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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  August 25, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the new concerns for federal workers and what president trump may accept to keep the government open. only on news 4, local cops making fun of a burglary victim. how they were caught and the action the department is now taking. good morning everybody. i'm erika gonzalez. we start with the massive hurricane gaining strength in the coast. sheena parveen is tracking hurricane harvey and the impact that we'll eventually see here. i have to ask you, is this tied to the noticeably cooler temperatures we have or is that a totally different thing? >> i wouldn't say that, erika. our weather is actually coming in from canada, the high pressure bringing us cooler weather. harvey is so far south right now, it's not impacting our weather. as we get closer to labor day weekend, we could see the remnants. this has intensified overnight. it's a category 2 hurricane.
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it's about 155 miles from corpus chris christi. the center of it. they've been getting rain bands moving on shore. they'll be getting more and the problem with harvey is it is expected to stall for many days across the weekend and into next week and the center of it could be stalling so close to shore, it's going to be able to bring if a lot of gulf of mexico moisture. that means rainfall totals from 20 to 25 inches there. we'll be watching it closely. i'll show you the track. we have showers around leaving fredericksburg and near quantico, into charms county, near bowie and annapolis and parts of prince george's county. that's where we also have some rain. through the morning, the showers will be gone, on the drier side and comfortable. we'll look at the local forecast through the weekend coming up. >> thank you, sheena. more now on hurricane harvey. the storm is hurdling towards tens of thousands of people in
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texas. want to show you these incredible images from space where you can see how wide this thing is. this will be the first major hurricane to hit texas in a decade. it is expected to get stronger before it hits land sometime tonight into tomorrow. that has president trump promising federal support. south and central texas -- the entire gulf coast impacted. the message from officials, get out of the danger zone now. as you can see, people are listening. this is a live look from houston where the highways have been pretty packed. most of the morning, people trying to get out of there. this was the scene as they filled up tanks to hit the road. 700 members of state national guard have been called up ahead of hurricane harvey making landfall from the governor of texas to the mayor of corpus christi, the message is the same. this is not a
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with. >> i'm not going to risk our police and fire people trying to drag somebody out of the house if they don't want to go. our fire and police, they're fathers, mothers. >> you can feel the impact of this storm on your wallet the next time you get gas. some gulf coast refineries are expected to shut down until the storm passes. the disruption could make prices increase here at home. storm team 4 is tracking this potentially historic storm around the clock. we're sending amelia draper to texas. >> later today, i'll be getting on an airplane with my photographer heading down to texas, landing in houston. we'll be tracking harvey making landfall, likely around corpus christi. this storm is going to bring an impressive storm surge, very strong winds that will cause a lot of damage and widespread flooding. when i talk about heavy rain, parts of texas are going to see 10 to 2
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of rainfall. in corpus christi and houston areas. we'll let you know how it will impact our area in washington. >> follow amelia on twitter and stay with news 4 and the nbc washington app all weekend long for her live reports on hurricane harvey. meanwhile, new information on a possible government shutdown. a senior official at the white house says president trump would likely accept a short term compromise to avoid that. that would mean lawmakers could pass a resolution to fund the government for a few months, not including money for a border wall. that same official says the president would ultimately demand funding for the wall in any long-term spending plan. four accidents, two deadly, are raising major concerns for the navy and those risking their lives to serve. the commander of u.s. naval operations says the collision monday between the "uss mccain
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is a disturbing trend. two died in june. two more sailors from maryland have been missing since monday's accident. today, the man accused of killing his stepfather and then posting selfies with the body on social media is set for an arraignment hearing. according to wtop, beverly was indicted by a grand jury earlier this month and they charged him with one count of first degree murder. prosecutors say beverly killed his stepfather in early july. pinckney asked for a stay away order against beverly months before the murder. this morning, thousands of unsuspecting and hard working people had had their credit card numbers stolen and used to buy and sell illegal cigarettes. the group were caught all because a gas station attendant spoke up. he saw one of the
