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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 5, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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figure out who the burnt packages were heading to. a fire overnight in maryland. conyers how he says his legacy will head on. >> and we have rain heading our way. i'll shoal y i'll show you the timing. >> news4 midday starts now. >> good morning and welcome to. i'm aaron gilchrist. we begin with the ups e
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the fire spread from the building to self raf trucks. news4 justin finch is here with the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: hey, there, aaron, good morning. of course weeks away from the holiday. so ups warehouse like this all about efficiency. going inside with an extension here and pulling out the warehouse to the ground where they sort out pak ago go to waiting trucks. as you can see at this loading dock right here that's where the fire broke out. similar area. lots of damage callsed quite a big scare last night. >> underneath tarp, an ups parcel processing trailer burnt to its frame. used to move packages from warehouse to conveyer belt and onto trucks. now every package inside fire damaged and water logged. it's only some of the damage left after this a fire that broke out of a 11:30 monday niat
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move f muffin way. i got a chance to talk after camera. they are trying to get back to work and make up for all the lost time. concern now for all of those packages. weeks before the holidays. many likely presents that will never get shipped. ups now working on that sending news4 statement a reading we are working to identify and notify shippers of any damaged packages as well as reroute packages that would have gone out on the damaged trucks. under daylight it's hard to miss the trucks or the scorching on the warehouse where luckily no one was injured. yeah, and to my right the damaged trucks are just behind that conveyor area over here. again, a very big relief that no one was liturgy in all of this. lots of people in that warehouse at the time. and
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trying to track down who those packages were going to, and who shipped them. talking about possibly hundreds of packages, if not more. and, again, the cause of this fire at this time still remains under investigation. we are live here in frederick i'm justin finch news4. back into you, aaron. >> justin, thank you. this morning d.c. arson investigators are trying to figure out if someone started an apartment fire on purpose. fire started around 7:00 last night third street. ambulance rushed one man to the hospital with critical injuries. sources say the injuries don't appear to be related to the fire. several residents were evacuated including a toddler. the workforce center opened as a temporary shelter. >> we saw a lot of the residents standing
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so we opened upt doors. coordinate wd security. then opened the for some of the residents 0 come inside and warm up. >> we know several residents were treated at the scene. red cross stepped in to help them as well. d.c. fire tas police as well as atf were investigated that fire. checking on our weather now and the rain that's moving hour way, sheena, when is it coming, how much we can expect. >> well, part of the area, aaron is already seeing a little bit of rain moving in. but really for the evening commute, that's when we are looking at most of t here it is, mainly still off to the wells. part of a cold front so you can bet once this thing swings through, temperatures will only continue to drop. all the way through the weekend and into next week. rain around winchester. all slowly moving in as we go throughout the afternoon. so most of the area until 3:00 p.m. still on dryer side. cloudy skies. south wind. so actually get into the
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later on this afternoon. here's 4:30 now it's showing us more widespread rain starting to move into the district and down 95. coming up, i'll show you when the rain will move the area. and also winter will be here after the rain moves through. i'll show you how cold it will get straight ahead. sheena, thank you. breaking news, news4 can confirm the d.c. police review board has determined that officer brian trainer violated department policy when he shot and killed terrance sterling and should be fired. happened in northwest washington on september 11th of last year of the sterling was unarmed and on motorcycle. over the summer federal prosecutors decided not though charge officer trainer. back then the mayor and police chief called on him to resign. review board is recommending trainer be terminated now. trainer can appeal that decision. cheers erupting outside the u.s. supreme court for the
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being heard today. they said a colorado bakery should not have discriminated against them. this morning they'll decide whether businesses open to the project have a right to discriminate. this is the bakery outside denner that would not bake the couple's wedding cake. the owner said it was against his religious beliefs. the couple sued. now it's in the hands of the u.s. supreme court this morning. also developing this morning students at a d.c. high school started the day with a new principal, willie jackson is replacing dr. reeves at the ba loo high school. investigation last week by npr and radio revealed dozens of students graduated last june when they shouldn't have. only some on track to graduate. chance lett
