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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  August 3, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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at this hour, the d.c. fire department is asking for your prayers. one of their own is in critical condition after being hit by a ladder truck. what we're learning about the accident and injured firefighter. a wild scene this morning for commuters. police finally catch up with a man trying to get away on i-66, what they say he did that put other drivers in danger. and as far as weather head lines go, we are in for repeat performance of your wednesday but we do have some storms to talk about. i'll have that in just a moment. good morning, i'm pat lawson. >> and i'm aaron gilch.
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we've been watching all morning. a d.c. firefighter critically injured, hit by another fire truck while preparing to battle a house fire this morning in northeast. >> news4's justin finch is live now at med star washington hospital center with new details about the fife fighter's condition and a look at how this terrible accident happened. >> reporter: good morning, pat. he continues to recover at this time, but about 11:30 last night, engine 3 was dispatched to a house fire and within minutes, dane smothers jr. was hurt, hit by a passing fire vehicle. he was then rushed here to med star washington in critical condition. it's also where his loved ones and the rank and file of d.c. fire have been standing vigil and praying for his recovery. hours later, a fire alarm at this burned out brick road house still b
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fellow d.c. firefighters were called to put out late wednesday night. during their response, an den accident. a ladder truck struck smothers as he was coming off a fire vehicle and that ladder truck was rounding a corner. >> it's clearly a tough situation to be in. we had a house that was heavily involved on the first floor, while at the same time caring for a member who was critically injured. >> reporter: we saw yellow crime tape roping off a ladder truck as d.c. fire and police investigators gathered clues. smothers was taken in with major injuries above his waist a neighbor who lives next door to to fire-damaged home expressed gratitude and sympathy. >> that's just awful. you know, to find out that someone got hurt in the line of duty. but my prayers go out. >> reporter: smothers, a
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part of engine 3, only logging about three months on the force. the d.c. native is from a family of district firefighters. >> our thoughts and prayers are with firefighter smothers and his family, that includes his uncle who responded to this fire as well. >> reporter: and as you heard there, his uncle on scene. you see how this hits close to home for the smothers family as well as d.c. firefighters. the accident remains under investigation, working to uncover just what happened there. it appears all protocols were followed on the scene and as we mentioned earlier, smothers in critical condition at this time, having undergone at least one surgery overnight. we are live here outside of med star. i'm justin finch, news4, back in to you in the studio. it was an extremely busy night for firefighters. they also responded to two other house fires at the same time. you can see all of the locations on this map. they stretch from the heart of the district all the
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maryland state line. we're working for you with video of those fires on van buren street in northwest, one firefighter was sent to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. the flames broke out in the basement of a house around 1:00 this morning. firefighters put that one out pretty quickly. in northeast, two d.c. police officers are among four people hurt in a fire. this one happened at a house on buchanan street around 12:30 this morning. one victim has been hospitalized in serious condition. the officers and one other person are expected to be fine. police chased a man on i-66 this morning. he is now in custody but they've not released his name. chopper 4 was over the exit from 66 to route 28 in centerville. virginia state police say they caught this guy in the woods near there. when they tried to pull him over, they say he sped off at 100 miles an hour and then crashed. it's not clear why he drove away. an apartment building was evacuated after this suv slammed
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this happened on d street this morning. the fire department says those in the suv jumped out and ran after the crash. one person inside the building went to the hospital with minor injuries. about 20 people were forced to get out as a safety precaution. no word yet on who was behind the wheel or what led to that crash. now to our weather. we're seeing clouds overhead here in northwest right now. >> when can we expect some storms? any possibilities today? >> in fact, it's looking a lot like yesterday, you all. i want to take you to the four things you need to know after doing the forecast, i think these are the four most important things. hot and humid as we head throughout the next couple of hours. we do have that afternoon storm chance, it's really going to be impacting us around that same time frame we saw yesterday later on throughout the evening ask then just looking ahead to your weekend, we are going to see some relief there, much cooler weather coming into play, very comfortable, but we're going to keep our eye on next week as well as we are expecting our next major rain e
