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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  August 11, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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desk. president trump hit on several different topics speaking to reporters from bedminster, new jersey, where the president is staying for a working vacation. >> officially, right now, it is an emergency. it is a national emergency. i am very disappointed in mitch. if he gets these bills passed, i will be very happy with him. >> what they have been doing and whoo they have been getting away with is a tragedy and it can't be allowed. >> the president speaking of two different points, hitting on things like the opioid epidemic, senator majority leader, mitch mcconnell and north korea. there is a new development. they say the u.s. will not launch a pre-emptive strike without talking to south korea first. countries around the world are waiting to see if north korea will follow through with a detailed plan to fire missiles on guam. the president reiterated his
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i don't have to say it again. i'll tell you this. it may be tougher than i said it, not less. it may very well suffmay be tou. >> president trump promised fire and furry if north korea makes more threat. there are almost 7,000 american troops on guam representing the air force, the navy and the coast guard. nbc's tracie potts will join us in about ten minutes to talk more about the president's disagreements with mitch mcconnell and what that means for congress. montgomery county police are trying to identify a person found dead in a wooded area. chopper 4 was over the scene just off river road and the beltway. we are told a person was walking along the booz creek when they found the body. an innocent victim caught in the cross fire remains in critical condition. a 17-year-old g w
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along saratoga avenue in northeast yesterday. a local minister said she is praying for the violence to end. >> if you have hope that our communities can change, we have to be the change that we want to see. >> the d.c. police also say a man was shot as well. they are looking for suspects who were driving in a tan or gold colored honda accord with new jersey license plates. >> the district cannot be sued over the deadly 2015 smoke incident on metro. according to our news partner, a federal judge ruled yesterday that d.c. firefighters were not mandated to take any specific actions. the judge says the district is protected by sovereign immunity. riders and the family of the woman who died on a smoke-filled yellow train sued the d.c. government because they claimed first responders did not evacuate the train quickly enough. metro has also been
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case against the transit system continues. cousins in trouble. wrapped up. down he goes. >> what a night. boy, we are exactly a month away from the redskins first regular season game. it sure seems like they are going to need the practice in that time. the ravens crushed the skins in the preseason last night. of course, the game doesn't count. it was the team's first real action since last year. >> i think it is a wakeup call. i think it showed us that as much as we may have been making some plays in training camp and richmond and feeling good about what we were doing, it is a realization that we have a long ways to go. that could be a good thing in the long run. it could be the best thing we need right now. >> the final score here, i am going to whipper it, it was 23-3. the redskins score just one field goal in the whole football game. >> how do you get a wakeup call the first game out the gate? >> that hurts. the next pre-season g
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week from tomorrow, you can watch right here on nbc 4. it can only get better from here. >> that's a way to look at it on this friday morning. let's think positively. 4:34, your time right now. i want to get you another check on weather and traffic. >> we are going to check in for jack taylor. first, we want to see how the weekend is shaping up with chuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. you finally made it to friday yet again. we have been watching a chance for rain on your friday and saturday all week long. i wish i could take it all back. we are going to leave a 60% chance for rain later on today and a 60% chance for rain at least through the first half of your saturday. check it out on satellite. we do, indeed, have a lot of moisture pooled up down to our south. you are flying down to florida this weekend, precious little sunshine on each coast of the sunshine state. thunderstorms and a lot of unstable air down to our south. add a little daytime heating and w
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not much on radar first thing this morning. might get a sliver or two of sunshine here in the very early parts of the day. you will think of today as being a mostly cloudy day. afternoon temperatures today because of all the cloud only getting into the upper 70s and low 80s. if you are thinking going down to the nats game, a delay, at least a delay is likely. they may end up having to postpone that game. temperatures in the 70s. >> we will see where we can get in. if you are in maryland on 50 headed westbound, trying to move through app an police toward the beltway, we will start on that side if you are leaving headed toward route 8, we have a paving project between 424 and freeway airport. a couple of lanes to the left will get you by the on going paving. hopefully, they will want to clear things up early as well. in virginia,
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traveling through richmond, be aware. 95 southbound, you are diverted en route 1. this is an overnight crash investigation. all traffic is diverted from route 2 to route 1. you can hop on 95 past the investigation. it's a scathing new lawsuit just filed against an area school district who says officials did nothing when it came to a teacher now convicted of child sex abuse. it turned heads near the white house. now, you can own your very own. where you can now buy an inflatable poultry version of president trump. the sun isn't up yet. get ready for some stars in our area today. the tinseltown actors you might spot in d.c.
