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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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first, though, we want to get you an update on the weather with our meteorologists chuck bell and sheena parveen are here this morning. >> good morning. we've been looking at the radar imagery from overnight. it does show on the velocity scale, it may very have been a weak tornado that did the damage in stevensville. >> what we were just looking at which is not what's current on the radar, when we see wind direction, which could let us know where rotation is. here's a look at the radar currently. we have a few showers around right now. what we're seeing going on across 95 south near woodridge, quantico, to fredericksburg and charles county, this is mostly just light rain. we do have showers in the forecast later on today, but all the heavy rain and thunderstorms, those moved well to the north and east. we don't have to worry about that as we start off your monday. for your commute, the roads are still wet from the rain last night. keep in mind, we are seeing ponding on the roads. it's still warm out there by lunchtime.
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about right around 90. with a chance for a couple thunderstorms across the area. we have relief coming later on this week. chuck and i will talk more about that. let check in with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> sheena, thank you. good morning. we're going to start off on the rails. unfortunately, an issue on the red line. train service has been temporarily suspended. unfortunately, we've got the red line now, again, temporarily suspended basically between friendship heights and grosvenor. authorities should be on scene around 355. we may find a lot of firing equipment along the right side of the roadway. a live look on 270 going southbound. moving south of frederick. here's our shot at 118. a little north of this. we were stacked up to get into clarksburg. by the time you get in the lane divide, you're in good shape. we'll keep an ear
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50s good. keep in mind. three lanes westbound, two lanes eastbound. power outages and enormous amounts of debris. back in to you. >> jack, thank you. we're following breaking news at 6:00 a.m. reports that a tornado may have touched down in stevensville, maryland. that's across the bay bridge. >> more than 8 thousand dolla,0 without power. justin finch has more on the storm damage. >> reporter: eun, good morning. airport here off route 8. as you can see behind me, perhaps a lot of debris in that tree. those are lots of plastic bags caught in the branches there. some of the trees wind tossed as well. take a look on the ground here, this is an absolute mess. this was a fruit and veggie stand, farmer john's that stood here off route 8. it absolutely took a punch by the force of this storm. watermelons scattered
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into the woods. as you can see the structure that once stood here is completely gone. this ice machine has been knocked over and they're looking back into the woods. this shelter tossed back there as well. this was a very strong storm that blew through overnight. emergency officials telling us they believe the storm lasted about 20 minutes or so. somewhere between 12:30 and 1:00 starting a tornado alert did go out to residents. they were advised to shelter in place. we've had a briefing a short time ago from the queen anne's county department of emergency services. and here is their warning to residents this morning. take a listen. >> the main reason we want everybody to shelter in place, one, we're still doing rescue operations in the area. we're still going house to house making sure everybody is okay. the major problem is there's power lines down throughout the community. as the power company is working on the
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anybody to get connected with a charged line. >> reporter: as you're hearing for residents, not quite safe to come out and explore. an overhead view, i can tell you from being on the ground, there are lots of large downed trees and roadways. we saw a few homes are absolutely tree covered. we understand some business owners are waking up to find their store shops are absolutely destroyed by parts of the storms. windows blown out, too. lots of power loss in the area too. as daylight comes, they're starting to see how bad the storm was overnight. back in to you. >> justin finch, thank you. as always, the forecast any time through the nbc washington app, it will alert you when severe weather was headed your way. 6:04. breaking news in glendale. a house was seriously damaged in a fire. take a look at the flames here.
