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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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killing spree. >> we've got live breaking news as we come on the air this afternoon. chopper4 flying live over this mess on i-95 in stafford county. one lane of traffic now getting by on i-95 north after a driver suspected of killing a woman fired at deputies and then crashed on the interstate. a live report just a minute away. >> but first at 4:00, the deep freeze. frigid end to 2017 in the >> hypotherm yia alert. doug says it is going to be much colder. doug? >> guys, can you believe it, temperatures in the low 20s, temperatures in the single digits or in the teens, that's the way we're going to be the next couple days, colder air for the new year. hard to believe. take a look out there now. here's our current wind chill. this is where we're sitting around the mid-atlantic. it is frigid. 7 degrees right now in philadelphia, new york city
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ocean city. this cold air is expansive all across the east and it's going to stay here the next couple of days. now, we do have a system that is making its way our way. that system will actually move in and bring temperatures back above freezing tomorrow or very close to the freezing mark. you can actually see that system off to the west bringing? snow to places like iowa today, in towards parts of the chicago land area. this storm will move just to our north. helping to bring in slightly warmer temperatures. then another storm behind that one brings in a chance for snow on saturday. here's what we've got. cold pattern is locked in, even colder for the new year. wait until i show you the temperatures for next week. our snow chances increasing, and i'm not talking about the saturday system. much more on all of this. we'll see you back here in just a minute. >> in the meantime, back to breaking news. the murder suspect on the run, shoots at police on i-95, and then crashes his car near exit 143. >> take a look at this view from chopper4. one lane of traffic now getting by on i-95 north.
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this afternoon as police conducted their investigation. >> now, it's just one of two big breaking stories we're following this afternoon. mark segraves is covering new details on a murder case in the district. >> however, we begin with david culver who has the latest on that highway take down. david? >> reporter: pat and leon, this is where it started at the apartment complex behind me. now, out of respect i'm not going to show you the actual apartment where it started because just moments ago it actually is still going on. they were moving the body i of the woman who was killed here earlier this morning. it started around 11:00 this morning. deputies tell me that a man shot and killed his wife three times and then took off leading to what was a highway take down. legality let me show you the map. i'll walk you through the incredible chase that took place 11:30. that's when a virginia state trooper spotted that vehicle. that suspect's suv. it was around exit 137. they followed him northbound. a few miles up, a witness tells
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highway, opens up fire at police and deputy's vehicle, then continues on, ultimately crashing near mile marker 142. that's just past courthouse road. let me show you the aftermath. we can show you this was taken by a witness there. the overturned suv, the aftermath, a mess. deputies tell me that they believe the man shot himself, leading to that wreck. the witness who doesn't want to be identified told me by phone that the suspect caused several crashes along the way. back here where this all began earlier this morning, i can tell you that deputies are still on scene. they're going in and out of that apartment processing it and i can now show you where it was. it was up there on the corner apartment, and they are continuing to investigate what initially sparked all of this, why did that man allegedly open fire killing his wife? one thing that is rather incredible deputies and state police say none of their officers, none of the
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and the many crashes that followed on 95. and as we look at 95 right now, a live look from chopper4, one of the things we can tell you is that traffic is still a mess out there. the man tracking it all is wtop's steve dressener. he's looking at it. steve, what do you see? >> well, david, as you mentioned, a single left lane getting by. i actually had a chance to speak to david byland who took those ground photos and he said the pictures were actually pretty amazing. significant impact, i mean, we had 95 north closed, courthouse road to route 1 for over an hour and a half. and we're coming up now on roughly, what, 4 1/2, 5 hours since we've only had a single left lane getting by. we don't have an exact time when the other lanes will be open, but definitely this is impacting even southbounders on 95 in virginia because some are turning around through the median, which
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do. and, of course, route 1 in stafford county, well, that's also taking the brunt of this incident, if you will. so, it's going to be a bit longer we're going to have to deal with this. for now let's go back to pat in the studio. >> steve dressener. thank you, steve. >> now let's get to our other breaking story. a teenager locked up charged with a series of murders and other crimes in the district. police say the crime spree started with the murder of jamari signor. mark segraves live outside the d.c. superior court where james mayfield expected to face a judge any minute now. mark? >> reporter: police chief and mayor said they're glad to have the guy off the street. as you said he's expected to make his first appearance here any minute before a judge on three counts of murder. now, we note two of those murders happened in a span of about 16 hours just the day after christmas.