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with 50 to 60 credit cards this is according to the fbi. want to show you the cameras when federal agents raided two homes in prince george's county yesterday in connection with the investigation. agents were seen taking boxes and boxes of paper and dogs. they spent a lot of time around the outdoor kennels at one of the homes there. >> he bred these things here. they used them just like that. >> neighbors and sources to the investigation said there was dog fighting at the house. but agents would not confirm they're investigating dog fighting. time is now 4:06. let's get a check of the forecast with sheena parveen as we're heading into the weekend. we're looking at sunny skies, need the umbrella this weekend. >> looking really good. we've been talking about the unseasonably cool temperatures for your weekend. now, we're going to keep that in forecast highs. only in the upper
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degrees. mostly sunny skies. today we're starting off with a few passing showers this morning. i think a lot of that will be gone by 5:00 a.m. we'll be dry for most of the morning commute. a mix of sun and clouds today. we'll look at the weekend forecast and the track for hurricane harvey and what that could mean for us locally. >> thank you, ma'am. cops caught on surveillance. what they were seen on video doing at a victim's house that has d.c. police taking action. she's back. alec baldwin returns as president trump. a performance that couldn't wait until the start of snl. >> who do we watch? who is going to pay for it? >> mexico. >> that's right.
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people ask me, why are you doing a rally only eight months in. it's never too early to campaign for 2020. mike pence is already doing it. alec baldwin is back to reprice his role on weekend update. first poking the president forp looking at the eclipse without glasses. then he impersonated the campaign-style rally in phoenix earlier this week. there's about a month left until the fall season of snl kicks off. late last night, the show announced it will return september 30th. are you ready for this? with host ryan gosling
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i wonder f millions of bucks richer. one woman has the pleasure of dealing with that this morning. may have is waz nick wasted no time coming forward after winning that huge powerball jackpot worth $758 million. she also wasted no time saying bye to her j-o-b at massachusetts hospital where she's worked for 30 years. congratulations to her. run, girl. run, run, run. >> don't just run. change your name and phone number. delete social media accounts. hopefully she got an attorney too. >> you were ready, sheena, if that was you. >> i have a good eye for knowing i won't win. i had a feeling they didn't look good. >> but the forecast is looking good for us this weekend. >> it is looking really good. as you go into the weekend, visit the wineries, go for a hike, it's looking beautiful. however, we are watching closely hurricane harvey. it's now a
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could be a category 3ut categor before it makes landfall in texas. coming up, i'll show you the track and what it could mean for the local weather down the road. that's straight ahead. thank you, sheena. they were called to help. but the video held a different story. what these local officers were caught doing that might have them in a lot of trouble. video is hard to watch. but the problem may have been happening for months. why the same che
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ziefrn . we are back at 4:15 checking with our meteorologist sheena parveen. almost fall-like temperatures, right, sheena? >> very nice this morning. it's going to be like this for the next several mornings. waking up with temperatures in the 630s. we have a couple passing showers this morning. one thing we're really watching that everyone is keeping their eye on is hurricane harvey. from the gulf of mexico, it's getting closer to texas. the rain bands are moving on shore. centers about 150 miles from corpus christi. it's a category 2 hurricane, max winds 105 miles an hour. eventually, it will move on shore. could strengthen to a hurricane. it's very warm in gulf of mekts coe, the atmosphere favorable. you see the
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i stall across the weekend. really bad news for texas, especially the center will be so close to the gulf of mexico. still going to pump in the gulf moisture. could see 15 to 25 inches of rainfall in that area. unseasonably cool for us. here's a look at our local weather. 63 in washington. 65 winchester. we have a few showers on radar. 70s in charles county. annapolis seeing the rain. these will be gone by 5:00 this morning. don't expect much for your morning drive. through the afternoon, mix of sun and clouds. high of 80. our weekend is looking nice and dry. next rain chance is tuesday and then possibly, erika, labor day weekend as we see the remnants from harvey making their way up here. a closer look at that coming up. >> we'll see you then. now to a story ohm on news 4. police officers caught on this video making fun