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right now, though, stepping outside your door, temperatures at about 84 degrees. you can see we're going to continue to climb as we head through the next couple of hours here. i'm thinking around 4:00 or 5:00, temperatures topping off in the low 90s. we'll look at the details a little bit more. for now, back to you all. developing this morning, for the first time in two years, a mother and her children are free. spotsylvania county deputies say the woman told them her children's father has been holding them captive. moore is now charged with abduction, assault and battery. he was arrested on saturday. deputies went to the house to conduct a welfare check. they say moore, when he answered the door, was reluctant to let them in. the house is located on mine road in fredericksburg. while they were at the door, the woman and two children ran out of the house. they told the deputies they had been in that house and hadn't been allowed outside for two years. neighbors who didn't want to be identifiai
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suspected something wasn't right. >> i have never seen that lady or those kids since they moved into that house and that was before last summer, because the grass was really tall. >> moore will be arraigned on monday. the woman is being treated at a medical facility, and the children are staying with family members. montgomery county police are searching for a group of five men who held a family hostage for 12 hours and robbed them. this happened late tuesday into wednesday morning. one of those family members is a grandfather who asked to be identified only as orlando for safety. he spoke to news4 about what happened. he thinks his daughter's job at a check cashing business is the reason that family was targeted. listen as he explains exactly what happened. >> translator: they got in by telling they wanted to paint the apartment. once inside, they proceeded to tie our hands, blindfold us, and gag us. >> orlando says the intruders then took his daughter to her job and tried to rob the business
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her husband was stabbed in the neck. he's expected to be okay. through this all, the couple's 7-year-old grandson was sleeping. today, president trump will visit west virginia for a campaign-style raleily, but it doesn't look like everybody there will be excited to see the president. someone vandalized the huntalton arena where he's expected to speak to supporters and an anti-trump image had been placed on part of the building. there's no word on who did that or when. the president could promote a controversial new plan to cut legal immigration while he's there in west virginia. the plan would change the way impa immigrants enter this country. it's a merit-based proposal that would give preference to english speaking immigrants with education, job offers, and high-tech skills. however, some lawmakers are already criticizing this plan, including some in the president's own party. >> this immigration proposal is not going to go anywhere because it really would devastate the
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>> a fact check from the associated press found the president's endorsement of this plan is based on some shaky assumptions. for example, he talked about depressed wages and high taxpayer costs from immigrants, but the a.p. says recent economic research found no significant effect on wages. developing this morning, there is an investigation into that deadly school explosion in minneapolis. the big question now, how did contractors cause that natural gas leak yesterday? overnight, we learned the second body found was the school's janitor. the other victim has been identified as ruth berg, the school's receptionist for 17 years. students and teachers inside the school said they had just seconds to get out before that blast. >> my daughter got up and was getting ready to leave out of the counselor's office and was blown back into the counselor lease office by the explosion. it was seconds after they told us that everybody to get out that the explosion happened. >> seven people are still in the hospital this morning. doctors say their injuries ran
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believe it or not, we have local students back in class this morning. >> already. >> yeah. >> more on the first day of school and how we are helping children all over get ready. backpacks for kids, we need your help to bring new backpacks and plenty of school supplies here to kingstown this morning for our big school supplies drive. and before we go to break, a quick check on the dow, just finished above 22,000 yesterday, a new record. it remains about that mark this morning and has hit another new record today, but right now, it's up more than -- a little less tha
