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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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wrong on live tv had to say something after the show. when it comes to powerball, one of the biggest jackpots ever just hours away. we have tips to increase your chances. first, it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody, i am aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. lauren ricketts is joining sheena parveen. >> we will look at the commute with wtop's jack taylor. ladies, maybe good for the morning to spend time out there? >> i think we're getting a sun tan with the lights. >> the sun is coming up. we may be dealing with a few showers as the sun comes up. once the sun goes down, looking at really nice weather. >> we have big changes coming. we're still warm outside this morning. it is cloudy skies, 79 degrees in the district. the showers
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have them around now. as we go through the afternoon, we have a cold front moving through, we will see some nice changes under way. that's in the forecast for today. 79 now. we'll be in the mid-80s this afternoon. clouds will hang around this morning once the sun comes up, you will notice a few light showers around. taking a live look outside, no fog this morning, that's good. visibility is not looking too bad either. coming up in a bit, talk about the cool down and a cold front as it makes it through your wednesday. today is a transition day before nice weather sets in. talk more about that in a bit. let's check the roads with jack taylor, wtop. hey jack. >> good morning, sheena. reported crash rockville 355 stratmore avenue. traffic there at the kenld center alternates by. hanging out another hour. clear by 6:00 or 6:15. innerp
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this work, milling and paving. two left lanes blocked in the process. getting the barrels out of the roadway as we speak. 5:02. breaking news now. dramatic video overnight of protesters facing off against police. president trump spoke in phoenix. erica gonzales at the live desk with more. >> this was unfolding after president trump's rally. look at the tear gas that created a huge haze in the air. police arrested four people, although one was for unrelated charge. before this happened, protests were peaceful. there were people there rallying for and against the president. >> erica, thank you. that looked chaotic there. we heard police had a news conference, too. what do you know about
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report, they said this was appropriate use of force and they also didn't believe it was a really chaotic scene, you see a lot of people running from the scene, all the haze in the air. the phoenix mayor said what we saw was much smaller group of people and that it was important to get everybody home safely. back to you guys. >> erica, thank you. 5:03. while protesters filled the streets outside the rally, inside president trump was unscripted and really worked up his supporters for more than an hour. >> and saved some of his toughest rhetoric for the media, blasting coverage of his response to the violence in charlottesville. >> just like they don't want to report that i spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry and violence and strongly condemned the neo-nazis, the white supremacists and the kkk, i openly called for unity, healing and love and t
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>> the president later tweeted quote not only does the media give a platform to hate groups but the media turns a blind eye to the gang violence in our streets. this morning, dozens of neighbors waiting for answers after a three alarm fire destroyed their apartment building. look at the flames. this is the scene in hagerstown, maryland at the woodbridge apartments in washington county. a neighbor said he thinks a lightning strike started the fire. firefighters believe everyone got out of the building safely at one point. couldn't do a proper search because flames were too intense. the clock ticking for neighbors living at the lynnhill condos. >> folks have until noon to leave homes because of code violations. justin finch is live there with what's next for these people. justin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. as you might imagine, a hard day for close to 100 renters
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for many living here, these are their final hours in their homes. neighbors yesterday were understandably upset, told they had just 24 hours to leave their homes, this after prince george's county fire department held surveys going into both buildings floor by floor, finding they did not comply with 14 of 23 fire code violations. these include broken fire alarms, nonworking fire doors, and last friday, you may recall fire officials were out here posting violation notices and giving the complex until yesterday morning to comply. we can tell you in between that contractors and neighbors here tried to pull together to comply with violations, but in the end they did not make it. county social services will be out here today helping to assist in finding temporary housing. red cross as well. the neighbors are telling us that would only give them about seven days of temporary
