony by invoking exec about difference
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five, four, three, two, one -- and liftoff. >> there it is, it's official, spacex launching the first reused spacecraft. it blasted off from cape canaveral yesterday and it should arrive at the international space station tomorrow with 6,000 pounds of cargo. a pregnant maryland student was told she couldn't walk at her high school graduation. so the community threw a ceremony just for her. maddie run ke maddie run run kels family and friends held their open graduation for the teen. she has a 4.0 gpa, but her christian school said she could go to the graduation but was not allowed to walk the stage.
9:26 am
family. for us, this has been be an incredible journey. >> it wasn't anticipated, but it was special to have something separate. >> an anti-abortion group awarded maddi a $16,000 college scholarship. her baby is due in september. feels like we have a day for everything now. national doughnut day. and today? >> let's tie it in with national cheese day. >> i love cheese. >> i like velveeta. >> keeping it fancy. >> so from cheddar to brie to mozzarella, there is a cheese to pair with just about everything. and we've posted a list on our nbc washington app. our website, as well. just search cheese. let's give you a live look
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you're in the clear for some sunday run, maybe a picnic. and we have some rain being tracked on the radar. tom is keeping tabs on on that. and we're staying on top of the latest terror attack in london. the new call for action and what police are uncovering about who is responsible. i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed.
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as we approach 9:30, let's get you up-to-date in the london terror attack investigation. >> the death toll remains at 7, 48 hurt. the three suspects were shot and killed by police. but this morning police did arrest 12 people in connection with that attack.conservative and labour parties have suspended campaigning today. the national election is scheduled for thursday. >> theresa may speaking to rot rotter reporters calling for tougher measures to defeat islamic extremism. >> and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. things need to change and they need to change in four important ways. >> she foes on to say that the ways include defeating islamic extremism while working with
9:31 am
allies so as to reach agreement regulating cyberspace. she hopes that the internet can can be blocked from allowing that ideology of hate to spread. may wants to deny what she calls safe spaces for extremists and they wants a robust counterterrorism strategy. a lot of world leaders strategizing and we'll continue to keep you updated as we get development. but we want to welcome you in on this sunday, 9:30. i'm david cull remember. culver. >> and i'm meagan fitzgerald. today is going to feel more like summer. >> the only regular on this sunday more than is outside our studios. tom kierein on the weather deck. >> and we have our regular birds joining me, as well. they are heralding a gorgeous morning. you can track the wet when you're away from your tv with the nbc washington app. here on the weather deck
9:32 am
northwest washington, just a couple hundred yards away from me is our storm team 4 tower and up there about 300 feet, we can look down on to washington and see this view. and on this sunday morning just a little bit of haze in the air, but it is comfortably dry and absolutely perfect now. temperatures are just near 70 degrees. a little bit of a breeze and it's not very humid. we'll stay with the low humidity into the afternoon as we see our temperatures soar into the upper 80s much of the region by midafternoon. a look at our rain chances for monday, that is coming up in a few minutes. going to be a bhis ci e a b the russia investigation once again takes center stage. >> and the highlight will be the much anticipated testimony by james comey. kelly o'donnell has a look. >> reporter: in the shadow of
9:33 am
demonstrators rally demanding answers and transparency on the russia investigation that have top advisers of president trump under scrutiny. from new york to the west coast, organized as a march for truth. supporters of the president showed up to shout down critics. and in iowa, vice president mike pence was upbeat. >> president donald trump is a man of his word. >> reporter: but words can get in the way. a potential showdown looms between with president trump and the fbi director he fired. james comey is expected to testify about the russia investigation and his meeting with the president before the senate intelligence committee. >> hopefully he will bring clarity to this question about what he and the president might have discussed and what the president trump might have asked him to do. but that's up to him. >> reporter: but president trump could intervene with the power of executive privilege to keep
9:34 am
comey from testifying about their private conversations. the trouble is the president trump has been tweeting and talking himself. sitting down with lester holt. >> did you ask him to drop the investigation? >> no. never. >> reporter: and then taunting comey by tweeting suggesting he might have, quote, tapes of their conversation. legal experts say executive privilege is rarely used and may not apply against the fired fbi director. >> the president has waived executive privilege by opening his mouth about the conversations. >> kelly o'donnell reporting there. and you won't want to miss "meet the press." a lot going on. chuck todd will interview former secretary of state john kerry, and epa administrator scott pruitt. and vladimir putin will go one-on-one with megyn kelly tonight.
