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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 10, 2017 8:00am-8:58am EDT

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>> right now on news 4 today, tens of thousands of people getting ready to pack the street. security is now in place. >> he serves time for a massive corruption scandal. the executive is about to get a full taste of freedom. >> the flag there. storm team is tracking rising temperatures and the best time to get outside and enjoy it. >> we welcome you in at 8:00, i am david culver. and alongside molette green. >> this hour is going to be the best because you are with us. >> yes! >> and you are here with us. >> absolutely. >> we are heating up, we are ready for the outdoors. >> i am here, guys, i am here, o.
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night, temperature in the 50s and 60s. mild and we are headed to 70 degrees mark before 9:00 a.m. winds are calm. we got some sunshine out there. make sure you have that sunscreen but a great pool day out there. temperatures is moving up in the 90s by sunday. that's tomorrow. we have the humidity that'll bring us back in, we'll be talking just about how warm it will feel, that's coming up. we'll heat it up for the parade that's coming hater today. >> it is coming in from the capital. we'll draw many here from
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and far. >> derrick is live and he's lookingt some of that parade security. hey there, derrick? >> reporter: you start to see some of them like this rainfall pie rainbow painted cross walk here. this is just for today of this parade, it does symbolize what this is all about. >> the one and a half mile starts on p street, it goes skierly eastward and skim and do parts and circles. >> tens of thousands are expected to show up either to participate or to
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>> i know thugs. i may be feeling uncomfortable of what we have been seeing across the nation. our police department will be out there. our role at the parade to make sure we have a safety environment. >> road closures won't begin nil 1:00. the equality march is happening around 10:00 a.m. after that at noon, the pride festival and concert and monday is miley cyrus. >> lets take you to virginia now where you have not done a 5:00 tonight to fill out absentee. ed is
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too close to call. for more information on all these races go to the nbc washington app and search virginia primary. meanwhile, this thohas to d with this flyer. some now criticizes this move, he files a lawsuit accusing the campaign of spreading false rumors about it. he served time for corruption charges. the former executive will be release from house arrest. johnson have served several years. at the end of last year, he was transferred half way house into
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reacant his prison sentence earlier this spring. >> johnson claims new evidence that was misconduct. >> president trump is pushing back and responding to his former fbi director's testimony. >> trump calling some of comey's testimony is not true and some of it is vindication. >> no collusion. no obstruction. he's a leaker and frankly, james comey confirmed a lot of what i said. some of the things that he said just were not true. >> the house intelligence committee is seeking for any possible tapes from the white house and comey had been asked
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after this terrible crash. this is in kensington. chopper 4 flying above the scene. it happened along connecticut avenue and franklin street. the crash was so strong that it sent the car spinning and one of the cars went right into the power pole. this morning, two officers' conditions are improving boo i the hour after being hit by a truck. that horrible incident happened on thursday. >> the dc department of transportation traffic aid was also hit. conditions are improving. >> more money remains in custody. policend
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all this comes after police arrested another man. photos of evidence collected by police earlier this week. eight people died and 50 people were hurt. police are still trying to track
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attack. virginia's attorney sentencing new hearing, malvo is a convicted sniper. he was 17 when he was arrest inside the 2002 shooting that killed ten people. >> malvo had to be resentenced because of recent supreme court ruling of mandatory life sentences juveniles, constitutional. the national parks that were going to drain the lincoln memorial reflecting tomorrow after dozens of ducks found dead. we are talking about 80. there were a para site. doctors say it is
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the park service 19th. >> outside for a live look. >> are you okay? >> yes, it was so good out there. >> yes, the weekend warm up in northwest dc with just a few hours away. >> the
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welcome back to news 4 today. >> as dc celebrates our dc pride this weekend. >> joining us today of our historic member of our human rights. capital pride. thank you so much for being here today. >> so happy to be here. >> we have with us pete williams. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. i mentioned you are the grand mark of this year's
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you and see you. >> what happen he says, we are are going to magically stand up and roll her. and it legals wonderful but it is unrelated to what's going on. >> it does not matter. i loved this sanction of they would me a rock star, for an old lady, last nice >> they want pictures and internet lalready. the thes thing is when it is family and little kids coming over in the afternoon. my daddy really love you. >> we have your pictures in the house today >> then we takes off and it is wonderful. >> just wonderful. >> there are people in the gay community thank the community p community at large who looks at you and calli
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when you hear that feel? >> it is thrilling and it is been thrilling straight through actually before the decision even. some where after the appeals court, it started and all over the bay area. okay. >> i love it. many people tell me their stories. when they do, sometimes cry and i give myself 30 seconds befor i am crying. we did a whole thing at one point, they were naming something after me and they at the present time it from .
