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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 26, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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with the family inside. we're learning where the fire likely started. >> bundle up. gifts aren't the only thing santa brought from the north pole. how long the freezing temperatures are expected to stick around. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning everyone books everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. the day after christmas, we'll head out to the breaking news and chuck bell will have the latest on the forecast in a moment. first, check out the snow. millions of new englanders are waking up to this. look at this. this white christmas is a little more than what most people wanted. the snow fell fast. this is from portland, maine. >> how about from erie, pennsylvania. they shattered their christmas snowfall record. they saw 13.6 inches of snow for christmas. the midwest expecting a bitter cold too. some experiencing windchill temperatures at 40 below zero. >> i hope i n
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experience that. >> no interest in knowing what that's like. >> meteorologist chuck bell here now. going to be crazy cold for us. >> did you look at that man. he's running in the blizzard-like conditions. >> he lives in minnesota. you can just imagine how much misery that would be if we had it. >> mostly cloudy skies here early this morning. there's a live picture of our downtown monuments here in washington. it's a cold start. temperatures are right around 25 to 30. just a little hint of a breeze has windchills back in the mid and upper teens to around 20 degrees. put your heavy coat on early this morning. a cold breeze will linger through the morning hours. the wind will ease up a little bit later on in the day. a little sunshine here. up to 37 degrees for a high in washington today. back down below freezing at early as 6:00 this evening. tomorrow we may not get above the freezing mark for high temperatures. 37 today, might be the mild he's
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day of the week. a look at the extended forecast and all the cold in a few minutes. but for now, let's check on traffic with rob stallworth. >> good morning everybody. hope you had a wonderful christmas. traveling on the baltimore washington parkway, pretty good ride northbound and southbound between the capital beltway and the baltimore beltway. the beltway remains pretty cylinder through maryland and virginia with no real issues reported. the big sticking point is northbound i-95. all northbound lanes between 1 and 606 are blocked due to a car fire late last night. watch out for that. otherwise, looking good on the roads. i'm rob stallworth, back to you. >> rob, thank you. it's 6:02. we continue to follow that breaking news out of hyattsville where one man died. >> this happened at sligo parkway near 20th
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at what happened. bring us up to speed. >> it's still being pieced together right now. there is a tow truck removing a car now. joining me now is corporal tyler hunter with the police department. we understand this happened at 2:15 this morning. >> yes. about 2:15 this morning, officers responded to sligo parkway for the report of a shooting. at this early stage our detectives believe that a resident inside of the home shot and killed a man who was outside of the home. we're working through the details to determine what led up to the shooting. our homicide detectives are here working to put everything together. >> we're told that the person shot was actually taken to a hospital and that's where he died? >> yes. the man who was shot was taken to the hospital and he was pronounced dead this morning. >> reporter: are you talking to witnesses? >> yes, we have several witnesses who
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speaking with. we're early into this but working to put the pieces together. >> thank you very much. >> geagain, you hear that it happened in the 6200 block much sligo parkway. someone inside the home shot someone outside the home. circumstances are still coming together. derrick ward, news 4. we'll check back with you, derrick. tharpg you. fire officials spent the morning battling a house fire. >> chris lawrence at the live desk with more on that. >> check your smoke alarms. they may have saved one's life in montgomery county. a person was sleeping inside this home when the smoke alarm went off. want to call your attention to something. officials think it started in the living room. burned out christmas tree in the corner. we can't confirm the fire started with that tree, but at least a possibility. here's a look at the
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you can see how quickly this fire spread. it's showing severe damage from all the smoke and fire. again, sometime this week take a few minutes, check your wiring, replace the batteries. make sure the smoke alarms are up and running. >> chris lawrence at the live desk. 6:05 now. an investigation under way on a fire that broke out. this is on richmond highway. about 9:15 in the alexandria section of the county. >> the building is filled with antiques from more than 30 dealers. we know that part of the building collapsed in the fire. the fire crews were able to get out before that happened. >> no one is injured so far. just cold. but working hard. being aggressive about putting the fire out tonight. >> the building was closed for christmas yesterday. investigate stores still have to figure out what sparked the fire. fire crews have not been