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a lot of you have been sharing the photos of the inflatable chicken outside the white house, the one that looks a bit like president trump here. now, it turns out that you can buy your own. all you need to do is head to ebay, of course. it will set you back about $500 for the custom made inflatable bird. what do you do with it is the question. >> why, why, why. disposable income. tom hanks and meryl streep g
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here in the district filming a movie. you won't be able to park on parts of east capitol street on capitol hill today and tomorrow. >> they are going to film around the supreme court and the library of congress. we went ahead and posted which streets will be closed. you can find that on the nbc washington app. >> if you are gettiready to hea the door, take a look at the current temperatures. chuck will let you know if the heat and humidity will hold off. not tough enough. why president trump says his fire and furry comments on north korea weren't enough. an update on the story we first told you about earlier this week. just how many people have fired a complaint after tar coated their cars. >> when jim vance died, our community lost a legend. you lost someone who helped make the world a little
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night. we lost a very dear friend. so many of you have reached out to comfort us and share your memories. we want you to know how much we appreciate you and your thoughtfulness. you really have lifted us up. advance's sense of integrity lives on in all of us here at news 4. we will try to live up to his
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good morning. it is 4:43 on a friday morning here in the nation's capital. skies are partly to mostly cloudy as you get ready to start your friday off. a relatively nice start to your friday. rain chances are rising with time during the course of your friday afternoon and evening. it could be a rather rainy start to your saturday as well. i'm optimistic.
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better. i'll start talking temperatures warm and humid both days with that ten-day forecast. any 90s in sight yetment i will let you know. that ten-day forecast is coming up in just a couple more minutes. for now, let's go back on into the news. aaron and erika. 16 before the hour. covering montgomery county. the school district says it is committed to the safety and security of every student but cannot comment on a pending lawsuit involving a teacher convicted of child sex abuse. >> the family of one of his victims say there were multiple complaints about him and the school district failed to act. >> this convicted pedophile never should have been in the classroom with this particular girl. i am particularly disturbed to see a pattern with this school board of allowing teachers in the classroom that have
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history of represeimand. >> he taught for nearly two decades at cloverleaf elementary school in silver spring. tracie potts is live on capitol hill to break down the uncertainty and fear really surrounding all of this with north korea. >> the president did leave open the idea that diplomacy might work but he doesn't seem very hopeful. he is doubling down on the fire and fury talk we heard previously. the president saying maybe he wasn't tough enough. this isn't a dare but a statement that pyongyang, north korea, should be very nervous about what the u.s. will do if they decide to hit guam. still, the question out there whether north korea will send those four missiles that they are working on a plan for to guam. they are talking about sending these missiles to
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miles of the coast and the u.s. has said if so, it will be devastating for north korea. >> tracie, i want to change lanes here. we know that president trump and mitch mcconnell hasn't seen eye to eye on things. what is he saying? >> mitch mcconnell telling him to come back to washington, get the job done, get his agenda past, health care and tax reform. the president seems to be taking aim at mitch mcconnell. some of his colleagues coming to his rescue and defense as the president really seems to be focusing on mcconnell at the center of not getting his agenda done. the thing is, when congress gets back, given the fact that they have these budget bills and a hard deadline and a debt ceiling to deal with in a month or maybe less than a month from now, the u.s. could default. those issues have to beea
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it is still questionable whether they will get back around to health care or make any progress on tax reform. tracie potts, thank you. i'm chris lawrence here at the live desk. we are keeping an eye on alabama. heavy rains causing problems in that area. flash flooding. you are looking at new video from huntsville. the water made streets nearly impossible to drive through. several homes have been damaged. some creaks and rivers nearly overflowed. they are expecting even more rain this weekend. this could be a problem for a while. aaron? it is 4:47 now. only on news 4, d.c.'s police chief is speaking out about the decision not to charge an officer that shot and killed an unarmed black man. federal prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to convict officer brian trainer of any crime. terrence sterling, seen here, was drunk when he crashed his motorcycle into the police
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fire killing sterling. d.c. police chief told news 4 that the department has talked to trainer's lawyer about having him re-sign. >> the two things i can control right now is to make sure we do a very complete and thorough investigation, that we get the sterling family the answers to the questions they have. >> the officers is now assigned to a desk pending investigation. community members were devastated when the annapolis yacht club was destroyed by fire. the capital gazette reports the renovated building will have an all grass facade in the sprinkler system. the work will last until next summer. lights on a christmas tree malfunctioned causing that fire and the building not to have a working sprinkler system. if you want to help decide the new name for
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highway, you can hetd ad to a meeting tonight. an advisory committee will take suggestions. if you can't make that meeting, you can fill out a survey online. head to the nbcwashington app for more information on them. >> crews are going to have to start all over on a building in northwest washington. yesterday, that building collapsed. you can see crews and bulldozers on sherman near p tthe area. the walls crumbled. nobody was hurt. there is a ten-foot deep sinkhole swallowing a woman's garden. prince george's county says heavy rain caused this problem and the county is not responsible. the homeowner says she has no idea p h
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>> we get a lot of rain. the water goes somewhere. >> the county's environmental department said it discovered metal and other materials degraded faster than the soil which caused that sinkhole. no other neighbors have had similar issues. the county is urging homeowners to watch out for signs of the soil to cave in. it could cost between $5,000 to $20,000 to fix that sinkhole. >> you saw this next story right here. since we told you how to contact v dot if your car was splat erd wi with gunk. it was covered in some kind of liquid asphalt. it looked like cars were covered in tar. vdot will fix the problem if this has happened to your car. >> a little rain is not going to help these folks to clean up that mess. >> no kidding.
