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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 23, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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[ splash ] [ horn sounds ] dang! ok, i gotta run. hey, wait, there's something i need to tell you- dang. dang! dang! dang.
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see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. with twice the crispy caramelized peppered bacon. dunkin' sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin' welcome to the volkswagen suv w postgame report. here now, liam mccue. on a frigid night here in green bay, another dominant effort by the vikings defense. final score in this one, minnesota, 16, green bay, nothing. liam mccue back here at lambeau.
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pitched their first shutout since 1993. that game at the silver dome. on the flip side, green bay shut out for the second time at home during this season. stefon diggs on offense, he's receiving one. on defense, harrison smith. two interceptions in the game. he didn't make the pro bowl, but he gets a game ball and he's with michelle. >> liam, thank you. two interceptions for harrison smith tonight and this is the first vikings shutout in 24 seasons. how would you describe the mindset this defense is playing with right now? >> we just love to play, you know? there is always going to be ups and downs throughout games, throughout seasons, and we love those situations. being able to kind of dig in and battle it out, coaches, players, everybody. >> you guys are an indoor team technically. there were questions whether or not you were weather-proof. playing in this extreme cold tonight, how do you think you did?
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>> we did all right. zim makes us practice outside sometimes. he gets us ready and just came out here. like i said, we just love to play. >> you got to play in front of a lot of vikings fans tonight. you'll see them next week when you play them again in chicago in week 17. that's your guy. you and xavier will play at home next week. what about the prospect of having a playoff game at home and maybe even a super bowl? >> we're not going to get that far ahead of oh ourselves. every time we roll it out, we love to play, love to show up. like you mentioned, the fans out here got the skull chant going. it felt like a home game before the end of it. >> go get warm. >> thank you. >> liam? >> let's take a look at that nfc playoff picture. two of the six spots are spoken for with the vikings winning tonight, they can clinch a
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the eagles can clinch home field advantage with a win on monday against the raiders. tomorrow a big day for the teams in the nfc south. the panthers can clinch a playoff spot over the bucks. the saints can clinch a playoff birth, the division with a win and a panthers loss. remember, they can still win the division if they win out. out west, the rams, they can take the division for the first time since 2003 with a win. or a seahawks loss. seattle plays dallas. desperation tomorrow. the loser of that one is eliminated. move on to the afc. headline today, ravens beating the colts. they move into that five seed. baltimore could clinch a playoff birth next week with a win. the jaguars would win the afc south with a victory or a titans loss while the chiefs would win the west with a victory or a chargers loss. the steelers play christmas day against the texans.
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if they win and the jaguars lose tomorrow, pittsburgh secures a first-round bye. if the patriots beat the bills tomorrow and the jaguars and steelers lose this weekend, new england clinches home. a lot of moving parts which is why it will be an exciting couple of days. meanwhile, right here in green bay was the vikings, 16, the packers, nothing. al and cris will wrap things up right after this. dang. see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. directv has been rated number one in customer satisfaction over cable for 17 years running.
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low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. xeljanz xr can reduce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. welcome back to the volkswag volkswagen suv w. postgame report. >> touchdown! >> would you believe that? >> after reviewing the play, the receiver did not survive the ground. it's an incomplete pass. >> intercepted. to are vin. an interception in the end zone. >> you go from the top of the mountain right to the om
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mountain and the number one seed to the number two seed. now for pittsburgh, the key is to at least hold on to that bye. they can do that by beating houston on christmas day. you'll see the game here on nbc with mike tricot and curt warner. they have cleveland the following week. still have to get by the to texans monday. who knows. >> jacksonville breathing down their neck because they do have that win over pittsburgh. you get the feeling the pittsburgh steelers, we've seen them bounce back too many times. they have too much talent on the ovenive side. they're going to be a tough team to beat. >> letting go of james harrison today as well. >> when you see the top end organizations making moves with players they love and you know they love james harrison there, all of a sudden you start thinking, where might james harrison go? >> we're going home. i don't know what to say. write your own caption. >> outcome, santa saying we've got some work to do. you better go home and take care of that cold.
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>> yes, we do. minnesota wins it by a score of 16-0. coming up next, your local news. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya. our whole gang saying good night from green bay, wisconsin. we leave you with the temperature at 4 degrees. >> aloha.
