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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, a hostage situation and standoff comes to a peaceful end after hours of negotiation. chop earn 4 cameras rolling as the victims go free and the suspect surrenders. >> cleaning up after maryland
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hear from survivors who were in their house as the storm moved it off its foundation. >> and we continue to remember our friend and colleague, a tribute to jim vance read aloud tonight on capitol hill. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> and good evening, everybody. first up tonight, a peaceful end to a standoff and hostage ordeal in a local neighborhood. >> the drama all playing out beneath chopper 4 tonight on golden oak road in centerville. the victims were freed a couple hours ago. the suspect came out a short time later. news 4 jacquie ben sen was there when it all came to an end. jacquie? >> reporter: dorene, this was a potentially very volatile situation. but as you said, it ended peacefully. the standoff ended just before 10:00 p.m. moments later, the suspect could be seen being wheeled to a waiting ambulance.
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confronted inside by officers, he resisted arrest and was subsequently taken into custody. >> reporter: police would say only that the man was being taken to a local hospital to be checked out. but video from chopper 4 appeared to show fire and rescue personnel rinsing the man prior to putting him on a gurney. numerous streets around the town house in the 14500 block of golden oak road were shut down as emergency response teams and hostage negotiators along with two remote controlled robots moved into the area just before 4:00 p.m. the man eventually released the other occupants of the home, including a 12-year-old girl and her mother, who was injured in what police describe as a domestic assault. the suspect's name has not been released. he is facing assault charges. live in centerville, jacquie ben sen, news 4. >> jacquie, thank you. now an update to breaking news we brought you this afternoon, police are now confirming the death investigation on quantico street in arlington is a
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someone called police this afternoon to check on the elderly couple who lives here. that's when officers found a married couple, 82-year-old terry and 81-year-old masal, dead from gunshot wounds. detectives are still investigating what led up to the shooting. >> leon harris here at the live desk. we are following late breaking developments tonight in the fight over your health care. senator john mccain says he will be coming back to washington to be on the hill tomorrow for a vote to begin debate on repealing the affordable care act. the arizona republican has been back at his home state battling brain cancer you may know. his return to the senate could be just the boost republicans need to kick start the debate process. tonight democrats are speaking out against repeal plans on the senate floor. senator bernie sanders calls them the cruel est and irresponsible in his words. president trump also talking today. he urged gop senators to do what they said they would do, and put an end to obamacare.
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>> they said repeal and replace, repeal and replace. but they can now keep their promise to the american people to provide emergency relief to those in desperate need of help. >> how do you write legislation that impacts every american, 1/6 of the economy and not have one public hearing? we hear from those most knowledgeable. >> now, there is a lot of uncertainty heading into tomorrow afternoon's debate. the senate republicans still haven't even been told exactly which version of reform they're going to ultimately be voting on. they don't know whether it's repeal and replace or just repeal and wait. we'll have to wait and see. and, of course we'll send you alerts once we learn. jim, back to you. >> stay tuned. leon, thank you. the number of people who reported getting sick after eeltieel eating at that chipotle earlier this month has now doubled. more than 135
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falling ill after eating at the restaurant on triple 7 road. health officials tell us norovirus is likely to blame, and that two people have now tested positive for the virus. but no one has gotten sick since the restaurant closed for cleaning, and then reopened. chipotle was quick to point out norovirus doesn't come from its food and it is safe to eat at its restaurants. >> they planned their escape. that's what a school director in barundi said about those six teenagers who disappeared after the robotics competition last week. they wanted a better life but not to flee a specific threat. the teens parents don't seem concerned. the country has been plagued by political vines in recent years. police say two of the teens were seen crossing into canada last week. they could apply for asylum which could take months or years. they each have one year visas. >> new response tonight from metro, the agency isn't
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out punishments for people who cheat the system. we're talking about people who take a ride without paying the fare. now, the plan would reduce the fine for those arrested and eliminate the possibility of jail time. council man tray on white said police disproportionately enforce the law in poorer neighborhoods. metro said it rarely arrests people, only for lack of payment. a metro spokesman tells news 4 metro believes it has an obligation to ensure that every rider pays his or her fair share. >> good news part of beach drive is set to reopen next month. the stretch between tim den creek and rock creek parkway has been closed cents lasince last september. the road is wider and safer. there is a new crosswalk that leads directly to the zoo. this is the first of three phases of the project. the next stretch to close will be the one between till den street and military
