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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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our hearts are devastated. >> a devastated city. tonight a dimming of the usual sparkle of vegas. the city now demanding answers in the deadliest mass shooting in our country's history.
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>> this is a crazed lunatic full of hate. >> reporter: tonight, what we know about the local mother killed in the massacre. as the stories of survival and stories of courage pour in. >> i could not believe the human spirit and the kindness that everybody was helping everybody. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. america woke up this morning to a nightmare again. and tonight many are still struggling to understand why. good evening. i'm jim handly. >> it has been a long day for america. the massacre in las vegas leaving us stunned by sadly not surprised. news 4 has learned at least two victims have ties o'our areas. denise bruditis of martinsburg, west virginia killed when those bullets rained down on that crowd of country music lovers last night.
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arundel high school alum tina frost. here is a look at the numbers now, and they are still difficult to grasp. at least 59 dead and at least 527 are injured. many of them in critical condition. >> and police say 64-year-old stephen paddock, a seemingly upstanding citizen, was the one who opened fire on that crowd of 22,000 people. he had an arsenal of at least 42 firearms that were found between his home and his hotel room opt vegas strip. he planned this but we are still not clear why he did this. he set out to inflict this mass carnage. >> this is the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history, and nbc's sarah dahlop begins our team coverage tonight. >> and we're saddened. and we're sorry. >> reporter: a somber vigil a day after bullets rained down on the las vegas strip. >> evil showed its face last night. but love is showing its fac
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>> reporter: at least 59 killed and more than 500 woundsed when 64-year-old steven paddock used a hammer to break two windows in his suite at the planned lei bay hotel and began firing on a crowd of country music concertgoers below. reload again and again before turning the gun on himself as s.w.a.t. teams closed in. >> breach, breach, breach. >> reporter: paddock is described as a wealthy retiree who had traveled to vegas to play high-stakes poker, gambling more than $10,000 a day several times in recent weeks according to law enforcement. his brother offered few clues to a possible motive. >> it's just like an asteroid fell out of the sky. there's no -- there was nothing that would say he would do this kind of thing. >> reporter: among those killed, a tennessee man who was helping his wife to safety when he was shot. and a university student who coached his little brother's flag football team. survivors haunted by those they couldn't help. >> i wou f
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have their arm and there was no -- there was nothing. so we would just cover them up with -- a lot of them were wearing cowboy hats or -- and we would just cover them up and keep going to the next one. >> reporter: people enjoying a night of music and dancing. plunged into a nightmare without warning. >> nevada's governor declared a state of emergency in the county as well as a public health and medical disaster which allows doctors and nurses from out of state to come help treat patients. in las vegas sarah dahlef, nbc news. >> near hi 4 thundershowers after the attack the strip is still lit up and las vegas is still open. >> the mood is a somber one. >> reporter: the sun is going down here on the las vegas strip. you look up the strip one way and you see what you'd expect to see in las vegas on any night, lots of traffic, people moving up and down the sidewalks, in and out of the casinos. but you come up here to a foot bridge as we get a little closer to the scene of the shooting
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pictures looking down the street and they see the mandalay bay hotel. they see the venue across the street from the hotel where there was a concert happening where so many people were injured or killed and they stopped to say a little prayer for those people. they can't help but pause their own vacations to think a little about what happened here last night. >> well, it was on my mind the whole day. i think i still had tears running down my eyes throughout the morning thinking, you know, that, you know, all the poor people that were out here and came out for a nice vacation and a concert. to have their lives cut short. >> i had to come and just say a prayer. you know? it's in god's hands for real. prayer fought families that's really hurting, feeling it. >> reporter: signs like this at the mgm grand really reflect where people's hearts and minds are right now. they're trying to figure out how to help the victims, how to help the families that are rushing here to las vegas. there have been prayer vigils all over this city today. there lel