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who are not going to make it out by the noon deadline today, what will happen to them? >> reporter: well, as you might imagine, to move your things out in 12 hours or so, there's talk at the condo complex perhaps they can have lawyers step in and give them a bit morle leewa. that's not hard and fast. if they can't get that extension, that means today if people are here after noon, they could have to be legally removed from their homes. justin finch, news4. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. six minutes after the hour. today we will hear from the family terrorized 40 years ago by a member of the klu klux klan. they're getting attention on the nbc washington app. during the 1970s, a member of the klan placed a burning cross on the lawn of the couple. the man is now a priest in arlington. he took a leave of
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writing about his past. he wrote my actions were despicable, hard to believe that was me. one parishioners we spoke to is willing to forgive. >> he asked for forgiveness, and that's exactly his birth right. i say okay. >> today, the couple's attorney will address the fact the couple never received the restitution he was ordered to pay them. working to learn how a man is doing after driving himself to the bladensburg police station. it turned the police station into a crime scene. police believe the man was shot somewhere else, haven't said where. the man was rushed to the hospital. right now on news4, as many of you get ready to head to the nearest metro station, there's a new law supposed to make metro safer. >> news4 transportation reporter is live at the
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station. adam, what changes should we be expecting here? >> reporter: this is a huge deal for anyone that rides metro, even if you know someone who rides metro. yesterday, the president signing into law a new compact that allows virginia, maryland, d.c. to set up a new safety commission that oversees safety of metro. why is that important? take a look at this video from east falls church last year where there was a derailment outside the station. after that event there were a series of safety lapses that were uncovered, including the fact that some inspectors were falsifying reports and that trains were allowed to run over sections of track that hadn't been checked for months, maybe even years. there wasn't a safety commission that could sink their teeth into metro. now with the new legislation, this new group once set up can do things like punish metro if they're not complying with their own safety procedus.
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we're going to talk to riders and ride on the train for reaction to the new safety commission that should be coming for metro riders. back to you. >> thank you, adam. 5:09. today could be your last wednesday working forever. can you imagine? that's only if you win tonight's powerball jackpot. tonight's jackpot is worth $700 million. >> i'd still be here. >> i would be too until i plot my life and slip away curiously. >> this is the second largest in the game's history. chances of having a winning ticket, 1 in 292 million. don't let that discourage you. if you're inclined to play. >> don't give up life savings or kids college fund. >> buying in pennsylvania may improve your odds. here's how the math breaks down.
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after taxes, looking at $293 million as a payout. you know, not everyone can run to 7-eleven to pick up a powerball ticket like we can in our area. look at this. these are nevada residents crossing the border into california for their chance at millions. the line at this store wrapped around the parking lot. some people waited in line for two hours. did you see this happen on live tv? a stunt gone wrong on "america's got talent." what a magician had to say after he stepped off the stage. a local school district under fire from moms. why some say an ad for an app to make their lives
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insulting. we continue to see a few light showers out there right now, maybe a small umbrella out there for this morning, but big changes begin this afternoon. sheena has the information on that cool down and how cool are temperatures going to get with the ten day forecast coming up. an unusual rescue, a couple aaved from a fiery crash by
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5:14. new fallout after the latest in a series of deadly accidents for the navy. the commander of the navy's seventh fleet is relieved of duty. the navy says it was due to loss of confidence in his ability to command. this comes after monday's collision involving the "uss john mccain" and an oil tanker nearga