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i could imagine me out there with the q tip and the goof off trying to get that stuff off. >> and tears. >> how much rain are we talking, a total washout this weekend or we have a little glimmer of hope for some sunshine? >> there are glimmers. sunday, honestly, i'm a little more optimistic about your sunday plans. saturday remains quite the challenge for your outdoor activities. cloudy skies over washington now. a very muggy start as well. 72 here in downtown. temperatures out in the 'burbs this morning. prince george's county, 71. anne arundel, 71. 62, waldorf. not a cold start. with all the muggyness, it is going to be very
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probably dry through lunchtime for most. rain becoming more and more likely as we get closer to the afternoon and evening. not much on radar. first signs of raindrops, those will be the first that come into the schenn valley. the hit and miss activity between noon and 5:00 or 6:00, just because it doesn't show rain, doesn't mean it can't be raining. by 11:00, rain could be briefly heavy at times. could pick up a quick .5 to 1 inch in localized spots. saturday morning, look at the high chance for rain early. hit and miss showers continuing well into the afternoon. may have a spotty shower or two in your saturday evening plans as well. that should pull out of here leaving sunday on the whole a mostly dry
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tomorrow. no more than an isolated rain chance on sunday. that means rain chances are below 30%. higher rain chances return for monday and tuesday. jack taylor, no one cares if it rains on monday and tuesday. >> except for that monday morning rush-hour when we had water. the baltimore washington parkway going northbound, after 410, we had a crash that temporarily closed the northbound lanes. thankfully, now, we have the right lane getting by. we have investigation outside of frederick on 70 westbound at a south mountain rest area. the investigation ongoing. crews still in virginia closing 95 southbound on route 1 in spotsylvania because of an accident investigation. you will find traffic diverts on to route 1. northwest crews still working on the rock
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kennedy center. >> jack, thank you. >> they are all the rage right now. this morning, there is another warning about those popular fidget spinners. what you need to know before letting your kids play with one. >> you may find your favorite spot closed. the popular chain that says it is closing some of its restaurants. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection...
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you see kids all over the place with these things. they love these spinners, fidget spinners. the consumer products safety commission says they are a choking hazard and the small parts can come off easily. they say parents should remind kids never to put them in their mouth or play with them near anyone's face. some of your favorite chain restaurants may disappear. the parent companies of appleby's and ihop are planning to close some locations. no word on when or which ones. you have probably heard that washington, d.c. is in the middle of a rat battle. >> many of you have contacted us with crazy
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they are sent to the news 4 iteam by employees at an animal shelter. not the kind of critters you want to adopt. here is jody fletcher. >> reporter: take a look at this video recorded by employees at d.c.'s rescue alliance to show what they are up against. they have been swarming the new york avenue location. several rats at a time inside the animal's cages from floor to ceiling. >> these are large what i call breeding adults. >> reporter: he said shelters are a prime target, because there is ample food wanted ter left out for dogs and cats awaiting adoption. >> it is very difficult to keep the vermin out. >> reporter: the nonprofit shelter's spokesman says it has been a struggle for years. they have pest control coming twice a week to set traps. coming up on "news 4 at 11:00," see what else they are doing
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animals safe. jodi fleischer, news 4 i-team. >> this sunday, scott mcfarland will walk you through his year-long investigation into teacher misconduct cases to help parents better informed and how to talk to your kids about abuse. "slipping through the cracks" airs sunday morning at 11:30 after "meet the press." "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. past approaching 5:00 on this friday. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erin gonzalez. >> we are working to help you start your day off the right way. a look at the roads and rails in just a second. first, chuck bell is headed outside to the storm team 4
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how is it feeling? pretty nice morning to be outside. 90% of the effort for working on fridays is just getting up and getting out of bed, specially when your alarm goes off at 1:30 in the morning. skies are mostly cloudy. temperatures are in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. if you are planning out your friday, take a check of our forecast then. be able to see there is a very pleasant day on the way. temperatures, take a look at max 1. where did the temperatures go? there is the city camera. it looks good there. showing not much rain out there just yet. a couple of sprinkles out near elkins, west virginia. 68 at dulles airport. 68 down the road in beautiful fredericksburg, virginia. 73 degrees in annapolis, maryland this morning. upper 70s and low 80s. lots of clouds around. you might get a little sunshine early today. rain gets to become very likely by later on. a 60% chance that rain will interfere with your outdoor activitiest


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