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your children probably still have a few more weeks before they have to head back to school, but in northern virginia, there are some students who are already back in classes. we were there when kids came back to school at samuel w. tucker elementary in alexandria today. students at the school have a modified calendar where they attend all year round, except for a few breaks. find out more about how the first day of school went there on the nbc washington app. well, not every child in our area can afford to get ready for school, so we're lending a helping hand this morning. >> our backpacks for kids program
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morning long. we're accepting donations of new backpacks, school supplies, and money in kingstown until noon today. erika gonzalez is live at the dropoff to show you how quick and easy it is to help out. lot of folks stopping by today, right, erika? >> reporter: oh my goodness, so many folks, aaron, that we've had come by. when we saw you this morning, our little money box was empty, our crate was empty, and now we're doing pretty good. come take a look. if you don't have time to go shopping, we're here until noon, you can come by and make a cash or a check donation. if you have time to go shopping or you're prepared and you're going to bring a new backpack and supplies. as you mentioned earlier to help get kids that need it most off to a wonderful start this year. we do this every year, partner with apple federal credit union. here's my good friend robert over here. we love partnering with you guys. we know that this is important to you. >> very important to us, erika, we know we have to give back to the community, to give the kids a fresh
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some other business partners helping us do that. >> reporter: some of these are very recognizable faces. fairfax county fire and rescue, we thought we were cool with the storm team four by four but you brought the big toys. tell us why you partner with the community and partner with apple. >> we've been partners with apple for years. we do thousands of new coats to underprivileged kids in the fall and apple federal credit union is a big part of that. during the holidays, we give out toys to the same kids we're giving these backpacks and coats to and we've built a great relationship with them. we wouldn't be able to do the things we do in the community if it wasn't for apple federal credit. >> reporter: look how well we've done today. look how full this crate is. fairfax county county public schools, good morning to you. you know firsthand when we are talking about students in the classr
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know that what is lacking, the teachers often pull from their own pockets to make it happen. tell us about that. >> well, my wife is actually a teacher in fairfax county county public schools so i have seen our basement have extra backpacks and food in it to help kids. so you know, really, i want to say thank you to nbc4 for helping out, to apple federal credit, our lead partner in this. we've got a lot of nonprofits really pitching in to help the students of fairfax county public schools, so on behalf of the school board and the superintendent and all those kids that are going to benefit, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. we appreciate it. so what we are trying to do here is not hundreds of backpacks. we're trying to do thousands because that means that thousands of kids walk through those doors with a new bag, with school supplies, pen, paper, whatever they need to start the school year off right. and also makes it less of a burden on their parents and less of a burden on the teachers in the classroom. we're trying to do our part to help with that, and we appreciate you doing your part, coming out to say hello and
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so we're going to be here for a few more minutes and again, these are the ways that you're seeing now on your screen, of how you can donate. you can donate online or come out here in person. we'll check back in with you in another few minutes. back to you in the studio. >> nice to see so many people helping out there today, erika. thank you. the department of veterans affairs is ramping up security in its parking lots. that move comes after a news44 i-team investigation revealed a patient's body wasn't undiscovered for nearly two days outside the va medical center in d.c. the incident happened in late may. the cause of that man's death has yet to be released to investigators by the medical examiner. according to congressional records, reviewed by the i-team, there was no evidence of a crime. and the news4 i-team uncovered another teacher slipping through the cracks. >> this time a failure by a local child protective services agency allowed a teacher accused of sexually abusing a student to return to the classroom in a different school district. the i-team's scott mcfarland has