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strip will reopen. but that will be the effort to return to normal. i'm aaron gilchrist. now back to you. >> and aaron's going to be bringing you live reports tomorrow morning on news 4 today. be sure to follow him on twitter and facebook for his latest information. one of the 59 people murdered last night was from martinsburg, west virginia. and new at 11:00 her friends spoke today about her life. >> woke up by a phone call that told me about the attack in vegas and they were out there for a music festival. and when i got on facebook and was scanning through i realized i'd lost a classmate. >> news 4's jackie bentsen traveled to martinsburg where the news of bursitis's death spread quickly on social media. >> this is jackie bentsen in martinsburg, west virginia. social media posts by denise salmon bcht berditis indicated she was very excited about aending it the
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she looks happy in her final post sunday night just before the shooting. the circumstances of her death are not clear but were obviously horrific in the relentless gunfire that turned a long-awaited vacation into an unimaginable nightmare. in a now deleted facebook post toni perioditis confirmed the loss of his wife. her social media accounts say they were high school sweethearts, they'd been married for three decades and have two children and four grandchildren. friends quickly flooded toni berditis with online condolences. we had a brief conversation at the couple's home with people who identify themselves as family friends. they say they were just too broken up to talk. in martinsburg, west virginia jackie bensen, news 4. the president and first lady along with the vice president and his wife pausing today at the white house to remember those killed in vegas. [ bell tolling ] and members of the house of representatives also taking a
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>> so many of you were looking for a way to help. and nevada officials began a go fund me page to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families of the massacre to make a donation just go to our nbc washington app and search for help las vegas. storm the president and first lady are headed to puerto rico to get briefed in person on the ongoing crisis there. the head of fema says a lot of good progress is being made there after hurricane maria, but president trump has taken some heat from critics who say his response was too slow. 12 days later, 95% of the island, more than 3 million people, are still without power. a quarter of the people there should get power back on by next month. but for some remote areas it could take the better part of a year. flooding is still a problem for those people in puerto rico who are trying desperately to recover. >> take a look at these pictures
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this is what it looked like right after the hurricane around puerto rico. and as of yesterday the waters have finally started to recede. >> doreen gentzler is out in one neighborhood in san juan tonight where neighbors are just starting to survey that damage and starting to clean up. >> reporter: jim and wendy, night is falling here in san juan, and this is when you really see just how dark it is without any power here. we saw only one power crew out on the streets as we drove around today working to get power restored. this street has lines down and poles down all over the place. they don't know when they're going to get their power back on. we also saw long lines of people waiting to get gasoline today. and a lot of people trying to clean up. in fact, even though it's dark and even though it's hard to see, there are still people here cleaning up. they are determined to return their house to
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house their whole life and they have no intention of leaving. tomorrow we are expecting the arrival of a navy hospital ship, the usns comfort, the one that's base the in norfolk is supposed to arrive at the port of san juan. we expect to be there and hope to be able to share with you what's happening on that ship tomorrow on news 4. that floating hospital is said to have one of the largest trauma centers anywhere in the united states. and you can watch doreen's live reports from that incredible 900-foot ship starting tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. on news 4 midday. new at 11:00 tonight, imagine the strength a young girl from prince george's county is able to break free from a much larger man who allegedly grabbed her and sexually assaulted her on her way home from the bus stop. tonight police are looking for the guy and they tell us it happened thursday afternoon in a neighborhood off palmer road near indian head highway and fort washington.
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inappropriately touched her. she was able to break free and run away. this is a purple glow in some of prince george's county's neighborhoods this evening. this is a look from chopper 4. capturing homes, businesses, and government buildings that lit up in purple including the capital wheel at national harbor. part of a national month-long community event to raise awareness about domestic violence. it was kicked off tonight in upper marboro. you can read more on this story on the nbc washington app. just search purple lights. a push for change at the highest level. >> it's apparent we need to do something different. >> the changes that local gun control advocates say our country needs to do now. and how they are working to get that message out. and tom petty's daughter firing back tonight at the magazine who wrongly reported her father had passed away. we've g
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start tomorrow. not quite as cool but still pretty cool. we'll go over that forecast four. 80s making a comeback in a very big way. and tracking our rain chances. we need to see somerain.