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attention that you are getting. 2013, supreme court ruled that the defense of same-sex marriage. what's the constitutional and break it down for us. >> sure. >> you can tell it better than i do. >> eddy is married and after her spouse died, he got a big tax revenue. >> so she sued and several things happened. if i recall, the obama justice department forced the federal government to look at whether gay people is constitutional. winds windsor, that's the name of the federal case. >> the house of representatives ended
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to represent them and keep the supreme court ruled, the federal government could not recognize same-sex marriages, that was unconstitutional. >> first of all, we -- the other reason it is important is it became a building block two years later striking down state laws and getting same-sex marriage as well. the case is important for many reasons. no doubt, you earned i. >> as you look at this case and you talk about the fact that it is a steppingstone. will you put in in larger context of other movements. where does this fit in terms of the impact on the largest society? >> it is right up there. it is two or threees
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whether same-sex conduct would beim that down. that was a big case. windsor is really the next large case that led to the supreme court's decision in 2015, basically striking down laws against same-sex marriage. it is in the patheon of gay rights criminal cases. >> what happens is they staged themselves and you were wonder if there are two. >> but, maybe why case was proteszing and so as the number, there were 35 states which had allowed for marriage
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country as gay marriage. everyone same-sex marriage. it is only a marriage and calling it same-sex marriagecon. >> my feeling is that they have to go to a differentically. >> i know from hi reading that you had a kofl marijuana of you and wife were together. >> what do you think today about the fact that you're seeing as the face -- >> she would be thrilled. at the time of the decision, i
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of you. >> i start to think about she does not know what happened. so what is it? >> i am sure you receive a lot of support over the years. anything or anyone surprised you? >> barack obama. >> stands out for me. i was standing in a line fond tu fund racers. the line were to have people taken pictures with him. >> what are you going to tell the president and i didn't nose i could say anything. get up there
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. wh pe picture. when i got up there and i say to him, mr. president, i voted for you and i campaigned for you four years ago. i was unpopular in defend of this. i did it because i did it through the seven films when asked what president and i reject. he said yeah, what can i street? >> i failed. >> mr. president, that's a mistake because that's a second time. we game friends ever science. >> he had shown up that i am doing to congratulately, he makes a point of getting an important award. he will send that letter to the people say.
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he was the big thing. okay, i got invited into the oval office and -- >> there is a tendency to think that history is inevitable. >> the defense marriage act is passed over wellingly by congress and signed into law by bill clinton. so to stand up and challenge it, now it seems like it was inevitable. it was a brave thing to do. >> we are out of time. i appreciate that. thank you very much for coming in and being here in dc. >> i love being here. [000:23:48;00]
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your life could depend on it. ca11teny underground lines at least two days before you dig. novec wants everyone to be safe around electricity. from safety demonstrations, to safety tips on our website,
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at novec, it's "safety first." z2e2gz z1a2z y2e2gy y1a2y welcome back, close to 8:30 this morning. people are making plans for today. the capital pride parade that is. there are now seven balloon, irene johnson, we love her. she shows dedicated message sharing us with a message and
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ultimately brighten your down. >> what's the exact? >> all in. with the help of the city and mayor bouzer, we are doing temporary installations. each of the cost walks are painted with temporary chalk spray paint. >> how are you doing, kelly? >> this is great. >> we had a coordinating for all of this and now we are finish. >> thank you for coming out today. >> and, to help me. [ applause ] and if you are headed outside
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today, a live look, it will be a nice day for a bike ride in your there's work to be done.
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it's not going to be easy can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on us. today is the day.
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strayer university. let's get it, america. news 4 today starts now, welcome back, i am david culver. >> i am molette green. it is morning and it is going to be great. so much outdoors and hitting the pool and doing outdoor activities. >> we love the cool weather, too.