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finish in the fall of 2019. >> it was wild, a storm people in maryland won't soon forget. a tornado ripping through queen ann's county in the dark of hours in the morning. it was an ef 2 maryland's strongest tornado since at least 2004. you can see the mess it left behind. the mother was home with her two sons when she says the wind lifted her house into the air. >> we could feel it lifting up, you know, floating. it moved about 20 feet on this side and about 10 feet on that side. it was scary. i kept asking my son, look out the window, are we up in the air? >> a tornado sent a man to the hospital and has left thousands without power tonight. maryland governor larry hogan says state agencies will be in the area to help. >> storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper here now. we've dealt with this severe weather and with the heat. >> so, is there any relief coming our way? >> there is relief.
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to be really nice. low humidity and not so hot for this time of year in washington. but first i want to show you the radar loop from that tornado in stevensville. i circled stevensville here on the map in queen ann's county. early this morning a lot of lightning, heavy rainfall, confirmed ef 2 tornado. that means maximum winds of 125 miles an hour. it was only on the ground four minutes which is kind of crazy to think when you see all the damage that occurred. it traveled about two miles. and as far as the eastern shore goes, it's been 15 years since the eastern shore has seen an ef 2 tornado or greater. that would be up to an ef 5. more rain unnarfortunately on t eastern side. the rain moving out and more comfortable air moving in. tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. we're at 73 degrees. by 11:00 a.m. not that bad, 77, dorene. >> all right, amelia, thank you. another tribute to our friend an
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vance. not from us but the u.s. house of representatives. >> d.c. congressman eleanore holmes norton read a tribute to vance on the floor tonight. she said he deserves to go on the congressional record. >> vance presented the news to a region that challenged d.c. tv news with vast changes, racially and ethnically, economically and politically. jim vance took the dare and told our ever caring -- ever changing story straight. he made us see ourselves from a city with too much crime to today's d.c. with low crime and a big sur plus. only a combination of consummate af ability could cover so much quick moving news without ever missing a beat. >> so well put. and you can see delegate norton's entire speech on our nbc washington app. just search vance. >> one of jim's three chen
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at 6:00 tonight. i asked his daughter amani vance what she wants everyone to know about her dad. >> just how he had a very gentle soul. that even though he was such a man's man and you saw him everywhere, he had this big spirit but he was also very gentle and very tender and you could talk to him about anything. and he was never judgmental and he was always open. and he believed that everyone had a story no matter what, from -- no matter who you were, everyone's story was equally as important. >> you can see vance in her and hear him, too. that quality in vance affected so many of us, not just those who worked with him, but all of you watching at home, too. >> yeah, news 4 shamari stone reports now on the example vance set and the encouragement he gave to so many in our community, particularly young black men. >> good evening. people welcomed jim vance into their homes for more than four decades on their tv
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viewers tell me that he had a positive influence on them, especially black men who viewed him as a role model. >> put you at a loss for words. very sad. >> reporter: linden lanz down is heartbroken over the death of news 4 anchor jim vance. >> when i got the word about it, it was like a punch in the gut. for a person that i've never personally met, it was like losing a family member. >> reporter: linden has d.j.'d at redskins pregames the last nine years. he said vance inspired him as a role model. he first saw him on news 4 when he was ten years old. >> he was a powerful presence. as a young kid, you look at that. doesn't see that on tv often, and i just remember looking at him and hearing him talk. and his command of the language, and it just gave you somebody that you realized i can be like that. >> varns was one of the first african-american news anchors in a major tv market. he also gave back to the community,
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organizations, including the 100 black men of prince georges county, a group that mentors black youth. >> jim, as you know, shamari, was a phenomenal human being. not only was he a great newscaster, when he said something the youth listened. he had a way with words and humor. the youth connected to jim vance, his legacy, how long he's been here. an amazing icon. he is definitely going to be missed. >> that's beautiful. i first started watching jim vance when i was at st. john's in d.c. he was one of the journalists who inspired me to become a reporter. he had such a positive impact on my life and i was honored, blessed to be able to work with him and become his friend over the last five years. in silver spring, i'm shamari stone, news 4. >> and more memories to come tonight when we come back. >> aside of vance, you may not have seen our coworkers here at news 4 reflect on the impact he's had on their lives.