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♪ this is our town. these are our neighborhoods. and we love this place as much as you do. ♪
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zbrncht right now a 17-year-old will face murder charges after the shooting deaths of a couple. and a judge partially blocks a ruling on refugees. by this time tomorrow you'll be out of luck if you haven't finished your christmas shopping. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. good evening. i'm erika gonzalez. after aing soy saturday, you are going to have to pull out the winter coat yet again as we head into christmas. our meteorologist has the details on weather that could impact your christmas eve. >> you know, we are tracking sunday. it seems as though a little of the rain/snow may come in a little earlier for your sunday eve evening. let's get to the forecast
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tomorrow. waking up you're find. temperatures around 40 degrees. colder tomorrow than today. we are expecting a lot more cloud coverage by the afternoon. cloudy by about 5:00 p.m. highs in the mid 40s. around that 9:00 hour, that's when we'll keep our eyes to the radar as we could see a little rain/snow shower mix. for the most part it looks like the snow chance will be north and west of the district. we're not looking at any accumulation. something to keep in mind. here's a look at what to expect for christmas. feeling very cold out there. a mix of sun and clouds. that snow chance coming in earlier. sunday night and we're going to talk more about that in detail coming up. >> thank you. meanwhile fairfax county police are preparing to charge a teenager of double murder. the children of the couple are dealing with an unimaginable loss. we are talking to neighbors shocked by this family tragedy. >> reporter:
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reston. it's where a prominent attorney and her husband were murdered three days before christmas. flowers and candles dropped off by friends and neighbors lined the end of the driveway. >> they were friendly and kind people. >> reporter: a quiet vigil was across the street. neighbors still in shock. the neighbors who moved in months ago were gone. the couple was shot when they confronted someone they knew. >> the teenager remains in the hospital in critical condition. police have obtained petitions charging him with the murders. >> reporter: many were thinking of the young son who they saw playing basketball in front of the house. >> it's hard to imagine that he doesn't have parents anymore. and i can't imagine christmas will never be the same for him
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>> reporter: janet, the mother told news 4 her 16-year-old granddaughter was seeing a boy who was a supporter of naziism. >> they found out about my daughter, my daughter and her husband found out about the nazi stuff this past week, and they forbid their daughter to see him again. her daughter posted on facebook about four hours before her death, a personal battle against the nazi ideology. police pulled down the tape surrounding the house and ended the investigation here but no end to the questions being asked about how and why this tragedy happened. in reston, news 4. flames tore through a house and jumped to other homes displacing nearly a dozen people in southeast d.c. cell phone video captured the
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on 21st street. the flames gutted a townhouse and damaged two other homes. nobody was hurt, fortunately. at least 10 people now need a new place to call home just two days before christmas. >> and the whole house was engulfed in flame. it was surreal. it was the biggest thing ivan seen. i was just pray and worried. we're a pretty tight community. i think we're going to make sure they're going to be okay. >> the red cross and the city are helping the people impacted by the fire. they're providing a place to stay and some money to replace clothing and other necessities. a reminder to always lock your cars and keep valuables out of sight. police in west springfield say three people stole people's property. they even stole a car on stanhope place. officers responded to about 17 calls this morning.
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have gone into people's homes to get the keys to the cars. developing tonight, president trump's immigration policy takes a hit. a judge partially lifted the administration's ban on some refugees. the ban applied to spouses and young children of refugees who have already settled in the united states. it also suspended the refugee program for people coming from 11 countries. 9 of which are mostly muslim. the federal government must now process certain refugee applications but the ruling does not apply to people without a bonified relationship to somebody in the country. a global media power house worth close to $6 billion is apologizing for a workplace that fostered sexual harassment. three vice media employees as originally reported by "the new york times" received settlements after making allegations. one of the claims was against the company's president. in a
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company's co-founder said it failed to provide a safe place for women to feel respected and said, quote, cultural elements from our past dysfunction and mismanagement were allowed to flourish unchecked. they're addressing the problems. a shakeup in management at the miss america organization involving top officials caught in that e-mail shaming scandal. the ceo is stepping down immediately. the organization's president and chairman will leave after helping with the leadership transition. this week somebody leaked e-mails to the huffing ton post in the exchange the leaders allegedly mocked the appearance, intellect, and sex lives of past contestants. nbc news has not verified those e-mails. president trump spent part of the first full day of his holiday vacation hitting the links. the president arrived at trump