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heroes of all shapes and sizes. >> i feel like i owe my life to a couple of girls. that i'll probably never find out who they are. nobody cared what you looked like last night. nobody did. they wanted to save your life. >> that shooting in vegas is renewing the debate over gun control. >> one group isn
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time to say enough is enough. and they held a vigil tonight in alexandria to remember those killed and to get their message out. news 4's derek ward is there and he joins us live with their story. derrick? >> reporter: well, all is quiet now on the market square in front of the alexandria city hall but just a couple of hours ago there was a solemn glow of candlelight. yet another vigil after yet another mass shooting. this vigil in alexandria's market square was held as the presidential administration and some lawmakers proclaimed that it's too soon to consider or even talk about gun policy. >> we're too late. we should have been talking about this a long, long time ago. >> reporter: laurie hoss's daughter was among those wounded at virginia tech in 2007. several massacres ago. a morbid and telling way we now mark the passage of time between senseless violence like that that happened sunt night in las vegas. >> look how much time has passed and look how many americans have
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you know, we're woefully, woefully late. >> reporter: the vigil was held by the coalition to stop gun violence. advocates for what they call sensible gun legislation. everything from increased background scrutiny to limits on the size of ammunition clips and weapon caliber. >> whatever your creed, these times especially under these horrific circumstances demand action. >> reporter: the motives and circumstances surrounding the vegas massacre are yet to be determined. this group is determined to at least lessen the toll of this kind of violence whether there's one victim or more than 50. >> but it's apparent we need to do something different. >> that was derrick ward reporting in alexandria. when asked about gun control today, white house press secretary sarah sanders said it was not the time or the place to talk about it. she added president trump was focused on the victims and uniting the country. hundreds gathered tonight for a vigil in las vegas meeting outside of city hall. and then they also
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church gathering where they prayed and sang. and some held posters with the words "hashtag vegas strong." that is now trending on social media. and new at 11:00, a woman settled a civil rights lawsuit with d.c. today after police officers walked into her home and arrested her without a warrant. you may remember this video from last november between lourdes ashley hunter and officers. neighbors called the police after they say hunter and friends were making too much noise, but hunter says she suffered injuries when officers arrested her. federal prosecutors later dropped the charges. the terms of that settlement not made public. a developing story. lots of prayers tonight for musician tom petty. you've probably been hearing about this on twitter and facebook. he's in a hospital in california after suffering cardiac arrest. several news outlets had reported earlier that he died but then retracted those reports. petty's daughter took to instagram tonight and b
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reporting her father's death prematurely. petty was found unconscious and not breathing at his malibu home last night. he was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support. petty and the heartbreakers recently completed a summer tour last monday with three concerts in l.a. >> it was interesting watching that all day because it was reported, then it wasn't. i'm not surprised by his daughter. that had to be really tough. you've got to be really quafl that stu careful with that stuff, as we journalists now. kind of a lovely fall evening, but summer's coming back. >> that's what we get this time of year. the seesaw. battle of the seasons between the cooler air we've seen. we saw some of that cooler weather during the day today. especially early this morning. some of you were in the 30s this morning. but we rebounded nicely back type the low 70s. take a look. the high temperatures today. 74 d.c. 74
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normally shenandoah one of our cooler spots. petersburg, west virginia at 81. that's some of the warmer air that will eventually move in across our region. right now a very nice night around the metro region. 63 degrees. winds out of the southwest about three miles an hour but we're 63 downtown. but look what happens when you've got high pressure across the area and very dry air. 63 d.c. 48 in winchester. 50 right now in culpepper. a 15 degree temperature difference here. 13 degree temperature difference not too far away. manassas, nokesville also coming in at 50. it's going to be a cool start tomorrow. get ready for that. nothing on the radar picture. we're going to stay dry and that dry air is going to stick here for the next couple of days. high pressure dominating. nothing across the entire east. you could actually see the area, the flow, the clouds moving across and around that area of high pressure. right now sitting directly over us. tomorrow morning starting off on a cool note. now, this is for the city. 58 degrees. yeah, maybe the jacket and the sweater here. but subtract 10 and you get what you're going to get out around the dulles