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arlington county schoolteacher was never arrested by police, never charged with a crime, and denies the allegations to this day. but arlington county child protective services found the instructor committed sexual misconduct with an elementary school student. news4 i-team investigation found the teacher managed to get a new job in a new school district for three years. the child protective service agency failed to notify the school district what they found and failed to revoke the man's teaching license, giving him access to more kids. >> he took three years for anyone to revoke the man's license. is that acceptable? >> i think that sometimes really serious mistakes occur. i think allowing someone to continue to work and have access to other children is just a very egregious situation, because we have the safety of children to consider. >> repor t
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investigation, how that mistake happened and the broader loophole in virginia law that could put many more kids at risk. for now, in arlington county, scott mcfarland, news4 i-team. this morning, we are learning more about deadly motorcycle crashes in the washington area. aaa says 14 motorcyclists have died on area roadways so far just this year. five of them in prince george's county alone. the latest fatal crash happened yesterday morning on indian head highway in ft. washington. prince george's county police say 38-year-old russell lee jr. of montgomery village died. his death is the fifth on that stretch of road this year. aaa says indian head highway is in the running for the most dangerous road in this entire region. >> i'm not going to have any comment, sir. >> reporter: you're happy with the outcome. a just just had the final say on a rift between montgomery county firefighters. you're looking at idris here. the judge ruled
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his colleagues. they accused him of threatening them at a bethesda fire house last month. it started with a confrontation over a confederate flag on a license plate. he admitted to calling them names but never threatened violence. the judge said he was disappointed in everyone's behavior and called the case an awful mess. seven earthquakes in just 28 hours, a look at the damage left by one of the strongest quakes. and left hanging out, the fair ride problem
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the power is back on in an oklahoma city suburb. people there were hit by an earthquake overnight. police say it didn't cause any significant damage. that's a good thing. you may remember this, though. the tornado that ripped through stevensville, maryland, last week. there's a meeting on the recovery process there in queen anne's county. neighbors can expect rebuilding updates and offer suggestions to first response agencies. the meeting gets underway at matipeak elementary school tonight at 7:00. turning to the weather, is this a repeat of what we've seen? >> it does. we have returned. the twilight zone. yeah. we are going to be seeing another repeat performance, similar to yesterday, temperatures today on the rise, it's going to be pretty hot out there in the low 90s and we do have a
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ight now, d.c., you can see it's pretty quiet. we got a good amount of sunshine, temperatures 84 degrees, winds even though they're coming out of the north, switching pretty soon here so it may begin to feel a little bit more muggy as we head throughout the day. i'm going to push forward into your future cast. let's take our time and go through this one. by 2:00 p.m., you can see we have isolated or scattered activity but also just north of the district and this is going to be the theme through the afternoon. we will see that pass through, about 5:00 or 6:00 and by the time we hit sunset, we should see those shower and storm chances diminishing. mostly cloudy conditions overnight at times, then by friday, i think we'll get a lot more sunshine as we head through your friday as well. temperatures still on the rise on fridays. chance for showers out toward the blue ridge. front passing through friday night into saturday, so we will see some rain showers moving through overnight into the early saturday morningrs
11:25 am
we should be dry and quiet. in fact, i think we're going to get a good amount of sunshine, making for a beautiful saturday. all right, so, let's change gears just a bit. head back to today. maybe you're headed to the pool today, whatever activities you've got going on, might want to get them done earlier, especially if they're outdoors because we do have isolated to scattered storm chance as we move through, on the rise into the low 90s. start to pick up some humidity as those winds continue to change. planning ahead, already looking forward to your weekend. i've got some good news. remember we talked about that cold front moving through friday night, it's going bring settled and comfortable weather over the weekend, we go from the 90s into the low to mid 80s for your saturday and sunday. very gorgeous weekend ahead. this is going to be the next big talker, though, monday, i think, is going to be a damp day. good amount of showers as well as embedded thunderstorms. we're going to talk about this later on. fo