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information. here is what we do know. here's what happened on north landsdale street. the flames inside the building and a whole lot of smoke. we saw one person treated at the scene. no word how seriously that person or anyone else was hurt. when we find out more we'll have it here on "news4 today." we're working to -- prince george's county police say a woman veered off martin luther king, jr. highway and hit a guardrail. this happened sunday morning. investigators tell us a juvenile was hurt in the wreck. that person is expected to be okay. angie goff at the live desk with breaking news out of afghanistan. angie? >> you're listening and looking at video of that breaking news out of afghanistan, eun. scenes from the dramatic aftermath in kabul right now. nearly 40 people are dead and dozens a
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the hospital after a suicide bombing. the taliban claimed responsibility. it blew up a bus in kabul. according to officials, the death toll is expected to rise. eun? >> angie, thank you. developing out of texas this morning, a terrible discovery in san antonio. we'll send a truck driver to federal core. nine people dead, 30 others hurt after being found in an overheated tractor-trailer. the truck was found in a walmart parking lot on saturday. federal agents say this is a case of human smuggling. some escaped into the woods or hitched rides when police a riechltd many were riegd in shom dangerous conditions. >> they were very hot to the touch. these people were in the trailer without water. a lot of heat stroke and a lot of dehydration. >> investigators have not revealed the nationalities of the victims. more
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case. more details at 6:45. seven minutes after the hour right now. today, president trump will issue a statement on health care. >> the white house says the president will meet with people they describe as victims of obamacare. the president tweeted about this issue sunday saying if republicans don't repeal and replace the disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand. be sure to keep an eye on the nbc washington app. we'll alert you when the president makes that statement. he was an excellent journalist, a spectacular storyteller. wonderful person and true washingtonian. jim vance had a lasting impact on us here at news 4 and so many of your lives too. take a look at some of these posts, these are just some of your memories after learning of jim vance's passing over the weekend. some people sayh
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everyone o who said he was a legend and one of a kind. >> he really was an original. there will be no one else like him. here is a live look at magic 102.3 where people are calling in on the radio sharing their memories of vance. molette green is there and will share more from the special tribute ahead at 6:50. vance's legacy is something that we are proud to carry into the future. >> doreen gentzler shares a look back at his very full and accomplished career. >> we did this story in our 6:00 broadcast. you never know what's going to be amusing or terrifying. >> here's the jim vance you knew for 48 years. that smooth voice and calm presence that made us feel we would be okay. over the years, vance was who he was. you probably know a lot about him already. he wasn't shy about ri
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you know he rode motorcycles and cars and fishing and sports and mixing it up with whomever was reporting on sports. vance always had a way with kids. before becoming a journalist, he was a teacher in his hometown of philadelphia. he started reporting here in 1969, but from the start the bosses knew they had an anchor in the making. he made a name for himself covering stories all over the world. vietnam. el salvador. south africa. but he didn't have to go far for some of his best work reporting on the people right here in his adopted hometown of washington. think about every event, every big story that's happened here over the last 48 years. vance covered it all. the race riots on u street and in columbia heights. the plane that crashed into the 14th street bridge. watergate. the attempted assassination of president reagan. 9/11. he covered inaugurio
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presidents and all 7 of washington's mayors. in 1977 vance was the guy the hanafi muslims asked to speak to the night they seized three buildings in town. he was the first journalist marion berry called after he was arrested in 1990. vance interviewed every president, some at the white house, others on a fishing boat and gave his view with a dose of reality that could be refreshing, even if you didn't agree with him. vance had some dark times here, too. and some struggles of his own that are well-known. but he came out of those a better person and always used the lessons he had to learn the hard way to try to make life better for students trying to navigate their own paths. >> and we have more tributes to vance right now in our nbc washington app and on our
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at his life and career and you can share your memories with us. thanks for sending in your thoughts and prayers. 11 minutes after the hour right now. dangerous storms. and flash flooding. we're not the only ones dealing with the aftermath of severe weather. look at where the roads turned into rivers. we continue to follow the breaking news out of the eastern shore. the kent kent island community hit byby a possible tornado. more live coverage straight ahead. we're currently dealing with some rain. mostly light south of the district. cocking up, we'll take a look at our chances later this week. that's straight ahead. we continue to pay tribute to the life of a legend, jim vance. >> even though us here on the morning show, we were on opposite schedules, we still had a strong connection. he touched every part of our lives here on "news4 today."