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>> we have an 18-year-old in the last several months we think is responsible for three homicides, and we don't know how many robberies. so, we have a person who has really in a lot of ways terrorized the community. >> reporter: it began with the murder of 17-year-old jamahri sidener, the daughter of a d.c. police sergeant. >> been working for the police department 30 years. i promise you, i promise you, the brave men and women that i work with are not going to stop until they get the person who killed my baby. >> reporter: sidener was an innocent bystander caught in the cross fire. according to police, 18-year-old james mayfield is responsible for a string of violent crimes dating back to the august 10 murder of sydnor on saratoga avenue. then on december 26, a second murder, this time on douglas street. and the very next day, a third murder just blocks away on bryant street. and later
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armed robbery. police say mayfield is also a suspect in at least three other armed robberies. >> so, we most certainly will be looking to see if he was involved in any of the other violent occurrences that have occurred in the city. >> reporter: mayfield is the third suspect charged in the murder of the 17-year-old sydnor. >> i'm very relieved that he's off the street because he had a weapon and he has demonstrated his willingness to use that weapon. >> reporter: now, d.c. police chief peter newsham told us when the suspect appears before a judge today that we will learn the motive behind these three murders. that is the very latest. we're at d.c. superior court. leon, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, mark. mark segraves reporting live. pat? >> a huge response to a house fire in fairfax county this afternoon. crews had to throw on extra layers of gear as they battled the blaze in the bitter cold. investigators believe the fire started outside of a h
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vernon terrace in bell haven. as news4's erika gonzalez reports, everybody escaped safely. >> reporter: on one of the coldest days of the year, a 2-alarm fire has forced a family from their bell haven home. here on the 6100 block of burden terrace, you have the presence of both fairfax and alexandria firefighters up and down this block. and with the wind chill down into the teens, firefighters are wearing multiple layers to make sure they are able to still do their job. >> they also bring additional gloves and, if you will, socks and things. it things that really get cold are the extremities quickly. >> reporter: the fire is under investigation. we spoke with the homeowner. everybody was able to make it out okay, while they didn't want to be on camera, they told us a hunch leads them to believe it may have been ashes from a fireplace that started the fire. but, again, all still under investigation. in bell haven, i'm erika gonzal
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>> well, if you are hoping to pay your 2018 property taxes before the deduction cap kicks in, time is quickly running out. >> but will doing that payoff for you? the irs throwing a wrench in the homeowners plans with guidance of who is allowed to pay early. >> chris gordon is working for you getting answers who is eligible to prepay in the washington area. >> reporter: montgomery county residents are still lining up to prepay their property taxes. >> i'm hoping, i'm praying that something might actually, you know, it might contribute to a deduction for 2018. i'm not very optimistic, but who knows? >> reporter: the residents are giving the irs notice that prepayment of anticipated real estate taxes that have not been assessed prior to 2018 are not deductible in 2017. in montgomery county, the 2018 tax assessment will be made in july 2018. i asked if
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property taxes can get their money back. you're not giving refunds for prepayment of property taxes? >> we're not allowed to. >> reporter: fairfax county collected millions of dollars paid for pretax deductions. they have billed real estate taxes for 2018. arlington and alexandria say deductions will not be allowed. alexandria is planning to refund the money it's collected in prepaid taxes. the situation is different. in the district of columbia where they have already assessed property, d.c. issued a statement today saying there is a basis if a taxpayer chooses to prepay real estate taxes by december 31st, 2017, for the taxpayer to claim a deduction on his or her 2017 return. d.c. residents can pay online, by mail, or at any wells fargo bank branch in the district.