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>> dc summer, making return day. temperatures are going to be hot there. it is beautiful out there and it is cool. temperatures right now in the 60s. outside the belt way, we got lower to mid-60s. just a nice, you know temperatures are nearing 70 degrees, how we are going to heat up. >> it is going to be a comfortable and of course, it is going to be warm with temperature in the upper 80s. some cool weather, head out to the mountains, temperatures are in the upper 80s today and upper 80s tomorrow. great weekend to go hiking. if you got a lot of activities going on around here, we got the full forecast. >> lauryn, thank you. family and friends gathering today to remember a young man
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gunned church. >> services will follow ed. >> he was the 17-year-old, they both found parked to death at a parked car. so far police don't know who's behind it and they have not made any arrest. it is been four days and family member of a local band teacher are searching for murders. >> those of you who knows semimono -- body is covered and individuals honoring her son, the 20-year-old of a talented
8:33 am
musician and mentor deny >> he was the sweetest guy. >> he was shot and killed tuesday night in the 52 hunt block of leverette street. >> he was visiting the friend in the neighborhood before the shooting. >> police say they look at the mote of suspect in this case. friends ant answers. >> anybody have any information, you got to turn it over to the police. >> tiffany burns was a college friend. >> he returned to oxon high school and volunteered with the band. now, the committee he loved and his girlfriend are left hard broken. >> i missed him and i loved him. >> news 4. 50 years behind bars.
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that's h driving. he skipped down the skeentencin town. >> kelly killing a pastor and and two kids. >> the children's mom survived. >> this morning i thought it would help if i come to court and get them, we can all leave together. >> it ain't going to happen. >> kelly was driving on a suspended license at the time of the crash. his blood alcohol level is twice the legal limits. he was a bomb shell case and it rocked.
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>> the administrative dema'am in our sister's station sharing her story. >> it was vand kaindicating. >> but, it was a difficult process to get there. >> that difficult process for her own started last october. >> two years after the former university of virginia associate dean was portrayed as in different to allegations of browns and a 2014. car carat. >> a story that was later retracted by the magazine and debunked >> she would file two defamat n defamation. her days in court finally comes. i had a pump up song everyday just to get ready.
8:36 am
♪ she saw 7.5 million of damages. >> we were 10 feet from. i did not anticipate how difficult that would be. >> you know what i mean? >> if i had a chance to do something >> she spoke to my students about feeling like i had been acting inappropriately. that was difficult to hear >> as the magazine says lack of
8:37 am
responsibility after a jury pull in a robbery favor you are hopingtake responsibili action. i never felt like that happening? >> we are all -- i knew i was telling the truth. >> that truth is what eramo is holding onto. >> finally writing an album, one where she's in charge with. it felt like in the end, of our journey. >> eramo is starting the fund to raise $40,000. >> she hopes that's enough. the lion was spotted yesterday afternoon. the young elementary school had to be skiered and just before school is let out.
8:38 am
>> the teachers eck wde students from school from their site. >> it is a busiest holloway here. you may not be able to keep up. we'll tell you the big change that could impact your fire complains. >> the unsuspected surprise that happened at nascar.
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it has a wife and five kids with a story it's custom made so you know it's good quality.
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i'm just speechless because it's perfect. [ screams ] >> oh, clear, clear, such a scary scene played out in illino illinois. two balloons collided on thursday and setting up a dangerous chains of events.
8:41 am
the two passengers are still inside. behindgl only one injury of the pilot. this summer, a lot of activities are happening. you may have to get around without metro. >> we are talking about the busiest holiday around here, 4th of july. metro is going to stick to its newest hours released on thanksgiving day. >> fire works will begin around 9:00 and will end at 9:30. expects stations to close at 11:30 at night. 8:41 on this saturday. we are looking live outside, lauryn is tracking the heat and some humidity that's going to be
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. well, the nats takes on the rangers. temperatures mid to upper 80s. that rain is over and done with. we have another rain tomorrow, things are heating up tomorrow and early next week. we have the humidity factors of
8:45 am
how it is going to feel. i minutes. lauryn, thank you very much. >> if you are headed down to the annual capital pride parade this morning. a lot of people will be. expect to see a lot of folks enroute. >> dc police are going to be out full force to keep the tens of thousands of you safe. >> he's got to look at if ground influence security. hey dirk. >> reporter: good morning again, we heard people coming all the way from austria. >> the theme is unpoll genetic proud. >> it starts on peace street and it is going to move eastward. it takes 14th street where it is end. tens of thousands of people
8:46 am
target be plans and extra patrols and more of police pretrial conference throughout. >> with everything that's going on with in the country with the president and it is just -- it is an important time for us to and together and be strong. >>. >> now some of the parking are already in place. they were all kicked in about 1:00 this afternoon. we are life in northwest. news 4. back to you. derrick, thank you very much. there will be a game five in the nba playoffs, the saints and warriors. you heard about this, david? >> yes. >> i did not. i had to come work. >> i cannot police chief.