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ten sailors are missing, some remains have been found. an off duty sheriff deputy saved a man and his wife by shooting at them. their car was going up in flames as the deputy was driving by, this was in florida. he jumped off his motorcycle, realized they were trapped, made a split second decision to use his gun to get the door open. >> had to use any means to get into the vehicle. i had to use my off duty weapon to fire one shot, put a hole in the window. >> the deputy went into the back seat, helped the couple out. they're both okay now. the couple was actually headed to orlando to visit their grandchildren after getting into another car, they were able to continue their trip. news 4 your health, a new way to check for one of the top killers. cardiac arrest takes thousands every year. doctors believe a s
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measure risk, factors like your heart rate, how your heartbeats can reveal potential problems. if at risk, get a defibrillator that would save your life. want to point out sudden card i can't -- cardiac arrest is different than a heart attack but can be deadly. send your kids to school. maryland released parcc results. third graders, less than half met or exceeded expectations for language arts, 54% did so in math. same age group in prince george's county in the high 20s for those assessments, that's improvement from last year. the test measures students in 8th and 10th grades. find more on results in the nbc washington app. students in loudoun county go back to school tomorrow. parents are already outraged with the school district. parents fuming over this advertisement for
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district mobile app. headline reads are you that mom. the ad says the mom who is uncertain what the first day of school is, mom who can't remember what time soccer practice ends, and don't let your yoga pants get tied in a knot. parents say it is racist, sexist and disrespectful. one mom wonders how the district had it so wrong. >> in a very weird 1950s style find we don't have a million things on our plate, running and working small businesses, that we aren't working outside the home. >> they pulled the ad and similar video. said in a at the same time, in part, we produced the video using broad satire, hoping people wouldn't mind a little fun being poked at an outlandish depiction of the hectic life-style in our area, we apologize if anyone might have been offended. >> lot of people still chiming in on what they think about this particular ad and see if they
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loudoun county. more on this story in our nbc washington app. >> also, we posted a complete list of start dates for all school districts around here. search school start dates. want to hear from you as you get ready for school. we asked you on the nbc washington facebook page, what's the biggest problem facing your school district. let us know what you think. this is terrible. a stunt on live tv goes terribly wrong. >> this happened to an escape artist, cue you in what will happen. this is on "america's got talent." the guy placed himself in a box that was supposed to fall to the ground. >> first problem. >> all things going on. take a look at what happened instead. >> live tv. the
5:19 am
best of a bad situation. he wowed the crowd by appearing for judges with a fire extinguisher. he rehearsed many times, anything can happen on a live show. >> that's the problem with live tv. it is magic. did you read? magic. you can still vote for your favorite act through 7:00 a.m. sometimes that kind of resilience, making the most out of it, sometimes that works. seven acts move forward to the semifinal round. >> tune in tonight here at 8:00 tonight. we know how it works on live tv. >> there you go. that homerun landed close to boog's
5:20 am
rookie named after the orioles legend. i love this story. the two of them met up before the os and as game, enjoyed a sandwich. during that meeting, face timed a little leaguer who is also named boog. the circle of life in baseball! >> in a few years see him, all three of them -- >> eat at boog's. >> that's where the stars align i guess. >> makes for a good story. >> boog is a unique name. >> i like it, boog. you know a sand storm is called a haboob, reminds me of that. i don't know why. similar letters i guess. here's what you expect for today. outdoor planner if commuting, couple of morning showers, not a big deal, they're fairly light, not widespread. bus stop very comfortable tod
5:21 am
exercise, good day to do it outside, won't be as hot and less humid. lunch if you want to sit outside won't be as hot. a cold front is moving through today. here's a look at the radar. we have light rain to the north of the beltway, some sprinkles there, moving into parts of prince george's county, again, fairly light. it is part of a cold front. as the sun comes up today, you'll notice more cloud cover. cooler, dryer air behind it, that will be changing the forecast as we go through the next several days. 79 now in washington, 80 in annapolis. 73 in leesburg. almost the entire area in the 70s. still pretty warm. the wednesday commute, maybe a light shower, clouds around. then we'll see dryer conditions this afternoon. as the cold front moves through, we start to feel the weather