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so, as you see, there are still a lot of questions about prepaying taxes. local government suggests you consult your own tax professional for advice. now, we are working for you following developments throughout our area providing the latest information on our nbc washington app, search property tax. >> chris, is it looking like d.c. is the only place in the country where people are going to be able to take this deduction early? >> not the only place in the country, but it seems to be the only place locally. none of the jurisdictions in virginia or montgomery county qualify because they haven't assessed personal property. they haven't assessed the property taxes before the end of the year. so, d.c. has. if you go on the website, you will see this is your preliminary property bill. you pay it, you get a deduction. >> all right. >> thank you, chris. >> glad that cleared up. thank you, chris. >> first
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blanketing parts of the country take a look at this scene. we'll tell you what doug says about the same system here what it's going to do to our forecast here. >> new numbers and they don't lie. how many of you use your fitness tracker this year? and the most popular day to get moving. >> plus chopper4 staying on top of that breaking news. only one lane of traffic getting by on i-95 north in stafford county after a murder suspect shoots at poli ce
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now at 4:15, we continue to follow this story out of stafford county. these are live pictures of what's left of the wreckage after a car crash and a police chase. the man suspected of killing his wife led law enforcement on a chase, opened fire on deputies and then crashed near exit 143 on i-95 north. only one lane of traffic is getting by right now as police continue to investigate. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. >> that is going to be a mess for a while down there. weather wise not much of a mess, but, man, it is cooled, whew. >> it makes you think about this. i'm looking at the forecast and making the forecast today and looking into next week, it's one these forecasts i go, just
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gets a lot colder in the forecast period. with that our snow chances go up, too. couple chances for snow. i was talking about how no real big chances. that's changing just a little bit. sure, video, let's take some video. cold people today in iowa. yeah, believe it or not, iowa, it is snowing today, but that same system that's bringing in the snow is actually going to help us just a little bit during the day tomorrow. how? well, it's going to bring our temperatures up by about 10 degrees. so, right now we're dealing with clear skies, plenty of sunshine out there. that looks brutal out there towards iowa, but, hey, as i said, that same storm helping to warm things up. look at that, pretty nice looking shot as the sun is making its way down. temperature 24 degrees. winds out of the north at 13. if the high temperature stays at 24, that would be the coldest day of 2017. the coldest day we've seen all year long. as i mention it's going to get colder as we start 2018. 21
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the wind not a huge factor but it does not take a lot of wind to bring the wind chill down. 12 current wind chill in d.c. 9 in gaithersburg. wind 10 miles per hour, but that wind just really bites through you making it feel so much colder. nothing on the radar right now. as we look at the wider view here, not much going on. you see the clouds trying to move in. that will help us stay a little warmer tonight. here's the system out towards iowa. watch this as it moves our way, it will actually move just to our north. that will allow for slightly warmer air to come in, and i do mean slightly warmer air. the entire eastern half of the nation, eastern two-thirds of the nation is underneath this cold pattern. the cold pattern is locked in. as i told you yesterday, the jet stream is far enough south and east that it's taking any of these storms and making them out -- moving them out to sea away from our area. but the latest data is now helping to bring this system and this jet stream back towards our region early next week. we're talking about
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cold enough for snow. if it comes even closer we could be talking about pay big storm. now, is that in the offing, is that what we're going to be seeing? it is in the forecast, but this is what we're going to be watching very closely. i know some of the apps out there are saying how much you might get. i would never put out how much snow we think we could get from aids storm until at least two days away. now we're 6 to 7. a lot of time to watch the storm. it could stay out to sea, it could come inland and bring us rain. i don't think that's going to happen at all. take a lack at the forecast tomorrow. 34 degrees, mix of sun and clouds. still a cold day but not quite as cold. temperatures 10 degrees below average. they go right back down. 36 degrees on saturday, chance of light snow if another system moves n. this will most likely be from d.c. to the north. chance of light snow early in the day. and we get colder. 25 for a high on sunday. 24 for a high on monday. that of course the first day of the new year. overnight low temperatures will be around 15. wind chills around 0. and 0 right around midnight as most of us are out doing
