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tv   Today  NBC  December 27, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning. deep freeze. nearly 65 million people waking up to bitter cold temperatures across the country. adding to the misery in pennsylvania, record-shattering snow, more than 5 feet in 48 hours. >> it's a little ridiculous. but i keep pecking away at it. >> a snow emergency declared with more on the way. dylan has the latest forecast on the storms and those frigid temps. trump and taxes. the new law causing turmoil for homeowners before it takes effect. why millions are asking if they should pay nexttaxes, what you need to know. a packed jet
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a flight to tokyo. the reason? an unauthorized person gets onboard. >> reporting live from l.a.x. those stories, plus the prince and the president. prince harry interviews barack obama and tees him up with a good-natured question about fiancee meghan markle. >> suits? >> good answer. why apple may have missed the mark with the iphone x. and the megamillions jackpot soars to $300 million. and tonight's powerball drawing is higher than that. two lottery fever sweeps the nation today, december 27th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today." thanks for joining u
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morning off. >> some perspective year. this time last year in new york city, 60 degrees. we will be lucky if we break 30 today. >> it is freezing outside this morning. we still have a bunch of folks out on the plaza. they don't mind. >> no. >> that bone-chilling cold is our top story. it's felt from the rockies to the northeast. if you like snow, erie, pennsylvania, is dealing with historic amounts of it. we'll begin in snowy erie. ron allen is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. it is incredible. it's relentless. the snow is coming down. we got a few more inches overnight. it's mind-boggling the amount of snow. about five feet or so in most places around erie. authorities are encouraging people to stay off of the roads so the plows can do their work. misery in erie and across the great lakes region. overnight, power restored in
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substation left 40,000 people in the dark for hours in the frigid cold. as an arctic blast sweeps the country, from new england. to seattle. the most wonderful time of year is bringing along a big chill. in utah, a sheriff's officer now a herhero, after saving an 8-year-old boy who had fallen through the ice while chasing his dog. >> i started to use my hands and my fist to pound the ice. once i saw his face, i pulled him out of the water and i called out to the paramedics, letting them know i'm coming in, i've got him. >> reporter: meanwhile, in erie, pennsylvania, record-breaking snow shocked even the locals. >> i'm used to snow. but not this much at once. this is inspain. >> reporter: matthew says he has been working all day to clear the snow. >> i've been fighting it all day. >> repr:
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more than 6,000 u.s. flights delayed tuesday alone, stranding travelers like deirdre walsh. >> i won't be able to get home until friday night, thursday morning. >> reporter: her christmas dinner, food from the vending machine. >> i want a salad. >> reporter: desperation at airports and on the roads. >> i wouldn't go out in this stuff. >> reporter: still, some people did, in near whiteout conditions. others hopped on a sled or tried to dig out their cars. >> it's a little ridiculous. i keep pecking away at it. >> reporter: in chicago, temperatures plunged to minus 3 degrees tuesday, a bone-chilling surprise, despite the windy city's reputation. >> we were a little shocked by the coldness of chicago. >> yeah. it's bad. >> reporter: so cold, you could see steam rise off lake michigan and the chicago river. but wherever you are in the u.s., it's bound to be an icy end to 2017. and it's not entirely over here in
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forecasters are calling for a few more inches of accumulation. that could put the city at audio record. 100 inches of snow in the month of december, which is about the amount they average for the entire winter season, since christmas eve. guys, back to you. >> goodness. ron, thank you. dylan is in for al this morning. we're like, it's so cold. and dylan will say, it is december. is this record-breaking? is this historic what we're seeing? >> not here. but back through nebraska, up into michigan, it's record-breaking cold. it's really cold to the skin. if you have exposed skin, if you're not wearing gloves, that wind sucks away your heat. it makes it that much colder. let's look at where it is coldest this morning. that's back through the northern plains and the upper midwest. 63 million people are under windchill advisories. and two-thirds of the country are below freezing this morning. it's all about the windchill. it feels like 19 below in chicago.
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jamestown, north dakota, feels like 20 below. omaha feels likes 6 below. that's the air temperature, too. it's cold out there. in the northeast, we have temperatures mostly in the teens, feeling like we're in the single digits. as we go into tomorrow morning, it will feel like 4 below in indianapolis. 10 below in minneapolis. and on friday morning, the cold continues to push eastward. watertown, will be 18 below friday morning. boston, 10 below. new york city, it will feel like 5 degrees. those cold winds across the great lakes, is why we've seen exceptional amounts of snow in erie. the winds will shift a bit and that will force that snow to shift. it will push farther to the south and west. we're looking for six to ten inches in the lake-effect bands of snow on top of record-breaking snow. erie, pennsylvania, was my first market in tv. i've never seen anything like that before. on this busy wednesday morning,
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touting the new tax law. with a few days left before it goes into effect, there's a lot of confusion for millions of taxpayers. nbc's chief white house correspondent, hallie jackson, has the latest. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, sheinelle, good morning to you. the president himself seems to be feeling very optimistic about his new tax law. he's been tweeting about that while he's down here in florida. but on this holiday week around the country, you've got a lot of folks making a mad dash to try to figure out what it means for them. this morning, it's not holiday returns creating these lines. >> we're inundated with a lot of people. >> reporter: but tax returns. with the new republican tax law leaving some folks scrambling, should i pay next year's property taxes now? the new law limits property tax deduction for just $10,000 in 2018. but homeowners in high-tax cities and states who prepay that bill could save money. others night not.