9:35 am
and putin continues to deny that russia had anything do with the hacking of the u.s. presidential election. take a listen to some of what he had to say. >> hackers can be anywhere. they can be in russia, in asia, even in america. latin america. they can even be hackers by the way in the united states. who very skillfully and professionally shifted the blame we say on to russia. can you imagine? >> and you can watch the entire interview sunday night right here on nbc 4. former maryland county executive jack johnson going to be released from federal custody and according to the "washington post" he is home on confinement after serving his five years for public corruption. prosecutors say johnson and his wife were overheard on a wiretap phone plotting to flush $100,000 down the toilet as well as
9:36 am
stashing more than $79,000 johnson was county executive from 2002 to 2010. a beloved d.c. swim teacher is being remembered for his kindness and love of the water. they held a vigil to are mourn his life. he had been shot and paralyzed, it was on the mend, but died of a blood clot. his fiance how she wants him to be remembered. >> as honest, sincere. and a genuine soul who his actions spoke for him. >> we're told scott began working for d.c. parks starting in 014 and he was planning to get married next january. police are still investigating but have not made any
9:37 am
heartbroken family that they did nothing wrong when their 2-year-old boy wandered off and drowned in a lake. this happened friday night. police were called immediately, but six minutes later, the boy was found unresponsive in the wear. and despite rescue efforts, they couldn't save him. >> family members are doing everything right, how easily a young person and malik was not quite two years old can wander off and end up in this type of tragedy. >> police emphasizing that there will not be any charges filed in this case. a live look outside on this sunday. off to what was a cool start, but we're already at 70 here in northwest. tom kierein says we'll go another at least 10 above that and well into the 80s. he's tracking a big sunday
9:38 am
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we're learning more about the attack in the philippines. the lone suspect was jesse carlos. police say he was a husband and father of three and was a gambler who owed more than $80,000. this video of the deadly incident appears to show the suspect using gasoline to torch gambling tables. 37 people died from smoke inhalation. police say carlos later killed himself at another hotel. police are trying to send a strong message to the immigrant community, that we want to help you, not deport you.
9:41 am
according to our news partners at wtop, police chief stressing that his department does not want immigration raids with i.c.e. he says it's been a policy since 2007. he told the crowd that they only get involved when there are criminals in the u.s. illegally. he is urging people to still contact the police if they are in danger or need help from police. a live look at union station. we'll get well into the 80s. tom is tracking a big warm-up. and also tracking some showers or the start
9:42 am
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it will be comfortable between now and noon, but getting hot during the afternoon. you want to stay hydrated. temperatures will be in the mid-80s, midafternoon to maybe upper 80s around 4:00, 5:00. and by 6:00 pcback down to the mid-80s. not much humidity around. we'll have quite a bit of sunshine. rain moves in tomorrow. i have the new hour by hour timing in a few minutes. terror in london. we continue our coverage of the terror
9:45 am
nbc neu ews lucy kafanov. >> and she's live with the latest on the investigation. lucy, good morning to you. >> reporter: >> reporter: authorities have been conducting raids in a series of properties in the barkley neighborhood. this is about 30 minutes frarp where i am. we're close to the london bridge where the vehicle ran over pedestrians and also borough market where the three success peblgtss ran with large knives and attacked people. they did not give us more specifics, but this is in connection to the attack last night. we don't know the identity of the attackers themselves or whether programs
9:46 am
importantly they belong to a terrorist network. they are trying to figure out the motivation and who else they were involved with and most importantly whether there were any accomplices. >> and we know that the attackers were taken down within minutes. what are police crediting that to? >> reporter: item minutes to be exact. authorities say that they have been ready, the threat level has been about at a vir, so they have been training for these scenarios. but quite frankly, this comes a week on the heels of the devastating attack at the manchester. and the entire country had been on high alert. we saw armed military officers on the street not just police, and this is
9:47 am
here. so the mood has been quite tense, people not taking any chances. and this is now the third attack in three months. westminster in march, manchester last week, and now this. theresa may saying that they will fight this as hard as they can and that the authorities have thwarted at least five different plots in the past three months. so authorities taking no chances. >> and i was following these reports and i'm curious, as you're conversing with folks on the streets there, do you get .the sense that they are mourning or are they determined and perhaps even angry to move past this? >> reporter: i saw a lot of optimism here which is not what you would expect expect. but a lot
9:48 am
will not be cowards in the face of terror. they say that people should continue to go out to the night life, to go for bars, pubs, restaurants, to enjoy their life to send a message to those who want to do the country arm that these attacks will not change the open and free and democratic society. they don't want to respond that with a to the terror incidents that do seem to be increasing. >> lucy, thank you for your time. >> great reporting. and now tom, high five.