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staying at home, going to a house party, being out on the town. 27 tuesday. here's the snow possibility wednesday, thursday. and then look at this. much colder -- some of the computer models have us below zero next friday, saturday and sunday for overnight low temperatures. right now i have it at 8, though. so, i'm not going quite that cold yet. >> yea. >> wow. >> time to hibernate. >> that's a brutal frigid forecast in our area. >> all right, thank you, doug. a child is in critical condition right now, six other people hospitalized after this horrific crash. video from chopper4 shows the end of a crime spree, an alleged crime spree last night. around 7:45, police say a man assaulted a child on early autumn drive in centerville. he is accused of car jacking someone, then slamming into a mini van at centerville road and frying pan road in hearn ton. news4's darcy spencer
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are injured. >> reporter: they released the name of the man who they say is responsible for the crime spree and he lives in prince george's county. from adelphi, he is facing numerous charges, car jacking, speeding to elude, and receiving stolen property. police say he assaulted a child who answered a knock at the door on early autumn drive in centerville last night. he allegedly car jacked a pickup truck at a nearby shopping center, then led police on a chase. he crashed into a van at frying pan and centerville roads in herndon. seven people are in the hospital including the suspect and a 7-year-old child who was ejected from the van. police say vincent continues to be a threat. >> today the officer who is performing guard duty had to call for back up. that suspect caused quite a ruckus in the hospital room where he was attempting to wrestle out of his handcuffs and get out of the room. that officer then called for back up. back up arrived and they were
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suspect and get him back in bed. >> reporter: police tell me they are still waiting for results from testing to see if the suspect was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. in fairfax, darcy spencer, news4. >> first at 4:00, a new treatment for breast cancer has doctors excited about what's to come. the drugs that are lengthening women's lives. >> plus the four things you can do right now to protect your property from this arctic air that's hitting us. a reminder, you can get the power of storm team4 in your hand anywhere any time. just download the nbc washington app during thbreak. e really? really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on
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odels. now with the people first warranty.
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now in news4 your health, the opioid crisis, health care reform, medical marijuana, just a few of the health stories dominating the news in 2017. >> that's right. and as we head into the new year, there are some promising and some troubling stories to watch. first, look for breakthroughs in breast cancer treatments. there is hope that the fda will approve drugs that attack specific pathways in cancer cells. studies show women who have received these treatments lived longer without their cancer getting worse. >> there will be renewed focus on super bugs and
4:25 pm
resistant infections. the centers for disease control will reveal its new containment plan in april. it outlines how to detect and respond to these infections. >> and you can expect the flu to make the headlines. this year's vaccine doesn't seem to be a very good match for the most common strain that's circulating right now so we'll be talking about the flu for weeks to come no doubt. ah, fitbit, a popular health and fitness tracker is releasing stats about users' activity over the past year. >> fitbit users walked more than 45 trillion steps in 2017.
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water treatment plant in germantown. -- the students from montgomery and prince george's county are interested in stem. they got a hands-on look at the specialized skills needed to make the utility company run. >> what people may not realize is how much engineering is involved in what we do. people think you get -- turn on your tap, the water comes, they flush their toilet, the water goes away. probably have no idea what's involved in all that takes place to do that. >> nearly 2 dozen high school juniors and seniors got to learn all of that today. >> taking a live look now at the chilly temperatures in your neighborhood, water out there, no doubt it is being frozen. some serious cold hitting us now. doug is back with how it is going to impact your new year's eve plans and how long the blast is going to last. >> do you have your tickets? two lottery jack pots
4:27 pm
up. why your chances to win are different now than ever before. >> and chopper4 staying on top of that breaking news. only one lane of traffic getting by on i-95 north in stafford county after a murder suspect crashes. we have dramatic pictures coming from the scene. these live shots are just about to take that car off the road and remove it. continuing their investigation of this incident which also involved shootinat theg