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involved at this point. so maybe you heard or felt the wind during your entire holiday here. powerful wind whipping through our area. look at the strong gusts we had to deal with. we know in wind was forceful in bethesda. it caused a tree to fall on to a house on eden wood court. it damaged the gas meter as well. that led to a gas leak. the family will not be able to return this week. a go fund me page for who -- almost reached its goal. people have donated $10,000 in one day. the man accused of shooting the deputies is in jail facing two counts of a -- deputies were responding to a domestic call on hollow mountain place in st
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a gun and fired at the deputies as they were trying to arrest them. the deputies are expected to be okay. seven minutes after the hour. president trump spent his christmas in florida at his mar-a-lago estate there. before reefg for the holiday, they recorded a special message. the first lady went on to say this is the time of year when we see the best of america. president trump will not have any public appearances until the new year. today marks the first day of kwau kwanzaa. it began as a way to celebrate african-american culture more than 60 years ago. each day a different principle is honored. today is about unity. it continues through new year's and will include everything from fasting and music to a large feast. today a lot o
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unwanted christmas presents. according to the national retail federation, stores expect an average of 13% to be returned this year. sadly, there will be grinches among the returns. about 11% of holiday returns will likely be fraudulent. that number has doubled in the past five years. we want to remind you, as you plan to go out, metro is operating on a normal schedule today. countdown to pyeongchang. the winter olympics will be here before you know t can you believe it? we'll introduce you to the local olympian making history just month before the big game. >> the story behind this player you'll want to share this holiday season. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. here's what you need to know about the weather the next couple of days. cold and dry. breezy and cold rr
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putting down, it's going to be cold week a a
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i'm chris lawrence back at the live desk following breaking news in texas. take a look at this. we're bringing you live pictures of a massive fire there in texas. firefighters are called to battle a large fire at a business in denton. this is a mini mall. sort of a downtown square. you can see the smoke pouring out. the fire is still fully engulfing the back of that building. several fire departments are on the scene. this was just reported at 4:00 in the morning. it has escalated into a three-alarm fire. not sure how it started. we'll stay on top of it. you can see it happening in front of you with the live pictures. we'll try to get more information on what's going on there. back to you. chris, thank you. it's 6:12. a highway patrol officer in northern california is being remembered as a great man this morning. 33-year-old andrew kem letter i was killed af
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drunk driver slammed into his patrol car on christmas eve. the officer and his partner were rear ended outside of oakland. he leaves behind a wife and three children. the driver is in the hospital in serious condition and will be charged once he's released. zine one of the actresses who played one of the von trapp familiar i children has died. heather menzie ur urich. she starred alongside christopher plummer and julianne drus. she starred -- she was married to robert urich who died of cancer in 2002. one cancer survivor made eye triumphant return to the football field in time for christmas. david dues en berry -- he never
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with nonhodgkin's lymphoma. the 27-year-old completed treatment earlier this year and has been playing with the practice squad. he was called up and named one of the team captains. what a comeback. you are going to hear this name a lot as we gear up for the winter olympics. mamame biney. she was raised in virginia. she is the first black woman now to be on the speed skating team. if her skills on the ieps donce win you over, her personality will. david culver caught up with her and her dad on the rink. lacing up. maame iney has it down. she's trained in reston, virginia. headed to south korea for the 2018 winter olympics. >> yeah, very, very surreal. >> it's
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the last winter games. telling herself at the time -- >> my goal was going to the 2018 olympics. but i'd be really young. and i did. >> you can see how personable and giddy she can be. that's just in conversation. not when she hits the ice, she's focused. that determination started young. maame says she owes much of it to her dad. >> he had to sacrifice so much, i don't even know. oh, man. it takes a lot of work. >> in 2005, he brought her to the u.s. from their native ghana. separating family. >> my journey was never easy. worked hard. but i made it. >> one day, they happened to pass by skate quest in reston. >> >> my dad signed me up. >> she's a little too fast for skating, for figure skating.