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we have a cold front and start to dry out, temperatures drop off. only 80 tomorrow, friday, saturday, sunday, looking really good. a look at the extended in a bit. let's check the roads on this wednesday morning. jack taylor, good morning. >> good morning. crews working on rock creek parkway at the kennedy center. traffic alternates one direction at a time. usually gone by 6:00 or 6:15. if up early and headed out, hopefully they're gone by the time you hit that stretch of roadway. beltway is quiet. inner and outer loop, shouldn't find anything in the way. not a bad start. tar trouble. told you about the road that nearly ruined hundreds of cars. now the effort to fix the car s
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this story is getting a lot of attention online now. now the woman who was mocked by the u.s. treasury secretary's wife is sharing her side of the story. this has to do with the instagram post by steve ma mnuch mnuchin's wife. she added several hash tags of designer brands she was wearing. jenny miller commented glad we could pay for your little get away. in a lengthy response, she appeared to belittle the woman for having less money than her. >> when i read the reply, my first reaction i guess was to laugh because it was so hypocritical. >> watch miller's entire interview on the "today" show at 7:00. she deleted the post, made the account private and apologized. >> called her own
5:27 am
highly insensitive. good morning. i'm outside the station and it is really nice out here. it is still warmth morning. 79 degrees in washington, 80 in annapolis now. we have a cold front on the way. little bit of rain across parts of the area, not for everybody, but clouds are certainly around. coming up, we look at what you can expect as you head out the door. i will show you radar and where the light showers are currently. that's next. a woman attacked on a popular trail. police believe there may be more victims. ne details police wanwt
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violent protests break out after president trump's late night rally. the arrests and fallout this morning. car trouble. hundreds of cars sticky and caked up. news4 broke the story. new reaction from the driver that says the cleanup did more damage. lotto fever. now is the time to get that office pool going. powerball jackpot is approaching a record and the big drawing is hours away. is that on your to do list, getting the ticket? >> i have itic
5:31 am
pop place i think i might have good chances. >> all right. 5:30, everybody. news4 is working to start your day right. jack taylor is monitoring the commute. >> let's begin with meteorologist sheena parveen and lauren ricketts on the weather deck, pushing 80 degrees in the neighborhood now, ladies. >> it is. i think aaron has it right. you have to go to mom and pop stores in a small town that no one heard of. >> not tell anybody. you're on the right track. when you don't show up for work on thursday -- >> we'll come and find you. >> you know, it will be great weather out there. a few showers out there now, really headed into quiet weather after that. >> zoomed in gaithersburg for a few sprinkles, this is mostly north of the beltway, starting to move out of parts of montgomery and baltimore. most of the area seeing cloud
5:32 am
cover, not looking at too much rain. clouds, maybe a few sprinkles. cold front is on the way in. as it moves through, there's not a lot of moisture with it. you will notice one thing this afternoon, humidity will be dropping. wait until you see the extended forecast. that's all coming in a bit. check the roads with jake taylor, wtop. good morning. >> thanks, good morning. for the most part, roadways are relatively dry, good news. south out of frederick, live shot of 270, starting to stack up a little bit, moving south of 109. down near 121, much better shape. crews working at rock creek parkway at kennedy center. getting by one direction at a time. beltway quiet so far. inner and outer loop, should find nothing in the way. off to a quiet start. back to you. 5:32. breaking news. several arrests overnight in phoenix outside
5:33 am
president. >> the night started peacefully, soon fell apart. erica gonzales has new video at the live desk. good morning. >> the scene you're seeing here, goo good morning, guys, is what happened after the rally. during the day, people on both sides were not fighting, things were peaceful, but it turned into chaos. police in riot gear, forcing protesters to move, firing off tear gas, smoke making it pretty difficult to see. a lot of this happening after midnight. four people were arrested. two of them for assault, one for criminal damage. the last one was an unrelated incident. police said their response was an appropriate use of force and nobody was seriously hurt. back to you guys. >> thank you. here's some of the top stories this morning. we go inside that rally. president trump rallied supporters in phoenix last night, blasted the news media for coverage of his response to violence in charlottesville and took veiled