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a breaking update for you now at 4:30. chopper4 still flying live over i-95 in stafford county after a dramatic chase, confrontation, shooting and a crash. a man is expected of killing his wife at an apartment complex and fleeing from that scene. deputies spotted him on i-95. they say he confronted them or they confronted him and he opened fire on the officers. but no one was hit. he sped off from there, and then a short time later near exit 143 which is what you're seeing right there, deputies say the man shot himself and crashed. this is what the scene looks like just a short time later after that shooting. we are still working to find out exactly why the man may have killed his wife. our david culver is going to have a live report coming up for you at the top of the hour. >> another big story, your frigid forecast. >> you can see how cold it is
4:31 pm
the temperatures in your neighborhood. >> however, doug, we all know it feels even colder than it is. and you say it could get colder in the days and hours to come? >> yeah, and into the new year. as a matter of fact, we are just looking at the data here and today right now, the high is 24 degrees. that would be the coldest day so far this entire year. the entirety of 2017, look at thurman t, maryland, 15 degrees. quantico, those numbers will start to go down as the sun is making its way down. 23 right now in fort belvoir and 21 in camp springs. now, not quite as cold tonight as it was last night. we've got a storm system moving our way. some cloud cover and we're going to talk about what it means for your day on your friday and a chance for snow on saturday. and a bigger storm into next week. we'll talk much more about that, but any time you want to download the nbc washington app, do it for your hour by hour forekpaft and get ought latest
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next 7 to 10 days. >> all right, thank you, doug. and as this cold weather bears down on us, the chances of your pipes bursting in your home increase. news4's amee cho is working for you with some steps you can take right now to protect your home. >> reporter: from the hats to the boots and everything in between, one could say it's a dismally cold december day in d.c. >> we've been noticing some weird temperatures. so, like in maryland it will be cold, but in d.c. it will be cold and in maryland it will be snowing. >> just bundle up and try to get in the house if you can, if you don't have to work or whatever. >> reporter: as people are bundling up, we're breaking down some tips on how to keep your house warm, too. when it gets below 20 degrees, that's when your pipes are in danger of freezing. one way to prevent that is leave warm water dripping throughout the day. open the cabinets to let heat get to the pipes. keep a steady temperature and you'll want to keep all outside doors shut. >> if there is any k
4:33 pm
coming in, you're losing a lot of heat out that door. >> reporter: last but not least, don't forget to bring your furry friends inside. with these tips, hopefully you'll be able to keep your cool in this cold. >> we're loving the weather, we're loving the snow, we're loving the vibe, so. >> reporter: as far as your car is concerned, keep in mind not a good idea to leave it alone to warm it up outside as tempting as that may be. it can be illegal in some states not to mention it puts your car at risk for being stolen. in bethesda, amee cho. >> let's see what's coming up at 5:00. >> hi, wendy. >> we're going to hear from a local state trooper. he was just doing his job when he was hit by a suspected drunk driver. now he's sitting down with us as he marks a big achievement in his road to recovery and he has a message for everyone on this -- as we approach the new year's weekend. also new at 5:00, it's a light week for people on vacation. but statistically speaking, this is one of the most
4:34 pm
weekends of the year to be on the road. we're working for you to tell you why that is and what you need to know to keep you and your family safe as we get in this year and get into the new year. i'll be joining paton news4 at 5:00 in a few minutes. >> you got it. >> all right. see you in a few, wendy. new year, new tax law. in a few days the new gop tax plan will take effect and is already causing a lot of confusion. with many people rushing out to make those last-minute payments, hoping to save some money before the end of the year. now the irs is out with guidance about the new law. nbc's blayne alexander joins us from washington to explain. thank goodness the irs is providing some clarity, blayne. >> reporter: you know, pat, as you've seen, as we've seen for the past few days, there is a lot of confusion around this. in fact, so much so that the irs put out a statement on its website hoping to provide some clarity. so, the big question, should you pay early? bottom line, it's of a different
4:35 pm
some guidance to help figure it out. tax professionals may be ringing in the new year much busier than usual. the new gop tax law means that starting in 2018, property tax deductions will be capped at $10,000. before, there was no limit. that includes state and local taxes. >> does anybody have their checks ready? >> reporter: that leaves many scrambling trying to prepay those taxes before year's end to save money. but now the irs says that only works if you have already had your 2018 property tax assessment. tax advisors say the best place to start, check with your local tax office. >> it really depends on your locality and whether or not they permit this. some localities are bending the rules. >> reporter: in bigger states there is concern that the new law would do far more harm than good. new york governor andrew cuomo suggesting the new law may be unconstitutional.