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following breaking news right now. there are reports of a tornado touching down in stevensville, maryland. take a live look from chopper 4. this is just across the bay bridge. there are damage to houses and some places were even destroyed. thousands of people are without power this morning. officials say residents should stay in place since there are live power lines down on some of these roads. >> we're going to check back in on that story for you. first, we want to bring you up to speed on what expect from the weather going into this next week. chuck bell is in the weather center. >> for today, really just a couple of showers in this morning. maybe one or two
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not much of a severe weather threat. >> cooler weather moves in tomorrow. lower humidity wednesday. even thursday is looking nice and dry. sheena has the five-day forecast coming up in a second. chuck, good morning. 270 southbound, we're going to give you a live look. nothing in your way. as we've been saying this, where the rubber meets the road, start to go dry out. on 270, the lanes are open. get a look at 66 headed eastbound. a little crowded in manassas. a crash at the res area. brad is over there down the eastern shore. we're dealing with many, many roadways. minor roadways that are going to be closed. the main lane of 50 from cat narrows is fine. side roads, debris across the roadwa roadways, be aware. metro, the red line, service has been suspended between grosvenor and friendship heights due to a
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center. shuttles have been established at this point. aaron, eun, back to you. jack, thank you. angie goff. just into the live desk. we got a statement from jared kushner. this is before he plans to talk and speak before congress in a few hours. minutes ago he released an 11-page statement. we are going to go through some of the highlights. some of the significant parts. he writes, i do not collude or know of anyone else who colluded with a foreign government. i have not relied on russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector. another quote, i did not read trump junior's that mentioned russian government effort to help the trump campaign. this statement being released right before kushner is expected to before the senate intelligence committee. that's going to happenbe
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questioned about his participation in a meeting with the kremlin linked lawyer. all of this surrounding the controversy involving russian meddling with the u.s. election in 2016. more as we get it. eun, back to you. it's 6:16. the minneapolis police department is looking for a new chief. >> the current chief resiebd amid the police shooting. there are also calls for the mayor to go. >> i hear and understand your objections. >> mayor betsy hodges says she will not step down. justine damond was shot and killed by a police officer last weekend. the officer who shot damond from the passenger seat after -- >> the mayor asked the police chief to step down. the community says that's not enough. >> we're not going to be tricked by this effort. the former chief wasn't doing r
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beyond the chief. the problem is institutional. >> the officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave. we are learning more about a fire in the district that september a firefighter to the hospital this weekend. investigators now say it was an accidental cooking fire. flames broke out object fifth street northwest not far from the convention center. that firefighter is expected to be okay. 6:19 now. jim vance may be gone but his image shines brightly today one of d.c.'s most famous landmarks. when people learned of his passing, they went to ben's chili bowl. >> his face was added to the mural on the side of the building. people wanted to share their thoughts on him. >> i liked the way
6:20 am
swag is something i pick up. i pick up from my elders. that part of him i really admired. >> swag was a word that a lot of people would describe him. he had it in spades. the coolest guy in the room and as real as it could be. though he wasn't feel his best, he made it a point, priority to be there for the unveiling to talk about what a great honor it was for him. it was a proud moment for him and all of us who knew him. something he'll never forget. >> you think about the way people talk about him being larger than life. the fact that he knew to show up for something like this and needed to say thank you for people. to show what a humble guy he was when you really got down to it. >> he was really nice. when i first got here in 2004, i was working on the evening shift as a weather producer for bob. every now and i would run into jim in the hallway. nothing special. the spring of 2005, the first time i drove my
6:21 am
jim and vance saw it in the parking lot. we were long time best friends because vance was a multiple corvette owner and he got a brand new one and was nice enough to take me for a ride in it. once he knew we had an old corvette, that's all we talked about was my old car and he had a new one. but he was vance. what a class act. he always made me feel special. >> that was his gift. he made us all feel special. >> 21 after the hour. we do want to get to the forecast. we dealt with that horrible, horrible heat last week. things are going to get better. >> things are going to get better. the heat helped to trigger a lot of the storms. but as we go into this week, going to see quite a bit of relief. we have wet roads this morning from all the rain that we had last night. as we go into tomorrow, we're going to see things changing. as you head out, be careful on the roads. we have ponding of water. another