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saying integrity to the process by providing students, parents and the broader community with answers. today extra police officers are patrolling at four prince georgia county school after an online threat. someone made that threat on social media against kettering middle school and wise frederick douglas and bowie high schools. only one threat. police have not identified the person, but said he or she could face criminal charges. this afternoon d.c. mayor will discuss stopping the robberies. the task force works to see the patterns. their work led to 24% drop in robberies. also talk about the police exchange program. this provides a safe place to do products from online transactions. right now nbc4 is share the warmth coat
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news4 melissa mollet is in one of the drop off locations. how can they donate? >> reporter: the best thing to do, first thing you need to do is to go into your closet, kind of dig things out. aaron, that is the lard es part. go through and take the time. you know what, via lot of stuff and someone else might put to better use than i can. so here we are here in mcclain today tan looking at a stuffed box. here's executive vice president. you've been a partner along with bergin cleaning. this is a really neat nice thing to do around the holidays. tell me how you are involved. >> well, the key thing for us is that every bank location throughout northern virginia, so we have 25 branches, we serve as collection points for the coats. so we have lots of generous customers, friends, neighbors, that
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any berk bank branch. >> so we bring them down to the hospital and bergman takes them and cleans for free and handed out the beginning of january. >> yes, indeed. handed out. salvation army has a distribution center in alexander. so all the coats, the clean coats will be there and handed out to the neighbors who need them. >> it has to make you feel really good to do this every year. >> absolutely. so we continue, we started again seven years ago, really feels good, it's a great thing to do. really fits with the personality of the bank to be involved in the community and help our neighbors in need. so we are staying with it and we'll continue. >> you can drop your coats off med town community hospital through december 8th or through
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start digging. i know ha i know, aaron, you have a couple of things to bring? >> i'll hit the closet tonight for sure when i get home t all right. melissa, thank you. we are following developments on conyers after allegations of sexual misconduct. what he told a morning radio audience an hour ago. and drug use inside
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congressman john conyers will not seek re-election. announcement made on radio about 30 minutes ago. michigan democrat is the longest serving current u.s. member of the house and has denied sexual misconduct from former staffers. conyers called into a detroit radio show from his hospital room this morning. said it will not hurt his legacy, the allegations against him. >> my legacy cannot be diminished in any way by what wie are going through now. this too shall pass. 88-year-old congressman says he is retiring today and endorsed his son john connier the third to replace him in congress. embattled senate
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roy moore in alabama. president trump tweeted yesterday he needs him to represent alabama. also returned to support moore pulled after several women accuse ds him of sexually assaulting them when they were teenagers. goes to the special election next tuesday. both the alabama and alabama election and the retire mtd of john conyers could have a lasting impact on congress. here with a look at the bigger picture is soirl political for nbc news. a lot going on in the halls of congress. >> absolutely. >> let's start with the senate race in alabama. looks like ray moore may be able to pull this out. >> possibly. it's a toss up race. ray moore has advantage of alabama being republican
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on the other hand the democrat candidate doug jones has financial advantage. has the advertising advantage. and better campaign. the question is what is the more powerful force, alabama republican leaning tilt or rachel maddow has been historically bad candidate? >> at the same despite the allegations against him, you have the support of the republican national committee coming back into alabama. you have president trump going to florida, the border of alabama later this week to hold rally. is the party getting back behind rachel maddow and trying to get something to happen? >> yeah. notably, aaron, the national republican campaign committee, the campaign arm for the senate republicans, is still going to be on the sidelines. not lifting. i think the question is how much is the rn c really going to be helping ray moore. and still trieking president trump is going to be on the
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florida. not all the way in. trying to have it both ways. so extent to that support i think is still an open question. >> we just heard this morning that john conyers is retired now from u.s. house. what do you make of that decision? is this something that was going to happen inevitably anyway? >> it was inevitable. you started to see people like house minority leader nancy pelosi kind of defend him and then move to say it was time to lead. but aaron i'll say it is unclear whether he's leaving today. or what he was announcing retirement i'm announcing today and retiring by the end of the year is still unclear. but regardless, congressman conyers, 88 years old will not be in the seat come next year. >> ultimately good or bad for democrats in the house? >> if they want to have the moral high ground in this story, they need to make sure john conyers of the world, that those people actually get the message and don't serve in congress anymore. >> all right. mark