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palm beach this morning. they say this is his 108th day the president has spent at one of his properties since taking office. trump says he's on a working vacation. it's almost christmas eve and time is quickly running out for you to get those gifts wrapped and under the christmas tree. and if you still have some shopping to do, you are not alone. the national retail federation predicts about 126 million people are still checking off gifts on their christmas lists. most national chains will stay open until 6:00 tomorrow, and that includes coal's, macy's, and walmart. you can shop at most target locations until 11:00 at night. snow and ice are making it difficult for some to get to grandma's house. four apps to take the stress out of holiday travel. plus the big changes on christmas. we have your forecast coming up. and
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that you'll be able to track s
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y we think of energy... move from "what if" to "what's next." dominion energy. there is going to be a lot more joy on christmas for hundreds of deserving children in our area thanks to the generosity of firefighters and friends. welcomed people in alexandria and provided thousands of gifts. kids got to meet santa. you see them tugging on his beard. mickey and mini stopped by and the children got to take pictures with them. organizers expect
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about 1,000 kids. >> we want to make sure we're providiing gifts for the kids. >> firefighters, police officers, and sheriff's deputies volunteered to hand out the toys, coats and gift cards to today. and firefighters handed out toys and gift cards to families displaced in a terrible fire earlier this week. it forced about 30 people from their homes. the fire department and toys for tots donated all the gifts you see here in the video. up next, the travel tricks that can save you money and time this holiday season, and it's about to feel a lot more like christmas, and by that we mean co
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strong storms across the country are affecting travelers racing to get to their destination on time. rain, ice, and snow are coating thousands of miles of interstate from the northeast to the rockies. the vast majority of travelers will be on the roads, but people who do have to hop on a plane are dealing with their own delays. boston's logan airport had to cancel nearly 100 flights. if you're traveling for the holidays, we're working for you to take the stress out of what can be a crazy time of year. susan hogan has four of the best apps to help you survive the travel season. >> reporter: all of us aren't as lucky as santa and his sleigh. we have to endure all the airports. now, all 4 2.5 million of our closest friends will be
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season. let's get paid for flight delays and cancellations like that. service is an app that gets you money back when your flight is delayed or cancelled. it scans your e-mail for cancellations in the last year and files for compensation on your behalf. don't pay a penny more than you have to on airfare. hopper analyzes to help you find the best deal and the best times to fly and buy. the app notifies you when you should book your flight. find out how long the security line is. miflight gives you an estimate on how long the tsa line is while you should still give yourself plenty of time, it's helpful to know if the line is one hour or two. and get through customs with mobile passport which is authorized by u.s. customs. it lets you speed through customs at 24 airports. you fill the
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app and get to zip through shorter lines designated for mobile passport users. safe travels. back to you. >> thanks, susan. santa and his elves and all the reindeer are gearing up for their big night, and now you can ask hey, alexa, where's santa? all you to do is enable the tracking santa function on amazon's echo device. every year norad monitors santa's moves. >> and santa may have to contend with wet weather smoomoving intr area christmas eve. maybe a rain snow mix. he has rurudolph, so he should good. >> as we head into the overnight, we'll stay quiet and dry. a soggy saturday.
11:59 pm
we'll break that down in a moment. look right now at the current temperatures in the district. 46 degrees. can you believe we're in the 60s? 43 in manassas. 43 in leesburg. tonight temperatures in mid to upper 30s. in the d.c. metro about 40 degrees. it's been pretty breezy out there. the front has been passing through. that will calm down through the overnight hours. it will be damp and a good amount of cloud coverage. your fitness forecast, waking up christmas eve, making sure you get the run in. temperatures around 40 degrees at 7:00 a.m. like i said, waking up to a nice mix of sun and clouds tomorrow morning but the clouds build throughout the day. so make sure you layer up. temperatures still going to be around 43 degrees around noon. for my last minute shoppers, no judgment. like i said earlier, i have some shopping to do. temperatures are going to be in the low 40s throughout the day. you won't have muchra
12:00 am
contend with until you hit the evening. 5:00, 6:00, hopefully you're wrapping it up. we have a little rain/snow chance i'll show you in a moment. if you're headed to the games, the broncos taking on the red skins. you got a lot of cloud coverage. around 7:00 p.m., that's the chance far spotty shower. as far as the weather, no matter what you're doing, ice skating, it's going to be colder tomorrow than today. make sure you bundle up. holiday travel hitting the roads early tomorrow morning will be your best bet. if you're going to any evening holiday parties, we have the rain/snow chance. let's time it out. around 8:00 p.m. tomorrow we'll start to look to the radar. still warm in the d.c. metro area more than likely in the low 40s. north and west, we'll see a chance for snow. no accumulation expected. by 3:00 a.m. it's out of here. west, that snow is not impacting us at all. mostly sunny for your monday. christmas forecast, 39


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