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a whole lot of us here at news 4 got together after our 6:00 broadcast tonight to share some stories and favorite memories of jim vance here in our studios. we know this is a tough week for jim's family. it's also tough for his work family, and we're a pretty big group. >> yeah, we are. nice tribute tonight. today news 4 pat collins talked to the people you don't always see who got to know the real vance on and off the air.
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>> reporter: on vance, chester panser, news 4 camera man, 35 years. >> you had to be on your game because it was just expected that you weren't going to coast through the shoot. that if he was out in the field, it meant something special and you had to do a little extra work that day. >> reporter: on vance. perkins brassard, news 4 editor, 19 years. >> he had a way that he would walk into my edit room and, you know, barely any script, it was all in his head and he knew exactly what he wanted to say, how he wanted the piece to come out. but he always had this charisma. >> reporter: on vance, charlie brigali, assignment manager, nbc 4, 30 years. >> he was just a real personal person. he was -- he knew everybody and he knew you. you know, hell
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kids' names. that's the kind of guy he was. >> reporter: on vance, patrisha fantes, news 4 producer, 7 years. >> vance treated everybody like family. i've only been here for seven years and there's people that have known him for decades, and he treated everybody the same. i remember he threw a party for our p.a. who got her first reporter job, and he had everybody there. and her parents were there and it was somebody who had only been at the station a couple of years. and somebody who he mentored, and he does that a lot. >> he was a presence in this market. he was like the d.c. sky line. you just expected to see him and the fact that he's gone, there's a big hole there. it's like, wow, i mean he's no longer here. that's really hard to grasp.
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imprint is all over this place. >> and will be always. >> indeed. so, some rocky weather out there, amelia. >> i thought it was so poignant tonight. bob came in for that service that we had and he said just how meaningful it was. he was driving in, saw the rainbow over the station. and if that wasn't symbolic, i mean, what is. >> it was a message. >> absolutely, yeah. so, as we look to the next couple of days finally some nice weather, lower humidity, it's going to be comfortable. take a look at your weather headlines. it's gorgeous tomorrow and wednesday. there is a chance for storms for your workweek especially on friday. the timing right now is actually during the morning and midday hours. of course that could change, so stay tuned for updates. but that's how it's looking right now. as we look to the weekend, no storminess over the weekend. it's looking nice saturday and sunday and we did have more thunderstorms moving through the area tonight and our chopper got spectacular
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clouds, the rain and the storms. take a look. just beautiful coloring here as the sun was going down as well. gorgeous there with the sunset. so, again, that was from our chopper earlier this evening sunset time. now right around 8:25 in the evening. currently our temperatures are in the 70s and 80s, 83 degrees in the district, 77 in frederick and 77 manassas as well. we'll have partly cloudy skies later tonight and plenty of sunshine tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m., by lunchtime it's around 80. humidity is feeling refreshing for late july. it's not too hot for your afternoon either. 4:00 you can see with the planner 85 degrees at that point. 7:00 in the evening we're at 81. just really nice for your tuesday evening. in fact, the weather having a low impact on your day from start to finish. the commute, it's almost windows down kind of weather. especially if you're waking up early to head in, you can give that a.c. a break. lunch, take it outdoors. the playground with the kids, it's looking nearly perfect