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appreciate it. >> thanks. billy bush is sticking to his jobs on the access hollywood n that tape of 2005 president trump is heard bragging about inappropriately grabbing women. he wrote an op ad questioning whether it's his voice on the tape. on the night show they in twisted it was real. >> you don't get to say that. because i was there and last 14 months of my life i dealt with it. you dealt with 14 minutes and went on to be the president. >> bush says the president denial reopens the wounds of the 13 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. president trump has denied all of those allegations. bush was fired by nbc after the clip was released last year. house of cards has a card to bounce back after the sex
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scandal. . they announced yesterday they will do 8 more series. production had been stopped after the star, kevin spacey was investigated for sexual a sauchlt he has since been fired. new season will focus entirely on robin write's character. three teachers are out of the classroom accused of lighting up in an arlington elementary school. how the police found out about the marijuana in the physical ed office. >> reporter: tailor elementary in arlington, police say they executed search warrants here. the target, teachers, pe teachers. according to court documents, an informant told arlington police that three taylor elementary school teachers were regularly using marijuana in the school building throughout the school day. that the three teachers smoke marijuana and has
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the pe office prior to the start of school. and that they tried to use air freshner to mask the smell. two pe teachers, 25-year-old luke lloyd, and 28-year-old michael diagdo has been charged with possession of marijuana and suspended from their jobs. according to court documents, the source named diagdo distribor of marijuana to other teachers on school property. >> reporter: any indication others may be involved? >> at this point we don't have information to that. but this is ongoing investigation. so contact police. >> reporter: in a letter to parents to the principal, he said as educators we are obviously shocked by this news. and our first concern has been for the welfare of our students. we believe the investigation is focused on the adults and do
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not involve any interactions with our children. >> pat collins reporting there. the tampa police department is admitting it let lascaux rear criminal pose as assign language in annex conference. last week when they announced serial killer. >> tonight we will be making an arrest in the seminal heights murder. >> new the woman you see there in the dark dress is using sign language but amounted to gibberish. her name is der lynn roberts she's been arrested more than 30 times and spent time in prison for fraud. the police department admitted roberts called them and nobody checked her credentials before going on tv. >> i have to tell you my reaction to that was i was grateful. apparently somebody had called her i thought. >> is it anybody concerned about the security issue that night? >> no, i don't think it's a security issue. i think the issue is she was unqualified to do the service she was trying to provide. >>. the department says from now
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they will make sure interpreters are vetted before going on tv. about to leave office. hear toughest day on the job. and fast fires on lives right now impact. latest on the effort to get it out of contr
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in less than 24 hours, the so-called thomas fire in california hase
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ventura hills just north of los angeles. fast moving brush fire started late last night now exploded to more than 31,000 acres, knocked out power and forced 27,000 people to flee, including students atom as aquinas college. fire firms say one firefighter was hurt there and someone died. they later corrected that information and said the death was a pet, not a person. well, sports illustrated announced sports person of the year overnight. and this year two people received that honor. both are considered heros of houston. the astros led the team to first world series title. the texans j.j. wright helped raise a lot of money. told jimmy fallon last night he's touched. >> it's sports person of the year but jose and i'll tell you itu
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city. in my side over 200,000 people who donated money to rebuild the city. so an award so much bigger than sports. and i can't thank you all the people and sports illustrated enough that helped them t. and people feel the same way about him. really grateful for the effort he made to raise money and sort of raise spirits in texas too after the hurricanes there. >> it is amaze whag they cing w do with their outreach and following alone. so use it for a good cause. >> meanwhile the most popular in the room is sheena parveen. >> well, today. >> see new the spring, aaron. as we go past today we are talking about a big big change. winter is coming after today's rain. it's going to stick around through the weekend. and will be here with us neck week. see see ten days out and do not see the mild air around today coming back. so today stt last mild day. get out there and run nd
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we do have rain on the way this afternoon. and tonight part of the area seeing a few sprinkles. but then the winter weather will get here and watching a couple chances for snow showers. 56 degrees in washington. 54 dulles. 52 degrees quantico. if you are walking the dog today head to the alliance head to the website to find out how to adopt her. by 4:00 p.m. rain moves in. by 6:00 p.m. expect widespread rain. rain up to the wells. but some of them seeing the lighter rainfall spotty there. but as we go through the next few hours look at how the rain spreads across much of the area by 6, 7:00 through the district and through the late evening hours. early tomorrow morning the rain does leave. then the cold temperatures set in. norm little we should be at