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that means accountants are taking more than their fair shares of phone calls. >> tax season started a month early. >> reporter: ask a professional what the changes mean for you. president trump is hoping they mean good things for the stock market. as he tweeted, a great year for companies and jobs, as he talks taxes on his working holiday in south florida. back in washington, his treasury department is working on something else, putting pressure on north korea. slapping new sanctions on the rogue regime, going after two senior officials, described by the u.s. as leaders of pyongyang's ballistic missile program. it comes as north korea unleashes another round of tough talk, calling the united nations sanctions against it an act of war. as a new south korean report says the north will push for diplomatic discussions with the u.s. in the new year. while the president's been quiet on twitter about kim jong-un this holiday break, he's been anything but silent when it comes to the
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agency's deputy director. now, the association that helps families in need, says it's seen 2,000 people donate $140,000 in recent weeks. a spokesman tells nbc, that's a significant uptick this month. a month when the agency has come under fire from are the president and lawmakers. you think that's appropriate for the president? >> i'm concerned that the d.o.j. and fbi, if you want to call it deep state or what, are off the rails. >> reporter: the acting cia director is disturbed by that talk. >> it's disgraceful. it's equally disgraceful that no republicans are saying stop it. >> reporter: from a policy perspective, there's plenty on the president's plate when he gets back to washington in the new year. probably starting with infrastructu infrastructure. expect this to be a big push. a top adviser to the white house, says the president will huddle with top republicans in d.c. in that
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tackle first. >> hallie, thank you. now, to the bizarre ordeal for passengers on a flight from los angeles to tokyo. four hours into the journey, the jet suddenly turned around and headed back to l.a.x. gadi schwartz has that story for us. gadi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. fortunately, there was no security threat. no safety threat involved. but it looked like the rogue mystery passenger made it from the check-in, through the gate, on to the wrong plane and almost across the ocean. this morning, frustrated fliers are looking for answers as to why a nippon airways flight made a u-turn returning to l.a.x. after four hours because of an unauthorized person onboard. the bizarre situation causing confusion among passengers. >> chrissy teigen here, reporting live. >> reporter: including model chrissy teigen. as news of the diversion, tegan onboard the plane,
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vacation with her husband, singer, john legend, live tweeted to her 9.2 million followers about the incident, as it unfolded. a flying first for me. four hours into an 11-hour flight. and we're turning around because we have a passenger that isn't supposed to be on this plane. the passenger had managed to board the plane with a united airlines ticket. they say the person had a united picket. we're on ana. and tegan added, the boarding pass scanner makes noses that go nowhere. ana made no mention of a ticket from united airlines, but explaining the incident this way -- during the flight, the cabin crew became aware that one of the passengers boarded the incorrect flight and notified the pilot. the pilot in command decided to return to the originatining operate, where the passenger disembarked. why did we all get punished for
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why not land in tokyo and send the other person back. l.a.x. to l.a.x. complete. flight time, 8 hours and 20 minutes. from a new flight chrissy teigen tweeted, please don't be the same menu. ana had to determine how the passenger boarded the flight. but tegan is on the case. >> we should put her on the payroll here. gadi, thank you. now, to a disturbing story out of ohio. four teenagers charged with murder, after a man was struck with a sandbag they allegedly threw from a highway overpass. ron mott has that this morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say they saw four boys leaving the overpass. and authority says this was no accident. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: in the dark of night, highway horror. >> i'm on 75 south. i was driving my c
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underneath the road. i don't know what happened. my friend -- i don't know what happened. he's not moving. >> reporter: a driver frantic about the passenger after the windshield cracked. >> something just hit my car. he is not moving. >> reporter: a sandbag, flying in without warning from this i-75 overpass in toledo, ohio, last week, killing 22-year-old father, marquise byrd of suburban detroit. >> there were different objects thrown. i'm not positive. i believe there was some rocks also that were thrown and the sandbag. >> reporter: this morning, four teens, 13-year-olds old and 14 years old, are charged with byrd's death. he died three days later. >> he had a smile on his face. he had a gentle spirit. and to be taken in a violent, horrific way, it's contrary to how he lived. >> reporter: that same interstate further north in michigan, was the site of another attack. a group of five teens allegedly ca
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32-year-old man in october, by throwing rocks from an overpass in flint. they've been charged with second-degree murder and could face life in prison if convicted. they've pleaded not guilty. in both cases, most of the accused, too young to drive. but old enough to create deadly danger on the road. this most recent tragedy in toledo, usually there is a high fence across the overpass. it had been removed for a construction project. officials believe that's where they believe the four young men picked up that sandbag. >> ron, thank you. three major u.s. cities are suing the department of defense saying the military failed to properly used the national background check system for guns. new york city, san francisco, and philadelphia filed that lawsuit on tuesday. the cities argue the d.o.d. failed to report significacisig numbers of convictions of national background checks for gun sales. that failure allowed disgraced former
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kelly to shoot people in a texas church last month. the department is working with military leaders to refine their policies. now, to rare worries about apple that are rattling wall street. despite a jump in holiday sales this year, it appears that the tech giant's iphone x may have missed the mark. this morning on the heels of the holiday shopping season, apple may have fallen from the christmas tree. the tech giant suffering a post-christmas slump. the stock ending down on tuesday, after a luke-warm response to what should be the company's crown jewel, the iphone x. when announcing the flagship device -- >> it is the biggest leap forward since the original iphone. >> reporter: tim cook heaped praise on the product. but new overseas reports, says the company is lowering its first quarter sales forecast. apple has declined nbc news' request for comment.
7:16 am
interest, the $999 price tag, the sticker shock for die-hard iphone users. >> i'm just comparing. >> reporter: some are seeking out older models like the 7 and 8, saying the tech advances don't justify spending a grand. >> sometimes the price tag has outrun what we're getting. >> reporter: the problem may go deeper than just the high price, with some pointing to apple fatigue. some unimpressed with the screen size, the loss of headphone jax and facial recognition technology. just because apple is lowering projections doesn't mean that iphone x sales aren't strong. other sales were slowed during christmas. and apple is on pace to become the first trillion dollar company. as they admitted to slowing down iphones as they age, now facing a lawsuit, they said they were trying
7:17 am
experiences and protect the phones. hoping to prevent shutdowns from cold conditions and the bat ra s ry over time. they slowed down phones for new models, like the iphone x. overall sales of appliances over the holiday season showed the strongest growth in ten years. good news and bad news for anyone holding a megamillions lottery ticket. no one won the big prize last night. that means the jackpot is skyrocketing even higher. $306 million up for grabs for friday night's drawing. the story doesn't end there. it gets better. the powerball jackpot, even higher. tonight's drawing, worth $337 million. together, that's $643 million in combined prize money. by the way, don't forget to check your tickets. just because you did not win the jackpot doesn't mean you didn't win a sll
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>> i won 2 bucks in massachusetts. now, i have to go up to massachusetts. it's hardly worth it. >> that drive to massachusetts, by the way, with this weather. >> actually, the forecast for the northeast is cold b we'll continue for another day. it's frigid through the northern plains temper breaking records in some areas from nebraska to that's a look at the weather your forecast is coming
7:19 am
i'm chbell. still have a winter weather county this goes until 11:00 a.m. the storm team 4 radar shows not a lot of snow coming down. just light snow, snow it could be enough to coat the be careful. temper in the upper 20s and lo >> dylan, thank you. coming up, prince harry goes one-on-one with former president obama. what had them joking about the next royal wedding. and do you have working smoke detectors in your home? are you sure? the dangerous discoveries jeff rossen made when he went door-to-door, surprising families. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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hey oooh- somebody ran laps! yeah. the new tide sport collection- it's got to be tide it is 7:26 on this wednesday, i'm for eun yang. >> in the news this morning, largo. to death inside the suv you see an officer was patrolling the and in other news, virginia delayi drawing to break a a ruling last week declared the 94th district race in new rt
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follow our northern virginia update let's get to rob stallworth in hi, rob. >> hi, susan. folks, if you're headed downtown in the district, northbound blocki all lanes. it is now clear and all lanes howeve still have delays no pro being reported on lookin pretty good. live from the traffic center, you. >>you, rob.