4:36 pm
political active seen. it was done quickly. it was done without any public review. and now you're seeing the backlash. >> reporter: experts say you will really start to notice changes tax day 2019. >> i think there's going to be a rude awakening for a lot of people who have itemized in the past who are going to see their itemized deductions whacked and brought way down. and that they're going to owe a lot more tax. >> reporter: but when filing your taxes this coming april, it's business as usual. the new law will not yet apply. >> blayne alexander reporting. first at 4:00, he says he knows it was dangerous, we'll tell you what a pizza restaurant owner did when one of his employees was held at gunpoint. >> also, two chances to win big. we have never seen lottery jackpots like these before. we'll explain what's different this time.
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two prince george's county brothers got a huge christmas present right here on nbc4. they took home nearly $160,000 on nbc's "the wall" just before learning what they had won, there was a very emotional moment between the two of them. >> i owe everything i am to you and to mommy. everything that's ever good that could ever happen to you, you deserve it. >> how sweet. prince malcolm is a segue police officer in d.c. chris malcolm is a college professor. now, to win on the wall, you've got to know your trivia and you need a little luck. in order to strike it rich. >> if they want to try their luck, they need to take that money and go buy some lottery tickets. >> yea b
4:41 pm
is really high right now, and there are only two drawings left this year. >> that's right. one for power ball, the other for megamillions that could make for very good new year for somebody, whoever wins. since no one hit last night's power ball jackpot this has grown to $384 million. and friday night's megamillions jackpot is just over 4 million bucks. while they're not record setting jackpots, it is the second time in history that players have a chance of winning simultaneous jack pots over $300 million. we'll see who gets lucky this time around. also coming up just ahead here, how security is different for this year's new year's eve celebration in times square. >> and take a look right now. for most of us it's feeling like we're in the teens, but as we look to the new year, it will feel even colder. i'll be walking you through your feels like temperatures in a few minutes.
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our top story now at 4:45, a murder, a chase, shots fired at deputies, and then a crash on i-95 north in stafford. multiple crime scenes in this dramatic case. news4's david culver is working the story. he'll have a live report in less than 15 minutes. >> people in erie, pennsylvania, are used to snow. they get it all the time there. but they're just not used to this much snow coming all at once. >> who is? they got hammered with more than 5 feet of snow over the past few days. >> that's right. the big time there. and on to of all that, they're dealing with bone chilling cold. nbc's ron allen is out there in the thick of it in erie, pennsylvania. >> reporter: here in erie, they're hoping to finally catch a break. the snow has stopped falling, the snow emergency has been lifted. after what can only be described as an historic record breaking holiday storm. now the clean up and the digging out begins, and like much of the country they are also facing bitter cold, bone chilling temperatures here. much of the country has frozen
4:46 pm
>> this is what fell, all of this. >> reporter: a big chill just in time to ring in the new year. it's good for the slopes, but bad for the roads. >> we're kind of over it. >> i wish i could go on vacation already. >> reporter: temperatures plunging to minus 37 degrees in international falls, minnesota, breaking a 90-year record. and in erie, pennsylvania, 65 inches of snow in just four days. >> seems that every day there is a new record. >> we have broken one record after the other after the other. >> reporter: so, county executive called in reinforcements. >> now we have the national guard units. >> reporter: the national guard dicking out th digging out this nursing home. plows working around the clock to clear the streets. driving by, it looks like a winter wonder land. but it's serious business inside this emergency operations center where crucial decisions are being made to keep residents safe. on the tarmac at
4:47 pm
wednesday, signs of progress. planes finally able to take off after days of a stand still. and inside -- >> i'm quite happy. >> reporter: deirdre walsh is finally on her way home after being stranded for days. on tuesday, she told us her christmas meal was reese's peanut buttercups from a vending machine. >> i desperately want a salad. >> reporter: did she ever get that salad? >> no, i did not. but when my sister picked me up she made spaghetti and meat balls. >> reporter: a warm meal and ticket home. a belated christmas miracle. she was one of the lucky ones. she got on the first flight out of here. there is a backlog of people trying to get out. the airport was shut down several datz. just when you thought it might be over, think again. there is a winter storm watch in place for this coming weekend. perhaps up to a foot of snow coming this way, if you can believe that. now back to you. >> that's just wrong. that's just not fair at all. >> that's