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so he said she should speed skating. >> 12 years later, she's the first black woman to be part of u.s. olympics speed skating. >> this is what the country is. diversity. >> that's why i'm representing the u.s. it's different. >> her dad likes to remind her how far she's come. >> he's handed her something she's never seen. >> what is that? >> oh, my goodness. >> holy cow. >> december 17, 2005. >> this is the -- >> that's the first group lesson. >> i think i've ever had. this is the date where i made the olympic team. >> you kept it? >> your dad kept that. >> i didn't know he did. >> oh, my. >> he loves his daughter's humility and doesn't take credit for her success. >> god saw me through it.
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>> he admits part of being the facilitator, parenting mam stam still doesn't have a cell phone. >> maybe now it's time for her to get one. >> most excited i've seen you. >> yeah! >> as she prepares to skate on the international stage, she believes that many sacrifices are well worth it. >> even with all the hard work, all the crying, all the tears, i would do it again because, like, i had double the laughter with dad. >> maame biney. look for that golden smile. it warms the chilliest of winter sports. in reston, virginia, david culver, news 4. how can you not love her. my goodness. her laugh and smile totally infectious. i hope she get a cell phone. you think she gets at least that at this rate. you can findr
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search olympics. i'm headed to pyeongchang. we connected on instagram. that's how we do it today. >> i can't wait. >> excellent. >> so if she loves the cold -- >> she does. i'm hoping her smile warms things up around here. >> if you're close by. a sni smile can't warm up everything. christmas morning at our place, i showed you the sleeping brown dog. this is what it turned into. as soon as we broke out breakfast, the christmas breakfast, pancakes and bacon. >> oh, yes indeed. there you go. brown dog, he gets the lift, gets to stand on the chair. >> lucas the brown dog. mr. brown, sits on the care and isabella waiting. patiently waiting. if he gets a piece of eggs and pancak
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pancakes, then he gets one. i hope you enjoyed your christmas morning as much as we did at our place. a day after christmas for all of you. 30 degrees right now. not much of a wind blowing out there. what little breeze there is, knocked the windchill down to 24 in washington. current temperatures, mostly in the 20s to around 30. again, take about four or five degrees off the numbers and you'll have your current windchill. a cold breeze this morning. eventually, we'll get into the mid and briefly into the upper 30s today. 37 in washington and manassas. 39 the high in culpepper today. 39 in fredericksburg. the winter jet is to our south. as a result, there will be no warmup coming. today, 37. that will be the mildest day of the week. there have been a few lonesome snowflakes across far southern maryland now. that's not going to be the big issue. not much in the way of a significant snow chance all the way through the remainder of the week. sunny and chilly today. mid to upper 30s. tomorrow, sunny and cold. highs tomorrow only around 30
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so the cold weather is here to stay. use your nbc washington app to stay ahead of the forecast the next couple of days. finding it balmy on social media as well. chuck bell on twitter. 31 tomorrow. 28 for a high on thursday. back to 32 on friday. 33 saturday. both friday and saturday are carrying a little chance of light snow around here. it doesn't look like a big storm yet. i'll show you the ten-day forecast in the next half hour. for now, traffic time with mr. rob. hey, chuck. hey everybody. good morning to you. the biggest problem this morning so far has been northbound i-95 in virginia through spotsylvania county where northbound lanes are blocked between route 1 and 606 as a result of a late-night car fire. other than that, northbound i-395 as you make your way across the 14th street bridge, looking pretty good leaving virginia and headed
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district. things have cleared on the freeway as you head downtown. live from the traffic center. rob, thank you. he popped the question right on the ice. now their magic moment is going viral. how the engagement turned an embarrassing moment into a viral sensation. your time is running out to save money on your taxes. tips on how to donate and save money. do you enjoy a little extra time off for the holidays? have a few laughs while you relax. tune in or set the dvr fof ellen.