8:47 am
lebron james set a record of the game with his ninth career triple double in an nba finals game. >> lets go to some basketball to baseball. you got to see this amazing moment that happened at the nationals game. >> one surprise that the family will never forget. the shedder family thought they were being recognized as a military family during the game. then, all of a sudden, the lieutenant commander talks out from behind the rays seeing the president to surprise his wife and the five kids. the father finished fohis fourt deployment. thank you for your service. they'll be celebrating all weekend. a high school virginia waking up with diplomas to save looi
8:48 am
lives. there were parents. they spent amy both of their time in training. within those moments is when they found their problems. >> thank you. >> they did a story where you had to lay up on a bunch of the gears they wear. >> it is dpoigoing to be a hot . >> and the days to come. >> i don't know how they do it. bless their hearts. and with water. >> that's what i keep on saying. i know what's going on out there. >> come on, i am with you. make sure you stay hydrated with water. it is going to be a little on the warm side. we are not going to have the humidity today but that'll move back tomorrow. we are warming things up.
8:49 am
today's comfortable. out there. next chance of rain is not until wednesday of next week. temperatures out there right now are up to 69. you can see leesburg is at 72. you know it is going to be a warm day. we are going to take those temperatures into the upper 80s today. put in perspective, we. >> reporter: in the low 80s yesterday and upper 80s today. we are trying to see some showers and a few sprinkles out there. mainly you will stay dry. we'll be out there in the parade marching. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. we'll be walking the whole route. today's forecasting at upper 80s and 89 degrees. it is still comfortable out there.
8:50 am
tomorrow, plenty ofe ityut that's about it. monday and tuesday could break some records on these days. heat index of well over 103. now a wash out, we could have some afternoon storms. >> thanks lauren.
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your problems nendorses dr. wralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop
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the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way. nobody does underwater stunts, sylvia. except me, of course. this is my stop. adios! ♪ if you're a stuntman, you cheat death. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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número uno! withi am melissa mollet wit look of your traffic. saturday, kicking off at 4:30 in the amp of the parade. now, as far as that parade, it starts there at 22nd and ends at 14. now on sunday, the equality march starts at 10:00 a.m. it starts at 17 near the capital from noon. it will be a lot of fun. lets take a look at something happening in montgomery county.
8:54 am
it is s rht near the metro center southbound lanes and the sidewalk there is shut down. this is saturday and sunday 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. for more, head on our wrc washington app. have a great weekend. >> it is the weekend sometimes carrying the weight of the stress of the week can be a burden. are you talking about me? >> if i was, this maybe possible. let it soar. all you have to do is just that. >> if you are walking through the streets of delray. a site that's been home to several interactive projects is now home to soar. >> it is an interactive project that encourages people to think
8:55 am
of something that they want to maybe the weight has been holding them back for being all that they can be. when they are ready to let things go, thousands of rocks have been marked. >> i thought a pile of rocks will be sad but when you allow people to write on the rocks, it starts to get interesting. you start to see the soft under belly of humanity and you start to see that we are all vulnerable and we have stuff that we feed to let go of. you start to see that we are not alone. i want something hopeful and uplifting. because when when he let go of stuff that's holding us down, we can really soar. >> beautiful stuff out there. >> go to our nbc washington app and search delray. 8:55. here are the four things to know.
8:56 am
you will see e 4:30 p.m. turn to our app to get a full list. >> a former county executive is out of federal custody. jack johnson will be released from home after a shortly time of corruption charges. the 18 with the 17-year-old when they were gunned down. no arrests in that case. >> days away from the virginia's primary for governor. if you cannot make it to the polls on tuesday, head to your local voters registration office today by 5:00 p.m. to fill out an in person absentee ballot. it is going to be warm out there and temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. yesterday, we were in the low
8:57 am
80s c >> temperatures will be in the mid-90s. we stay in the mid-90s on monday and tuesday could break some record. it is going to feel more like a 100 degrees. get ready for it. some rain is not until wednesday. we could have a few chances of thursday and friday next week. that's our next chance of rain. >> remind folks before. >> thanks going to do it for us. >> special coverage of the
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french open is coming up nbc sports. home of the olympic games. the fed ex cup playoffs. the nhl. the nascar playoffs and super bowl lii. only on nbc. each june, the tennis world turns its eyes to paris. where some of the greatest of all time have raised this trophy. >> steffi graf. six times. >> 20 and counting. >> but today, a new woman will be called french open champion. on one side, romania's simona halep. three years ago on this court,


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