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i'm chuck bell. a cold and cloudy star to the temper in the upper
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we'll get sunshine back later it will turn rather blustery an breezy that another shot of
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we are back. it's 7:30 on this wednesday morning, the 27th of december, 2017. with a shot of the world's most famous christmas tree. if you're in the area and coming to see the rockefeller christmas tree, you should bundle up. >> that arctic blast is where we start our check of today's top stories. >> bone-chilling. >> i'm used to snow but not this much at once. this is insane. >> a winter weather nightmare descends on much of the nation, as record-breaking snow slams the northeast, while 63 million people wake up to frigid cold temperatures. sad
7:31 am
william w. graham, air to t"the washington post" fortune, takes his own life, as his father once did, after the debut of "the post," the film of the paper over n the '70s. removal of a 200-year-old magnolia tree after experts declare the tree too old to remain in place. rocket rear-ender. several cars collide on a california freeway, after drivers are distracted by the launch of a spacex rocket. and holiday surprise. >> the best christmas present i can imagine having. >> after being best friends for decades, two men in hawaii find out they're brother. man making it a christmas miracle tough to beat. today, december 27th, 2017. also on this wednesday, savannah guthrie celebrating a birthday. we know she's u
7:32 am
>> she has two kids. that's possible. >> happy birthday, savannah. >> let's get back to the brutal cold. it will be here for a while. >> it will be here for a while. by the time we get into monday, new year's day, it could be some of the coldest we've seen yet. it's going to be brutally cold. let's look at the new year's weekend, where there's a possibility that some of the models were indicating we could see somewhat of a storm. it's not that aggressive right now. it's more of a heads-up that we're watching the forecast. and scattered snowshowers are possible. most of the models keep the majority of the storm offshore. most of the snow showers will be light on saturday. we're looking at afternoon highs temper
7:33 am
minnes we have temperature in the northe monday the frigid weather contin 40s texas. icing possible, too. only 20s up and down the east coast. and the pacific northwest should be the 40s. that's little better. that's look at the weather now here's a peek out your window radar showing very light snow the good news is this is as bad if you're getting ready to move we're going mostly sunny by the coolin 5:00 p.m. and breeze is going to make it feel more like the teens as >> that's your latest forecast. now to today's "rozzen repo reports." a warning about smoke
7:34 am
>> if a fire broke out in your home, would the alarm sound? jeff rossen went out with firefighters for life-saving tips. >> did you know most house fires happens now during the holidays? and believe it or not, 5 million homes don't have a smoke alarm at all. and for those that do, many don't work. are they in the right room? how old are they? do you know? so many of us are making simple mistakes, leaving us vulnerable when seconds matter. this morning, i'm about to show you the three simple things you can do in your home right now to keep you safe. i'm going door-to-door. hi, there. jeff rossen from nbc news, the "today" show. >> i recognize you. >> reporter: spot-checking. you thought you had a working smoke alarm and you didn't. >> reporter: it's ee's dangerou threat. three of five people killed in a house fire didn't have a
7:35 am
smoke alarm. and during the holidays, you can be at greater risk. from fast-moving christmas tree fires like this one, to fires caused by space heaters. is your home prepared? to find out, the orlando fire department out in force. and we're teaming up, checking homes for safety risks. [ knocking ] hi. jeff rossen from the "today" show. how are you? we're here with the fire department and checking smopeops smoke alarms. can we come in? right away, a problem. >> we're going to push the button on it to test the battery and the audible portion of the alarm. >> reporter: not working. the one in your bedroom isn't working. >> no. >> reporter: what's that like to see? >> it's upsetting. that's the first place we're going to hear it if it's going to go off. >> reporter: we're not just finding problems. firefighters are fixing them. installing brand-new alarms for free.
7:36 am
i'm glad we came. >> i'm glad you guys came, too. >> reporter: next door, we meet peggy. her detector's not working, either. >> i don't do ladders anymore. i'm afraid of falling. >> reporter: you can't check the detectors? >> right. and i always forget when someone else is here to get them to check it for me. >> reporter: that's why we're here for you today. >> good. >> reporter: then, an even bigger problem. >> we're in the kitchen, a source of a lot of residential fires. no smoke detectors. >> reporter: you're supposed to have one here? >> within ten feet, you're supposed to have one. >> reporter: the fire department installing two new alarms for peggy. we check house -- after house, finding problems in nearly all of them. there's no battery in here at all. >> no battery. i probably used it somewhere else. >> reporter: but the biggest tip of the day, inside this man's house, he thinks his detector works fine because when he tests
7:37 am
>> when that alarm sounds, it tells me two things. your battery is good and your alarm works. >> reporter: but it doesn't test the sensor that detects smoke. >> your detector was manufactured in 2002. that's 15 years ago. we like to change them out every ten years. >> reporter: why? >> dust starts blocking the sensor. it can no longer see smoke. >> reporter: no problem. there's an easy way to test the sensor. the candle test. light a candle and blow it out. place your alarm right over the smoke and it should go off. it's not going off. >> that would tell me this sensor probably has dust built up on the sensor. >> i had no idea. >> reporter: this blows your mind. >> i just put a battery in it a couple days ago when it was chirping. >> reporter: we helped. sounding the alarm so your family stays safe. >> awesome. thank you so much. >> big thanks to the orlando fire department. they installed multiple alarms in every house that needed them. and here's another tip. if you're like me, worried a
7:38 am
forgetting when to change the battery, you can buy lithium batteries at any big box store for $5 to $10. they work for ten years. back to you guys. >> that was very helpful. >> literally some life-saving information. that candle test, i never thought about that. >> me, ether. what you need to think about before making the dreaded holiday returns. on "pop start," big news about two of the most beloved sitcoms of the '90s. then, pet pamper iing 2.0. we'll take you inside the fancy resorts that cater to your dogs. first, when harry interviewed barry. the conversation between the prince and the president that has the world talking this mornin
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7:43 am