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during christmas mass at the vatican, pope francis prayed for an end to war. he delivered his christmas message to thousands gathered in st. peter's square in rome yesterday. he talked about the ongoing wars in syria and iraq and prayed for peace in jerusalem and an end to conflict involving north korea. catholics around our area celebrated another mass at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. >> here's a look inside the basilica as families attended the christmas service. volunteers were preparing the annual dinner for hundreds of people, the poor, homeless and needy in our community. one woman told news 4 she's grateful to have someplace special to spend christmas. >> i'm
6:25 am
i have absolutely no family and no relatives. i'm very, very grateful to have someplace to go. >> there are a lot of people just like mary lou in district maryland and virginia. the cardinal gave a message. each one of us is capable of changing the world. a great message to end the year on and start the new one. >> hope it carries through. at this rate, 6 hours 25 minutes ago christmas is over. today may be the day to say goodbye to your christmas tree. how to make sure it's not already a hazard in your home. though most of the year has been a warm one, it's going to be a very cold finish. current temperatures are all below freezing. we won't get above freezing many days. a cold end to 2017. ten-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. a holiday vacation takes a tragic turn. new details about the young mala
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right now at 6:29, a live look outside news 4 studios. you see the flag moving just a little bit there. the wind treating us better today. >> a lot better. gifts aren't the only thing santa brought from the north pole. check out the temperatures. the cold is here to stay all week. apparently, this might be the best we're going to do. it's kind of sad and scary. >> really sad and scary. >> meteorologist chuck bell is here to give us hope and optimism for all of this, chuck? >> absolutely. a little chance for snow coming up later on in the week. a little something to look forward to. >> that was not the kind of hope we were looking for. >> there were a lot of snow lovers. >> a lot of snow lovers. including yours truly. >> today, what you need to know. it's going to be cold and dry outside today. breezy and cold tomorrow. sunny and cold
6:30 am
friday. hit and miss snow chances lingering through the weekend leading into new year's eve. no big storm in sight. but a lot of cold in place. once you have the cold air in place, snow is a possibility. right now, as you get your tuesday morning started, everybody below freezing this morning. it's going to stay a cold day today. afternoon high up to 37 today that. will make this the warmest day of the week. we may not get above freezing for highs several more days between now and the end of the year. >> we've got the whole ten-day forecast. >> good morning mr. stallworth. >> good morning, chuck. good morning everybody. hope you had a wonderful christmas. the capital beltway, good ride all the way through maryland and virginia. in virginia, northbound i-95 closed between route 1 and route 606 from a light-nate car fire. no problems otherwise as you continue towards the beltway. traveling on to 70 southbound, looking pretty smooth as
6:31 am
capitol beltway with all travel lanes available. live from the traffic center, i'm rob stallworth. aaron, eun, back to you. >> rob, thank you. it's 6:31. prince george's county police trying to figure out what led to an early morning shooting. one man is dead after he was shot on sligo parkway. police say someone who lives on that street shot a man outside his home. news 4's derrick ward will have a live report in minutes. >> this smoke alarm is being credited for alerting a sleeping resident that their home was on fire. montgomery county fire officials say it was along cummings lane and chevy chase. chris lawrence will have the latest from the live desk in 15 minutes. >> fairfax county fire crews will be back at the mt. vernon antique center after an overnight fire there. that building is filled with antiques. some closed for business yesterday. investigators will search today for a cause. it is
6:32 am
stores are rolling out the sales for the shopping holiday just in time for you to use that new gift card perhaps. you can also search online for great deals today. we want to remind you as you head out to shop or make returns, run errands, metro is operating on a normal schedule today. people going to work, too. not just shopping. >> like us. >> 6:32 now. a couple from maryland is among five people killed in a christmas eve plane crash in florida. victoria shannon worthington was a teacher and her husband was studying law at the university of maryland baltimore. both died when her father's cessna went down in heavy fog. it crashed at an airport outside tampa. it's not clear why it went down but other pilots thought it was too fog toy -- foggy to fly. new video showing a christmas eve
6:33 am
fireworks started shooting off in all directions sunday night. hundreds gathered to watch the show. tourists and locals started running for their lives. 22 people were burned there. six were children. christmas is barely over but you may want to consider using your extra time, if you have it, this week to take down your christmas tree. trees cause hundreds of fires inside people's homes each year. you probably remember this fire back in january 2015. an annapolis couple and four of their grandchildren died when their tree ignited in their home. now the sister of one of the victims is mangiking it her misn how to keep the-- >> my three cardinal rules, water the tree every day, unplug is overnight when it's not attended. not just turn it off. because there's still current running through even if it is off.