9:49 am
it will be nice and warm. >> and how do you sell perfection, sunday morning june 4, 2017. absolutely gorgeous now. temperatures are right around 70 degrees. not very humid. a little bit of a breeze. the june sunshine pouring down. here is a live view from the tower camera and off in about the distance on the horizon is tysons corner in fairfax county. you can see just a little bit of light haze in the air but some sun coming down with a few high clouds. right now it is climbing in to the 70s. virginia already mid-70s. culpeper at 74. metro area right around 70, low to mid-70s around the bay now. 60s to near 70 sehenandoah valley. we'll be in the mid to upper 80s this afternoon. sunset at 8:30. and a cloudy and mild evening, back down to the upper 70s by 9:00 p.m. storm team 4 radar, no rain in the vicinity, but the nearest rain is way off to the south on and west. tennessee valley, mid mi
9:50 am
track to get closer to us, but that won't be until tomorrow morning. it will begin to move in to virginia these areas that you see in the color coming into the southern shenandoah valley around 7:00 a.m. and then it gets closer to us about 9:00 in the morning near fredericksburg, warrington. but then the area in the green right rain about 11:00 in the morning northern virginia, nearby suburbs in maryland and the district getting wet with light rain by then. and then during the rest of the afternoon, much of the rain stays to our south. the area in the yellow and orange could be moderate downpours just south and east of fredericksburg. that may move into southern matter, st. mary's county, sournl charles. but north and west, we begin to dry out and the rest of the afternoon is looking mostly dry. might get a few passing thundershowers in the monuntain. after that, we pretty much see it bringing up into the evening hours. so for the commute on monday, we'll be near 70 in
9:51 am
and dry. then noontime and midday, those showers coming through, being we'll be in the mid-70s. upper 70s around 3:00, 4:00. by 5:00, back down to the mid-70s. just a smaller chance of a shower. of after that, the sun returns and a bit cooler. but next weekend, it get hot again and this time around, it will be more humid, as well. a week from today may be near 90 and staying that way for a few days. i'm in hr and payroll, so i'm like why do i need krmpt pr. but i did it and i remembered what to do. >> call her a lunch break lifesaver. we'll introduce you to this unlikely hero who made a
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this story is really incredible. a lunch break that this woman will never for get. an alexandria city employee put training to use that she never thought she would use. >> a bizarre situation unfolded on richmond highway and proved the right person about at the right time can make all the difference. >> hi, wendy. great work.
9:55 am
>> reporter: wendy irving didn't like all the attention, yet co-workers filling her office with balloons, flowers and a sign calling her a hero. >> i thought it was important to their that there are still generally good people out here. >> reporter: wednesday during her lunch break at this route 1 shopping center, she noticed a car speeding through. this is where wendy was eating her are lunch just standing out here when she noticed the car drop off the woman unconscious right over toward the planet fitness. she rushed into help. >> there was no pulse, so i immediately started doing the chest compressions. and she wasn't moving. it wasn't looking good. and so i just kept doing it and then she choked. and i was like oh, my god, oh, my god. >> reporter: first responders told her that she saved the woman's life. wendy told us that she almost didn't take the cpr training a year and a half ago. >> when i took cpr, i said i don't know why i'm taking this because i'm never going to use it.
9:56 am
if i see somebody, i'll walk right past them. >> wow. >> i know. and yesterday i just reacted. >> reporter: luwann also works at the department and is on the safety council committee and convinced wendy do the training. >> i told you you would use it some day and she said everything just came back into play and she was so glad that she took the course. >> reporter: the department's director most impressed that wendy put aside her own physical challenges to help others. >> she jumped right in, saved someone's life. >> reporter: wendy irving, a lunch break lifesaver. back at work a few hours later. and you pointed out why does she have the cane. she was in a serious car crash not too long ago and she didn't think when going the chest c compressions that she could even get back
9:57 am
and as we look are outside live, a great day if you're heading out to get the car washed, something outside. >> a run. >> tom is looking ahead to when showers mits s might impact yo this week. >> reporter: and yet another attack in britain and another memorial at the british embassy. local reaction coming up on news 4.
9:58 am
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[ sirens ] terror in london. >> stabbing everyone. >> chaos from two attacks. >> people running, screaming. >> dozens hurt, but a city determined to fight back. >> we will never let them win. we won't cower. and we want to start you off with a live look at london right now where we have learned 12 new arrests this morning. the city is responding and determined to figure out who is behind the latest deadly terror attack. >> it started when a van barreled into pedestrians on london bridge, three attackers then went on a stabbing rampage. we know 7 people are dead, nearly 50 others are injured. >> development ons have


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