>> the questions range from the serious to the silly. and its release comes as meghan markle mania hits britain and the world. capitol hill cobiella has more. good morning. >> reporter: prince harry taking over the air waves here and grilling the former president about everything from his final day in office to, believe it or not, boxers or briefs. prince harry, back at work, as guest editor for britain's flagship morning radio show, with a presidential interview. >> when you wake up now as barack obama, former president of the united states, what's different about your mornings? >> i wake up later. and you know, it's wonderful to be able to control your day in a way that you just can't as president. >> reporter: the prince and the president spent time together at the invictus games in toronto in september. >> can i take you
7:44 am
january 2017. you're in marine one, the presidential hospitelicopter, f over washington. you sat through the inauguration with your game face on, not giving much emotion, as we all saw. what's going through your mind? >> the first thing that went through my mind is sitting across from michelle, how thankful i was that she had been my partner through that whole process. overall, there was a serenity there, more than i would have expected. >> reporter: the two talked about creating the next generation of leaders, the power of social media and as the prince put it, the serious questions. >> boxers or briefs? >> we don't answer those questions. >> lebron james or michael jorden? >> jordan. i love lebron. but i'm a chicago guy. >> aretha franklin or tina turn center. >> aretha is the best. >> harry or william? >> william right now. >> reporter: and sliding in a sneaky question aut
7:45 am
starring his bride-to-be. >> "suits" or "the good wife." >> "suits" obviously. >> good answer. >> reporter: meghan markle winning hearts in britain. "hello" magazine calls it the markel sparkle, saying that she will boost the economy through tourism and memorabilia. engagement mugs sold out in a day. more on order. in a "hello" magazine poll, 60% say harry and meghan are the new power couple. this morning, the question for the prince, is the former president on the guest list for the biggest wedding of 2018? >> i don't have that. we haven't put the invites -- all the guest lists together yet. who knows whether you're going to be invited or not. wouldn't want to ruin that surprise. >> reporter: and
7:46 am
royal christmas? >> she's done an amazing job. it's the family she's never had. >> reporter: and prince harry said the family loved having meghan there. and they're looking forward to 2018. guys, it's going to be a very busy royal year next year. >> kelly, any word on whether president obama is going to attend the wedding at kensington? >> whether he's going to attend the wedding? >> yeah. >> that's the best answer ever. >> kelly cobiella. kelly, thank you. >> you have to wait to see. >> i would say yes. don't you think so? >> i think he might be daly is . he's back in the orange room today. >> i got my ticket ready for the wedding. don't worry about it. coming up next in the orange room, why superheros like batman and the flash, may save the (avo) help control cravings and lose weight with contrave. it's fda-approved to help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off.
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interesting new take on your favorite superheros. carson is in the orange room with that. >> we're going to geek out on this one. we hear scientists talk about our carbon footprint, produced from our consumption of fossil fuels. who are some of the worst offenders? you might be surprised -- your favorite superheros. this is a study done by a geologist at stanford university. he put together a scientific study that looked at the carbon footprints of nine comic book heroe heroes. here's batman. he flies around in his jet. that would require burning of fossil fuels of 399 plane rides from new york to san francisco. he produces 9 million pounds of carbon dioxide. the flash has to eat 60 billion pounds a second. that's a 12-foot-tall
7:52 am
that would be an insane carbon footprint. now, here's spider-man. he gets his energy from the sun. he's a perfect model for us. he can use his laser vision, his x-ray vision. when he is his alter ego, clark kent, he burns like we do. big offenders, oracle, flash, spider-man, they leave a big footprint. after they studied the superheros, next up, supervillains. we'll let you know. >> this should be a college course. that's fun. >> pretty impressive. >> carson, thank you. still ahead, from frugal fashions and the ultimate snacks, everything you need to prepare for your
7:53 am
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7:56 am
i'm susan hogan in for eun yang. let's get to rob stallworth and hey, rob. >> hey, susan. folks, if you're headed through 295 before benning road, we have a crash. it does block all northbound lanes. street still with a broken down tracto along the right no on the capital live from the traffic center, susan, back to you. >> thank you. a check of your forecast is
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
still seeing some very light of northern montgomery county, but again this is going to be so. and we be left with clearing day. curren conditions around 32 degree aftern we're expecting wednes highs today do peak in the >> thank you. anothe news update in 25 for the "today"
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, winter weather nightmare. >> i'm used to snow. but not this much at once. this is insane. >> residents in pennsylvania digging out from a record-breaking snowfall, as millions wake up to an arctic blast. bone-chilling temperatures coast-to-coast. how long will it lost? plus, hassle-free returns. >> it didn't fit and i didn't like it. >> it's time to decide what you really think of that sweater from grandma. if you're one of the millions planning a return, we have the tips you need to make it as easy as possible. and fido gets pampered. >> wow. this is nicer than my bedroom. >> from blowouts to manicures, massages
8:01 am
more people are giving the family pet the royal treatment. an inside look at the dog resorts that could be better than your own vacation, wednesday, december 27th, 2017. ♪ >> you just graduated college. you just get into pharmacy school. what's left? >> to be on the "today" show. >> who are we saying hi to? >> bethesda, massachusetts. >> big birthdays on the plaza. >> i'm turning 50. >> i'm 65. ♪ >> it took ten years. but your dad finally brought you here. >> it's my first time on the plaza. >> what are you most excited about this morning? >> celebrating my 70th birthday. >> how many miles did it take you to get here? >> it took me 1,300 miles from warm florida to get here. >> good morning. and welcome back to "today." i'm sheinelle jones,
8:02 am
craig melvin. savannah and hoda are off this morning. >> the big story continues to be the bone-chilling cold. >> let's get right to your news at 8:00. bitter cold is sweeping across much of the country this morning. 63 million americans are under windchill advisories or warnings. ron allen is in erie, pennsylvania, where residents are dealing with record-shattering snow. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. the temperature has soared up to about 11 degrees, double-digits. and the snow is coming down. we thought it stopped earlier. but we're getting snow squalls that are coming through. adding to all this, about five feet of snow in most parts of erie. that's a record because it's all fallen since christmas eve. that's the white christmas everyone was dreaming about. be careful what you wish for. on a more serious note, authorities are urging people to stay off the roads so the plows can do their job. the good news, of course, is that schools are closed. most businesses are closed for the holiday. they called in the national guard here. they're hel