6:34 am
30 days of getting or by january 2nd, which ever comes first. >> she says keeping an overly dry tree is inviting a forest fire into your home. another reminder, check your home's sprinklers. back in october, angie goff showed us how big of a difference it can make if the flames break out. you can see on the left side the sprinklers put out the fire. we have tips on the app. search holiday safety. just an important reminder. our tree at home it getting dry. >> i try to keep it the first two weekends of january. depends entree itself. it's feeling really dry. the needles are falling off. >> got to pay attention to that. 6:34 now. the big day has come and gone. you probably got one or two gifts that you don't need or didn't ask for. we are working for you trying to prevent the christmas clutter. organization experts say you can start decluttering with your christmas
6:35 am
prepare to pack up the decorations throw out the old ornaments. >> those are the sentimental ones. >> if you're not using them, they take up space and become dusty pieces of -- well, not good stuff. you can also toss out the old string lights. >> you plug it in, if it doesn't work, toss it. donating your old unwanted stuff, declutter the rest of your house too. >> aimee cho is live at the goodwill in arlington with more on how to donate this holiday season. good morning. >> reporter: as you can see the donations are pouring in here at the arlington goodwill. not only does it do good for the community, it helps you get a tax deduction. a win-win situation. the clock is ticking for you to get that tax deduction in 2017. you've only got about a week left. i'm joined by denise sleuth cleeb inhere. >> as folks are going through
6:36 am
to donate, whether they want to donate, where does the money go and what does it do for the community? >> wonderful question. one of the challenges we have is people don't know. everything stays right here. we're in the business of transformation. we transform the goods that people no longer need to things that people need and want. the profits along with that and the financial investment from businesses, foundations, individuals, you can invest it in people right here and transforming lives of people with disabilities and disadvantages. helping them achieve a financial self-sufficiency through employment. >> great cause. as people are trying to decide what to donate, what are some items that goodwill is looking for particularly? >> we're looking for the things you would give to a friend. we take anything from clothing to furniture, electronics. we also take a lot of collectibles. people that don't know what to do with them. we'll take really anything. again, you never know what someone may no
6:37 am
it could be something someone is looking for. we hear the stories time and again. we're able to sell them on our glebe road store. we have 18 other stores around the city an the region. again, we get to transform the items to help people achieve independence. i'll tell you, around the holidays, i can't think of anything more rewarding to be a part of an organization that's helping people get back to work, helping people put presents under the trees. there's truly transformation going on. >> thanks for being with us, denise. >> thank you. i tweeted out a list of all the goodwill locations and hours in the d.c. area. you can find it at aimee cho 4. guys, back to you. >> the way goodwill describes it, it really does make you feel good about getting rid of your stuff. >> aimee, thank you. a present that brought his parents to tears. you want to stick around and see the gift that this former uva athlete surprised
6:38 am
he pops thequestion.
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the newest member of the royal family made her debut at the church. she joined the family at the annual church service in sandringham yesterday. markle showed off a curtsy there. greeted people alongside prince william and kate. >> that's not bad. the new girl is in there. >> she's having a third baby. >> everybody is talking about the baby. anyway, queen elizabeth mentioned markle in her annual christmas address by welcoming new members of the royal family. yesterday, also marked the 60th anniversary of this, the queen's first televised address. >> wow. i think kate might be thankful for a little attention somewhere else, you know what i sneen all the
6:42 am
question. a lot of people like to make waves during the holidays. one man dropped to his knee at the rockefeller center ice rink. >> but -- there's a but to this. look at a few minutes after she said yes. so literally, she fell in love, right? >> it makes sense, right? >> the now bride-to-be is fine. she got right up. they laugh about the tumble on the ice and skated offhand in hand. >> everybody is watching, now it's on video. >> congratulations. it's 6:42. we'll continue to follow the breaking story out of hyattsville this morning. >> we will continue to follow that and i will continue to track a very cold week ahead. really the only significantly cooler than average month that we had for all of 2017, bo
6:43 am
and august were on the cool and the wet side. ten-day coming up. we'll bring you the latest if you're traveling northbound on i-95 in virginia. after thornburg with all northbound lanes blocked between route 1 and route 606. we'll give you that information very soon. live from the traffic center, rob stallworth. back to you. . >> reporter: the latest on a shooting in hyattsville. we'll have the
6:44 am
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we continue to follow that breaking news story right now at 6:46. this is out of hyattsville where one man has died after a shooting there. >> this happened on sligo parkway at 20th avenue. derrick ward is live with the latest on this. derrick, what do we know so far? >> reporter: well,let's start from the beginning. this happened at 2:15 this morning. that's when police were called to the home in the 6200 block of sligo parkway. they found an adult male who had been shot when they got here. apparent apparently, that person was outside of the house and later determined that sbun inside the house shot that person. the person was taken to the hospital and
6:47 am
police are talking to witnesses at this point. we don't know much about the details about this. they did tow a car away from the scene a short time ago. we don't know if it was driven by the person shot or belonged to the house. as we hear from prince george's county police, there's still a lot of questions to be answered. >> we're still working through the details trying to determine what led up to the shooting. our homicide detectives are here working to put everything together. >> reporter: we did talk to a neighbor who said they heard what sounded like a pop at about that time. police are still trying to determine what caused this shooting. live in prince george's county, derrick ward, news 4. back to you.