6:22 am
afternoon storms. then we have the 80-degree temperatures that return this week. it is going to be a nice relief in the forecast. temperaturewise in the mid to upper 70s. right now 78 degrees in washington. we're talking about the cloud cover but also rain mostly south of the district. in southern parts of prince george's county, but mainly near quantico, charles county, a little farther to the south, mostly light rain now. this will be moving through quickly, parts of new england, as we go through the afternoon, mainly dry conditions, but a chance for a couple afternoon showers or storms, good day to do so. 90 degrees by 3:00 p.m., chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm. still warm, close to 90 degrees. this is future weather. we go through most of the day, will it be dry. later on 3:00, 4:00. couple showers or thunderstorms flaring up into this evening. not the entire area. so the rain chance is going to be
6:23 am
tomorrow, 86 degrees. much nicer wednesday, thursday. dry until friday. that's the next round of thunderstorms. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast. check the roads to start your monday morning. good morning, jack taylor. >> sheena, good morning. we're going to start things off with metro rail this morning. unfortunately, a track problem on the red line. the red line service has been temporarily suspended between friendship heights and grosvenor due to this track problem outside medical center. shuttle service has been established. it's closed between bingham drive and -- authorities are headed there. it's literally blocking the entire road. back to you. >> jack, thank you. he is one of the fastest men in the pool. but can michael phelps take on a shark? the story you're probably going to hear about in your facebook feed. we are tracking breaking news this morning. a possible tornado touchdown in marylan a ld.i
6:24 am
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probably saw this on your social media. michael phelps was actually beaten by a great white shark. beaten, not eaten on shark week on discovery. phelps swam 100 meters in 38 seconds. the great white fin initialed 36 seconds. don't worry, the baltimore native didn't jump in the water with the shark. >> he is one of the
6:27 am
animals on earth. >> he is human. they were separated and that's what was decided. >> it's a fish. they're supposed to be faster. of:27 now. some storm damage, debris littered across yards. we're on the scene of a possible tornado touchdown in maryland. >> reporter: in just a few minutes we'll hear from popular
6:28 am
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right now, we are following that breaking news from maryland's eastern shore. take a look at what could be evidence of a tornado touchdown. >> horrible damage here for anybody who has ever taken that road trip to the beach. this is right acrosshe
6:31 am
bridge. the damage there extensive in so many places. there are thousands of people without power right now. good morning and thank you for joining us on this busy morning. >> in just the last hour we learned that several homes collapsed in that community. one home was blown off of its foundation in the kent island, stevensville, maryland, area. that's where we find news 4's justin finch live at this hour. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. waiting now for an update from county officials. they just wrapped up a daylight assessment. they have seen a lot of this heavy damage. we're talking about large trees fall in that area, power lines down as well. let's show you some of the damage we've seen this morning. a fruit standoff route 8 absolutely decimated by the force of this storm. concern is determining what this storm was. was it a tornado or just a really bad storm? at any moment we're about to begin a press conference here. officials have gathered behind me. i'll
6:32 am
>> good morning again. an update. right now our primary focus is on bay city. bay city is where the most significant damage is. fire department, law enforcement and ems are currently checking the area to start doing a search and check on residents in that area. do have an update as far as injuries. we did have one injury transported into the queen anne's e.r., it was nonlife-threatening. it was some type of puncture wound but it's been the only transport our crews have done. we want to emphasize, which is important that people shelter in place and do not leave their homes until the power situation is taken care of. you must treat if anybody leaves their homes, must treat any downed line as if it was hot. we've been told by the power condition that two of the main transmission lines were taken out during the storm. it's going to be a significant amount of time until they can get it back up. there are full sources out hre
6:33 am