8:03 am
hospitals with doctors and patients getting back and forth. they are helping law enforcement keep order. this is not over. the forecast is saying we could get a few more inches, which could push erie over 100 inches of snow in the month of december, which is what they usually get for the entire winter season. so, we've got snow and bitter cold here into the new year. guys, back to you. >> have to be careful. ron, thank you. dylan is in for al this morning, tracking the snow and the bitter cold ron was just talking about. good morning. >> good morning, craig. the reason we have the snow is because of the bitter cold. the great lakes, the temperature running about 35 degrees. until they freeze up, that lake-effect snow is still a good possibility. we have 63 million people under windchill advisories this morning. that's a lot of people dealing with
8:04 am
northe temper 14 in d.c. go down to west virginia, it so we're going to see this cold so starting off the new year again, mentioned that cold air crossi over the great lakes. the wind is starting to shift a that's we'll start to see pennsy breaki and could see an additional 6 to 10 inches of snow on the u.s. has issued new sanctions against two officials it describes as key leaders of north korea's unlawful weapons pr programs. the sanctions are part of a pressure campaign to isolate north korea and create a fully denuclearized korean peninsula. tough new sanctions against north korea was in
8:05 am
its latest launch of a ballistic missile, which pyongyang says is capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. a flight from los angeles to tokyo did a u-turn four hours into the trip, all because one of the passengers was on the wrong plane. a.n.a. flight attendants discovered an unauthorized person was onboard and notified the pilot as part of the airline security procedure. the pilot decided to return to l.a.x. model chrissy teigen was among those onboard. she documented the nightmare on twitter, calling the ordeal an eight-hour flight to nowhere. a.n.a. says it's researching the situation to figure out how the passenger boarded the flight. we usually have "hoda's morning boost" at this time of the morning. we couldn't resist sharing this one. a rookie baseball player for the arizona diamondbacks gave his parents a christmas gift that brought them to tears. he received a $5,000 bonus. >> $5 million. >> that's
8:06 am
parents' mortgage and presented them with the gift two days ago. >> i want our family -- i want our family home to be yours. >> smith said to his parents, quote, thank you for everything you have done for me. our home is finally all yours. merry christmas. that's sweet. that's what a lot of people dream to do, to pay off their parents' mortgage. >> i gave my mom a bracelet. much more ahead, including what you can do to limit your stress returning holiday gifts. thanks but no thanks. why restaurants will no longer accept cash. massages, pedicures and blowouts, not for you. but for your dog. are you planning the new year's eve party? the ultimate s i love you, couch. you give us comfort. and we give you bare feet, backsweat, and gordo's...
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8:10 am
logo. ♪ back at 8:10. according to cnbc, it ee's estimated that $90 billion worth of gifts will be returned to the stores this holiday season. >> catie beck has some tips
8:11 am
the store. >> reporter: last year, nearly two-thirds of americans returned gifts, despite the headache. this year, there could be even more. for most of us, it's a huge hassle. >> returns can be a nightmare. >> reporter: making that dreaded trip to the hall to return unwanted gifts. >> i would rather go online. >> reporter: if you don't, you may spend hours waiting in line. >> it is busy. >> reporter: wrong style? >> it didn't fit and i didn't like it. >> reporter: or wrong size? >> my daughter really liked the shoes but they weren't her size. i'm trying to get a bigger size. >> reporter: it's a massive crowd on the hunt for replacements or refunds. >> they wouldn't give me a refund. they only gave me store credit. >> reporter: every december, half of americans get a gift they don't want. and the national retail federation says 13% of all purchases are returned. >> they were too small for me. he didn't like some of them. we're here. >> reporter: overall, t
8:12 am
with unemployment down and consumer confidence up. holiday sales hit their best pace since 2011. up nearly 5% this season. >> got a job and more money to spend. >> reporter: online shopping get a 24% bump. even big box scores feeling a seasonal surge. >> you don't have the gift receipt or anything? >> reporter: more gifts mean more returns. here's how to shrink your stress when taking things back. always have your receipts. understand the return policy before you buy. watch the return clock. it starts the minute the item is bought. so, know when your time runs out. keep the original packaging and put everything back as best you can. and ask about return fees when you buy online. shipping and restocking fees can add up. retail experts say when it comes to returns, the sooner the better. the best time is this week, when you'll have the most choice and most
8:13 am
stores, happy to see you back. >> i like coming in the store and trying, maybe, another one on. maybe i like it. >> reporter: retailers, hoping that happens, and that buyers return again. retailers see returns as an opportunity to get you back into their store and potentially spend even more. that thinking works. this week, between christmas and new year's, consumers are expected to spend an additional $69 billion. that's 11% of this season's total. guys? >> catie beck with some useful tips down in atlanta. thanks. now, for what's "trending" today. let's look at what's trending on twitter. l.a.x. to l.a.x. and best part of 2017 for me. an article in "the new york times" grabbed our attention. it brings up the debate whether cash should be phased out. the article sites how many restaurant chains are makihe
8:14 am
it protects the store from theft. the cons are, if the card machines go down, you're out of luck. and not everyone has access to a credit or debit card. here's the question this morning -- do you still use cash or carry cash on you? >> yeah. >> yes. >> really? >> this is like making planes go autopilot all of a sudden, not having humans fly them. you have to have cash. especially if you've worked in the service industry, you have to tip people in cash. you have to have cash on you. we had to have an emergency $20 with us at all times. >> it would burn a hole in my pocket. >> i don't have a single bill in my wallet. >> that drives me crazy. my wife never has cash on her. >> i go to the coffee shop. and i walked in and gave her a $20. and she looked at it like it was foreign money. and she said, we don't take that here. 20s? no. we don't take cash. and i became perperturbed. >> i was at the airport. and that's all i had. i keep my debit
8:15 am
chicken tenders and fries. i couldn't pay. it was their machine, not mine. >> i'm so old. if i see someone pull out a credit card for 60 cents at starbucks, there's a $10 limit or something, right? how could you do that? don't you have a dollar on you? >> no. >> that's the point. >> that's just being old. >> from a business standpoint, it probably does cut down on thievery. >> but not thievery for -- >> in my phone, i have my emergency $20. mom, see? >> my mom gets so mad at me. >> can i borrow 20 bucks? >> i owe you cash. i didn't have cash on me. >> you do. i won't tell people at home. >> how many people carry cash? >> we have the answer for you. you ready? we asked viewers on twitter, if they carry cash. 62% say they carry cash on them. >> good luck. >> a low number. >>