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folks were cheering while firefighters rescued this man after his bungee jump. he wound up dangling 30 feet in the air, upside down. this happened in california. and he was hanging there for about 20 minutes. two other people were also stuck and they had to be rescued from that ride. and apparently this guy's a regular bungee jumper. he does this, but i think this is the first time he's had that outcome. >> something just went wrong there. >> don't even try it. >> got hung up, so to speak. an inspirational story coming up. meet a man who was put into jail for a crime he didn't commit and who is now helping others in the very same situation oochl. and it's a crime that outraged many of you, a woman convicted after sending text messages to her th-boyfrienden
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just 24 hours after president trump issued plans to curb legal immigration, we're getting word of a new border wall security -- border security bill, i should say. you're looking at live pictures from capitol hill where a news conference will start shortly. on capitol
11:30 am
cornyn and ron johnson are releasing information on their bill. it also prohibits children from being released to illegal immigrant parents if they cross the border illegally. children could be only released to adults living lawfully in the u.s. the immigration debate is hitting close to home and activists are blasting the white house over the deportation of two brothers, lisandro and diego. lisandro was in the bethesda soccer club and was looking forward to playing in college on a partial scholarship. he was supposed to start practice in north carolina yesterday. diego was planning to join him to help pay for expenses. however, immigration and customs enforcement detained both brothers last week after lisandro notified agents about the move. yesterday, their supporters lashed out at the administration. >> you are separating our families. you are lying to the american people
11:31 am
criminals. >> i.c.e. says the brothers were stopped at jfk airport in 2009 after trying to use fake passports and visas. it's been five years and police are still actively trying to find the man who kidnapped baseball legend cal ripkin jr.'s mother. the fbi and police put out this new sketch of the suspect. they say it accounts for age progression as well. the man would be in his 40s. she told police she was blindfolded and kidnapped back in 2012. they found her the next day but never found the man who took her. today a massachusetts woman will be sentenced for her role in her boyfriend's suicide. michelle carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in june. she's charged with the 2014 death of conrad roy iii. the 18-year-old was found dead of carbon monoxid monoxide pois his pickup truck. text messages show carter encouraged him to take
11:32 am
life. carter is now facing up to 20 years behind bars. it's been said that living well is the best revenge. you might agree after meeting the next man in our story who fought back from a terrible injustice. >> he turned the tables on the justice system with an improbable journey that changed his life. nbc's lester holt reports how he's paying it forward by changing the lives of others. >> reporter: attorney jared adams wants to right wrongs. >> i could shake your hand. they can't keep me from doing that. >> reporter: in a wisconsin jail, he meets with his client whom he believes was wrongfully convicted of rape. he hopes the judge will now free him after 30 years behind bars. >> we hope everything will go well, and we're able to just see you walk out of here tomorrow. >> reporter: jared is not your typical defense attorney. in fact, you could say he knows the law from the inside out. >> although i received my diploma from
11:33 am
in chicago, i started law school in green bay correctional facility. >> reporter: jared was wrongfully convicted himself. he was 17 when he was arrested, accused of sexually assaulting a student at the university of wisconsin, a crime he denied from the start. in these cases, there's always that moment of, this will get cleared up very quickly. >> you know, my only encounter with the criminal court system was "low aaw and order" and tha theme music comes on. you don't see guys who are wrongfully convicted go to prison. >> reporter: but jared did. a 28-year sentence, convicted after his court-appointed attorney chose not to put on a defense, even though there was a witness who could have helped clear him. >> when this guy is telling us, look, we know you didn't do it, they haven't proven your case, the best defense is a no-defense strategy. we're like, yeah, that sounds good, because
11:34 am
but the reality, it was a horrible idea. >> reporter: a cell mate convinced jared to keep fighting. jared spent his days in the prison law library. he wrote letters and finally caught the attention of the wisconsin innocence project. keith finley took up his case. >> he had done his homework. he knew the case factually better than anybody and he knew the law. and he said, look, the issue we're going to win on is that ineffective assistance of counsel claim. you got to lead with that. you got to argue that. >> reporter: jared was correct. it was the argument that caused the seventh circuit court of appeals to overturn his conviction. after nearly ten years in prison, jared was free, reminded, though, by a family photo album of what he'd lost. >> i started to just look at the evolution of me as a kid, growing up pre-k, kindergarten, graduation, birthdays, and then i turn the next page, and i didn't see another picture of me until i was 26, 27 years old. >> reporter: it's like a piece of
11:35 am
