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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 16, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, firestorm, the new threat from a huge wildfire, the third largest ever in california fans by powerful winds, now threatening more homes and threat thing thousands of evacuations. >> it was supposed to be a fun vacation, until hundreds got sick from the noro virus. death of a billionaire and his wife. found in the basement of their mansion the circumstances appear suspicio suspicious. >> unidentified flying objects. >> and santa's workshop, come to
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magic is made. by a man who never stops thinking about christmas. good evening tonight, an enormous and dangerous wildfire is moving toward heavily populated neighborhoods in southern california. it's a fire that's been burning for two weeks. the rapidly moving flames prompted new evacuation orders as 93,000 residents are unable to go home. the fire is already the third largest in california history, and shows no signs of weakening. >> a relentless and about a heamage blaze, the thomas fire forced thousands of new evacuations in santa barbara and ventura counties. strong winds pushing flames toward monty cito. the fire has been raging since december 4th. >> i
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shifting on us, it's making it very dangerous for firefighters to get in here and do their job, basically, you know, this fire has been burning for two weeks. but this is a whole new fire. >> when we woke up this morning and looked out the window, we saw the hills above our house on fire. >> 18,000 structures are in jeopardy, schools have been shut down for weeks. so far it's cost more than $100 million in damages. >> it has a huge effect on the local economy, it's tough. we have to keep plugging through. >> part of the reason why, the hazardous air quality. thick smoke is making it hard to breathe on a record 13th day of red flag conditions. a somber ceremony for cory iverson. the 32-year-old leaves behind his pregnant wife and their 2-year-old daughter. firefighters remembering one of their own lost in a battle that's still far from over. ? >> the winds are
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this fire now 259,000 acres forced 3300 evacuations today. tonight. firefighters worried about even stronger winds, which could send more flames marching toward more homes. jose? >> steve patterson, thank you very much. more than 500 people got sick this week, in several outbreaks of the highly contagious thorough virus with the biggest on a royal caribbean cruise ship. maya rodrigez has the details. >> the independence of the seas set sale once again tonight. hours after returning to its home port in florida. >> there were people just throwing up in the bathrooms, in the elevators, just throwing upeverywhere. >> according to the cdc, norovirus spreads like wildfire.
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symptoms include diarrhea, nausea and stomach pains. more than 100 noro virus cases leading to cancelled events. health officials suspect noro virus hit people who ate at a loch will restaurant. three schools in washington closing early after more than 130 students got sick. back on the ship, they performed intensive cleaning after the outbreak. for those that head out, it was a vacation, not a virus on their minds. >> it's concerning the norovirus is a badger, it's not good. >> prevention is key, washing your hands or any fruits and vegetables
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you might touch. >> some scary moments today at a ski resort in central pennsylvania. a malfunction caused five chairs to become pinned together and the entire lift was stuck emergency crews had to lower people with ropes. it was the first day of the season at the resort. president trump offered new praise for the bill today as he anticipated his first big victory. kelly o'donnell has more tonight. >> an eager defense of the tax cut bill as the president headed to camp david today many. >> many americans believe that the tax cuts will benefit the wealthy more than the middle class? >> no, this will mostly benefit the middle class and jobs companies are coming in, pouring into the country. they've already started. this will be great for jobs
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code for helping middle class families, even with unemployment at a 14 year low, the wages are stagnant. under the gop tax cut plan, a family of 4 could save roughly $2000. the standard tax credits would double. the 529 college plans would expand. # the president played san santa. >> this is going to be one of the great gifts to the middle income people of this country that they've ever gotten for christmas. >> the corporate tax rate drops to 21% the estate tax exemption would allow couples to pass on twice as much. the alternative minimum tax intended to pve
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loopholes would kick in at a higher level. $1 million for couples. the amt ends completely for businesses. political analysts say public reaction has been wary. >> the american people have already sized this thing up to realize they're not going to be the direct beneficiaries of any tax reform, but rather, special corporate interest are. >> the president could be days from signing into law his first major piece of legislation. the house is scheduled to vote tuesday and then the senate, republicans appear to have enough votes. jose. i read a report today that the trump administration is telling its own officials not to use certain politically charged words, what is that about? >> seven forbidden words or terms. this was first reported by the washington post. policy analysts say they were told thursday that certain words could not be used in