8:16 am
>> with the machines go down, you need to have it. >> i can't remember the last time i had cash. >> i've been out with it. >> in the airport, you should have cash. >> i should. >> you never know when you need a ride. >> can i write a check for the money i owe you? >> who writes checks? >> no one writes checks anymore. >> i write checks a lot. let's get into "pop start" today. it looks lofty. we start with a '90s sitcom reboot in the works. sony pictures is looking to bring back the former series "mad about you." the revival would involve paul reiser and helen hunt, reprising their roles. and it would pick up in present day, as paul and jamie's daughter heads to college. the original series ran for seven seasons. paul reiser was here. and we asked if he was interested
8:17 am
he said, for years, i said no. now, with my kids out of the house, it's like starting over. maybe there's a story there. we'll have to wait and see what happens. first, selena gomez, the season of giving right now. that's what selena did for her cousin. gomez went wedding dress shopping with her docousin who a bride-to-be, sharing this video on instagram, her cousin captioned the video. when your maid of honor makes your dream dress a reality and surprises you with it. gomez and a cousin with a sign saying, i said yes to the dress. they celebrated the occasion with champagne. >> they sent you a text message while you were telling it. and speaking of revivals. some promos for the reboot of "roseanne" have been released. roseanne was ready tooc
8:18 am
goodman's character died of a heart attack. >> how is the basketball game? >> i think the bulls of '96-'97, would have been in control of this game. >> you can't live in the past, dan. >> we get to hear that roseanne cackle at the end. no word on how they will explain dan's death. the revival is set for march 2018. you like the reboots? "mad about you" and "roseanne." proven commodities. here's your "daly click." a mom gets a brand-new iphone, basically. that's not what she thought it was, though. you can watch the video, you'll know what i mean. >> okay. >> hey. perfume. >> she thinks it's perfume. >> oh. >> ah
8:19 am
thinks it's perfume. eventually realizing that was a brand-new iphone. i think that's the x right there. >> i think mom might have a hard time oerptdi inoperating the ip. >> she thought it was perfume. >> the segment was great either way. >> that's what moms do. perfume, thank you. dylan is standing by with another check. what are we >> yes. two-th the country is freezi the temperature extending 40s highs today down near alabam which is good. it's raining down that way. you don't don't want to deal temper highs to stay in so that arctic express continues across the northern plains. the regular plains, also down temper are below average. but we're dealing with some rain and th lake-effect
8:20 am
that's a look at the weather >> good morning, i'm mostly cloudy across the area. there pockets of light snow remain very cold. but little ripple of snow, that will turn our winds back to coming temper fall into the >> "best of today" is brought to you by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. now, to more of our special series, "best of today," as we look back at the stories we'll most remember from 2017. >> my pick is pretty personal. you never want to hear about anyone getting a cancer diagnosis. when i got a call about someone dear to me, it sent me for quite
8:21 am
few people are as close to death every day as lawrence meadows. he's the co-owner of a funeral home in spartanburg, south carolina. it's a calling guided by a faith he's had since he was a boy. at this church, he's not just a member, he's the pastor. >> we ought to take time out of our schedule and pray sometimes. >> reporter: all his life he's been active and healthy. i know because i've known him all my life. lawrence is my older brother. but now, at the age of 39, he's been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. i could not get my head around it being you because you've always -- no smoking, no drinking, no partying. >> yeah. i was like, man. gosh. i should have been drinking and smoking and doing all that other stuff. i have this diagnosis and i should have been getting the other stuff in, too. >> reporter: that's lawrence, in his funeral home, talking about a potentially deadly diagnosis, t
8:22 am
we werecracking jokes. his doctor removed a tumor from his abdomen in october, but the cancer had already spread. now, he spends a lot of time at the cancer center in houston. >> this is the lining of the abdomen? >> reporter: his doctor says he's seeing a troubling trend with early onset cases. meaning patients under 45. >> we're expecting these incidents will continue to rise and may increase by 50% over the next 15 years. >> reporter: he says african-americans are twice as likely to develop early onset colon cancer than whites. and a recent study shows a wide gap in the survival rates. what's most troubling, experts can't figure out why. they developed tests to develop genetic markers in some cases. but lawrence had none of the markers. he was told to reach out to family, that means me. >>
8:23 am
of patients with colon cancer, have their first screening colonoscopy done ten years before the age of onset. when you hit 39, it's time to get a colonoscopy. >> reporter: i'm 37. most people should get colonoscopies at the age of 50. for higher risk groups, it's 45. no help to lawrence and our family, including his wife, angela, and their two children,ed a children, ed addie and lawsen. he is not scared of death. how often do you think about it? >> every day. i look at my children who -- both our kids. but lawsen adores his daddy. it's hard to look at that little boy like, where is my dad and just think, you know, he doesn't know what we're dealing with. >> reporter: their life is now focused on keeping the cancer at bay, which means flying to
8:24 am
chemo treatments. we were there when lawrence got the results of his latest round of tests. >> our goal is to try to stop its growth. certainly establi lly accomplis. but we're seeing some shrinking of the cancer. >> reporter: the doctor showed us where it's shrinking. >> there's no secure for colon cancer. but cutting it back until it just dies. >> reporter: back in south carolina, he's determined. >> i don't have anymore fights to pick. >> this is it. this is a fight. >> this is the only fight i'm focused on. >> i got you. >> evicting cancer from me. >> reporter: with the support of family and his doctors, lawrence leans on a faith that's defined his life, hoping and praying for god's grace. we shot that story months ago. since then, this is the thing that makes me proudest of it, he's crisscrossed the country. he's become an advocate for other folks, folks that
8:25 am
colon cancer in their 30s and 40s. he's been to conferences and fund-raisers. he's a fighter. he's been through 27 chemo treatments in all. so far, though, the cancer is being held at bay. he's a candidate for an experiment treatment. we're hoping to bring you that story when it happens. >> cool, calm and collected. so stoic. a pillar of strength that man. still to come, an inside look at the pet resort craze. and a tasteful way to welcome the new year. first, your local news.