5:34 am
republican senators. working to learn how a man is doing after driving himself to the police station after being shot. take a look, that incident turned the police station into a crime scene last night. police believe the man was shot somewhere else, haven't said where. the man was rushed to the hospital. get your favorite numbers ready. tonight's powerball jackpot is worth $700 million. it is the second largest in the game's history. chances of winning, 1 in 292 million. 5:34. police arrested a teenager they say attacked two women on a bike trail in alexandria. >> they were attacked 30 minutes apart in broad daylight on the bike trail near holmes run parkway. police say 18-year-old joshua sprinkle is in custody. neighbors we spoke with are on edge. >> my husband runs this trail all the
5:35 am
with my kids, yeah, it was scary. >> police have released his name, not his photo. they tell us they don't want to confuse the public since the suspect is possibly linked to other cases. this was a scary thing to deal with if you have a loved one in the hospital, suburban hospital, bethesda had to close roads, block access to the er because of a gas leak. the leak in the parking lot. suburban told us it was in mini disaster mode. first brought you that breaking news at 4:00 p.m. firefighters fixed the problem and everything should be back to normal now. 5:35. today you may hear loud noise near the medical center metro station. crews are doing a controlled blast there, building an underpass under the station. when it happens, they'll shut down rockville pike. shouldn't be closed long. if you don't hear the blast, mau hear a
5:36 am
between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. today. we continue to work on a story that created a costly mess for hundreds of drivers. we now know that nearly 700 drivers say their vehicles were splattered by liquid asphalt used in a road project in woodbridge. that's two times more than we first told you about. tar trouble earlier this month. it is up to the paving company to make things right and pay for cleaning. one driver we spoke to is not satisfied with the cleaning job on his truck. >> guy told me it was 100% satisfaction guaranteed and i am not 100% satisfied. i know it is hard to get everything off, but i think, well, i know i need more cleaning. >> one driver's estimate to fix her car is
5:37 am
big birthday party for two-year-old bei bei. >> and a special cake made just for him. in case you wonder about ingredients, sweet potatoes, carrots and apples. he may have a sibling on the way, hold the phone. bei bei's mother is under possible pregnancy watch. >> pandas can have false pregnancy, you never know until you see a baby panda born. she's doing the behaviors we expect for her to do, building a nest, sleeping a lot, not very hungry. and she's kind of doing her quiet time. so we're hopeful she's also pregnant. >> poor thing. can you imagine always being under possible pregnancy watch. the zoo will know for sure in the next few weeks. you know
5:38 am
to have another panda. couple other birthdays, the big sister turns four today, and bei bei's dad has a birthday this weekend. with lauren ricketts. >> she gets to party with the panda? >> not together, but both this weekend. >> happy birthday. 5:38 is the time. at white supremacist wanted. you may recognize him and the new development in this manhunt. wild weather, rooftop rescues, the rising
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5:41 am
an espn announcer's name effecting his ability to do his job. robert lee won't call the william and mary game because his name too similar to robert e. lee. this is trending online. espn made that decision after protests in charlottesville. they said we collectively made the decision with robert to switch games as the tragic events in charlottesville were unfolding, simply because of the coincidence of his name. today, a football team from the area is headed to national stage. they are sending players to las vegas. both teams are
5:42 am
they fly out of bw marshall this morning. didn't lose a single game last year. the president unplugged. didn't hold back in phoenix, attacks against the media and hints of a pardon. what you may have missed in the late night rally. monitoring metro, a new person in charge of making sur
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
we are following breaking news out of phoenix now. protests broke out overnight at the arena where president trump was holding a rally. >> that was the scene outside. inside, president trump was back in campaign mode sfwl the president riling up supporters hitting o n a num
5:46 am