4:48 pm
and we get into them, too. we had it in '09 and '10. the cold is sticking around for a long time. >> and we have a chance of snow start. tell us about that. >> we do. saturday is a small chanls. i'm not too worried about saturday. if you have plans, you wouldn't need to cancel any plans. everybody says on my facebook and twitter feed, no toilet paper needed this weekend, no extra, extra, water, no milk. i think you're going to be all right. the bread is okay, too, you probably have enough at your house. it's not going to be a big deal on saturday. but next week, next week is going to be more interesting i think. out there now clear skies. it is brutal. that's a pretty nice looking shot, but look at the numbers. 24 the current temperature. temperatures dropping through the night, but not very fast and the reason we've got some cloud cover making its way in, temperatures are going to be right around the upper teens tonight. last night we got into the low teens in many areas. it will be slightly warmer tonight but still going to
4:49 pm
now. 12 in d.c., 16 leesburg. that's the wind chill across our region. that's not going anywhere either. the wind is not a huge factor, but just a little bit of wind makes for a big wind chill. there's the chance of snow, nothing today, but here's the storm right now. coming through parts of chicago, that is going to bring places like erie some snow. this will pass to our north, actually help our temperatures rise tomorrow just a little bit. a better chance for the snow on saturday. we'll talk about that coming up in just a minute. right now let's talk a little more about the cold air that's here and it's here to stay. amelia? >> yeah, doug, at least through the first week of january. i'm going to show you your feels like temperatures over the next few days through january 2nd. tomorrow and saturday a bit of a break. it's only going to feel 25 degrees outside. that's balmy compared to today. another arctic blag blast moves back into the area on sunday and with that we're feeling ten degrees during the afternoon hours. on january 1st during the afternoon, feeling about 10 degrees, but during the morning hours
4:50 pm
many locations. even tuesday we're still dealing with the wind chill temperature right around 20. bottom line, bundle up and keep the warm jacket, gloves, scarf, handy, you're going to need them as we start 2018. here's your new year's eve planner. starting off in the morning 7:00 a.m. this year, running out, getting errands done, having people over later in the day, all good. we're not talking about any rain or snow on new year's eve day. 7:00 a.m., it's cold, it's dry, we're around 20. the only warm to 25 degrees by afternoon. it will be a bit breezy. remember that's when it's going to feel like 10 degrees out there. if you're going to be out to ring in the new year, feeling like single digits as that happens. then we have january 1st. it's frigid and it's still breezy. that high of 24 degrees, feels more like 0 to 10 degrees. doug, we're not just talking about wind chills, but also the chance for some know in the forecast in the beginning of the new year. >> yeah, and that could be some signan
4:51 pm
we talked a little about it yesterday. today it looks like we have a little better chance. we are still six to seven days out. this is something we're going to be watching for sure. one thing for sure, the cold air is in place. the jet stream we've had going way down to the south has actually been taking the storms farther out to the east and away from the area. now it looks like that storm may come closer to our region. again, something we'll watch. saturday morning some snow showers around parts of the area. temperatures about 36. the bottom drops out just in time for the new year. 24 on monday, 27 on tuesday. here's that chance of snow next week into wednesday and thursday. that helps to usher in even colder air. we go 23 for a high on friday, wind chills 5 below to 5 above next weekend as we head into next weekend. so, a very frigid start to 2018 for sure. colder by far than anything we saw in 2017. guys? >> i'm guessing the numbers are going to be even colder in new york, right? >> oh, my gosh, i looked at the wind chill sunday night into moda
4:52 pm
when the ball drops. >> all right. >> you know what that means. it is going to be a super cold new year's eve and celebration for the folks who are out there celebrating in new york's times square. more than a million people expected to show up there and descend on new york city to ring in 2018. they are going to have to endure frigid temperatures and biting winds for hours because they have to wait for the ball to drop. they have to be there well in advance. the workers putting that ball together, they're already out there in the elements enduring these temperatures and they have to work without gloves to put the ball together. meanwhile, the n.y.p.d. getting ready. already posting officers all over the city with heavy weaponry to discourage any attacks like the one that happened in the new york city subway earlier this month. >> well, if you have children, netflix is once again helping your kids ring in the new year before they go to bed. the company just launched a set of on-demand count downs for new year's