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we keep on going down as we end out the week. so 42 friday. there is a very small chance as we go into the weekend of maybe a couple showers. but we'll take a closer look in a bit. >> all right. sheena, thank you. >> new at midday a number of arrests along the border has dropped during trump administration. but not the case with deportation. a closer look at the numbers released this morning. and a change at weight
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welcome back to news4 midday. we are now getting a snapshot of what immigration enforcement looks like under president trump. news4 megan is in the newsroom with new numbers. as you know, this has been a hot issue for president trump. and this morning homeland security released numbers for this year. federal officials say border arrests plunged to all-time low. while deportation arrests soared. made more than 300,000 arrests during the fiscal year that ended september 30th. that's 25% drop from the year before. and the lowest level since the 70s. when it comes to deportation away from more than 110,000 people were
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office. that's a surge of more than 30%. >> every person we arrest we know who we are going to arrest and. based on a lot of intelligence data. >> now, i.c.e. officials say 92% of those arrested by officers had criminal convictions. detoured people from going into the united states. >> megan, thanks. today is your chance to weigh in whether to add speed cameras to local rode. proposal along indian head highway. dangerous roads in our area with average of 6 deadly crashes each year. community hearing at 6:00 p.m. virginia governor in office is coming to an e
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with the goff fleur to talk about his legacy. he says he hopes helping northern virginia voters is what he's remembered most for. >> not that i'll be known for the tolls but opened up and came up with a solution to move more people. >> reporter: he says darkest day as governor was the white supremacist rally in charlottesville that ended with three deaths. right now he's not planning whether he plans to run for president in 2020. weight watchers is making it easier to keep your diet on track. updated famous points system. now more than 200 foods won't cost dieters any points at all. now explaining how it works nbc4. i love bread. >> reporter: the announcement by weight watchers targeting 70% of dults in the u.s. over weight or obese says members with eat more than 200 more items. like eggs, and
11:33 am
guilt free. looking to lose weight at the start of the new year. weight watchers it hoping to get back the members they lost. oprah winfrey praised the move saying too good to be true. >> wow, 200 points with 0 points, 0 points doesn't mean 0 calori calories where are companies like nutra system, it's estimated a million americans are trying to lose weight today. the new year's resolutions are right around the corner. nbc4 news new york. >> well, nbc4 is working in the community to help keep those warm this winter and need your help. melissa mollet is live in mcclain with details of the syllabus saturation army share the coat drive. you stiled
11:34 am
there, right? >> reporter: we would love all the coats you could possibly get. so the first step is go through your closet tonight, dig around see what you can giveaway. so we've been doing this for 26 with bergman cleaning, and peter is here with us to tell us how they are involved. so folks drop off the koetsd. then what do you do? >> then we step in and pick them up from all the banks down at the nurses place and we pick some up with our trucks. wherever they are at we pick them up. >> and you clean them all for free. >> we clean them for free. 26 years. >> reporter: unbelievable. such a blessing for us to have you involved in that part of it. you are with the salvation army, tell us who gets these coats and what they mean to some people? >> sort of recipients of the coats are usually our clients that come in for whatever reason, maybe clothing vouchers
11:35 am
coats. a lot of people, what happens, is that now they don't have to choose between utilities or food or choose warmth between them. >> reporter: so, again, folks can go and drop these off at several different locations. so any berk and herbert bank location in the area. of course we are in mcclain right now. and you can drop them off here and also med star university hospital or at one of the bank locations. we have a great pile here. i'm impressed with everything here. so you'll be pretty busy, mr. berg man. >> i think so. going to be ramming up and cold this week, so that normally brings them up. >> yeah, people start digging, in. >> we'll take any size and any form. >> reporter: thank you so much. aaron, i'm going to take you to task, you'll have to start digging. >> it's going to be 60 degrees, you might take
11:36 am
drop it off. >> thank you. appreciate it. looks like we are going to need arraign jacket maybe today. sheena is back after the break with closer look at when the rain arrives in your neighborhood. and how long it's goin
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starbucks apparently going beyond themed paper cups to spread a little holiday cheer. coffee giant is surprising customers by handing out $1 million worth of starbucks gift cards this month. happening at community ee convention, like tree lighting ceremonies, each with $20 on them will be given away as part of this holiday effort. well, there are pizza parties and then pizza parties literally out of this world. take a look at this astronauts got a chance to create their own pizza at the space station. they had all the fixing there. everything from pepperoni to
11:39 am
pesto. all of those ingredients delivered by rocket while along there. the italian astronaut on board said it was delicious. >> probably because they are eating all the astronaut food. that looks difficult though. while trying to get it on the pizza. >> how they got it to stick. >> tastes good. so whatever works. >> everything is it relative. i'm sure it was delicious. if they were eating stuff in the bags. >> we are at 56 degrees. still more degrees to go before all said and done. >> we do. still warming up before the rain gets here. so this afternoon unseasonably mild. so if you like this weather, get out there, stay outside until the rain comes. because it is not coming back any time soon. today is the last day you can really enjoy these temperatures. quite a bitho