and they have mutual aid responding to a system. we currently are estimating about 8,000 residents that do not have power. it's basically route 8, 50, corridor to kent island. we also want to inform the public, especially in the bay city area, people who have generators to make sure that their generator is running on the outside. some fire department officials found generators running on the incompetent side of people's homes. that's dangerous. make sure they're on the outside. make sure if you're running generators, they can back feed the power lines. it will make the power lines hot even though the power is off. be very careful of power lines that are down. citizens that live on the south part of kent island, if they don't need to travel north of kent island today or travel on route 8, we ask thim to stay home. anybody who doesn't have to go to work a
6:34 am
stay home. we're trying to keep traffic at a minimum. keep it open for public safety responders. >> i think that's it. i open it up for questions. if we missed any questions. >> based on what you've seen in daylight, do you have a better sense of grouping and how extensive it is? >> right now, we do not have that. as i was walking down here, they were getting ready to do the grid searches. one question somebody asked us when we were down here here, when can you get in here and film. as we deem it safe on the power line situation, we'll let you guys in there to take a look around and actually film. right now, it's not safe to go back there. >> when is the national weather service coming to do their -- >> that, i'm not sure. we've been in direct contact with the weather service. but i do not know when they're going to respond on site. a
6:35 am
>> when is the -- >> we're going to come back in about an hour. give you another update. then we'll play it by ear from there. >> so i'm hoping to have more detail in an hour. >> you're listening to scott haas the director of emergency services there in queen anne county. the worst hit area, whatever came through, likely a tornado, was bay city, maryland. even saw injuries in that area. >> they are asking people to shelter in place right now until the power situation is under control because there are live downed wires in some spots. they're also telling people to stay at home because of the traffic situation. they want first responders o have easy access to the roads in case of emergencies. >> you saw justin finch on the scene there. he'll gather more information for us. we'll check back in with him in a bit. right now, we want to turn to the weather that we're looking at today. >> sheena and chuck are standing by with more on our forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we have been looking at
6:36 am
we're looking at rotation. we could see rotation, chuck. >> this is from the doppler radar here. this is not rainfall. this is wind direction. red is moving away and green is coming towards it. the radar is out at dulles armt. by the time our on to the eastern shore, any time red and green touch, that's oftentimes indications of a circulation or rotating storm. in all likelihood, this is going to come down as an official tornado. nonetheless, we are also dealing with a little bit of light rain still from washington southbound into southern maryland. southern prince george's county to charles, st. mary's and calvert county. no heavy rain or severe weather this morning now. just a couple of light raindrops around. as you plan out your day, rain chances on the way down. the intense heat wave is officially over now. humidity also, lower humidity coming our way the next couple of days as well. the next chance for stormy weather is friday. out the door you go. in thmi
6:37 am
afternoon highs upper 80s to around 90 degrees. take a closer look at the week ahead in a few more minutes. for now, to jack taylor. >> hey, chuck, we're dealing with the storm damage along beach drive. it is closed between wise road and bingham drive. unfortunately, a tree dropped across the roadway. park police are there. they requested a lot of units to come out. this is going to take a bit to remove this between wise tanned bingham. we have metro. the issues on the red line, trains are -- service has been suspended fwebetween grosvenor friendship heights. topside moving from 95 toward georgia avenue. still a summer pace, but we're starting to build toward georgia avenue. chopper 4 is going to keep an eye on everything toward the shore. we're dealing with the storm damage. route 8 should be impassable for those riding through
6:38 am
50 is open to get to the bay bridge. getting there is an issue. as authorities have said, if you can shelter in place. back to you. jack, thank you. 6:38 right now. a deadly case of human smuggling. 40 people inside a sweltering tractor-trailer, new details in a live report. we continue to follow breaking news on this possible tornado touchdown on maryland's eastern shore. more from the friends that say they knew jim vance the best. here is radio shoes donnie simpson. >> because jim was a person of the people, if
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
we begin with breaking news this morning. beach drive is blocked between wise road and bingham drive. we had an entire tree across the
6:42 am
it's going to be a while before they can get by. beach drive closed. great start. good luck as you head out there. please be very careful. back to you. thank you, jack. we're also watching showers this morning. clouds across much of the area. there's rain just to the south of the district. it's left 95. but still some wet roadways out there. parts of charles county seeing that rain right now. that will be moving into calvert county soon. the heaviest into new england. what we can expect for the day today. dry by lunchtime. but heating up to 90 degrees. chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. there is relief in the forecast through the week. we'll take a look at that and the extended forecast in a bit. sheena, thank you. more on that breaking news from the eastern shore of maryland. a news conference wrapped up on a possible tornado that hit in the kent island,