4:53 pm
fool your children into thinking they're ringing in the new year early well before midnight. all of the count downs feature children's favorite characters to make it extra fun and those count downs are available now. so, you can practice fooling your children. >> that's always -- >> doesn't sound like a nice thing to do. >> not such a nice thing, but a lot of us do it every year with santa claus, so why not? >> all right. to each parent his own. >> there you go. >> if you're looking for love in the new year, you may want to mark this date down. >> is predicting sunday, january seventh, as its busiest day of the year. the website is calling it dating sunday. match expects a 42% spike in singles signing up. it spans from december 26 to valentine's day. >> more than 50 million messages sent from folks hoping to find their per expect match. good luck. >> good
4:54 pm
let two people get away with robbing his pizza joint in germantown. he chased them until the police caught up with them. he told jackie benson why. >> i was just following them. >> reporter: he said he acted on instinct when an employee at his business tasty 5 pizza on clopper road germantown called him at 5:00 p.m. and told him the store was being held up at gunpoint. he lives across the street and jumped in his car and got there so fast, he ran into the robbers as they were running out. >> the guy pulls out the gun on me and he's like, i'm going to kill you. i'm going to rob you, give me your money. i said, i don't have the money. somebody called the police. >> reporter: he then did something even he admits was dangerous. he jumped in his car and called 911 to let police know the restaurant had been robbed and that he was following the robbers. >> so, we started here, ended up in bowie, going through ar
4:55 pm
southbound. >> reporter: you can hear the moment on the montgomery county police dispatch tapes when officers catch up and take over the pursuit. >> roger is on now. he's driving a chevy malibu, black in color. >> reporter: the pursuit ended miles away on the gw parkway in arlington. he said he's grateful that those robbers are off the street. >> just shocking, you know, very shocking and somebody would even do something like this. and i'm glad the police caught them and they're behind bars now. >> and we are staying on top of two breaking stories next at 5:00. a man accused of firing at a local deputies on i-95 after deputies say he killed his wife. a lot of moving parts here. david culver is live to walk you through it. >> and a local teenager now accused of three murders in our area. he's in court right now and so is news4. we'll tell you what's
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
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news4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. >> in fact, we're following two big breaking stories as we come on the air here at 5:00. first a horrific chain of events playing out on i-95. >> and that wasn't the beginning. bullet holes in the windshield of a police cruiser. with we are sorting out the chaos at multiple scenes, grisly discovery at a local home to the impact on traffic. >> also breaking crimes connected. the brand-new details as a teenager is charged with three different murders, and that includes the death of a recent high school graduate. >> but we're going to begin here at 5:00 with the bitter blast that is gripping the nation's capital. we're stuck now below fleesiree and if you thought this was cold, wait. >> team coverage starting with doug kammerer in the storm nt
5:00 pm
mark. only a couple days a boochl bov. one of those fortunately tomorrow. wind chill sitting at 13 in the district, 10 in hagerstown and ocean city, 4 in state college. last night we got into the single digits just about everywhere. now, tonight a little bit less wind and temperatures that won't be quite as cold, but still going to be a very frigid night out there. right now we do have some cloud cover trying to move on in here, but it's going it be say storm system making its way in through parts of iowa, parts of illinois around chicago. this storm will move just to our north and allow for slightly warmer air to come in. so, tomorrow about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than it was today. behind that system, though, that's when we have a bit of a chance of snow on saturday. we'll talk about that. first off the cold pattern, it is locked in for the next one to two weeks. even colder for the new year, and then even colder after that if you can believe it. yeah, our snow chances, they're on the increase. i have much more on everything. i'll be back here


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