>> just forever gone. >> reporter: but jared's remarkable and at times ironic journey was just beginning. he went to college, graduated law school, and clerked at the same court that tossed out his conviction and then last summer was hired as a lawyer by the innocence project in new york. the same organization that successfully argued his appeal. >> reporter: what must it be like for you to walk in these doors every day as an attorney? >> there is no sweeter joy than to be on this side of the law. >> reporter: his to-do list, freeing other wrongfully convicted inmates. >> this is hopeful. and this is just filed. >> reporter: which brings us back to wisconsin and jared's client, serving time in the same prison jared once did. his name is richard. >> he's not simply presumed innocent of these crimes. he is innocent. >> reporter:
11:36 am
on new dna testing. jared's first win as a lawyer. >> what's up, man? where are the handcuffs at? you look free. >> reporter: and completing this improbable circle, jared's co-counsel on the case was keith finley, the lawyer who helped free jared ten years ago. >> it's a storybook tale that you wouldn't believe until you saw it. >> reporter: and keith, you're part of the storybook too. do you just shake your head sometimes to watch the full circle that jared has been on. >> it's incredible. i mean, i've been amazed at every step of the journey. >> nothing pays me back more, or my family more, than me walking in the same court in the same state where they didn't even look at me when they gave me 28 years, but now they have to acknowledge me as attorney adams. >> wow, that's a powerful story. >> indeed it is. wow. wh
11:37 am
well, we expect unusual heat around here this time of year, but imagine if you lived in an area where the average home does not have air-conditioning. a closer look at the heat wave after the break. also, we need your help this morning to make sure local youngsters have all the supplies they need to go back to school. we'll show you h you can chip ow
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11:39 am
excessive heat warnings in effect across multiple states in the northwest. the heat there is pounding usually mild cities like portland and seattle where temperatures are soaring into the triple digits. animals in the oregon zoo doing what they can to beat the heat these days and in seattle, only a
11:40 am
air-conditioning. >> out in my apartment and hope that my fans work. >> i don't want to be dramatic, life or death, but i mean, it could be that very much so. >> meanwhile, there is a flash flood watch in effect through this evening in california. monsoon moisture is creating life-threatening conditions with strong hail, lightning and wind, and outside of phoenix, sand storms are bliending. what is going on out west? >> it's some kind of summer. here, we are just going to be experiencing the sunshine throughout much of the day but we do have some storms headed in our direction so we do have to -- or materializing, rather. so we're going to get to that. i want to start with the current temperatures. it's going to be another hot day, very similar to yesterday. right now, we are still in the climb, 84 degrees in the district. gaithersburg, how's it going, 78 degrees for you, down towards areas like clinton, in the low
11:41 am
we are getting ready to go on our climb. we've got this convective nature storms today, in other words, we've got the ingredients we need to see these storms materialize. and we might see that this afternoon, so very similar to yesterday as far as timing goes. after about 3:00 p.m., i'd start looking for it and it should start to wrap up by the time the sun begins to set this evening. and as we head throughout the overnight hours, we should stay pretty dry but our next big chance for showers and storms moves through late friday and into early saturday with our next system approaching or cold front getting ready to pass through. the cold front is going to move through, again, late friday night into early saturday morning, bringing with it the chance for some showers, maybe a few rumbles in there but after that, we quiet down, clear it out, making for a spectacular saturday. let's head back to thursday, just in case you got some errands to run before it's all said and done today. get out there early before rush hour, before the storms. temperatures climbing into the low 90s. this weekend, going to the beach, it's going
11:42 am
nice one. not really sold on the storm or rain chances, it's very low, temperatures in the low 80s. quick look at the storm team4 ten-day outlook. 90s today and tomorrow, 80s over the weekend. the next big talker is going to be that rain that's really going to be making for a messy commute on monday. back to you all. just released, the names of those receiving the 2017 kennedy center honors. singers gloria estefan, lionel richie, and ll cool j top the list. dancer a dancer will also be honored. the ceremony takes place in december. we're going to tell you about a new rewards program from a major cell phone provider and why you're going to want to read the fine print. this video is meant to catch your attention. think about it. the last time you took an uber or taxi, did you buckle up in the backseat? what about your kids who are out of car seats in are they bu