6:48 am
i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. this is the fire alarm that may have saved someone's life in montgomery county. a resident was sleeping inside this home on chevy chase when the alarm was going off and they got out on time. investigators think it started in the living room. there is a burned-out christmas tree in the corner. they're calling it an accidental fire, probably electrical. here's a look at the exterior of the home on cummings lane. it shows how quickly the fire spread. officials say the fire did 300 to $400,000 in damage. again, they had that connected fire alarm. even though it started in the living room, the alarm went throughout the house and they were able to get out. take a few minutes and check your smoke alarms in your home as well. back to you. >> chris, thank you. 6:48 right now. another fire to tell you about. this one in fairfax county. crews will be back at the mt. vernon antique center. take a look at the intense flames comif
6:49 am
this is on richmond highway around 9:00 in the alexandria section of the county. >> the building is now filled with antiques from more than 30 dealers. we know that part of the building collapsed in the fire last night. but fire crews were able to get out before that happened. >> no one is injured so far. just cold and working hard and being aggressive about putting this fire out tonight. >> the building was closed for christmas yesterday. investigators still are trying to figure out what sparked the fire. fire crews have not been able to say whether foul play was involved. you probably heard all that wind through the area. strong gusts. it was so forceful in bethesda, it caused a tree to fall on to a house. the tree damaged the gas meter too. that led to a gas leak.
6:50 am
that family will not be able to return this week. a go fund me page for two loudoun county sheriff's deputies shot in the line of duty has almost reached its goal. people donated nearly $10,000 in just one day. this morning the man accused of shooting the deputies is in jail on two counts of attempted capital murder. douglas johnson is being held without bond. the shooting happened christmas eve as they were responding to a domestic call on hollow mountain place in sterling. johnson pulled a gun and fired at the deputies as they were trying to arrest him. the deputies are expected to be okay. president trump spent his christmas in florida at his esta estate. before he left for the holiday, he and the first lady recorded a special message. >> melania and i are delighted to wish america and the entire world a very merry christmas. >> in the christmas greeting, first lady melania trump went on
6:51 am
when we see the best of america. president trump will not have any public appearances until the new year. today marks the first day of kwanzaa, the week-long celebration began as a way to celebrate african culture. each day a different principle is honored. today is about unity. it will continue through the new year and include dancing and music to a large feast. happy kwanzaa. also happening today, americans will start returning all those perfectly unwanted presents. according to the national retail federation, stores expect an average of 13% of their holiday sales to be returned this year. sadly, there will be grinches among the returns as well. experts say about 11% of holiday returns will likely be fake. that number has doubled in the past five years. fraudulent might be a better way to say it. metro is operating on a normal schedule today.