11:40 am
north and west, 56 degrees now. we have a pretty good south wind. and that south wind is warm wind direction bringing the temperatures into the 60s until the rain moves through. 56 clinton. and warring ton. there is the rain up to the north and south. rain is near winchester and hang in this area for a little while until about 3, 4:00, then we'll start seeing them spread closer to the district. here's future weather. there is 4:00 p.m., more widespread, then for much of the evening drive we'll start to see that rain move in to the beltway down 95, across route 70, but clearing as we go through most of the overnight hours. so for tomorrow morning we should be nice and dry for your morning drive. could be looking at wet roads but at least won't have the rain falling. so here's what's happening cold air moves a
11:41 am
while. friday night into saturday morning we'll have an area of low pressure stopping by. this is a storm system we've been watching for a while. if it gets close enough to swing enough moisture, it would be falling in the form of rain and snow showers. at this point far enough away to our chances are pretty slight. still going to go with the slight chance friday night and saturday morning. keep watching this storm system. but keep in mind showers would be cold enough for rain showers early saturday. look at sunday 37 for high temperature. next week we have a chance of in the 30s. >> stop looking at that after friday. >> me too. >> next week is not even on the map. >> i won't even come to work. >> sheena, thank you. ordering dinner from your car, gm is working to make that a little easier. and big food show coming to the washington convention center this weekend. studio smells so good right now. meet one of the chefs taking the stage.
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it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. hood is the brand people have trusted for more than 170 years, and it's packed with satisfying protein. new to your local dairy aisle!
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general motors believes it has an easier way to order coffee, make a reservation, or shop behind the wheel. launched gm marketplace that allows you to press a button on the dashboard to order coffee they can pick up minutes later in drive through late. an order is placed through a wifi connection, directs the driver where to go,
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launching initially with a lot of vendors. >> and speaking of food, mcdonald's is bringing back an old favorite. the dollar menu. fast food chain will make part of regular menu on january 4th but this time items will cost, 1, 2, $3. dozen items including a burrito for a buck, and a happy meal for $3. it has been a winning strategy for mcdonald's. sales has been rising in recent months thanks to dollar soda and 2 for $5 mcpick promotion. more on this. the annual metro comes to the convention center this weekend. ultimate food lovers weekend. shop from hundreds of specialty food vendors and sample foods from restaurants. meet the celebrity
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you've already started cooking. >> i'm cooking, yeah doing tacos, just like we'll be doing at the taco lunch counter inside dell campo. we just popped up in there. and doing a whole new menu of tacos. we have twreert other locations in falls church, and vienna and springfield. >> i'll ask you about the tacos. i'm curious though about the cooking shows. you'll be on the james beard foundation stage at the cooking show this weekend. >> yes. >> you have people, a large audience literally salivating every move you make. >> that sounds a lot more exciting. >> what's it like for you? >> i enjoy it very much. i love talking about food. i love talking about tacos. the food that we are accustomed to doing now. it's a lot of fun for me t and you know it's also great because a lot of great chefs locally and nationally that comes to the show. and it's a great vibe there. >> so folks who come to
11:47 am
campo and the stage are going to get something unique. i can hold things really well. >> please. >> you don't want to give me the tongs. >> i can't do that. >> you might have to. >> talk to me about the unique tacos. >> so what we do is kind of unique take on mexican street food. so we do traditional menu where you have like your car nitas. but we try to break it up and have a good time. so instead here you have duck instead of regular pork carni carnitas. then we take some of our duck rather than pork, and just layer it on there. >> what's the beauty of duck? >> duck has a great fast co
11:48 am
kind of mimics pork in that way that it's kind of nice fat and nice meat to it. and it's unique. not everybody serving duck carnitas, and we are. >> dish it up here a little bit. >> yeah. >> you have this. >> do you like duck? >> can i have this one? >> i'm not going to feed it toutou you, it's not our thing yet. >> that's good. what is it? >> instead of lettuce, we do cabba cabba cabbage slau. >> so we also have what we call the drunken master shim taco only at lunch counter in d.c. and what we do is we take a little bit of burnt eggplant rice with a little miso in it,
11:49 am
mexic mexican chile sauce. >> what is that? >> so we use mexican chiles in our recipe, so now you have to try the shrimp. are you allergic? >> not at all. >> put a little bit of peanuts? >> so taco bam ba is super unique tach rea. we have a great time cooking. led by chefs so you get flavor that you won't normally get at your run-of-the-mill place. >> little kick to that. >> good? >> yeah, spicy. >> i try to surprise people. >> i'm going to wrap up. thanks for coming here. >> thanks for having me. >> chef vo.