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all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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>> reporter: we are working for you today with backpacks for kids to help them get ready for school. >> take a look. we have been collecting all morning, and we've got backpacks and school supplies piling up there. i think this may be the second bin that erika has filled up so far. >> making easy work of this stuff. news4's erika
11:46 am
there in kingstown. erika, how's it going? >> hey, erika. >> reporter: guys, we are doing great. we have a few more minutes. if you come out here -- i know, they're cool. i know. if you come out here, i will hook you up with a pair of these glasses. we're doing so great. we have had so many people come through here and drop off new backpacks, empty backpacks, backpacks filled with school supplies like this one, that's already bursting at the seams. pencils, paper, this is all an effort for us to give back to our community, to help the kids that need it most get off to a wonderful start this school year, because we know it's hard. you got to, you know, parents have to spend on school supplies, they got to spend on clothing. it can be a lot. and sometimes when they get into classes, it's the teachers that have to put in a little extra. we know what you do for our kids. so thank you for that. speaking of the classroom, fairfax county public schools is with us this morning, chairman
11:47 am
you got a very cool backpack, ma'am. >> i love this backpack. a little girl is going to fall in love with this backpack. >> reporter: and it's hefty. it's got supplies in there. >> it's very full. yes. >> reporter: tell me a little bit about the need in fairfax county alone. >> most people would be surprised to know that we have about 50,000 children who qualify for free and reduced lunch in fairfax county. and just to give people some perspective, the city of fairfax has a population of about 20,000, and so you're talking about more than twice the population of the city of fairfax. >> reporter: we need a lot of help. supervisor. >> my favorite thing about this event is it levels the playing field for our kids. when they start school, every kid should have the right supplies to be able to succeed, and public education's a great equalizer, but our kids have gotten to prepared, and so this helps those who might not have the resources to do it and give our kids the best chance on day one at school to
11:48 am
being with us today. we'll be here a few more minutes, until noon at the apple federal credit union in alexandria. and we invite you to come out here and visit with us a few more minutes. you can also donate online. so whichever way you can contribute, we appreciate you supporting our kids in the community. back over to you guys in the studio. >> erika, looking good out there. thanks. verizon has a new rewards program out this week, but as contessa brewer explains, there is a catch. >> reporter: verizon has launched a new rewards program called up, but there's a catch. customers reportedly signed up and then they're also enrolled in a personalized ad program that tracks a wide range of data, including browsing habits and device location. verizon then shares that information with several companies, including oath, that's the merger of aol and yahoo. in a statement, verizon says the program's voluntary, and you can opt out. with your cnbc mng
11:49 am
report, i'm contessa brewer. safety experts want to make sure you buckle up in the backseat. >> they've released dramatic new video to show you what can happen if you don't. >> reporter: to illustrate the pear perils of passengers not wearing seat belts in the backseat, they released graphic video this morning of showing what happens at 35 miles an hour. >> the rear seat passenger flies forward in the crash, hitting the back of the driver's seat, pushing the driver into the seat belt and the steering wheel. >> reporter: the institute says drivers are twice as likely to be fatally injured when an unbuckled rear seat passenger comes flying forward. >> when you don't buckle up in the backseat, it puts not only yourself at risk but it also puts other people in the vehicle at risk. >> reporter: an institute survey of about 1,200 people also found many of us don't buckle up in the
11:50 am
even when we're taking a taxi or an uber or lyft. >> more than 50% of the people who die each year in the rear seat are unbuckled and that number would drop dramatically if people buckled up. >> reporter: only 29 states and d.c. require backseat safety belt use, so all safety experts say they're just trying to get everybody everywhere to buckle up. nbc news. and after the break, a look inside the new coal field house at the university of maryland, what it offers fans and students. and hear from the two washington players who share more than their ability to play football. they're from the same small town and the same high school. we're goi
11:51 am
deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away. and you can help her feel bright, without breaking your budget. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and i about any... oh, on the bed? absolutely not! okay... studying together is fine... and at ikea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey. what's going on now? move the flag.