6:52 am
you've received for christmas? >> it might be hard to top what the parents of a former uva baseball player were given. take a listen to this. >> all the sacrifices you made to get me where i am, i want my family, i want our family -- [ crying ] his mom could barely make it through the letter. smith wrote his family a heartfelt letter to let them know that their home was paid in fu full. the arizona die manned backs prospect used to play at the university of virginia. he used some of his $5 million bonus. that's just the bonus part. to help his parents out. pavin? >> you wantur
6:53 am
to give back and help those who helped you, my goodness. >> $5 million signing bonus helps. >> that's a lot of money. >> it's a good things they didn't have a $10 million home. would have had a hard time paying that off. >> probably wouldn't have needed the help. >> good for them. chuck, 30 degrees right now. yes. if you're lucky, right? >> if you're lucky. a lot of spot are colder than that with a breeze out there. even the windchill at national airport dropped down to 24 degrees. the last week of 2017 which will be one of the warmer years, the last week of it will come in way cold. 30 now. our high today only around 35. 36, 37 degrees. that will be the warmest day of the week. much colder air settles in for tomorrow and thereon after. 16 in thurmont. 27 in frederick maryland. 27 in leesburg. 30 in quantico. 31 in fredericksburg this morning. cold, a little breeze outside this morning. but with increg
6:54 am
smidgen later on in the afternoon. high today near 37 degrees. the cold air is here to stay for the next couple of days. northwest wind today, 8 to 16 miles an hour this morning. again, less wind later on. the polar jet is down to our south. those are snowflakes across parts of north carolina and tennessee. for us, a cloudy sky this morning. seen one or two -- those have basically come to an end. a flurry or two late tonight into early tomorrow morning. nothing in the way of accumulating snow. maybe a couple inches out in the mountains much west virginia late tonight. here's the ten-day forecast. here's what i'm talking about the cold. 37 today, 31 tomorrow. 28 for a high on thursday. little chance of some light snow on friday and saturday. little off and on lingering snow chances into new year's eve and new year's day. no signs of big snowstorm just yet. rob stallworth, you will need your christmas coat for the foreseeable
6:55 am
>> christmas coat and long johns on. thank you. northbound 95 in virginia, through thornburg, all northbound lanes blocked between route 1 and route 606 with northbound 95 traffic being taken off at route 1 in spotvania county. the beltway, through montgomery and prince george's county, running at speed into virginia. i-270 before montrose road, a crash reported along the right side. live from the traffic center, i'm rob stallworth. back to you. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. the holiday shopping season doesn't end with christmas. people will redeem gift cards, spend $69 billion between christmas and new year's. about 11% of the total. retailers will be ready with more deals and new spring merchandise. with this business report, i'm landon dowdy. >> landon, thank you. coming up on 6:56. fou
6:56 am
it's boxing day. stores are rolling -- rolling out sales for the shopping holiday in time for you to use that new gift card and as you head out to shop and make returns, metro is on a normal schedule today. >> take a look. this smoke alarm is being credited for alerting a sleeping resident that their home was on fire. that person made it out okay. montgomery county fire officials say the home is along cummings lane and chevy chase. the fire likely started in the living room. follow developments in the nbc washington app. >> it's going to take fire crews to figure out how this started at the mt. vernon center. in the alexandria center of prince george's county. the flames broke out after 9:00 last night. investigators are back on the scene today. prince george's county police are trying to find out what caused a deadly shooting this morning. they say a man who lives on sligo parkway shot someone outside his home. follow derrick ward on twitter for upd
6:57 am
one more peek at a cold ten-day forecast. all cold, all the time now through the remainder of the year and into early next year as well. a warm and dry year may end with a couple of snow chances. doesn't look like a big snowstorm yet. >> oh, darn. >> out of town thursday night. don't matter to me. >> good one. that's the broadcast this morning. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes. enjoy your day. >> make it a great tuesday everybody.
6:58 am
prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now our queen c4 mattress is only $1199. plus 24 month financing. ends monday. visit for a store near you.
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good morning. breaking overnight, a very messy christmas. snow, nasty winds and bone-chilling temperatures making holiday travel a nightmare. a jetblue plane, skidding off the tarmac in boston. that white christmas enjoyed by millions making the road home a lot tougher this morning. working holiday. >> melania and i am delighted to wish america and the entire world a very merry christmas. >> president trump's message to the country as he vows to get right back to work. what's next on the president's agenda? many happy returns. after a season


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