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county. 48 degrees in some locations. manassas, same deal four folks, out toward loudoun county. going to be a cool start again, looking good by recess and everyone about the same tomorrow afternoon by the time we're picking up the kids about 74 degrees there. a very cool start but a very nice afternoon and i think we get a little above that in the city. going for a high of 76. more sunshine, nice and mild. the average high temperature is 73 degrees for the day today. for the day tomorrow. tomorrow we're above average. but watch this. we go way above average as we make our way into wednesday, thursday, and friday. 79 degrees on wednesday. 85 on thursday and friday. of course friday nationals taking on the cubs at nats park. let's take a look at that forecast. because it is looking great. i know i'll be down there on friday night. can't wait for that. 7:31 start. how about that forecast for you? 79 first inning, 76 for the home stretch, and yeah, sweatshirt and jacket, maybe for the time we're leaving the game. hopefully where the nationals win. temperature there around 73 degrees. saturday's game looking good too. i am going t
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friday but right now i think it stays to the north so most of us remain on the dry side. doesn't look like we cool off all that much until the end of next week. so if you like that little cool snap you're going to have to wait a long time for it to come back. at least ten days, maybe even more. >> as long as there's no humidity i'm fine. >> i'm not predicting that. no. >> then i'm fine. >> coming up, with the regular season in the
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rts donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. and we're back here talking aboutow
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night football." love everything about it. except when the redskins are on. it is exhausting, you guys, hand wringing. and it seems to be no different tonight. the redskins and the chiefs right now 20-17. the chiefs are leading. the redskins 0-4. in the last four games of "monday night football" they're 2-11 in the last 13 games. history does not bode well for the washington redskins but they have the ball right now. under two minutes to go in the fourth quarter. so this one, we'll see if we're in a good mood tomorrow or a bad mood tomorrow. and grumpy too. meantime, the nationals, game one on friday versus the cubs. a workout is scheduled for tomorrow at nats park. usually these sessions are just to stay in shape and get in rhythm during the four-day break. to game 1. but this is a crucial step. they have all their players back finally. now they're trying to get them postseason ready and sharp. guys like bryce harper who's ready to start fresh. >> nothing else matters. the past four or five months
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long we've been playing. that's all in the past. kind of worry about these next four days, enjoy that. then turn it on when those lights come on. >> we've got a lot of hard work ahead of us and a lot of tough games. i think of all the years that i've been here this is the year where we have the best chance, we're in the best shape, you know, to keep playing and play as long as we can. >> now, the nlds schedule against the cubs, it looks like this. game 1 friday, nats park, first pitch 7:30 p.m. game 2 saturday, a 5:38 start. the series shifts to historic wrigley field next monday october 9th and if necessary game 4 at wrigley, game 5 in d.c. we have the workout tomorrow. i'm heading out here, we're going to find out hopefully who the game 1 starter is, scherzer or strasburg. the capital one arena wizards basketball is back, an hi
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the gangzhuo lions. next time up the floor beal reveals the favor. great pass for for theate. wizards with some nice passing. kelly oubre jr. feeling it. knocking down the three. ten points for oubre jr. wizards are dancing in this exhibition. they win it 127-96. so it doesn't count because they're still having fun out there. >> that's right. we're watching the redskins still behind. sorry. no offense. >> i saw all the -- >> we'll bright back. e
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on the eve of testimony up on capitol hill we're learning that equifax's data breach is even bigger than first reported. the credit reporting agency reporting that now 2.5 million additional customers may have been affected by last month's data breach hack. that brings the total number of customers impacted to 145.5 million. a cyber security investigations firm hired by equifax discovered that more customers' data had been compromised, and we could learn a lot more about the hack tomorrow when former equifax ceo richard smith testifies on the hill. smith resigned last month you'll recall after news of the hack. and we want to remind you tomorrow to tune in because we have aaron gilchrist is in las vega
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starting tomorrow morning on news 4 today and also doreen gentzler is in san juan in puerto rico. she's with the usns comfort. she'll be following reports there as well. we have our troops dispersed out on two of the largest stories we're dealing with. we hope you tune in
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