shut down the government for funding for the border wall. >> build that wall. now, the obstructionist democrats would like us not to do it, but believe me, we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. >> the president also took aim at arizona's republican senators without naming them. >> news4's edward lawrence live on capitol hill. what are some take aways from last night's rally? >> reporter: saw a scripted president monday, this was unscripted president trump, lashing out, setting fire to the political world again. the president saying nafta would likely be terminated than not because re-negotiation is not going well. the president insinuating that he might pardon commercial sheriff joe arapahoe. again lashing out at the media on comments in charlottesville. >> edward lawrence live
5:47 am
capitol hill. thank you. white nationalist wanted by virginia police says he will turn himself in. >> christopher cantwell was featured in this vice news documentary about the deadly rally in charlottesville. he is wanted on three felony charges, including using tear gas. cantwell told the ap he was defending himself when he used the pepper spray, looks forward to his day in court. we have been talking about the protests over confederate monuments around the country. now there's another wave happening, people calling for statues of christopher columbus to come down. earlier this week in baltimore, someone attacked a statue with a sledgehammer. that video on youtube. in the district, there are bills that stop honoring columbus. >> think that we should both remove the statues in the district of columbia, and also believe we should change
5:48 am
columbus day to indigenous people's day. >> i think christopher columbus has a complicated history, but the fact he discovered america is something that italians are proud of. >> that's the statue damaged in baltimore, more than 200 years old. baltimore police are asking for help identifying people in this video. 5:48. now to a story first on news4. president trump signed a new bill into law that's supposed to make metro safer for riders. >> transportation reporter breaks down which changes we expect to see. adam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. this is a huge change for anybody that rides a train, even if you know somebody that rides metro. we're going to hop on board this train, take you for a ride on this live hit. this has to do with your safety on metro, that's a huge deal. basically, what it means is there's a new safety commission that has teeth to enforce punishment for metro if
5:49 am
didn't have a group to enforce punishments if something was wrong. look at this video. we have some video of a train derailment that happened outside this station a year ago. the video you're seeing here. after that incident, there wasn't a safety oversight group that could have punished metro the way this law will do. what it means for you is that there's a new watchdog looking out for your safety to make sure things are running the way they should be. the president signing this into law means that maryland, d.c. and virginia can now head up this safety group. once they have it together, see the kind of enforcement they start coming up with for metro. back to you. >> adam tusk for us, somewhere on the metro system this morning. >> he looks comfortable there. we're getting you ready for
5:50 am
loudoun county middle school. the principal at brambleton says her building is unlike any other in the county. every classroom has a window. that makes a difference. seems like a small thing, but these are window walkways with benches where they can read and see outdoors. more than 1100 students are enrolled for first day classes that start tomorrow. good luck tomorrow. >> windows are a new feature? >> some classrooms, depending where you are in the building don't have windows. >> thought that was a fire code. anyway, two cases that shocked the region, school aides accused of sexually abusing students. neither needed or had a teaching license as scott macfarland and the i-team found, they join a growing list of unlicensed school professionals accused of misconduct. >> reporter: buses are ready, kids
5:51 am
your child's new teacher. all teachers are background checked and licensed, but there are other professionals in local schools that are background checked and not noticed, including a recent series of individuals arrested for assaulting children. safety groups tell the i-team, not having a license from the state is a potential risk to your kids. >> those unlicensed people we have working intimately with our kids kids are often in positions where it's easier for them to groom and sexually abuse children than a licensed teacher. those people are often alone more one on one, often have more intimate relationships with kids because they're helping kids who have been acting out, talking to kids about why they were acting out. >> reporter: teachers unlicensed are able to get jobs in 50 states and d.c. in public schools. others with licenses are also economically hurt. how many people are operating in local schools without licenses and what's being considered for change. for now, scott macfarland, news4 i-.