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evening whether you're heading to the gnats game or maybe having some family and friends over for a barbecue or cookout, not too hot for that either. the pool outlet the next couple of days, tomorrow it's perfect. wednesday you can see here it's nice again. on thursday maybe a late day thunderstorm around that you would have to contend with, but i wouldn't cancel pool plans for your thursday with the kids just yet. take a look at the next ten days. wednesday we are in the mid-'80s once again, partly sunny skies. thursday there is that chance for a few isolated late day thunderstorms. otherwise it's hot, it's feeling a little bit humid. highs on thursday around 90. better chance for thunderstorms on friday. highs in the upper 80s. then there is that weekend. i don't like to put a lot of words on the ten-day. i figured if i could three nices there on the end of july -- >> that's a good four-letter word. >> yeah. >> we like that one. >> thanks, amelia. >> okay, remember that time vance did the sports? we do. and you won't believe the coincide
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> we were just telling sherri how much vance used to love -- >> he would wait for george to be on the way back from redskins park. >> i mean, he might really enjoy this. the burgundy will go with fences not saying the team's name. count down for camp is only two days away. they head to richmond on wednesday and this will probably be the healthiest the team will be. but tonight we are learning that the burgundy and gold are starting training camp with one player on the physically unable to perform list. according to report fro
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will start on the camp list. he is coming back from a torn acl he suffered in week three last season against the giants. veteran defensive back played with injuries the last few seasons, appearing in just 17 games over three seasons. hall will need to be medically cleared to get off the pop list and start practice. all right. everyone who watched jim vance throughout the years knows his long-time love of d.c. sports. you just heard dorene say it. fans always wanted the chance to fill in for sports. back in 2012 vance got that shot for an entire week. so, here's a different way to remember our friend who back then was very excited about the nates since they were 20 games over 500. >> the last time a d.c. team faced that, do you remember? dorene remembers it well, the senators i mean. >> yeah. >> nates opened the ss
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milwaukee last night bottom of the first. check this out. edwin jackson is up on the mound. and he's got ryan braun in front of him. you know what, he was mvp last year. he didn't look like it with that? jackson seven innings. bases loaded. this one's down the line and right field corner. roger hey seuss, edwin jackson, everybody comes on home. there's a party. nates take a 4-0 lead. we go to the bottom of the 9th now. saw the pitching, saw the offense. here's some deep. morgan, remember him? left center field. here comes roger. i got that. great diving catch. nates went 8-2. do you know what they are now tied with the new york yankees for the best record in baseball. how about that? >> the nationals will be holding a moment of silence for jim vance before tomorrow night's game which like his highlights back in 2012 is against the brewers and just like in vance's highlight. edwin jackson
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the mound fortunates. a very cool coincidence considering edwin jackson had played for a handful of different teams before returning back to the nates this year. >> it was meant to be. >> that's very cool. >> he was pretty good at doing the sports. >> he was. he had got a thrill out of it. >> good being right there with him.
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it was
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ago that jim vance signed off from this 11:00 broadcast for the last time. >> you continued to welcome him into your homes at 6:00 and it is a privilege he never lost sight of. >> here's vance in his own words in may of 2015. good night. >> i'm still scared to death half the time trying desperately not to mess it up. and still madly in love with what i do every day to make a living. i sincerely thank every one of you and your parents, too probably, for putting up with me all these late nights. for inviting me into your house. but i want to be a good guest and not overstay my welcome. so, this will be my last 11:00 broadcast. i hope you'll still invite me in at 6:00, and that you'll join me in watching dorene and the other jim at 11:00. it's been a blast.
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