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it's a new era for cole field house at the university of maryland. the school finally unveiled its multimillion dollar renovation project. take a look. it not only is a state of the art practice facility for the football team, it's also home to the center for sports medicine. in the research lab, they'll spend time learning how to protect student athletes from traumatic brain injuries. the full renovations expected to be done in 2019. thursday night football making a return tonight. you can watch the dallas cowboys and the arizona cardoinals righ here on
11:54 am
this is the annual hall of fame game in canton, ohio. that game starts at 8:00. the redskins' first preseason game is one week from today. >> yep. and for now, it's training camp in richmond where two childhood friends are enjoying their time together again. carol maloney shares their advice for anyone trying to make it the way they did. >> reporter: same hometown, same high school, and now back on the same field. half of the redskins' starting secondary hails from greenwood, south carolina, population 23,000. josh norman and d.j. swearinger are reunited, reminiscing, and ready to rock this season for the redskins. >> it's rare for small hometowns to have two in the same -- somewhere like miami or somewhere in texas, probably. but south carolina, greenwood, no. >> we have a surprise for you. i'd love to get your reaction. who's tha
11:55 am
who's that? >> oh, man. them was really the salad days. >> everybody had a mohawk. >> paint on his face. >> that's exactly what happened to me. i ended up coming up so hard on the guy, hit him in his back, and my mouthpiece flplugged my whole mouth. it never did stitch up. >> do you remember that moment right there on camera, every time you have to shave. >> every time, something right there. it's kind of like my tattoo. >> reporter: i love this play. >> let me get that. i need that. i appreciate that. oh, man. >> reporter: what message do you have for the kids back home and i guess everywhere that kind of really want to follow in your footsteps? >> it don't matter where you come from. put your foot first, man, and go do it. a hundred percent. put your whole heart into it, man. you can do it. >> i didn't have any girlfriends, nothing like that, ball was my girlfriend. nothing elseame before that except my family and god, of
11:56 am
we lived by and that's where we t at today. someone out there aspiring to be where we're at, do the same thing we did, you'll be here no problem. >> reporter: already so much talk about the brotherly love out here, now we know one relationship between teammates goes back to the good old days. in richmond, carol maloney, news4 sports. >> they're going to make some good old days together now. it is one of the most difficult tickets to get your hands on but if you want to hear "hamilton," quarterback kirk cousins is here to help. >> the $10 founding father went a lot farther by working a lot harder, by being a lot smarter, by being a self-starter, by 14 -- >> not bad, huh? that's cousins rapping the first song from the hit broadway show. last year, we found out it's one of the many musicals he wants to see. he says he's hoping he can get a seat when it comes to the kennedy center
11:57 am
until next year. meanwhile, he's going to keep on rapping. he's ready for it. one last look at the forecast. >> let's go ahead and take a look at this. today we are going to see that storm, chance is going to be in the afternoon, very similar to yesterday. temperatures panning out in the low 90s through the end of the week. the good news is, front moves through friday and we are going to see that really bring a drastic change to our temperatures over the weekend. it does bring with it that threat for overnight showers and possibly a few rumbles friday night into early saturday morning but by the time that sun comes up, i'm convinced we'll be seeing pleasant conditions. temperatures in the 8 os ov0s oe weekend. expecting a drencher on monday. lot of rain showers as well, embedded thunderstorms in that. let's look at the storm team4 ten-day outlook. back to you all. and thank you for joining us for news4 midday. we'll be back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> in the meantime, you can get news and weather up
11:58 am
app. have a great day, folks. we'll see back here tomorrow. >> see y later.ou
11:59 am
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♪ i like this song, and the video. demi lovato's brand new video for sorry, not sorry. >> that's the best apology ever. sorry not sorry. features paris hilton, jamie foxx getting down with khalifa. >> who was the guy with the great muffin top flopping around? that's my guy right


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