5:52 am
5:52. dramatic video from kansas city. look at this. dozens of people had to be rescued there, some of them from on top of their cars or buildings. there was heavy rainfall that led to some flooding, reached ten inches or more in some places. 16,000 customers lost power. around here, nothing extreme. no severe weather to talk about. >> not only that, we're getting nicer weather. >> we are, it really looks good. today is a transition day. yesterday was hot and humid. tomorrow will be nice and cool. talking about cool, it is a little below normal for this time of year, going from the 90s yesterday to around 80 for a high tomorrow and dry for most of the area. you can see an isolated shower. this morning, this is the morning we are seeing that transitionte
5:53 am
soon, more clouds today. a few very light morning showers, not a big deal for the commute. then we had a big cool down setting up, staying around awhile and through the weekend. the weekend is looking really good. here's satellite and radar. you see the clouds, a few sprinkles toward baltimore and elsewhere, could see a few sprinkles, not too much. zoom into light rain in baltimore, moving out of the area. temperatures are warm. 80 in annapolis, 76 in manassas. 76 in frederick. if you plan to go to the pool today, big changes from yesterday. humidity falling through the afternoon. we start to see more sunshine later this afternoon, too, but temperatures will only be topping out in the mid-80s. here's what's going to happen. there's a cold front this afternoon, moves through, we dry out. tomorrow looks good. there's a chance some computer models may have a couple of light sprinkles north and west of the district tomorrow. st
5:54 am
high pressure moves in from canada. this is dropping down from canada, holding in a cooler, dryer air mass. this will be hanging around for the rest of the week into the weekend and even into next week. the forecast is looking spectacular after today. even today is pretty nice when you compare to yesterday. tomorrow, lower humidity. 82 for a high. humidity low through the weekend. look at these numbers, 82 for a high tomorrow. 80 for a high friday. the weekend is on the dry side. sunshine sticks around, around 80 degrees into next week. we are watching the labor day weekend forecast. so far at the end of the ten day forecast, could see rain pretty far out. we will update as we get closer. let's check the roads, see how traffic is doing with jack taylor. >> good morning, sheena. not too bad. inner loop baltimore, sounds like a crash on the right side. not sure how many lanes are blocked at the scene. outer op
5:55 am
like we have trouble before georgia avenue. vehicle broken downright center lane. hopefully can quickly move them to the shoulder. otherwise, not a bad start so far. see if we can keep that going for awhile. if you think about getting a new cell phone, there is big news coming out today. >> samsung is about to unveil the new galaxy note 8, says it is making things better. >> you probably remember the note 7 was that phone that caught on fire. some people were even hurt. later this morning, "today" show will breakdown differences between the different phones and different options, samsung, apple, google phones. you want to know all of this information before you go buy. >> do you make phone calls? >> i do. i like to have the options. all about the smart
5:56 am
with other people. some other big news. you may have heard about the big decline in retail. now kohl's says it is cutting floor space in nearly half its stores. kohl's is going to create new areas that don't cost as much to maintain and focus on digital sales. good morning, i am landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. walmart diving into voice activated shopping, teaming up with google to offer hundreds of thousands of items through google assistant as they look to compete with amazon and its echo device. that will be available late september. this is google's biggest retail partnership as it tries to broaden the reach of its own speaker. i am landon dowdy. next on news4 today at 6:00 a.m., the girl scouts are calling out the boy scouts. >> it is a gender battle getting a whole lot ofuz
5:57 am
morning. why the girl scouts are accusing the boys of carrying out a covert campaign. a raging inferno, flames race through homes. we're monitoring this developing story. what happened when the fire in maryland was finally put out. after failing to meet fire code, close to 100 people living in a prince george's county condo complex are now forced to leave their homes. i am justin finch. what neighbors are saying this morning, what their housing options are now.
5:58 am
5:59 am
rubber bullets and tear gas after an anti-trump protest breaks out. the arrests and breaking developments overnight. a local catholic priest coming clean, admits to former ties to the kkk. why he is talking about his past now. and money, money, money, money, money! >> nice. see, you're in the spirit now. >> you are waking up to the big drawing day for what could be a roar setting powerball jackpot. good morning, i am eun yang. >> i am aaron gilchrist. everybody hoping to strike it
6:00 am
working for you, getting your day started. >> jack taylor is monitoring the commute. we begin with storm team 4 meteorologists. how is it feeling there? >> it feels good, i have two powerball tickets, i am happier. >> i was just talking, she was like i already have mine. i don't think the weather will impact me to go out and get the powerball tickets. >> not at all. chance of a light shower this morning. overall looking at cloud cover. a cold front on the way in will move through, going through the afternoon, humidity will be dropping. then see clouds clear out, feeling really nice, by 7:00 p.m., a pleasant evening. wait until you see the forecast tomorrow and through the weekend. we have huge changes compared to heat we had yesterday. we will look at the numbers coming up. let's check the roads, how is traffic out there, good morning, .


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