6:43 am
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. we're following breaking news in maryland. a severe storm, possibly a tornado in queen anne's county overnight. >> emergency officials are telling people to shelter in place right now. angie goff has more from the live desk. angie? >> possible tornado really tearing stuff up in the bay city area of stevensville, maryland. take a look. some of the pictures coming in. you can see te
6:46 am
we know the balconies, entire walls of structures. here you go. ripped off by the strong high winds. debris scattered everywhere, especially along route 8 in this part of queen anne's county. this part of the sky, this part of the video from chopper 4. a live look in fact. this weather event was rapid. the damage done within 20 minutes. more than 8,000 people are without power and it could be quite some time before the lights come back on. you mentioned eun, earlier, a lot of wires and trees, police reporting them down on the ground right now. you can see right there the trees barreled over, follow justin finch on facebook and twitter on facebook all morning long. about to do a facebook live. we have a bird's eye view of the damage. brad, what are you seeing? >>
6:47 am
morning as the sun came up. we were starting to see this incredible damage. this house is on chenoweth drive. the main damage was in between broad creek, victoria drive is where i want to take you next. this is on the other side of broad creek. this is south of the bay bridge airport. take a look at this house. just absolutely demolished by these high winds from the early morning storm. what we're seeing on pretty much every street in this area is downed wires. huge trees that were uprooted. laying on top of houses. this is going to be quite the cleanup. you want to avoid this area and stay tuned. we have residents coming out of their homes to assess this damage. you can see them staring in awe of what happened to their homes. very early this morning when the storm rolled through. brad treat as reporting. >> as always, you can get the forecast any time through the nbc washington app. we'll alert you w
6:48 am
it is 6:47. developing this morning, the driver of an overheated tractor-trailer carrying migrant workers is set to face charms. >> sarah rosario has more. >> aaron and eun, federal investigators say the people found in the back of an 18-wheeler at this walmart parking lot are the victims of human smuggling. one even as young as 10 years old. when the cops were called, they ran into the nearby woods. hitching for rides and they were called here to pick them up. federal investigators say they plan to continue searching for the victims and saying more arrests are to come. the driver of that truck, 60-year-old james bradley jr. will be charged today. he's from clear water, florida. eight people were found dead inside the truck with no ac. a ninth victim died at the hospital. a man inside the truck escaped and begged for
6:49 am
truck. the rest of the people were rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we know that some of the people were from mexico and guatemala. as authorities work to make more arrests in this case, the border patrol says they've made four other truck seizures this month alone in texas. the survivors are fighting for their lives in the hospital. reporting from san antonio, sarah rosario, eun and aaron, back to you. breaking news in prince george's county. a fire burned a home. you can see flames on north lands daily street in glendale. one person was treated at the scene. firefighters were on the roof looking for hotspots. it was a lot of smoke here. it's not clear how much damage to the house. also breaking in
6:50 am
afghanistan. nearly 40 people are dead, 60 others in the hospital after a suicide bombing. taliban claiming responsibility here. a car packed with explosives drove into a bus in kabul and blew up. some of the people were government employees. you can see the aftermath. an afghan official called it a criminal act against humanity. officials believe the number of dead will rise this morning. jim vance had an incredible impact during his decades here at news 4. people from around our community and the country paid their respects online and through twitter. it showed who remembered him and the kind of impact he had. a look at the tweet. this is from tom brokaw. washington d.c., rest in peace my friend. you define professional, cool and accomplishment. this is from former attorney general who was sad to
6:51 am
jim vance's passing. he defined what was best about journalism in d.c. and never lost the common touch. so true. this is from d.c. mayor muriel bowser. he was a leader in the city, a legend who will be missed greatly. washington redskins and the nationals also posted condolences. so many people pouring in love and support for vance and our nbc washington family as well. >> a lot of regular folks paying tribute to vance this morning as well. molette green is live at magic 102.3 in silver spring where the phones have been ringing this morning, molette? >> reporter: absolutely. popular radio show host rush parr wanted to take phone calls from listeners this morning. he's been talking about jim vance throughout the morning. because so many of his listeners felt such a connection with vance. you know, people are still learning about his passing from over the wke