8:26 am
it's 8:26 on this wednesday, i'm aaron gilchrist. let's look at your commute this rob? >> aaron, we're checking on the inner loop after route 4 after benning road, we had all it is cleared all lanes have been reopened. northb i-95 in virginia, the crash after 123 is over the live traffic center. that's the latest. aaron, back to you >>you. we'll have a check on your
8:27 am
8:28 am
light snow and snow flurries out it is cold. temper in the 20s and low there won't be much of any of a
8:29 am
by 5:00, most everybody will be a cold day tomorrow with highs a for light snow late
8:30 am
♪ and back at 8:30. back at 8:30 this wednesday morning, december 27th, 2017. it's about 20 degrees here on the plaza. >> oh, my goodness. >> it feels even colder. so, kudos to our crowd. >> they have a lot of energy right now. >> i come out here at 6:30 in the morning to talk to the crowd. and everyone is still out here that i saw this morning. i give them a lot of credit. >> how about this? in honor of it being 20 degrees, we're going to honor a woman who has been watching the "today" show for 20 years. where is linda? hi, linda. you've been watching the show for 20 years? >> every day, including weekends. >> we app
8:31 am
don't we? tell me you have your daughter here, rachel? this is a gift for you. you guys can share. you put some cocoa in and take a sip. >> great to meet you. >> thank you. nice to meet you, too. thank you for coming. >> i feel like she's been watching for 20 years, we should give them two mugs. let's round up another mug. >> she should co-host tomorrow. >> get another mug. >> another one is on its way. >> good. >> that seems fair. coming up, how often do you treat ourself to a little patcher ipatch pampering? how about your dogs? the new trend that treats their pets. also coming up, getting ready for new year's eve. we have easy ways to add some fancy touches to your outfits that maybe you own. we can hook you up with snack ideas, as you're going to a party at a friend's house. >> you go to a
8:32 am
we'll see how it works out. >> how cold will it be on new year's eve? >> in new york, it will be below zero cold. windchills making it even colder. it will be a cold one in the northeast. the cold air is sur upper midwest. the lake-effect snow continues a little bit icy down across tomorr very blustery in the northe it's going to be cold tomorrow, too. 70s down across florida. 40s and 50s through texas and that's going to turn into that's look at the weather now here's a peek out your >> the winter weather advisory still got a few flakes coming gauger and howard county.
8:33 am
presid anlt day condition wise. but the temperatures they are noon. we're to get a nice dip that's going to ma we're going to sta atest forecast. guys? >> dylan, thank you. dog owners often consider their pets part of the family. >> and a new trend has some families treating their furry friends more like people. nbc's jo ling kent has that story. >> reporter: from "lassie." to "benji." americans have long had a love affair with their dogs. but the secret life of some pets may surprise you. massages, blueberry facials. it's called the humanization of pets and it's become a big business across america. >> this is where
8:34 am
for ultimate spa treatment. >> reporter: this is nicer than my bedroom. americans spent a record $66 billion on their pets last year. $11 billion going to pampering, usually reserved for people. 33% of pet owners say they pamper their pets with pet furniture. 17% buy pet clothing. and 10% have a stroller for their little fur baby. josh king is the owner of the fas fast-growing pet hotel and spa, which takes boarding and grooming to a new level. >> we'll drive him in and put a picture on facebook and instagram. we give them a massage, a grooming, netflix and chill session, and a steak for dinner. >> reporter: if you want to pamper your pooch at home, ikea has rolled out a line of furniture for you and your pets. how about a food delivery service that drops freshly cooked meals forou
8:35 am
your door. some calling it the blue apron of dog food. >> it's all-natural, 100% human grade. all of the ingredients we get for ollie are safe for you to eat, too. >> reporter: all this pampering may have a human benefit, too. people with pets save $12 billion a year in health care costs. >> everybody is looking to reward their pet more in human terms because everybody's finding that the benefits they're feeling, the better health, the more alert, more awake, to feel loving companionship. >> reporter: back at the pet hotel, there's no shortage of pet owners looking to offer their pets a human experience. >> this is her disneyland. she gets out of the car. she runs here. >> i brought her here for her birthday. it would be the most fun place for her to be all day. >> reporter: what does she do? >> she got to play and got spoiled. >> reporter: at the end of the day, the dog owners agree, the
8:36 am
cost of the pedicures and facials are a small price to pay for the puppy love. >> a blueberry facial, huh? how do you feel about that, carson? >> don't get me started. >> have you had a dog? >> i love dogs. i never give them blueberry facials. but good for them. >> i give my dog a little massage. i don't pay for it. >> i don't mind the massage part, i guess. >> there's a line somewhere. it might be blueberry massage. coming up, not sure what wear on new year's eve? fear not. the finishing touches you can add to any outfit for a night on the town. first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
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year's eve. instead of spending a lot on an outfit, how about adding some simple touches to jazz up something you already own. here with us is melissa. how are you? a lot of times when you buy a fancy dress and with instagram and social media, people don't want to wear it multiple times. >> and who wants to go shopping snow now? and the best thing is to shop in your closet. we have jennifer, she's wearing a gorgeous outfit. it's great for new year's eve. but you can liven it up a little bit. i love the idea of taking an embellished collar. these are from zara. they tie in the back and you have pop it on anything that doesn't have a collar already. it will really work. it adds some festive flare. >> how are these? >> under $26. >> you
8:40 am
about 20 bucks. i'm seeing these boots and the razzle-dazzle shoes everywhere. >> it started i feel with the st. laurent glitter boot that looked like this. and it trickled down. it's all about the statement shoe. it changes the look of your entire outfit. anything from glitter to sequins. everything under $100 today. it changes the look of your outfit. if you're wearing a black turtleneck or black jeans and throw on boots, you're good to go. >> i would keep it simple. if you don't want to buy a pair of shoes, take a pair of shoes that you have in your closet and put these fun shoe clips. >> are these back? >> these are back. >> i had them as a little girl. >> these are $12.50 for the pair. you clip them on like an earring. so easy to do. it changes the look of your shoe. >>
8:41 am
so fun. how much are these? >> $12.50 a pair. >> seeing a lot of faux fur. >> faux fur was trending. it's all about the colors. these are great for new year's eve. i love the idea of popping one on, either over a fun, festive blazer or with a black turtleneck. >> and i feel like it looks like you planned some glam. >> total glam. if this is a little too much for you, which it might be, i love these. these are super fun. these are faux fur little wri wristlets. you pop them on. if you have a long sleeve top, it looks like your shirt or whatever. >> a solid color with these on the ends? >> so fun. these are from amazon. they're under $20. >> really? >> super easy and fun to do. i love these. unexpected. >> this is good. >> good stuff. >> good stuff. next, of course, sme
8:42 am