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victim. they were caught on his home a good look at the suspect. news 4's shomari stone has the video and the police response to all of this. >> i am feeling disillusioned. i'm feeling upset. >> you're watching a burglary in action. moments later, he kicks. once inside, clarence williams' town house on wood crest drive southeast. while williams was out of town. the suspect stole a computer, clothes and shoes. the alarm company contacted williams. >> i was appalled. and, you know, at the same time, i was frantic because i was out of the country. >> this was the second time someone burglarized his home in less than a month. it happened august 8th around 2:30 in the afternoon. video shows police responding to the house shortly after. they knock on the front door. no one answers. then they
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you don't just knock on the front door. you check the back door, too. >> police returned to the house eight hours later when williams' neighbors noticed the shattered back door. >> they made a comment to my neighbor, saying, what do you expect? you live in southeast. >> williams looked at the video and was shocked to see two officers seemingly joking about what happened. they talked about the items stolen in the first burglary and the officers questioned his sexuality. >>. [ inaudible ] >> he is probably gay. >> a few minutes later, an officer dances and busts another move by the staircase. >> we've got police out here dancing in my home and acting as if this is a
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investigation for misconduct and are not on the streets. a spokesperson tells us in part their behavior is not representative of the "we are here to help" environment. we work tirelessly to remain committed providing positive interactions with all and hold the trust of the community in high regards. a disgruntled former restaurant employee is accused of killing the chef, then holding a hostage for hours. this all happened in a tourist heavy part of charleston, south carolina. police say the suspect who has not been named, stormed the restaurant yesterday around lunchtime. looking at the scene, the chef has been identified as anthony shane wooden. police shot and wounded the suspect. the hostage was not harmed. we are learning more about those disturbing cheerleading videos out of denr
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media. we're about to show it to you again. it is a critical part of the story. we want to warn you they are difficult to watch. the video shows teen girls being forced into splits. according to the nbc station in denver, the coach was dismissed from a similar position just last year for doing the same thing. the coach has been placed on leave and police are now investigating. the time is now 4:20. let's get a check of your forecast with sheena. the weather department is all eyes on hurricane harvey, which has continued to intensify overnight. sheena? >> that's true. it's now a category 2 hurricane. could become a category 3 before it makes landfall in texas. the problem with this storm, aside from it being a major hurricane potentially, it's expected to drop a lot of rainfall for texas. up to 25 inches in som
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southern t expect locally from the r harvey. we could see that rain through part of your labor day weekend. we'll look at that coming up and i'll show you where things are heading coming up. what a sight. the impressive new display turning heads and the powerful
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the national park service is celebrating its 101st birthday by letting your you and your family enter free. they're waiving -- about 127 of the parks usually charge an entrance fee. there are dozens of national parks in our own backyard. you can look for a list of the parks on our nbc washington app. a huge new mural in the diri
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it features the iconic image of a seated abraham lincoln, but it's not intended to honor the former president. news 4's tom sherwood takes a closer look at the artwork of the workers who helped build one. most iconic monuments. >> the old industrial neighborhood of he canning ton in northeast, a new mural finished this week, already drawing praise. consumer a attorney and amateur photographer flavio -- >> honoring abraham lincoln and the people, the men and women that actually built the lincoln memorial. it's important for historical purposes and it's also beautiful work of art. >> reporter: seen from far away, the mural is by new york artist darren baker. he won a $50,000 nationwide contest by the district government to commission it on the city warehouse. he told news 4, it's important to remember the sons and grandsons