6:52 am
have a chance to speak about losing such a news legend. >> i told the times about when jim vance came on television. i knew on 6:00, 5:00 when it was his newscast, i always knew what time it was. >> he was just such a part of your family. he was like a grandfather. no, but i felt like that. that's a testimonial to who he was. just jim was so cool. >> russ and his crew still speaking about vance this morning who was such a pioneer, helped transform the landscape of storytelling and journalism in washington and beyond. many of his listeners are also native washingtonians like myself. grew up learning the news, getting their news every night from jim vance. the last time that i worked with vance was mlkay
6:53 am
he just lit up the room with his truth, his honesty and, of course, his coolness. that's the latest. back to you guys. >> very true, molette green live for us this morning. thank you. we need to get to traffic right away. we have a lot of things happening on the roads right now. jack taylor from wtop. we have breaking news, jack. >> beach drive is blocked. a tree across the roadway. >> bingham, unfortunately, going to find yourself rerouted at this stage. also, issues on the red line on the metro rail. train service has been suspended between grosvenor and friendship heights. outer look at the beltway. a crash under river road. authorities have arrived on scene. the left side is getting by. if you're exiting, plan ahead south of the spur because of this crash at river road. aaron, eun, back to you. >> hank thank you, jack. let's turn to chuck bell with a
6:54 am
>> we picked up an inch and a half of rain. yesterday at national airport, most of it after the sun wept down. >> 3 inches above average. rainfall, more than 3 degrees above average in temperatures as well. here's a time lapse of the severe weather from late last night starting around midnight and then eventually this is the cell right here that goes over the bay bridge. that's the time frame right there. in all likelihood we did have a tornado in stevensville, maryland on the other side of the bay bridge. live radar this morning. nothing more than light rain. mostly on the east side. down into parts of charles and st. mary. that's pushing farther and farther of rain. the heating of the day, we might be able to bump up one or two afternoon showers or thunderstorms. nowhere near the coverage or the intensity that we dealt with yesterday. temperaturewise, we're inh
6:55 am
it will be a hot day to be outside. the upper 80s to 90 degrees, then much better weather the next couple of days. with all the good news, let's go to sheena parveen in the weather center. >> i do have good news. we'll get relief from the heat. as we go into tomorrow, not so much today, it will be around 90 degrees this afternoon. as we go into tomorrow, the normal high, 88 degrees now. we're going to be dropping below that. wednesday, 85. thursday 89. we'll warm up by the end of the week. thursday, friday, still very high the rest of the week. even though there's relief coming, you can get a sunburn in 10 to 15 minutes. beach forecast doesn't look -- the weekend is looking good. see what the rest of the area looks like. >> just a passing shower or two. ag
6:56 am
looks significant. otherwise, most of the middle part of the week, temperatures at or below average low humidity around here for tuesday afternoon and wednesday and yes indeed the weekend looks dry. >> thank you, chuck. it's 6:56. four things to know before you head out the door. a tornado touchdown in stevensville, maryland. this is just across the bay bridge and take a look at this destruction. houses badly damaged. some competely destroyed. thousands of people are without power this morning. get updates on the story in the nbc washington app. >> when it comes to russian officials, president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner said he had no improper contact. kushner's meeting with the senate intelligence committee behind closed doors. he released a detailed statement on that meeting. more ahead on "today." katie ledecky is proving her dominance again. she won the freestyle in budapest yesterday.
6:57 am
has a chance at four more medals. go katie. we'll keep you updated on her medical count. our colleague jim vance passed away on saturday morning after a battle with cancer at the age of 75. you can leave your memories on the nbc washington facebook page and find tributes in the nbc washington app. that is the broadcast this morning. the "today" show is coming up next. >> thanks for joining us. we'll be back in 25 minutes with the possible tornado in maryland. our weather and traffic and local news. until then, enjoy
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking overnight, nothing to good morning. breaking overnight, nothing to hide. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner denies he colluded with the russia during the campaign. he heads to capital hill where he's expected to face a grilling today. tragic dmi texas, a truck driver now in custody said to be charged this morning in a horrific case of human smuggling. >> they were very hot to the touch. >> 39 people discovered in the back of a overheated tractor trailer. nine dead, dozens more injured. what did he see? a key witness steps forward in


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