out the statement jewelry if you have any. >> i have a bunch. >> we all do. if you don't, there's unexpensive ways. you can pop these on for under $25. i love a statement earring. these are very heavy. >> i was going to ask you about that. >> these are segment earrings. these are coming off in the next minute. make sure they're not too heavy. that's all i would say. a statement necklace, another great choice. >> you have a pop of red lip. >> red lips are a great way to change your makeup. and this, i love this color. joffra has amazing red colors, too. it changes the whole look. and another great way to do it is with your hair accessories. if you haven't worn air hair accessories, now is a fun time to do it. it's about embellished hair accessories. i love the idea of stacking them. on joanne, we've stacked a bunch of bobby
8:43 am
we stacked like six of them all together. a lot of celebs are doing this. really beautiful. and another great thing, dress-on nails. >> okay. i remember the lee press-on nails. >> with the sticky tape. >> is it back? >> no. these are from static nails. they're really on-trend. you can see the shape of them. they have crystals on them, which is beautiful. they stay on well. >> do you do the whole hand? >> the whole hand. her whole hand is temporary nails. you would never know. they come in cool colors and shapes and designs. you can get them -- from static nails or >> people had nails flying all over the place. >> that's bad. these are staying on pretty good. really fun. look at this one. >> this is fun, too. these are picked up at claire's. these are stickers you put on your nails already. i
8:44 am
there's a little sticker embellishments. >> you get an a-plus for today. these are beyond doable and under 100 bucks. i love that. thank you. by the way, we have more ideas on our website. i say we like i had anything to do with it. up next, we have snacks to serve to impress your guests. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back this morning. on "today food," how to create the snacks to please everybody at your new year's eve party. kelsey nixon, good morning. let's start with this lovely board right here. i see some meats, some fruits, some freezes. >> snack boards are all the rage. it's an update to the classic
8:47 am
we're going to compile meats and cheeses. i like to start with the center of the board. you can help me here. you start with the fruits and the veggies. >> you are going to add the meat -- not just a meat and cheese board. >> we're going to do the whole thing. and typically with the cheese board, people are concerned about the cheeses, to the extent it can feel intimidating. a snack board is a little more casual. you can add a variety of cheeses. you can get some fruits in there. >> a lot of people of eat the grapes or the apples with the cheese. >> you want people to come to the boards. you want them to graze. you want them to have a more casual experience with it. >> what do you use as a board? can you grab whatever chopping board in the house? >> that's a great question. a large cutting board, or a tray, as we're going to do with the brtoast, we're going to hav it loaded up. the more you load it up, the better it
8:48 am
whether you're hosting or bringing something, you can walk in with a board like this and people will love it. >> done. great. >> this is a bruschetta board or tray, if you will. >> i'm making myself useful, >> the first time sheinelle jones hasel ever, ever -- >> lookr at it now and savor it. >> the idea is for the person who doesn't love to cook, this is perfect. >> you have a cookie sheet and arugula? >> this is arugula. we have ricotta and soft cheeses. ise got some bruschetta here. i got pesto. and why don't you take the baked cu crustini and put it right there. >> this is taking the board mentality and going further with it. >> you can have a little olive a little balsamic. and the idea it's interactive. someone says, i want a little pesto. >> this is
8:49 am
>> look what is happening here. >>he bruschetta on top there. >> and look at the spread. >> it really is that simple. >> it doesn't take that long. >>ng nope. doesn't take that longno at all. the idea is, it promotes people to come to p your table and be interactive. >> really smart. >> what are you guys doing? >> i'm making craig a crustini and this is bringing us together. >> the boards are uniting. i'm cutting the cheese here. >> okay. that's your problem, craig.e >> it's a sweet and salty board. you want to take things that are sweet and salty. maybe you say dessert for the new year's party. you have to add the chocolate-covered potato chips. >> you just throw it all together. >> i appreciate the women himsy. let's take the whole thing and put it there. i like the idea of having a couple of bowls to segment some things. >> i love the sweet and salty. d
8:50 am
>> you know it's okay to pile things on a board and put it out. thist is right up your alley. you don't have to think. there's no wrong answer. >> and you fill in all of the spaces. it couldn't be more simple. you have a little sweet from the fruit and the candy. and who doesn't love popcorn and chocolate? chocolate-covered potato chips. >> that was delicious. >> every party deserves chocolate-covered potato chips. >> look at the ocspread. if that was the table -- >> let's look at all of this together. >> people don't eat dinner on new year's eve. you canw just have this out. >> as a host, this is something you can prepare. if you're going to a party -- >> the perfect thing to bring. if you don't have a tray, you get a cookie sheet. >> i plan to bring one to a party and host gift a little cutting board. who is notg going to be excited about this guy? the little bruschetta board, as well. and you can accommodate
8:51 am
if they have dietary restrictions. you can do a vegan board or a mediterranean board. >> this is a popular gift. cutting boards. we have four or five of them. we should get rid of cutting boards. now is a a good reason to keep them. >> orr regift them by bringing them to another party. >> don't do it now. >> that was good. >> perfect. reallyt. fun. >> thank you so much. for more ideas and other festive recipes go to we're back in a moment. first, thisnt is "today" on nbc. kelsey, thank you so much. hay. new year. >> happy newear. y
8:52 am
8:53 am
smucker's celebrates "today" is sponsored by smucker's. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. >> welcome back. with 2018 right around the corner, our viewers are celebrating friends and families with new year's
8:54 am
grandsons. they will be 1 on new year's day. julia julia's sister, deborah, will be 66. she cared for her younger siblings growing up. here's luke, getting ready for the new year. he will be 5 on new year's eve. his mom said he wanted to arrive in time to party. keep sharing the awesome photos there of the new year's birthday. go to >> mr. daly, thank you. >> january 1st. >> the boards are the gift that keeps on giving. >> we could eat the whole board. so yummy. >> right? >> look at that spread. i could take a whole chunk of cheese with some wine. "megyn kelly today" is ahead, after local news and weather. thank you for joining us. ank yo.
8:55 am
8:56 am
it is 8:56 on this wednesday, i'm susan hogan. let's get a check on the commute with you right now with rob stallw hey, rob. >> hey, susan. hey, folks, how you doing? inner loop after pennsylvani all lanes are open on the lookin pretty
8:57 am
reopen howeve we still have some delays we'll the
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welcom back. take a look at your radar right now. winter weather advisory expired, still seeing very light snow gauger evenin >> thank you. you can get the latest news and
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this morning on "megyn kelly today," a survivor's tale. a woman lives through the vegas shooting, only to lose something dear to her heart. why she is still counting her blessings this holiday season. it's cold outside. jeff rossen on how to survive a winter storm. and we'll quiz the entire room on 2017's best and brightest pop culture moments. will i be stumped in almost certainly. all that and more on "megyn kelly today," right now. hello. hi. hello there. what's happening? hi. welcome to the show, everybody. welcome. it's great to see


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