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documents those words are vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, evidence based and science based. those words can be involved in hot button iss issues, no reason was given the president's budget is due in february and it's always meant to imply priorities. the notion of banned words is a mischaracterization and said the department will use outcome and evidence data for its budget decisions. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. >> president trump praised the carrier corporation for keeping jobs at a furnace factory in indiana. in the year since, the president's support among some rank and file union members has softened. ron mott explains. >> next
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at carrier, the company donald trump hailed to save -- >> companies are not going to leave the united states any more without consequences. >> a year after his election, the trump voter feels the president hasn't done enough. >> does he still win your support at this point as president? >> no, not at all. he's negative right now. >> he's more than one of 500 people whose jobs have been cut. in a washington post editorial, former united steel workers feel betrayed. trump continues to lie about saving jobs. >> he made promises to the american workers that he would keep his jobs in the country. and we've seen nothing to indicate at all that he's remotely trying to do that.
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>> this year an average of 16,000 manufacturing jobs were added each month. an improvement of 9,000 added in the prior five years. still, thanks to mr. trump's promises during the campaign. >> we need a leader that can bring back our jobs, bring back our manufacturing. >> my trade reforms will create manufacturing in america. >> some feel he has over promised and underdelivered. rex closed his facility here transferring operations to mexico. brian reid different vote for the president, he said a lot of his affected co-workers did. >> this guy threw you a lifeline, you jumped on it, and he never called you in. >> blue collar blues. ron mott,
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than three months since hurricane harvey who battered south texas. there's still a great deal of work to be done. and a good deal of frustration. >> he's right there. >> it's chaos in the harding house. >> eric glenna and their kids have been crammed into the second floor ever since hurricane harvey flooded their neighborhood. >> this is living room, dining room bedroom, kitchen. >> the pastor says he wanted to show his 13-year-old son the piano he loved so much still worked. >> it kind of became this piece of hope for some reason. >> nearly 900,000 texans were affected by the storm. for many, recovery
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>> right now we're in the initial recovery phase. >> part of the challenge is the massive scale of damage which stretches roughly 41,000 square miles. an area larger than the state of maine. >> we are making progress each and every day. >> nearly half of affected residents say they're not getting the help they need. >> we had enough to get us a car, a couple tv's a bedroom set, that was about it. that's as far as the money took us. her port arthur hold was a total loss. >> imagine not knowing where you're going to go. >> the singleton's left port arthur and are now renting an apartment in austin. >> we left port arthur, that's it. i got sick the last time i went back. i would never go back to start over there.
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even though it can get a little crowded. they're grateful to be together and home for the holidays. tammy laettner, nbc news, texas. >> a common way the police try to reduce violence and get guns off the street a about a duke ka is one of the more than 140 wells turned into this event. no questions asked. there is word tonight of a secret pentagon program that investigated reports of ufo's and unidentified flying objects. the program was started in 2007 and the pentagon says it ended five years later, the new york times reports that officials continue to investigate sightings brought to their attention by service members. still ahead tonight, what's behind another
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and why? morgan radford has the story. >> two of canada's wealthiest residents found dead in their toronto mansion. 75-year-old barry sherman, the billionaire ceo of a drug company. a real estate agent found their bodies mysteriously hanging from a railing on the edge of their indoor swimming pool. >> two bodies of people inside a home here. the circumstances of their death appear suspicious. >> described as a lovely couple. they were known for their generous philanthropy and community involvement. >> they've had a fund-raiser for justin trudeau, marvelous events. they're the pride of the neighborhood. >> from the prime minister to canadian senators, condolences came pouring in. today i am gutted by the loss of the shermans, our community is steeped in grief, i am heart broken.