11:50 am
saturday coming up this weekend saturday and sundy, i bloo evel right? >> yeah, at the washington convention center. check that out. coming up medical break through, this baby a first in the united stas. tratens
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short of the first down.
11:53 am
about the injuries pittsburgh steelers suffered last night in cincinnati. still in the hospital right now. the nfl reports the linebacker has a spinal contusion. steelers said last night he didn't need immediate surgery and already had ct and mri scans. they were hoping he would be able to return to bits bupittsb. it didn't appear he could move his legs after taken off the field. hoping the best for him. >> miracle in modern medicine, a uterus transplant gave birth to baby boy in texas. tells us what this means for other women. >> reporter: a bouncing baby boy who some are calling a medical miracle. the first child born in the u.s. to a mother with a transplanted uterus. she didn't want her identify known. the doctor at baylor university in dallas shared her joy. >> it was something so
11:54 am
are so excited. after all this this is probably the most special delivery. >> reporter: doctors say 1 in 500 are infertile because of having uterus removed because of cancer or some other complication. in sweden baby's have been born. used her mother's uterus to give birth to her son. >> there was a small chance so i took it. >> reporter: previous attempt ns the u.s. has failed. after nine patients completed. the surgery is high risk and largely covered by research funds. the transplants are temporary left in place long enough for the patient to have one or two children. >> what type of hope does this offer for women in the u.s.? >> it opens up new doors. they may have a chance to achieve pregnancy on their own without a surrogate or without
11:55 am
procedure signaling a new frontier for medicine and new hope for families. morgan rad ford, nbc news, new york. >> and prince george county mother was hoping she would make it to the hospital to give birth. but it was pretty clear quickly that the baby couldn't wait to make her entrance. on monday arrived in the back of an ambulance. overwhelming moment for the mom and all the paramedics too. but for one paramedics zoye was special because it was the paramedics birthday. not only thing these have in common. >> my mom gave birth to me in the back of ambulance and here i am on my birthday all these years later assisting with rest of my crew in delivering this baby girl. >> after the incredible day, dan said
11:56 am
the fire house, for his birthday. mom and baby are doing well today. great story to tell the guys in the fire house. right now you have the opportunity to help those in need staying warm during the cold winter months. salvation army with save the coat drive. melissa mollet is here checking in. what's the latest? >> reporter: we have a great pile. probably 12 coats since we started talking this morning. so listen best thing to do, check out your coats tonight, dig into the closets, drop them hat med star georgetown university hospital through december 8th orr at any berk and herbert bank location through december 16th. so nbc has been involved in this. salvation army and bergman cleaning for 26 years. bank has been involved for the past seven years now. so dig into the closets. they take all the coats from all of the locations across the
11:57 am
area, cleans them for free. by the way, aaron, i asked how many coats they have cleaned over the past 26 years? about 560,000 coats. all of these given away after they are cleaned in january salvation army picks the families and hands them out. pretty cool. >> that's good to hear t awesome. good they are doing so much work and helping so many people this winter. thank you. >> sheena, after today we'll probably need the warm coats and sc gloves. >> literally cover your face after today, aaron. >> we are talking about morning temperatures. look at those, 20s. and look at the ten day forecast. cold air is sticking arntd. ra around. rain is moving in. 63 fod. but we have cold air in place as we go through the weekend and next week. aaron. >> all right. sheena. thank you. than is it for news4 midday. we appreciate you joining us this morning. we are back on air this
11:58 am
in the meantime you can get news and weather
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. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> a little elevator deja vu for beyonce and jay z., smiling and putting on a united front. >> back in the elevator. >> celebrating his 40th birthday in new york. they actually stopped and posed in the elevator for the paparazzi. so funny. this comes after the surveillance tape, showing salon hitting jay z. after the met gala. no there was no salon in there


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