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it's called 28 blocks for the stones needed to make the statue it's part of the repurposing of the industrial land into new businesses and homes. >> what we're doing is bringing art and history to what was a blighted area. >> the increasingly popular metropolitan branch trail in northeast. >> what do you think? >> i think it's great. i think we can all use a little more art in our life. >> this gets people to look at it and take some time to look at how beautiful this is. instead of just riding past so quickly. i used to do that when there was nothing to look at. >> gallaudet university graduate gabriel arian owe said it honors a diverse neighborhood. a ceremony is expected later this fall. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. it is now 4:26. "news4 today" continues with eun yang and adam
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>> erika, thank you. it's the massive hurricane picks up strength soaring towards the coast with hours left. >> millions in its path and cars leaving now to get out of town. storm team 4 is tracking what we can expect when it moves in and the danger from the gulf coast. we're going to in the strongest possible terms, encourage the residents in the low-lying areas, as they say, get out of dodge. >> pretty serious situation in the gulf coast. we'll keep our eye on it all morning. good morning to you on in friday. we made it. i'm adam tuss in for aaron. >> on the day of, too. >> teamwork here. >> thanks for coming in adam. >> we're closely tracking hurricane harvey as it gains strength an moves closer to the gulf coast. >> wtop's jack taylor is tracking your commute. butlet start with the storm and what we can
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team 4 sheena parveen. >> hurricane harvey is a category 2 hurricane in the gulf of mexico. favorable conditions for it to reach a category 3 before it makes landfall in southern texas. this will be a huge problem for the state, anywhere from 15 to 25 inches of rain. the reason is the gulf moisture as it stalls in texas. currently the center is about 155 miles from corpus christi. max winds 105 miles an hour. we'll be checking on it through the morning to see if it strengthens. we have a few showers in charles county and also in annapolis. i think it will be clearing as we get closer to the commute. as you go towards your school day, by this afternoon, looking pretty good. temperatures unseasonably cool. we'll take a closer look at the forecast coming up. let check the roads with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> sheena, good morning. we had a couple of spots that are wet and our f
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everything has been moved over to the shoulder. again, plan ahead for this, please. keep speeds down. roadways are a little bit slick. in the beltway, between pennsylvania and branch avenue, crews have been working along the roadway. they should be wrapping up on the beltway near georgetown pike where that work was along the right side of the roadway. back to you. >> thank you. it's 4:28. now we want to get to the latest on the track of the storm. storm team 4 samarra is here. >> there's a lot of reasons it's dangerous. i want to give you a view of the hurricane. it's lighting up the coast in watches and warnings of texas. let's get to that track. right now, we have harvey the a category 2. 105 miles per hour winds. this is the issue. it's moving northwest at 10 miles per hour, folks. that is a creeper. not only that, once
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landfall, it's going to meander dumping rain as a category 3, downgrading to a 1 then and then leveling out as we head towards monday. the timing on this means, around friday, 7:00 p.m., tonight is when they will see this hurricane making landfall. it's going to sit there into the top of next week. check out how much rain we're talking here. i mean, this is tons and tons of rain. copious amounts. 10 to 30 inches possible along the coast there. we're going to continue to track this hurricane. again, we are expecting it to make landfall this evening, meander through the weekend, dumping tons of rain over the texas coast. >> thank you. as somara showed us, hurricane harvey is getting stronger as it barrels towards texas. >> take a look at this picture of harvey from nasa. you can see how wide it is. right now that powerful storm is headed straight for thousands of people. we have team coverage of the storm. right now, we want to get to sara dollop in galveston, texas.
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are people really getting out of town? >> reporter: good morning, adam and eun. ahead of the storm, the seven counties bordering the gulf coast are under mandatory evacuation orders right now. so people are leaving the area. the governor of texas has declared a state of emergency in 30 counties preemptively. so that emergency services can get to the affected areas more quickly after the storm. part of the risk, it's expected to linger over some already saturated areas for several days bringing more than 2 feet of rain. already stores are seeing shortages of fuel, of flashlights, of water as people prepare in these counties that are not currently under these mandatory evacuation orders. the area has not seen a hurricane, potentially, of this magnitude in more than a


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