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[000:17:59;00] praised, barry sherman faced multiple lawsuits. among them, a decade long battle with a group of cousins who felt cut out of the sherman businesses. >> this is a suspicious death. we are only investigating that as such right now. >> their children saying in a statement, we urge the toronto police service to conduct a thorough intensive and objective criminal investigation. an investigation yielding more questions than answers. morgan radford, nbc news, new york. we're back in a moment with a close encounter raising questions about signs of life in a galaxy patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain
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zzzquil helps you fall asleep in as little as 20 minutes. we're back with a mystery that is out of this world. an odd shaped objects visiting our solar system from a distant star. it's nothing more than an interstellar asteroid. it hasn't stopped many from asking, could it be something more? here's tom costello. >> this weekend as the new installment of star wars rockets to a theater near you. something else born a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, has also arrived in our solar system. this interstellar interhoper about the size of the rose bowl or maybe the star ship
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enterprise. that's what has everybody looking at it with every telescope they can find. >> is it a rock or a rocket. >> any time we see something that is really outside of the range of observations of what we've seen in the past it's not unnatural to speculate that something like this could be artificial. >> so far scientists listening with these big intent eyes say they're not detect iing any signals. >> it's been traveling through interstellar space for hundreds of millions of years, billions of years. >> 130 feet across, and shaped like a cigar, likely from a constellation 25 light-years away. speeding past our planet at nearly 200 miles an hour, before anybody on earth
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spotted it with a telesce. astronomers named the asteroid awuawu. >> there's a lot to learn about this object in a limited time. it's on its way out of the solar system. >> some are wondering if this could be a sign of life from somewhere out there. if so, should we consider our own message? >> just come and see us, we are very friendly people. >> i would probably call the president and be like, you got to take care of this. >> so far, no need. it's already cruising past jupiter. tom costello nbc news, down here on planet earth. >> when we come back, inside a real it's a small finger...a worm! earth. >> when we come back, inside a real like, a dagger? a tiny sword? bread...breadstick? a matchstick! a lamppost!
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save 20% for the holidays at dilays youhose see in store windows? ever wonder who conceives them and makes them? we found a man that did just that kind of a thing. a master at creating displays. >> in a working class area of brooklyn, next to the body shop, inside this nondescript building, magic. >> wow! where are we going? >> we're going to my world. >> wow!
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>> it can be >> so much to see. and here and take in. >> mary christmas. >> all from the inspired imagination of lou nasty. >> are you a romantic at heart? >> yeah, i'm italian. i'm italian and from brooklyn i have a name like nasti, and i'm ga pet toe at the same time. >> i look at all this and think, it's part na nasa. >> and a little lou nasti. >> he's working on christmas nearly all year around. >> i stay every day 5:00 to 5:00. sunday i get home around 1:00 or it's called divorce. i try to leave a little time for my family. five years ago, he gained fame when he
6:58 pm
built a robot that front page of the new york times. fans have sought his services around the globe. >> he's a magician, no other way to describe him. >> displays have lit up his home for the last five years. a tribute to his wife, who died on 9/11. >> we raise money for her honor. >> how do i know a lou nasti anna ma electronics display? >> it will make you laugh, it will make you smile. >> and give life to the spirit of the season. >> ann top son nbc news, brooklyn. >> that is nightly news for this saturday, thank you for the privilege of your time. we leave you tonight with the scene at arlington national cemetery, where more than 240,000 wreaths were placed today. part of the wreaths across america event.
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remembering those who served this holiday season. time has come for the redskins "coach's show" presented my coke industries. with the coach jay gruden. sunday arizona coming to town. you have thee games left. take a look pack at the season this week. what's really been an inspiration for you during this tough year? you have a team that's battling. you have been dealt a tough hand bauds of injury. what's a good inspiration for the team this year? >> the majority of comes come to practice willing to work. coaches work really hard. everybody is disappointed in 5


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